This is the story and autograph book of William Bruce Russell b. Dec 23, 1864 near Binghampton, Broome co NY.

William is the son of (mar. cert):
Mr. Wm C(G?) Russell of Hartford, Conn and Miss Roseltha Clarke of Windsor, NY, on March 25th 1863 at Binghampton, NY. by DeWitt C Olmstead, Pastor of Court St. M.E. Ch. witness B. Seymorir (Semour?) and Martha E. Hoadley

This is a brief sketch of William Bruce Russell's life, written by his son, William Bruce Russell jr. b. 1896 Eddy Montana.

"William Bruce Russell was born Dec. 23, 1864, near Binghampton, NY. He was the son of a Sutter General in the Union army. His mother died in childbirth, and he was reared by an Aunt.

His early years were spent in school and working in the timber of the area. At age sixteen, he decided to go West and seek his fortune. Traveling by train to North Utah, he changed to a stage coach and arrived in Butte Montana. The Butte of those days in 1880 was a wild mining camp, and a poor place for a young man of sixteen years. Marcus Daly and W.A. Clark were bitter enemies and were all powerful leaders of the two factions striving for political power and fortune.

Our young easterner went to work for Marcus Daly and worked for him for several years. As he has had a little experience in the logging and sawmilling business in the East, he was soon operating a mill producing mining timber for shoring up the copper mines in Butte. He sawed the heavy timbers used in the construction of the old original smelter being built in Anaconda about twenty-five miles from Butte.

Early in 1888 he returned to Binghampton, NY, and married his boyhood sweetheart, Mamie A. Dawley.

William Bruce Russell/Mary "Mame" Alena Dawley married at Binghamton, NY, Feb. 29 1888, in presence of Mrs. J.W. Russsell, Ethan Russell, I.J. Dawley, M.J. Dawley by Rev. Joseph S. Swaino, First Baptist Church , Binghamton NY.

Upon his return to Montana in 1888, he settled near DeSmet, West of Missoula where he operated a sawmill and logging camp for himself, selling his output to the Marcus Daly operations in Butte. For many years he produced timber and lumber for this concern whose name was soon changed to the Anaconda Copper Company.

In late 1890 or 1891, he moved to Thompson Falls where he operated a timber production plant. In 1891, late in the year, he moved to Russell Spur, which was one mile east of Eddy, Montana, on the Northern Pacific Railroad line and the Clarks Fork River. This was an ideal location for river driving logs and shipping the lumber on the railroad.

Here in 1896 his eldest son W.B. Russell Jr, was born. and in 1899, a second son Rolland D. was born.

During these years, he bought land with its virgin timber from the mill site at Russell, east to the confluence of the Clarks Fork and Flathead rivers. The McKay farm across the river from the mill was logged by him, after which he sold the land. The Dupont property east of Paradise was also owned by him and many million feet of timber removed. For many years he owned and farmed this place. This property is now known as the Stephens Ranch. There were also many other properties logged by him, including the swamp creek Drainage west of Plains, Montana.

In 1903 he sold his Eddy, Montana, property and moved the family to Missoula, Montana, to secure schooling for his sons. The family home at 1120 Gerald Avenue was the family residence until after the death of Mrs. Russell. (Now a fraternity at the Univ. of Montana)

A third son was born soon after the move to Missoula on October 3, 1904, and was Harold Edwin. On Feb 22, 1908, the second son, Rolland passed away.

During the years of the family's residence in Missoula. Mr. Russell carried on his farming operations at Paradis and also at Woodlin, east of Thompson Falls. With the building of the Northern Pacific cut off from St. Regis to Paradise, Mr. Russell operated a wholesale and retail meat outlet, selling beef to the contractors building the railroad. there were several thousand workers on this job and the meat business.

During these years he also operated sawmills and logging camps in Western Montana. He also located and patented the silver and lead mines on Eddy Creek, which are still sporadically promoted.

With the completion of the power dam at Thompson Falls in 1912, he built the road from Thompson Falls to Burke, Idaho, to use in delivering the transmission line material, as most of the power at that time was delivered to the mines in Idaho.

In 1918, after the death of his wife, he lived in Paradise, and operated his businesses in that area."

William attended Lowells College in Binghamton NY. Below is a transcript of William's personal autograph book, started during his college years. Some autographs are from Broome County, others from his life and travels in the west. An index to the names in the book follows the transcript, including various notes on the entries.

Autograph book of Wm. B. Russell., Binghamton NY

Knowledge Wins. T.L. Brown April 14th 1881.
There is no place in the Universe where honesty is a crime.

Respy Yours
James Birdsall
apr 15/81 New kingston
then a paragraph written in morse code

Sincerely your Friend. C.W. Beman Binghamton N.W. May 4, 1881 L.C College

"To thine own self be true
and it must follow as the night the day
thou canst not be false to any neau."
Rhoda e. Smith, Binghamton Ny 5-80 1881 ("up late" written small in corner)

Yours Respy, Chat A. Everts Binghamton NY. Apr 25 1881

W.B. Lemon Binghamton NY April 27, 81

Your Sincere Friend D.Hirschmann Binghamton Apr 5 1881

Let not our friendship like the roses wither

But like the evergreens last forever Maggie T? Murphy Divide Creek


Feb. 19th 1885

Your Friend. Edwin Croft, Binghamton NY June 12, 1881

Feb 18th 1885 For friendship sake we write a line. J.B. Thomson, lost in a fog.
Divide Creek silver Bow, Ca Montana

Best wishes of D.M. S or Louell Bus College, Binghamton NY 1881 (May be just the initials DM, Louell bus. college)

E.A. Shaw H.A., Butte City Montana Jan 25 1883

Feb 26 1883 " It is better to give than to receive" so wrote a wise man
of old. but this now a days, friend Will only applies to kicks. cuffs
and--good advice. Yours Truly E.A.S.

Yours resp. A. (B) Butler Maine NY
has initial B A ? transposed on each other then BWLColor6???(maybe
Lowell Bus College?)

Remember your. friend at Louellr College W. A. Preston Sangefield NY
Apr 15 1881

Yours Respy J.W. Lyon Mt Vernah westchter Co NY student at Lowells
College binghamton NY

Yours ?C
HS Waldrow yr. friend: Penn'ay Bnghamton 4-25-1881

flower appliqué. Love me little love me long
Do not flirt-for it is wrong.
Rock Creek S.E L?

Arthur C Dithman (?) BinghamtonNY March 30 1881

Very truly your friend, Lowells College Binghamton Mar 30 1881
initials H.G. Smith in the center of a very nicely drawn dove or pheasant.

Robt W Leau, Butte City July 25th 1883. Looks like written later- H.A.
& bosse, and to the side Oh! Dpiti----y

Your Respy Benjamin S. Van Slyke Lowells business cll. binghamton Ny
april 5th 1881

A nicely drawn picture of a grasshopper with grasses in red and black
ink, also a beetle and a fly on each end of quote "we are mad and will
forever part"
Resp'y yours Prim Johnson Binghamton NY LBC April 25 1881

Respy your college friend F? ?. Fisk Stevensville Bradford co Penna LB.
College binghamton NY

Yours Respy W.E. Reynolds Binghamton NY June 16 1881 LBC

Binghamton NY June 17th 1881 Yours respy A P. fish Teacher.
beautifully written in a leaf type pattern L.B.C. then a nice drawing
of a dove or pheasant on a tree limb with your teacher and A. P. Fish
in the drawing

He has promised to be with us and his promises all stand, firm as the
everlasting hills. he changes not nor falters, who holdeth all our
lives in the hollow-of his hand. Mrs Henrietta Croft Binghamton N. York June 10th 1881

"He hieth-longest- who can tell of true things, truly done each day"
Emma E. Alden Binghamton NY June 3rd, 1881

That every effort of your life may be crowned with success is the wish of your friend. Mrs. N. R. Comfort Feb 17 1884

F.H.Apsey county Chenanglin A broom drawn beside the p in Apsey. Lots of other squibbles.

Though in distant lands we sigh, partched beneath a burning sky, though
the deep between us rolls, friendship shall unite our souls, and in
fancy's wide domin, oft shall we all meet again Fanny Croft binghamton
June "12"

A sticker of a envelope with a bird and flower Dec 18th 1886 Bonita
Mr? or Wm? Russell, accept my friend these lines from me they show that
I remember and thee hope some thought--they will retain till you and I
shall meet again Effie W. Grigg Carlisle Ind.

drawing of a dove with a piece of grass flowing around it in red and
black ink. Etha Russell

A line is sufficient for memory. Very truly yours James Mott,
Sangerfield Oneida NY
L.C.B Apr 12th 1881

Our lives are not all sunshine, nor are they always rain for god, in
mercy portions the cup that we must drain,
Mrs. S. D. Hardisky Butte Montana March 16 1882

Written around the page "Lowells Commercial College" ":How did he
break his arm"? "Do you make good figures"? in center Edn. A. Andrew
Binghamton New York Apr 7th 1881

E. rogers Bears Mouth, Mont Ter Nov 17th 1887

E.H. Pangborne Binghamton Apr 7" 1881

"Let us then be what we are, and speak what we think; but of all things
keep ourselves loyal to truth, and the sacred profession of
friendship." Addie A Alden binghamton NY June 1st 1881

A sticker with a hand holding a fan, that says In fond remembrance.
hand written ..Remember one as a friend. Mrs. A. W? Lewey Detroit Mich

sticker with hand holding flowers and a sign saying forget me not.
In memorys golden casket-drop one pearl for me. Mrs. G.W. Crossman
Binghamton NY

L B. C. May 2 1881
Make your life beautiful, use its best hours planting waste places.
With learnings rich flowers. Very truly yours, E. Leouis Camfs (?)
Onego, N. York

butte City. M. T. March 29th 1883
May the loving father give his angles change concerning thee. that they
may bear thee up above the conflict of earthly elements. long enough to
bath thy soul in the june sunshine of celestial hights then wilt thou be
assured of the glory and happiness that awaits thee in the sweet
Is the benediction of your friend, ?J. McConnell

Yours Truly G.E. Merrill Sanford Boome co NY

Yours Sincerely Fred HCardlty (?) Butte City Jan 25th 1883

JW Smyth. Owego NY 4-6-1881

Russell Life is sometimes bright and fair and sometimes dark and
lonely. Try to forget its toil and care and note the bright hours only
Yours Truly GC Taylor 4/5th-85 Silver city M. T.

Yours Respy A R Reynolds, Binghamton NY

A big flower sticker Mame Dawley Lawsville, PA april 9th 1881, written
around the page. Remeber riding down hill in a cutter "Music-lesson"

(this note is from his future wife)

New Mill Sept 15 1883
.Friend "Will"
We are both in Montana and co workers "handling lumber. We have
"Roughed it" here and worked hard & as we look away in the future we
hope for better days.
May you live to a good old age and be able to walk with 2 gold head
I know-you will remember the summer of .83 and as memory takes you back
remember NRC, Yours truly NRComfort
Deer Lodge Montana

Here for a time our lives does part
Yet pray remember Will
Youl alwayst have a Friend sincere in him who was Engineer of Pony Mill
Yours Truly J. W. Ellyson butte Mont

Yours Sincerely, D.B. Sinclair Butte City July 25rd, 1883

Yours Sincerely, M. P Dryden silver Bow Mt. T. Jan 7 25th 1883

Yours very truly Max Desontiller Butte City MT Jan 25th 1883

Your sincere friend J. Hardtla--Butte City M.T. Janny 25th 1883

(all on same page with line separating each entry, D.B. Sinclair entry

may be Jany 25 1883 instead of July)

I am yours truly J. Coil (?) Avery Jr. New London Conn March 2.

A---? back here out of sight
those few lines
I write for spite-
Dec 18th .., 86
Bonita Montana
Mrs. E. K. gregg a sticker with a girl in a bonnet or a big flower
behind her head, says for ever thine

John P cohan Binghamton NY April 81

Compliments of James O Beach Bloomfiled NJ LB college binghamton NY

end of autograph book

I tried to use the same spelling used in the autograph book.


Binghamton NY signatures:
Wm B Russell
James Birdsall
CW Beman
Rhoda E Smith
Chat A Everts
W.B. Lemon
D Hirschmann
Edwin Croft
D.M. Lowell or Souell
A.B. Butler
W.A. Preston
J.W Lyon
H.S. Waldrow
Arthur C. Dithman
N.G. Smith
Benjamin S Van Slyke
Prim Johnson (could be Orin Johnson)
F. O Fisk (may not be O)
W.E. Reynolds
A.P.Fish (teacher)
Mrs. Henrietta Croft
Emma E. Alden
F.H. Apsey (no date, may not be a student of Lowells BC)
Fanny Croft
James Mott
Edn. A. Andrews
E.H. Pangborne
Addie A Alden
Mrs. G.W. Crossman
E. Leouise Camp (Camfs)
G.E. Merrill
J.W. Smyth
G.K. Reynolds (G may be A)
J.Coil Avery Jr.
John P. Cohan
James O Beach
Etha Russell( no place or date but could be related to Wm Russell)

Montana and Misc T. L. Brown (think may be NY area as 1st entry in book, may have given him the book?)
Maggie T Murphey
J.B. Thomson
E.A. Shaw
EAS (may be same as above)
S.E. L(may be S.E. G.?)
Robt W Leau (may be Robt McLean)
Mrs. N.R. Comfort
Effie W Grigg
Etha Russell
Mrs. S.D. Hardisty (Hardisky?)
E. Rogers
Mrs. A N? Lewey
A.J. McConnell
Fred Hcardthy (Mcarthy?)
G C Taylor
Mame Dawley (future wife to Wm Russell)
N.R. Comfort
J.W. Ellyson
D.B. Sinclair
M.P. Dryden (may be Jms P. Dryden)
Max Desontiller (Desontilles)
J. Hardtla---
Mrs. E. K. Gregg

If anyone has any information on the Russell's or Clarke's I would love it if they would share it.


Katherine Russell