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Polly Hoag lived in the town of Alabama with her husband Henry and her four children. In the fall of 1855 Polly had her fortune told during the town's election party. Her future foretold that two of her family would die; and one of them would not be her.
No one at the time knew what Polly was planning. This fortune would turn out to be the catalyst for Polly's plans.

Polly was in love with another man; and he did not like children. In July of 1856 Polly murdered her husband Henry by means of poison. Her 6-year-old daughter Frances would die the following month from eating bread and butter, and drinking sage tea, both laced with arsenic. Failing at the attempt with 7 year old Rosealie, and 9 year old Albert; the children were sent away. Despite all her efforts her lover had severed any connection with her.

Polly remarried, to a man by the name of Otto Frisch, but was still not satisfied. She tried to poison him also. Otto fled to Canada. She then proceeded to eliminate her 21-month-old daughter Eliza Jane in October of 1857 by putting arsenic in her porridge.
Polly was ultimately indicted on three counts of murderer in the first degree. After five trials, she was convicted in September of 1859 for the murder of her daughter Frances. Polly was sentenced to imprisonment for life. She served 33 years in prison until her pardon in 1892.

"Bread and Butter: The Murders of Polly Frisch" is a true crime story by Ellen Bachorski, and myself, Cindy Amrhein, documenting the story of the events and her life afterwards.
It has been extensively researched and verified to make the account of the crimes as accurate as possible.
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Cindy Amrhein
Town of Alabama

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