Taft families of Broome Co. NY      

Generation No. 1

SILAS TAFT was born June 10, 1744 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died August 07, 1812 in New York. He married ELIZABETH CRUFF on December 04, 1768 in Smithfield, RI. Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel and Abigail (SPRAGUE) CRUFF.
Children of Silas Taft and Elizabeth Cruff are:
1.   DAN TAFT, b. May 06, 1769, Uxbridge, Ma; d. July 07, 1834, New York.  
2.   JOB TAFT, b. February 02, 1772, Uxbridge, Ma; d. August 15, 1840, New York.  
3.   ASA TAFT, b. April 29, 1774, Uxbridge, Ma; d. March 17, 1839, Triangle, NY.  
4.   ABIGAIL TAFT, b. November 20, 1777, Uxbridge, Ma; d. Aft 1855, New York.  
5.   SILAS TAFT, b. November 20, 1779, Uxbridge, Ma; d. Aft 1850, ?Bruce, Mich.  
6.   LEWIS TAFT, b. April 19, 1781, Uxbridge, Ma; d. April 15, 1842, Triangle, NY.  
7.   CRUFF TAFT, b. May 12, 1784, Uxbridge, Ma; d. Bef 1831, Annsville, NY.  
8.   MARY TAFT, b. April 01, 1786, Uxbridge, Ma.  

Generation No. 2

1. DAN TAFT was born May 06, 1769 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died July 07, 1834 in New York. He married (1) SARAH COMSTOCK January 28, 1788, daughter of Israel Comstock and Mercy Taft. He married (2) MARTHA LATHROP December 04, 1796, daughter of Andrew Lathrop and Abigail Fish. He died near Black River (Oswego Co. ) NY., buried at Lee Valley Cemetery.
Children of Dan and Sarah (Comstock) Taft are:
i.   ELIZABETH TAFT, b. March 19, 1790, ?Killingly, Ct; d. February 22, 1874; m. DANIEL RANDOLPH, 1807.  
ii.   MERCY TAFT, b. March 11, 1794, Springfield, NY; d. July 23, 1878; m. JESSE FISH, March 13, 1811, Williamstown, NY.  

Children of Dan and Martha (Lathrop) Taft are:
iii.   SARAH TAFT, b. October 05, 1797, New York; d. November 10, 1874; m. JESSE MATTESON, Bef 1821.  
iv.   DEBORAH TAFT, b. November 22, 1798, Oneida County, NY; d. April 21, 1813.  
v.   OLIVER LATHROP TAFT, b. February 07, 1800, Oneida County, NY; d. February 17, 1847; m. BETSEY LYNN WALKER, Bef 1828.  
vi.   ABIGAIL TAFT, b. May 20, 1801, Oneida County, NY; d. October 20, 1854; m. ISRAEL WHITE, February 03, 1828.  
vii.   ADELIA/ADELINE TAFT, b. February 22, 1803, Oneida County, NY; d. 1857; m. ISRAEL S. PARKER, 1827, Rome, NY.  
viii.   LYMAN TAFT, b. November 26, 1804, Otsego County, NY; d. May 16, 1890, Annsville, NY; m. (1) BETSEY STOREY, June 29, 1826; m. (2) FANNY GRAVES, January 04, 1835.  
ix.   VINCENT TAFT, b. April 01, 1806, Oneida County, NY; d. June 19, 1870; m. (1) OLIVE BULL, January 14, 1830; m. (2) MARY ANN RANDOLPH, Aft 1840.
x.   MARY TAFT, b. August 23, 1808, Oneida County, NY; d. Aft 1850; m. RICHARD SIMONS, Bef 1829.  
xi.   GEORGE TAFT, b. February 27, 1809, Oneida County, NY; d. July 04, 1878, Taberg, NY; m. (1) CORNELIA S. PETRIE, Bef 1835; m. (2) MATILDA TAFF, April 08, 1852.  
xii.   JOHN LATHROP TAFT, b. November 10, 1810, Oneida County, NY; d. 1873, ?Whitewater, Wisc; m. ELIZA EDGERTON, April 17, 1831.  
xiii.   DANIEL TAFT, b. June 04, 1812, Lee, NY; d. December 09, 1812.  
xiv.   BELINDA TAFT, b. September 27, 1813, Lee, NY; d. 1873, ?Summit, Wisc; m. ELISHA EDGERTON.  
xv.   MALE TAFT, b. Abt 1814, Lee, NY; d. 1816.  
xvi.   DELOS W. TAFT, b. December 28, 1815, Lee, NY; d. 1873; m. SARAH, Bef 1847.  
xvii.   ALANSON TAFT, b. June 06, 1818, Lee, NY; d. 1886; m. ADELINE MINOR.  
xviii.   ALONZO TAFT, b. June 06, 1818, Lee, NY; d. July 10, 1818.  

2. JOB TAFT was born February 02, 1772 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died August 15, 1840 in New York. He married ELIZABETH BROWN or BRAUN Bef 1792, daughter of John Brown and Gitty Hager. He is buried at Triangle (Broome Co.) NY. Elizabeth died 11 Jan. 1869 and is buried at also buried in Triangle, NY.
Children of Job Taft and Elizabeth Brown are:
i.   CHARITY TAFT, b. Abt 1793, Schoharie County, NY; d. Aft 1860, ?Triangle, NY.  
ii.   DAVID TAFT, b. 1796, New Rhinebeck, NY; d. 1869, ?Triangle, NY; m. CATHRINE STEPHENSON, Bef 1818.  
iii.   ABIGAIL TAFT, b. 1798, New Rhinebeck, NY; d. Aft 1860; m. ABRAM MONK.  
iv.   HENRY TAFT, b. Abt 1801; d. July 01, 1867, Smithville Flats, NY; m. BETSEY TICKNOR, Bef 1827.  
v.   MARY TAFT, b. Abt 1804, New York; d. Aft 1880; m. JACOB FOX, February 13, 1825, New Rhinebeck, NY.  
vi.   ABRAHAM TAFT, b. 1805, Cobleskill, NY; d. December 17, 1852; m. CHARLOTTE DAY, October 18, 1822.  
vii.   ISAAC BROWN TAFT, b. October 07, 1807, New Rhinebeck, NY; d. April 11, 1892; m. (1) MARY ANN DAY, April 1834, ?Triangle, NY; m. (2) RUTH ANN SPENCER, Bef 1842; m. (3) SARAH HALL, 1878.  
viii.   ELIZABETH BETSY TAFT, b. Abt 1813, New York; d. 1871; m. THOMAS PARKER, Bef 1833.  
ix.   PETER TAFT, b. Abt 1816, Schoharie County, NY; d. Aft 1860, ?Triangle, NY.  

3. ASA TAFT was born April 29, 1774 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died March 17, 1839 in Triangle, NY. He married (1) SARAH WHITNEY 1794 in Peru, Ma, daughter of John Whitney and Mary Cary/Cory. Marriage intentions 18 Sep. 1794, at Peru, Mass. The marriage intentions, only four days before the birth of their first child, describe Asa as "of Norway, Herkimer County, NY". Yet, Asa and Sarah remained at Peru for the births of two more children.

>Children of Asa Taft and Sarah Whitney are:
i.   ASA TAFT, b. September 22, 1794, Peru, Ma; d. December 27, 1880, ?Triangle, NY; m. (1) IRENE DAY, December 22, 1816, ?Triangle, NY; m. (2) CYNTHIA BAKER, Aft 1852, ?Triangle, NY.  
ii.   LURANCY TAFT, b. March 28, 1796, Peru, Ma; d. April 02, 1870; m. LUMAN OLMSTEAD, March 23, 1814, Triangle, NY.  
iii.   AMANDA TAFT, b. December 31, 1798, Peru, Ma; d. February 07, 1872, Broome County, NY; m. CHAUNCEY WHITNEY, Bef 1819, ?Triangle, NY.  
iv.   JOEL CRUFF TAFT, b. December 25, 1800, ?Schoharie County, NY; d. April 19, 1849, ?Fairbanks, Ind; m. TAMISE SUTHERLAND, Abt 1819, New York.  
v.   SETH TAFT, b. May 02, 1803, ?Triangle, NY; d. 1875; m. SARAH SPAULDING, March 02, 1825.  
vi.   JOHN WHITNEY TAFT, b. January 24, 1805, ?Greene County, NY; d. May 28, 1892, Woodhull, Illinois; m. ELECTA DAY, November 29, 1822, ?Triangle, NY.  

Children of Asa Taft and Lucy Fuller are:
vii.   LUCY WILSON TAFT, b. ?Triangle, NY; d. Bef 1839.  
viii.   SARAH JANE TAFT, b. 1821, ?Triangle, NY; d. 1881; m. DAVID CLINTON, Bef 1839, ?Triangle, NY.  
ix.   JAMES F. TAFT, b. Abt 1822, ?Triangle, NY; d. August 10, 1848; m. MARY ANN ELLISON, Bef 1839.  
x.   AMBROSE TAFT, b. Abt 1825, New York; m. HARRIETT W. SHATTUCK, 1847.  

4. ABIGAIL TAFT was born November 20, 1777 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died Aft 1855 in New York. She married ISAAC CORY Abt 1817. She died after 1855 (perhaps ca. 1857) per letter written by son, Minor Cory, at ?Clarkson (Monroe Co) NY. Married by 1817. The IGI shows a marriage of an Abigail Taft to Daniel Wright Dodd, 19 Nov. 1804, at Cobleskill (Schoharie Co) NY. Several members of the family of Silas4 were settled at Cobleskill and vicinity at this time.
Abigail and her brother, Silas, appear to be the only members of the family to have removed to Clarkson, NY. In the 1855 census, Abigail's birth place is given as Herkimer Co. The best explanation for this error is the fact that Silas was living in Herkimer Co. in 1810, "next door" to a William Corey who may have been kin to Isaac.

Children of Abigail Taft and Isaac Cory are:
i.   JULIA CORY, b. September 17, 1817, Clarkson, NY; d. March 28, 1882; m. EDWARD HAWKINS, Abt 1838.  
ii.   MINOR CORY, b. Abt 1825, ?Clarkson, NY; m. GINETTE PRATT, January 25, 1857, Newaygo County, Mich.  

5. SILAS TAFT was born November 20, 1779 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died Aft 1850 in ?Bruce, Mich. His wife's full name is unknown, but her first name, according to son Isaac's death certificate, was Silvy.
Silas died after 1850, at ?Bruce (Macomb Co) Mich. He was married before 1804 at New York. Apparently a widower before 1850 when he is listed in the household of his ?son-in-law, Uriah S. Price at Bruce. From census entries 1800-1830, NY., it may be speculated that Silas had as many as 10 children, some of whom probably did not survive to adulthood. Thus far, only two children have been tentatively identified.

Children of Silas Taft include:
i.   ISAAC TAFT, b. Abt Feb 21, 1805, New York; d. Mar 18, 1875, Bruce (Macomb Co) Mich; m. HARRIET CUSIC, Bef 1831.   Harriet survived her husband, dying in Macomb Co. MI on October 28, 1877. They, along with son Lewis Taft and possibly Silas and Silvy, are buried in the Bruce Baptist Cemetery. His death cert is on file in Macomb Co. MI.
ii.   MARTHA TAFT, b. Abt 1818, New York; m. URIAH PRICE, Bef 1838.  

6. LEWIS TAFT was born April 19, 1781 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died April 15, 1842 in Triangle, NY. He married BELINDA DEWEY September 20, 1804 in Williamstown, NY, daughter of John Dewey and Rhoda Gillett. He is buried at Triangle (Broome Co) NY. Married Belinda Dewey (1781-1870) daughter of John and Rhoda Dewey of Lebanon, Ct.
Lewis and Belinda lived at Lebanon, Ct., until about 1815 when they removed to Lee (Oneida Co) NY. In 1818, they moved again, to Carlisle (Schoharie Co) NY and finally in 1837 to Triangle, NY. Their marriage and the births of several children were recorded at Lebanon, Ct., but these records appear to have been made retrospectively. For instance, the birth of the first son named John Ordway is not recorded.
SG TAF 5 states that Lewis married Rhoda Dewey, and this seems confirmed by Connecticut vital records, However, in discussing their granddaughter, Eunice McGee, the Ticknor genealogy (1919) gives the wife of Albert McGee as Rhoda (Murray) McGee. And, a gravestone at Triangle, NY reads (Hibbard, 1961) "Belinda Murry Taft wife of Lewis 4-13-1870 89 Yr". These conflicting pieces of information remain to be clarified.

Children of Lewis Taft and Belinda Dewey are:
i.   LEWIS DEWEY TAFT, b. August 23, 1805, Lebanon, Ct; d. November 01, 1891; m. ANTOINETTE WESCOT.  
ii.   RHODA TAFT, b. November 25, 1807, ?Lebanon, Ct; d. May 28, 1883, ?Triangle, NY; m. ALBERT MCGEE, Bef 1833.  
iii.   JOHN ORDWAY TAFT, b. September 19, 1809, ?Lebanon, Ct; d. October 1810, Lebanon, Ct.  
iv.   JOHN ORDWAY TAFT, b. February 12, 1811, ?Lebanon, Ct; d. January 21, 1840, ?Triangle, NY; m. MARIA MONK, Bef 1840.  
v.   ELIZABETH TAFT, b. February 12, 1813, ?Lebanon, Ct; d. July 26, 1845, Triangle, NY; m. JOSHUA DAY, Bef 1837, ?Triangle, NY.  
vi.   ISRAEL WOODRUFF TAFT, b. November 02, 1815, ?Lebanon, Ct; d. February 15, 1874, Ovid, Clinton County, Mich; m. (1) LUCY BARNES, 1838; m. (2) MARY L. SPRONG, 1852.  
vii.   AMOS FOWLER TAFT, b. November 30, 1817, ?Lee, NY; d. November 02, 1908, Triangle, NY; m. (1) LOUISA TAFT, Bef 1839; m. (2) LUCY ANN TAFT, Bef 1856, ?Triangle, NY; m. (3) CATHERINE HATCH, Bef 1880.  
viii.   REBECCA TAFT, b. March 19, 1819; d. August 03, 1820.  
ix.   WILLIAM HENRY TAFT, b. January 13, 1821, ?Carlisle, NY; d. December 19, 1899, Salinas City, Ca; m. CYRENA TERWILLIGER, Aft 1850, ?Triangle, NY.  
x.   EUNICE TAFT, b. January 16, 1823; d. May 03, 1825.  

7. CRUFF TAFT was born May 12, 1784 in Uxbridge, Ma, and died Bef 1831 in Annsville, NY. He married RHODA CROWELL Bef 1808. He died before 1831, at Annsville (Oneida Co.) NY. Marriage before ca. 1808 to Rhoda Crowell (ca. 1785-1869). Rhoda died at Annsville. She married second a man named Miller, by whom she had a son, George, who eventually took the Taft surname as his mother and father were separated.

Children of Cruff Taft and Rhoda Crowell are:
i.   HIRAM TAFT, b. February 18, 1806, Schoharie County, NY; d. Aft 1883, Forest, Ohio; m. POLLY QUACKENBUSH, January 10, 1830, New York.  
ii.   JAMES TAFT, d. 1875, Illinois; m. MARGARET VAUGHN, 1839, Frankfort, Herkimer County, NY.  
iii.   MARY TAFT, d. Osceola, NY; m. JAMES DRAKE.  
iv.   LEWIS TAFT, m. ? WOODARD.  
v.   SILAS TAFT, b. Abt 1814, New York; d. July 25, 1848; m. MARY ANN WALKER, Abt 1841.  
vi.   HENRY TAFT, b. Abt 1817, New York; d. 1885, Villanova, NY; m. (1) MAHALA ?, Bef 1848; m. (2) MARY E. GILLET, July 21, 1878, Villanova, NY.  
vii.   HARVEY TAFT.  
viii.   CHAUNCEY TAFT, b. July 02, 1820, New York; d. November 1884, Taberg, NY; m. MARTHA WETHERBEE, Bef 1844.  
ix.   BELA TAFT, b. Abt 1822, New York.  
x.   SOLOMON TAFT, b. Abt 1825, New York; d. April 16, 1865, Chippendale (Sydney) N.S.W; m. WINIFRED MCNAMARA, 1857, N.S.W.  
xi.   SUSAN TAFT.  

Submitted by Vicki Hall Titus