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Clerks office Vital Records
Recorded in Sandford - 1847

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Sandford Births
M/F Date Child’s Name Parents Remarks
F 1847-03-11 Caroline D. Lewis Lyman & Amanda Lewis
F 1847-03-28 Sally Eliza Merrill George & Eliza Jane Merrill
M 1847-03-28 George Delos Mayo George & Sarah Ann Mayo
M 1847-04-07 Robert B. Thompson Robert & Hellen Thompson
F 1847-06-10 Anne M. Horton Joseph & Catharine Horton
M 1847-07-06 George D. Baker George & Abby Baker
F 1847-07-12 Amanda M. Palmer John & Mary A. Palmer
F 1847-07-17 Betsey A. Merrill Alveron(?) P. & Eliza Jane Merrill
F 1847-08-07 Sarah C. Bodily Joseph & Sarah Bodily
F 1847-08-15 Clarissa Lobdell Jason & Mary Ann Lobdell
M 1847-08-21 Lewis A. Aplington James & Sally Aplington
M 1847-09-17 Rodney Rowe Henry & Salina Rowe
F 1847-10-07 Harriet S. Bullock Jacob & Harriet Bullock
F 1847-10-26 Jane E. Wright Hammond & Julia Ann Wright
F 1847-11-08 Mary Merrill Peter P. & Sarah A. Merrill
F 1847-11-18
Joel & Nancy Palmer Not Named
F 1847-12-02 Julia Curtiss Mangus(?) & Deborah Curtiss
M 1847-12-20 George Busch Ettol(?) & Polly M. Busch

Sandford Marriages
Date Husband name Husband data Wife name       Wife data Official
1847-02-02 John Gordon(?) Age 23; of Sandford Lucy Bolster Age 18; of Sandford Nathan D. Aplington, Esq., Sandford
1847-11-22 Alanson S. Philly Age 20; of Sandford Catharine Fancher Age 18; Sandford Palmer Owen, Clergyman; of Sandford
1847-11-30 Joseph Clarkson Age 25; of Sandford Sarah Ann Smith Age 16; of Sandford John Peters, Esq., Sandford
1847-12-26 Samuel Greenman Age 32; of Sandford Maria Wilson Age 27; of Windsor J. B. Stone, Chihocton

Sandford Deaths
Date Surname Given Notes Residence Cause
1847-08-25 Baily Sarah Catharine F; Unmarried Sandford Inflammation of the lungs
1847-08-30 Hovis Hellen F; Unmarried Sandford Summer Complaint
1847-10-01 Robinson Sarah 41(?) F; Married; Housekeeper Sandford Consumption
1847-10-09 Robinson Orpha O. 15 F; Unmarried; Housekeeper Sandford Billious Fever
1847-10-10 Demander Francis E. 3 F Sandford Croup
1847-10-18 Edwards Hiram 44 M; Married; Merchant Sandford Consumption
1847-12-29 Nikolson Mary E. 1 F “at home” Billious Fever

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