11th Census of the United States ~ 1890

Transcribed, Compiled, Updated and Submitted by Jeff Ward



Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Dailey, Jacob W. Private H 100NYInf 10/2/1861 6/31?/1862 9m Cottage Hernia side
Dake, Nathaniel, widow Mary F. Private
9NYCav 7/?/1865

Sandusky No comments
Daniels, Silas J. Private B 111PAInf 11/18/1861 3/8/1863 2y? Olean No comments
Darbee, Augustus Sergeant A 64NYInf 12/11/1861 8/24/1864 2y10m17d Cottage Gun shot wound [John A. Darby dischared for wounds] Cottage Cemetery, Dayton, 1827-1901
Darling, William E., widow Mary A. Private D 105NYInf 1/1/1862 6/23/1862 6m23d Franklinville Died in Belleview Hospital
Darrow?, Adelbert Private I 129NYInf 7/23/1862 6/20/1865
Little Valley Chronic diar.
Daugherty, Hugh Private B 27NYInf 12/15/1862 9/17/1863 9m2d Ischua No comments
Davenport, George R. Private I 23IllinoisInf 3/4/1865 7/28/1865 5m23d East Randolph Caries? of jaw
Davis, Charles J.

Gowanda Enum collected no data
Davis, John A., widow Frances Private

Olean Shot through leg
Davis, John J. Private D 9NYCav 9/3/1863 6/?/1865
Farmersville Station No comments
Davis, Joseph alias Joseph Whalley Private A 134PAInf 8/?/1862 6/10/1863 9m Salamanca Expiration of time
Davis, Marshall K. Private F 116NYInf 8/7/1862 6/9/1865 3y Leon Gun shot wound left foot
Davis, Robert Private B 154NYInf

Little Valley Papers lost, difficulty of leg 154 Web says born, Ireland 1818
Davis, William H. Private C 105NYInf 2/6/1862 7/18/1865 3y5m12d Ellicotville Shot through face, unable to do any work
Dawley, John M. Sergeant K 154NYInf 8/12/1862 7/20/1865 2y11m10d Perrysburg Disease of liver 154 Web says 1837-1904 Ruggtown Cem. Perrysburg
Dawson, Alexander Private D 9NYCav 9/?/1864 6/1/1865 9m Cattaraugus Town No comments
Day, Ellis W. Private D 154NYInf 7/13/1862 3/26/1864
Little Valley Piles, chronic diar., caused by railroad accident 154 Web says 1842-1903
Day, Frank E Private E 9NYCav 10/?/1861 12/?/1861
Conewango Valley No comments
Day, Marvin, widow Harriet Private D 154NYInf 2/10/1861 12/10/1861 10m Machias Asthma 154Web says 1828-1888 Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Day, William A. Private D 64NYInf 8/14/1862 1/?/1864 1y4m Franklinville Rheum, piles
Dean, Hyrum(Hiram) Private A 85NYInf 6/?/1861 2/?/1863
Olean Surgeon's cert. disability, since lost index finger l. hand
Dean, Lyman Sergeant B 64NYInf 8/?/1861 9/?/1864 3y20d Randolph Rheum., injury to right knee from gun shot
Deane, Chancy P. Seaman
Mon??? 1864 9/?/1865
Elton No comments
Dejean, Francis M. Private H 154NYInf 8/29/1862

Randolph Piles, diar, liver complaint 154 Web says 1831-1915 Randolph Cem.
DeKay, Abiah F., widow Sarah A. Private A 136NYInf 8/?/1862 6/5/1865 2y9m Olean Injured shoulder+back fall from wagon at Gettysburg
Deland, Lyman W. Private E 34NYInf 5/18/1861 9/27/1862
Olean Gun shot wound left breast, no recollection of anything
Deland, Rufus Sergeant E 9NYCav 10/1/1861 10/27/1864
Randolph Gun shot wound in left wrist
Delmaster, James G. Private D 141NYInf 10/30/1861 11/17/1863 2y0m18d Machias Intermittent Fever
Deming(Demming), Chester Private G 154NYInf 8/25/1862 6/11/1866 2y9m? Eddyville Sciatic rheum., gun shot wound in cheek 154 Web says Maples Cem. Mansfield 1837-1909
Demming, Luther Private
85NYInf 9/16/1864 6/27/1865
Portville Unassigned Co. A
Dempsey, James

Franklinville Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier Co. A, 15 PA Cavalry, Chesnut Hill Cem. Franklinville
Dent?, Jhon(John?)
I 6NYCav 9/?/1864 6/?/1865
Machias? Rheum.
Denter, William Private A 185NYInf 9/6/1864 6/27/1865 9m21d Salamanca 1865--shot in arm--discharged general order 1841-1914 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Depew, Alvin J, Private G 14NYHA 1864 1865 1Y Onoville Gun shot right ankle, rheum., right ankle
Deusmore, Samuel B. Private A 127?NYInf 1/14/1862 7/10/1865
Little Valley Piles, Catarah, Rheum.
Devine, Franklin Private E 21VetResCorps 8/31/1862 7/11/1865 2y10m2d Kennedy, Chaut. Cty g.s. wound face+shoulder, transferred from 49NYInf Ellis, page 126, says wounded at the Wilderness
Dewitt, Clinton Private G 111PAInf 8/?/1861 8/?/1862
Olean No comments
Dewitt, Oscar D. Private D 5NYHA 9/?/1864 11/?/1865 1y12d Farmersville Station Chronic diar, rhem., totally disabled from manual labor
Deyo, Henry Private C 96NYInf 3/18/1865 2/6/1866 10m12d Machias Rheum.
Dibble, James A

Great Valley Enum. collected no data
Dickinson, A. Judson 1st Lieutenant K 147NYInf 8/30/1862 6/7/1865 2y9m8d Olean No comments
Dickinson, Hebron E. Musician
28NYInf 9/?/1861 9/7/1862 1y7d Olean Discharged by Act of Congress Mt. Leon Cem. Olean 1838-1905
Didcock, Henry D. Corporal I 187NYInf 9/?/1864 7/?/1865 11m Killbuck Piles and rheum.
Dilliard, George Private G 26USColoredInf 3/24/1865 9/20/1865 5m26d Ellicotville No comments
Dillon, Thomas Private A 100NYInf 9/20/1861 1/18/1865 3y3m28d Springville, Erie County Injured right eye at Fair Oaks
Dolson, Cornelius Private E 9NYCav 12/29/1863 5/25/1865 1y5m26d Olean Chronic diar., was wounded in battle Mt. View Cem. Olean 1842-1905
Donaldson, John H., widow Laura Private H 9NYCav 10/5/1861 12/13/1863 2y2m8d Otto Reenlisted veteran
Donaldson, John H., widow Laura Corporal H 9NYCav 12/20/1863 7/17/1865 1y6m27d Otto No additional comments
Donegan, James, widow Mary O'Keefe Private I 154NYInf 8/30/1862 Died
Olean Died in Libby Prison 154 Web, b. 1828-Nov. 2, 1863 unknown grave RichmondVA
Donley, John Private K 154NYInf 8/13/1862 7/3/1865 2y11m10d Gowanda Injury to neck caused by being in US service 154 Web says 1844-1922
Donor, George M. Private H 64NYInf 3/24/1862 7/30/1865 3y4m6d Allegany wounded 3 times l. side, pension $2 month 64th website says aka McDonor, transf. Vet. Res. Corps
Doran, Edward H. Corporal C 1ColoradoCav 3/12/1863 10/24/1865 2y7m12d Olean Foot broke by horse in service NPA has Edward Dorn.
Dorsey, Henry W. Sergeant F 20USColoredInf 9/14/1864 9/14/1865 1y Gowanda Rheum, aphoria, loss of voice caused by US Service African American Civil War Memorial Plaque B-36
Doty, Abram Private
85NYInf 8/31/1864 6/27/1865 9m27d Olean No comments
Douds, Joseph L.

Olean Enum collected no data Mt. View Cem. Olean, 1842-1918 Adjutant, 85PAInf
Dow, Albert Jr. Sgt Major B 64NYInf 2/15/1865 7/15/1865 5m Randolph No comments 64 Web has t.s.pic 1844-1920 St. Patricks Cem. Randolph
Drake, Charles Private B 146NYInf 9/18/1863 8/?/1865 1y11m Hinsdale No comments
Drake, Robert W. Private
17NYLt.Art. 8/18/1862 6/12/1865 2y9m24d Franklinville Deafness both ears, total left ear
Draper, Elmer Waggoner B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 10/11/1862 1y1m25d Randolph Chronic rheum and diar.
Drehmar?, George D Private B 19NYCav 8/1/1862 6/30/1865 2y10m20d Limestone No comments
Dresser, Harlan C. Private B 9NYCav 10/11/1861 10/22/1864 3y0m18d East Otto Rheum., disease of respiratory system
Drion?, William H. Private D 10NYCav 1865 1865
Little Valley Deafness
Drumb, Daniel W.
B 189NYInf 8/28/1864 6/10/1866 11m? Elton Chronic rheum, Lung, in Weldon Raid 12/10/1864
Drumgoole, John Private A 148NYInf 8/20/1862 7/2/1865 2y10m12d Goodell, McKean, PA No comments
Dunbar, Sylvester
I 154NYInf 1864 1865 1y2m Red House Rheum. 154 Web says 1828-1913 Grandview Cem. Fayette, Iowa
Dunham, Samuel Private H 64NYInf 12/?/1861 11/24/1862 1y Little Valley Dyspepsia, heart disease, chronic diar., piles 64 Web has t.s. pic.1841-1908, Rural Cem. Little Valley
Dunn, David widow Rhoda Private M 1NYLt.Art 2/6/1864 6/28/1865
East Randolph Enlisted in 1862--Widow cannot find enlistment paper
Durphey, George Private A 85NYInf 9/1/1864 9/15/1865 11m15d Olean Day of discharge may vary a day or two
Dye, George W., widow Lucinda Private K 9NYCav 9/2/1864 6/1/1865 8m29d Leon No comments Ellis, p.148, brother of Alfred Dye died wounds Gettysburg
Dye, William H. Private I 23MichInf 9/6/1864 6/8/1865 9m2d West Salamanca No comments
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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
E??, M??

9/?/1864 6/13/1865 9m19d Ellicotville Jaundice, rheum. Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Earnest, Charles

Gowanda No comments
Eckardt, John Private B Independent? 6/24/1861 7/29/1864 3y Salamanca Rheum., indigestion 29 NY Independent Lt. Artillery
Eddy, Augustus B. Private A 44NYInf 8/29/1861 3/10/1863 1y6m11d Leek Heart difficulty
Eddy, John L. Asst.Surgeon
12NYInf 10/?/1862 6/?/1863 8m Olean No comments Mt. View Cem. Olean 1829-1902
Edgerly, Augustus S. widow Eugenia Captain F 1NHampshireInf 5/3/1861

Olean No comments
Edgerly, Augustus S. widow Eugenia Captain C 9NHampshireInf 8/22/1862

Olean Was killed in Battle of the Wilderness
Edick, Andrew J. Private
7NYLtArt 10/3/1861 10/7/1864 3y0m4d Leon Rheum.
Edwards, James T. 1st Lieutenant K 11NJInf? 9/15/1862 3/24/1863 6m9d Randolph Rheum and disease of heart
Edwards, Julius Private K 157NYInf 8/15/1862 7/30/1865 2y11m5d Hinsdale No comments
Edwards, Nathan
H 45PAInf 9/18/1861 7/30/1865 2y11m Allegany No comments Whole record very illegible, tentative identification
Eggleston, Charles C. Private H 37NYInf 5/17/1861 6/27/1863 2y1m5d Gowanda Gun shot wound and rjheum
Eggleston, William Corporal F 64NYInf 8/15/1861 12/?/1862
Steamburg Rheum., crippled 64Web has t.s. picture, 1836-1921, Greenwood Cem.
Eggleston, William Private I 9NYCav 9/15/1864 8/30/1865
Steamburg No additional comments Wounded at Fredericksburg (64NYInf), Dec. 13, 1862
Eglington, Joseph Private H 19NYCav 9/9/1864 6/30/1865 9m21d Sandusky No comments
Ehman, Christian Private E 5NYCav 8/15/1861 7/15/1865 2y11m0d West Valley No comments
Eldridge, Andrew J. Sergeant K 64NYInf 9/13/1861 2/18/1863 1y5m5d Leon Heart diseas, functional 64 Web has t.s. pic, 1834-1913 Treat Mem. Cem. Leon
Ellis, Cassius M. 1st Lieutenant F 64NYInf 9/1/1861 6/6/1865 3y10m Red House No comments
Ells, William M. Private K 9NYCav 10/15/1861 8/17/1865 3y9m2d Cattaraugus Town Reenlisted in same regiment
Ellsworth, Stiles B., widow Betsy Lieutenant K 154NYInf

Connewango Discharge now in Washington 154 Web says 1832-1887 Rutldge Cemetery, Connewango
Ellthorp, Lyman Private C 1NYArt 3/28/1862 3/28/1865 3y Hinsdale Gun shot wound both legs Hinsdale Cem. Died 1905
Elmer, Austin W., widow Martha

Cincinatti 8/?/1864
3m East Randolph No comments
Elmer?, Nathan? Corporal C 136NYInf 2/8/1863 6/15/1865 2y3m7d Humphrey No comments Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Elten, Eli Private I 133PAInf 8/6/1862 5/20/1863
Olean Chronic rheum., kidney disease
Ely, William Private D 64NYInf 8/?/1862 5/?/1865 2y9m Franklinville No comments 64 Web says 1841-1932, Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Emensenger, Rudy 1st Sergeant A 83PAInf 8/7/1861 8/20/1862 3y7m21d? Frecks Gun shot wound left leg, injury of back
Emensenger, Rudy Sergeant A 83PAInf 8/8/1861 8/26/1862 8m13d Frecks No additional comments
Emensenger, Rudy Sergeant B 13PACav 6/5/1863 6/25/1866 2y8m2d Frecks Sabre wound of head, left side
Engler, David Illegible F ?PAInf 7/6/1861 3/?/1862
Limestone No comments
Enoch, Nathan Private E 11WVaInf 1864 5/?/1865 2y? Knapps Creek No comments
Eppley, William Private C 12MichiganInf 8/21/1864 9/9/1865 1y1m9d Cattaraugus Town No comments
Essex, John Private C 112NYInf 8/1/1862 8/1/1863 1y South Dayton Crippled in back
Esterbrook, Emerson Corporal B 141PAInf 8/?/1862 6/3/1865
Olean Injured in side during service
Evans, Mowbry O. Private D 1NYIndBattery 9/3/1864 6/20/1865
Olean Chronic diar+rheum
Evans, William H.. Private I 71NYInf 5/1/1861 7/30/1864 3y2m29d Carrolton No comments
Everett, Patrick Captain B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 1/19/1862 5m2d Randolph Gastrituts, chronic 25 years 64 Web has t.s.pic, 1825-1890 St. Patricks Cem. Randolph
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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
F??, illegible
I 147NYInf 10/?/1864 10/5/1865 1y Great Valley No comments
Fairbanks, Elanson Private A 85NYInf 8/12/1861 6/27/1865 3y10m15d Olean No comments
Fairchild, James H. Private E 93NYInf 1/5/1864 6/10/1865 1y8m5d Portville No comments
Fairchild, Nelson G. Private B 19NYCav 12/23/1863 6/6/1865 1y5m13d Portville No comments
Fairchild, William H. Private B 19NYCav 9/19/1864 6/30/1865 9m11d Olean No comments
Fancher, Allen Private K 184NYInf 8/9/1864 6/29/1865 11m20d South Dayton Fingers crippled
Faniel, Arnie Private F 9NYCav 8/1/1864 5/23/1865 9m3d Steamburg Heart disease, hernia
Fargo, Samuel Private F 64NYInf 10/1/1861 6/30/1865 3y9m Steamburg Nervous disability, Andersonville+other prisons 14m 64Web t.s. picture, 1842-1918 Greenwood Cem. Cold Springs
Farnham, A. H. Private H 68NYInf 6/?/1863 8/?/1863 1m4d Salamanca 1863 chronic disease
Farnsworth, Marvin J., widow Emma Private D 72NYInf 1861 1862 1y6m Randolph No comments
Farran, Melville Corporal I 11NYInf 6/2/1861 6/26/1864 3y0m24d Machias Gun shot wound
Farwell, (Farrell), Henry Private K 5WisconsinInf

Franklinville Gun shot wound l. leg NPS has him as Captain of this company
Fay, Adrian Private C 105NYInf 1/2/1862 2/13/1864
Great Valley No comments
Fay, Adrian Private I 94NYInf 2/14/1864 6/12/1865 3y5m10d Great Valley Gun shot wound
Fay, Alzander Private C 105NYInf 1/6/1862 4/1/1862 4m Great Valley No comments
Fay, Montrose M. Private F 9NYCav 1/16/1864 7/17/1865 1y6m1d Otto No comments
Fedick, Nicholas Private F 116NYInf 8/8/1862 6/24/1865 2y10m16d West Valley No comments
Fellows, Alonzo Sergeant C 13NYHA 8/21/1863 8/24/1865 2y3d West Salamanca Disease of kidneys 1833-1915 Crawford Cem. Salamanca
Fellows, John Sergeant K 6NYHA 8/1/1863 8/24/1865 2y0m24d West Salamanca Back strained and piles
Fellows, Stephen S. Private
147NYInf 8/21/1863 12/14/1863 3m23d West Salamanca Kidney trouble, piles
Fenton, H. J. Private H 9NYCav 8/?/1864 6/?/1865 10m Salamanca Rheum., piles, discharged general order 1836-1911 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Ferguson, George G Private F 101NYInf 2/9/1862

Knapps Creek wounded left forearm, pension $6 per month
Ferguson, George G Private I 40NYInf 2/9/1864 7/9/1865 3y6m Knapps Creek No additional comments
Ferrin, William A. Musician F 116NYInf 8/?/1862 10/?/1863 1y3m Salamanca 1863 chronic diar., discharged Gen.Banks order
Ferris, George Corporal H 58PAInf 10/6/1861 12/12/1864
Olean No comments
Feutcher, George Private I 150PAInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865
Olean No comments
Field, Charles H Private B 154NYInf 9/3/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m8d Great Valley Chronic diar.
Field, Sanford S. Private E 105NYInf 12/31/1861 12/10/1862 11m10d Great Valley No comments
Filkins, Isiah V. Sergeant E 5NYCav 8/27/1861 9/27/1865 4y1m Olean Shot in left arm
Finch, Hugh P. Private F 9NYCav 9/8/1863 11/?/1863 2m East Otto Sick and went home
Finney, Richard Private K 137NYInf

Carrolton No comments
Finney, Thomas Private C 13NYHA 1863 1865
West Salamanca Diar. and piles
Finney, Thomas H. Private A 13NYHA 8/5/1863 8/24/1865
West Salamanca Diar. and piles
Fish, Daniel Private C 19NYCav 8/9/1862 6/20/1865 2y11m Allegany Left [rest illegible]
Fisher, Judson Harmon Private K 154NYInf 8/10/1862 9/14/1863
Little Valley G.s. wound l. thigh Chancellorsville, rupture, rheum. 154 Web says 1838-1892 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Fisher, Seaver Private I 78NYInf 2/19/1864 7/6/1865
Little Valley Assault Kenesaw Mountain--g.s. wound--?head
Fisk, William E. Private I 6NYCav 11/15/1861 8/24/1865 3y9m9d Olean No comments
Fister, Michael Sergeant A 16PaCav 8/11/1862 6/26/1865 2y10m13d Allegany Discharged at close of war
Fleming, Samuel E. Private K 134PAInf 8/7/1862 6/25/1865 2y10m18d West Salamanca Reenlisted veteran
Flood, Marcus? J. Private B 14NYInf 8/?/1863 7/25/1866 1y11m? East Otto Lung, chest, back trouble
Florence, Daniel Private D 86NYInf 1862 1864 2y43m Westonville Don't know the dates, came home without discharge
Foley, Patrick H. Corporal K 154NYInf 8/30/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m11d Leon Disease of heart, exposure? 154 Web says 1839-1922, Treat Mem. Cem. Leon
Foot, Ambrose Private B 23NYInf 9/28/1861 5/22/1863 2y20d Allegany No comments
Ford, Lucius Private E 1MinnesotaInf 5/26/1861 5/30/1864 3y3m22d Eddyville Left ? gone 62 years and expiration of term Maples Cem. Machias 1831-1907
Forest, James M.

Olean(191 1st St.) Enum collected no data--just says US Soldier
Forester, David Private C 9NYCav 2/4/1864 5/23/1865 1y3m19d Portville No comments
Forester, James M. Private I 13NYHA 12/28/1861 5/7/1863
Olean Mustered out of service
Forman?, Winfield S. Private K 157NYInf 9/11/1862 6/5/1865 2y9m Hinsdale Rheum.
Forness (Furnace), Michael Private F 94NYInf 1/7/1862 6/28/1865 3y6m Allegany Chronic diar.
Forness, Fred W. Private A 188NYInf 9/5/1864 6/1/1865 9m26d Allegany Discharged at close of war
Forness, John Private
26PaArt 8/?/1862 ? 1y2m Allegany No comments
Forness, Joseph R. Private K 64NYInf 10/17/1861 10/27/1862 1y10d Allegany g.s. wound in head, re-enlisted and draws $4 pension 64th website says WIA, discharged for wounds
Fort?, William H. Corporal B 2NYMountedRfls 12/13/1863 8/10/1865 2y3m27d Farmersville Heart disease, catarah caused by having measles
Foskett, Hezekiah Private E 9NYCav 9/1/1861 10/27/1864 3y26d Randolph Always ready for duty
Foster, Edwin W., widow Lucy A. Private H 37NYInf 1861

Great Valley No comments
Foulke, Charles W. 2d Lieutenant
2PACav 10/6/1861 7/18/1865
East Randolph No comments
Foy, Ara Private E 9NYCav 9/?/1862 7/1/1865 5m24d East Randolph Gun shot wound left arm and deafness
Foy, Dallas Private G 13NYHA 8/?/1864 6/22/1865 10m1d Randolph Chronic diar., resulting piles, liver trouble
Foy, William Private A 112NYInf 7/28/1862 6/27/1865 2y11m21d Steamburg kidney complaint
Foy, William, widow A??? Private E 9NYCav 9/7/1862 1/1/1963 3m24d East Randolph No comments
Francis, George Sergeant K 64NYInf 9/14/1861 11/15/1862 1y2m1d Dayton Gun shot wound 64 Web, WIA, discharged for wound
Frank, Clark Private B 111NYInf 9//31/1862 6/14/1865 2y8m14d Limestone Shot through lung
Frank, Hiram Private B 64NYInf 7/?/1864 1865
Ashford chronic diar. 25 years
Franklin, James B.

Leon Discharge papers lost Ellis, page 148 says 13NYHA, enl.8/17/1864, dis. 6/27/1865
Franklin, Warren H. Private F 33NYInf 1861 1863
Machias Heart disease
Frazier, David Private b 143NYInf 8/?/1862 7/?/1865
Limestone No comments
Frazier, Peter Private F 43USColoredInf 9/30/1864 10/3/1865 1y3d Ashford

Frazier, Spencer, widow Adaline


Allegany died in service, widow's pension 64th website, pvt, Co D WIA, died of disease 2/28/1864
Frederick, Horace B. Private D 13NYHA 1/4/1864 6/24/1865 1y7m20d Onoville Rheum., diar.
Freeland, James A. Private E 100NYInf 8/22/1863 7/15/1865 1y10m23d Allegany g.s.left forearm, pensioned $8 per month Ellis, p. 143, wounded Drury's Bluff 5/15/1864
Freeman, Easterly Private I 154NYInf 9/2/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m9d Machias Chronic diar. 154 Web says 1836-1913 Machias
Freeman, Norman A. Private E 67NYInf 6/25/1863 8/3/1863 1m13d Gowanda Deaf
Freeman, William A. OrderlySgt. I 154NYInf 8/14/1862 6/24/1865 2y10m10d Machias Fracture of left leg
Freeman?, John

Olean Enum collected no data
French, Henry G. Private D 91NYInf 8/21/1863 7/3/1865 1y11m18d` Corydon, Warren PA Rheum, heart difficulty
French, Horace H. 1st Sergeant F 64NYInf 9/20/1861 1/28/1864 2y4m8d Randolph Loss of right arm at shoulder Arm amputated at Gettysburg, Ellis, Page 127
French, Thomas O Private D 83PAInf 2/29/1864 7/14/1865 1y4m15d Allegany Injured by horse falling on him, 2d Bull Run, no pension
Fries, John Private A 188NYInf 9/6/1864 6/16/1865 9m10d Allegany No comments
Fries, Laurence Private H 45NYInf 8/?/1861 6/?/1865 3y6m Franklinville Rheum. and heart disease NPS has him as Lorenzo Fries
Frink, James D.
I 154NYInf 9/17/1862 6/1/1865 3y Red House No comments Enum erroneously lists service as in Co. I, 64NYInf
Frost, David Private I 86NYInf 9/25/1861 1/18/1863 1y3m23d Great Valley Piles, rheum.
Fruechte, Henry Private

Olean Enum says Go and report when. Allegany Protestant Cem. Died 1903
Fuller, Charles Private A 188NYInf 9/6/1864 6/?/1865 10m Allegany Wounded left hand
Fuller, Colonel Sergeant
54NYInf 9/18/1861 7/28/1865 3y10m10d Machias Knee smashed by fall of horse
Fuller, P.M.

Vandalia Enum. collected no data
Fuller, Perry W. Private B 49NYInf 7/1/1864 6/27/1865 1y Great Valley Hernia
Fulman, Michael Private G illegible

Carrolton No comments
Fye, Herman W. Private

Killbuck No comments


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