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Clerks office Vital Records
Recorded in Nanticoke - 1847

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Nanticoke Births
M/F Date Child’s Name Parents Remarks
F 1847-01-11 Adeline Bush David & Orilla Bush
M 1847-02-26 Samuel Perry Robert & Asenath Perry
M 1847-04-13 Elias H. Morgan Haley & Mercy Morgan
F 1847-04-29 Charlotte Spencer Morgan & Charlotte Spencer
M 1847-05-23 Lucius C. Cady Dwight & Gennett Cady
F 1847-05-27 Mary C. Pierce Chester & Polly Pierce
F 1847-06-24 Roselia M. Matison Martin & Lucy Matison
F 1847-07-12 Mary Jo Rosell Charles & Sarah Rosell
F 1847-07-22 Edith Eugene Cline King & Permelia Elizabeth Cline
M 1847-08-15 Orlin Perry Cephas & Melissa Ann Perry
M 1847-08-16 Andrew Jackson Yarns Consider & Hannah Yarns
M 1847-08-20 Orlando Ketchum Edwin & Permelia Ketchum
F 1847-08-24 Helen G. Councilman Jacob & Sarah Councilman
F 1847-09-08 Lucretia Elvira Adams Jeremiah A. & Emily Adams
M 1847-09-11 Walter Adelbert Weeks Edwin & Laura Weeks
M 1847-11-07 Samuel C. Barnum John & Ann Barnum
F 1847-11-14 Eliza A. Bacon Cyrus & Hannah Bacon
M 1847-12-02 Philo Sterns Erasmus & Susan Sterns

Nanticoke Marriages
Date Husband name     Husband data Wife name       Wife data Official
1847-05-12 Finch Akerly Age 75; of Nanticoke Barbary Morgan Age 67; of Nanticoke Rev. B. Brooks, of Nanticoke
1847-10-31 Adamson(?) Dan(?) Age 27; of Detroit, MI Susan Gould Age 23; of Nanticoke Nathaniel Ells, Esq. of Nanticoke

Nanticoke Deaths
Date Surname Given Notes Residence Cause
1847-02-11 Baine Francis 3 m 10d M Nanticoke Inflammation
1847-02-14 Wilkinson John 75 M; Shoe Maker Nanticoke Old Age
1847-09-25 Slack Charles Leroy 2 M Nanticoke Summer Complaint

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