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Early Settlement and History of the Town of New Hudson

Neva Gross
New Hudson Town Historian

The first settlers in the Town of New Hudson were John Spencer and Joseph Pattyson. Both came to the area about 1817 from Cayuga County, N.Y.  John received a grant from the Holland Land Company and built one of the first saw mills in the region.  Joseph was married to Johnís sister Lucinda.  In an old news item written by Dave Totten, he mentions that Johnís saw mill was located on Mt. Monroe near the Rushford line on land that for many years was owned by Bart Sheehan.  I believe John and Hannah Spencer, and Joseph and Lucinda Pattyson settled near the Rushford Town line at the north end of the Rawson Road.  An early map shows tow of Johnís sons living there.  John and Hannah had 9 children.  Joseph and Lucinda Pattyson lived on land adjoining Johnís on the Rawson Road.  They had 13 children.  Both John and Hannah, and Joseph and Lucinda are buried in the Rawson Cemetery.

The Flats
“The Flats,” at Lyon's Corners,
where Spencer Lyon built his first log cabin.
Spencer Lyon
Spencer Lyon

In 1820 Spencer Lyon, who had in 1819 made a small clearing and began a log house in the south part of town, returned to Vermont and brought his wife Betsey Ricker Lyon and two of their children born in Vermont.  They came in a covered wagon bringing one cow behind the ox-drawn wagon. Their log cabin was built in the area across the road from where New Hudson holds its annual Bar-b-cue and horse pulling event.  In early years, the land, where the first log cabin was built was called "Lyons Flats". Spencer and Betsey had 6 more children.  They all married and settled in the area.

In 1821, John C. McKean settled in the south part near Spencer Lyon.  He was born in 1787 in Acworth, N.H.  He surveyed some of the first roads to be built in New Hudson. He was Supervisor in 1831, 1832, 1842, 1843 and 1849.  He was married to Mindwell Grant in Acworth, N.H.  They had 4 children.  He was named deacon of six-member Presbyterian Church in Black Creek, NY in 1822.  The first birth in the town was that of Mary McKean in 1821.  In 1850 he moved to Bradford, Pa. with his daughter Mary and her husband David Clark.  Apparently his wife died during his years spent in New Hudson, but I can find no record of her death.’ John C. McKean died in 1870 at Bradford, Pa.

James Davidson also came to New Hudson in 1821.  He settled in the area near where New Hudson Road meets State Route 305.  He was born in Scotland, and was a stone mason by trade.  He was elected Overseer of the Poor in the first town meeting in 1829.  The first saw mill in New Hudson was erected in 1829, when the pioneer establishment was set up on Black Creek by James.  He was named a trustee in the organization of the Presbyterian Church of Haight, July 27, 1829.  In a road survey June 18, 1827, it mentions a road between James Davidsonís barn and ashery.

Stephen L. Davidson also settled in this area about the same time.  In a 1856 map, it shows him living near the intersection of New Hudson Road and State Route 305.  It also shows that he had a mill house on the stream of water east of the Cemetery. He operated a blacksmith shop in the area.  In 1862, S.L. Davidson was made Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  He served through 1864.  In 1852, Christ Church in Cuba was organized.  Stephen L. Davidson was a vestryman.

In the early years, this settlement was known as Davidsonís Corner.  In addition to the saw mill, mill houses, and blacksmith shop mentioned above, there was also another blacksmith shop, a joiner shop, a dry goods store operated by A.B. Webster, a hotel operated by L.J. Reynolds, and a cooper shop operated by I. Holmes. In Allegany and its People, it notes that in 1826 William Andrews opened a tavern at Black Creek, which was kept up for more than 20 years.  Soon after, a store was opened at the same place by Nelson McCall.  This tavern and Store was located on southwest corner at Black Creek Corners.  The first doctor in town was Calvin Allen from Vermont; who for a time boarded at the Andrews Tavern, married soon after, and spent most of his life at Black Creek.  Also in the book it mentions there was a tannery at Black Creek on the River Road.

New Hudson

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