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The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge is managed by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife
Service primarily for nesting and feeding waterfowl. The varied habitat of Iroquois
Refuge supports many other wildlife species as well, including migratory birds,
mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Responsible sport fishing can provide a quality
recreational experience which does not conflict with our primary mission. While
visiting the refuge we ask that you observe the following:

General Provisions
Sport fishing on Iroquois Refuge follows all New York State fishing regulations. This
includes: open seasons, limits, and methods of taking.
Frogging is permitted in public fishing areas only. Frogs may be taken within state
season with a spear, club, hook or by hand only. Guns and long bows are not permitted.
You are also responsible for knowing Federal laws and regulations. These regulations
are available at refuge headquarters.

Refuge Regulations
Fish only in areas designated as "Public Fishing Areas". (Map available at Refuge
March 1 through July 14 -To provide undisturbed nesting and resting areas for
migratory waterfowl, fishing is limited to designated areas of the Feeder Canal,
Oak Orchard Creek, and Ringneck Marsh along Sour Springs Road.
July 15 through September 30 - Additional designated public fishing areas are open
on the Feeder Canal, Ringneck, Schoolhouse, and Center Marshes, and the borrow
ditch between Mohawk Pool and Route 63.

October 1 through November 30 - During fall migration and the waterfowl hunting
season, fishing is limited to designated areas of the Feeder Canal, Oak Orchard
Creek, and Ringneck Marsh along Sour Springs Road.
December 1 through the last day of February - Ice fishing is permitted only on
Ringneck, Center, and Schoolhouse Marshes, conditions permitting.

Public Access and Recreation
The refuge is open from sunrise to sunset.
To prevent erosion or destruction of wildlife habitat, do
not drive on the dikes, service roads, or off-road.
Boats without motors may be used on Oak Orchard
Creek only. Boating is permitted from Knowlesville
Road to Route 63.

Take litter with you. This includes fish carcasses.
For your pet's safety, please keep it on a leash no longer than 10 feet.

For further information
please contact:
Iroquois National Wildlife
PO. Box 517 Casey Road
Alabama, NY 14003
(716) 948-5445

Hearing impaired visitors may call the
New York Relay Center
Center at 1-800-662-1220 TDD
1 -800-421-1220 voice.

Information provided by, and with
permission of:
The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge