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Looking for the parents of John Angel b 21 Apr 1830, NY

NAME: Meredith DeBuse



I am tracing my tree and I have hit a missing link .I am interested in George A. Atwell Born in Harpursville Broome Ny.June 16,1861 Married Catherine E. Mayo.B.1858 M.April 1, 1882 and I need to link them as Parents to Anderson Harry Atwell or Harry Anderson Atwell. George and Catherine were both born in Broome and married there as well . I would like to find all of their children.Thank you in advance for any help you may give me.

NAME: Gail Clark



I am looking for infomation on the Ayers families in the Kirkwood area. There were names like Bertha Ayers Young. Olive Ayers she married Wahl. More names were Elmer Ellsworth Ayers, he Lillian Chidester. Also were George Price Ayers - he married Palmyra Woodward.

NAME: Patti


Letter B


Looking for any info. involving names listed above. Binghamton, N.Y. area.

NAME: Jennifer Bachovchin



Searching for information on the daughters of Lemuel Badger, an early settler of Colesville, Broome Co., NY. Lemuel came to Colesville in 1786. Book entitled "Giles Badger and His Descendants" by John Cogswell Badger says he died at age 85 in Broome Co., NY. Author states that Lemuel had 4 sons and 7 daughters. Sons listed are Luther, Chester S. and Lemuel W. Luther was a US Congressman in the 1820's and is buried in Jordan Village Cemetery, Jordan, Onondaga Co., NY. Did Lemuel have a daughter, Telottsey, who married Thomas Bancroft ca. 1802? Telottsey died, age 34, in 1822 in Walworth, Wayne Co., NY. She has many descendants. She named a son, Luther. She was born ca. Sept. 4, 1787 and is two years younger than Luther, born April 10,1785, in Partridgefield, MA.

According to DAR file info, three daughters were Mellona, Roena and Electa Badger. Another daughter, Bonana, is buried in Harpur Cemetery, Colesville, Broome Co., NY, d.13 FEB 1811. Recently found out that Telottsey may also have been know as Telottsa, as Telottsey's daughter, Saloma, names her daughter, Telottsa. Trying to connect Telottsey to Lemuel Badger family.

NAME: Phyllis C. Stehm



Looking for Information on Sara Ann Becker daughter of Phillip Becker & Mary Ketcham who married Richard Downs.Sara was from Clay(Onondaga County)NY.It is said that that Richard and Sara moved to Binghamton,New York(Broome County).Sara died November 22 1940 and Richard died March 17 1921.It's said that both Richard and Sara are buried on a Gevernment Plot somewhere in Binghamton.Un-known if Sara & Richard had any children.Looking for any info on where they may be buried and children if any..

NAME: Ron Becker


LINK: Becker Family History Page



I am looking for the Kirk Beebe family he married a Hitchcock in the early 1800 I would think this is my greatgrand father. One of his daughters married a Robert Wilkinson and had a son Harold Deforest in 1802. I am the last of the family and my father didn't have siblings. I never met my Grandfather. Grandmother Wilkinson lived in Bimghamton She had a sister Elisabeth that was married to Raymond Leonard. They lived on Hawley St. for years. One of their daughters was married to Dr. Richard Sullivan and he was a Dr. at Lourds Hospital. I have lost track of what family there is and if you have information I would be very happy. Ann

NAME: Ann Stoddard



I would like to find out the names of my great grandparents. My grandmother's name was Jennie Beebe born 1865 died 1945 in Deposit. I think her parents are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Deposit but there are several Beebe's there. She was married to my grandfather in 1885. His name was Charles Aaron White. Thanks.

NAME: Carol J.(White) Stinson



Looking for information on Elijah Butler. Elijah appears in the 1825 Lisle census. His parents were Jethro and Rebecca (Dunham)Butler of Martha's Vinyard (Duke's Co.) MA. Hoping that Elijah's children are a link to my Butler family in Cortland Co.

NAME: Deborah Butler Miller



My grandfather, Ernest Butterfield was born in Killiwog, NY on 10/2/1878. I am trying to find information about him and his family. He married Celia Kenny on 10/10/1913 (presume in RI) and died on 7/2/43 (in NJ). I believe his children were born in either Providence, Rhode Island or Orange, NJ. Ernest's father, Charles Butterfield was born in upstate New York as well. I think is was in Chenago Falls. Charles was married to Martha Amelia Schultz, I have no further info on any of the NY Butterfield's or the Schultz family. Any help would be appreciated.

NAME: Soccerhze


Letter C


I am looking for any information on Mary Carson. She registered for a Marriage license with Dudley Porter in Sept. 24, 1892, in Binghamtom, Broom County, New York. Any history of Carson's from this area.

NAME: George Wolf



I am looking for information on John Chidester, his wife's name was Nancy L. Chase. Their daughter was Lillian E.Chidester, and she married Elmer Ellsworth Ayers.

NAME: Patti



Searching for information on the following: Earl Crane; born 16 Jan 1900, died 21 Sep 1971. His wife, Kathryn Crowley; born 3 Mar 1900, died 27 May 1986. Franklin Crane, born Mar 1874. Lillian Begeal; born Mar 1879. All of the above are buried in Hale Eddy Cemetery, Hale Eddy, NY. Looking for pictures of graves and cemetery, copies of birth & marriage Cert. Earl & wife lived in Deposit for about 20 yrs. Will pay for time & pictures of graves. Wm. Kitz, 13704 SE 126 St., Okla. City, OK. 73165.

NAME: William Kitz


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Letter F


My great grandfather was named Charles Wesley Felter. He & my great grandmother Lizzie A. Felter were married in 1883 & lived on Conklin Avenue in the town of Binghamton. I am interested in Obtaining information as to where they were married, the date, the church. Charles was born in Lafayette, N.Y. but i know nothing about Lizzie except she was born October 1865 in New York & died February 23,1921 in Binghamton. Their only son, Lovertus Stanley Felter was married in Christ Church in Binghamton in 1919.

NAME: Charles



According to information I received, Catherine Frank was born in Deposit in 1741 to Stephan Frank. The Frank family moved to Deposit from Herkimer County in the 1730's and may have returned there in the early 1750's. Catherine's siblings Frederick, Stephen and John Stephen were also born in Deposit; Elizabeth and Nicholas were born in Herkimer County at a later date. Catherine was buried in 1829 in Deposit. I don't know her married name, if any. I suspect the Frank family were Palatine Germans, so may have moved to the Deposit area as part of a group. Of course I'd love information on this particular family, but would also welcome anything going back to the 1730's and 40's.

NAME: Jayne Barber


Letter G


I am looking for Gardner's in broome Co. My grandfather, Edwin Milo Gardner was b. 26 april 1902 in Sanitaria Springs. His father's name was Alfred Milo Gardner b. 5 Nov 1872,at this point I don't know where. I'm not sure of his wife's name: Eva Martin or Eva Barber

NAME: Linda Call




I am interested in the Henry GARRISON family that were living in or near Afton ca 1865. Henry was a mason by trade and I believe he worked out of Ninevah. Henry was born 19 Dec 1807 Dutchess co. NY. Possible parents were John GARRISON and Betsy HOUK. He married Anna/Amy/Emma BURHOUSE/ BURHAUNT in 1828. Their children were: Delia (1829), Amelia(1831), Lucy (1834), Nancy (1836), Anthony (1838), Julia (1840), Goldsbury (1842), Edwin (1845), Ebenezer (1847), Betsy (1849), Henry (1851), Riley (1854), and Clarissa (1856). Sons, Goldsbury and Edwin, served with the NY 8th Cavalry from Chenango co. during the Civil War. Any and all information and help will be most appreciated. Thank you.

NAME: Audrey Ulm


Letter H


The family name I am researching is Haggerty. My G Grandfather Michael Haggerty bought a farm on Gorman Road in Kirkwood in 1863. He was married to Mary Grace who also had family in the area. He purchased more property in 1865 and finally a last parcel in 1867 from Dennis Haggerty. I believe he had a brother John who also was close by. Michael and Mary had five children. Michael died in 1905, age 71 and Mary died 1901,age 67? My grandfather John moved to Chicago in the 1890's. Nora married George Hastings. Tom Haggerty stayed on and ran the farms till he died in 1919 and never married. The other two children, Michael died early in life and Hannah died in 1918 age 50. Any help would be appreciated

NAME: Tom Haggerty



In 1845 George W. Hanford and Jane Phillips were married in Deposit. Both are buried in Walton. I can go up to today on the Hanford side and back fore several generations. But I know nothing about Jane M Phillips Hanford except that she was born in1820--Where?? and died in St. Charles, Iowa in 1893 and was buried in Walton next to her husband. Who were her parents? Did she have other siblings?

NAME: Ann Hopkins



Have you any info on a revolutionary war solder by the name of HARDY who served with the sullivan campaign,settled around 1780's near present day broome co. airport, opend a trading post near the present day hardy road of maine

NAME: John Woollett



I am grasping for straws. I found the name Judge George Harper in the "History of Broome County, New York", it also mentions his son named Oliver. My ggg-grandfather was also named Oliver and he named his first son George Clark. My Oliver was born between 1780 and 1796 not sure where. I have hit a brick wall with him. George was born in 1825 in Duplin, NC. Does anyone have any information on Judge Harper or his descendants?

NAME: Anne Harper



Evan Harris was born 1795 in Massachusetts and his wife was Polly and in the 1850 census of Broome Co. NY. Think he is my great-great-grandfather but do not know where to go from there for more info. Can you help with any ideas. Lived in Town of Chenango at that time.

NAME: Margaret Harris



I would marriage license info (if existing) for Hennigan, Kathy Ann.

NAME: Peter White



Looking for information on James HOGG family. He married Judith TUCKEY bet 1840 & 1843. They lived in Maine, Broome Co. and eventually moved to town of Union (Choconut Center). James died in 1877. Would like to find info on when/where Judith died and info on children: Robert David b 1843; James G b 1846; Mary E b 1848; John O b 1851/52 and any other children they might have had. James was born Sep 3, 1813 in Ettrick, Scotland and Judith was born 1813 in Northampton, England. Have info to share. Sandy

NAME: Sandy Goodspeed



I am trying to locate the family Bible of my grandfather, Seymour Horton. It was last in the posession of my Uncle Leland Horton's second wife in Binghamton who disposed of it by some means before her death

NAME: Richard E. Elden



I am looking for the descendents of an Edith Houghtailing--born ca. 1900-1910-who lived on Conklin Ave., Binghamton, N.Y. Apparently she went to Long Island, during WW1 for a short time. I have pictures of her, with my mother, and would like to discover if she was, or knew anyone in Frances Woolheater's family. Also, have pictures of a Bobbie BROWNE, as a baby, and small child, He probably was born in ther 1910's or later, Having reached an impasse on my mother's line I am grasping at straws. Have pictures of Edna Waterman & brother, Hilda Moths, (a young lady in 1938), Esther BARNEY, from Oneonto, N. Y.& M. HATHELD, a young lady, in 1917 who also lived on Conklin Ave., Binghamton, N.Y.. My mother was a teenager when her family moved to Texas around 1910, or 1915. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated, Her mother was a WILLIAMS, before marrying my grandfather, Milton WOOLHEATER in 1903.

NAME: Adella Rubenstein

EMAIL: bad address 6/17/15


Samuel,Seth,Daniel,David,Elijah,Absolum HOYT of Lisle, NY - I am trying to locate more information on the above mentioned males. They were located in Lisle, Broome County,NY in 1820,1825,1830 census. All of them seemed to have moved to other locations after this. I descend from David HOYT who married Betsy FRANKLIN and moved to Mercer Co, PA in 1837. He was born in 1795 in NY. I suspect his father is Daniel mentioned above but I am not sure. Can anyone identify the other individuals, all likely came from New York or New England prior to arrival in Broome County

NAME: Kevin Stiles


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Researching the surnames of Komanowski in Broome coounty. Nicholas Komanowski was born 10 December 1895 and died 12 June 1962. Would like to hear from anyone knowing of this family.

NAME: Dixie


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Letter M


I'm searching for anyone connected to any of these names from Binghamton, NY and the surrounding area: McGoff, McGough, Neylon, Norton, Woods, Wood, Crogan, Conlon, Ryan, Hehir, Canny, Sullivan, Keefe, Sheeran. I have a large database of info and hope that we can make a connection. I have a website at website not found 6/17/15. Please take a look!

NAME: Michelle McGoff



Looking for burial information on Daniel Mersereau, died 1804, and Cornelia Vanderbilt Mersereau died abt 1810 in Vestal, N.Y.

NAME: Geraldine Allen



I'm trying to find information on William F Moore born 1878 in Chemung County and lived to about 1954.He lived in Johnson City.His wifes name was Della and he had 2 children Pearl and Harry Moore. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

NAME: Gratt Quinter



Seeking information on Family of Solomon and Submit Moore who moved to Chenango Point 1789. I have much data but it has some holes. Allied lines were Murdock, Chamberlain, Park, Harnden, Atwood

NAME: Sue Moore



I have been trying to research my maternal grandfather, Marcus Mosher of Town of Union. My father's name was Linn(Lynn) D. Spangenberg, born on 10/01/1899 and my mom was Edith Mosher Spangenberg, born on 05/07/1908. If anyone should have any information on him, please let me know..

NAME: Janice Strong


Letter N


I am looking for any information on Walter Neff, married to Violetta Knapp (most likely in Deposit, NY) in the mid-late 1800's. Specifically, his DOB, marriage date, parents' names and any siblings he may have had. He was my paternal great great grandfather.

NAME: Cherie Newell



In my grandfathers obituary dated November 26 1946 his brother Anthony Niemiec was living in Whitney Point, New York. Anthony was probably born in Poland in the 1870's. I am looking for a death date/record or an obituary. Was he ever married and did he have any children? Thank You.

NAME: Michael Fryzel


Letter O

Letter P


I am looking for the family of Wilbur Lewis Parker. He was from Broome County the Binghampton area. He remarried and lived in Marion County, Wv. His marriage certificate states that he was widowed and from Binghampton New York, If anyone out there can be of any help please let me know.

NAME: Brenda



Robert S. Parker, 3rd N.Y. Cavalry, Broome, CO. NY -- I believe this trooper became the units Sutler after being discharged due to disability in Washington, DC, Nov. 1861. Need more info. Thanks.

NAME: Darryl L. Bowers




Looking for relatives of Lemuel Parker m. Dorcus Spencer 1810 Children -William, Uriel, Richard, Mary Jane, Surnames -West, Hogg, Temple ,Page, Graves, Hurd, Morse, Griffin

NAME: Parksix



I could use some help finding information on Nancy Patchen b.9,June 1827 d. 21,Aug.1913. She married George Rhodes and they had a farm in E. Maine area.I know their buried in the E. Maine cemetery.If you can help me,Thank You..

NAME: James Cummings



Asa Perkins and Harriett Doolittle were married and lived for a while in Broome Co. Asa would have been born possibly 1821 or so. Am trying to find his parentage and dates. His son Franklin Gordon Perkins was born there on June 4,1851. We don't have any more info. Any help would be appreciated.

NAME: Sharon Smith



My grandmother's name was Agnes Ellen PERKINS. She was born 7 May 1892 and was born in NY. Her father was Julius PERKINS and her mother was Jenny PERKINS. She married my grandfather Arthur Chester STILES. He was born 28 Mar 1895 in Binghamton, Broome, NY. His father was Stephen H. Stiles and his mother was Fannie Myrtie Chattee. I am just starting out in genealogy and this is all the information I have on these people.

NAME: Sandy Relyea


Letter Q

Letter R


I am searching for information regarding the parents or siblings of my great-grandparents, Lillian M. Reynolds, (b. 1887, Binghamton) and her husband, Harry E. Hummel, (b. 1885, Philadelphia) Lillian and Harry had three children, two of whom were Charles Leonard (b. 31 Dec 1912), and May (birthdate unknown). Lillian and Harry died ca. 1947-1951. Any help would be greatly appreciated

NAME: Cynthia Coyne



I am searching for any information on Rittenburg family.

NAME: Paula Radant



Looking for information on the Rittenburg family from Chenanago Forks, NY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

NAME: Gloria



I have a D.L. ROBBINS (probably David) born in Broome County July 14, 1848, son of Allan Robbins and Hannah ROCKWELL. He was educated at the Academy at Whitney's Point, NY and in 1877 located at Larrabee where he taught school and was a book-keeper. He married Jennie McMann Tyler of Larrabee in 1884 and moved to Eldred PA in 1888. While I am not looking specifically for D.L. Robbins, I'm wondering if he could have had a brother named Albert Truman Robbins. If anyone knows anything about D.L.'s parents - Allan and Hannah Robbins - please email.

NAME: Jeanne Robbins Peterson



I am looking for information on Allen and Hannah Robbins. They were in Broome County on the 1850 Census. Their one son was named Frank. He was age 5 in 1850. I am searching for a Frank Daniel Robbins born approximately 1847 in New York. Has anyone heard of this family. My Frank Daniel Robbins married a Hannah Nolan and he died in Omaha NE in 1895. His son Frank Robbins was born in Chicago Ill. in 1883 and also died in Omaha Ne in 1929.

NAME: Barbara Robbins Damewood



I am looking for anyone with the surname RUSTINE, or a connection to that name. I believe the NY Rustine's and the PA Rustine's are of the same family and came from Broome county in NY.

NAME: Kay Martz Knoblach


Letter S


I have been trying to search past my grandfather Simeon Spangenberg and my grandmother Hattie Gibbs Spangenberg. they were listed in the Town of Union census in the late 1800s. They were also listed as living in the Town of Binghamton about that time or the early 1900s.

NAME: Janice Strong



Seeking information of Hugo Sperl. Served in WW1, Musician.

NAME: David Olmstead



Looking for Birth Record and Marriage Record of Arthur E. Spring (my Father). Date of Birth Feb 11 or 12 1875. Any help appreciated.

NAME: Papaspring



I'm researching the father of JOHN SPRINGSTEEN. John was b. 1810. d. 31 Dec.1917. Married to SALLY WINCHELL. John was with Co.1, NY Calvary, Civil War.

NAME: Chris


Letter T


Hannah Terwilliger, dau. of Wyntje Freer & Stephanus Terwilliger, was b. in Broome on 18 Dec., 1801. She m. Daniel Metcalf and I am trying to give him a birth date. The yr. was 1795 or 96. Are other Metcalfs or Terwilligers working on this couple?

NAME: Antoinette Vawter



William Vivian Todd: b. 9 Oct 1877, Triangle, Broome, New York d. 23 Sept. 1945 St. Francis, Cheyenne, Kansas. William's Father; Adelbert Todd: b. Dec 1842, Cortland, New York d. 16 Oct 1922, Hampton, Va Soldiers Home. Adelbert's Wife: Mary Ferguson: b. Sept. 1849, New York state d. 1902, Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon. William had two brothers: Frank and Fred. Anyone aware of this Todd family?

NAME: Jim Todd



Would like to contact descendants of Junius F. Tozer b 1824 d l898 Binghampton, Broome Co., New York. His wife was Lucy ... Children: Robert E., Bert, Cora m Alfred Pope, Sarah m Joseph Blaine.

NAME: Betty Sharp


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Looking for info on Thelma (Denton?) Walter--DOB (1917?), married Frank E. Walter (date?), died (1966?).

NAME: Mike



I am lookin for Able Webb. His wife was Cinderella Griffith, Apx. date is 1860.

NAME: Susan Walker



Trying to connect my Webb family back to Conn. G.father William, G.Gr. father Samuel, his dad David. Family lived in Union, Maine, Triangle, Greene etc. Any help would be appreciated..

NAME: Marsha Lavin


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