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St. Paul's Episcopal Church Records- Index of Baptism Sponsors & Witnesses

Index created by Vivian Karen Bush

NOTE:  Every effort has been made to make this index and abstract as correct as possible. As with any secondary or printed resource, check the original record.  Consult FHL microfilm 1420093 item 2 Parish Registers, 1831-1936 St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Angelica, New York).

NOTE: Some baptisms on this page may not be found on the baptism index, which only has recorded names born before 1920.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Baptismal Sponsors & Witnesses Index
NameBaptism ofpg #
[faded writing]Duncan, Clara Helen?76
[faded writing]Duncan, Julia?76
[faded writing][faded writing], Emma Alice78
Abbott, HarryHibbard, James Green84
Alba, JenetGibson, Mary Jane48
Alba, JenetDuncan, Mary50
Alba, JenetMarshall, Fredericka52
Alba, JenetDikeman, Caroline Amelia58
Alba, JenetHeckman, Harriet Jane58
Albers, Jenny Yaw Mrs.Yaw, Donna Marie122
Aldridge, Harriet E.Aldridge, Darwin Raymond54
Allen, Anna FranceliaAllen, Anna Bliss70
Andrews, Mrs.Andrews, Ruth Eleanor92
Arnold, AltaDenton, Robert Leon122
Arnold, Alta DoolittleJohnston, William Thornton118
Arnold, Alta Mrs.Batt, Ruth Elizabeth116
Arnold, Goerge L.Horner, Harriet Louise94
Arnold, Mary Mrs. (gdmother)Rice, Helen Mary104
Arnold, RoyDenton, Robert Leon122
Arnold, Susan R. Mrs.Horner, Harriet Louise94
Balthazar, AugustusBalthazar, Charles Augustus70
Barrett, ElizabethThornton, George68
Bart, Belle R.Hibbard, Helen M.88
Bates, AlexanderGraham, Thomas Alexander84
Bates, Alexander & MaryCharles, Caroline74
Bates, FrancesBates, Grover Thomas86
Bates, FrankBates, Matilda114
Bates, James & SusanFlanders, Helen Annette118
Bates, JennieBates, Jennie Frances86
Bates, JennieGraham, Margaret Elsie94
Bates, Jennie (sister)Bates, Edward Clinton98
Bates, Jennie E.Norton, Hobart McKinley98
Bates, JohnBates, Clarence Engle106
Bates, John (uncle)Norton, Ralph Bates104
Bates, John C.Norton, Hobart McKinley98
Bates, MaggieRearwin, Edith May82
Bates, MargaretGraham, Ruth Evelyn84
Bates, MargaretNorton, Lea Dulcie116
Bates, Margaret (Miss)Bates, Matilda114
Bates, MaryThornton, Mary Jane50
Bates, Mary A.Bates, Harry Stephen86
Bates, SusannaFlanders, Joan May120
Bates, WillieGraham, Margaret Elsie94
Bates, Wm.Bates, Virginia Mary114
Bates, Wm.Bates, Helen Eileen114
Beamish, MaryThornton, William Thomas50
Beamish, MaryBates, Margaret60
Beamish, MaryBates, Mary60
Beamish, WilliamThornton, William Thomas50
Beamish, WilliamBates, Margaret60
Beamish, WilliamBates, Mary60
Beckwith, Ada A.Prowant, Ida Ann Mrs.120
Beckwith, Adah A.Malone, Carolyn Mary 122
Beckwith, Adah A.Raines, Warren Ellsworth122
Beckwith, Adah A.Raines, Ruby Nettie 122
Beckwith, M. Mrs.Allen, Audrey Maxine120
Beckwith, MaryAllen, Carol Jane122
Beckwith, MaryFarnum, Robert Eugene122
Beckwith, Mary M. Mrs.Wilkinson, Ethel Elizabeth114
Beckwith, Mary M. Mrs.Beckwith, Wm. David114
Beckwith, Mary Mrs.Farnum, Gordon Allen120
Beckwith, Minerva B.Beckwith, Wellington S.116
Beckwith, Mrs.Farnham, Jane Mabel108
Beckwith, Mrs.Cudderback, children of Charles & Susan120
Beckwith, Raymond G.Malone, Robert Franklin122
Beecher, F. W.Wilson, George Anson98
Beecher, F. W. Mrs.Hastings, Jane100
Bellamy, LesterBellamy, Betsy Mrs.108
Bennett, Fred W.Deeter, Norman James98
Binns, ElsieRemsen, William Edward118
Binns, NorahRemsen, Anne Higbie116
Binns, NorahHerdman, Jenny Ethel116
Birns, C. H. Rev.Remsen, Mary Elizabeth116
Birns, ElsieRemsen, Mary Elizabeth116
Blanchard, E. P. Mrs.Eldredge, Mary Adelia104
Blanchard, Ed. P. Mrs.Eldredge, Charles Richard104
Blanchard, Mary E.Scholes, Lydia92
Blanchard, Mary E.Gibson, Floyd Mrs.108
Blanchard, Mary E. Mrs.Eldridge, Maud96
Blanchard, Mary O.Eldridge, Caroline Jane106
Blanchard, Mary O.Beckwith, Grace Matilda106
Blanchard, Mrs.Dodge, Frank98
Blanchard, Mrs.Eldridge, Mable Catherine100
Blanchard, Mrs.Eldredge, Herbert Henry100
Bole, GeorgeRemsen, Anne Higbie116
Bole, RosemaryRemsen, Anne Higbie116
Bonnet, Nannie H.Remsen, Mary Elizabeth116
Bosard, Kathleen (Prowant)Prowant, Thomas Ward122
Bosard, Lyle K.Beckwith, Uvonne Mae & Rae Jeanane120
Bosard, RuthBosard, Lyle Kenneth 116
Bosard, RuthJones, Marjorie Graham Mrs.116
Bosard, RuthJones, Ricahrd Loren116
Bosard, RuthBates, Mary Jantha Mrs.118
Bosard, RuthBosard, William Jack120
Bosard, RuthBeckwith, Adah Alameda120
Bosard, RuthBosard, Kathleen Pauline120
Bosard, Ruth (Miss)Beckwith, Uvonne Mae & Rae Jeanane120
Boyd, Hawley F.Boyd, Alice Eichner118
Branson, Ehfee[?]Thornton, William Andrew90
Branson, L.Branson, Levi Paul92
Branson, L.Phippen, May Mrs.96
Branson, L.Thornton, Darwin96
Branson, L. Mrs.Andrews, Ruth Eleanor92
Branson, L. P.Gibson, De Forest100
Branson, LeviThornton, Mary Lucile90
Branson, LeviBuchanan, Charles Jay90
Branson, LeviFarnum, John Dodd96
Branson, Levi Mrs.Branson, Levi86
Branson, Lizzie Mrs.Buchanan, Charles Jay90
Branson, Lizzie Mrs.Taylor, Clarence John92
Branson, R. Mrs.Taylor, Jennie May Agnes96
Bronson, William R.Bronson, Lucy74
Brown, Abigail E.Warner, Dorothy Bernice110
Brown, HenryDavidson, James Thomas78
Brown, Henry & SarahDavidson, Ella78
Brown, MarionBrundage, Charlotte Elizabeth78
Brown, MarionBrundage, Annie78
Brown, MarionBeal, Eva Louisa78
Brown, MeribaBrown, Mary48
Brown, MeribaDuncan, Mary50
Brown, Norton Mr. & Mrs.Warner, Henry Brown84
Brown, Norton R. Mrs.Warner, Joseph Richard84
Brown, SarahRogers, Anna Isabella78
Buchanan, AnnaFabian, Alice Grace90
Buchanan, Anna (Fabian)Mapes, Gerald Winfield112
Buchanan, Anna F.Bennett, Josephine Ellen100
Buchanan, C. D.Thornton, William Andrew90
Buchanan, C. D.Fabian, Alice Grace90
Buchanan, C. D.Buchanan, Anna Janet92
Buchanan, C. D.Phippen, Helen92
Buchanan, C. D.Wilson, William92
Buchanan, C. D.Thornton, Mary94
Buchanan, C. D.Farnum, John Calfin & Viva Anna96
Buchanan, C. D.Thornton, Darwin96
Buchanan, C. D.Eldridge, Pearl96
Buchanan, C. D.Cooley, Harold Davis96
Buchanan, C. D.Dodge, Frank98
Buchanan, C. D.Steadwell, William Henry98
Buchanan, C. D.Eldridge, Edwin Lowell100
Buchanan, C. D.Hadley, Dora100
Buchanan, C. D.Eldredge, Charles Richard104
Buchanan, C. D. Mr. & Mrs.Eldridge, Maud96
Buchanan, C. D. Mr. & Mrs.hadley, Lucy Dana100
Buchanan, C. D. Mr. & Mrs.Jackson, Florence Lillian106
Buchanan, C. S.Wilson, George Anson98
Buchanan, Charles D.Weaver, Henry E.94
Buchanan, Charles D.Buchanan, Chester98
Buchanan, Charles D.Norton, Ida May102
Buchanan, Charles DeLanceyMapes, Gerald Winfield112
Buchanan, Chas. D.Tracy, James Nelson94
Buchanan, Chas. D.Hastings, Frances S.94
Buchanan, Chas. D. Mr. & Mrs.Fabian, Lillian Gertrude94
Buchanan, Chas. D. Mr. & Mrs.Bennett, Frederick W.94
Buchanan, Chas. D. Mr. & Mrs.Deeter, Norman James98
Buisch, Louis H.Eldridge, Caroline Jane106
Buisch, Louis H.Scholes, children fo John D.108
Buisch, Louis HermanBeckwith, Grace Matilda106
Burdick, Clarence Wm.Burdick, Robert Everit116
Burdick, Ellen A. Mrs.Burdick, Robert Everit116
Burgess, HelenJones, Agnes Lea78
Burgess, William I.Jones, Agnes Lea78
Burghardt, MarySanford, Mary Eulia62
Cairn, L. A. Mrs.Dowd, Mary Louise120
Cairns, Ella Mrs.Dowd, Walter Raymond118
Carins, JackDowd, Walter Raymond118
Carpenter, ClaraHarding, Clair Eldridge118
Charles, AndrewQuick, John James Furman66
Charles, BelleGraham, Rachael Catherine84
Charles, Belle & Mary (aunts)Holtz, Florence Louisa94
Charles, CarolineCharles, Andrew George54
Charles, CarolineRearwin, Reta Louisa82
Charles, HannahNicholls, John Wesley54
Charles, HannahNicholls, Willie Neal54
Charles, HelenGibson, Floyd Mrs.108
Charles, IsabellDavidson, William Edwin82
Charles, IsabellDavidson, Agnes Isabell82
Charles, IsabellDavidson, Alice Christina82
Charles, MargaretUnderwood, Anna Emma66
Charles, MaryScholes, children of John D.108
Charles, Mary (Miss)Graham, Nellie Irene98
Charles, Mary (Miss)Burdick, Clara Flora, Clark Edwards, & Clarence Williams98
Charles, Mary (Miss)Burdick, Everett Bryan100
Charles, Mary A. (Miss)Bates, Grace Louisa82
Charles, Mary A. (Miss)Bates, John Charles82
Charles, Mary A. (Miss)Bates, Wm. Henry82
Charles, Mary S.Lewis, Lizzie90
Charles, Mary S.Lewis, Alfred90
Charles, Mary S.Lewis, Albert90
Charles, Mary S.Fabian, Alice Grace90
Charles, Mary S.Watson, Alice Ruth90
Charles, RichardCharles, Andrew George54
Charles, WilliamThornton, William Thomas50
Charles, WilliamBates, James Alexander74
Charles, WilliamBates, Francis Hamilton74
Charles, William (grandfather)Holtz, Florence Louisa94
Charles, Wm. S.Remsen, William Edward118
Church, ElizabethWhitcomb, Eugene Pitt48
Church, ElizabethWelch, Samuel Wells50
Church, ElizabethAldridge, Darwin Raymond54
Church, ElizabethWelch, Ferdinand Parker66
Clark, A.S. (Rev.)Gibson, Elizabeth88
Clark, BarbaryWolf, Hester64
Clark, CharlotteClark, Harriet Morton62
Clark, CharlotteClark, Lewis Reed66
Clark, EllenWolf, Mary68
Clark, GeorgeBeamish, Richard50
Clark, GoodhandWolf, Mary68
Coats, Chas.Thompson, Beatrice Emma114
Collins, AnnCollins, Florence60
Collins, John G.Welch, Samuel Wells50
Common, LizzieDuncan, James Felix82
Commons, Nettie Mrs.Irvin, Naomi Eileen116
Cook, Fanny MayCook, Thomas Frederick94
Cook, Frances MayCook, Elizabeth Winnefred108
Cook, Frances MayPalmer, Ronald Lee112
Cook, Mrs.Rutherford, Marie Frances104
Cook, Thomas FrederickCook, Milton Burnett112
Cooley, Dr.Eldridge, Mable Catherine100
Cooley, Dr.Eldridge, Edwin Lowell100
Cooley, H. E.Cooley, Harold Davis96
Cooley, H. E. Mrs.Hastings, Frances Angelica98
Cooley, H. E. Mrs.Warner, Joseph Lewis114
Cooley, Halsey E. Dr.Weaver, Henry E.94
Crawford, floraPalmer, Helen Fern118
Curtiss, E. Mrs.Eldridge, Pearl96
Dautermont, VictorAngel, Texas70
D'Autremont, AbbieGillies, Frances86
Dautremont, IsabellaSherman, Ellen48
Dautremont, IsabellaSherman, Sarah Adelia48
Dautremont, IsabellaDavenport, Charles Thaddaus58
Dautremont, IsabellaClark, Harriet Morton62
Dautremont, VictorThomas, George Vial46
Dautremont, VictorRoyce, Marcius Burdett46
Dautremont, VictorHorton, Charles Frederick48
Dautremont, VictorHorton, Elizabeth Amelia48
Dautremont, VictorUnderwood, James Benson58
Dautremont, VictorDavenport, Charles Thaddaus58
Dautremont, VictorSkelinger, Henry Wilbur62
Dautremont, VictorThair, Mary Marcella62
Dautremont, VictorCharles, Herbert Rollin62
Dautremont, VictorCooley, Charles Henry62
Dautremont, VictorClark, Lewis Reed66
Davidson, Charles Wm.Thornton, Samuel76
Davidson, Charles Wm.Thornton, Victor76
Davidson, JemimaRearwin, Edith May82
Davidson, Jennie ElizabethDavidson, Nell Elizabeth110
Davis, JaneDavis, Erwin86
Davis, Jane A. Mrs.Freebourn, Helen Avery Mabelle84
Davis, Mrs. SmithDuncan, Euretta88
Davis, S. Mrs.Cooley, Harold Davis96
Davis, SallyPhippen, Helen92
Davis, SallyJorden, Ada92
Davis, Smith Mrs.Gardener, Daniel Denison90
Davison, MaryThornton, Mary Jane50
Davison, WilliamThornton, Mary Jane50
Deutremont, V. Mr. & Mrs.Carver, Mary82
Dodge, Mrs.Dodge, Frank98
Dowd, Mary L. Mrs.Dowd, Lloyd George116
Dowd, Mary LouisaRobinson, George Leroy122
Dowd, Mary LouiseDowd, Mary Louise120
Dowd, Mary Mrs.Jones, Frances Vera116
Dunbar, Julia G.Hibbard, Helen M.88
Dunbar, Julia Mrs.Green, Mary Clark80
Duncan, J---- [faded writing]Hancock, Mary82
Duncan, James C.Nicholls, John Wesley54
Duncan, James C.Nicholls, Willie Neal54
Duncan, James C.Thornton, Thomas Charles56
Duncan, James C.Cooley, Charles Henry62
Duncan, James C.Duncan, Ernest Montrose64
Duncan, James C.Duncan, Charlie Fremont64
Duncan, James C.Duncan, James Raymond64
Duncan, James C.Wilner, Addie Marion68
Duncan, James C.Todd, Nellie Adell70
Duncan, James C.Wilner, Carrie Aurelia72
Duncan, James C.Wilner, Helen Duncan72
Duncan, MaryThornton, Thomas Charles56
Duncan, MaryWefler, John Peter66
Duncan, MaryWilner, Addie Marion68
Duncan, MaryDuncan, Nancy68
Duncan, MaryTodd, Nellie Adell70
Duncan, MaryWilner, Carrie Aurelia72
Duncan, MaryWilner, Helen Duncan72
Duncan, Mary Mrs.Heckman, Frances M. (Miss)74
Duncan, Mrs.Wilson, Mary78
Duncan, Mrs.Rogers, Jennie80
Duncan, Mrs.Von Derple, Malida Scofield80
Duncan, S. L. (Miss)Cooley, Kenrick Bartlet100
Duncan, S. L. (Miss)Cooley, Kenrick Bartlet102
Duncan, Serphenia?Rogers, __i78
Duncan, SophroniaWilner, Addie Marion68
Duncan, SophroniaHancock, Joseph82
Duncan, SophroniaDuncan, Clara Louise, Kate, Mary90
Duncan, Sophronia L.Gardener, Daniel Denison90
Dunsford, Ruth E.Earley, Jean Elizabeth118
Dur_____, WilliamHerdman, John Harold120
Eldredge, A. Mrs.Eldredge, Maxine Virginia114
Eldredge, CharlesHarding, Clair Eldridge118
Eldredge, CharlesHarding, Thomas Lowell120
Eldredge, ClaraEldredge, Clifford Harland108
Eldredge, MaudEldredge, Clara Henrietta104
Eldredge, PearlRumpff, Frances Ruth, Laurence Frederic & Advra Edna102
Eldredge, Pearl (Miss)Eldredge, Cora Elizabeth104
Eldridge, CarolineGibson, William Stephen66
Eldridge, Elizabeth (Miss)Harding, Thomas Lowell120
Engle, Jennie Frances (Bates)Lyon, Howard Daniel110
Engle, Joseph W.Engle, Joseph Whitman58
Engle, SusanEngle, Joseph Whitman58
Engle, WhitmanBrundage, Mary Amelia46
Epworth, Christopher P.Hills, Walter Epworth110
Epworth, EugeniaHerdman, Henrietta Florence112
Epworth, Eugenia GeorgianaHills, Walter Epworth110
Epworth, Florence AgnesHills, Caroline Agnes112
Epworth, Vivian DorotheaHills, Virginia Rose112
Fabian, Alice G.Bennett, Frederick W.94
Farnum, G. U.Gibson, De Forest100
Farnum, Gordon Mr. & Mrs.Green, Susan Esther114
Farnum, Gordon w.Beckwith, Wellington S.116
Farnum, Gordon W. & GraceGreen, Lyle Avery116
Farnum, Gordon WillisFarnum, Lionel Gordon112
Farnum, GraceAllen, Carol Jane122
Farnum, GraceFarnum, Robert Eugene122
Farnum, Grace Mrs.Harding, Roy Larue120
Farnum, Grace Mrs.Harding, Glennice martin120
Farnum, Grace Mrs.Allen, Audrey Maxine120
Farnum, Grace Mrs.Farnum, Gordon Allen120
Farnum, Grace Mrs.Cudderback, children of Charles & Susan120
Farnum, Grace Mrs.Harding, Howard Ivan120
Farnum, Jane & MaudFarnum, Clarence Luther118
Farnum, LionelAllen, Carol Jane122
Farnum, LionelFarnum, Robert Eugene122
Farnum, MerriahFarnum, Gordon Allen120
Farnum, MerrickAllen, Carol Jane122
Farnum, MerrickFarnum, Robert Eugene122
Farnum, MinervaAllen, Audrey Maxine120
Farwell, Jennie Mrs. (by Proxy)Bates, Virginia Mary114
Farwell, NinaFarwell, Harry W.116
Farwell, Nina LucettaFarwell, Anna Jane (Graham)112
Farwell, Nina LucettaLyon, William Franklin112
Farwell, Robt. M.Farwell, Nina Lucetta102
Flanders, HelenFlanders, Joan May120
Fraser, Alexander D.Remsen, William Edward118
Fraser, Alexander DovidCudderback, children of Charles & Susan120
Freeborn, E.Thornton, Dorothy May92
Freeborn, FloraThornton, Ruth Prudence90
Galloupe, D.Tracy, Solamon92
Galloupe, D.Moor, John92
Galloupe, D.Lewis, Mrs. E., & Miss92
Galloupe, D.Aldrich, H. M., & Esther92
Galloupe, D.Saunders, Edith & Grace92
Galloupe, D.Jennings, J. V.92
Galloupe, D.Stewart, Edith & Nina92
Galloupe, D.Freeborn, F. D. & H. R.92
Galloupe, D.Cooley, H. E.92
Galloupe, D.Taylor, Edna92
Galloupe, Mrs.Tracy, Solamon92
Gardener, Julia Mrs.Colwell, Ethel Porter84
Gardener, Julia Mrs.Hibbard, James Green84
Gardener, Julia Mrs.Davis, Sarah Elizbeth84
Gardener, Julia Mrs.Colwell, Clara Lilly84
Gardener, Julia Mrs.Freebourn, Mermi84
Gardener, Julia Mrs.Colwell, William Wallace84
Gardener, Julia S.Colwell, Watler Scott82
Gardiner, D. D. Mrs.Wakely, Martha86
Gardiner, Julia L. Mrs.Gardener, Daniel Denison90
Gardner, D. Mrs.Colwell, Edith Gardner82
Garwood, Geo.Tracy, Sarah Elizabeth90
Gellaspe [?], Mrs.Rice, Blanch & Jennie Teletha92
Gibson, Etta (Palmer)Storms, Andrew Louis110
Gibson, Etta (Palmer)Storms, Adaline Bell (Baird)110
Gibson, Floyd Mrs. & Mrs.Kaple, Louis Earl108
Gibson, Floyd W.Dowd, Lloyd George114
Gibson, Floyd W. & Pearl Dowd GibsonDowd, Edward Gibson116
Gibson, Floyd W. & Pearl Dowd GibsonTucker, George Sanford116
Gibson, Floyd W. & Pearl Dowd GibsonGreyber, Edmond Lewis118
Gibson, John D. Mr. & Mrs.Owens, Charles108
Gibson, MaryEldridge, Mary Ordelya56
Gibson, MaryEldridge, Eliza Jane56
Gibson, MaryEldridge, John Daniel56
Gibson, MaryEldridge, William Bradley Sherman56
Gibson, MaryWaffler, Emma Maria56
Gibson, MaryWaffler, Charles John56
Gibson, MaryBeamish, William Henry58
Gibson, Mrs.Dowd, Lloyd George114
Gillias, F. Mrs.Tegart, William B__86
Gillias, Frank Mrs.Tegart, Clarence Ames88
Gillies, Frances S. Mrs.Tracy, James Nelson94
Gillies, FrancisMoor, John92
Gillies, Mrs.Dodge, Frank98
Gillmore, Mary IsabellLockwood, Marion Ensign108
Graham, Allen Mrs.Graham, Hannah Adele78
Graham, Blanche (Miss)Graham, Nellie Irene98
Graham, ClaraDavis, Carrie86
Graham, ClaraGraham, Blanche deEtta86
Graham, DianaGraham, Hannah Adele78
Graham, Diana (Miss)Graham, Lewis George82
Graham, Diana (Miss)Graham, Nettie82
Graham, Geo. Mrs. (grandmother)Rutherford, Marie Frances104
Graham, Geo. Mrs. (grandmother)Graham, Durwald Linus106
Graham, Geo. Mrs. (grandmother)Graham, Willis Duwaine106
Graham, GeorgeGraham, Blanche deEtta86
Graham, Hannah Mrs.Graham, Charles William78
Graham, LewisGarfield, Vivian Patricia118
Graham, LewisGarfield, William Russell118
Graham, LouisPhippen, George Daniel108
Graham, MaryGraham, Margaret Elsie94
Graham, Mr.Graham, Terena92
Graham, Mrs.Graham, Terena92
Graham, RachelEldredge, Clara Henrietta104
Graham, RuthEldridge, Pearl96
Graham, RuthFarwell, Nina Lucetta102
Graham, Ruth E. Watson, Martha Mae102
Graham, Walter Mrs.Eldredge, Mary Adelia104
Green, BerniceMann, Lorena Amy116
Green, Helen M.Hibbard, Helen M.88
Gregory, L. Mrs.Bates, Helen Eileen114
Gretz, Sarah Mrs.Warner, Richard Hooker118
Grover, EmilyDuncan, Nancy68
Grover, Emily M.Eldridge, Mary Ordelya56
Grover, Emily M.Eldridge, Eliza Jane56
Grover, Emily M.Waffler, Emma Maria56
Grover, Emily M.Trotter, Mary Ann60
Grover, Emily M.Duncan, Sophronia Louisa62
Grunder, Anna Mrs.Showers, Marcus Adelbert106
Grunder, Anna Mrs.Daniels, Joseph Charles106
Grunder, D. C. Mr. & Mrs.Hatch, Cecilia Mary114
Grunder, DanielShowers, Marcus Adelbert106
Grunder, DanielDaniels, Joseph Charles106
Gunther, M. A. Y.Wakely, Josephine Olin84
Hadsell, Lillian IreneRobinson, Edwin Eugene122
Hadsell, M. Cole Mrs.Harding, Howard Ivan120
Hale, T_____ S. W.Newman, John Thornton116
Hancock, Ella Mrs.Eggleston, Jennie Hallie82
Hancock, Ella Mrs.Eggleston, Carrie82
Hancock, Ella Mrs.Eggleston, Frank82
Hancock, Ella Mrs.Hunt, Walter Thomas84
Hancock, John Mrs.Greg, James88
Harding ____ E. [smudged]Keyes, Frances Emma116
Harding, Clara E.Keyes, Frances Emma116
Harding, FlovisPalmer, Helen Fern118
Harding, GleniceHarding, Beatrice Ann122
Harding, John & HeleneWeaver, Barbara Marie122
Harding, Roy L. Harding, Beatrice Ann122
Hart, BelleHart, [faded writing]88
Hart, Belle (Miss)Knier, Clara Frances & ____ William88
Hart, SarahThornton, Regina Sue86
Hart, SarahLewis, Lizzie90
Hart, SarahTracy, Sarah Elizabeth90
Hart, SarahPringle, Florence104
Hart, Seth Mrs.Bates, Lottie May86
Harte, Rose BelleFreeborn, Lena Oliva88
Hartshorn, J. Mrs.Hartshorn, John Samuel76
Hastings, A. S.Bennett, Frederick W.94
Hastings, H. S.Steadwell, William Henry98
Hastings, Henry S.Hastings, Frances S.94
Hastings, Henry S.Holtz, Carl William96
Heckman, HarrietHelm, Charles Frederick62
Helmer, Clarence Mr. & Mrs.Phippen, Joseph C.114
Helmer, Mrs. H.Lyon, Marie Gert.114
Henry, GeorgeMcNichol, Mary Ann80
Henry, GeorgeCook, Thomas Frederick94
Henry, Thos.Cook, Thomas Frederick94
Henson, Laura M. (Miss)Burdick, Clara Flora, Clark Edwards, & Clarence Williams98
Herdman, Amy NinaHerdman, John Harold120
Herdman, Dina AnnHerdman, Marion Jane112
Herdman, Dinah (Miss)Taylor, Albert William90
Herdman, Dinah AnnTaylor, Jennie May Agnes96
Herdman, Ethel Mrs.Herdman, John Harold120
Herdman, Ethel SpringHerdman, Amy Irene116
Herdman, Ethel SpringHerdman, Jenny Ethel116
Herdman, Florence EpworthBoyd, Alice Eichner118
Herdman, HenriettaBoyd, Grace Yvonne118
Herdman, Jane (Miss)Cook, Frances May82
Herdman, Jane (Miss)Casterline, Mary Victorine82
Herdman, Jos.Taylor, Clarence John92
Herdman, Jos.Andrews, Ruth Eleanor92
Herdman, Jos. Mr. & Mrs.Hills, Emily Marie114
Herdman, JosephTaylor, Jennie May Agnes96
Herdman, JosephPringle, Esther Frances102
Herdman, JosephTaylor, Harold Herdman104
Herdman, Joseph C.Boyd, Leovine Philbrook118
Herdman, Joseph Mrs. & Mrs.Remsen, Stephen Charles120
Herdman, MarionBoyd, Leovine Philbrook118
Herdman, Ruth EdithHerdman, Jenny Ethel116
Herdman, W. Rutherford Mrs.Herdman, Joseph Crosby116
Herendun, Nellie (Edgerton)Storms, Andrew Louis110
Herkman, JosephIrvin, Naomi Eileen116
Hermdan, Ruth EdithHerdman, Amy Irene116
Hibbard, A. G.Lewis, Alfred90
Hibbard, A. J.Lewis, Albert90
Hibbard, Alfred J.Hibbard, Helen M.88
Hibbard, H. J. Mr. & Mrs.Duncan, Clara Louise, Kate, Mary90
Hills, Ceclia [illegible[ (Epworth)Farwell, Robert Murray112
Hinman, Guy Mr. & Mrs.Kent, Donald Edw.114
Hinman, Guy Mr. & Mrs.Eldredge, Maxine Virginia114
Hitchcock, SarahHitchcock, Walter68
Hobart, RalphNorton, Kenneth Clarence116
Hobart, RalphNorton, Lea Dulcie116
Hollihan, Frank L. & GraceBurdick, Gerald Clarke118
Hooker, AugustaHooker, Susan90
Hooker, FaithWarner, Robert Henry116
Hooker, Fannie Mrs.Breneka, Helen May118
Hooker, Harry & Mrs. FannieWhite, Harold Arthur118
Hooker, Harry Franklin & Frances M.Seeley, Florence Genevieve118
Hooker, Harry Franklin & Frances M.Seeley, Robert Hooker118
Hooker, Harry Franklin & Frances M.Seeley, Charles Robert118
Hooker, Harry Franklin & Frances M.Seeley, Forence Mae118
Hooker, JaneAlba, Ella May46
Hooker, L. Mr & Mrs.Watson, Alice Ruth90
Hooker, L. T.Lyons, children of Frank108
Hooker, LewisThornton, Regina Sue86
Hooker, LewisWarner, Joseph Lewis114
Hooker, Lewis (uncle)Watson, Martha Mae102
Hooker, Lewis F.Hooker, Susan90
Hooker, Lewis T.Charles, Henry Edwards & Cornelia B.86
Hooker, Lewis T.Curtis, Nathan Henry90
Hooker, Rose ____Wilkinson, Ethel Elizabeth114
Hooker, Susan JaneEldridge, Caroline Jane106
Hooker, Susan JaneBeckwith, Grace Matilda106
Horner, Harriet (Miss)Horner, Harriet Louise94
Horton, BettsMarshall, Edward Horwood58
Horton, CorneliaSkelinger, Henry Wilbur62
Horton, JenetDautremont, Isabella48
Horton, JenetThair, Mary Marcella62
Horton, JenetCharles, Herbert Rollin62
Horton, JenetDuncan, Ernest Montrose64
Horton, JenetDuncan, Charlie Fremont64
Horton, JenetDuncan, James Raymond64
Horton, JenetBalthazar, Charles Augustus70
Horton, JenetAllen, Anna Bliss70
Horton, Mary JaneDavenport, Margaret54
Horton, Mary JaneHeckman, Thaddaus54
Horton, Mary JaneTrotter, William Henry76
Hosack, SophiaBriggs, Henry Leeds54
Hull, Anna J.Renwick, Isabella64
Hull, Moses M. & Nellie R.Hull, Oleath Mae122
Hunt, MargaretPringle, Esther Frances102
Hunt, MargaretBeckwith, William Jesse106
Hunt, MargaretWarner, Robert Henry116
Ingraham, VanDerfoort, Sherman Borwn84
Irvin, Geo. [?]VanDerfoort, Sherman Borwn84
Irvin, Isaac BuffingtonIrvin, Tillie Emma (Umpleby)110
Irvin, Tracy Mrs.Irvin, Stewart Buffington116
Irvin, Willis StewartPalmer, Ronald Lee112
Irvine, I. N. W.Freeborn, Lena Oliva88
Irving, Isaac BufftonIrvin, Willis Stewart110
Jane ShetharDuncan, Sophronia Louisa62
Jennings, MabelPalmer, Helen Fern118
Jennings, S. S. (Miss)Peck, Letitia "Letty"102
Jennings, SusanWillis, Beula106
Jennings, SusanWillis, Anna106
Jerman, BarbarJerman, Barbara78
Jerman, DavidJerman, Goodhand Robert80
Jerman, Edna L.Jerman, William Sylvanius106
Jerman, EllenJerman, Goodhand Robert80
Jerman, SusanLanin, Eliza54
Jerman, SusanWolf, Hester64
Jerman, WilliamJerman, Barbara78
Jermyn, JohnLaning, Margaret68
Jermyn, SusanLaning, Margaret68
Jones, DianaJones, Agnes Lea78
Jones, Erastus B.Jones, Agnes Lea78
Jones, FrancesJones, Agnes Lea78
Jones, John L.Wilson, Mary78
Jones, MargaretArnold, Ray116
Jones, Margaret Mrs.Arnold, Alta Jane (Doolittle)116
Jordan, Jas.Wilson, Floyd W.98
Jorden, J.Jorden, Ada92
Kaple, Mrs. J. E.Kaple, Louis Earl108
Kent, MarionKent, Donald Edw.114
King, Ada Mrs.Thornton, Mary Lucile90
Knier, Mrs.Kneir, George Kenneth98
Lanin, CatharineBeamish, Richard50
Lanin, GeorgeBeamish, Richard50
Lanin, GeorgeWolf, Hester64
Lanin, WilliamJerman, Anna46
Laning, CatharineWolf, Mary68
Leckles, Olive EdnaBeckwith, William Jesse106
Leech, Abby Mrs.Freeborn, Eugene B.80
Leech, Abby Mrs.Freeborn, Nellie80
LeLancey, CharlesBennett, Josephine Ellen100
Lewis, Edgar & ElizaLewis, George & Grace86
Lloyd, (Miss)Hastings, Almeda 96
Lloyd, DeliaThomas, George Vial46
Lounsberry, James PurvisLounsberry, Elsie Anna (Boucher)116
Lousberry, J. urvis & Elsie BoucherKent, Addie Boucher Mrs.118
Luther, MartinRumpff, Frances Ruth, Laurence Frederic & Advra Edna102
Lyon, DanielMann, Lorena Amy116
Lyon, Daniel H.Scholla, Donald Lyon118
Lyon, Daniel H.Lyon, Daniel Howard122
Lyon, Daniel HerbertLyon, Jennie May (Barber)110
Lyon, Daniel HerbertLyon, Elrose, Jeannette110
Lyon, Daniel M.Yaw, Donna Marie122
Lyon, Ella WanchipLyon, Jane An112
Lyon, F. Mrs.Bates, Laura86
Lyon, Faith HookerWarner, James Brown120
Lyon, HowardChild, Roderick Eugene118
Lyon, JaneLyon, Daniel Howard122
Lyon, Jennie M.Mann, Lorena Amy116
Lyon, Jennie M.Yaw, Donna Marie122
Lyon, Jennie M.Lyon, Daniel Howard122
Lyon, Jennie M. L.Scholla, Donald Lyon118
Lyon, Ray NelsonWarner, James Brown120
Magee, JaneSmith, Margaretta46
Magee, JaneSmith, Sarah Jenet46
Mapes, Mrs.Mapes, Robert100
Marquis, Rosalie StewartStewart, Ethelyn May118
Marshall, LaviniaMarshall, Edward Horwood58
Maughan, Joseph A.Brower, William Ellsworth106
McLean, ThomWands, Howard Alexander118
McLean, ThomMcLean, Alice D.118
McLean, Tom & AliceDemick, Ardeth Elene122
Merritt, Fanny Mrs.Damon, Geradline Eastwood118
Miles, Jane AnnRichardson, Emma Addia 52
Miles, Jane AnnRichardson, Albert52
Miles, Jane AnnCollins, Florence60
Miles, Jane AnnTerry, Helen60
Miles, SeraphinaCharles, Hannah52
Miles, SeraphinaCharles, Isabella52
Miles, SeraphinaDavenport, Margaret54
Miles, SeraphinaHeckman, Thaddaus54
Morse, Jennie (Miss)Bellamy, Betsy Mrs.108
Newman, H. LeeArnold, Ray116
Newman, H. LeeWarner, Robert Henry116
Newman, H. Lee & LucileJohnston, William Thornton118
Newman, H. P.Herdman, Joseph Crosby116
Newman, HerbertNewman, John Thornton116
Newman, Lucile ThorntonEarley, Jean Elizabeth118
Newman, MabelNewman, John Thornton116
Newton, Arella (Lewis)Knier, Frederick Earl110
Newton, Frederick L.Knier, Frederick Earl110
Newton, Mr. & Mrs.Kneir, George Kenneth98
Norris, Mrs.Bates, Francis Hamilton74
Norton, A. A.Gibson, John50
Norton, A. A.Richardson, Emma Addia 52
Norton, A. A.Richardson, Albert52
Norton, A. A.Duncan, James Canton52
Norton, A. A.Helm, Charles Frederick62
Norton, Andrew A.Gibson, Mary Jane48
Norton, Geo. K.Norton, Hobart McKinley98
Norton, GraceNorton, Kenneth Clarence116
Norton, GraceNorton, Lea Dulcie116
Norton, Grace Louise (Bates)Norton, George Hayes110
Norton, Ida Mrs. (grandmother)Norton, Ida May102
Ogden, Mrs.Ogden, Jennie86
Ostrander, EllaBates, Helen Eileen114
Painter, Harold J.Earley, Jean Elizabeth118
Palmer, L. S.Smith, Claude Martin98
Palmer, L. S.Cooley, Kenrick Bartlet102
Palmer, L. S.Farnham, Jane Mabel108
Palmer, L. S.Harding, John Edwin114
Palmer, L. S.Harding, Thomas Lowell120
Palmer, L. S. Eldredge, Clifford Harland108
Palmer, L. S. Mr. & Mrs.Eldredge, David Orton108
Palmer, L. S. Mr. & Mrs.Farnum, Bernard Lester114
Palmer, L. S. Mr. & Mrs.Harding, Florris Edwin114
Palmer, L. S. Mr. & Mrs.Weaver, Beatrice Ann114
Palmer, L. S. Mr. & Mrs.Skiver, Patricia May120
Palmer, LenBurdick, Everett Bryan100
Palmer, LenWay, Ellen Irene, Esther Lillian & Ira Landon102
Palmer, Len S.Dowd, Lloyd George116
Palmer, Len S.Robbins, George H.116
Palmer, Len S.Farwell, Harry W.116
Palmer, Len S. & Maud E.Crawford, Bert Greenleaf116
Palmer, Len S. & Maud ElredgeJohnston, Shirley Doris116
Palmer, LeonardEldredge, Herbert Henry100
Palmer, LeonardGibson, De Forest100
Palmer, LeonardEldredge, Charles Richard104
Palmer, LeonardEldredge, Clara Henrietta104
Palmer, LeonardCarwford, Harold Ednward116
Palmer, Leonard S.Wilson, Floyd W.98
Palmer, Leonard S.Cooley, Kenrick Bartlet100
Palmer, Leonard S.West, Leon Judson118
Palmer, Leonard S.Farnum, Clarence Luther118
Palmer, Leonard S.Wands, Howard Alexander118
Palmer, Leonard S.McLean, Alice D.118
Palmer, Leonard S.Graham, Sylvia Jean122
Palmer, Leonard S. Farnum, Malcolm W.114
Palmer, Leonard S. Tullar, Lynn Bellamy114
Palmer, Leonard S. & MaudChild, Roderick Eugene118
Palmer, Leonard SolomonStorms, Mabel Elizabeth110
Palmer, Leonard SolomonIrvin, Willis Stewart110
Palmer, Leonard SolomonIrvin, Tillie Emma (Umpleby)110
Palmer, Leonard SolomonPeck, Merrill Milton110
Palmer, Leonard SolomonFarnham, Thomas Allen112
Palmer, Leonard SolomonFarnum, Merrick C.112
Palmer, Leonard SolomonFarnum, Lionel Gordon112
Palmer, M. Mrs.Tullar, Lynn Bellamy114
Palmer, MaudCarwford, Harold Ednward116
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Lyon, Jennie May (Barber)110
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Irvin, Willis Stewart110
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Irvin, Tillie Emma (Umpleby)110
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Peck, Merrill Milton110
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Farnham, Thomas Allen112
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Farnum, Merrick C.112
Palmer, Maud Blanchard (Eldridge)Farnum, Lionel Gordon112
Palmer, Maud E.Harding, Clair Eldridge118
Palmer, Maud Eld.Farnum, Malcolm W.114
Palmer, Maud Mrs.Lytle, Robert Walter116
Palmer, Maud Mrs.Lytle, Dudley Pickett116
Palmer, Maud Mrs.Batt, Ruth Elizabeth116
Palmer, Maud Mrs.Harding, Roy Larue120
Palmer, Maud Mrs.Harding, Glennice martin120
Palmer, MaudeWeaver, Barbara Marie122
Palmer, MaudeGraham, Sylvia Jean122
Palmer, MaudePalmer, Elsie Gertrude122
Palmer, Ronald S.Harding, Clair Eldridge118
Palmer, S., Farnum, G. W.Wilson, George Anson98
Pancoast, E. T. Rev.Harding, John Edwin114
Pancoast, Mrs.Harding, John Edwin114
Patterson, ElizabethThornton, Thomas & Helen94
Peck, Hazel L.Peck, Merrill Milton110
Peters, Mertie Mrs.Wixson, children of Frederick & Evelyn120
Phippen, HelenPhippen, May Mrs.96
Phippen, Jos. ClarkLyon, Marie Gert.114
Phippen, May Florence (Mapes)Thomas, Theda Lenore110
Phippen, May Florence (Mapes)Charles, Mary May110
Phippin, May Florence (Mapes)Lyon, Elrose, Jeannette110
Phippin, May Florence (Mapes)Lyon, Jane An112
Pierce, DorothyWixson, children of Frederick & Evelyn120
Pierce, RebeccaBredon, Thomas60
Pringle, Esther Franches (sisterPringle, Florence104
Prowant, Thos.Malone, Carolyn Mary 122
Prowant, Thos.Raines, Warren Ellsworth122
Prowant, Thos.Raines, Ruby Nettie 122
Raines, Ruby N.Malone, Robert Franklin122
Raines, W. Guy Rev.Owens, Charles108
Raines, W. Guy Rev.Saunders, Richard Donald108
Raines, W. Guy Rev.Kaple, Louis Earl108
Raines, Warren E.Malone, Robert Franklin122
Ratz, Frank JosephBeckwith, Wm. David114
Rearwin, EdithPhippen, May Mrs.96
Rearwin, MarthaGraham, Clarence82
Rearwin, MarthaRumpff, Nina Edith102
Rearwin, Martha Mrs.Holtz, Carl William96
Rearwin, Martha Mrs.Rice, Herman & Ernest96
Rearwin, Martha Mrs.Cooley, Harold Davis96
Remsen, Alexander H.Hooker, children of Charles & Olive122
Remsen, Dorothy BinnsHooker, children of Charles & Olive122
Remsen, Dorothy Mrs.Damon, Geradline Eastwood118
Renwick, IsabellaHull, Anna Isabella64
Renwick, MargaretHull, Anna Isabella64
Renwick, MargaretRenwick, Isabella64
Renwick, Mrs.Chamberlain, Zaida Aileen100
Renwick, Mrs.Chamberlain, Auba Bell100
Rice, BlancheRice, Herman & Ernest96
Rice, HermanRumpff, Nina Edith102
Rice, HermanWay, Ellen Irene, Esther Lillian & Ira Landon102
Rice, HermanRice, Lester Moore106
Rice, HermanMapes, Gerald Winfield112
Rice, Herman C.West, Leon Judson118
Rice, JennieRice, Herman & Ernest96
Rice, LoisWarner, Richard Hooker118
Rice, LoisWarner, James Brown120
Rice, LoisLyon, Sally Jane120
Rice, Louisa (Arnold)Mapes, Gerald Winfield112
Rice, MargaretRice, Lester Moore106
Richardson, W.Alba, Walter Kerr46
Robbins, George H. & Mary J.Garfield, Almedia118
Robbins, Mary GreenRobbins, George H.116
Robertson, MaryHarding, Beatrice Ann122
Rowe, Winfifred EldredgeKeyes, Frances Emma116
Royce Mrs.Tegart, William B__86
Royce, Mary M.Hitchcock, Charles Augustus56
Royce, Mary M.Allen, Anna Francelia60
Royce, Mary M.Helm, Frank George64
Royce, Mary M.Green, Helen Maria (Smith)80
Royce, Mary M.VanDerfoort, Sherman Borwn84
Royce, Mary M. Mrs.Freeborn, Eugene B.80
Royce, Mary M. Mrs.Freeborn, Nellie80
Royce, Mrs.Bennett, Stephen N.76
Royce, Mrs.Tegart, Freelove86
Royce, Mrs.Tegart, Clarence Ames88
Rumpff, Ella N.Rumpff, Nina Edith102
Rumpff, Ella N.Rumpff, Frances Ruth, Laurence Frederic & Advra Edna102
Rumpff, Jno. FredericRumpff, Frances Ruth, Laurence Frederic & Advra Edna102
Rumpff, M. L. Mr. & Mrs.Frank, Frances Henrietta & Flora Belle94
Rumpff, M. L. Mrs.Norris, Marguerite90
Rutherford, Nettie Mrs.)Rutherford, Marie Frances104
Sanford, ____Thornton, Regina Sue86
Sanford, G.Wakefield, Charlotte88
Sanford, Gilbert Mrs.Charles, Henry Edwards & Cornelia B.86
Sanford, Mrs. (his wife)Sanford, Gilbert84
Saunders, Ricd.Wilson, Floyd W.98
Saunders, Richd.Smith, Claude Martin98
Scheanck, Nellie DavidsonDavidson, Nell Elizabeth110
Schmidt, Elenore L.Smith, Edna Lovina (Jerman)106
Schmidt, Elenore L.Jerman, Various Quintillus106
Schmidt, Elmore L.Smith, Edna Lovina (Jerman)106
Schmidt, Elmore L.Jerman, Various Quintillus106
Schmidt, Elmore L.Jerman, William Sylvanius106
Scholes, JohnHoltz, Carl William96
Scofield, Josephine S.Wakely, Josephine Olin84
Scofield, Josephine S.Wakely, Martha86
Scofield, La--aWakely, Martha86
Scofield, M. T. Mrs.Hancock, Ella82
Scofield, Martha Jane Mrs.Wilner, Marion Mrs.74
Scofield, Mary W.Colwell, Edith Gardner82
Scofield, Mary W.Hancock, Joseph82
Sheather, JaneRichardson, Harriet Louisa58
Sheather, JaneTerry, Helen60
Sheather, JaneAllen, Anna Francelia60
Sheather, JaneSanford, Mary Eulia62
Sherman, AdeliaDautremont, Isabella48
Sherman, AdeliaBrown, Mary48
Sherman, AdeliaHorton, Charles Frederick48
Sherman, AdeliaHorton, Elizabeth Amelia48
Sherman, AdeliaTodd, Frances Matilda76
Shero, Mrs.Freeborn, Ella Frances92
Shero, Mrs.Worden, Minnie Mintwood92
Shethar, JaneUnderwood, Anna Emma66
Simmons, CarrieGraham, Blanche deEtta86
Simons, (Miss)Eldridge, Edwin Lowell100
Simons, Mary B.Worden, Minnie Mintwood92
Simons, Mary B.Steadwell, Ida May Mrs.98
Smith, Frank S. Mr. & Mrs.Wakely, Josephine Olin84
Smith, Lulu Norton Mrs. (aunt)Norton, Ida May102
Steadwell, Hannah (Miss)Steadwell, Ida May Mrs.98
Steadwell, Hannah E.Graham, Caroline Martin78
Steadwell, Mrs.Mapes, Robert100
Storms, Louis LeroyStorms, Adaline Bell (Baird)110
Taylor, Wm. H.Taylor, Clarence John92
Tegart, W. J.Tegart, William B__86
Tegart, W. J.Tegart, Clarence Ames88
Tegart, Wm. Mr. & Mrs.Farnum, John Dodd96
Tegart, Wm. Mr. & Mrs.Farnum, John Calfin & Viva Anna96
Thibou, Charlotte (Miss)Harthshorn, Jennet Rebecca74
Thibou, Charlotte C.Dikeman, Caroline Amelia58
Thibou, Charlotte C.Heckman, Harriet Jane58
Thibou, L. (Rev.)Hooker, Walter76
Thibou, L. (Rev.)Hooker, Charles76
Thibou, L. (Rev.)Bennett, Stephen N.76
Thibou, L. (Rev.)Green, Mary Clark80
Thibou, Lewis (Rev.)Wheeler, Isaac Phillip76
Thibou, Lewis (Rev.)Green, Helen Maria (Smith)80
Thornton, Dorothy M.Newman, John Thornton116
Thornton, F. C.Lewis, Albert90
Thornton, Geo.Freeborn, Helen (Thornton)84
Thornton, Geo.Freeborn, Flora84
Thornton, Geo.Thornton or Post, Ida84
Thornton, Geo. Mrs.Thornton, Darwin96
Thornton, Geo. Mrs.Eldridge, Maud96
Thornton, GeorgeLewis, Mrs. E., & Miss92
Thornton, GeorgeAldrich, H. M., & Esther92
Thornton, GeorgeSaunders, Edith & Grace92
Thornton, GeorgeJennings, J. V.92
Thornton, GeorgeStewart, Edith & Nina92
Thornton, GeorgeFreeborn, F. D. & H. R.92
Thornton, GeorgeCooley, H. E.92
Thornton, GeorgeTaylor, Edna92
Thornton, HelenFreeborn, Lena Oliva88
Thornton, HenryDavison, Mary Ann50
Thornton, HenryCharles, Hannah52
Thornton, HenryCharles, Isabella52
Thornton, HenryRearwin, Henry Thornton84
Thornton, Henry & JaneDavidson, Elizabeth Jane78
thornton, J. Mrs.Thornton, Thomas & Helen94
Thornton, JamesThornton, Thomas & Helen94
Thornton, JamesMapes, Robert100
Thornton, JaneDavison, Mary Ann50
Thornton, JaneCharles, Hannah52
Thornton, JaneCharles, Isabella52
Thornton, JaneCharles, Mary Ann52
Thornton, JaneBates, Margaret60
Thornton, JaneBates, Mary60
Thornton, JaneThornton, Samuel Charles66
Thornton, JaneGraham, Clarence82
Thornton, JaneRearwin, Henry Thornton84
Thornton, MaryDavison, Mary Ann50
Thornton, MaryCharles, Mary Ann52
Thornton, MaryCharles, Andrew John52
Thornton, Mrs.Thornton, Dorothy May92
Thornton, Mrs.Lewis, Mrs. E., & Miss92
Thornton, Mrs.Aldrich, H. M., & Esther92
Thornton, Mrs.Saunders, Edith & Grace92
Thornton, Mrs.Jennings, J. V.92
Thornton, Mrs.Stewart, Edith & Nina92
Thornton, Mrs.Freeborn, F. D. & H. R.92
Thornton, Mrs.Cooley, H. E.92
Thornton, Mrs.Taylor, Edna92
Thornton, T. C.Lewis, Alfred90
Thornton, T. C.Buchanan, Charles Jay90
Thornton, T. C.Worden, Minnie Mintwood92
Thornton, T. C.Rice, Blanch & Jennie Teletha92
Thornton, T. C.Wilson, William92
Thornton, ThomasCharles, Mary Ann52
Thornton, ThomasCharles, Andrew John52
Thornton, ThomasGraham, Lewis George82
Thornton, ThomasGraham, Nettie82
Thornton, ThomasSanford, Gilbert84
Thornton, ThomasThornton, William88
Thornton, Thomas & MaryDavidson, Elizabeth Jane78
Thornton, Thomas & MaryLewis, George & Grace86
Thornton, Thomas C.VanDerfoort, Sherman Borwn84
Thornton, Thomas C.Lewis, Lizzie90
Thornton, Thomas Mrs.Eldridge, Mable Catherine100
Thornton, Thos.Duncan, James Felix82
Thornton, Thos. C.Davidson, William Edwin82
Thornton, Thos. C.Davidson, Agnes Isabell82
Thornton, Thos. C.Davidson, Alice Christina82
Thornton, Thos. C.Freeborn, Helen (Thornton)84
Thornton, Thos. C.Freeborn, Flora84
Thornton, Thos. C.Thornton or Post, Ida84
Thornton, Thos. C.Thornton, Ruth Prudence90
Thornton, Thos. C. Mrs.Greg, James88
Thornton, Thos. H.Jerman, Homer80
Thornton, Thos. Mrs.Fabian, Lillian Gertrude94
Thornton, Wm. Charles & MaryBates, Ella Jane76
Thronton, JaneRearwin, Reta Louisa82
Thronton, T.Rearwin, Edith May82
Tracey, Mrs.Way, Ellen Irene, Esther Lillian & Ira Landon102
Tracey, Will Mrs.Hadley, Dora100
Tracy, Mrs.Tracy, Solamon92
Tracy, S. Mrs.Tracy, Sarah Elizabeth90
Trotter, JohnBriggs, Henry Leeds54
Trotter, JohnHitchcock, Charles Augustus56
Trotter, JohnWaffler, Charles John56
Trotter, JohnThornton, Thomas Charles56
Trotter, JohnUnderwood, James Benson58
Trotter, JohnHelm, Frank George64
Trotter, JohnDuncan, Ernest Montrose64
Trotter, JohnDuncan, Charlie Fremont64
Trotter, JohnDuncan, James Raymond64
Trotter, JohnThornton, Samuel Charles66
Trotter, JohnGibson, William Stephen66
Trotter, JohnWefler, John Peter66
Trotter, JohnThornton, George68
Trotter, JohnBalthazar, Charles Augustus70
Tullar, Bessie Mrs.Bellamy, Betsy Mrs.108
Tullar, Bessie Mrs.Arnold, Alta Jane (Doolittle)116
Tullar, Bessie Mrs.Lounsberry, Elsie Anna (Boucher)116
Tullar, Bessie Mrs.Jones, Frances Vera116
Tullar, Bessie Mrs.Bates, Mary Jantha Mrs.118
Tullar, LynnArnold, Ray116
Tullar, LynnArnold, Alta Jane (Doolittle)116
Tullar, LynnCarwford, Harold Ednward116
Tullar, LynnGreen, Lyle Avery116
Tullar, LynnBosard, Lyle Kenneth 116
Tullar, LynnJones, Marjorie Graham Mrs.116
Tullar, LynnJones, Ricahrd Loren116
Tullar, LynnJones, Frances Vera116
Tullar, LynnLytle, Robert Walter116
Tullar, LynnLytle, Dudley Pickett116
Tullar, LynnBates, Mary Jantha Mrs.118
Tullar, LynnGarfield, Vivian Patricia118
Tullar, LynnGarfield, William Russell118
Tullar, LynnWarner, James Brown120
Tullar, LynnLyon, Sally Jane120
Van Winckle, HarrietBolton, Harriet Estella76
Vanderhoef, Harlan C.Crawford, Bert Greenleaf116
Vokins, ThomasBates, Edward Clinton98
Wakely, B. C.Wakely, Martha86
Wakely, B. C. Mrs.Eldredge, Maxine Virginia114
Wakely, Mary _.Colwell, Watler Scott82
Wakley, Mary Mrs.Colwell, Ethel Porter84
Wakley, Mary W. Hancock, Mary82
Warner, A. J.Graham, Nellie Irene98
Warner, A. J. Mrs.Warner, Henry Brown84
Warner, A. J. Mrs.Warner, Joseph Richard84
Warner, A. J. Mrs.Hunt, Walter Thomas84
Warner, A. J. Rev.Bates, Edward Clinton98
Warner, Abigail E. (Brown)Warner, Marguerite Jeannette112
Warner, Ethel MaeScholla, Donald Lyon118
Warner, Ethel May (Lyon)Lyon, Jennie May (Barber)110
Warner, Ethel May (Lyon)Lyon, Elrose, Jeannette110
Warner, Frances Mrs.Irvin, Stewart Buffington116
Warner, H. B. (Mrs.)Branson, Ruth Elizabeth114
Warner, H. Bede Mr. & Mrs.Wilson, Anson Tincomb Bede114
Warner, Henry B.Warner, Richard Hooker118
Warner, Joseph & Susan HookerLyon, Sally Jane120
Warner, Mr. & Mrs.Thompson, Beatrice Emma114
Warner, Susan H.Stewart, Ethelyn May118
Warner, Susan H.Garfield, Vivian Patricia118
Warner, Susan H.Garfield, William Russell118
Washburn, Mrs. (proxy for Jennie FarwellBates, Virginia Mary114
Watson, Alice R.Hooker, Lewis Wilson96
Watson, Alice R. (aunt)Watson, Martha Mae102
Watson, Alice R. (Miss)Hooker, Faith94
Weaver, BeatriceWeaver, Barbara Marie122
Welch, J. B.Duncan, James Canton52
Welch, J. B.Eldridge, Mary Ordelya56
Welch, J. B.Eldridge, Eliza Jane56
Welch, JohnHartshorn, John Samuel76
Welch, John CollinsCollins, Florence60
Welch, Joseph B.Gibson, John50
Welch, Joseph B.Nicholls, John Wesley54
Welch, Joseph B.Nicholls, Willie Neal54
Welch, Joseph B.Eldridge, John Daniel56
Welch, Joseph B.Eldridge, William Bradley Sherman56
Welch, Joseph B.Beamish, William Henry58
Welch, Joseph B.Welch, Ferdinand Parker66
Welch, Joseph B.Quick, John James Furman66
Welch, Joseph B.Todd, Willie Smith68
Welch, Joseph B.Hitchcock, Walter68
Welch, Joseph B.Todd, Myron Allen76
Welch, JuliaRichardson, Harriet Louisa58
Welch, JuliaTodd, Willie Smith68
Welch, Mrs.Rogers, Jennie80
Welch, Mrs.Von Derple, Malida Scofield80
Whitcomb, HaleWhitcomb, Eugene Pitt48
Whitcomb, HiramWhitcomb, Eugene Pitt48
Whitmore, E. A.Buchanan, Anna Janet92
Whitmore, E. A.Rice, Blanch & Jennie Teletha92
Whitmore, E. A.Phippen, Helen92
Whitmore, E. A.Jorden, Ada92
Whitmore, E. A.Wilson, William92
Whitmore, E. A.Branson, Levi Paul92
Whitmore, Emma (Miss)Hooker, Susan90
Whitmore, Emma A.Pringle, Esther Frances102
Whitmore, Emma A. (Miss)Thornton, Mary94
Whitmore, Emma A. (Miss)Farwell, Nina Lucetta102
Whitmore, Emma A. (Miss)Eldredge, Cora Elizabeth104
Whitmore, MissCharles, Henry Edwards & Cornelia B.86
Wilson, Geo.Smith, Claude Martin98
Wilson, Mrs.Wilson, Mary78
Wilson, Mrs.Wilson, George Anson98
Wilson, WilliamSherman, Ellen48
Wilson, WilliamSherman, Sarah Adelia48
Wilson, WilliamMarshall, Fredericka52
Wilson, WilliamMarshall, Edward Horwood58
Wisner, H. B.Sanford, Gilbert84
Wolfe, E.Lanin, Eliza54
Wolfe, J.Lanin, Eliza54
Young, Mary A.Wakely, Josephine Olin84
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