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Lawrence Clinton, the first of the name in New Haven, Connecticut, was born in 1679, died in 1757-58. He settled in what is now North Haven, Connecticut, in 1704, and became a member of the Center Church, at New Haven, that same year, and was one of six men who united in forming an Episcopal Society in North Haven, in 1723. By occupation he was a mason. He married, about 1700, Mary Brockett; (second) Elizabeth (Barnes). Children of first wife: Elizabeth, married, January 20, 1725-26, James Bishop; Abigail; Mary, married, October 21, 1725, Isaac Griggs; Lydia; Sarah; Anne, and Phebe. Children of second wire: Lawrence, January 1, 1737; John, born April 9, 1740.

(I) Shubael Clinton, possibly a brother of Lawrence Clinton, probably came with him to New Haven from Massachusetts, and was doubtless born in England, as early as 1690. He married Elizabeth _____. He joined the Episcopal church, at West Haven, and this religious affiliation is almost positive proof of English birth. Shubael, his wife Elizabeth and six children were baptized in the Episcopal church, at West Haven, in 1734. Children: Elizabeth, married, June, 1717, Eliphalet Stevens; Mercy; Mary; Shubael, died in the service in the French and Indian war (p. 105. vol ix. Conn. Ilist. Society French and Indian War Rolls), he was in the Seventh Company, First Regiment, and was reported dead October 13, 1756, he served under Captain David Baldwin, of Milford (Jesse, Henry, Joseph and John Clinton were also in the French and Indian wars), in the inventory of his estate an item appears, "for service in his country’s cause, 7 pounds"; Henry, mentioned below.

(II) Henry, son of Shubael Clinton, was born in 1727, probably at New Haven, and died April 1, 1814, at North Colebrook, Connecticut. He was a soldier in the French and Indian war, in Captain Joseph Woodruff’s company, of Milford, and, in 1757, marched to the relief of Fort William Henry (p. 22, vol. ix, French and Indian War Rolls). In 1790 he was living in Litchfield county. He settled at Barkhamstead, Connecticut, and afterward located at New Milford, Litchfield county, Connecticut, in 1763. He married, in 1760, at Derby, Rachel Pierson. Children: 1. Elijah P., baptized at Derby, April, 1762, died young. 1. Henry, 1765, at New Milford. 3. Sheldon, born in 1767, at New Milford. 4. Lyman, mentioned below. 5. Clarissa, born 1780 at New Milford; married, 1799, Ira Andrews.

(III) Lyman, son of Henry Clinton, was born at New Milford, April 3, 1771, died April 30, 1855, at Newark Valley, New York. He moved from Colebrook, with his family, to Newark, Tioga county, New York, in 1831, after visiting Newark Valley the previous year and buying six hundred acres of land, which he later shared with his sons. He married Mehitable Pease, who died at Newark Valley, September 7, 1834, aged fifty-seven year. Children: 1. Lyman, mentioned below. 2. Samuel, born April 2, 1800, died December 6, 1858, at Ithaca, New York; married Rachel Knapp. 3. Henry, born September 2, 1802; married Mary _____. 4. Mehitable, July 24, 1805, died September 29, 1868, at Newark Valley, unmarried. 5. Sheldon, born October 20, 1807; died June 22, 1876, at Williamsport, Pennsylvania; married, in June, 1840, Elinor Ogden. 6. George born June 14, 1809, died April 17, 1753, at Newark Valley. 7. Eli, June 25, 1811, died August, 1892. 8. Rhoda, born June 12, 1814, died March 9, 1875; married, in 1837, Albert Williams.

(IV) Lyman (2), son of Lyman (1) Clinton, was born May 7, 1798, at Barkhamstead, Connecticut; died July 4, 1873, at Newark Valley, New York. He removed with his father from Colebrook, Connecticut, to Newark Valley, in 1831. His farm was a mile and a half east of Newark Valley. By trade he was a cooper. In politics he was a democrat. He married, November 1, 1821, Miranda Stone, born December 29, 1801, at Sharon, Connecticut, died February 1, 1882, at Newark Valley, New York. Children, born at Colebrook and Newark Valley: 1. Royal Wells, mentioned below. 2. Elizabeth, born April 16, 1824, died January 26, 1899. 3. Annis M., born April 6, 1825, died April 20, 1885; married James Ayres. 4. Julian, born May 6, 1826, died September 30, 1857; married Mary Strong. 5. Stephen P., born November 7, 1827, died January 3, 1881. 6. Corinda, born February 8, 1830, died April 25, 1832. 7. Lucy, born August 27, 1831; married Myron Hayford. 8. Oliver P., born June 11, 1833. 9. Amaryllis P., born February 23, 1837, died October 30, 1898; married Edgar Boyce. 10. Gilbert S., born June 1, 1840, died April 20, 1851. 11. Edwin V., born May 9, 1841; married, November 16, 1861, Ellen Plasted. 12. Alvira, twin of Edwin V., died April 20 1842. 13. Alvira M., born October 11, 1842, died August 7, 1872; married Porter Moore.

(V) Royal Wells, son of Lyman (2) Clinton, was born at Colebrook, Connecticut, March 1, 1823, died at Newark Valley, March 20, 1895. He was educated in the public schools, and from his youth followed farming for a calling. From 1850 to 1865 he lived on a farm a mile and a half east of Newark Valley, and from that year to 1895 in the village of Newark Valley. He built the first steam sawmill operated in New York, and was extensively interested in the lumber business for many years. In religion he was a Methodist, and for forty years was superintendent of the Sunday school. He was a director of the South Central Railroad Company from 1868 to 1895, and a trustee of the Tioga National Bank, of Owego. He was generous and public spirited. He gave a handsome school building to the village of Newark Valley. In politics he was a Republican. For many years he represented the town in the board of supervisors. In 1891 he represented the district in the state assembly and served on important committees. He married, at Newark Valley, May 16, 1844, Anna C. Knapp, who was born at New Marlborough, Massachusetts, September 7, 1825, died at Newark Valley, June 13, 1882. Children: 1. Ella J., born April 20, 1845; married, November 22, 1865, Morris Elwell, born August 3, 1840, died December 31, 1894; children: i. Cora, born August 20, 1867, married (first), October 27, 1886, at Scranton, Pennsylvania, Grant Dilley, married (second), February 17, 1898, A. L. Morrison; ii. Clinton, born April 14, 1869, married, January 30, 1895, Mary C. Lawrence; iii. Anna C., Born March 20, 1879, married, September, 1901, Harry Miller. 2. Austin W., mentioned below. 3. Arthur G., born March 3, 1856; married, June 15, 1880, Addie Roys, born April 27, 1898; children: Edith K., born August 8, 1881; Leonard, June 22, 1885; Ruth, May 15, 1892.

(VI) Austin W., son of Royal Wells Clinton, was born March 11, 1850, at Newark Valley, New York. He attended the public schools of his native town, the Cazenovia Seminary, the Wyoming Seminary, and Cornell University, from which he was graduated in the class of 1872, with the degree of Bachelor of Science. From 1872 to 1874 he taught natural science in Wyoming Seminary. He then went abroad, and upon his return, in 1875, he located at Harford, New York and engaged in the lumber business and operated a sawmill. In 1882-83 he was supervisor of the town of Harford, and for ten years was postmaster there. He removed to Galeton, Pennsylvania, where he had lumber interest. Since 1895 he has been in the lumber business in Binghamton, and has made his home in that city. He is a director of the Tioga National Bank, at Owego; of the People’s Bank, in Binghamton; treasurer of the Lestershire Lumber and Box Company, and president of Lestershire Spool and Manufacturing Company. In politics he is a Republican, in religion a Methodist, and is a trustee of Tabernacle Church, of Binghamton, New York.

He married, October 13, 1876, Alice Davis, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, daughter of David R. Davis. Children: 1. Emelius, born July 2, 1878, at Harford Mills, New York; died May 28, 1892. 2. Harry Davis, born November 7, 1879, at Harford; entered Cornel University, in the class of 1902; was a sergeant in the British army, in South Africa, in 1901; engineering in Ecuador, South America, in 1902; was in Cuba in 1903; at present manager of the Leicestershire Spool & Manufacturing Company; married, June 15, 1907, Elizabeth Newcomb, born April 7, 1886; children: Austin W., born August 15, 1908; Harry Davis Jr., July 16, 1910. 3. Louis Royal, born July 4, `88`, at Harford Mills; entered Cornell University, in the class of 1901; married, September 17, 1901, Jessica M. Ostrom, born May 20, 1880; child: Royal Duane, born January 2, 1910. 4. Helen Bessie, born April 13, 1883, at Harford; graduate of Vassar College, class of 1905. 5. Caroline Mabel, born March 11, 1889, at Galeton, Pennsylvania; graduate of Vassar College, in 1911.

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