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Tracing all the siblings of a given family can often be difficult if the people moved. However, there are clues, sometimes, in the biographies and histories that listed prominent men, such as Who's Who and US Congressional Rosters.

Below are listing of people born in Broome County who became prominent enough to appear in such biographical compilations. In the case of some articles, only the first few lines or paragraphs may be listed.

JOHN ALLEN - Pioneer in dental science; improved false teeth; born Broome County, 1810; lived Ohio and New York City; died 1892. Source: Spencer p27

FREDERIC AYRES - Distinguished composer; born Binghamton, 1876. Source: Spencer p27

JOSEPH JACKSON BARTLETT -- soldier, was born in Binghamton, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1834. He was educated at an academy, studied law at Utica, was admitted to the bar at Syracuse, and practised in Binghamton, 1858-'61. He entered the Union army as major of the 27th New York volunteers and was promoted colonel in September, 1861. He commanded a brigade at Gaines's Mill, June 27, 1862, and at Crampton's Gap, Sept. 14, 1862; was commissioned brigadier-general in October, 1862; and commanded a brigade at Salem Heights, May 3, 1863 where out of a force of 1500 men he lost 580 officers and men. He was brevetted major-general Aug. 1, 1864, and was present at the surrender of Lee at Appomattox. He was mustered out Jan. 15, 1866, was appointed United States minister to Sweden and Norway by President Johnson, serving, 1867-'69, and was deputy commissioner of pensions, 1885-'89. He died in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 14, 1893. Source: 20th Cent p210.

WILLIAM THEODORE BINGHAM - On Washington staff of the New York Sun, 1897-1912; born near Binghamton, 1861. Source: Spencer p27

FRANCIS DURBIN BLAKESLEE - Clergyman and educator; president of Iowa Wesleyan College, 1899-1900; president of Cazenovia Seminary, 1900-….; born Vestal, near Endicott, 1846. Source: Spencer p82

FRANCIS H. BOUCHER was born in Binghamton, N. Y., November 14, 1855. He attended the common schools in Iowa City, and was prepared for the university in McClain's academy.Source: Gue p450

LAMONT M. BOWERS - A business executive for John D. Rockefeller for whom he managed a fleet of 58 ships on the Great Lakes, 1895-1901; other subsequent positions under the Rockefeller control; born Maine, 1850; lived Binghamton. Source: Spencer p135

A. CURTIS BROWN - Publisher of London, England; born Lisle, 1866. Source: Spencer p128

MRS. CAROLINE C. BROWN - Wife of above. Composer and writer on international topics; born Lisle, 1871. Source: Spencer p128

WILLIAM MORRIS BUTLER - Brooklyn neurologist and hospital executive; born Maine, 1850. Source: Spencer p135

OLIVER B. CAPEN - New York publisher; born Binghamton, 1878. Source: Spencer p27

JOHN CLEVELAND - Served in both Mexican and Civil Wars, retiring from latter with rank of Major General; lieutenant governor, 1872; born Binghamton, 1817. Source: Spencer p27

LUCIEN S. CRANDALL - One of a dozen or so of New York State men who made definite improvement in the typewriter in the post-Civil War period; born Broome County, 1844. Source: Spencer p27

RICHARD WARREN CROWIN - leading Colorado authority on tuberculosis and health as related to penal institutions; born Binghamton, 1852. Source: Spencer p27

AMOS J. CUMMINGS - Editor of the New York Sun and of the Weekly Tribune, then a paper of wide rural circulation; born Conkling Forks, near Binghamton, 1838; died, 1902. Source: Spencer p27

CLARENCE DIVINE - Well known newspaper man of New York City; born Binghamton, 1889. Source: Spencer p27

JAMES HAMILTON EARS - Commodore of the U.S.N. with long service in the Orient; born Binghamton, 1855. Source: Spencer p27

CHARLES EUGENE EDGERTON - Statistician and economist for various bureaus at Washington and for national reform and welfare organizations; born Nineveh, 1861; home Washington D.C., where he died 1932. Source: Spencer p153

F. BOYD EDWARDS - Clergyman and educator of Mercersburg, Penn.; born Lisle, 1876. Source: Spencer p128

RICHARD HENRY EDWARDS - Clergyman with long career in educational and welfare work; born Lisle, 1876. Source: Spencer p128

WILLIAM HANFORD EDWARDS - City executive of New York under mayors Gaynor and McClellan; collector of internal revenue at New York under Woodrow Wilson; born Lisle, 1876. Source: Spencer p128

WILLIAM FRANKLIN EDGERTON - Egyptologist with the University of Chicago; born Binghamton, 1893. Source: Spencer p27

ROBERT ERSKINE ELY - Director of the League for Political Education and other civic organizations of New York City; born Binghamton, 1861. Source: Spencer p27

CHARLES HALSEY LINDSLEY FORD - Episcopal clergyman and educator of Saratoga Springs; A.E.F. chaplain in World War; born Binghamton, 1887. Source: Spencer p27

EMMA AUGUSTA FOX - Detroit leader of women’s clubs and authority on parliamentary law; born Binghamton, 1847. Source: Spencer p27

HOWARD ROGER GARIS - Popular author for boys and inventor of toys; born Binghamton, 1873; home East Orange, N.J. Source: Spencer p28

FREDERICK TAYLOR GATES - Baptist clergyman; many years benevolent representative of John D. Rockefeller, beginning 1893; born Maine, 1853; died, 1929. Source: Spencer p135

GEORGE GILBERT - Author of numerous magazine articles and short stories; born Binghamton, 1874; home Port Dickinson. Source: Spencer p28

WILLIAM ANTHONY HALLAHAN - Pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, 1929-….; born Binghamton, 1904. Source: Spencer p28

JOHN D. HAMILTON - Major in British army until wounded in World War; helped organize military training camps throughout the United States beginning 1917; edited Far Eastern Review, Shanghai; born Binghamton, 1877. Source: Spencer p28

HUGH HERBERT - Popular screen comedian; born Binghamton, 1887. Source: Spencer p28

JOSEPH D. IBBOTSON, Jr. - Librarian of Hamilton College, 191-….; born Binghamton, 1869. Source: Spencer p28

LAMBERT LINCOLN JACKSON - Public school executive of Newark, N.J.; born Binghamton, 1870. Source: Spencer p28

JAMES MELVIN LEE - Editor successively of Outing, Bohemian, Leslie’s Weekly and Judge; born Port Crane, near Binghamton, 1878. Source: Spencer p28

CALVIN LESLIE LEWIS - Professor of English at Hamilton College, 1908-….; author and critic; born Nineveh, 1868. Source: Spencer p153

DAVID ROSS LOCKE - Early American humorist; wrote under name of Petroleum V. Naseby; born Vestal, near Endicott, 1833; died 1888. Source: Spencer p82

CLAYTON RILEY LUSK - Attorney of Cortland and New York; Republican majority leader in state senate, 1921; minority leader, 1923; born Lisle, 1872. Source: Spencer p128

GEORGE F. LYON - Jurist of Binghamton, many years on State Supreme Court, from 1895; born Barker, near Binghamton, 1878. Source: Spencer p28

JAMES ALEXANDER LYON - Distinguished army and private surgeon of Washington, D.C.; born Broome County, 1882. Source: Spencer p28

WALTER JEFFERSON LYON - Managing editor of the Binghamton Sun 1918-….; born Binghamton, 1883. Source: Spencer p28

JOHN A. McNAMARA - Editor of The Nations Schools, Chicago; born Binghamton, 1888. Source: Spencer p28

THOMAS J. MANGAN - Leading Binghamton attorney and banker; member State Board of Regents, 1919-….; a leading Catholic layman; born Binghamton, 1872. Source: Spencer p28

RICHARD H. MATHER - Many years professor of Greek at Amherst and the leading collector of plaster casts of distinguished men; born Binghamton, 1835. Source: Spencer p28

CECILE HULSE MATSCHAT - New York writer on subjects of maternal health and of flowers, shrubs and home grounds; born Binghamton. Source: Spencer p28

JAMES BURTIS MERWIN - Founder and many years editor of the American Journal of Education; born Binghamton, 1835; lived Middlefield, Conn. Source: Spencer p28

JOHN CLEVELAND ROBINSON - Civil War Brigadier General; lieutenant governor of New York; born Binghamton, 1817; lived Binghamton. Source: Spencer p28

JOHN JEROME ROONEY - Jurist, author and poet of New York City; served as ensign in U.S. Navy; born Binghamton, 1866. Source: Spencer p29

FRANK ALBERT ROOT - Pioneer publisher and author of Topeka, Kansas; author of Overland Stage to California; born Binghamton, 1837; died, 1926. Source: Spencer p29

GEORGE K. SMITH - Surgeon and educator of Brooklyn; born Lisle, 1827. Source: Spencer p128

HURLBURT WILLIAM SMITH - Typewriter manufacturer of Syracuse; director of corporations in a number of cities; born Lisle, 1865. Source: Spencer p128

ROBERT NELSON SPENCER - Episcopal clergyman and civic leader of Kansas City; born Tunnel, near Binghamton, 1877. Source: Spencer p29

JOHN PETER TOOHEY - Author and playwright of New York City; born Binghamton, 1880. Source: Spencer p29

HENRY HALLAM TWEEDY - Congregational minister and professor at the Yale Divinity School; born Binghamton, 1868. Source: Spencer p29

TUBBS, HON. L. W.,of Emerson, has the distinction of having been a member of the first legislature of California after its admission to the union of states. He was born in Binghamton, N. Y., January 4, 1826, and at 12 years of age removed with his parents to the Western Reserve in Ohio. Source: Gue p450

ADDISON Van NAME - Librarian of Yale University, 1865-1905; born Chenango, near Binghamton, 1835; died New Haven, 1922. Source: Spencer p29

HENRY SARGENT WEST - Distinguished medical missionary to the Near East; born Binghamton, 1827. Source: Spencer p29

EMMONS LEVI WILLIAMS - Treasurer of Cornell University, 1879-….; born Binghamton, 1835. Source: Spencer p29

JOSEPH C. WILSON - Mayor of Rochester; born Binghamton, 1851. Source: Spencer p29

CHARLES COLT YATES - Civil and marine engineer; oceanographer; with War Shipping Board, 1917-19; born Binghamton, 1868. Source: Spencer p29

Spencer's Roster of Native Sons (and Daughters) - typed by Misty Curl.
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