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These Are a Few of My Favorite Sites...
I'm trying to be a little original here, and only put a few of
the standard links you see on other Web Sites. These
are choices you probably don't normally find, but are
good none the less.
Even some links if you are traveling to do your genealogy!
-Cindy Amrhein-
Genealogy Exchange
The USGenExchange
The USGenWeb Project - HOME PAGE
New York State Library Genealogy - DAR Records
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Services - LDS
Journal of Online Genealogy
1895 Atlas - Title Page
Town Names in New York State
Ontario County Records and Archives - gate to historical and genealogical research
This is a important site. If your looking pre 1802 for deeds, for properties that now lie in the county of Genesee, as
well as Allegany; Cattaraugus, Chautauqua and Niagara; parts of Livingston and Monroe; Orleans and Wyoming.
Genesee Area Genealogist Home Page
This one is brand new! They also list the Historians for Genesee and Wyoming Counties.
Western New York Genealogical Society Inc.
Recorded Wills in NY State. (Note: Not finding a will does not mean there could not be a probate file.)
Orleans County, NY GenWeb Page
Alabama shares History with the Town of Shelby in Orleans Co.
NYNY Index
Want to know what was happenning in New York State (and New York City as
well) ? Pick a year from BC to 1990. Knowing history helps your genealogy research!

Migration -Coming From:
New England Connections
Marston Manor's New England Room
Genealogy, History, related Family Links
Vermont History and Genealogy
United States Resources - Pennsylvania
Johnstown Pennsylvania Historic Information
Migration - Going To:
Genealogy and Family History Research in Illinois
Illinois Genealogy Links
Illinois History Pages
Iowa GenWeb Project
United States Resources - Iowa
Iowa Genealogy & Registry
Sometimes a different
search engine other
then the top 5 helps too!
KanColl The Kansas Collection Welcome Page
Michigan Genealogy Sites on the Internet
GENDIS, Michigan
This is an interesting browser I found, off the
beaten path, of the "index" variety. It is very
category specific. When you get to the main
page click on "history" then "genealogy".
There are oodles of choices from there such
as marriage, obituaries, civil war, maps, etc.
Ohio Genealogy Resources
Canadian Genealogy and History Links
We're inGeneas!
Also Canada
Holland Land Company Resources
Great Links to finding out about the Holland Puirchase.
Holland Land Company
More Resources. You can still find these records on microfilm.
Iroquois Confederacy Links
American Indian Data Center
Issues of todays Indian population, Tribes, & Reservations. There is also a map here showing
location of Indian Communities in the U.S.
American Indian Tribal Directory
U.S. federally recognized tribes.
NMAI Homepage
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of the American Indian.
Native American Home Pages
Web Sites by Native American Indians
Oneida Nation Homelands
Oneida Indian Nation. Includes info on the Iroquois Confederacy.
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Through the Federal Government. Location of all the tribes and Reservations in the US,
maps, history, current events, tips on searching for your Native American Roots.
A Warrior in Two Worlds
The life of Tonawanda Seneca, Ely Parker. Secretary
to Grant, Union General & Seneca Chief.
There were quite a few in this neck of the woods. There was a settlement in Elba in Genesee County. There were also several
Quakers in Niagara County, which borders Genesee County on the north west side. Since they traveled every where for their
monthly meetings I felt they were important to include.
The Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
The Religious Society of Friends
Smitty's Genealogy
Quaker Writings, Family Trees, and Civil War Records
Welcome to the Center of Military History
Civil War Research and Genealogy
Smitty's Genealogy
Civil War Records, Family Files, and Quaker Writings
I have included cemetery Information here as well. In my opinion, there has not been enough done by our State or Federal
Governments for cemetery preservation. Grants for restoration would be nice!
Historic Preservation - New York State
The New York Council for the Humanities
National Cemetery Administration
Gravestone Studies on line
Landscapes of Memories -
What Ontario Canada is doing to restore it's
cemeteries. There is a wonderful book here
you can order on-line. It is a manuual for
cemetery restoration. I ordered a copy myself
and it is excellent!
Texas Historical Commission
Also seriously involved in cemetery restoriation. At the bottom of their page you can view or print the THC brochure
"Preserving Historic Cemeteries." Lot's of good ideas and tips.

The Political Grave Yard
There are a lot of links here on cemeteries as well as burial locations of the politically famous
Cemetery Regristration - New York
Cemeteries in New York, by county, that have tombstone inscriptions on line. Part of Roots
Web Cemetery Project
Genesee County Travel and Tourism Guide
Welcome To MapQuest!
A handy little site to find places and how to get there.
Bed and Breakfast Inn Directories of North America
Inns, guesthouses, homestays, B & B's
The University of Michigal Weather Underground
Weather anywhere
TROPICAL PREDICTION CENTER - National Hurricane Center
I just had to have this one here!
Home Page American Memory from the Library of Congress
Historical Collections On Line
History and Genealogy Books - On Line Effort
New England States
Click on the globe for
the best site for U.S.
18th & 19th century
maps you've ever
seen on line!
You can enlarge,
save, and print!
The Internet Public Library
4100 newspapers on the Net
These are from around the world
Welcome to Bibliofind!
Rare Books, Periodicals, etc., for purchase
Eagles Byte Historical Research
You will never get bored with the variety and quanity of history
at this site! Whether you're a novelist, historian, teacher, student or just a garden variety history buff, you're going to find
something here of interest.