11th Census of the United States ~ 1890

Transcribed, Compiled, Updated and Submitted by Jeff Ward




Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
M???, illegible Sergeant B 64NYInf 2/14/1865 7/15/1865 5m6d Randolph Second enlistment Name very faded and probably illegible as well
Mabie, Abram Sergeant A 20USColoredInf 2/22/1864 11/10/1865 1y8m19d Ellicotville Ankle dislocated and rupture
Macon, Robert Private E 11PAResInf 7/15/1861 6/11/1864 3y Tunesassa Gun shot wound both thighs, draws no pension
Mahon, James

Olean Enum collected no data
Main, James S. Private I 81NYInf 3/22/1865 8/31/1865 5m9d Portville No comments
Maines?, Henry Private H 57NYInf 8/29/1862 5/26/1865 1y9m24d Red House Forgotten discharge dates
Mallery, Ferris J. Private H 13NYHA 1/4/1864 5/26/1865
Olean No comments Mt. View Cem. Olean 1833-1906
Maltbie, Julius Captain C 64NYInf 11/13/1861 9/24/1862 10m11d Gowanda Chronic diar. 64 Web has pic, t.s. 1822-1902 Pine Hill Cem. Gowanda
Manwaring, Civilian Corporal D 154NYInf 8/?/1862 1/?/1863 5m Franklinville Double inguinal hernia 154 Web says 1831-1926, Franklinville
Markham, John Private C 105NYInf 2/1/1862 8/5/1862 6m5d Great Valley Gun shot wound hip
Markham, Philo Corporal B 154NYInf 7/28/1862 11/2/1864 2y3m4d Dayton Arm shot off 154 Web says 1837-1932 Orchard Park, NY
Markham, William J. Sergeant B 9NYCav 9/23/1861 7/17/1865
Little Valley Gun shot wound left thigh, rheum., deafness
Marsh, Albert Private B 64NYInf 8/7/1861 9/7/1864 3y20d Randolph Loss of right limb 64 t.s. Medal of Honor 1831-1895 St. Patricks Cem. Randolph
Marsh, Hollis Private E 9NYCav 10/8/1861 4/15/1862 6m7d Randolph Chronic rheum., resulting disease, catarah
Marsh, Otis Private C 9NYCav 10/1/1861 7/17/1865 3y9m16d Randolph g.s. wound right hand, reenlisted vet., chronic diar.
Marsh, Staley
D 71NYInf 5/?/1861 8/?/1864
Machias? Gun shot ball in left lung? leg? NPS says sergeant
Marsh, William Private K 64NYInf 9/21/1861 9/26/1862 1y Red House Away, could find nothing, rheum, kidney complaint
Marsh, William Private H 199PAInf 9/31/1864 7/15/1865 1y Red House No comments 64 Web says WIA, discharged for disability
Martin, William E. Private B 78NYInf 8/25/1861 2/5/1863 1y9m20d Onoville Injured right hip and back
Martin, William E. Private A 112NYInf 8/27/1864 7/15/1865 9m19d Onoville G. s. wound r. leg above+below knee, chronic diar.
Marvin, Abner C. Private C 105NYInf 1/8/1862 1865 3y6m Great Valley No comments
Marvin, Ferdinand A. Private C 105NYInf 1/8/1862 8/?/1862 8m Great Valley No comments
Mason, Albert W. Musician A 188NYInf 9/6/1864 6/20/1865 9m14d West Salamanca Lung and heart trouble
Mason, George L. Private C 154NYInf 9/3/1862 6/11/1865
Clear Creek, Chat.Cty Piles 154Web says Rutledge Cem. Connewango, 1841-1933
Mason, Henry C. Corporal C 64NYInf 9/16/1861 12/3/1862 1y3m18d South Dayton Chronic diar.
Mason, Mrs. Z

Allegany No comments
Mason, William J. Private B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 6/9/1863
Conewango No comments [wounded Fredericksburg 12/13/1862] 64Web t.s. picture, 1838-1918 Rutledge Cem. Connewango
Mathews, Frank K. Private I 23NYInf

Olean No comments
Mathews, John Private L 10NYCav 9/2/1862 5/?/1865 3y East Randolph No comments Widow written by name but no name given
Mathews, Joseph F. Corporal L 10NYCav 8/2/1862 7/25/1865 2y10m4d Gowanda Chronic diar.
Mathewson, James M. Sergeant K 154NYInf 8/28/1862 7/6/1865 2y10m22d Perrysburg Rheum, muscular, lame leg 154 Web says 1819-1898 Broadway Cem. Persia
Matterson, David Private B 154NYInf 1862

Dayton Can't tell dates
Maxen, Wallace? Private I 8NYHA 12/?/1863 3/?/1864
Olean Discharge read general disabiity
Maxen, Wallace? Private A 16KansasCav 12/?/1864 12/17/1865
Olean No additional comments
Maxon, Marshall Private C 85NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865 2y11m Portville No comments
Maxson, Orson F. Private G 52NYInf 9/3/1864 6/20/1865 9m17d Portville Chronic diar.
Mays, Phylander Private L 4PACav 8/13/1864 7/1/1865
Olean Lost teeth with scurvy
Mc???, ??? Private C 6NYCav 1862 6/6/1865 2y10m22d Randolph Defective sight Whole line almost completely faded out.
McAvoy, William Private

Olean No comments
McCarthy, William P. Private F 148IllinoisInf. 2/8/1866 9/15/1866 7m Allegany No comments Dates of service are questionable being enirely after the war
McClure, Fayette 2d Lieutenant
Signal Corps 8/?/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m Franklinville No comments
McClure, Julius Private F 116NYInf 8/8/1862 5/10/1864 1y8m28d Ischua Chronic diar., double hernia [from] service
McClure, Sanford B. 1st Sergeant I 64NYInf 9/10/1861 9/12/1862 1y15d Allegany no remarks 64th website says WIA, discharged disability 9/27/1862
McClusky, George Private B 78NYInf 3/10/1862 6/17/1865 3y3m7d Carrolton No comments
McCoy, Richard Private I 64NYInf 8/?/1861 12/?/1862 1y3m Allegany Dislepsia?, wounded at Fair Oaks, VA 64th website says discharged disability 11/27/1862+POW
McCrary, Warren Private E 16PACav 1864 1865 9m Olean No comments
McCune, John Private F 4NYHA 8/29/1864 9/26/1865 1y26d South Dayton Lumbago
McDonald, Alexander widow Mary J. Private A 154NYInf 7/?/1862

Randolph Died in hospital 154 Web says 1830-Nov. 3, 1863 Annapolis MD
McEnery, John Private B 179NYInf 6/2/1864 6/8/1865 1y6d Ellicotville No comments
McIntire, Jordan Private I 198PAInf 9/5/1864 1865 10m Allegany No comments
McIntosh, Charles A. Private C 154NYInf 9/24/1862 5/16/1865 2y5m22d Olean Enlarged knee 154 Web says 1833-1909
McKee, J___ H. 2d Lieutenant H 144NYInf 8/13/1862 6/25/1865 3y Olean Shot through right leg
McKibbin, Ira Sergeant K 23NYInf 5/16/1861 5/22/1863 2y2m Salamanca In 1862 rheum. in head? 1826-1896 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
McKoon, Chauncey Lieutenant B 64NYInf 1861 7/14/1865 3y9m Steamburg Wounded
McKutcheon, Edward T. 1st Lieutenant D 64NYInf 10/30/1861 3/15/1865 3y6m Otto Prisoner 9 months Pic, t.s. pic, bio 64Web 1838-1908 Pine Hill Cem. Gowanda
McLaughlin, John Private F 64NYInf 12/6/1861 4/11/1865 3y4m5d Kennedy, Chaut. Cty Rheum., diar., rupture, POW for 6m7d 64 Web has t.s.pic. 1842-1912 St. Patricks Cem. Randolph
McMann, John

Olean Enum collected no data
McMillen, Clara, widow of ?

Franklinville No comments
McMillen, Marcus, widow Dollie Musician

1y Olean Fever resulting in rheum., discharged for disability
McStay, William Private H 96NYInf 3/21/1865 2/6/1866 10m13d Framklinville Lung disease contracted+brought on by exposure Name quite illegible
Me??, Oscar??

64NYInf 9/16/1861 1863 1y6m Humphrey Center Chronic diar. Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Mead, John Private G 150PAInf 8/18/1862 6/14/1865
Olean 7m POW
Mead, Joseph Private D 8?NY 9/21/1861 10/23/1864 3y Red House Epilepsy
Mead, Volney Private I 22NYCav 11/30/1863 8/?/1865
Randolph Bronchitis
Mead, William L. Private A 2LaInf 6/15/1861 4/13/1865
Olean Transferred from 1Md to grad? La
Mehurin, John Private G 26 Ohio Inf 1861 1864 3y Salamanca 1864 piles and rupture d. 2/25/1891 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Mendell, Asa Private G 9NYCav 9/7/1864 6/?/1865 9m Onoville Gun shot wound right leg, rheum.
Merrill, Barzilla, widow Reeba? Private K 154NYInf 8/28/1862 5/?/1863
Cottage Killed May 2, 1863 [Battle of Chancellorsville] Father and son Alva died in same battle, Ellis, p. 130
Merrill, Henry S. Corporal B 23NYInf 5/1/1861 8/22/186?
Little Valley Asthma
Merrill, John H. Private G 9NYHA 7/?/1862 7/?/1865
Olean No comments
Merrill, Marcus Private E 9NYCav 10/7/1861 10/27/1864 3y20m East Randolph Chronic diar.
Merrill, Wilber H. Sergeant H 44NYInf 9/?/1861 10/?/1864 3y1m Versailles Sun stroke, rheum.
Merritt, Alonzo Private K 1NYVeteranCav

Randolph Name crossed out, says not in 35 district [Randolph}
Merritt, Daniel W. Private F 128OhioInf

Olean No comments
Merritt, Frederick W. Private K 136NYInf 8/8/1862 6/20/1865
Olean No comments
Merritt, Lorenzo? Private I 65NYInf 3/30/1865 7/?/1865 3m17d New Albion Disease of lungs, chronic diar. resulting in piles
Merville, William H. Corporal
23NYInd.Battery 8/30/1862 7/14/1866 3y3m Goodell, McKean, PA wounded r. leg, pension $10 month, 2 enlistments
Messinger, Peter Sergeant A 154NYInf 1862 1865 3y Salamanca Scurvy, wounded in hip POW 22 months 154 Web says 1831-1902, see bio Gazetteer p. 1098
Metcalf, Nelson J. Private A 81NYInf 3/21/1865 8/31/1865 5m10d Rawson Rheum., chronic diar., discharged general order
Middleton, George Private C 5MassCav 9/?/1864 10/?/1865
Olean Taken from his recollection
Milard?, Martin P. Private C 65NYInf 8/27/1862 6/23/1865 2y9m26d Westonville No comments
Milholand, William

Franklinville Enum collected no data--Says US Soldier
Miller, Charles H. Corporal K 94NYInf 1/13/1862 3/8/1865 3y1m23d Yorkshire Chronic bronchitis
Miller, Jacob, widow Ap??? Private

Olean No comments
Miller, John Private D 154NYInf 7/8/1862 12/25/1862 6m Hinsdale Coarse veins right leg 154 Web says 1820-1902 Hinsdale Cemetery
Miller, Laurentine Y. Seaman
illegible 8/18/1864 8/29/1865 1y7d Hinsdale No comments
Miller, Norton W. Corporal E 9NYCav 10/7/1861 10/27/1864 3y20d Steamburg Rheum.
Miller, Waterbury Private D 4USArt(Regular) 3/27/1864 3/27/1867 3y Knapps Creek Rheum., pension $14 month NPS says Waterbery Miller
Milligan, Alonzo G. Sergeant L 9PACav 9/21/1861 7/15/1865 3y9m24d Olean No comments
Milliman, James Private C 13NYHA 9/6/1864 6/21/1865 9m15d Leon Rheum.+ wounds, lost one finger
Milliman, John H. Private K 64NYInf 9/22/1861 7/25/1862 10m3d Leon Chronic diar. 64 Web says wounded in action, discharged disabled.
Mills, Charles H. Private H 58PAInf 10/12/1861 12/11/1864 3y2m3d Portville No comments
Miner, Frederick Private K 9NYHA

7m Olean Lost a leg, discharged surg. cert.
Miner, Robert Private A 102USColoredInf 7/10/1864 9/10/1865
Olean Colored
Minor, Thomas B. Private I 71NYInf 5/4/1861 7/4/1865 4y2m Allegany No comments
Mirkle?, Joseph

Carrolton Enum. collected no data
Misferfate?, John Private G 98NYInf 8/10/1864 12/22/1864
Olean No comments
Misferfate?, John Private
187NYInf 2/2/1865 7/1/1865
Olean No comments
Mitchell, Mathew Private E 87NYInf 2/?/1864 10/?/1865 9m? Franklinville No comments
Moffit, James Private I 187NYInf 7/15/1864 8/1/1865 1y16d Ellicotville Chronic diar. since winter, 1865, pensioner
Monroe, Samuel Private A 154NYInf 8/4/1862 6/17/1865 2y10m13d East Randolph No comments 154 Web has Munroe, East Randolp Cem. d. 1923
Montgomery, John Private A 188NYInf 9/3/1864 6/1/1865 8m28d Yorkshire No comments
Montgomery, Porter C. Private A 37PAInf 4/21/1861 3/13/1863 1y10m22d Knapps Creek Rheum., pension $4 month
Moodler, Charles H. Private A 97PAInf 2/22/1864 6/26/1865
Olean No comments Pleasant Valley Cem. Olean 1846-1921
Moore, Henry Private K 9NYCav 9/15/1861 7/4/1865 3y10m19d West Salamanca Gun shot wound right shoulder--reenlisted veteran
Moore, Jacob Private K 65NYInf 8/8/1862 6/13/1865 2y10m25d Ashford No comments
Moore, Lagrange Lieutenant M 11NYCav 8/?/1862 7/?/1865
Olean No comments
Moore, Levi Private C 13NYHA 8/?/1863 8/?/1865 2y Cattaraugus Town No comments
Moore, Wilbur Private D 58NYInf 7/?/1864 10/?/1864 3m10d Onoville Hear disease, chronic diar., piles
Moore?, Michael

Machias Enum. collected no data
Morey, Levi Private K 9NYCav 8/25/1864 7/17/1865 11m Randolph Rheum. Mt. Hope Cem. Randolph, 1847-1916
Morgan, Daniel Private L 7PACav 9/9/1862 6/17/1865
Olean Chronic rheum., defective sight
Morgan, Menzo Sergeant H 37NYInf 5/?/1861 6/?/1863 2y Hinsdale No comments
Morris, Edgar M. Private A 184NYInf 9/5/1864 6/29/1865 9m24d Otto No comments
Morrison, Henry W. Sergeant A 188NYInf 9/3/1864 6/1/1865 8m29d Tunesassa Chronic diar., rheum., loss of sight, heart difficulty Enum. for South Valley Township
Morrison, Thomas Corporal K 154NYInf 8/26/1862 6/26/1865 2y10m28d Versailles Difficulty in hip
Morton, Louis Private B 12NYVolunteers 12/5/1861 12/29/1862 1y24d East Randolph No comments
Morton, Nelson J.

Mansfield Enum. collected no data
Mosher, Barnett Corporal B 64NYInf 9/15/1861 9/27/1864 3y12d Cattaraugus Town No comments [or enum. put comments on wrong line 64 Web says POW
Moss, Frank V.

Allegany Enumerator collected no data--US Soldier Maybe 49NYInf which had soldier of exact same name
Mossman, Mathew Private A 188NYInf 9/8/1864 6/14/1865 8m22d Humphrey Catarah
Moyer, Solomon Private A 188NYInf 9/12/1864 6/?/1866 9m? Allegany Kidney trouble caused by fever
Munger, Edwin J. Private A 85NYInf 9/2/1864 6/27/1865
Olean No comments
Munger, George Private C 24NYCav 2/22/1865 8/19/1865 6m Goodell, McKean, PA Rheum.
Murphy, Horton M. Private B 85NYInf 9/2/1861 9/27/1862 1y0m25d Olean Phthlius? Pulmonaria
Murphy, Horton M. Private A 85NYInf 8/31/1864 6/27/1865 9m27d Olean 2nd Enlistment
Murphy, John H Sergeant K 2RhodeIslandInf 6/6/1861 6/6/1864 3y Cattaraugus Town Hernia double
Myers, Burnell? Private B 154NYInf 2/14/1865 5/27/1865 4m Franklinville Bronchitis, catarah
Myers, Gerritt S. Private B 64NYInf

East Randolph Breached, can't get discharge papers 64Web has t.s. pic., Rutledge Cem. Connewango, 1838-1912

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Nall?, Alexander L. Private E 9NYCav 11/8/1862 8/19/1863 9m11d Napoli Injured in exchange Brandy Station Va 8/1/1863
Nash, Eugene A. Captain A 44NYInf 8/8/1861 10/11/1864
Little Valley Gun shot wound
Ne??, Franklin Private K 9NY? 8/24/1864 6/1/1865
West Salamanca Disease of lung, liver, kidneys, resulting heart disease
Nelson, Almeron E. Private K 149PAInf

4m4d Hinsdale Asthma
Nelson, John Private C 13NYHA 8/?/1862 8/?/1864 2y Great Valley No comments
Newell, Harrison C. Private F 188NYInf 9/19/1864 6/1/1865 8m9d

Newton, Henry, widow Mary Corporal K 105NYInf 11/2/1861 11/9/1862 1y0m7d Machias Killed
Nichols, Ely Private D 136NYInf 9/25/1862 1/13/1865 2y3m18d Bird Gun shot wound
Nichols, John J. Sergeant D 64NYInf 10/29/1861 10/29/1864 3y West Salamanca Diar, piles 64 Web has t.s.pic 1840-1912 Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Nichols, Sylvester, widow Sarah Private
13NYHA 8/?/1862 1864
Randolph Died of disease, Virginia November 1864
Nichols, Sylvester, widow Sarah Private B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 3/3/1862 6m16d Randolph Reenlisted 13NYHA, died of disease Nov. 26, 1864
Nicholson, William, widow Mary Private G 9PAResInf 5/4/1861 5/12/1864
Olean Expiration from service
Nickerson, Harris? Private H 37NYInf 8/?/1861 6/?/1863 2y Onoville Gun shot bone above right eye, blind right eye Born 1834, no death date, Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Niles, Alonzo G. Private I 187NYInf 9/23/1864 7/11/1865 9m10d Great Valley No comments
Niles, Nathan S.
B 9NYCav 1861 2/22/1862 11m Little Valley Died 2/22/1862
Noble, Bartlett A. Private K 13NYInf 10/21/1861 1/26/1863
Olean Gun shot wound in leg, discharged surg. cert
Nolte, Joseph Private I 64NYInf 9/3/1861 7/?/1865 3y11m Allegany Injury shoulder and right foot
Noonan, Edward Private A 188NYInf 9/14/1864 6/1/1865 9m16d Allegany No comments
Nye, Cornelius, widow Orlena Private G 154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m Ashford No comments 154 Web says died 1887, age 55, Ashford Hollow Cem.
Nye, Dewitt C. Private
4NYHA 9/10/1862 6/10/1865 2y10m Limestone No comments
Nyhart, Philip Private D 98NYInf 8/10/1864 12/22/1864 4m12d South Dayton Rheum.

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Oakes, Elijah Private A illegible 9/24/1864 3/20/1865 6m4d Franklinville Disease of lungs, liver, kidneys
Oakes, Leonard L. Private I 188NYInf 10/26/1864 7/?/1865
Franklinville None
Oakley, George W. Private F 90NYInf 9/19/1864 6/3/1865
Olean Varicose veins legs, bronchitis affection
Oaks, John F. Private K 112NYInf 8/27/1862 6/13/1865 2y10m19d South Dayton Shot in right hand and head? Ellis, page 130 says wounded Cold Harbor+Fort Fisher
O'Brien, Charles A. Private H 37NYInf 5/13/1861 6/22/1863 2y1m9d Otto No comments
O'Brien, Charles A. 1st Lieutenant M 14NYHA 8/17/1863 9/26/1865 2y1m15d Otto Reenlisted veteran Extensive battle history, Ellis page 131
O'Brien, John Private
16NYHA 9/29/1863 8/5/1865 1y11m East Otto Total deafness
O'Brien, John E. ShipCarpenter
Mendota[gunboat] 4/11/1864 6/7/1866 2y1m26d Limestone No comments
O'Brien, Michael H. 1st Lieutenant I 71NYInf 5/15/1861 7/30/1864 3y2m15d Allegany No comments
Odgen, Moses Private G 19NYCav 8/9/1862 6/30/1865
Olean Chronic rheum
Ogilvie, John Private B 19NYCav 9/5/1864 7/18/1865 10m13d Rawson Injury to right eye cause by getting cinder? In it
Older, William Corporal I 6NYVolunteers? 10/24/1861 11/?/1864 3y5d Franklinville Rheum, piles
Oosterman, John Corporal C 16NYCav 5/25/1863 9/21/1865
Olean No comments
Orcutt, Henry B. Private A 19NYCav 8/8/1862 6/30/1965 2y9m8d Westonville No comments
Orr, George F. Private A 9NYCav 9/2/1864 6/1/1865 9m East Otto Rupture, heart+rectum dis., chronic diar. Reenlisted 9/2/1864
Osgood, Chase Private H 10PAResInf 7/?/1861 3/11/1863 1y7m19d Sheffield, Warren Cty Umbilica hernia and gun shot wound Died 1905, buried East Randolph Cem.
Osgood, Stephen Private C 154NYInf 8/6/1862 7/3/1865 1y10m27d Ischua Wound in hand, Chancellorsville, Rheum 154 Web says 1835-1914 Ischua Village Cem.
Osgood, William W. Private C 154NYInf 8/6/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m5d Ischua No comments 154 Web says 1833-1910 Ischua Village Cem.
Osterstuck, Emory W. Private G 154NYInf 8/9/1862 6/19/1865 2y9m28d Olean Asthma and bronchitis 154 Web says 1837-1912 Hinsdale Cem.
Ostrander, Andrew W. Private K 46PAInf 2/20/1864 7/16/1865
Olean No comments
Ostrander, Orin Private A 187NYInf 9/20/1864 7/1/1865 8m20d East Randolph Chronic diar. and breach
Otto, Howard Private K 22NYCav 11/29/1863 8/10/1865 1y4m3d Abbotts No comments
Otto, John F. Private C 211PAInf 9/15/1864 7/3/1865
Olean Paralysis 25 years, unable to move
Overton, Giles B. Brevet Major
14USInf(Regular) 1861 1865
Olean Brevet Major resigned [after war ended] Bio Cattaraugus Gazetteer, p915-16
Oviatt, Miles W., widow Lucetta? Sergeant
USS Brooklyn 8/9/1862 8/21/1866
Olean No comments Medal of Honor(Mobile Bay 8/5/1864), b. 1841-1880 Olean
Owen, Lemuel M. Corporal B 64NYInf 9/?/1861 9/?/1864 3y1m10d Randolph General health 64 Web says POW

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