Early Broome County Newspapers

French's gazeetter, pages 179-80, contains information on the early newspapers of Broome County, including the 6 in operation at the time of publication (1860).

I have reproduced the data here, keeping the same conventions that French used. Names of newspapers in italics indicate that they were discontinued by the time French published; bold type indicates papers still being published in 1860. In addition, I have underlined the name of the papers to make them a little easier to read. Name changes are listed under the parent newspaper.

The American Constellation was published in 1800, when Broome county was still part of Tioga County. The paper was headquartered in Union Village.
The Broome Co. Patriot started in Binghamton in 1812 by Chauncey Morgan. In 1815, the publishers changed to Morgan and Robinson and the name was changed to the The Phoenix. By 1819, the newspaper ceased publication.
The Republican Herald started in 1818 and continued until 1823. There were several different publishers: Morgan and Howard, Abraham Burrell and Dorephus Abbey.
The Broome Republican was started in 1822 in Binghamton. It was published by Major Augustus Morgan until 1824. Over the intervening decades, there were several different publishers: Morgan and Canoll until 1828, Evans & Canoll until 1835 and then Canoll and Cooke until 1839. In 1839, T. Cooke took over as publisher and continued to do so until 1848 and he pasted it on to E.R. Colston who published until 1849. The newspaper then became the property of William Stuart and as of 1860, it had both daily and weekly editions. For a while, The Evening Express, a daily published in 1848, was a second paper under the The Broome Republican banner. The Broome Republican also absorbed The Susquehanna Journal in 1855. It had been started in October of 1853 by W. H. Pearne. **** 83 vital records from "scattered issues" of this paper were included "10,000 Vital Records of Central New York". The time frame - 1842-45.
The Binghamton Daily Republican started out as The Iris, a semi-monthly paper started in 1839 by C.P. Cooke. In July of 1841, the paper was bought by Edwin T. Evans. He enlarged operations, changing the paper to a weekly, and in 1849, added a daily version The Daily Iris . Both the daily and weekly eventually changed their name to the above, and as of 1860, was still published by William Stuart, who also owns The Broome Republican above.
The Binghamton Democrat began publication with the name of The Broome County Courier. J.R. Orton was the first publisher and the paper continued as such until 1837. French's reports several different publishers for the paper after that time: Sheldon & Marble; E.C. Sheldon; E.P. Marble; E.P. Marble and J.W. Marble; and Marble and Johnson. In 1843, J.C. Orton took over the paper and changed the name to:
The Binghamton Courier and Broome County Democrat. In 1846, J.K. Dickinson took over and changed the name to the its "1860" name. As of 1860, it was published by Adams and Lawyer.
The Binghamton Standard was started in Nov 1853 by J. Van Valkenburg. It was still in operation in 1860.
The Binghamton Mercury was a semi-monthly paper published for a short time by Chester Dehart. No dates known at this time.
The Broome County American was started by Ransom Bostwick in May 1855. No ending date known at this time.
The Union News began publication in Union in 1851. Its first publisher was A.F. Quinlan, who sold out to Cephas Benedict and Ebenezer M. Betts. As of 1860, it was still in operation.
The Broome County Gazette was started G.A. Dodge in July 1858 at Whitneys Point. As of 1860, it was still in operation.