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Clerks office Vital Records
Recorded in Windsor - 1847

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Windsor Births
M/F Date Child’s Name Parents Remarks
M 1847-01-02 Coroden Clark George & Rebecca Mariah Clark
M 1847-01-08 Lorenzo Erastus Brown James Y. & Persis Cordelia Brown
M 1847-01-21 Addison Eugene Moore Richard W. & Laura Moore
M 1847-02-17 Julian Jerome Russell James M. & Chloe Russell
F 1847-03-03 Harriet Welton Chancy & Ollive Ann Welton
F 1847-03-05 Frances Delana Dinga Peter & Electa Dinga
F 1847-03-15   Andrew & Minerva Spearbeck Not Named
M 1847-03-15 Benjamin Russell Hallock Jehial & Louisa Hallock
F 1847-04-07 Mary Matilda McKee Addison & Elizabeth Adelaide McKee
M 1847-04-17 Wilmot H. Andrus Charles & Esther P. Andrus
M 1847-04-23 Charles Calvin Markham Calvin & Roxy Markham
M 1847-05-03 George Herman George & Caroline Pease
M 1847-05-07 Edward H. Harden Jacob & Polly Harden
F 1847-05-18 Olly Elvira Labarren Judah A. & Leah E. Labarren
F 1847-05-28 Lucy Catharine Hanes Ambrose & Emeline Hanes
M 1847-05-31 George W. Burns Stephen A. & Hannahette Burns
F 1847-06-27 Flora Ann Guernsey Tracy & Lydia R. Guernsey
M 1847-07-13 Marcellus Frost Andrew A. & Roxanna Frost
M 1847-07-16 Egbert Jasper Edwards Cyrus & Matillda Edwards
F 1847-07-18 Sarah Dusenbury George & Ruth Dusenbury
F 1847-07-23 Eliza Jane Scott Ransler & Prudence Scott
M 1847-07-25 Henry Simmons Sidney & Betsey Simmons
F 1847-07-28 Lucy E. Draper Edward & Harriet N. Draper
M 1847-08-08 William E. Twitchel Willis & Betsey Twitchel
M 1847-08-17 Gedney R. Bird Amasa D. & Clarissa Bird
F 1847-08-19 Sophronia Amelia Weeks Vergil & Phebe Almira Weeks
F 1847-08-28 Frances Emily Smith Jesse & Jane Ann Smith
F 1847-08-31 Alice Elvira Dibble Charles & Catharine Dibble
F 1847-09-11 Jane Saxby James & Esther Saxby
M 1847-09-12
Hiram P. & Electa Edwards Not Named
F 1847-09-18
Harper & Jane A. Dusenbury Not Named
M 1847-09-28 Theran Albertus Doud Leander H. & Eliza Doud
M 1847-10-01 Charles Moore Stow Marcus S. & Elmira Stow
F 1847-10-05
Henry & Armida Freeman Not Named
F 1847-10-15 Julia Avenia Baker James & Angeline Baker
M 1847-02-03 James Leroy Campbell John & Hannah Campbell
M 1847-10-15 James Fowler McKune Joseph F. & Betsey McKune
F 1847-10-17 Mary Woodruff Lucian & Mary Woodruff
F 1847-10-20 Sarah Elizabeth Dickinson Gains & Elizabeth O. Dickinson
F 1847-11-02 Elizabeth Copley Enoch & Hannah Copley
F 1847-11-07 Charlotte Gateson Charles & Clarissa Gateson
F 1847-11-08 Mary E. Wooster Leyman & Lucy Ann Wooster
M 1847-11-13 Delbert Dewitt Goodenough Jonas & Harriet Goodenough
M 1847-12-07 Howard Clinton Vosbury Ambrose S. & Harriet Vosbury
M 1847-12-14 George Henry Kent Eri & Amanda R. Kent
M 1847-12-21
John & Luanda Woodruff Not Named
M 1847-12-24
Richard F. & Mihitabel Manny Not Named

Windsor Marriages
1847-01-03 Henry Stoddard Age 21; of Windsor Lucinda Scott Age 17; of Windsor David Davis
1847-01-06 Ira B. Knox Age 23; of Windsor Jane Alden Age 24; of Winsdor Rev. Adam Craig, of Windsor
1847-01-17 Joseph Barnes Age 24; of Windsor Louisa Hoadley Age 16; of Windsor Rev. Adam Craig, of Windsor
1847-02-17 Abner Comstock Age 22; of Windsor Betsey Garlick Age 23; of Windsor Rev. Moses Dyer, Windsor
1847-02-25 Jonathan Farnsworth Of Bainbridge Lydia Johnson Of Sandford Rev. Adam Craig, of Windsor
1847-03-25 E.Straton Knox Age 21; of Windsor Roxy Ann Watrous Age 20; of Colesville Rev. Adam Craig, of Windsor
1847-04-08 Charles P. Bunk Age 28; of Windsor Hannah Bunk Age 19; of Windsor Rev. Moses Dyer, Windsor
1847-05-26 Abram Tompkins Age 23; of Windsor Sally Ann Davenport Age 23; of Colesville Rev. Mr. Beacher, Masonville
1847-05-09 Silas Cressant Age 23; of Windsor Roxey Davenport Age 20; of Windsor Addison McKee, Esq., Windsor
1847-07-25 Edgar West Age 21; of Colesville Phebe Heath Age 20; of Windsor Addison McKee, Justice, Windsor
1847-07-27 Elias Young Of Great Bend, PA Mary H. Russell Of Windsor Rev. Adam Craig, of Windsor
1847-08-01 John Bowen Age 22; of Windsor Amelia J. Marshall Age 23; of Windsor Rev. Adam Craig, of Windsor
1847-08-25 George Edwards Age 28; of East Troy, Rennsl. Co. Electa Edwards Age 24; of Windsor Rev. Hiram W. Gilbert, Windsor
1847-09-12 Lewis Bennet Age 32; of Windsor Mary Clark Age 31; of Windsor Rev. Hiram W. Gilbert, Windsor
1847-09-15 Theodore B. Hotchkiss Age 21; of Windsor Sarah Ann Russell Age 19; of Windsor Rev. D. A. Shepherd, Binghamton
1847-11-10 Merit Stout Age 23; of Windsor Calphernia Atwell Age 26; of Windsor Rev. Hiram W. Gilbert, Windsor
1847-11-11 Garry Stilson Of Windsor Emily Degan(?) Of Windsor Rev. Moses Dyer, Windsor
1847-11-21 Calvin Sweet Age 25; of Windsor Jane A. Stevens Age 28; of Windsor Rev. Moses Dyer, Windsor
1847-12-22 Warren Knowlten Age 21; of Windsor Hannah Brink Age 20; of Windsor Rev. Moses Dyer, Windsor

Windsor Deaths
Date Surname Given Notes Residence Cause
1847-03-16 Not given Not given 1 day F Windsor Not given
1847-03-20 Smith Hannah A. 31 F; Unmarried; School Teacher Windsor Consumption
1847-04-05 Bragg Henrietta 3 mo. F Windsor Inflammation of the Lungs
1847-07-29 Simmons Henry 4 days M Windsor Convultions
1847-08-15 Wooster Homer W. 1 M Windsor Inflammation in the Bowels
1847-08-16 Alden Abner A. 2 M Windsor Inflammation in the Bowels
1847-08-18 Doolittle Lucyann 29 F; Married; Domestic Windsor Childbirth
1847-08-22 Foot Merdles(?) 1 mo. M Windsor Diarrhea
1847-09-16 Beebe William 28 M; Unmarried; Boot & Shoe Maker Windsor Consumption
1847-12-09 Atwell Abigail 84 F; Married; Agriculture Windsor Dropsy
1847-12-29 Gateson Charlotte 6 weeks F Windsor Inflammation in the Lungs

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