Introduction and Credits

The information on these pages was generously
submitted by the Painted Hills Genealogical Society

Walked & Compiled by: 
John & Mary E Bryant July 2002

A Message from PHGS

Many thanks to Larry Bourne, Sexton of Maple Hill Cemetery, Greg Beck who helps Larry, and Marcia Pritchard who's records we used for the sections & Lots. These 3 not only took the time to answer our many questions but lent us their records as well. Marica is still working on these records, a huge undertaking which she volunteered to do because of her love for this cemetery.

This is a beautiful cemetery and well cared for.

East Randolph Cemetery Association was formed in 1851. If you have any questions about Maple Hill Cemetery, Larry Bourne is a mountain of information and more than willing to answer all inquiries.

Mary Bryant, Pres, PHGS

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