Broome Directory Database

Often, ancestors moved around within a county. Since the census's for Broome County have several reels, it is helpful to identify where they lived. This database attempts to track ancestors through directory listings. The first column is a code to identify the sources, which is listed after the listings.


b01 Binghamton Abbott C.N. shoes, 49 Washington
b01 Binghamton Abbott J. B. & Son (L.S.Abbott) tanner, South
b01 Binghamton Abbott L.S. (J.B.Abbott & Son), South
b02 Binghamton Abbott, C.N. & Sons boots and shoes, 58 Washington
b02 Binghamton Abbott, William H. mail agent, Henry n. Fayette
b02 Binghamton Abel, Artelissa Miss milliner, 75 Hawley
b02 Binghamton Abel, Peter shoemaker, River
b02 Binghamton Able, A.L. Miss dress maker and milliner, 10 Court
b02 Binghamton Academy of Music, A.D. Turner agent, 20 Chenango
b01 Binghamton Academy of Music, Chenango A. D. Turner, Pres.
b02 Binghamton Adams & Mayne founders and machinists, Commercial Ave.
b01 Binghamton Adams J. D. Rev. pastor Methodist Episc Ch.
b02 Binghamton Aldrich, Soloman real estate, 38 Washington
b01 Binghamton Allen Silas (Stack & Allen), 6 South Washington
b02 Binghamton Allen, H.E. deputy collector, 77 Court
b02 Binghamton Allen, John J. veterinary surgeon, Allen n. Chenango
b02 Binghamton Alvord, Dixon & Co. lime, plaster and cement, Canal n. Henry
b01 Binghamton AMERICAN HOTEL Moulter & Brown - Court cor. Water
b01 Binghamton Amsbry & Morris (C.H. Amsbry and O.A. Morris) hats, &e. 30 Court
b01 Binghamton Amsbry C.H. (Amsbry & Morris), 30 Court
b01 Binghamton Anderson & Tremain (J.Anderson and W. Tremain) boot and shoe manufs. Cedar n.Court
b02 Binghamton Anderson & Tremain shoe manufs, 97 and 99 Water
b01 Binghamton Anderson J. (Anderson & Tremain) Cedar near Court
b02 Binghamton Andrews, A.W.K physician, 99 Court
b02 Binghamton Andrews, Alex E. lawyer and recorder, 55 Court
b02 Binghamton Angell, Gilbert S. house and sign painter, 205 Court
b02 Binghamton Armsbry & Morris hats, caps, boots and shoes, 30 Court
b02 Binghamton Armstrong, Albert D. lawyer, Court c. Collier
b02 Binghamton Arnold, C.V. dry goods, Fuller Block, Chenango
b02 Binghamton Arnott, James H. telegraph agent, Depot
b01 Binghamton Ashley Clarence, hardware, 28 Court
b02 Binghamton Avery, A.G. grocer, 109 Court
b01 Binghamton Ayers D. S. (Weed, Ayers & Co.), Commercial sv
b01 Binghamton Ayers Elias undertaker, 96 Washington (ad1)
b02 Binghamton Ayers, E. undertaker, 86 Washington
b02 Vallonia Springs Ayres Calvin blacksmith
b02 Binghamton Bacon, J. saloon, Oak n. R.R.
b02 Conklin Badger E.P. station agent
b02 Binghamton Balcom, Ransom Judge Supreme Court, Court House
b02 Binghamton Baldwin, N.M. Mrs. dress maker, 41 Court
b01 Binghamton Ball N. N., Binghamton Comm. College and Classical Institute, Court corner Collier
b02 Naticoke Ballard Levi and Sons sawmill
b02 Naticoke Ballard, Gardner and Co. sawmill
b01 Binghamton Balleu A.A. (Wheston & Balleu), 96 Court
b02 Binghamton Balley, M.T. insurance, 51 Court
b01 Binghamton Balsom Ransom vice-present First National Bank, 91 Washington
b02 Conklin Banta J. wood
b02 Binghamton Barber & Rogers props. Diamond House, 70 Water
b02 Binghamton Barber, William H. livery, Hawley
b01 Binghamton Barker William & Co. (Keren Farrall) grocers, 66 Washington
b02 Binghamton Barling, Edward blacksmith, 177 Court
b02 Binghamton Barnes & Myers sewing machines, 79 Court
b01 Binghamton Barnes Norton, blacksmith, foot Carroll
b01 Binghamton Barnes Robert, boot and shoes, 68 Washington
b02 Binghamton Barnes, Robert boots and shoes, 64 Washington
b02 Binghamton Barret, S.W. jeweler, music &c, 60 Court
b02 Binghamton Barrett & FitzGerald lawyers, &c, 49 Court
b01 Binghamton Barrett George, lawyer, 48 Court
b01 Binghamton Barrett S. W. Manuf. pianos and music, 95 Wash.
b01 Binghamton Barrett William, lawyer 49 Court
b01 Binghamton Bartlett I.L. (Blanchard & Bartlett), Hawley e. Collier
b02 Binghamton Bartlett, James H. ass’t postmaster, Court c. Collier
b02 Binghamton Bartlett, Robert S. mall agent
b01 Binghamton BARTON ELIZA, principal of Barton Seminary for Young Ladies, 1 Doubleday place, Henry (ad2)
b01 Binghamton Bassett William Physician, Front cor.North
b02 Binghamton Bassett, William physician, North n. Front
b02 Conklin Bayles B. J. country store
b02 Milburn Bayles Burt grocer and postmaster
b02 Conklin Bayles John saw mill
b02 Binghamton Beach S.D. & Co. coffees, teas and spices, 44 Washington
b01 Binghamton Bean C. (Marks, Hooper and Co.), 87 Washington
b02 Binghamton Beardseley & Lane bowling, 45 Washington
b02 Binghamton Beardsley & Parker Lock Co. door trimmings, &c, 18 Commercial Ave.
b02 New Ohio Beardsley H. F. physician and groceries
b02 Binghamton Becker, George lawyer and notary public, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Beecher, L.G. peotographer, 57 Court
b01 Binghamton Beeker George ( Johnson & Beeker), 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Beeman & Baylis coopers, Frederick
b01 Binghamton Beman E. A. cooper, Chenango near Park
b02 Binghamton Beman, O.D. watchmaker, 103 Court
b01 Binghamton Bennett Abel (W.N. Wilson & Co.), also president First National Bank, 61 Washington
b01 Binghamton Benson & Gillespie (E.J.Benson and J. S.Gillespie) crockery, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Benson & Gillespie china, glass and earthenware, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Benson & Tenbrook shoe manufs, 95 Water
b01 Binghamton Benson E. J. (Benson & Gillespie) 53 Court
b01 Binghamton Benson F. A. Sewing machines and music 6 Collier
b02 Binghamton Benson, F.A. pianos and music, 103 Court
b02 Binghamton Benton, O.A. restaurant, 47 Washington
b02 Binghamton Berghoerfer, Fred’k grocer, &c, Main
b02 Binghamton Billings, Augusta Miss dressmaker, 21 Court
b02 Binghamton Bingham, Gay & Co. snap manufacturer, 67 Washington
b01 Binghamton Binghamton Chapter No. 13 F. & A.M. meet second and fourth Tuesdays
b01 Binghamton BINGHAMTON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE AND CLASSICAL INSTITUTE Court cor.Collier; Jam. Richards, N.N. Ball and J. W. Wheeler, proprietors, (see ad3.)
b01 Binghamton Binghamton Council Royal and Select Masters No. 24 F.&A.M. meet every Thursday evening
b01 Binghamton BINGHAMTON DEMOCRAT newspaper (weekly) W.S. & C.L. Lawyers, props. 89 Water
b02 Binghamton Binghamton Democrat pub’hed daily and weekly, daily $7.00 per annum, weekly $2.00 per annum, W.S. & G.L. Lawyer, editors and proprietors, 89 Water
b01 Binghamton Binghamton Lodge No. 177 I.O. of O.F. meets every Wednesday evening
b01 Binghamton Binghamton Post-offices, Wm. Stuart, F.M. Court corner Collier
b02 Binghamton Binghamton Savings Bank Fred’k Lewis, prest. Harris G. Rodgers, treas. E.D. Robinson, sec., 79 Washington
b01 Binghamton Binghamton Savings Bank, 93 Washington, H.S. Griswold, pres, H.G. Rogers
b02 Binghamton Binghamton Skein and Axletree Co. office, 96 Court
b01 Binghamton BINGHAMTON STANDARD (weekly), M.L. Hawley & Co.(F.D. Vanvradenburg), 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Binghamton Standard published every Wednesday and Saturday at $2.50 per annum, Malette & Reid, editors and proprietors, 98 Water
b01 Binghamton Binghamton Surgical and Hygienic Institute, Prospect
b02 Binghamton Binghamton Times published every Thursday, at $1.75 per annum, Edward K. Clark, editor. The Times Association, props. 38 Court
b02 North Sanford Bixby F. W. and G. W. country store
b01 Binghamton Bixby J., livery, 100 Court
b02 Binghamton Blackmer, J.T. brewer, 59 Water
b02 Binghamton Blain, Joseph jeweler, 103 Court
b02 Binghamton Blair, H.P. drugs, Chenango c. Doubleday
b02 Binghamton Blanchard & Barlett sash, doors and blinds, Collier c. Hawley
b01 Binghamton Blanchard & Bartlett (C.N. Blanchard and J.L. Bartlett), sash, door and blinds, Hawley corner Collier
b01 Binghamton Blanchard C.N. (Blanchard & Bartlett), Hawley cor. Collier
b02 Binghamton Bland, John C. blacksmith, Hawley
b02 West Colesville Blatchley Wm. wagon maker
b02 Binghamton Blise & Bissell livery r. Water
b01 Binghamton Blish H.M., sewing machines, 25 Court
b02 Binghamton Bloomer & Munsell dry goods, 66 Washington
b01 Binghamton Bloomer A., clothier, 28 Court
b01 Binghamton Bloomer E.F., carpenter and builders, Collier c. Hawley
b02 Binghamton Bloomer, Elijah F. carpenter, Collier c. Hawley
b02 Binghamton Bloomer, James F. sewing machines, 31 Court
b01 Binghamton Boardman D. Rev., pastor Presbyterian church, 137 Court
b02 Binghamton Bodle, Daniel M. tobacconist, 44 Court
b02 Binghamton Bogart, H.V. roofer, Hawley
b02 Binghamton Bogart, M.A. Mrs. music teacher, 51 Hawley
b02 Binghamton Bogart, Wm. carpenter, Main n. Front
b01 Binghamton BOLLES L., & Co. (H. Miner, J. R. Julland and J. G. Reynolds), hoe manufacturer, Walnut (ad4)
b02 Binghamton Bone, S.L. grocer, Clinton c. Walnut
b02 West Colesville Booth Eben blacksmith
b02 West Colesville Booth John W. physican
b01 Binghamton Booth Wm. B. (Pratt & Booth), 122 Court
b02 Binghamton Booth, R. looking glasses, frames, &c, 93 Court
b01 Binghamton Boss H.B. (Williams & Boss), 65 Court
b02 Binghamton Boss, H.B. insurance, 47 Court
b02 Binghamton Bosworth, M.W. & Co. flour, grain, &c, 102 Washington
b02 Binghamton Boughton, Chas. Otseningo House, S. Main n. De Russey
b01 Binghamton Bowen John B., insurance agent, 53 Court
b02 Binghamton Bowen, John B. insurance, 65 Court
b01 Binghamton Bradley & Bennett (H.W. Bradley & N Bennett), paints, Commercial Ave.
b01 Binghamton Bradley Henry W. (Bradley &Bennett), Commercial avenue
b02 Binghamton Bradley, M. Miss dressmaker, 60 Washington
b01 Binghamton Brewer J. R. (Finch&Brewer), 12 Court
b02 Binghamton Brink, O.J. carpenter, West c. South Ave.
b01 Binghamton Brooks F.B., Physician, 56 Front
b02 Binghamton Brooks, James physician, Front n. James
b02 Binghamton Brooks, W.A. physician, Front n. James
b02 Binghamton Broome Republican published every Wednesday at $1.50 per annum, Malette & Reid, editors and proprietors, 98 Water
b02 Binghamton Brown & Lyon manufs. “Sanpurgat,” r. Sisson Block
b02 Binghamton Brown & Wilbur restaurant, 14 Chenango
b01 Binghamton Brown A.M., carriage maker, Hawley n. Exchange
b02 Naticoke Brown Alfred twine and line maker
b01 Binghamton Brown C.M. (Moultar&Brown), Court n. Water
b01 Binghamton Brown J.E. (I.N. Hins & Co.) 59 Court
b01 Binghamton Brown L.H. (Osgood,Brown&Co.),9 Canal
b01 Binghamton Brown Theodore, barber, opp.E.R.R.depot
b01 Binghamton Brown Titus L., physician, 4 Collier
b02 Binghamton Brown, A.M. carriage maker, S. Water n. Alfred
b02 Binghamton Brown, Charles hair dresser, opp. Depot
b02 Binghamton Brown, Lewis architect, S. Main n. New
b02 Binghamton Brown, Titus L. physician, 45 Collier
b01 Binghamton Brownell C.J. (Brownell&Stocking), Court cor. Washington
b01 Binghamton BROWNELL&STOCKING (C.J. Brownell Darwin Stocking),drugs, Court cor. Washington
b02 Binghamton Brownell, Cyrus J. drugs, Court c. Washington
b01 Binghamton Brownson D.L. (Matthews&Brownson), 47 Court
b02 Binghamton Brownson, D.L. grocer, 67 Court
b02 Binghamton Bruce, O.B. Mrs. music teacher, 10 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Brunner, Conrad saloon, 61 Washington
b02 Binghamton Brunner, Louis saloon, 2 Main
b02 Binghamton Buchanan, George soda water manuf. Fayette n. Hawley
b02 Binghamton Bullis, W.A. cigar manuf., S. Water n. Grove
b02 Binghamton Bullock, S. photographer, 40 Court
b02 Binghamton Burdett, Thomas florist, New n. S. Main
b01 Binghamton Burke Wm., grocer, 60 Washington
b02 Binghamton Burlafinger, John tailor, S. Main n. Mary
b01 Binghamton Burr George, physician, 110 Court
b02 Binghamton Burr, G. & D.S. physicians and surgeons, 119 Court
b02 Binghamton Bush, S.W. Cong. Clergyman, Court
b01 Binghamton Butler Charles, segar mfr. Washington n. Court
b01 Binghamton Butler R.H. (Fish, Henry & Co.), 29 Court
b02 Binghamton Butler, L.A. watchmaker, &c, 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Butler, Smith & Co. tobacconists, 78 Washington
b01 Binghamton Cafferty Charles M., livery, 49 Washington
b02 Binghamton Cafferty, Bebee patent rights, 96 Hawley
b02 Binghamton Cafferty, C.M. prop. Exchange Hotel, also livery, Court c. Canal
b01 Binghamton Cahill Patrick, hotels 56 Washington
b02 Binghamton Cahill, P. & Co. props. Franklin House, Washington
b01 Binghamton Callan Christopher, lawyer, 43 Court
b01 Binghamton Calumet Lodge No. 63 I.O. of O.F. meets every Monday evening
b02 Sanford Campbell C.R. country store
b01 Binghamton Campbell E.R. billiards, 99 Washington
b02 Binghamton Campbell, E.R. billiards, 99 Washington
b02 Binghamton Campbell, E.W. blacksmith, Chenango n. Pearne
b01 Binghamton Canell W.P. stoves and tinware, Henry corner Washington
b01 Binghamton Carder C.W. fish and oysters, 62 Washington
b02 Binghamton Carder, Chester W. crookery and tinware, 122 Court
b01 Binghamton Carey J.S. (Carl&Stoppard), 65 Court
b01 Binghamton CARL & STOPPARD (James F. Carl and M. Stoppard), printers, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Carl & Stoppard book and job printers, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Carleton, E.M. Mrs. dressmaker, 33 Court
b01 Binghamton Carman Thomas P. segars, 2 Court
b02 Binghamton Carman, Thomas P. tobacconist, 2 Court
b02 North Colesville Carnegie Norris cooper
b01 Binghamton Carpenter J.L. shoemaker, Front near Main
b02 Binghamton Carr, A. & Co. meat market, Main c. Front
b02 Binghamton Carr, Royal R. physician, 19 Court
b01 Binghamton Carrington & Porter (Ira M. Carrington and T. Edson Porter), stoves, 19 Court
b02 Binghamton Carrington & Porter stoves and tinware, 35 Court
b01 Binghamton Carrington Ira M. (Carrington & Porter), court
b02 Binghamton Carroll, W.P. stoves and tinware, 95 Washington
b01 Binghamton Cary James S. (Hallock & Cary), 62 Washington
b01 Binghamton Cary SF. tailor, 41 Court
b02 Binghamton Cary, S.F. & Co. clothing and sewing machines, 41 Court
b01 Binghamton Castle O.J. & Co. (Thomas Gilliek), meat market, 2 Collier
b02 Binghamton Castle, Elijah meat market, canal bank c. Court
b02 Binghamton Chambers, Hannah Mrs. dyer and scourer, 51 Washington
b02 East Maine Chancey Russell blacksmith
b02 Binghamton Chapman & Martin lawyers, 63 Court
b01 Binghamton Chapman O.W. lawyer, 63 Court
b02 West Colesville Chase Wm. saw mill
b02 Binghamton Chenango Valley Sav. Bank Sherman D. Phelps, president, Tracy B. Morgan, treas. Geo. Pratt, sec. Court
b01 Binghamton Chenango Valley Savings Bank S.D.Phelps pres. T.B. Morgan, treas. Court corner Chenango
b02 Binghamton Chittenden, Gus insurance, 51 Court
b02 Binghamton Chittenden, Joseph H. physician, 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Christian, Patrick tailor, 51 Court
b02 Binghamton Chubbuck & Saunders grocers, 66 Court
b01 Binghamton Chubbuck John, physician, 23 Henry
b02 Binghamton Chubbuck, D.J.H. drugs, 45 Court
b02 Binghamton Chubbuck, John physician, 45 Henry
b02 Binghamton City National Bank organized 1852, capital $200,000. C.W. Sanford, Pres. William R. Osborn, cashier, 49 Court
b01 Binghamton City National Bank of Binghamton. Charles M. Sanford, pres. William H. Osborn, cashier. Court corner Washington
b02 Binghamton Clancy, Luke saloon, opp. Depot
b01 Binghamton Clark H.G. (Osgood, Brown & Co.) 9 Canal
b02 Conklin Clark Seth millwright
b02 Binghamton Clark, Daniel restaurant, Railroad Ave.
b02 Binghamton Clark, E.K. lawyer and pension agent, 54 Court
b02 Binghamton Clark, Lyman wines and liquors, 51-2 Collier
b02 Hooper Cleveland L. shoemaker
b01 Binghamton Cluney Luke, saloon; opposite Erie R.R. depot
b01 Binghamton Clyde J.D. (Smith&Clyde), 77 Court
b01 Binghamton Coats & Perry (R.R. Coats and C.B. Perry), dry goods, 58 Court
b01 Binghamton Coats R.R. (Coats&Perry), 58 Court
b02 Binghamton Cobb, George N. photographer, 77 Court
b01 Binghamton Cole E. D. dressmaker, 6 Collier
b01 Binghamton Cole L. milliner, 12 Court
b02 Binghamton Cole, Elizabeth Miss dress maker, 25 Court
b02 Colesville Colesville Academy A.D. Pine, principal
b01 Binghamton Collins Daniel, blacksmith, canal bank n. Court
b02 Binghamton Collins, D. blacksmith, Canal c. Academy
b02 Binghamton Collins, Dennis harness, 65 Washington
b01 Binghamton Comstock A.F. milliner, 15 Court
b01 Binghamton Congdon J.N. marble works, Exchange opposite courthouse
b02 Binghamton Congdon, J.N. & Co. marble yard, Court c. Exchange
b02 Binghamton Conine & Christopher grocers, Front n. Main
b01 Binghamton Conklin John S. grocer, 111 Court
b02 Riverside Conklin Thomas country store
b02 Binghamton Conklin, M.E. collector, 77 Court
b02 Binghamton Connelly, John maltster, Collier n. Susquehanna
b02 Binghamton Conning, R. restaurant, 65 Washington
b02 Binghamton Continuous Oil Refining Co. n Erie R.R.
b02 Binghamton Coon, George shoemaker, 42 Court
b02 Conklin Corbett Ira country story
b02 Corbettsville Corbett Ira store and lumber
b02 Corbettsville Corbett Julius saw mill
b02 Binghamton Corbett, M. Miss milliner, 55 Washington
b02 Binghamton Cortesey & Hayes grocers, 60 Washington
b01 Binghamton Crafts R.G. physician, 99 Washington
b02 Binghamton Crafts, Edward G. physician, 101 Washington
b01 Binghamton Crandall A.J. Way’s Hotel, 111 and 113 Court
b02 Binghamton Crandall, A.J. Way’s Hotel, Court opp. Cedar
b02 Binghamton Craver & Morsereau seeds, pork, lard &c., 93 Water
b02 Binghamton Cressen, Milton livery, Front
b02 Binghamton Crocker & Ogdan hardware and carriage good, 91 Court
b01 Binghamton Crocker & Ogden (Luther Crocker and D. H. Ogden), hardware, 99 Court
b01 Binghamton Crocker Luther, (Crocker & Ogden), 99 Court
b01 Binghamton Crocker W.S.G. barber, 84 Washington
b02 Binghamton Crocker, S.G. harness, 43 Washington
b02 Binghamton Crocker, W.S.G. hair dresser, 64 Court
b01 Binghamton Croft M (Southwell,Croft & Co.) Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Cronin, David E. lawyer, 43 Court
b02 Binghamton Crosby, Wm. M. justice of the peace, 48 Court
b02 Binghamton Crozier, Robert house and sign painter, 63 Court
b02 Sanford Culver T.J. country store
b01 Binghamton Curran B.S. (Richards & Curran), 38 Court
b01 Binghamton Curran M.E. milliner, 19 Court
b02 Binghamton Curran, B.S. lawyer and notary public, 50 Court
b02 Binghamton Daily Republican terms $7.00 per annum, Malette & Reid, ed’ts and prop’s, 98 Water
b01 Binghamton Darrow & Whitmore (G.B. Darrow and J.H. Whitmore), meat market, 128 Court
b01 Binghamton Darrow C.B. (Darrow & Whitmore), 128 Court
b01 Binghamton Davis A. carriagemaker, 17 Washington
b02 Binghamton Davis Bros. carpenters and builders, Chenango n. Pearne
b02 Binghamton Davis, A. carriage maker, Susquehanna c. Washington
b02 Binghamton Davis, B.C. & Co. machinery, Commercial Ave. n. Henry
b01 Binghamton Day Albert, supt. N.Y.State inebriate asylum, east of courthouse
b01 Binghamton Dayton A.A. (R.B. Doubleday & Co.) 72 Court
b02 Binghamton De Voe, Benjamin assessor int. rev. 77 Court
b02 Binghamton De Witt, Jerome lawyer and notary public, 49 Court
b02 Binghamton Democratic Leader published every Friday at $1.50 per annum. A.W. Carl, edit. and proprietor, 65 Court
b01 Binghamton Dewitt A. janitor Fireman’s Hall, Collier n. Court
b02 Binghamton Dexter, Chester Collier saw mill, Hawley
b02 Binghamton Dickinson & Hunt ship manufs. Port Dickinson
b01 Binghamton DICKINSON D.S. real estate, 70 Court
b02 Binghamton Dickinson, Lottie R. dress maker, Tudor
b02 Binghamton Dilley, Charles carriage maker, DeRussey
b01 Binghamton Doff Wm. physician, 14 North
b02 Binghamton Dohan, J.F. & Co. carriage windows & c. Commercial Ave.
b01 Binghamton Donley & Race (J.M. Donley and C.T. Race), grocers, 43 Washington
b02 Binghamton Donley A. grocer, 43 Washington
b01 Binghamton Donley J.H. (Donley&Race), 43 Washington
b01 Binghamton Donley J.H. (Toohey & Donley), 33 Court
b02 Binghamton Donnelly, D.D. furniture, 50 Washington
b01 Binghamton Doolittle L. (Winton & Doolittle), foot Carroll
b01 Binghamton Doolittle L. grocer and plaster mill, foot Carroll
b01 Binghamton Doolittle M. agent U.S. express company, 22 Washington
b02 Susquehanna Doolittle Uri T. grist mill
b02 Binghamton Doolittle, Luke grocer, South c. Carroll
b02 Binghamton Dorr, William physician, 14 North
b01 Binghamton Doubleday J.W. (Mason, Root & Co.), 83 Washington
b01 Binghamton Doubleday R.B. produce and provisions, 44 Exchange
b01 Binghamton DOUBLEDAY R.B.& CO. (A.A. Dayton), fancy goods, 72 Court (ad5)
b02 Binghamton Doubleday, William B. piano forte tuner, 41 Court
b02 Binghamton Downing, John plumber, Exchange c. Court
b02 Binghamton Drake, E.E. root beer, Clark c. Main
b02 Binghamton Dundam, E.F. grocer, 7 Collier
b01 Binghamton Dunham R.F. grocer, 37 Court
b02 Binghamton Dunmore, H.H. gloves and sewing machines, 56 Court
b01 Binghamton Dunn & Rice (J. Dunn and E. Rice), grocers 118 Court
b01 Binghamton Dunn James (Dunn & Rice), 118 Court
b02 Binghamton Dunn, J. shoemaker, Front n. Main
b02 Binghamton Dunn, J.H. & Co. grocers, 118 Court
b02 Binghamton Durfee, Chauncey J. architect, Chesnut
b02 Binghamton Durfee, Edward carpenter, Chesnut
b02 Binghamton Durkee, F.A. lawyer and com. of deeds, 77 Court
b02 Binghamton Dyer & Gibbons carpenters, Susquehanna n. Exchange
b02 Binghamton Earie, O.W. tobacconist, 58 Court
b02 Binghamton Edson, Newton W. school commissioner, Court House
b02 Binghamton Edwards, William B. county judge and surrogate, Court House
b01 Binghamton EGGLESTON & SMITH (A.T. Eggleston and B.F.Smith), boots and shoes, 107 Court (ad6)
b01 Binghamton Eggleston A.G. agent, 71 Court
b01 Binghamton Eggleston A.T. (Eggleston & Smith), 107 Court
b01 Binghamton ELLIOTT & GOODYEAR (W.W. Elliott and R.A. Goodyear), furniture, 100 Washington (ad7)
b01 Binghamton Elliott W.W. (Elliott & Goodyear), 100 Washington
b02 Binghamton Ellis, W.E. & N.B. cabinet makers, 57 Pine
b01 Binghamton Ely S.M. (McKinney & Co.), Commercial n Henry
b02 Binghamton Ely, Richard insurance, 47 Court
b02 Binghamton Ely, S. Mills (successor to McKinney & Co.) wholesale grocery and provisions, Canal n. R.R.
b02 Conklin Emmons J.A. country store
b01 Binghamton Erie Railroad Tel. Co., Erie Railroad depot
b01 Binghamton Evans & Manning (Alfred J. Evans and R.T. Manning), jewelers, 85 Washington
b02 Binghamton Evans & Mannins jewelers, 85 Washington
b01 Binghamton Evans Alfred J. (Evans & Manning), 85 Washington
b02 Binghamton Evans Sisters hair dressers and dress makers, 19 Court
b02 Binghamton Everett, L.W. carriage maker, Chenango n. Robinson
b01 Binghamton EXCHANGE HOTEL Henry Per Lee, Court
b01 Binghamton Fagan B. saloon, 4 Collier
b02 Fenton Farnham A.H. & Co. planing mill and brick makers
b02 Binghamton Farnham, A.A. sash, blinds and doors, Cedar n. Court
b01 Binghamton Farrell Keron (Wm. Barker & Co.), 60 Washington
b02 Binghamton Fee, John saloon, Chenango
b01 Binghamton Finch & Brewer (V. Finch and J.P. Brewer), grocers, 12 Court
b01 Binghamton Finch V. (Finch & Brewer), 12 Court
b02 Binghamton Finch, Vincent agent, grocer, 10 Court
b02 Binghamton Finley & Gorman carriage makers, Hawley
b01 Binghamton Finley & McMahon, carriagemaker, Hawley
b02 Binghamton Finney, E. grocer, 9 Court
b02 Binghamton Fireman’s Hall A. DeWitt janitor, Collier n. Court
b01 Binghamton Firemen’s Hall Collier near Court, A. Dewitt, janitor
b02 Binghamton First Nat’l Bank of Binghamton organized December 20, 1883. Capital $200,00. Abel Bennett Pret
b01 Binghamton First National Bank 91 Washington Abel Bennett, pres. George Pratt, cash. Capital $200,000
b01 Binghamton Fish Henry & Co. (R.H. Butler), 29 Court
b02 Binghamton Fish, Henry & Co. boots and shoes, 29 Court
b02 Binghamton Flanagan & O’Neil stoves and tinware, 45 Washington
b02 Binghamton Fleischer, John restaurant, also shoemaker, Railroad Ave.
b02 Binghamton Flynn, James chief of police, 55 Court
b01 Binghamton Folmsbee G.L. dyer, Canal bank near Court
b01 Binghamton Ford & Meagley (C.W. Ford and R.H. Meagley),soap, Commercial ave.
b02 Binghamton Ford & Pope Delaware & Hudson coal, Chenango n. depot
b01 Binghamton Ford C.W. (Ford & Meagley), Commercial Ave.
b01 Binghamton Ford E.J. Physician & druggist, 100 Court
b02 Binghamton Ford, Edward I. physician, Chenango c. Prospect Ave.
b02 Binghamton Fowle, William cigar box maker, Susquehanna n. Exchange
b01 Binghamton Fowls Wm.& Co., (John Milk), segar boxes, Carroll cor. South
b01 Binghamton Fox H.F. dry goods, 21 Court
b01 Binghamton Fraser John, shoemaker, Water
b01 Binghamton FREAR J.S.& SON (C.D. Frear), undertaker, 6 Court (ad8)
b02 Binghamton Frear, Joseph S. undertaker, 6 Court
b02 Binghamton Frederick & Kramm tailors, 38 Court
b01 Binghamton Freeman E.H. (G.W.Freeman&Co,)7 Collier
b01 Binghamton Freeman G.W.& Co. (E.H.Freeman)7Collier
b02 Binghamton French, Francis jeweler, 8 Cedar
b02 Binghamton Frinch, C.L. meat market, 120 Court
b01 Binghamton Fuller Joel (White & Fuller) Collier
b02 Binghamton Fuller, C.E. meat market, 16 Court
b01 Binghamton Gage M. grocer 128 Court
b02 Binghamton Gaige, Moses insurance, 128 Court
b01 Binghamton Gale & Rogers (Charles Gale and C.D. Rogers), blacksmiths, Water
b01 Binghamton Gale Charles (Gale & Rogers) Water
b02 Binghamton Gale, Charles blacksmith, Canal Bank
b02 Binghamton Garison, E.M. Mrs. milliner, 21 Court
b01 Binghamton Garrison H.M. milliner, 59 Court
b01 Binghamton Garrnett Aaron, grocer, 53 Washington
b02 Binghamton Gates, Edwin city express, Court c. Washington
b02 Binghamton Gaylord, H.J. lumber, S. Main
b02 Hooper Geffers Alva physician
b02 Binghamton Gennet, A. grocer, 49 Washington
b02 Binghamton Germond, George grocer, Chenango c. Peran
b01 Binghamton Giffen M. milliner, 18 Court
b02 Binghamton Gifford, W.P. & Co. ladies’ bazaar, 31 Court
b01 Binghamton Gillespie J.S. (Benson & Gillespie),63Court
b01 Binghamton Gilliek Thomas (G.J. Castle & Co.)2Collier
b01 Binghamton Gillmore C. (Southworth & Gillmore), 58 Collier
b01 Binghamton Gillmore Charles, Erie R.R. & Syracuse, Binghamton & N.Y.R.R. ticket
b02 Binghamton Gilmore, L. photographer, 74 Court
b02 Binghamton Glaser, John confectioner and shoemaker, 67 Water
b01 Binghamton Golf H.A. (Lester Bros. & Co.), Dickerson blk.
b01 Binghamton Gorman Michael, grocer Front cor. Main
b02 Vallonia Springs Gould H. D. wagon maker
b02 Binghamton Grant, D.R. city steam bakery, 71 Court c. Commercial Ave.
b01 Binghamton Green W.H. hoopskirt manufactory,14Court
b02 Binghamton Gregory, D.D. presb. clergyman, Front
b01 Binghamton Griffin L. physician, 12 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Griffing, Lansing physician, 11 Jay
b01 Binghamton Griswold Horace S. prest. Binghamton Savings Bank, 93 Washington
b01 Binghamton Guilfoyle D.& P grocers 70 Washington
b02 Binghamton Guinane, T. shoemaker, 21 Liberty
b02 Binghamton Gullfoyle, D. & P. grocers, books and liquors, 70 Washington
b02 Binghamton Gullfoyle, John grocer, 59 Henry
b01 Binghamton HALBERT D.N. & E.G drygoods, carpets, &c 11 and 13 Dickerson Block
b02 Binghamton Halbert, D.M. &E.G. dry goods and carpets, 11 and 13 Court
b01 Binghamton Hall Charles S. (R.H. Hall & Co.) 34 Court
b01 Binghamton Hall R.H. (C.S. Hall & Co.) Crockery 34 Court
b02 Binghamton Hall, Charles U.S. Commissioner, 34 Court
b02 Binghamton Hall, R.H. & Co. china, glass and cutlery, 34 Court
b02 Binghamton Hall, W.H. dentist, 88 Court
b01 Binghamton Hallcock W.R. (Hallock & Carey), hats, 64 Court
b01 Binghamton Hallock & Carey (W.B. Hallock and J. B. Carey), clothiers, 62 Washington
b02 Binghamton Hallock & Schefers hats, caps and furs, 64 Court, also merchant tailors, 62 Court
b01 Binghamton Hallock W.R. (Hallock & Carey), 62 Washington
b02 Binghamton Hallock, Cary & Co. clothing and woolens, 10 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Hamlin, Amos artist, 54 Washington
b01 Binghamton Hammer Charles, physician, 52 Court
b02 Binghamton Hance, Jennie Miss. dress maker, 12 Court
b02 Binghamton Hancock & Stillson restaurant, 26 Court
b01 Binghamton Hand S.D & G.F. physician, 26 Collier
b02 Binghamton Hand, G.F. physician, 20 Collier
b02 Binghamton Hand, S.D. physician, 20 Collier
b02 Binghamton Hanrahan, John grocer, South
b02 Binghamton Harding, A.L. lumber and sash doors and blinds, 130 Washington
b02 Binghamton Harding, L. & Son wool and hides, Water
b01 Binghamton Harris G.M. (Wm. Harris & Co.), 35 Court
b01 Binghamton Harris W.C. carpenter and builder, Canal bank near Court
b01 Binghamton Harris Wm. & Co. (Geo.M. Harris), hardware, 38 Court
b02 Binghamton Harris, Burt J. prop. Cottage Hotel, N. Depot n. Chenango
b01 Binghamton Harrison James (Weed, Ayers &Co.) Commercial ave.
b02 Binghamton Havens, J.H. meat market, 51 Washington
b01 Binghamton HAWLEY M.L. & CO. (P.D.Van Vradenburg), publishers of Binghamton Standard, 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Hayes & Gaige grocers, 128 Court
b02 North Colesville Hayes J. H. blacksmith
b01 Binghamton Hayes W.C grocer, opp. E.R.R. depot
b02 Binghamton Haynes, W. livery, Canal Bank
b01 Binghamton Hayton John C. boots and shoes, 126 Court
b02 Binghamton Hazley, James hotel, Port Dickinson
b02 Binghamton Heckox, William H. lawyer, 51 Court
b02 North Colesville Hendricks Isaac cooper
b02 Doraville Hendrickson J. Blacksmith
b01 Binghamton Henry E.J. milliner, 165 Court
b01 Binghamton Heybeck John V. baker, 43 Washington
b02 Binghamton Heybeck, John V. baker, 5 Division
b02 Binghamton Heyton, John C. boots and shoes, 126 Court
b01 Binghamton Hickcox & Hill (A. Hickcox and F.J. Hill), segars, 95 Court
b01 Binghamton Hickcox Ambrose (Hickcox & Hill),95Court
b02 Fenton Hickox D. dry goods, &c
b01 Binghamton Higgins Patrick grocer, 8 Collier
b01 Binghamton Hill F.J. (Hickcox & Hill, 95 Court
b01 Binghamton Hine I.N. & Co. (James E. Brown), dry goods, 69 Court
b02 Binghamton Hine I.N. & Co. dry goods, 59 Court
b01 Binghamton Hirschman F.J. (Hirschman Bros.) Dickson Block
b01 Binghamton Hirschman S.J. (Hirschmann Bros.), Dickson Block
b01 Binghamton Hirschmann Bros. (F.J. and S.B. Hirschman)
b02 Binghamton Hirschmann Bros. dry goods, 15 and 17 Court
b01 Binghamton Hodge & McCall (H. Hodge and S.H. McCall), dentists, 67 Court
b01 Binghamton Hodge H. (Hodge & McCall), 67 Court
b02 Binghamton Hodge, Hial dentist, 18 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Hogg, David milkman, Court c. Liberty
b02 New Ohio Holcomb H. hotel and grocer
b02 Binghamton Holdridge & Hopkins livery, 25 Whitney
b02 Binghamton Holland Bros. meat and fist market, 65 Court
b02 Binghamton Hollenbeck, E.M. grocer and confectioner, 8 Court
b01 Binghamton Hollister G.B. fruits, fish and oysters, 129 Court
b02 Binghamton Hollister, G.B. oysters and fish, 95 Court
b01 Binghamton Hood Clark L. lawyer, 65 Court
b02 Hooper Hooper F. country store
b01 Binghamton Hooper R. (Marks, Hooper & Co.), 87 Washington
b01 Binghamton Hopkins P.A. (Shapley & Hopkins), Hawley
b01 Binghamton Hopkins P.W. lawyer, 76 Court
b02 Binghamton Hopkins, Peter, W. lawyer, Court c. Collier
b01 Binghamton Horton & Bro. (H.W. and S.S Horton), hardware, 32 Court
b02 Binghamton Horton & Bro. stoves and tinware, 32 Court
b01 Binghamton Horton H.W. (Horton & Bro.), 32 Court
b01 Binghamton Horton S.S (Horton & Bro.), 32 Court
b02 New Ohio Houghtaling J blacksmith
b01 Binghamton Hourigan Joseph Rev.R.C. Church, LeRey near Oak
b02 Binghamton Hourigan, James (R.C.) clergyman, LeRoy
b02 Binghamton Howard, S. grocer, &c. S. Main and DeRussey
b02 Binghamton Hubbard & Edwards dollar goods, 89 Court
b01 Binghamton Hull Amos G. see AMOS G. HULL ad9
b02 Binghamton Hull, Amos G. spoke and hub manufacturer, Canal bank near Hawley
b01 Binghamton Hungerford J. grocer, Main near Front
b02 Binghamton Hungerford, J. grocer, Front
b01 Binghamton HUNT WALLACE P. attorney and counselor at law, 76 Court
b02 Binghamton Hunt, Wallace P. lawyer, 72 Court
b02 Corbettsville Hupman Charles blacksmith
b01 Binghamton Ingalls Ruth S. Riverside Female Seminary, 76 Front
b02 Corbettsville Ives Sheldon wagon maker
b01 Binghamton Jackson D.F. physician, 73 Front
b01 Binghamton Jackson F.F. (W.N. Wilson & Co.), 81 Washington
b02 Binghamton Jackson, Charles C. paper bag manufactr, 80 Front
b02 Binghamton Jackson, D.P. physician, 78 Front
b02 Binghamton Jackson, May Mrs. dressmaker, 68 Water
b01 Binghamton Jarvis C.A. carpenter, Canal bank near Court
b01 Binghamton Jefferson John J. carriage manuf., 126 Court
b02 Binghamton Jefferson, John J. carriage maker, rear 120 Court
b02 Binghamton Jenkins, E.S. physician, Wilbur near Alfred
b01 Binghamton Jennings A. shoes, 79 Court
b02 Binghamton Jennings, A. boots and shoes, 79 Court
b02 Binghamton Jewell, C.P. & Son general store and hotel, Port Dickinson
b02 Binghamton Jewell, G.A. postmaster, port Dickinson
b01 Binghamton Johnson & Beeker (B.R. Johnson and G. Beeker), lawyers, 63 Court
b01 Binghamton Johnson A. painter, Exchange opp. court house
b01 Binghamton Johnson B.R. (Johnson & Beeker), 63 Court
b02 Vallonia Springs Johnson E. M. and Co. country store
b02 Binghamton Johnson, A. paints and oils, Exchange near Court
b02 Binghamton Johnson, A.H. Mrs. dressmaker, Susquehanna near Carroll
b02 Binghamton Johnson, B.R. lawyer and notary public, Court cor. Collier
b02 Binghamton Johnson, Inman livery, Collier
b01 Binghamton Jones E.F. pres’t. Jones Scale Works, Starr av
b01 Binghamton Jones J.J. milliner, 15 Court
b02 Binghamton Jones Scale Works Edward F. Jones, prop. Star Terrace
b01 Binghamton JONES SCALE WORKS, Starr av.; E.F. Jones pres.; Wm. G. Snow, sec. Capital $1000,000. (See adv. Page 5)
b02 Binghamton Jones, F.A. tobacco and confectioner, 4 Collier
b02 Binghamton Jones, J.J. Mrs. millinery, 15 Court
b02 Binghamton Jones, James M. carpenter, Susquehanna near Fayette
b02 Binghamton Jones, John H. prof. of music, 17 Front
b01 Binghamton Judd Solomon lawyer, 55 Court
b02 Binghamton Judd, Solomon lawyer, 57 Court
b01 Binghamton Juliard R.J. (L.Bolles & Co.), Walnut
b02 Binghamton Keeler, O.O. grocer, Main cor. Front
b01 Binghamton Kellogg M.D. milliner and dressmaker, 160 Court
b02 Binghamton Kendall, Harrison & Co. manufs. tobacco, 46 Washington
b02 Binghamton Kenney, H.L. hats, caps and furs, 50 Court
b02 Binghamton Kent & Stow grocers, Chenango cor. N. Depot
b01 Binghamton Kent G.A. (Wescott & Kent),Commercial av
b02 Susquehanna Ketchum Jeremiah country store
b02 Binghamton Ketchum, Andrew J. grocer, Chenango opp. Robinson
b01 Binghamton Keyser C.H.Rev. paster Baptist Ch., Chenango near Henry
b02 Binghamton Kilborn, Ida J. Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 97 Washington
b01 Binghamton Kilburn N. milliner, 97 Washington
b01 Binghamton Kinsey E.H. (Smith & Kinsey), 101 Court
b02 Binghamton Klee, Conrad hair dresser, 21 Court
b02 Binghamton Klee, John hair dresser, Canal Bank c. Court
b02 Binghamton Klee, John P. hair dresser, 54 Court
b02 Binghamton Knapp, William machinery, Lewis Mills, Water
b02 Binghamton Knibbs, Charles M. shoemaker, Lewis c. Canal
b01 Binghamton Knight Wm. E. (J.M. Stone & Co.), 47 Water
b02 Binghamton Knowlton, Willard carpenter and builder, High
b02 Binghamton Krous, Adolph hides tallow and wool, &c. 95 Water
b02 Binghamton L’Amoureux, Geo. W. insurance, 47 Court
b01 Binghamton La Rose Andrew (Skillman & La Rose), Court
b01 Binghamton LaForce J.W. & Co. (Wm. Sensanderfer), dry goods, 65 Court
b02 Binghamton Laing, James G. physician, Chenango c. Doubleday
b02 Binghamton Lamoureaux, Frederick prof. of music and dancing, 17 Rutherford
b01 Binghamton Lane Daniel J. shoes, 19 Court
b02 Binghamton Lawes, S. Mrs. milliner, Carroll n. South
b01 Binghamton LAWYER W.S. & G. L. printers and publishers, Binghamton Democrat, 99 Water
b02 Binghamton Lawyer, J.H. photographer, 57 Court
b02 Binghamton Lawyer, W.S. & G.L. book and job printers, 89 Water
b02 Conklin Leach & Russell wagon makers
b02 Corbettsville Leach And Doyle wagon manufacturers
b01 Binghamton Lee P.H. gents. Furnishing, 26 Court
b02 Binghamton Lee, P.H. gents’ furnishing goods, 50 Court
b02 Binghamton Lee, Samuel gunger, 77 Court
b01 Binghamton Leighton James (Whitney, Leighton & Pratt), Commercial av
b02 Binghamton Lemmerman, C. Mrs. dress maker, 96 Washington
b02 Binghamton Lentz, F. Mrs. saloon, Washington
b01 Binghamton Lest A.H. grocer, 165 Court
b01 Binghamton Lester Bros. & Co. (H.N. and G. W. Lester and H.A. Goff), mfs. Boots and
b02 Binghamton Lester Bros. & Co. manufs. and dealers in boots and shoes, Dickinson Block
b01 Binghamton Lester G.W. (Lester Bros. & Co), Dickinson block
b01 Binghamton Lester H.N. (Lester Bros. & Co.),Dickinson block
b02 Binghamton Lester, D.A. house and sign painter, Canal Bank
b02 Chocumit Centre Lewis Crocker blacksmith
b01 Binghamton Lewis G.C, (J.B. Lewis & Co.), 89 Washington
b01 Binghamton Lewis J.B. & Co. (G.C. Lewis), liquors, 89 Washington
b02 Binghamton Lewis, C. prop. Lewis House, Canal c. Lewis
b02 Binghamton Lewis, E.L. wines, liquors and cigars, 99 Washington
b02 Binghamton Lewis, Frederick water commissioner, 45 Court
b01 Binghamton Lichtenstein J.B. clothier, 58 Washington
b02 Binghamton Lloyd, John A. shoemaker, 59 Washington
b01 Binghamton LOOMIS R.N. attorney and counselor at law, 71 Court
b02 Binghamton Loomis, Benjamin N. lawyer and commissioner of deeds, 71 Court
b02 Binghamton Loomis, Charles W. lawyer and notary public, 71 Court
b01 Binghamton Lounsbury A. jeweler, 52 Court
b02 Binghamton Lovelace, L.P. hats, boots, and sewing machines, 85 Court
b01 Binghamton Loveland M. H. wagonmaker, Exchange n Court
b02 Binghamton Loveland, Mordecai H. wagon maker, Exchange
b02 Binghamton Lowell, D.W. principal Lowell’s Commercial College, 19 and 21 Court c. Water
b02 Binghamton Lutz, Peter basket manuf., Susquehanna n. Carroll
b02 Binghamton Lyon & Bros. wines and liquors, r. Sisson Block
b02 Binghamton Lyon & Freeman clothing &c., 72 Court
b01 Binghamton Lyon Wm.H. (Way & Lyon),Court n Exchange
b01 Binghamton LYONS DANIEL auction, 71 Washington
b02 Binghamton Lyons, D. auction and commission, 71 Washington
b02 Binghamton Lyons, J.N. bowling, 54 Washington
b02 Binghamton Maffett, N.D. physician, 72 Hawley
b02 Binghamton Malane, John saloon, 6 Division
b02 Binghamton Mallette & Reid book and job printers and publishers, 98 Water
b02 Binghamton Mangan, J.C. blacksmith, Water
b02 Binghamton Mangan, John meat market, 46 Henry
b02 Binghamton Manning, W.J. tinsmith, Main r. Front
b02 Binghamton Marks & Bean groceries and provisions, 87 Washington
b02 Conklin Martin Joseph P carpenter
b02 Binghamton Martin, Anna Mrs. hair dresser, 30 Court
b02 Binghamton Martin, Frederick W. sheriff, Court House
b02 Binghamton Marvin & Jarvis clothing, 28 Court
b02 Binghamton Marvin, Lewis box maker, 164 Court
b02 Binghamton Mason, A.H. & Co. meat market, Chenango n. Depot
b02 Binghamton Mason, Root & Co. hardware, stoves and tinware, 83 Washington
b02 Binghamton Masten, Daniel carpenter, Myrtle Ave.
b02 Binghamton Matthews, L.S. & Co. agricultural implements, Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Maybury, F.T. physician, 55 Court
b02 Binghamton Maybury, Gillespy & Emmons drugs, 55 Court
b02 Binghamton Mayell, S. stoves and tinware, Court c. Water
b02 Binghamton Mayer, D.H. china, glass, &c., 87 Court
b02 Binghamton Mays & Gleason pro, provisions, &c., Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton McAlphine, Charles L. canal engineer, 49 Court
b02 Binghamton McCall, S.H. dentist, 12 Henry
b02 Binghamton McCannon, John hair dresser, Cedar n. Court
b02 Binghamton McDonald, Theodore F. lawyer, Court c. Collier
b02 Binghamton McElroy & Watson furniture, 100 Washington
b02 Hooper McIntyre ---- carpenter
b02 Binghamton McIntyre, F. saloon, Canal bank
b02 Binghamton McKinney & Everts provisions, flour, &c., Canal
b02 Binghamton McKinney & Phelps coal, Port Dickinson
b02 Binghamton McKinney, Corliss architect, Court n. Washington
b02 Binghamton McKinney, Sabin water commissioner, 45 Court
b02 Binghamton McNamara Bros. wines and liquors, 5 Collier
b02 Riverside McPherson Wm. blacksmith
b02 Binghamton Mead & Benedict shoe manufacturers, 91 Water
b02 Binghamton Meagher, Thomas saloon, Division
b02 Binghamton Meagley, Roselle H. soap and candles, Winding Way
b02 Binghamton Mercer, V. Mrs. confectioner, Hawley n. Washington
b02 Binghamton Merrick, H.C. civil engineer and surveyor, 79 Court
b02 Binghamton Merrill, C.G. agent Del. Lak. & Western R.R., S.B. & N.Y. R.R. and U.&C. V. R.R. Depot
b02 Binghamton Merrill, Horace H. under sheriff, Court House
b02 Binghamton Merrill, P.A. planing mill, Chenango opp. Munsell
b02 Binghamton Middlebrook, C.D. (S.J. Fulton, agt) lumber, Chenango c. Eldridge
b02 Binghamton Miles, E. Mrs. prop. Fith Ward Hotel, DeRussey n. S. Water
b02 Binghamton Milks, John & Co. spoke and hub manufacturers, South ft. of Carroll
b02 Binghamton Millard, S.C. lawyer and notary public, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Miller, W. clothing and furnishing goods, 18 Court
b02 Corbettsville Minckler Charles carpenter
b02 Binghamton Miner, A.S. tinware, china, glass, &c. 9 and 11 Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Moon, Geo. Q. four, feed, &c., Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Moore & Myer flour, feed, &c., Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Morgan, W.P. agent Del Lak. & Western Express Co., 93 Washington
b02 Binghamton Morris, William & Co. lumber, 126 Washington
b02 Binghamton Morse, O.G. dyer, Henry c. Washington
b02 Binghamton Mosher, H.A. produce, 94 Washington
b02 Binghamton Mosher, W.H. grocer, 107 Court
b02 Binghamton Moulter & Brown American Hotel, Court c. Water
b02 New Ohio Munroe S. B. speculator
b02 Corbettsville Murphy Daniel M. hotel and country store
b02 Binghamton Murphy, E. & Bro. photographers, 53 Court
b02 Binghamton Murphy, M.L. carpenter, Seminary Ave.
b02 Binghamton National Broome Co. Bank organized 1831, cap. $100,000. C. Strong, pres. T.R. Morgan, cash, Court
b02 Binghamton Nelson, B.H. grocer and confectioner, Chenango n. Eldridge
b02 Binghamton Newdale, Albert florist, Floral Ave.
b02 Binghamton Newell, F.T. grocer, 69 Washington
b02 Hooper Newland W. L. Blacksmith
b02 Binghamton Newman, M.A. dentist, 12 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Newton & Mix furniture, 90 Washington
b02 Binghamton Newton, W.H. boots and shoes, 27 Court
b02 Binghamton Noyes, E.M. & Bro. comb manufs., Ferry n. Water
b02 Binghamton O’Brien, James general store, Port Dickinson
b02 Binghamton O’Brien, Mrs. milliner, 59 Court
b02 Binghamton O’Hara, John & Co. merchant tailors, &c., 57 Court
b02 Binghamton O’Shea, John grocer, 70 Henry
b02 Binghamton Ogden, H.B. carpenter and builder, 41 Pine
b02 Binghamton Olin, William H. (M.E.) clergyman, Jay
b02 Binghamton Olmsted, I.L. stoves, tinware, plumber, &c., 94 Washington
b02 Binghamton Orcutt, S. fancy goods, 109 Court
b02 Binghamton Orr, J.W. blacksmith, Court n. Water Works
b02 Binghamton Orton, John G. physician, H. c. Canal
b02 Binghamton Osborne, F.L. sign painter, 64 Henry
b02 Binghamton Owens, John J. prop. Empire House, Rail Road n. Chenango
b02 North Colesville Paddleford and Watrous saw mill
b02 Binghamton Paige & Chaffee insurance, 51 Court
b02 Binghamton Parish Bros. laundry, 100 Water
b02 Corbettsville Parks and Potter tannery and country store
b02 Binghamton Parmele, N.L. manuf. Vegetable oil soap, 8 Maiden Lane
b02 Binghamton Parson, James, H. real estate, 96 Washington
b02 Conklin Parsons Leroy harness maker
b02 Binghamton Patten, Alex S. meat and fish market, 84 Washington
b02 Binghamton Patterson, U.H. mirrors and frames, 3 Collier
b02 Binghamton Paul, Henry saloon, Water c. Hawley
b02 Binghamton Payfair & Wadhams wines, liquors and cigars, 65 Court
b02 Binghamton Peabody, J.W. physician, 14 Court
b02 Binghamton Peck, W.S. physician, 36 Lewis
b02 Binghamton Peer, G.A. shoemaker, Lydia
b02 Hooper Pelham G. E. cooper
b02 Binghamton Penrie, G.W. lawyer and real estate, 77 Court
b02 Binghamton Per, Lee Henry restaurant, 81 Washington
b02 Binghamton Perkins, C.A. dentist, 67 Court
b02 Binghamton Perry, Orcutt & Co. dry goods, 53 Court
b02 Binghamton Persels, H. harness, Washington
b02 Binghamton Phelps & McKinney coal, North Depot
b02 Binghamton Phelps, A.J. agent E.R.R. Depot
b02 Binghamton Phelps, Sherman D. & Co. hardware, 19 Court and 87 Water
b02 Binghamton Phillips, L.C. insurance, 69 Court
b02 Binghamton Pickering & Merseveau marble yard, 126 Court
b02 Binghamton Pine, Neri lawyer, 69 Court
b02 Binghamton Piper, E. wines and liquors, Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Pope, W.P. Jr. & Co. woolens, 42 Exchange
b02 Binghamton Pope, Wm. P. water commissioner, 45 Court
b02 Binghamton Pratt, E. & Son saw mill, 4 South
b02 Binghamton Pratt, H.E. books, stationary and wall paper, 43 Court
b02 Binghamton Prendergast, J. stoves and tinware, 51 Washington
b02 Binghamton Preston, Chandler carpenter, Canal bank
b02 Binghamton Price, L.A. Miss hair dresser, 13 Court
b02 Binghamton Pugsley, William broom manf., Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Randall, Nelson saloon, Canal bank n. Court
b02 Conklin Redfield Geo. physician
b02 Binghamton Reed & Thomson tobacco, Court c. Carroll
b02 Binghamton Reed, George & Co. tobacconists, 25 Court
b02 New Ohio Reilly Robert grocer
b02 Binghamton Rennie, J. & Co. shoes, 68 Washington
b02 Binghamton Rennie, W.I. coal and wood, Walnut c. R.R.
b02 Binghamton Reynolds, P. & Co. auction and commission
b02 Binghamton Rice & Sons grocers, 115 Court
b02 Binghamton Rice, G.M. saloon, Washington c. Hawley
b02 Binghamton Rice, J.F. restaurant, 6 Collier
b02 Binghamton Rich, T.G. & Son real estate, 69 Court
b02 Binghamton Richards & Sessions lawyers, notaries and commissioners of deeds, 48 Court
b02 Binghamton Richardson, John saloon, Canal bank
b02 Binghamton Ricks, George M. clothing and furnishing goods, 81 Court
b02 Binghamton Roberson, Alonzo lumber, Chenango opp. Munsell
b02 Fenton Roberts L. P. physician
b02 Binghamton Roberts, William earthenware, Susquehanna n. Canal
b02 Binghamton Robertson, Joel M. house and sign painter, Main n. Front
b02 Binghamton Robie, J.C. patent rights, 79 Canal
b02 Binghamton Robinson, E.D. furniture, 88 Washington
b02 Binghamton Robinson, J.T. ticket agent, Railroad Ave.
b02 Binghamton Rogers & Reynolds grocers, 42 Court
b02 Binghamton Rogers, C.D. blacksmith, Water n. Court
b02 Binghamton Rogers, Jas. J. soda water manf., Chenango c. Pearne
b02 Binghamton Rogers, Perry P. lawyer, Court c. Collier
b02 Binghamton Rogers, S.W. justice of the peace, 65 Court
b02 Binghamton Ronk, J.C. cabinet maker, Canal bank n. Hawley
b02 Binghamton Rooney Bros. grocers, 72 Washington
b02 Binghamton Root, Reuben H. lawyer and commissioner of deeds, 47 Court
b02 Binghamton Ross, E. liquors, 76 Washington
b02 Binghamton Royal & Rennie hardware, 38 Court
b02 Binghamton Ruger, W. artist, Court
b02 Binghamton Rummer, H.S. saloon, 53 Washington
b02 Binghamton Russell, W.D. sewing machines, 89 Court
b02 Binghamton Russell, William blacksmith, Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Safford, LaFayette book-binder, 69 Court
b02 Binghamton Salem, Peter shoemaker, Chenango
b02 Binghamton Sanders, H. wines and liquors, 80 Washington
b02 Binghamton Sanford, E.N. jeweler, 56 Court
b02 Binghamton Sanford, O.W. money broker, 57 Court
b02 Milburn Saxton A. S. acid manufacturer
b02 Binghamton Schad, Henry hair dresser, 81 Washington
b02 Binghamton Schloss, Aaron clothing, 62 Court
b02 Binghamton Schnell, Joseph jr. agent W.U. Tel. Co., 52 Court
b02 Binghamton Schultz, James A. grocer and vet. surgeon, Oak c. Dickinson
b02 Binghamton Scott & Fisher stair builders, Canal Bank
b02 Binghamton Scott, William machinist, Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Scovil & DeWitt lawyers, 49 Court
b02 Binghamton Scovill, William H. lawyer and city clerk, 49 Court
b02 Binghamton Scudder & Peck grocers, 105 Court
b02 West Colesville Scudder Aaron cooper
b02 Vallonia Springs Seacord I. H. hotel
b02 Binghamton Sears, C.W. stationer and wall paper, 51 Court
b02 Binghamton Sedgwick, T.A. supt. water works, 45 Court
b02 Binghamton Seymour, Charles J. physician, 91 Court
b02 Binghamton Shafer, Henry hair-dresser, 104 Court
b02 Binghamton Shapley & Wells founders and machinists, 52 Washington
b02 Binghamton Shaver, L. Mrs. fancy goods, 113 Court
b02 Binghamton Shaw, T.P. contractor and builder, 62 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Sheak, M.A. flour, feed, &c., 96 Washington
b02 Binghamton Shepard & Barrett shelf hardware manufs., 101 Water
b02 Binghamton Simmons, John J. carpenter and builder, 5 Mather
b02 Binghamton Simpson, Daniel B. leather and findings, 47 Water
b02 Binghamton Sisson, B.F. & Son dry goods, 61 Court
b02 Binghamton Skillman & LaRose props. Arbor Hotel and restaurant, 20 Court
b02 Binghamton Slatter, S.H. meat market, new n S. Main
b02 Binghamton Sloan, Henry S. physician, 32 Court
b02 Binghamton Smead, James W. blacksmith, 69 Water
b02 Binghamton Smith & Dwyer drugs and groceries, 54 Court
b02 Binghamton Smith & Kinney wholesale fancy goods, 106 Court
b02 Vallonia Springs Smith and Feller grist and saw mills
b02 Binghamton Smith Bros. boots and shoes, opp. E.R.R. Depot
b02 Doraville Smith C. K. speculator and grocer
b02 Susquehanna Smith Hiram J. real estate broker
b02 Binghamton Smith, Benj. F. surrogate’s clerk, Court House
b02 Binghamton Smith, Clark J. hardware, 59 Washington
b02 Binghamton Smith, D.B. & Co. soda water and bed spring manfs., Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Smith, H.A. drugs, 77 Court
b02 Binghamton Smith, Julius W. painter and paper hanger, 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Smith, L.B. & Son bakers, 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Smith, Lewis & Son grocers, 49 Washington
b02 Corbettsville Snediker Henry carpenter
b02 Conklin Sneidiker Sanders carpenter
b02 Binghamton Southworth, C.H. Methodist clergyman
b02 Binghamton Sparks, Samuel shoemaker, Canal bank
b02 Binghamton Spaulding, W.F. prop. Spaulding House, Chenango c. R.R.
b02 Binghamton Spencer, C.D. physician and druggist, 100 Court
b02 Binghamton Squires, R. watchmaker, 71 Washington
b02 Binghamton Stack & Allen grocers, 74 Washington
b02 Binghamton Stephens, E.P. carpenter and builder, 74 Susquehanna
b02 Binghamton Stephens, F.H. books, stationary and paper hangings, 52 Court
b02 Binghamton Stevens Bros. livery, r. 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Stevens, Lewis wooden ware, 101 Water
b02 Binghamton Stevens, O.L. grocer and meat market, 100 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Stevenson, W.G. physician and insurance, Court
b02 Binghamton Stewart, William scale manf., Ferry n. Bridge
b02 Binghamton Stiles, F. & Co. manfs. patent articles and general jobbers, Commercial Ave. n. Henry
b02 Binghamton Stockwell & McMahon carriage makers, Eldridge n. Chenango
b02 Binghamton Stone, E.G. painter and paper hanger, DeRussey n S. Water
b02 Binghamton Stone, James M. shoes, 109 Water n. Court
b02 Binghamton Stone, Martin real estate and lumber, 1 Pine n. Carroll
b02 Binghamton Stoppard, H. Miss dressmaker, 91 Washington
b02 Binghamton Stoppard, Joseph tailor, 59 Washington
b02 Binghamton Storm, Jane L. Miss milliner, 69 Washington
b02 Binghamton Stoutenburg, B.F. grocer, 116 Court
b02 Binghamton Stratton & Wheeler restaurant, 78 Court
b02 Binghamton Stratton, Mr. hair dresser, 90 Washington
b02 Binghamton Stuart, Charles guns, pistols, &c., 43 Washington
b02 Binghamton Styker, D.C. & Son grocers, 40 Court
b02 Binghamton Sullivan, J.T. carpenter, Cedar n. Court
b02 Binghamton Sullivan, Thomas grocer, 1 Whitney
b02 Binghamton Surdan, C.M. milliner and fancy goods, 88 and 90 Court
b02 Binghamton Susquehanna Valley Bank organized 1854, capital $100,000, Sherman D. Phelps, prest. James W. Manier, cashier, Chenango c. Court
b02 Binghamton Swigert, G.F. confectioner, 1 Main
b02 Binghamton Taber, Susan J. physician, 98 Court
b02 Binghamton Taylor, Edward Cong. clergyman, Main
b02 Binghamton Taylor, William E. water commissioner, 45 Court
b02 Binghamton Thayer, G.H. physician, Water n. Court
b02 Binghamton Thayer, O.V. physician and prop. Binghamton Water Core, Prospect Hill, office Washington
b02 Binghamton The L. Bolls Hoe and Tool Co. tool manufacturers, S.D. Phelps, prest. T.R. Morgan, treas. L. Bolles sup’t. Clinton n. Walnut
b02 Binghamton Thomas & Merriam grocers, 12 Court
b02 Binghamton Thomas, M. & A. dress makers, 10 Chenango
b02 Colesville Thurber Ansell sawmill
b02 Binghamton Tidball, Z.L. general agent A. & S. R.R. and express, Depot
b02 Binghamton Times Association book and job printers, 38 Court
b02 Binghamton Titchener, H. & E.C. confectioners and fancy goods, 57 Washington
b02 Binghamton Tooney & Donley dry goods, 38 Court
b02 Binghamton Tozer, Junius F. jeweler and confectioner, 82 Washington
b02 Binghamton Tracy, W.C. & R.S. meat market, 16 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Traver, J.L. meat market, Clinton n. Front
b02 Binghamton Turner, A.D. dentist, 70 Court
b02 Binghamton Tweedy, A.R. hats, caps and furs, 75 Court
b02 Chocumit Centre Tyler James cooper
b02 Binghamton Ukin, William shoemaker, Chenango
b02 Binghamton Van Orsdale, Abner blacksmith, Chenango
b02 Binghamton Van Orwick laundry, Chenango
b02 Binghamton Van Slyk, W.H. bill poster, 71 Washington
b02 Binghamton Van Tuyl, E. agent U.S. Express Co., 91 Washington
b02 Binghamton Van Wormer, George & Co. harness, 57 Court
b02 Binghamton Wales, Charles Chenango House, Water
b02 Binghamton Walker, A.E. grocer, 67 Washington
b02 Binghamton Walker, William confectioner and toys, 97 Court
b02 Binghamton Walker, William W. confectioner, Depot
b02 Binghamton Walnut, James A. billiards, Court c. Collier
b02 Binghamton Walrath, E.L. Miss dress maker and milliner, 12 Sand
b02 Conklin Walsh James blacksmith
b02 Binghamton Warile, George, W. carpenter and builder, Thorp n. Edward
b02 Binghamton Warner, Isaac Warner House, Chenango
b02 North Colesville Watrous J. W. country store and farmer
b02 Milburn Watson Eldridge wagon maker
b02 Binghamton Watson, W. shoemaker, Canal Bank n. Court
b02 Binghamton Weaver & Wilson cigar manufs, 68 Court
b02 Binghamton Webster, C.H. jr. clothing &c., 62 Court
b02 Binghamton Weed, James B. & Co. tanners, 12 Susquehanna
b02 Binghamton Weeks, Benjamin restaurant, Railroad Ave.
b02 Binghamton Weiser, Augurto saloon, &c., Main c. Front
b02 Binghamton Wellington, Asal blacksmith, Chenango
b02 Binghamton Wells, John S. water commissioner, 45 Court
b02 Binghamton Wescott & Kent Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Wescott, Mrs. furrier, 31 Court
b02 Binghamton Wessel, Miss dress maker, 66 Washington
b02 Binghamton West, George J. confectioner and restaurant, 14 Court
b02 Binghamton Wheaton & Ballou dentists, 96 Court
b02 Binghamton Wheaton, T.J. dentist, 134 Court
b02 Binghamton Wheaton, W.W. physician and dentist, 96 Court
b02 Binghamton Wheeler, Daniel liquors, Canal Bank
b02 Binghamton Wheeler, H.W. billiards, 54 Washington
b02 Binghamton White & Fuller brewers, Collier
b02 Binghamton White, Alfred Confectioner and toys, 99 Court
b02 Binghamton Whitmore, John T. meat market, 19 North
b02 Binghamton Whitney & Pratt flour, provisions and seeds, Commercial Ave.
b02 Binghamton Whitney, N.D. lawyer, 63 Court
b02 Binghamton Whitney, T.W. jeweler, 48 Court
b02 Binghamton Wickham & Bennett insurance, 53 Court
b02 Binghamton Widman, R. oyster saloon, 2 Court
b02 Conklin Wilber Hiram blacksmith
b02 Milburn Wilbur Hiram blacksmith
b02 Gulf Summit Williams Geo. S. grocer
b02 Binghamton Williams, A. boots and shoes and confectioner, 114 Court
b02 Binghamton Williams, E.J. oyster saloon, 84 Washington
b02 Binghamton Wilmarth, William D. carpenter, 73 Susquehanna
b02 Binghamton Wilson, D.A. fish, oysters, &c., Canal Bank
b02 Binghamton Wilson, Robert J. livery, North Depot
b02 Binghamton Wilson, W.N. tailor, 84 Court and 48 Exchange
b02 Corbettsville Winans C. tanner and currier
b02 Binghamton Winslow, J.A. lawyer and commissioner of deeds, Court c. Collier
b02 Binghamton Winton & Darrow childrens’ carriages and sleighs, 18 Chenango
b02 Binghamton Wiser, Francis X. confectioner, 1 Main
b02 Binghamton Wood, A.R. boots and shoes, 70 Court
b02 Binghamton Woodbridge, Edwin S. silver plater, 45 Susquehanna
b02 Binghamton Woodruff, Charles carriage maker, South
b02 Binghamton Woodward, William grocer, Maiden Lane c. Elizabeth
b02 Binghamton Woolsey, S.A. & Co. painters, 45 Washington
b02 Binghamton Wright, S.H. hair dresser, 72 Washington
b02 Binghamton Young, William F. cooper, Washington
b02 Binghamton Zimmer, Charles hair dresser, 40 Court

Source ID
b01-Boyd's 1869 directory of 100 Cities
b02-Boyd's 1872 NY state business dir

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