11th Census of the United States ~ 1890

Transcribed, Compiled, Updated and Submitted by Jeff Ward



H  I
Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Gage, Joseph Private F 13WisconsinInf 12/4/1861 5/27/1862 5m23d Steamburg No comments
Gale, Henry 1st Lieutenant B 19NYCav 8/4/1862 9/28/1864 2y1m24d Olean Shot through left shoulder, discharged surg. ert.
Gale, John S. 2d Lieutenant A 168NYInf 9/11/1862 1863
Olean Sickness, resigned
Gallagher, Andrew Private C 64NYInf 9/16/1861 9/23/1864 3y7d Cattaraugus Town No comments 64 Web says Galiger, WIA
Gampp, Jacob Private F 116NYInf 8/9/1862 6/26/1865 2y11m East Otto Sick a long time with acute diar.
Gannam, Charles Private B 2NYMountedRfls 12/31/1864 8/16/1865 1y8m16d Farmersville Rheum.
Gannam, Charles Private G 2NYCav 9/5/1864 11/13/1865 10m Farmersville No additional comments Could not have served in 2 units at one time
Ganter, Michael Private D 29NYInf 1861 1862 1y Olean Physical disability, discharged surg. cert.
Gardener(Gardner), Henry
A 16PACav 8/?/1862 7/?/1865
Machias? Rheum. NPS says sergeant
Gardiner, Robert E. Sergeant D 2RhodeIslandInf 6/5/1861 6/17/1864 3y0m12d Ischua No comments
Gardner, Clayton W., widow Betsy Private A 64NYInf 9/25/1862 7/2/1863 7m8d Gowanda Killed at Gettysburg July2, 1863 64Web says born 1843-1863 Pine Hill Cem. Gowanda
Gardner, Thomas S. Private A 39WisconsinInf 1864 1864 100d Cattaraugus Town No comments
Garrabrant, Richard
I 14NYInf 8/24/1864 6/1/1865
Red House Not displayed [discharge papers]
Gates, Adelbert, widow Delia Private
13NYHA 2/23/1864 8/13/1865 1y/?/20d Randolph No comments
Gates, Emory?

ConstructionCorps 12/?/1864 3/?/1865 4m Hinsdale No disability
Gates, Henry C. Private D 120NYInf 9/1/1864 6/15/1865 9m15d Steamburg No comments Steamburg Cemetery, 1845-1914
Gates, Martin, widow Louisa? Sergeant I 9 Iowa Inf 8/??1861 3/21/1862
Randolph Died in hospital March 22, 1862
Geiger, Jacob Private H 37NYInf 5/10/1861 9/10/1861 4m Allegany sunstroke, pension $17 month
Geiger, Jacob Private A 188NYInf 9/13/1864 6/16/1865 9m Allegany No additional comments
George W. Shulters Private A 112NYInf 12/31/1863 6/16/1865 1y5m14d South Dayton Rheumatism and ?
Georgen, Nicholas Corporal A 160NYInf 10/9/1861 1865
Gowanda Gun shot+bayonet wound, right knee, right breast
Georgen, Nicholas
A 5USVetInfRegular 1865

Gowanda No additional comments
Gerwitz, Gerhardt Private K 65NYInf 4/5/1865 8/?/1865 4m East Ashford None
Gibbs, John H. Private F 194NYInf 4/?/1865 5/?/1865 20d Cattaraugus Town No comments
Gibbs, Walter H. Private I 44NYInf 9/?/1864 7/?/1865
Limestone No comments
Gilbert, Edward P Sergeant A 31USColoredInf 2/22/1864 11/7/1865
Olean Carrying knapsack developed tumor buiding breastwork African American Civil War Memorial Plaque B-47
Gilbert, Hiram B. Private D 72NYInf 5/?/1861 6/?/1864
Gowanda No comments
Gilbert, Timothy Private B 184NYInf 8/29/1864 6/29/1865 10m Franklinville Rupture brought on by injury. Discharged general order
Gile, Merret A. Steward
Undine 9/?/1864 9/?/1865 1y Hinsdale No disability
Giles, Stoddard

Red House Sufferring from wounds incurred bursting of shell 1838-1901 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Gilligan, Christopher

Allegany Enumerator collected no data--US Soldier
Gleason, Henry S. Private F 58PAInf 10/?/1861 5/20/1865 3y6m Portville Discharge not at hand--don't know exact dates
Gleason, Luman B. Corporal F 58PAInf 1/1/1864 1/24/1866 1y0m25d? Portville Reenlisted--1st Enlistment this reg. 10/12/1861
Godden, John H. Private A 16NYInf 5/15/1861 5/22/1863
Olean No comments
Godding, William Private B 9NYCav 1861 1862 5m9d Little Valley Disease of eyes and lungs resulting incapacity for labor
Godfally?, Helen widow of US Soldier

Franklinville Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Goebel, Mathias Private
33NYIndBattery 2/11/1864 6/26/1865 1y4m1d Perrysburg None
Gogel, Christian Private K 86NYInf 6/?/1864 6/?/1865 1y Little Valley Chronic diar., piles, disease of heart
Goodemote, Abram Private D 154NYInf 9/?/1864 6/11/1865 9m Springville, Erie County Gunshot left wrist near Atlanta, GA
Goodin, Joseph Private K 64NYInf 9/9/1861 9/9/1864 3y Allegany gun shot wound
Goodrich, Orastus H. Private B 9NYCav 10/16/1861 4/1/1862 7m East Otto Rheum.
Goodrich, Sanford D, Private E 9NYCav 5/30/1863 6/20/1865 1y9m20d Limestone No comments
Goodspeed, Van Private H 121NYInf 8/4/1862 6/25/1865 2y10m21d Yorkshire Wounded in hand
Gorman, John Private I 187NYInf 9/23/1864 7/11/1865 9m10d Great Valley No comments
Gorsline, Gilbert O., Jr. Private D 35NYInf 6/?/1861 1/?/1863
East Randolph Rheum.
Gorsline, Gilbert O., Jr. Private I 13NYHA 10/3/1863 6/28/1865
East Randolph No additional comments Ellis, page 127 calls him bugler
Gould, Beverly S., widow Charlotte W. 2d Lieutenant E 77NYInf 9/?/1861 6/?/1862
Ischua Died at Ha???
Gould, Elias Private K 105NYInf 1/1/1862 6/1/1862 5m Machias Chronic bronchitis
Gould, Elias Corporal A 188NYInf 9/4/1864 6/1/1865 8m27d Machias No additional comments
Gould, Gilbert F. Private G 13NYHA 3/13/1864 8/24/1865 1y5m11d Randolph Hernia Randolph Rural Cem. 1849-1918
Gould, Lyman Private D 120NYInf 9/9/1864 7/18/1865 10m9d Machias No comments
Gould, William W. Private I 154NYInf 9/1/1862 1/25/1864 1y4m Hinsdale Died chronic kidney complaint [while in service] 154 Web says 1836-1864 Hinsdale Cem.
Graves, Darwin M.
A 154NYInf 6/30/1862 6/11/1865 2y11m10d Randolph Chronic diar., heart disease, loss of ?? 154 Web says 1842-1922 Randolph Cem.
Graves?, Eugene Musician
154NYInf 8/20/1862 1865 3y Franklinville Rheum.
Gray, George R. Private A 154NYInf 7/5/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m23d Napoli Has fits (epileptic), served till close of war 154 Web says Grey, 1839-1903 East Randolph Cem.
Gray, Henry B. Sergeant E 72NYInf 5/16/1861 6/19/1864 3y1m3d Perrysburg Indigestion and asthma
Gray, Nathan W. Private C 13NYHA 8/16/1864 6/21/1865
? No comments
Gray, Norman H. Sergeant A 154NYInf 7/18/1862 6/18/1865 2y11m0d West Salamanca Gun shot wound in left leg 154 Web says 1833-1909 Crawford Cem. Salamanca
Gray, Orange Private H 154NYInf 8/29/1862 6/3/1865 2y9m4d Steamburg Rheum., throat disease 154 Web says 1840-1906, Steamburg Cem., Cold Spring
Green, Albert

Dayton Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier Dayton History, 1901, page 52--Abmer Green, 110NYInf
Green, Benjamin F. Private K 154NYInf 3/8/1865

Leon Diacharge papers lost
Green, Edson Corporal G 6VermontInf 8/3/1862 6/27/1865 2y9m24d Onoville Chronic diar., discharged for disabilities
Green, Jesse K. Sergeant I 154NYInf 9/6/1862 2/6/1865 2y5m Hinsdale Gun shot wounds 154 Web says 1839-1912 Hinsdale Cem.
Green, John C. Private K 154NYInf 9/5/1864 6/11/1865 9m6d Leon Injured back+spine from concussion of shell 154 Web says 1830-1893 Treat Memorial Cem. Leon
Green, Martin J., widow Cornelia Captain
General Staff 1861 1864
Olean 5 army corpse [ 5th Corps Staff Officer]
Green, Martin L. Seaman
Undine 9/1/1864 9/15/1865 1y14d Hinsdale Also served on vessel North Carolina
Green, Paul

Banshee(Navy) 5/23/1864 7/13/1865
Olean Acting Ensign
Greener?, Robert Private C 154NYInf 1862 1865
Carrolton No comments First letter last name very illegible
Greenwood, Joseph Private H 26NJInf 9/2/1862 6/27/1863 9m25d Limestone Ellis, page 127 says bugler
Gregg, Adgate J. Corporal H 44NYInf 10/2/1861 10/11/1864 3y9d Dayton Rheum.
Griffin, Henry R. Private A 85NYInf 11/25/1861 12/3/1864 3y0m8d Olean No comments
Grinolds, Harvey Private B 9NYCav 9/23/1861 10/28/1862 1y1m28d Ellicotville No comments
Groat, A. T. Private G 72NYInf 1861 1864
Gowanda No comments
Groat, Esly Private G 154NYInf 7/28/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m13d Ellicotville No comments 154 Web says 1839-1923, Sunset Hill Cem. Ellicotville
Groat, John Private F 154NYInf 8/8/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m5d West Valley No comments 154 Web. says 1838-1920 Wildwood Cem., Salmanaca
Grose, John K. Private K 121NYInf 8/9/1862 6/19/1865 2y10m10d Portville Chronic diar.
Grossman, Charles Corporal C 154NYInf 8/5/1862 6/11/1865
Olean No comments 154 Web says 1840-1914 Allegany Cem.
Grover, Gustavus Private K 64NYInf 10/7/1861 5/1/1863
Conewango Discharge lost 64 Web says wounded in action
Grover, William Private A 13NYHA 9/6/1864 6/28/1865
Conewango No comments
Guild, Charles, widow Mary Sergeant C 154NYInf 8/1/1861
1y3m Abbotts Died on ? Island, Good health until he joined army 154 Web says 1824-1863 unknown Grave, Richmond NatCem
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G H  I

Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
H???, James? Private K 9NYCav 9/8/1864 8/15/1865 11m7d Randolph Chronic diar, rheum, above dates are from memory Name almost completely faded out
Ha??, Elias H. Private K 65NYInf 3/17/1865 6/28/1865 3m11d Great Valley No comments
Ha??,?? Private
1NYCav 9/28/1864 7/28/1865 11m Great Valley POW, piles, chronic dia. Name almost completely faded out
Hacket, John Private B 13NYHA 8/8/1863 7/11/1865 1y11m3d Steamburg Bronchitis
Hacket, Perry Private A 154NYInf 7/28/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m13d Steamburg Vertigo
Hackett, George S. Private B 2NYMountedRfls 6/?/1864 6/?/1865 10m? Franklinville Chronic diar, piles
Hagadon, Henry Private B 154NYInf 8/28/1862 6/?/1865
Markham Gun shot wound left shoulder, lost discharge papers 154 Web says born 1840 Braunschwieg, Germany
Hager, Legrand G. Sergeant C 64NYInf 9/?/1861 6/?/1865 4y West Salamanca Enlarged veins, reenlisted veteran
Hahn, Jacob, widow Julia


Allegany Widow does not know what regiment he was in
Hall, Amos M. Private A 16VermontInf 8/26/1862 8/10/1863 11m20d Dayton No comments
Hall, Amos, widow Illegible Private E 9NYCav 8/26/1862 8/23/1864 1y11m27d East Randolph Loss of right leg above knee
Hall, Charles E. widow not named Private H 64NYInf 12/9/1861 12/8/1864 3y East Randolph No comments
Hall, Charles W. Corporal B 154NYInf 8/12/1862 7/6/1865 2y10m24d Wesly Gun shot left lung and right leg 154 Web says Wesly Cemetery, Dayton, 1837-1913
Hall, Danford L. Private G 154NYInf 8/12/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m Allegany No comments 154th Website has him in Co. I, 1843-1904, Allegeny Cem.
Hall, Delbert Private D 179NYInf 3/31/1864 6/8/1865 1y3m8d Wesly No comments
Hall, Harvey C. Private H 44NYInf 9/24/1861 10/11/1864 3y17d Yorkshire Wounded in left shoulder
Hall, Horace Private E 9NYCav 8/26/1862 12/5/1866 3m10d? East Randolph Rheum, malarial poisoning
Hall, J. A. Private E 7NY? 1861 1865 4y3m Olean Sabre thrust--Cannot find papers
Hall, James S. Private B 23NYInf 5/?/1861 5/?/1863 2y Olean Kidney and stomach trouble, unable to work steady
Hall, Marcus Private
9NYCav 5/24/1862 12/11/1864
Little Valley Gun shot [illegible], rheum.
Hall, Sophronia

Perrysburg Enum collected no data--presumably a widow
Hall?, William Private
illegible 8/13/1862 7/?/1866 2y11m? Allegany varicose veins caused by fever record very illegible
Hallenbeck, Lemuel H. Private C 13NYHA 8/17/1864 6/21/1865 10m4d Leon No comments Ellis, page 149, this soldier and father Matias in same Co.
Hallenbeck, Mathias Private C 13NYHA 9/2/1864 6/21/1865 9m19d Leon Rheum.
Haller, Charles T. Private A 187NYInf 9/26/1864 7/1/1865
Olean No comments
Halliday, Charles O. Private B 23NYInf 4/?/1861 1/16/1863 1y9m Olean No comments
Halsey, Francis M. Private A 49NYInf 8/12/1861 6/16/1862
Tunesassa Died chronic diar. [no widow listed]
Halsey, Francis M. Private M 11 Ohio Art. 7/22/1863 8/2/1865 2y10m14d Tunesassa No additional comments
Hamilton, Henry H. Private B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 8/28/1863
Conewango Gun shot wound r. arm
Hamilton, Maurice N. Private C 85NYInf 9/2/1861 5/10/1862 8m8d Olean Wounded in right foot, discharged surgeon cert.
Hamilton, Oscar W. Private A 85NYInf 8/10/1864 6/22/1865
Olean No comments
Hamilton, Samuel C. Private I 154NYInf 8/30/1862 1/13/1864
Olean No comments 154 Web says 1833-1916
Hamilton, William H. Private C 8NYHA 4/6/1865 8/31/1865
Olean No comments
Hammon, John Private M 3NYArt 8/5/1864 4/15/1865 8m Yorkshire Deaf in one ear
Hammond, John Private G 171PAInf 10/24/1862 8/8/1863 9m15d Randolph No comments
Hanks, Squire Private M 12NYCav 9/7/1864 6/23/1865 9m19d Portville No comments
Hanley?, Charles O. Private
ElginsBat.Illinois 10/11/1864 5/27/1865 7m16d Napoli No comments
Hanna, Joseph G. Private E 21PAInf
6/?/1865 1y6m Four Mile No comments
Hannigan, James Private I 154NYInf 8/30/1862 6/11/1865
Olean No comments 154 Web says Hanegan, 1844-1918
Harkness, Henry Private E 11PACav 8/16/1861 8/28/1864 3y0m12d Salamanca Fever, discharged expiration of term 1839-1918 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Harmon, George W. Private D 76NYInf 8/17/1863 6/30/1865 1y10m18d Leon Chronic diar.
Harn?, Austin Private
11NYIndBattery 12/28/1861 6/6/1863
Tunesassa Chronic rheum, prisoner at Anapolis MD??
Harn?, Austin Private
11NYIndBattery 6/16/1863 6/6/1865
Tunesassa Poor eyesight
Harris, Bradley Private G 137NYInf 8/19/1862 2/9/1863 5m20d Steamburg Rheum, disease of heart
Harris, John D. Private K 14Reg? 6/1/1862 5/?/1863
Olean Injured in battle leg bruised with stroke of carbine
Harris, John D. Private E 141NYInf 9/7/1864 6/17/1865
Olean No additional comments
Harrison?, Charles H. Private I 187NYInf 9/22/1864 1865 9m15d Ellicotville Piles Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Harter, Amos G. Sergeant H 2NYCav 9/5/1864 6/5/1865 9m Knapps Creek No comments
Harter, Henry C, Private G 11NYCav 6/18/1864 10/?/1865 1y9m Knapps Creek Malarial, applied for pension
Harvey, Isaac Sergeant C 64NYInf 9/24/1861 7/17/1862 9m17d Otto Surgeon's certificate disability
Haskell, George W. Private C 13NYHA 8/24/1863 8/26/1865 2y0m22d Sandusky No comments
Haskens, George

Randolph Away from home, discharge lost Perhaps 146NYInf
Haskins, George Private C 85PAInf 8/17/1861 12/?/1862 1y3m Randolph Rheumatism of heart, kidney disease
Haskins, George Private F 146NYInf 10/1/1863 5/25/1865 1y7m24d Randolph POW Andersonville 8 months 1829-1910 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Hastings, George H. Private C 23IllinoisInf 3/3/1862 10/24/1862 7m Hinsdale No comments
Hatch, Washington S. Corporal A 136NYInf 8/8/1862 9/9/1864 1y7m24d West Salamanca Paralysis, reenlisted
Hathaway, Daniel K. Private F 8USVeteranInf 4/1/1865 4/5/1866
Olean No additional comments
Hathaway, Daniel K. Private F 81NYInf 9/10/1861 10/21/1864
Olean Wounded in left side by shell
Hawkins, Duty Sergeant K 105NYInf 10/30/1861 12/4/1864 3y1m4d Machias Gun shot wound in head
Hawkins, John Private B+D 9NYCav 9/3/1861 6/1/1865 3y8m East Otto Rheum and rupture
Hawkins, Rodney E. Sergeant A 188NYInf 9/4/1864 6/1/1865 8m27d Machias Lung trouble
Hawkins, William Private B 154NYInf 9/2/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m9d Ellicotville POW Andersonville 10 months--Pensioner 154 Web says 1832-1906, East Otto Cem.
Hayes, James M. Private H 76NYInf 8/20/1863 5/15/1865 1y7m25d Machias Wounded in foot
Hayes, John A. Private H 16PaCav 2/29/1864 8/11/1865 1y5m2d Knapps Creek Chronic diar., applied for pension
Hayes, Robert R. Private K 94NYInf 2/17/1862 5/10/1865 3y2m22d Yorkshire None
Hayes, William E. Private K 105NYInf 2/17/1862 11/4/1864 9m7d Yorkshire Spinal disease
Hazelton, James P 2d Lieutenant B 16WisconsinInf

Machias Dates lost
Heath, Bart Private F 64NYInf 9/24/1861 4/3/1863
Little Valley Sciatic rheum., heart disease, weak eyes 64 Web says WIA, 1832-1902 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Heaton, Hiram, widow Mary E. Private K 12PACav 2/24/1862 5/4/1863 1y11m10d Onoville Rheum., piles, inury in back
Heaton, Hiram, widow Mary E. Private G 9NYCav 8/29/1864 6/1/1865 9m2d Onoville No additional comments 1830-1917 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Heihn, Clements Private K 15NY? 8/12/1863 6/16/1865 1y10m25d Great Valley No comments
Helmes, James Private A 154NYInf 8/4/1862 6/11/1865 3y East Randolph No comments 154Web says 1846-1924 East Randolph Cem.
Helmick, Jasper Private C 13NYHA 8/19/1863

Randolph No comments
Helmick, Oscar

Gunboat No. 54 1862 1865
Steamburg No comments
Helms, Adelbert Private E 9NYCav 8/23/1864 6/5/1865 9m12d East Randolph Rheum., illegible
Helms, Gaylord Private D 179NYInf 3/31/1864 6/9/1865 1y2m10d Randolph No comments
Hemenger, Lewis Private C 112NYInf 8/1/1862 6/19/1865 2y10m18d Kennedy, Chaut. Cty Chronic diar., general disability
Henderson?, Henry Private N 14RIHa 9/?/1863 1865 2y7m Olean No comments
Hendrix, Alice

Portville Widow of U.S. soldier
Henghes(Hughes?), William Major
14NYCav? 8/?/1861 8/?/1865 4y6m? Salamanca Discharged general order
Henry, Lewis W. Corporal A 64Inf? 9/7/1861 6/24/1862 9m20d Gowanda Chronic diar., fistularia ano? and general disability
Henry, William Private
Paw Paw (Navy) 9/3/1864 6/2/1865 10m Farmersville Rupture, rheum.
Henry, William W. Private A 64NYInf 10/?/1861

Little Valley Rheum, piles, catarah, discharge lost
Henshaw, Edgar Corporal F 2NYCav 8/21/1861 7/20/1865 3y10m29d West Salamanca Gun shot right hand, right leg, reenlisted veteran
Herrick, Harden P. Private A 188NYInf 9/6/1864 6/1/1865 9m5d Napoli Chronic diar., sciatic nerve 25 years, weakness from ?
Herrick?, illegible Private K 169PAInf 1863 1863
Killbuck No comments
Herrington, Edward G., widow Ester Private F 154NYInf 9/20/1864 6/22/1865 9m2d South Dayton No comments
Herrington, Newton H. Private K 49NYInf 8/26/1861 1/26/1863 2y5m Elko Chronic diar., discharged 1865 for disabilities
Herrington, Newton H. Private H 112NYInf 2/23/1864 8/28/1865 1y6m5d Elko Rheum., chronic bronchitis
Hess, George W. Corporal G 154NYInf 8/13/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m28d Springville, Erie County Chronic diar. 154 Web. says 1833-1896, Maplewood Cem, Springville
Hetures?, Charles H. Private E 9NYCav 10/17/1861 10/7/1864 3y East Randolph wounded
Hewitt, David Private I 16IllinoisInf 6/?/1861 9/?/1861 3m Allegany No comments
Hewitt, Ichabod P. Private G 3PAHArt. 12/15/1863 7/1/1865 1y7m14d Knapps Creek No comments
Hicks, Clark W. Private D 9NYCav 9/4/1864 6/9/1865 9m East Otto No any
Hicks, Franklin Private G 154NYInf 8/11/1862

Ellicotville No comments 154 Web says circa 1832-1902, Jefferson St. Cem. Ellicotville
Hicks, Joseph Private I 85NYInf 9/?/1861 6/?/1865 4y9m? Cuba, Allegany County Rheum, neuralgia, lung trouble
Hicks, Leonard A. Private F 85NYInf 8/26/1861 9/7/1864 3y0m12d Cuba, Allegany County No comments
Hiddill, Henry Private

Red House Rheum. Enum. collected no other data
Higby, William Corporal E 145PAInf

Olean Lame from gun shot wound in left leg
Hill, George W., widow Sarah Corporal E 20USColoredInf 9/29/1864 9/28/1865
Olean No comments
Hill, Henry Private D 154NYInf 8/11/1862 7/3/1865 2y10m27d Franklinville Chronic diar. and rheum. 154 Web says 1840-1899, Ischua Cem.
Hill, Hollis N. Private K 85NYInf 7/?/1861 7/?/1863 2y Franklinville Chronic diar., paralysis
Hill, Jerome Private F 64NYInf 10/16/1861 10/16/1864 3y New Albion No comments
Hills, Jerome Private F 64NYInf 8/16/1861 3/?/1864
Gowanda Chest disease
Hillsenger, J. L. widow Louise? Private E 85NYInf 12/26/1863 6/23/1865 1y5m27d Limestone No comments
Hilton, Sylvester B. Private F 50NYEngineers 8/1/1862 6/27/1865 2y11m Olean Rheum
Hines, Gideon Sergeant E 16NYCav 7/6/1863 10/?/1865 2y4m Versailles Gun shot wound leg, fever, ague
Hites, Henry C. Private E 111PAInf 11/30/1861 12/27/1864
Olean Ruptured blood vessel, wounded in arm Cedar Mountain
Hitsman?, Henry Private
105NYInf 11/?/1861 3/?/1865
Sandusky No comments
Hoag, Robert Private F 37NYInf 10/4/1861 10/15/1862 1y Salamanca In 1864 rheum., disease of heart.
Hoag, Samuel W. Corporal G 13NYHA 1/18/1864 9/9/1865 3y2m5d? Ischua Rheum. [from] service
Hogan, Francis, wife Ellen

Dayton Scurvy
Hogg, George W. Private C 104NYInf 10/9/1861 10/24/1862 1y0m15d Framklinville Lung disease contracted [in army]
Hogg, John

Franklinville Enum collected no data--Says US Soldier 154 Web says 1837-1894, Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Hogg, Samuel Private H 154NYInf 7/15/1862 6/19/1865 2y11m4d Great Valley No comments 154 Web says 1839-1925, Sunset Hill Cem. Ellicotville
Holcomb, Asahiel Private C 211PAInf 9/1/1864 6/8/1865 9m22d Farmersville Rheum, heart disease
Holcomb, Franklin C. Private E 10NYCav 10/10/1861 1/4/1864 2y2m24d Gowanda Gun shot wound left arm, chronic rheum., heart disease
Holcomb, Franklin C.

Gowanda Duplication
Holcomb, Levi Private G 150PAInf 9/?/1862 5/?/1863
Portville Chronic rheum and lung trouble, cannot give dates
Holden, John R. Private B 9NYCav 10/3/1861 4/9/1862 11m Franklinville Rheum, chronic piles
Holden, William 1st Lieutenant D 116NYInf 9/3/1862 6/8/1865 2y8m5d Portville No comments
Holker, Frederick C. Private B 64NYInf 8/14/1861 12/1/1862 1y3m18d Leon Chronic diar.
Holmes, Eber B. Private D 154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m Sandusky Doubtfull? 154 Web says 1841-1932, Sandusky Cem. Freedom
Holmes, Myron Private F 104NYInf 12?/1861
1m? Sandusky No comments
Holton, Lewis Private D 154NYInf 9/24/1864 6/11/1865 6m27d East Ashford Chronic diar. and partial loss of sight 154 Web says 1826-1915, Arcade Rural Cemetery, Arcade
Hooker, Eli Private E 85NYInf 9/1/1861 5/2/1862 8m1d Limestone No comments
Hooker, Leroy J. Private H 44NYInf 9/?/1861 5/9/1862 9m10d Perrysburg Rheum.
Hoover, Joseph Sergeant D 100NYInf 8/27/1863 6/15/1865 1y10m Allegany No comments
Hopkins, William A. Private H 37NYInf 5/10/1861 6/22/1863 2y1m12d Ellicotville No comments
Horth, Hadley Private H 72NYInf 10/18/1861 7/25/1865 3y9m13d Cattaraugus Town Injured hip, side, back, diar, disease mouth, stomach
Hotchkiss, George Corporal A 154NYInf 8/27/1862 5/?/1863 8m14d Tunesassa Rheum, breach left intestine? 154 Web says 1842-1908 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Hotchkiss, George Private G 9NYCav 9/2/1864 6/28/1865 9m29d Tunesassa No additional comments
Houck, Jeremiah Private G 154NYInf 8/28/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m17d West Salamanca General disability 154 Web says 1841-1913 Crawford Cem. Salamanca
How, Frank 1st Sergeant K 35NYInf 8/?/1863 5/?/1865 1y9m West Valley Rheum., catarah and chronic diar.
Howard, Chester Private E 50NYEngineers 8/13/1864 6/13/1865 10m Dayton No comments
Howard, George W. Musician
64NYInf 9/1/1861 8/10/1862 11m10d Gowanda Chronic diar. and rheum.
Howard, Horace R. Sergeant F 9NYCav 9/1/1862 6/1/1865 2y9m Perrysburg Gun shot wound and rjheum
Howell, Frank A., widow Marcella Private I 4VermontInf 2/28/1864 9/13/1864
Yorkshire Wounded in foot
Howell, Frank A., widow Marcella 1st Sergeant D 27USColoredInf 5/6/1865 9/21/1865 11m? Yorkshire Reenlisted veteran NPS says Lt--officers in this reg. were white
Howlett, Horace H. Private K 154NYInf 8/30/1862 6/26/1865 2y10m24d Cottage Cut? on right foot 154 Web says Cottage Cem. Dayton 1836-1903
Hubbell, Horace C. Sergeant

Olean Kidney disease 26 years
Hudson, Miner Private F 90NYInf 9/?/1864 7/?/1865
Elton No comments
Huff, Edgar R. Private A 105NYInf 11/1/1861 11/29/1862 1y29d Great Valley No comments
Huff, Edgar R. Sergeant E 9NYHA 1/9/1864 9/29/1865 1y8m20d Great Valley Chronic diar.
Hufstader, Francis

Cattaraugus Town Enum. collected no data 154 Web says Co B, 1844-1891 East Otto Cem.
Hughes, William B. Private F 1PAReserveInf 7/12/1864 11/14/1864 4m2d East Randolph Chronic rheum.
Hugoboom, Edwin Sergeant E 10NYCav 10/14/1861 7/19/1865 3y9m5d Versailles Thistlelow?
Hugoboom, Norman H. Private K 154NYInf 8/9/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m2d Versailles None 154 Web says 1841-1914 Versailles Cem.
Hugoboom, Wellington Sergeant A 64NYInf 10/15/1861 10/15/1864 3y Versailles General health 64 Web has pics, t.s. 1836-1919 Rathbun Lawn Cem Hanover
Hulbert, Edward S. Private H 17IndianaInf 5/8/1861 6/20/1865 3y6m16d West Salamanca Rheum., kidneys, E?, reenlisted veteran
Hulett, Andrew J. Private C 112NYInf 8/4/1862 6/13/1865 2y10m9d South Dayton She has not his discharge papers
Hull, Elias M. Private H 100NYInf 11/14/1861 5/8/1863 1y5m2d Machias Catarah, bronchitis, piles
Hull, Hiram Private I 37NYInf 9/13/1861 6/22/1863 1y9m9d Ellicotville No comments
Hull, Hiram Private D 179NYInf 3/3/1864 6/22/1865 1y3m19d Ellicotville No comments
Hull, James M. Private E 64NYInf 9/17/1864 6/30/1865 8m13d Great Valley No comments
Human?, Wilber Private E 7? 2/19/1864 5/19/1865 15m Salamanca Heart disease, other disabilities
Humphrey, James Private F 144NYInf 8/29/1864 6/?/1865 10m Westonville No comments
Humphrey, Seymour Private A 187NYInf 10/?/1864 6/11/1865 8m Limestone No comments
Hunt, Horatio N. Captain K 64NYInf 9/13/1861 10/14/1864 3y1m1d Leon Rheum., deaf in both ears 64 Web says 1825-1896, Treat Memorial Cem. Leon WIA
Hunt, Leonard L. Private H 154NYInf 7/28/1862 9/20/1865 3y1m23d East Leon Hemmorrhoids, besienia? 154 Web says ca 1838-1923 Pine Hill Cem. Gowanda
Huntington, Samuel, widow Elizabeth Private A 100NYInf 10/1/1863 12/21/1864
Limestone No comments
Hupfeld(Huffield), John C. Private C 64NYInf 10/14/1861 10/14/1861 3y0m0d Otto No comments 64 Web and Ellis, page 131 use first name Nicholas
Hurd, David H. Private H 37NYInf 5/15/1861 10/22/1862 1y5m22d Great Valley No comments
Hurd, David H. Corporal K 6NYHA 8/?/1863 8/24/1865 2y Great Valley No additional comments
Hurd, James H., widow Rebecca Private G 115IndianaInf

9m Hinsdale Heart disease
Hurd, Lester N. Private H 44NYInf 9/10/1861 10/12/1961 1m2d Perrysburg Wound in foot
Hurlburt, Elbert C. Private I 37NYInf 9/26/1861 6/6/1863 1y8m12d Great Valley Chronic diar.
Hurlburt, Elbert C. Sergeant D 179NYInf 1864 6/?/1865 1y2m Great Valley No additional comments
Hutchinson, Daniel Private
USS Brilliant 9/?/1864 8/27/1865
Vandalia No comments
Hyde, Frank Private C 13NYHA 8/24/1863 8/26/1865 2y0m22d Sandusky No comments
Hyde, Henry Private B 147NYInf 6/?/1862 6/?/1866 2y10m? Allegany No comments

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Ilegible Private K 65NYInf 3/17/1865 7/17/1865 4m Great Valley No comments
Ilegible Private K 169PAInf 10/16/1862 7/26/1865 9m10d East Randolph Reenlisted veteran
Illegible, David A. Private A 1?Cav 2/5/1862 2/5/1862 5/9/1865 Napoli Served till close of war
illegible, David S. Musician H 6PAArt 8/29/1864 6/13/1865
Olean No comments
Illegible, Eugene Private F 194NYInf 3/13/1865 5/3/1865 1m20d Great Valley No comments
Illegible, Francis Private K Illegible 1863 1866 2y2m28d Randolph Asthma, liver and illegible Almost whole line completely faded out
Illegible, Henry Private I 26USColoredInf 7/5/1864 8/24/1865 7m23d Randolph Head and shoulder injured by wagon Last name completely faded out
Illegible, Henry Private I Illegible 142 8/?/1862 5/2/1865
East Randolph Sun stroke, rheum.
Illegible, Hiram? Private K 154NYInf 7/25/1862 6/25/1865
Little Valley Rocky Face Ridge, GA Injury l.eye, head, heart
I 154NYInf 9/?/1862 1/?/1865
Kill Buck Gun shot wound left shoulder 6/27/1864 Name completely faded
Illegiible Illegible M 9NYCav 9/?/1864 6/1/1865 8m13d Great Valley No comments
Illegiible 2d Lieutenant D 14NYInf

East Randolph Gun shot in left leg front? Both names completely faded out
Illegiible Corporal E 9NY? 1861 10/27/1864 3y2m9d Randolph Left lung ?? Both names completely faded out

Illegible 8/17/1861 4/?/1863 1y8m4d Randolph Illegible Names, comments, completely faded
Illegible, Jeremiah

Kill Buck
Name completely faded
Illegible, Joseph?, F Illegible K illegible 9/19/1861 9/19/1864 3y South Dayton Rheum. Name completely faded out
Ingalls, Charles Private D 179NYInf 3/31/1864 6/8/1865 1y3m8d West Salamanca Concussion of shell injury to head
Ingraham, Simeon M. Private K 64NYInf 10/7/1861 10/14/1864 3y0m7d Otto Gun shot wound right hand, wound knee, rheum
Inman, Burt Private H 44NYInf 10/2/1861 10/11/1864 3y9d Dayton Right thumb [amputated], can't find discharge papers Cottage Cemetery 1842-1917
Inman, Harvey Private K 154NYInf 8/30/1862 6/30/1865 2y9m5d Cottage Rheum, POW Libby Prison 154 Web says Cottage Cem. Dayton 1816-1891
Isman, George Private K 165NYInf 3/?/1864 8/?/1865 1y4m Olean Chronic diar.


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