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Ken Whittemore has submitted his extensive research into the Whittemore family of Broome County. This represents over 35 years of research on his part, and over 4 separate letter writing campaigns. If anyone wants more data, he has information on all of these names, and can be contacted at this e-mail address.

You can also contact him at the following address:
Ken Whittemore
4752 Calle de Vida
San Diego, CA 92124

James Whittemore was the head of the household that originally migrated into Broome County. Each of his children is listed below, with most hyperlinked to a listing of his or her descendants. In addition, each of the childrens listings includes his or her siblings.

1-- James WHITTEMORE (1764-1846)

    sp-Elizabeth (Betsy) WEBBER (1765)

2-- James WHITTEMORE (1787-1856)

          sp- Hannah PRICE (1792)

2-- Nathan WHITTEMORE (1788-1874)

          sp- Harriet BRADLEY (1795-1845)

2-- Orin WHITTEMORE Sr. (1791-1862)

          sp- Mary (Polly) STANLEY (1803-1885)

2-- Anna WHITTEMORE (1795-1874)

          sp- Willis AINSWORTH (1791-1822)
          sp-Zacheus PHILLIPS (1786-1865)

2-- Isaac WHITTEMORE (1797-1883)

          sp- Jane (Jennie) DITMARS (1803-1862)
          sp-Peninah ROE (1805-1889)

2-- Betsy WHITTEMORE (1798) -- No desc. listed

2-- Lyman WHITTEMORE (1804-1869)

          sp- Charlotte L BENHAM (1812-1859)

2-- Alvin WHITTEMORE (1806-1884)

          sp- Mary ROBBINS (1805-1870)



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