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Clerks office Vital Records
Recorded in Lisle - 1847

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Lisle Births
M/F Date Child’s Name Parents Remarks
F 1847-01-03 French Japhet Elijah & Mary Japhet
F 1847-02-07 Louisa Virginia Adams Edward & Melinda Adams
M 1847-02-10 Lennox(?) Randall Allen & Olive Randall
F 1847-02-11 Mary Elizabeth Underwood Asa & Mary Underwood
M 1847-02-13 Wilbur Howland Marvin & Angeline Howland
F 1847-02-17 Mary Lucy Slack Peter & Nancy Slack
M 1847-02-27 Charles Walter Charles & Philena Walter
M 1847-03-01 Frederic Edwards Franklin & Mary Edwards
M 1847-03-06 Malcina(?) Glesen(?) Levi W. & Delia Glesen(?)
M 1847-03-21 Wallace Burghardt Isaac & Rosilla Burghardt
F 1847-03-25 Elisa Marks Comfort & Amanda Marks
F 1847-04-07 Fanny Jane Ketchum Robert & Elisa Ketchum
F 1847-04-09 Roxana Lathrop Erastus & Maria Lathrop
F 1847-04-10 Emma Howland William & Cynthia Howland
M 1847-04-11 John J. C. Pearce Elkanah & Hannah Pearce
F 1847-04-14 Melissa Jane [Not given] Illegitimate
F 1847-04-15 Jerusha M. Brown Hiram & Mary Brown
M 1847-04-17 Andrew C. Cook Welcome & Lucy Cook
M 1847-04-19 George Howland Stephen & Abigail Howland
M 1847-04-21 Twining R. Hitt James W. & Roxy Ann Hitt
M 1847-04-21 William M. Pellet George & Lovina Pellet
M 1847-04-22 Charles H. Lee William & Nancy Lee
M 1847-05-02 Edwin Slack William & Lucy Slack
M 1847-05-09 Joseph H. Talbot Joseph B. & Emily Talbot
F 1847-05-13 Rachel Davis Sylvester & Rhoda Davis (Nanticoke)
M 1847-05-20 Charles John Northrup Solomon & Livantia(?) Northrup
F 1847-06-12 Emma Salisbury Noyes & Diana Salisbury
M 1847-06-19 Leba(?) O’Donnel Hill John and Laura Ann Hill
F 1847-06-24
Ambrose L. & Mary Ann Parsons [Not Named]
M 1847-06-27 Egerton Crain Woodworth Ara N. & Hannah Woodworth
F 1847-07-08 Alice Hya Twining Joseph B. & Elisa Twining
F 1847-07-09 Araminta Edmister Philotas & Elisa Edmister
M 1847-07-12 Zadoc Brown Nathaniel & Mary Ann Brown
M 1847-07-27 Frederic W. Griggs Frederic S. & Fanny Griggs (Nanticoke)
M 1847-08-05 Silas R. Adams Mason & Rachel Adams
F 1847-08-28
George A. & Nancy D. Barnes [Not Named]
F 1847-08-28 Jane Ingalls John & Jane Ingalls
M 1847-09-05 Alanson Carley(?) Smith William & Joanna Smith
M 1847-09-14 Salphorinica(?) Freelove James & Sarah Freelove
F 1847-09-16
Henry & Emily Edwards [Not Named]
M 1847-09-17 Philatus Alonzo Millen David H. & Mary Ann Millen
F 1847-09-23 Susan Lusk Simon J. & Rebecca Lusk
F 1847-10-02 Emma Stoddard George S. & Margaritta Stoddard
M 1847-10-16
William & Sarah Miner [Not Named]
M 1847-11-08 Reed B. Freeman A. D. & Sally Ann Freeman
M 1847-11-11 Francis C. Knickerbocker Alvin & Phebe Knickerbocker
F 1847-11-17 Rozemma Walker William & Caroline Walker
F 1847-11-25
David & Sarah Underwood [Not Named]
F 1847-11-28 Mary Lucia Barrows Seth, Jr. & Ruth M. Barrows
M 1847-12-17
Ira(?) & Lovina Lynde [Not Named]
M 1847-12-21
Rodney & Zilpah French [Not Named]
F 1847-12-28
Charles H. & Sarah Ann Livermore(?) [Not Named]

Lisle Marriages
Date Husband name Husband data Wife name       Wife data Official
1847-01-06 Samuel Mitchell Age 26; of Lisle Melissa Hubbard Age 25; of Lisle Rev. John Lewis, of Triangle
1847-04-01 Emory N. Smith Age 19; of Marathon, Cortland Co Amanda Seamans Age 19; of Lisle Rev. O. F. Brown, of Marathon, Cortland Co.
1847-04-14 Lorin Price Age 26; of Lisle Diana Bemis Age 28; of Marathon, Cortland Co Mr. Matthews, of Virgil, Cortland Co
1847-04-15 Thomas W. Dickinson Of Lisle Betsey A. Allen Of Lisle Rev. Thomas G. Cole, of Triangle
1847-05-09 Richard Pollard Age 24; of Marathon, Cortland Co Jane Pollard Age 23; of Lisle Rev. R. Washburn, of Lisle
1847-05-13 Melanathan Lathrop Age 21; of Lisle Olivia Seymour Age 20; of Lisle Rev. A. D. French, of Lisle
1847-05-31 Lorin Bradley Age 32; of Greene, Chenango Co Abilene(?) Cook Age 25; of Lisle Rev. B. Brooks, of Nanticoke
1847-06-06 Daniel Freelove Age 21; of Lisle Rachel Spicer(?) Age 23; of Lisle Nathaniel Ells, Esq., Nanticoke
1847-06-13 Gamaliel Tubbs Age 21; of Richford, Tioga Co. Pamela Busby Age 18; of Lisle L. R. Griffin, Esq., Richford, Tioga Co.
1847-06-27 Marvin Howland Age 37; of Lisle Betsey Burghardt Age 36; of Lisle Rev. A. D. French, of Lisle
1847-10-19 Reny Smith Age 27; of Lisle Joanna Smith Age 23; of Lisle Rev. B. Brooks, of Nanticoke
1847-10-19 Joseph Shaw Age 28; of Chenango Jane Mitchell Age 21; of Lisle Rev. John N. Lewis, of Triangle
1847-10-27 David S. Wood Age 29; of Lisle Mary [name not given] Age 24; of Lisle Rev. R. Washburn, of Lisle
1847-11-12 Peter Monfore Age 26; of Lisle Diana Howland Age 16; of Lisle L. R. Griffin, Esq., Richford, Tioga Co.

Lisle Deaths
Date Surname Given Notes Residence Cause
1847-02-18 Howland Angeline 32 F; wife of Farmer Lisle Hydrops(?) Pectoris
1847-03-11 Bush James 38 M; Married; Farmer Lisle Disease of Spine
1847-04-03 Price George 37 M; Married; Farmer Triangle Typhus Fever
1847-06-03 Upham Elizabeth S. 17 F; Unmarried; Daughter of Farmer Lisle Epilepsy
1847-06-07 Stoddard James M; Married; Mechanic Lisle Pulmonary Abscess
1847-07-14 Smith William M; Married; Farmer Lisle Consumption
1847-07-20 Lusk Chauncy G. 1 M; Child of Farmer Lisle [Not given]
1847-08-02 Griggs Frederic W. 7 days M; Child of Farmer Nanticoke [Not given]
1847-08-05 Manning Anna 86 F; Widow of Farmer Lisle Dropsy
1847-08-15 Orton Catharine 73 F; Widow of Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-08-26 Cole Henry B. 63 M; Married; Farmer Lisle Ulceration of Bowels
1847-08-27 Howland William 85 M; Married; Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-08-30 Howland Caroline 3 F; Child of Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-09-03 Howland Delana 13 F; Child of Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-09-04 Howland Marion 5 M; Child of Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-09-08 Barnes Susan Howell 2 F; Child of Physician Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-09-14 Jones Fanny L. 14 ˝ F; Daughter of Mechanic Lisle Typhus Fever
1847-09-16 Howland Amanda 36 F; Wife of Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-09-20 Howland Arny(?) 9 M; Child of Farmer Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-09-21 Northrup Levantia 32 F; Wife of Farmer Lisle Chronic Peritonitis
1847-10-09 Washburn Eleanor 5 F; Child of Clergyman Lisle Dysentery
1847-10-10 Mix Allen 18 M; Unmarried; Farmer Lisle Typhus Fever
1847-10-16 Barnes Julia Francis 3 ˝ F; Child of Physician Lisle Typhus Dysentery
1847-12-12 [Not Named]
17 days F Lisle [Not given]
1847-12-22 [Not Named]
1 day M Lisle [Not given]

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