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Harold Barrer Wed Aug 28 14:55:23 1996
I'm looking for any data on the surname: BARRER

Paul Gimness Thu Sep 5 19:26:03 1996
I am looking for information regarding the early historical roots of my family in New York State. They moved to Washington state in the 1950's and ties and records have been lost. The first name is my grandfather whose father is Oscar Northway-Meyer. I am seeking information on his wife and parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

E Booth Sun Sep 15 10:17:07 1996
I am looking for record of my great-great grandfather. Born C.1866 in the NY, NJ, PA area. Specifically I am interested in his place of birth and father's name and place of birth. His name is Harry Booth, he was married in hasta County, CA, in 1896, and this is all I know about him. Thank you. I look forward to a reply.

Richard Austin Mon Sep 16 20:25:41 1996
I am searching for information on Russel Austin who lived in Damascus, NY in the mid-1800"s. His wife was Chloe Hine and their children were George, Julia, Nelson B., and Willard. I would especially like to know who Russel's ancestors were, where they lived, etc.

Harry Cuneaz Thu Sep 26 15:38:36 1996
Trying to find information on Henry Cuneaz or Nicholas Cuneaz.

Linda Wheat Thu Oct 3 14:07:30 1996 - bad email address 6/21/15
I am looking for information on Roger GROOM and wife Bridget CAVANAUGH as to marriage in 1856 in Broome Co.NY and obituary on Roger GROOM died, Nov. 9,1890 in Binghamton, Broome Co, NY Any information is helpful. Thank-you,

TIM MCKERROW Sun Oct 27 17:18:06 1996
am seeking information regarding frank burns/mary hazel residing in the deer park/greenlawn area,long island N.Y. early 1900's. had daughter: ruth elizabeth burns or hazel born 6/20/1909. any info greatly appreciated.

Valerie Lovelace Wed Oct 30 06:55:24 1996
BEEBE Family information: Seeking ancestry/descendant information for Charles William Beebe (1877-1962), developer of the Bathyshpere. Charles was born in Brooklyn NY and was educated at Columbia University. My mother, Evelyn Beebe Lovelace, is related in some fashion to Charles (so the family story goes). My mother is the great-granddaughter of William A. Beebe (1833-1904), Granddaughter of John David Beebe (1866-1933), Daughter of Raymond Beebe (1901-1972). William and John born in Illinois (Henderson, it is believed). William and John passed away in Kingfisher County, OK. Raymond passed away in Kansas.

Martin Jensen Fri Nov 1 21:04:16 1996
I am Looking for information on a Katherine P. Miller born to an Isaac Miller and Sophia ? on the date of 1829 , Died on 3 jun 1894. If any one has info please let me know. She was married to a Joel I Benson: born on 13 july 1826 Broom Co, N.Y.

ken foley Wed Nov 6 16:25:16 1996
beginning research on the williams family Chatham or Chatam New York Daisy Cronk-Married Phillip Williams moved to New York City about 1910 or so-Daisy had 9 children-Believe PHillip was a mechanic in army guard in NEw York City-They had Three girls that I know of and 5 boys Daisy sister Ruth married and lived in Scarsdale NY This is my mothers side of the family her name was ruth kate williams- married Edward J. Foley 1945 New York City-Any help in this would be appreciated-

Bob Nosworthy Wed Jan 1 07:42:33 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
Doing family history research. NYC, Bronxville, Bronx, Scarsdale...

Betty Snow Thu Jan 2 05:48:33 1997
I am trying to learn more about my gg-grandfather. I live where there is no FHC. I would appreciate 1850 census/index information and anything else that would help me document the 10-20 years this family spent in New York. George SCHMIDT/SMITH (He or descendants later Americanized it to Smith.) b. 23 Dec 1820 (calculated), Germany. Immigration info not known. He married Sarah MEAL/MEAD/MILLER 75 (16 Aug 1819 (calc) -25 May 1895, Leighton Twp, Allegan Co, MI), daughter of Jacob Meal and A.V. Meal (could have been MEAD -- handwriting -- and may have been Americanized to MILLER -- from Germany and later of Leighton Twp, Allegan Co. Whether George and Sarah were m in Germany or NY is not known, but probably this was in NY about 1840. George and Sarah lived in New York state after immigrating from Germany, either singly or together. They moved to Canada some time after their daughter Lizzie was born in Jan 1854. Children born in New York are: I. Sarah SMITH/SCHMIDT b 10 Dec 1844, Syracuse, ? NY II. George SMITH/SCHMIDT 80 b @1848, Rome, ? NY III. Catherine ("Kate") SMITH/SCHMIDT b 11 August 1850, NY IV. Mary SMITH/SCHMIDT b 14 Aug 1852, Rochester ?, Seneca Co ?, NY V. Elizabeth Forbes b "Lizzie") SMITH/SCHMIDT (1 Jan 1854, Seneca Co, NY

HENRY F. SLICER, JR. Thu Jan 2 08:42:08 1997

Debra Saylor Thu Jan 2 09:35:37 1997
Looking for information on Mary A. WHEELER b. 1816 NY. Moved to TN by 1833.

jack Thu Jan 2 23:45:16 1997
aany info about sharkey's would be greatly appreciated

Julia Walker Ritterbush Fri Jan 3 15:00:37 1997
Need ancestry of Elihu LEWIS b. 1772, who married c.1801, Martha (Van)TILBURY of Union, Broome Co. They were living in Tompkins Co, NY in 1810. Their children were Abraham, Richard, William, Eli, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Melissa, and Jemima. All of this family had moved from NY to MI by 1821. The MI 1850 Census says that Elihu was born in MA. He died in Kent Co. MI in 1853.

Gervais Louise Fri Jan 3 18:47:49 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
All Charlebois informations will be welcome.

JHOHNDORF Sat Jan 4 11:07:22 1997
Looking for CAROLINE (Catlyntje) SPOOR b. ca 1770 in or near Claverack NY married ca 1790 JACOB ESSELSTYNE d. ca 1805. There is another Catlyntje Spoor married about that time, but claimed by others.

dmartin Mon Jan 6 19:09:06 1997
looking for any information on the Richard Close family

Jerry Putnam Thu Jan 9 09:25:26 1997
I am looking for any information on Eli Putnam, born 10 Jun 1797 and died on 29 May 1845. I am not sure were he died but have been told it was somewhere in New York State. I know that his wife Lucy, and son Daniel Webster Putnam moved to New Berlin in 1847. Daniel Webster married a girl from New Berlin by the name of Mary Jane Hudson and had 5 children. He was killed during the Civil War in 1863. If anyone can provide any information on Eli Putnam I would greatly appreciate it. I have more information on the Putnam Family that I will be glad to share with anyone.

Carl Washburn Tue Jan 7 19:24:55 1997
I am looking for any information regarding Isaiah or Josiah WASHBURN. Josiah apparently came from the Delaware Valley (?vague description as to where this is) to Tioga Co., PA. Isaiah, who I believe is Josiah's father was found in the 1840 and 1850 census of Windham Township, Bradford County, PA. I have yet to find any other reference to an Isaiah WASHBURN. Any information on the descendents or movements of either Josiah or Isaiah WASHBURN would be greatly appreciated.

Amy Gaffney Wed Jan 8 14:34:06 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
I am looking for the names of Lymon Bowers' parents and/or ancestors. He was born in New York in 1802. I do not know which county.

Lorie Begin Sat Jan 11 09:00:12 1997 - bad address 6/23/15
Looking for marriage record and births of children of Thomas Squires and Elizabeth Pratten in Long Island New York in the early 1800's. Apparently they were from Yorkshire, England. They had at least 5 children, mostly girls. They moved from Essex County, Ontario, where they were both buried.

D. Fleming Sat Jan 11 18:40:03 1997
Would like to correspond with anyone doing research on Pickard family in New York.

Joan Wieser Sun Jan 12 21:20:41 1997 bad address 6/23/15
HELP!!! Am tracing Irish ancestor, Roger DONAHUE. Oral family history says he came to U.S. shortly after his sister. Managed to track sister, Margaret Donahue BOLAND, also found obit for husband, Thomas, who was prominent attorney in Iowa. Also lucked out finding living g granddaughter of Thomas and Margaret and spoke with her via telephone. She said Roger followed in same footsteps as the Bolands. With the help of a very detailed obit for Thomas Boland I am beginning the search with some clues. First, he worked in a sugar factory in New York (did not say if city or state) around 1866. Also am looking for history of 69th New York Infantry from the Civil War, supposedly in Battle of Bull Run. Thomas Boland was attached to this unit. Anybody that has any ideas on a starting point can e-mail me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Peggy Eutemark Smith Tue Jan 14 18:33:40 1997
Need parents of MARGARETT HELEN ROWLEY b.May 1855 m.1871 d.1940 and her brother LOREN ALAN ROWLEY m.about 1885 d.1918 and buried in Broadalbin. MARGARETT was known as ELLA and her spouse was SYLVESTER SYLVENUS MOORE known as VENE b.April 1850. Most of their married life was spent in Gloversville at 44 Maple Avenue which they shared with ESTHER WICKS ( I believe she was a MOORE). Would greatly appreciate any information about any of these relatives or their parents. MARION ROWLEY, only child of LOREN ALAN ROWLEY told me her parents were from Edmeston originally and that LOREN ALAN met his wife IDA BELLE LAUNT/LONT while they were both working at the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church in Broadalbin.

Kathleen Clark Mon Jan 13 11:26:04 1997 bad address 6/21/15
Looking for William Hyde Clark, born somewhere in New York in 1836. Would like to know where, if possible, also names of his parents, or any siblings?

Robin Palmatier Gornell Fri Jan 17 16:47:53 1997 - bad address 6/21/15
I am researching the PALMATIER genealogy. My great-grandfather, GEORGE PALMATIER and his wife, ROSETTA BARTLETT moved to Walton in abt. 1903. His parents were HARMON and MARY J. (BENTON) PALMATIER. Rosetta's parents were ERASTUS and NANCY BARTLETT. I have a photo of George and Rosetta in front of their "new" house at 288 Front St. I also have photos of George in his grocery store on Delaware St. and Prospect Ave. I would appreciate any information on the PALMATIERs, BENTONs, or BARTLETTs; the information I have makes it appear the PALMATIERs dropped into Delaware County out of nowhere. I believe George and Rosetta moved to Walton from Sidney Center (Central) where they were married. My grandfather, EARL PALMATIER moved to Buffalo where my father, ROBERT and I were born and raised. Also have descendants EZRA PALMATIER and HARMON PALMATIER who were possibly in the 144th NY Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. ANY INFO IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Estella Wheaton Mulligan Sat Jan 18 07:40:40 1997
WHEATON FAMILY SEARCH. Albany County back to 1757. At one time in Westerlo, Albany County. William Samuel Wheaton, 1757 relatives. Include Rufus Wheaton (Elizabeth Wilson), Samuel Wilson Wheaton (Betsy Mallory), Ambrose H. Wheaton (Susan Merrick). Their relatives moved west from Albany County to Potter County, Pennsylvania and to Wheeler in Steuben County, NY.

Ralph E Stipo Sat Jan 18 12:46:24 1997
Searching the surname STIPO. Anyone with any info please contact

Ron Steffan Sat Jan 18 17:51:35 1997
BARITEAU anyone 1660-now I am compiling one-name study on this family other major spelling is Barito sometimes goes by alternate name of Lamarche

Connie Wallace Perdue Sun Jan 19 19:26:31 1997
I am looking for the parents of William R. JOHNSON who was born August 18, 1848 in New York per the 1880 Texas census. He was married April 30, 1878 to Janie B. GRIFFIN in Gregg County, Texas. He died October 29, 1891 in Smith County, Texas. On the 1880 census William was living with Dan CRATSENBERG who was also from New York. If anyone has any clues to his parents or where in New York he was from, I would greatly appreciate the information.

janet baker Sun Jan 19 19:59:23 1997
Looking for birth information on John J. Slightam (slightom, slightham) born about 1835 in Binghamton, Broome co., NY

janet baker Sun Jan 19 20:02:58 1997
Looking for William and Mary Ann Slightam (Slightom, Slightham) who resided in Binghamton, Broome Co., NY in the 1830's. They were probably members of the Episcopal Church. They had a son, John J. Slightam born about 1835.

Sandy Nye Mon Jan 20 14:56:17 1997
SAWTELL(E), John settled in Port Dickinson in 1787. Will probated 30DEC1815 mentions sons Luther (16APR1779-7AUG1814), Calvin, Benjamin, Edmund, and Levi daughters Lydia, Anna and Minney, wife Susannah. I would appreciate any information on this family especially John Sawtell who is supposed to have been part of the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill. His son Luther married Catherine BEVIER. (23JAN1782-19JAN1853) on 22JAN1799 and was an officer in the New York Third Regiment (Tioga and Broome County) at time of his death.

Marcus Dolengo Mon Jan 20 16:30:30 1997
Searching for information on Joseph Francis Dolengo, born January 1933. 2 brothers, Frederick and Robert and a sister named Bernice. Father's name was Joseph and Mother's name was Bridgett.

Raymond H. Brooks Mon Jan 20 11:57:22 1997
Looking for information on SAMUEL BAKEMAN,born about 1775, He was thought to have been born in Boston,Massachusetts,and he also had a son known as SAMUEL BATEMAN JR.who may have resided in Albany, Ny from 1820 -1840. They were people of color. And since his name was sometimes spelled Bakman or Beekman, He could have been mixed with Dutch. There was also a GEORGE and RICHARD BAKEMAN in the family. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you.Raymond H.Brooks

Merry Lloyd Tue Jan 21 17:36:57 1997
Am looking for my Clark family in New York State. Henry was born ca. 1814 in New York State. He died 5 February, 1851 at Rushford, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin; married Isabella McClelland. He was the son of Elisha Clark & Emeline ?. Elisha was born ca. 1796 in New York and died in Wisconsin. At the time he wrote his will he had seven children still living. Emeline may or may not be the mother of his children. She left Wisconsin after his death and possibly returned to New York to be with other children. If I could even find a county for this family it would help. Any help much appreciated.

GEORGE BRUNELL Wed Jan 22 11:41:06 1997

Pat Salisbury Tue Jan 21 16:40:03 1997
I am looking for information on the SALISBURY family. I know that they setle in New York at one time or another. They may even have come into this country through New York, (not sure of this), but I know that they spent some time in New York. Is there, or was there, such a place as Norway and/or Russia New York? I have some family information that tells me that they spent some time in these two cities. They were there in the early 1700's and 1800's. Can aanyone help me? I am sure that they were all related for one of the family members, when he died had well over one hundred ggggrandchildren, or so the article I have said. Some of the names that I am looking for are: Ackland Nathaniel, Matilda, William, Richard and I could go one forever for they must have had to have had every name availble to name all the descendants that there are to this family name. These people were Statesmen, farmers. cheese buyers and educators. Has anyone ever heard or know about a district of yore known as Dairy Hill? My family owned a farm in that District. Some of my family fought in the War of 1812 from New York. Some fought with Great Britian. I think that they came here from England or Wales. Please see if you might be able to help me. I also know that they lived in a town called Fairfield. I do not know what counties any of these places are in.

Dianne Piepkow Wed Jan 22 14:41:12 1997
I am searching for information on a Charlotte NEWELL who married a Rev. James Sweet and moved to Dodge County in Wisconsin. I know that one of her daughters, Belinda Ann Sweet was born in 1834 in New Hartford, Oneida County New York. I would like to trace the parentage of Charlotte and if she had any siblings. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Charles Boetsch Wed Jan 22 14:44:01 1997
Seeking ancestry of James D. CAMPBELL (a.k.a. Cambell), born December 1815 or January 1816 in New York State. According to 1880 U.S. Census, his mother was born in Scotland, his father in Massachusetts. Was in Stephenson County, Illinois by 1864, maybe earlier.

Bill Colgrove Thu Jan 23 09:13:30 1997
I am searching for Inez M. Jenkins, would be in her mid ninetys if she is still alive. Last know area of existence was New York City or one of the bourroghs. She had a daughter born on July 25, 1927, this daughter rode the Orphan Train. I am also looking for George Phillips (Philips) and Edith Moyer both would have lived in the area of Williamsport Pa. Edith would have given birth to a daughter in that area on Sept. 21, 1945. There was mention of a connection to the Florence Crillenton Home for Unwed Mothers. I can't seem to locate her in Pa. so I will try NY. Thank you and Good Luck to all the SEARCHERS.

Susan Pawley Thu Jan 23 14:45:17 1997
CHURCH, GREENE, VAN VLACK Surnames. Researching in Greene County primarily and specifically Athens NY. Also researching these names in rest of the state. Would like to share info with others researching the same.

Barbara Zahn Sat Jan 25 07:51:46 1997 - bad address 6/21/15
I am searching for information about Robert Tompkins. Robert was born in New York and moved to Canada sometime prior to 1848. Robert met and m. Estella (last name unknown) in Canada. My great grandfather Alexander Nathan Tompkins was b. 8/12/1848 in Canada. By 1877 they were in Michigan where he met and m. Martha Engle d. of Adolf Engle and Velinda Scadden. If anyone thinks they can connect with either Robert of Alex Tompkins I would be very grateful. Alex left no male heirs to carry the name beyond himself.

Mark A. Young Sat Jan 25 10:51:57 1997
Searching for the parents of Abraham M. Young, son of a Hessian/Prussian father and a Scottish mother. He was born in New York State in 1801 in the Mohawk Valley region. One of his sons (John) fought and died in the Civil War (1864). The surname 'Young' may have been 'JUNG' before being anglicized.

Michael Turner Fri Jan 24 09:44:34 1997
Looking for members of the Turner family. Orville Turner (abt 1812 NY) married Laura Jane Covert (abt 1823 NY). Relocated to Huron county Ohio abt 1835/1840.

alicia yates Fri Jan 24 10:22:04 1997

Vincent Nolan Sat Jan 25 13:03:31 1997 - bad address 6/21/15
Query for surname NOLAN. Locations may concentrate around NYC.

Robert Stedwill Sun Jan 26 14:52:44 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
My brother and I are looking for any reference to the name Stedwill in New York state geneological records, as it would appear that there are very few of us. We live in Canada and are aware of ourselves, my sone, and one Roland Stedwill who lives in Toledo, Ohio. Surfing the net I found a reference to Stedwill, however, was aunable to track it down. Appreciate your help.

Monica Bamford Sun Jan 26 15:51:55 1997
Trying to find information on Herbert Henry Bye, born c. 1859 in Soham, Cambs., England. Parents were William and Sarah Hutchings Bye. H.H. Bye probably came to the US about 1875. He was said to have been a cathedral artist in NYC. H.H. could not be found when his father died in 1900, and by the time his mother died in 1905, the family assumed him dead. Have found no information whatsoever on this man so far.

Mark Wm. Jay Sun Jan 26 23:46:58 1997
I am tracing the Jay Family; trying to get beyond Wiiliam Stewart Jay, Born May 24, 1824 in Elmira, NY. Died 1913 in Minnesota. Below is home page with more info., we have been told his father might have been Andrew Jay. If you have any info. please contact me.

Therese Tinklepaugh Tue Jan 28 04:59:06 1997
HELP! Looking for any information on Simon TINKLEPAUGH. Possibly born in Pennsylvania, lived in Elmira, NY. Had a daughter named Ethel R. TINKLEPAUGH-born around 1885- who married a PHILO. Trying to find ANY connection to Simon's family(has one known brother- Eugene).

Kate Hinds Wed Jan 29 07:50:03 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
I am looking for any reference to a Don (Donald) Hinds in NY state from the early 1800s on. He was married to Bertha Sunday (or Sundroff) of Arkwright, NY (in Chautauqua County) in the early 1900s. Also has anyone ever heard of a Schuyler Lake, NY? (This is one possible location given for Don Hinds' place of birth.) Any information (no matter how vague) would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at

Joyce Shutts Thu Jan 30 10:11:09 1997
I am researching my Horton ancestry which I have traced back to Thomas Horton, born 1781 in Orange County, N.Y. I am looking to buy a book entitled "Hortons in America," published in 1929 by Sherman Printing & Binding Co., Seattle Wash. The authors are Herson D. & Adaline Horton White, and it appears to have 7 generations back from around 1929 into England. Can anyone help? Thank you.

MaryJane Petersen Thu Jan 30 18:43:28 1997
I am looking for a Charles Thrasher,born in Ct.1764..I think he may be the father to my 3rd great-grandfather Charles Thrasher,born abt 1794 in Ct. as well. Charles jr. was married to a woman named Margaret or Melinda Hicks from N.Y. born in the year 1800. They may have met in N.Y. somewhere and married, and moved to the Cincinnatti Ohio area, by the early 1820's..... I am actually looking for any male any county..any where from 1800-1820..who had a male son with the same data as my 3rd ggpaw.

Carla Bodette Thu Jan 30 22:41:43 1997
Looking for info on parents, siblings or any relation to Edward T. BODETTE. Father's name said to be Nelson Bodette. Said to have been born in Trois Rivieres, Canada, however I now find there is a Three Rivers in New York not far from where he is said to have lived in Churchville, New York. Any information this person or this surname in this area or any other area would be most appreciated.

Freda P. Summar Fri Jan 31 15:50:36 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
Any ancestrol info for Jeremiah West, Hannah Warden, Isaac Warden, Susannah Milner, Ashley Green Willoby, Mary Taylor, Eliza Gilpin, John Edward Glover, William Hiler, & Sarah Sally East. I have very few dates, and b. records to go by. Most are prior to 1830.

melanie franco Fri Jan 31 05:43:08 1997
looking for any references regarding the names "Toigo", or "Felicello" originally from italy. any help appreciated.

Elizabeth Hobbs (nee Sinek) - bad email address 7/1/15 - Sat Feb 1 04:56:40 1997
Looking for SINEK. Originally from Czech/Austria.

Thomas Hannen Sat Feb 1 05:01:58 1997
I'm looking for information on Nathaniel Atwell SUTTON. I believe he was born in New York in 1839. He served a 2 year enlistment in the Union Army in the Civil War. I don't have much more and need a lot of help. He married Mary MCADAM

Rich Nichols Tue Feb 4 09:00:33 1997
Patrick WYNNE, resided in Norwich on 1880 census. His occupation was supervisor for Erie & Lackawanna RR.He is listed on the 1888 city directory. Cannot find a death record. Rich Nichols

Laura McGurk Sun Feb 9 10:03:26 1997
Looking for Daniel CAVANAUGH, who was the father of Timothy CAVANAUGH. Daniel would have been born prior to 1800, as he is supposed to have served in the War of 1812. Thought to have been from the BRONX?? The family moved to Southeastern Ohio.

Tom Thompson Sun Feb 9 17:13:04 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
Searching into the Thompson line, statring with my dad, Thomas Arthur Thompson b. 1903; he moved to Brooklyn circa 1921. His father was Arhtur Robert Thompson b.circa 1870-1880 Rumor has it the church with all birth and marriage records burned down. Arthur Thomspon had a chain of hotels, one named the "Dew Drop Inn." Does anyone there in Binghamton recognize this Thompson name? Arthur married Bridgette Brennan. Her brother was Cornelius Brennan. Anyone recognize the Brennan name there in Binghampton?

Brian Crotteau Tue Feb 11 11:48:10 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
1. Sally H. Lathrop b 11 JUL 1809 Columbia County New York 2. Daniel Phillip Gressley b 10 APR 1837 New York State 3. E. Wilcox b ~1800 New York State 4. Charles P. Higby b 2 APR 1837 New York State

Mike Martyn Thu Feb 13 14:07:31 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
I have much information on early BAXTERs and more recent BAXTERs. In the middle I'm not convinced the two ends connect. I'm looking for DALLAS LEANDER BAXTER's father and mother. DALLAS married SARAH ANN PURDY (I have the original marriage certificate). I have many other names also. I'd love to share. My mother was Rose Baxter, d of Wade Purdy Baxter.

Michelle Nelson Fri Feb 14 21:53:57 1997
Hannah Younglove married to a John Nelson(dob,abt 1718). The Nelsons were from the South western Vt area. Another decendent of this couple: Holden Nelson (1822dob)married Ruth Johnson and had 5 known children.Known to be in Hebron, 1860 census. Seeking any information

vickie sholdes Fri Feb 14 22:34:45 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
I am searcing for any information concerning the name"Sholdes" The 1800 census for the newly formed county of Delaware lists William Sholdes as number 14. I have reason to believe this is the link I am searching for. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bonita E. Strope Sat Feb 15 09:17:10 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
I would like to access copies of the 1850s magazine published in Owego, NY entitled, "St. Nicholas." I am especially interested in the articles by Judge Charles P. Avery about Susquehanna Valley Indian and pioneer history. Where can I find copies of this magazine? I am also searching for the ancestors of LaFayette Strope's wife, Minnie Bennett of Towanda and Montrose, PA and later of Newark Valley and Apalachin (now Ross Corners), NY. Her father's name was Elmer R. or E. Bennett and her mother's name was Emma (maiden name probably Robinson/Robison or else Van Tulye/Tuyl/Tyle/Tile/Lite!) of the Towanda, Monroeton area of Bradford County, PA. LaFayette Strope is a descendant of "Big John" of Wysox, PA.

Steve Cuddy Sun Feb 16 07:25:47 1997
Looking for information on ggparents. John Joseph Cuddy dob 1850 Ireland, dob 1892 NY/NJ? Ellen (McCabe) Cuddy dob 1852 Ireland dod 1902 NY/NJ? children... George dob 1881, Nellie dob 1882, Joseph dob 1886. all born either NY/NJ? Only known relative is Josephine Cuddy, approximate 85 years lived in Ocean City NJ possibly now living with her daughter Murial Reeves in Teaneck NJ.

Jesse Moore Wed Feb 19 02:59:50 1997
I am searching for information on Charles HOOK (HUCK) and Grace Ruth SWAN who were married in 1898 in Sullivan County, New York. The couple moved to Morehead, Rowan County, Kentucky in 1905. The couple had at least one child, Ellen Virginia HOOK (HUCK), who was born 28 August 1910 in Morehead, Kentucky. Grace Ruth, Ellen's mother, died 3 weeks after giving birth to Ellen, at which time Charles took Ellen back to New York and left her there in the custody of his sister who lived in Binghamton, New York. Charles HOOK (HUCK) then returned to Morehead, Kentucky and nothing else is known of him. If you know of this family, please e-mail me at I am trying to help an elderly gentleman find out this, his family.

Linda Dolby Thu Feb 20 10:51:11 1997
Writing a JUDSON history; wish to exchange data with anyone researching the JUDSON surname.

Emily Raemore Sat Feb 1 23:28:42 1997 - bad email address 6/21/15
Looking for former surname, firstname Joseph, born 4-14-1826, in or near Plattsburgh. Had older brother and sisters. Ran away from home in 1829. Parents were French; Joseph spoke French. Joseph married prior to 1864 to a PA woman. Shows up in Lycoming Co. 1870 census, married with a small son; worked in lumbering. He then changed his surname (from whatever he was born as) to Ramer/Reamore/Raymore/Raemore. (Family name is Raemore now.) Tradition says he was born as Duclos, Baliou (or other spelling), or Grossjean. This man is confusing, and if anybody can help, I would appreciate it. ANY clues would be helpful. Thank you

Alice Nestor Mon Feb 3 11:21:56 1997
I'm searching for information on David Ambrose dob Nov18, 1880 Elmira, NY. DOD May 1925 Ambridge, PA Only information I have is from his obituary, this is my grandfather. He had a brother Josepeh, 4 sisters- Mrs. Jas. Welsh, Mrs. Paul Hildreth, Katherine Ambrose, Julia Ambrose, and two daughters from a previous marriage, Mrs. Pauline Saulding, and Gertrude Ambrose all of Elmira. His second marriage was to a Effie Shriver(my grandmother) 3 sons, Frank, Richard, Robert all of Ambridge at birth. He died when the boys were young, and they knew nothing of their father,

Manuel Escandon Mon Feb 17 19:52:09 1997
I'm seeking any references to the MEDLAR surname prior to 1800. I'm specially interested in in the possibility that this family might have adopted this surname after having emigrated from the Netherlands in the late 1700's. I have heard several stories about some members of the family having had information about this, including the original Dutch surname. The oldest records we got mention a Zachariah Medlar, circa 1790. Other family stories makes the Medlar family owners of what is today Trinity Church, in lower Manhattan - during the times of the Dutch colony. Unfortunately nobody remembers now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Phil Nixon Tue Feb 18 20:35:30 1997
Need To Locate Deeds of James Phelps 1790 census in Harpersfield, Montogemery Co., NY. He is in Oxford, Chenango Co., NY 1800 census. Has son Alexander who abt 1795 married Catherine Haven daughter of Asa and Mary Mellen Haven. Trying to Identify James by name of wife on the deeds. She is not on Chenango Co. deed. He sold that property to one of his other sons Rufus, Rufus moved to Erie Co., PA with wife Honor, Resided with son Luman in 1850 census. would like to prove his wife is Rebecca Curtis. Have more of Alex's Children info Cyrus of Killawog Broome Co., Ny. Chauncy Of Cincinatus Cortland Co., NY, Looking For spouse For Their Sisters including Rebecca Phelps

Bonita E. Stropec Sat Feb 15 09:17:10 1997 - invalid email address 6/22/15
I would like to access copies of the 1850s magazine published in Owego, NY entitled, "St. Nicholas." I am especially interested in the articles by Judge Charles P. Avery about Susquehanna Valley Indian and pioneer history. Where can I find copies of this magazine? I am also searching for the ancestors of LaFayette Strope's wife, Minnie Bennett of Towanda and Montrose, PA and later of Newark Valley and Apalachin (now Ross Corners), NY. Her father's name was Elmer R. or E. Bennett and her mother's name was Emma (maiden name probably Robinson/Robison or else Van Tulye/Tuyl/Tyle/Tile/Lite!) of the Towanda, Monroeton area of Bradford County, PA. LaFayette Strope is a descendant of "Big John" of Wysox, PA.

Debbie Austin-Wallace Thu Feb 6 08:27:22 1997
I am searching for any information on Henry AUSTIN and wife Lena AUSTIN who according to what little info I have are buried in Binghamton. He is my great grandfather and I have very little info about him. I know that his son, who is my grandfather, Curtis Henry AUSTIN was born in 1903 in Hallstead, PA. I don't have a date of death for Henry. His wife's maiden name was SHOEMAKER. If there are any books out there with lists of names of persons buried in Binghamton cemetaries I would appreciate any info as to where to locate them. Or, if anyone has these books, I would appreciate a lookup for Henry AUSTIN. E-mail Thanks. Debbie Austin

Debbie Austin-Wallace Thu Feb 6 09:27:47 1997
Searching for information on William A. O'DELL and particularly information on his parents. His father was Youngsking or Yaungsking or Youngskiny O'DELL. William was born in 1868 (I have no month or day) according to the info from the funeral parlor that conducted his funeral in CT. It states that he was born in Binghamton. His mother's last name is all that appears on this information sheet and it appears to be GEORGE. If anyone has access to any census info and can help me with information on Younsking O'DELL I would be very grateful. Please e-mail or write to Debbie Austin, P.O. Box 218, McDonald, TN 37353. Thank you.

John R. Garrison Sun Feb 9 11:45:16 1997
Searching for parents of Samuel W. Garrison,born 1796, Orange Co. N.Y. Moved to Colchester, Deleware Co. N.Y. 1823. Could have married Sarah Turner,May,13,1821, Reformed Dutch Church of Fishkill,Dutchess Co. N.Y.Had relatives in Philips, Putnam Co. N.Y.Children:1.Mathew Boyce Garrison, b.1822,Orange Co. N.Y.,2.John Garrison,b.1824, Colchester,Deleware Co.N.Y.m. Elcie Rossman, B. 1829,Green Co.N.Y.,father Peter Rossman,3. Archibald Campbell Garrison, b.5-11-1826, Colchester, m.first,Chloe Sewell,second,Mary Ostrum,4. Isaac Garrison:b. 1829,Colchester, M. Charlotte Fransisco,dau. of John Fransisco,Isaac d. 16-June 1864,near Petersburg,Va. Civil War.5.Ebineron Garrison, b. 1831, Colchester. 6. Amelia Catherine Garrison,b.1833,Colchester, M. Byron Ostrum,6. David Garrison b.5-14-1836,Colchester,m. Jane Ostrum.Family moved to Hancock, Del.Co.near Goulds,Long Eddy, N.Y.Any info on this family will be greatly appreciated. Will be glad to share. Thank you.