11th Census of the United States ~ 1890

Transcribed, Compiled, Updated and Submitted by Jeff Ward



Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Abbot, Victor L. Private K 84PAInf 4/4/1864 6/2/1865 1y1m28d Ischua Wounded in left foot, disc. Surgeon's certificate Also served in 57PAInf
Abbott, Lucian P. Captain I 8OhioInf

Olean No comments Mt.View Cem. Olean 1836-1922
Abbott, Timothy S., widow Jane M. Private K 9NYCav 9/?/1864 6/?/1865 9m Great Valley Chronic diar.
Ackley, William Private
5NYCav 9/8/1861 3/12/1864
Olean No comments
Adams, Abner Polk Sergeant H 4NYHA 9/22/1862 6/7/1865 2y9m Franklinville Wounded 6/18/1864 Petersburg, VA Machias Maplegrove Cemetery, 1844-1900
Adams, Augustus W. Private I 187NYInf 9/?/1864 7/11/1865 9m15d Great Valley No comments
Adams, Edward Private F 81NYInf 3/25/1865

Farmersville No comments
Adams, John Private I 4USArt(Regular) 3/8/1862 3/8/1865 3y Perrysburg Rheum.
Adams, John J. Private H 19NYCav 8/?/1862 7/?/1865 2y11m5d Olean No comments
Adams, Joseph, alias illegible Private E 49MichInf? 9/11/1862 9/?/1863 1 Killbuck No comments
Adams, Lumay A. Private C 55OhioInf 9/5/1861 5/5/1862
Limestone No comments
Adams, Roseloo C. widow Hattie S. Private A 9NYCav 9/5/1864 6/1/1865 8m26d Great Valley No comments
Ahern?, Garet? Private I 57NYInf 1861 1863 1y11m29d Humphrey No comments Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Ahern?, Mathew? Private
105NYInf 2/25/1862 8/9/1862 6m Humphrey Center Heart disease Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Akenbeck, Martin
A 188NYInf 9/3/1864 7/?/1865 11m Killbuck No comments Killbuck Cem. 1825-1898
Akins, Elijah Private D 42PAInf 4/21/1861 8/22/1862 1y4m South Valley No comments
Akins, Elijah Private A 188NYInf 9/12/1864 6/?/1865 9m10d South Valley No comments
Albro, Ruel C. Private A 136NYInf 8/11/1862 8/22/1865 3y11d Olean No comments
Aldrich, Thomas R. Corporal B 154NYInf 8/8/1862 6/20/1865 2y10m12d Ellicotville POW Andersonville 10 months 154 Web says 1840-1908, Sunset Hill Cem. Ellicotville
Aldridge, Charles
C 16MichInf 1860 1861 6m Red House No comments
Alexander, John B. Private D 132PAInf 8/?/1862 5/?/1863
Olean No comments
Alger, David

Franklinville Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Allen, Dan B. Lt. Colonel
154NYInf 9/26/1862 10/30/1864 2y1m3d Otto No comments 154 Web has pic, 1839-1934 East Hill Cem. Otto
Allen, Edwin A. Corporal K 94NYInf 12/6/1861 7/18/1865 3y7m12d Machias No comments
Allen, Elmer D. Private K 37NYInf 6/9/1861 1/17/1863
Allegany Gun shot wound
Allen, Henry G. Coporal A 85NYInf 9/5/1861 11/24/1865
Olean Reenlisted 1862 4th US Artillery [regular army]
Allen, Norman M.

Dayton Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Allen, Thomas W., widow Clara Private C 13NYHA 8/15/1864 6/21/1865 10m6d West Salamanca General disability
Allen, William Private H 19NYCav 9/?/1864 7/?/1865
Portville Piles in service, could not give dates
Altenburg, Henry C. Sergeant K 64NYInf 9/22/1861 11/1/1864 3y1m9d Allegany spinal complaint, pensioned at $12 per month
Alverson, Anson E. Sergeant A 64NYInf 9/1/1861 3/?/1863 1y6m Gowanda No comments Photo on 64 Web. Born circa 1833
Ames, Edson D. Private F 154NYInf 8/28/1862 6/11/1865 2y11m Great Valley Heart disease 154 Web says 1840-1915, Little Valley Rural Cem.
Ames, Nelson Y. Private F 24NYCav 12/15/1863 8/12/1864 7m28d West Valley No comments
Anderson, John C. Private A 188NYInf 7/26/1862 6/18/1865
Olean Rheum. Mt. View Cem. Olean 1847-1927
Anderson, Robert Private H 45PAInf 9/18/1861 3/12/1863 1y5m28d Ellicotville Piles, rheum, kidneys
Andrews, George W. Private F 9NYCav 9/?/1861 4/?/1862 1y8m? East Otto Prolapsis ani lameness in feet and ankles from rheum.
Andrews, Harper G. 1st Lieutenant K 137NYInf 7/23/1862 6/20/1865 2y10m27d Limestone No comments
Andrews, James M.
E 27NYInf 5/7/1861 1/?/1862
Franklinville Rheum., resulting heart disease Enum. for Machias, NPS says private
Andrews, James M.
D 33NYInf 8/?/1862 7/14/1865
Franklinville No additional comments NPS says private
Andrews, Jerome A. Sergeant I 37NYInf 5/13/1861 6/27/1863 2y1m14d Cattaraugus Town No comments
Andrews, Jerome A. 1st Lieutenant H 194NYInf 2/28/1865 5/?/1865 3m Cattaraugus Town No comments
Andrews, Joseph H. Private I 154NYInf 8/22/1862 7/17/1865 2y11m5d Olean Gun shot right thigh, dischared surg. cert. 154 Web says 1844-1900 Pleasant Valley Cem. Olean
Andrews, Nelson P. Private A 85NYInf 7/21/1861 2/21/1862 7m19d Machias Epileptic fits
Andrews, Stephen T. 2d Lieutenant F 85NYInf 8/26/1861 4/8/1865 3y7m15d Franklinville Piles, chronic diar., POW 11 months at Macon Also prison camp at Savannah, Charleston, Columbia
Ansley, Hudson Hosp.Steward
64NYInf 8/?/1861 5/?/1862 9m Salamanca Discharged? general order 1838-1926 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Anthony, George A. Corporal A 105NYInf 1/4/1862 6/13/1862 5m26d Elgin? Disease of liver and lungs
Armstong, Sylvester Private E 194PA 7/?/1864 12/?/1864 4m16d Olean No comments
Armstrong, Chester W. Private I 2PACav 2/12/1862 3/14/1862
Goodell, McKean, PA

Armstrong, Chester W. Corporal I 1PAProv.Cav. 3/15/1864 7/13/1865 3y5m1d Goodell, McKean, PA Deaf both ears, pension $15 month
Arnold, Ambrose F., widow Calista? 1st Sergeant D 154NYInf 8/4/1862 5/8/1864 1y9m4d Yorkshire Center Killed in action 154 Web says 1831-5/8/1864 Rocky Face Ridge GA
Arnold, Francis L. Private A 100NYInf 9/19/1861 6/1/1864 2y8m18d Springville, Erie County No comments
Arnold, Silas H., widow Mary M. Stiles Private B 116NYInf 1862

Gowanda No comments
Ashdown, James

Dayton Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier Dayton History, 1901, page 52--Pvt, Co. B, 11NYInf
Ashley, James R. P. Private B 75NYInf 9/16/1861 11/25/1864 3y2m9d West Salamanca 2 gun shot wounds, rheum.
Ashton, James N. 1st Lieutenant C 157PAInf 10/14/1862 9/?/1864 1y11d Olean Shot in right shoulder, discharged surg. cert.
Atwood, Jeremiah Private A 85NYInf 8/?/1864 6/16/1865
Olean Chronic diar when discharged, unable to do heavy work Circa 1827-1897 Allegany Protestant Cem.
Aullister, Horace Private D 112NYInf 7/20/1862 6/30/1865 2y11m10d Ellicotville No comments
Ausley, John Private I 104PAInf 1865 10/?/1865 1y? Salamanca Injured 1 May 1862 spine at Yorktown, Va
Austin, illigebile, widow Ruth E. Private H 37NYInf 10/12/1861 10/29/1862 1y17d Allegany Pensioned
Averill, Jerome Corporal K 154NYInf 8/12/1862 2/25/1863 7m13d Gowanda Chronic diar.+piles caused by being in US service 154 Web says 1827-1898 Pine Hill Cem. Gowanda


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