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According to " Broome County Heritage " , the Binghamton Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution has documented approximately 400 veterans who settled in the Broome County area.*   This page attempts to document those soldiers using data from various sources, which are listed after the names.

This listing comes from records directly relevant to the soldier. For example, it uses DAR grave marker records, but does not use DAR lineage records,   which are submitted by descendants.

Alden Israel 2 Lester
Alden Israel 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Allen John 2 Itaska
Andrews John 4 Lived in Colesville, He did not serve six months in a military capacity.
Andrews Jonathan 2 Bryant's Grove
Armstrong Solomon 1 Barker 89
Armstrong Solomon 2 Barker
Atwell Paul 1 Windsor 75
Atwell Paul 2 Windsor
Atwell Paul 3 Old So. Windsor Cem (aka Wake)
Baker Joshua 1 Colesville 77
Baker Joshua 2 Colesville
Baker Justus 4 Lived in Lisle, The rolls are silent, and the present exhibits are inadmissible.
Barlow Thomas 2 Chenango
Barnes Ambrose 2 Chenango
Bartis John 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Bartiss John 4 Lived in Windsor, There is no ascertainable term of actual service in this man's papers.
Barton Johnathan 2 Windsor
Bayless Elias 1 Union 88
Bayless John 2 Corbettsville
Beach Asa 2 Broome Co NY
Beecher Amos 2 Chenango Forks
Benedict Aaron 4 Lived in Lisle, He must detail his service in so specific a style, that the records at Boston can be inspected with precision.
Bevier Elias 2 Kirkwood
Bevier Elias 4 Lived in Conklin, He did not serve six months.
Blanchard Jedediah 2 Whitney Point
Brink William 2 Union
Britton James 2 Union
Brown James D. 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Brown James Daniel 2 Lester
Brown James II 2 Maine
Burlingame Nathan 1 Sandford 78
Burlingame Nathan 2 Lester
Burt Thomas 2 Upper Lisle
Chamberlain Daniel 1 Union 86
Clark David 2 Windsor
Clark David 3 Stow Cem (aka Lyons Farm)
Cleveland Joseph 2 Union
Cole Nathaniel 2 nr Harpursville
Conklin Charlotte (deceased), widow of Elias 4 Lived in Conklin, For proof from the Secretary of State of New Jersey, and from the New York comptroller.
Conklin Elias 2 Kirkwood
Conklin John 1 Conklin 84
Conklin John 2 nr Kirkwood
Conklin Susannah, widow of John 4 Lived in Chenango, For proof by comptroller's certificate of Albany.
Corbett Robert 2 Corbettsville
Cronk Garrett 2 Center Lisle
Cross Timothy 2 Port Crane
Curtiss Joel 1 Colesville 76
De Forest Abel 1 Chenango 79
Decker Cornelius 2 Union
Drake Elias 2 Union
Dubois Mathias 2 Union
Durfee John 1 Nanticoke 77
Edson Seth 1 Colesville 79
Edson Seth 2 nr Four Corners
Edson Seth 3 Riley Farm Cemetery
Edwards Betsey, widow of Jasper 4 Lived in Windsor, The company he served in when made prisoner, the day he was captured, and the date of his release are required.
Edwards Jasper 2 Windsor
Edwards Jasper 3 Edwards Cemetery
Fitch Elnathan 3 Windsor
Frost Solomon 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Frost Solomon 4 Lived in Windsor, Discredited by the rolls, and he is referred to the Connecticut comptroller.
Gamsey (Garnsey?) Joel 1 Windsor 75
Garnsey Joel 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Gaylord Elijah 1 Triangle 77
Gaylord Elijah 2 Broome Co NY
Goodall John 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Goodell Frederick 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Halenbake Ephram 4 Lived in Union, He did not serve six months.
Handy Joseph 2 Kattleville
Hanver Andrew 4 Lived in Chenango, He did not serve in any regularly organized corps.
Hawes Abijah 2 NW of Triangle
Hawes Elijah 2 NW Triangle
Heath John 1 Windsor 84
Heath John 3 Village Cemetery
Heath Joseph 3 Village
Heath Patience 1 Windsor 79
Heath Patience 3 Village (a nurse)
Higley Roswell 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Hinckley Elkanah 2 Colesville
Hinds Jesse 1 Chenango 81
Hinds Jesse 2 Binghamton NY
Hoar Braddock 2 Lisle NY
Hodges Ephraim 1 Triangle 83
Ingham Samuel 1 Union 90
Kent Eri 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Kent Seth 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Keyes Cyprian 3 West Windsor Cemetery
Knowlton Garner 3 Windsor Village Cem (No monument)
Knowlton George 3 Windsor Village Cem (No monument)
Knowlton Joshua 3 Windsor Village Cem (No monument)
Knox James 3 Knox
La Grange John 2 Union
La Tourette Peter 2 Union
Lee Nathaniel 2 Broome Co NY
Lewis William 2 Upper Lisle NY
Lull Ann, widow of Abner 4 Lived in Triangle, For further proof and specification.
Mason Capt. Luther 3 Stow Cem (aka Lyons Farm)
Mason Luther 1 Colesville 83
Mayo Eugene D. 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
McNelly Mary 1 Chenango 40
Mersereau John 1st 2 Union
Mersereau Joshua 2 Union
Mills Peter 1 Chenango 62
Morgan Gaius 2 Binghamton NY
Morse Asaph 1 Nanticoke 86
Nichols Eli 3 Village Cemetery
Olmsted Asahel 4 Lived in Triangle, He was under age, and he did not serve six months.
Olmsted Ashbel 1 Triangle 76
Osborne Doreas, widow of William 4 Lived in Barker, Not six months' service established in this case.
Park Ebenezer 2 Binghamton NY
Phipps Samuel 1 Nanticoke 80
Pike Joseph 1 Colesville 82
Piser Christian 2 Binghamton NY
Potter Rebecca, widow of David 4 Lived in Sanford, Died before August 23, 1842.
Pratt Elias 2 Binghamton NY
Randall Joseph 4 Lived in Sanford, He served as a waiter--did not belong to the ranks.
Rexford Samuel 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Robbins Solomon 4 Lived in Union, The New Hampshire rolls are in this office and cannot be examined unless claimant furnishes the names of his officers.
Robinson Keen 1 Lisle 87
Roe Winthrop 2 Binghamton NY
Rogers John 1 Barker 78
Rogers Nathaniel 1 Triangle 79
Rose William 1 Chenango 76
Rose William 2 nr Binghamton NY
Russell Elmore 3 Stow Cem (aka Lyons Farm)
Rust Stephen 1 Union 67
Sage Seth 3 Stow Cem (aka Lyons Farm)
Sanders Joseph 1 Triangle 77
Sandford Joseph 1 Triangle 84
Scoville Samuel 1 Windsor 80
Scoville Samuel 3 Old So. Windsor Cem (aka Wake)
Seward Jedediah 1 Chenango 82
Seward Jedidiah 2 nr Binghamton NY
Seward Silas 1 Sandford 80
Seymour Daniel 2 Union
Seymour Samuel 2 Union
Skillman Jacob 2 Union
Smith Elijah 3 Old So. Windsor Cem (aka Wake)
Smith John 3 West Windsor Cemetery
Smith John P 1 Chenango 86
Squires Selah 2 Binghamton NY
Stillwell James 2 Broome Co NY
Stow Major Josiah 3 Stow Cem (aka Lyons Farm)
Stow Samuel 3 Stow Cem (aka Lyons Farm)
Stuart John 3 Lester Cem (aka Mtn. View)
Terry Isaac 4 Lived in Colesville, He did not serve in any regularly organized corps.
Underwood Jonas 1 Sandford 77
Walker William 3 Old So. Windsor Cem (aka Wake)
Warner Benjamin 3 Village Cemetery
Weston William 1 Vestal 78
Wheeler Joshua 4 Lived in Lisle, He did not serve six months.
Wheeler Ransom 3 Village Cemetery
Whitney Joshua 2 Binghamton NY
Wiley James 1 Colesville 88
Wilkinson John 1 Union 79
Wilson John 1 Union 76
Winans Abraham 2 Union
Woodruff Philo 3 Village Cemetery
Woughter John 2 Union

    1 - 1840 veterans census (number is his age in 1840)
    2 - Dar Grave marker records
    3 - Sar Grave marker records for Windsor - submitted by Charles English
    4 - Rej. pension applications - reason in comments

*Broome County Heritage by Lawrence Bothwell, page 33.

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