Broome County Military Data Page
Civil War--Surname U

Charles W Underwood 3 Beers Soldiers list - 109th Sanford, NY 11 Aug 1862
Peter Utter 3 Beers Soldiers list - 109th Binghamton, NY 09 Aug 1862

1. Smith, H.P. History of Broome County, New York. D. Mason & Co. Publishers, Syracuse, NY 1885 p175 & 6
2. Enlistments in 76th (Cortland Co. regiment) - from AG report and Mike Brown's 76th web site.     For more information on the 76th, please consult Mike's website.
3. Soldiers listed in the Beers Atlas of Broome County, hyperlinked to AG data for the unit specified in the record. The town listed indicates place of enlistment. Currently units include 16th Artillery, 27th and 109th Infantry.

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