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Clerks office Vital Records
Recorded in Barker - 1847

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Barker Births
M/F Date Child’s Name Parents Remarks
M 1847-01-27 Harrison Shaylor George C. & Rosetta Shaylor
M 1847-02-16   Allen & Jane Taylor Not Named
F 1847-02-24 Grace [???] Vancuren Bowman & Clarinda Vancuren
F 1847-02-27 Ann Delucia Dunham George Milton & Sophia Dunham
F 1847-03-08 Mary Jerusha Cooke Chester H. & Abigail Cooke
M 1847-04-05 Amos Edison Turner Amos & Luvina Turner
M 1847-04-24 Leeroy Eldridge Orra Eldridge Illegitimate
F 1847-05-03 Gertrude Harrington George M. & Marlin Harrington
F 1847-05-07 Rosella Lorry Decker William & Caroline Decker
M 1847-05-12 Moses Wooster John & Amanda Wooster
F 1847-06-07 Susan H. Brasee(?) Augustus & Betsy Ann Brasee(?)
M 1847-06-14 Charles Holland Schuiler & Laura Holland
F 1847-06-16 Ann Whitbeck Martin W. & Albathina(?) Whitbeck
F 1847-07-14 Elizabeth Katharine Fullager Langley & Mary Ann Fullager
M 1847-07-26
Thomas R. & Elizabeth Reynolds Not Named
F 1847-08-27 Ann(?) Copeland John & Lydia Copeland
M 1847-09-02
Jofalyn(?) Blair Not Named
F 1847-09-16 Mary Jane Knapp Abram & Jane Knapp
F 1847-09-19 Mariah Levancha(?) Eldridge Gallusha & Mary Ann Eldridge
M 1847-09-25 William G. Comstock William & Polly Comstock
Eliza Shaylor Illegitimate
M 1847-10-06 Marcus F. Hyde Franklin & Mariah Hyde
F 1847-10-28 Chloe Adil Pars Lasing(?) & Clarinda Pars
M 1847-11-01
Ira & Deusy(?) Ward Not Named
M 1847-11-02
Lewis & Harriet Eldridge Not Named
F 1847-11-07
Lucius & Eliza Eldridge Not Named
M 1847-11-10 Charles B. Alexander Stephen & Louisa R. Alexander
F 1847-11-20 Charlotte May Thurstin John & Experience Thurstin
F 1847-11-27 Florence Amelia Lewis Salmon(?) & Elvira Lewis
M 1847-12-06 Marshall C. Boughton David & Anna Boughton
M 1847-12-08 Elijah W. Clarke Elijah M. & Amy Clarke
Roswell & Marry Blair Not Named
F 1847-12-26   Joseph & Armena Purdy Not Named
F 1847-12-29
John W. & Sarah Ann Reymond Not Named

Barker Marriages
Date Husband name Husband data Wife name       Wife data Official
1847-02-16 Charles Gaylord Age 37; of Barker Polly Lull Age 35; of Barker Rev. King Elwell; of Chenango
1847-03-16 Chauncey Morse Age 25; of Sanford Caroline Tarbox Age 22; of Barker Rev. Mr. Lewis; of Lisle
1847-05-07 Willis L. Gregory Age 30; of Manlius Francis Beach Age 23; of Barker Rev. King Elwell; of Chenango
1847-05-07 Leander Bilard Of Triangle Abigail Cluff Of Triangle Rev. Woodruff; of Chenango
1847-06-06 John Vincent Age 23; of Truxton, Cortland Co. Jane Blackman Age 18; of Lincklean, NY Townsend Bayley, J.P.; of Barker
1847-06-13 John Satchwell Age 60; of Barker Anna Hatfield Age 53; of Union Rev. Kelsey; of Union
1847-10-01 Simon Terwilliger Age 24; of Greene Dorcas Ellerson Age 23; of Barker Rev. T. J. Cole; of Triangle
1847-10-17 Nathan Ford Age 27; of German Sarah Waite Age 19; of Barker Rev. Thomas Cole; of Triangle

Barker Deaths
Date Surname Given Notes Residence Cause
1847-01-03 Headley(?) Lyman 4 M Barker Croup
1847-02-15 Infant
1 day M Barker Unknown
1847-02-26 Loomis Lydia 71 F; Married; Weaver Barker Billious Fever
1847-04-02 Boughton Mary C. 20 F; Unmarried; Housekeeper Barker Congestion of the Brain
1847-04-24 Allen Adaline 1 F Barker Inflammation of the Lungs
1847-05-30 Foote Dorcas 52 F; Married; Housekeeper Barker Consumption
1847-07-04 Foote Lemuel 57 M; Married; Farmer Barker Consumption
1847-07-14 Terwilliger George W. 3 M Barker Billious Fever
1847-08-01 Stoddard Harriet A. 18 F; Unmarried; School Teacher Greene Billious Remittent Fever
1847-09-15 Knapp Jane 27 F; Married; Housewife Barker Hemorrhage
1847-09-18 Dunham Frederick 3 M Barker Cholera Morbus
1847-09-23 Rogers Katharine 5 F Barker Typhus Fever
1847-09-24 Gaylord Polly 36 F; Married; Housekeeper Barker Cholera Morbus
1847-10-15 Hyde Chauncy 78 M; Married; Farmer Barker Dropsy
1847-11-08 Willard John 41 M; Unmarried; Merchant Greene Typhus Fever
1847-12-14 Comstock Abagail 34 F; Married; Landlady Barker Jaundice or Liver Complaint
1847-12-28 Gaylord George, Jr. 7 M Barker Killed by riding a sled tongue

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