Broome County Carman Family

Stephen Simon has submitted his Robert Carman information to the Broome Co. GenWeb Site. Below are links for 2 Family Group Sheets, one for each of his wives. There is also a link to 2 pictures of Robert Carman, taken in the 1860's. One is at a size for convienent screen viewing. The other is 5 times larger, suitable for printing.

Family group sheet with Catherine Foster

Family group sheet with Mariah Ketchum

Screen sized picture of Robert Carman

Printer sized picture of Robert Carman

  Names on Carman Charts  
CARMAN, Robert               Ketchum, Mariah L.
CARMAN, Joseph   Ketchum, Harry
Foster, Catherine   Cole, Eliza
CARMAN, Solomon   Hulburt, George
Mattson, Rachael   CARMAN, Mary L.
CARMAN, Joseph Sanford   Perkins, Byron Curtis
CARMAN, Mary E.   Fox, James
CARMAN, Melinda   Andrews, E. B.
Tucker, George H   Morgan, Ira
CARMAN, Julia A   CARMAN, Hiram Augustus
CARMAN, John H   Winchester, Ella May
CARMAN, Elizabeth   CARMAN, Rosecelia Delephine
Twining, George R   Harper, Alexander Hamilton
CARMAN, Horatio   CARMAN, William
CARMAN, Matilda   Williams, Adelma Phoebe
Bedell, Thomas J.   CARMAN, Gertrude
CARMAN, Sarah Jane   CARMAN, Charles A
CARMAN, George R.   Winchester, Anna Eliza
Hoffman, Christey A.   CARMAN, Albert A.
CARMAN, Horatio   Palmer, Olive M.
      CARMAN, John

Data submitted by Stephen Simon

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