11th Census of the United States ~ 1890

Transcribed, Compiled, Updated and Submitted by Jeff Ward




Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Padock, Roswell A., widow Lizzie Corporal E 5NYCav 7/21/1861 8/7/1865
Olean No comments
Page, Alvin S. Private F 86NYInf 10/22/1861 10/22/1864 3y Olean Chronic diar., applied for pension
Page, DeWitt Private C 19NYCav 1/4/1864 6/?/1865 1y3m4d Portville No comments
Paisley?, Elias Private C 111PAInf 11/27/1861 12/27/1864 3y0m30d Carrolton No comments
Palmer, Edwin A. Private K 6NYInf 10/21/1861 6/15/1862 5m7d Otto Chronic bronchitis
Palmer, Irenus J. 1st Sergeant A 5MassCav 12/26/1863 10/31/1865
Olean No comments African American Civil War Monument Plaque E-152
Palmer, Jerome C Corporal I 9 IowaCav 10/13/1863 3/25/1866 2y5m12d South Dayton Chronic diar.
Palmer, Russell W Private B 154NYInf 8/11/1862 3/?/1863 7m East Randolph Loss of teeth, discharged surg. certificate
Palmer, Stephen Private I 187NYInf 9/23/1864 7/11/1865 9m10d Great Valley Injured hip
Pancoast, Andrew

US Navy

Olean No comments
Pancoast, David G.

152PAInf 3/8/1864 11/14/1865
Olean On detached service
Parish, Horace Private A 85NYInf 8/26/1861 6/27/1865 3y9m15d Westonville 2 enlistments always with same company
Parish, Melvin Private A 8NYInf? 9/?/1864 7/?/1865
Olean Bright's disease, kidneys, deformed spinal column 25y
Parish, Zabad

8/14/1862 3/23/1863 7m9d Farmersville Station Chronic diar., rheum 64 web, Co. D, 1826-1899, Farmersville Station Cem.
Park, Porter A. Private K 25WisconsinInf 12/16/1862 2/16/1865 2y2m Wesly Gun shot wound
Parker, Asa Private G 114NYInf 8/22/1862 5/?/1865 2y9m Olean Wound right hip, left wrist, kidney trouble
Parker, David B. Captain D 72NYInf 1861 1865 4y Randolph No comments
Parker, Ezra A., widow Amy 1st Lieutenant C 145PAInf 8/26/1862
3y Versailles Chronic diar.
Parker, George

Olean Enum collected no data
Parker, George F. Private D 72NYInf 6/20/1861 6/20/1864 3y Versailles Gun shot wound in leg
Parker, George F. Sergeant I 187NYInf 10/7/1864 7/1/1865 8m24d Versailles Rheum.
Parker, Leroy, widow Fidelia Sergeant K 85NYInf 9/17/1861 1/30/1863
Olean No comments Hindsdale Cem. 1834-1905
Parker, Thomas J. Colonel
64NYInf 8/16/1861 7/12/1862 10m28d Gowanda Rheum., hearing and general debility
Parks, Andrew G. Sergeant K 64NYInf 9/14/1861 12/23/1863 2y3m6d Wesly Eryipelas [acute infection of skin--redness] Almost surely served in Co. B, 154th, different dates
Parks, Clifton M. Private G 13NYHA 8/25/1864 6/21/1865 10m26d East Randolph No comments
Parmaley?, Russell Private K 154NYInf 9/13/1862 12/22/1862 3m9d Perrysburg Rheum Name faded and through bottom line on page
Parsons, George W. Private D 8USInf(Regular) 2/5/1862 2/5/1865 3y Perrysburg None
Paterson, Nathaniel S. Private D 154NYInf 8/7/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m4d Franklinville Chronic diar. 154 Web says 1842-1919, Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Patterson, Gideon L. Private K 136NYInf 8/23/1862 6/13/1865 2y9m21d Ischua Stiff arms, rheum. [from] service
Patterson, Robert D. Private G 177OhioInf 9/12/1864 6/27/1865 9m East Randolph chronic diar. and rheum.
Patterson, Robert D. Private G 177 Ohio Inf 9/2/1864 6/1/1865 8m19d East Randolph Chronic rheum., stomach, heart difficulty Duplicate listing
Pattison, John D. Private B 13MichiganInf 2/27/1864 7/25/1865 4m28d Yorkshire Center POW Salisbury, NC
Paugh, John, widow Almira Private B 154NYInf 1862 7/12/1863 9m Salamanca 1863 Killed at Getesburge 154 Web say died 7/16/1863 Buried National Cem.
Payne, Lorenzo R. Private F 64NYInf 9/10/1861 3/1/1865 3y6m New Albion No comments
Payne, Sheldon A. Private C 6CaliforniaInf 6/22/1863 12/15/1865 3y5m25d? Gowanda Deafness caused by gun shot wound
Peake, Spencer K. Private K 85NYInf 9/17/1861 5/13/1865 3y6m Olean Chronic rheum, diar, gunshot causing deafness+blind Hinsdale Cem. 1833-1914
Pease, Ira, widow Elisa

South Dayton She lost discharge papers, can't tell anything Probably Co. A, 194 NYInf
Peck, Mahlon C. Private E 85NYInf 9/18/1861 4/7/1866 7m? Haskell Flats Chronic rheum.
Peck, Willard H. Captain A 108NYInf 7/18/1862 6/25/1865 2y11m6d West Valley g.s.wound of head near Stafford Courthouse VA 6/11/63 also g.s.wound l. calf cav. Charge Green River Creek, Va
Peckham, John A. Private C 154NYInf 4/9/1862 5/18/1865 2y9m9d Portville No comments 154 Web has pic with drum, 1842-1920 Portville
Peet, Abram A Private D 64NYInf 10/16/1862 7/?/1865 2y9m Fairview Fever, ague, chronic diar., promoted Reg.Com. Sergt. 64 Web shows enlistment fall 1861
Pellingill, Charles B. Private A 14WisconsinInf 12/5/1863 10/22/1865 1y10m22d West Valley Injured in head and shoulder Black River, Mississippi
Pemberton, William W. Sergeant
154NYInf 9/26/1862 6/11/1865 2y8m15d Killbuck No comments 154 Web says 1837-1902 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Percival, Gordon

Portville Erysipelas, drafted April 1865 In hospital till discharge
Perkins, William H. Private B 154NYInf 9/9/1864 6/11/1865 9m2d Eddyville Sunstroke since 64 154 Web says 1845-1904 East Otto Cem.
Perry, Horatio W. Musician
3brigade,5corps 8/22/1862 6/6/1865 2y9m14d Great Valley No comments
Perry, James Sergeant I 71NYInf 8/?/1862 1/?/1863 5m Franklinville Injury right foot
Perry, Lewis

Olean Enum collected no data
Perry, William A.

Franklinville Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Perryman, Green Corporal K 94NYInf 3/?/1862 3/?/1865
Yorkshire Center Wounded right ankle, cannot give dates 1840-1918 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Perryman, James D. Corporal G 78NYInf 12/14/1861 4/29/1862 4m15d Yorkshire Disease of lungs
Pettit, George W. Private A 154NYInf 9/15/1864 6/11/1865 8m27d Ellicotville No comments 154 Web says 1844-1926, Jefferson St. Cem., Ellicotiville
Pettit, Joshua R. Sergeant A 154NYInf 8/12/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m29d Ellicotville No comments 154 Web says 1839-1912 Sunset Hill Cem. Ellicotville
Petty, William K. Private A 136NYInf 8/1/1862 5/3/1865 2y9m2d Westonville No comments
Pflueger, William Private B 154NYInf 8/8/1862 12/12/1863 1y Cattaraugus Town Discharged by reason of gun shot wound thigh 154 Web says 1838--1899 Liberty Park Cem. New Albion
Phelps, Clari

Yorkshire Township Enum. collected no data
Phelps, Dudley Private C 154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m Allegany No comments 154th Website says 1834-1923
Philips, Dudley Corporal D 154NYInf 8/11/1862 6/21/1865 2y9m Machias Rupture 154 Web says 1842-1920 Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Philips, George W. Private I 154NYInf 8/26/1862 2/15/1865 2y5m21d Bird Gun shot wound
Phillips, Andrew Private E 44NYInf 1861 1863 2y Cattaraugus Town No comments
Phillips, David O. Sergeant I 8NYCav 10/?/1864 7/?/1865 9m Farmersville Station Soft growth in head frontal bone
Phillips, Delos Private D 154NYInf 8/5/1862 5/18/1864 1y9m13d Illegible Heart disease, lung trouble 154 Web says 1832-1916, Maple Grove Cemetery Machias
Phillips, James Asst. Engineer
Quaker City 1861
about 1y Knapps Creek In Navy, also served on vessel Arago
Phillips, Robert H.

Red House No comments
Pickett, Russell E. Private I 49NYInf 9/3/1861 9/8/1864 3y0m5d West Salamanca Chronic diar., diseased rectum
Pierce, Harvey Private B 2NYInf 12/13/1863 5/24/1865 1y5m11d Limestone No comments Perhaps Henry Pierce, 2NY Mounted Rifles
Pierce, Lacy A. Private C 154NYInf 8/6/1862 5/26/1865
Olean No comments Mt. View Cem. Olean 1835-1906
Pierce, Stephen W. Private B 2NYMtdRifles 6/12/1864 6/27/1865 1y15d Salamanca Gun shot right arm, discharged general order
Pike, James Private B 60NYInf 5/17/1861 8/?/1865
East Randolph Deaf in left ear, shell chunk? in knee, rest illegible
Pinkerton, Ziba Private A 154NYInf 7/13/1862 6/1/1865 2y10m18d Limestone No comments 154 Web says Limestone Cemetery, 1832-1905
Pinney, Chauncey G. Private D 154NYInf 8/4/1862 7/7/1865 2y11m3d Yorkshire Gun shot wound in side at Gettysburg 154 Web says 1844-1921 Oak Hill Cem. Bradford PA
Plank, Dan M. Private F 86NYInf 9/14/1861 1/31/1863 1y4m17d Leon Chronic diar. resulting in nervous disability
Platner, Thomas E. Private I 64NYInf 8/28/1861 9/9/1864 3y Allegany gun shot knee, spine, kidney trouble
Plopper, John C. Private B 64NYInf 9/15/1861 2/23/1863 1y4m8d Leon Severe deafness--both ears, shell wound right hip Ellis, page 149 says wounded, Battle of Fair Oaks
Plunkett, Thomas, widow Cordelia Private K 154NYInf 9/6/1862 3/24/1863 7m18d Leon No comments 154 Web says 1839-1866 Kendall Flats Cem. Leon
Polley, Brewer D.

Olean Enum collected no data 2 Lt, 16PACav
Pomeroy, Moses H. Private K 105NYInf 12/12/1861 6/3/1862 5m21d Elton Discharged by reason of disability
Pomeroy, William C. Corporal K 6NYHA 8/22/1863 8/24/1865 2y2m Yorkshire Center Rheum.
Pool, Simeon V. Captain B 154NYInf 9/26/1862 10/30/1864 2y1m3d Otto Prisoner 10 months 154 Web says 1837-1895 East Hill Cem. Otto
Porrall, Alonzo B. Corporal B 2NYMtdRifles 1/4/1864 8/10/1865
Olean Chronic d
Porter, John C. Private E 5NYCav 9/16/1864 5/19/1865 8m3d Elgin Physical disability, discharged by general order
Potter, Charles A. 1st Lieutenant I 37NYInf 5/?/1861 7/1/1863 2y2m Great Valley No comments
Potter, Charles A. Captain F 194NYInf 2/16/1865 5/3/1865 2m19d Great Valley No additional comments
Potter, Chester L. Private K 105NYInf 1/14/1862 8/21/1862 6m7d Allegany No comments
Potter, Prince A. Private F 104NYInf 10/9/1861 6/6/1865 3y9m27d Ashford No comments
Powers, Royal W. Private K 112NYInf 8/30/1862 6/13/1865
Conewango Valley Sciatic rheum.in hip
Prather, Abraham S. Private D 142PAInf 8/14/1862 1863
Onoville Gun shot wound l. side and lungs badly affected 1839-1929 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Pratt, Benjamin Corporal
64NYInf 9/10/1862 6/30/1865 2y9m26d Little Valley Gun shot wound left hand, has fits, served till end war
Pratt, Charles E. Private A 9NYCav 9/1/1864 6/18/1865 9m18d Otto No comments
Preckle, William H. Private A 2NHampshireInf 4/1/1861 2/3/1863
Olean Gun shot right thigh 2d Bull Run
Preston, Archibald G. Musician E 67NYInf 6/25/1863 8/3/1863 1m9d Yorkshire No comments A.G. Preston, 1823-1890 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Price, Alfred B. Private A 154NYInf 8/2/1862 6/23/1865 2y10m1d Randolph Inj. back runover by wagon, reenlisted (9NYCav)
Price, Dorr Corporal A 154NYInf 8/13/1862 4/14/1865
Steamburg Heart disease
Price, Dorr Sergeant F 194NYInf 4/4/1864 5/3/1865 1y9m Steamburg No additional comments
Price, Joseph Private A 154NYInf 8/13/1862 7/19/1865 2y10m24d Steamburg Sciatic rheum. 154 Web says 1842-1908 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Prime, William E. Private L 14RlHA 11/?/1862 8/?/1865 2y9m Olean Shot through left leg Not sure what regiment this is
Prince, Lorenzo Private K 100NYInf 1863 1865
Portville Went home on furlough near end of war, didn't return
Prisack, Joseph Private E 3NYProvision.Cav 9/?/1862 9/26/1865 3y Allegany No comments
Pulman, Harrison Private C 15NYCav 1/2/1864 8/9/1865
Olean No comments
Pulse?, John

Abeona[Navy] 9/4/1864 6/12/1865
Little Valley Rheum.
Putney, John C., alias John C. Warren Private L 4NYHA 6/2/1863 9/26/1865 2y7m24d Olean No comments

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service
Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Quackenbush, David Private A 9NYCav 1/23/1863 7/17/1865 1y5m24 40 Yorkshire Center No comments
Quick, Jeremiah

27 Olean Unable to obtain record
Quint, William, widow Cyrena Private D 154NYInf 8/10/1862 2/5/1863 6m15d 40 Yorkshire Sunstroke, eye sight 154 Web says 1831-1890 Elton Cem. Freedom

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service
Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
R???, First Name scratched out

154NYInf 8/1/1862 12/29/1862 illegible 15 Humphrey Disease of lungs and back Enum handwriting of name almost completely illegible
Raber, William Private E 188NYInf 9/1/1864 5/22/1865
26 Olean Varicose veins, discharged from hospital
Ramsey, Sylvester S. Private
6NYCav 7/20/1861 7/20/1864 3y 25 Olean No comments
Ramsey, William H. Lieutenant A 9NYCav 9/10/1862 7/17/1865 2y10m1d 25 Olean Shot in right thigh
Randall, Addison Corporal
USS Brooklyn

1y7m 27 Olean No comments
Randall, George H. Private H 85NYInf 9/?/1861 10/?/1864
26 Olean No comments Mt. View Cem. Olean d. 1900, age 59
Randall, Henry H., widow Caroline Private B 154NYInf 6/26/1862

7 Cottage No commets Cem record and 154 Web say 1835-1898. Prob. was 1888
Randall, Lafayette Private B 2NYMtdRifles 12/8/1863 8/10/1865 1y8m2d 40 Yorkshire Center Kidney disease and piles 1846-1919 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Ranney, Franklin Corporal G 10 Iowa Inf 9/1/1862 5/28/1865 2y8m28d 31 Perrysburg Injured spine and kidney, trouble rheum.
Ranney, Henry M. Private C 13NYHA
1865 3y6m 31 Perrysburg Had spotted fever for 3 months, lost discharge papers
Ransom?, Peter Private L 14NYHA 12/24/1862 2/1/1865 3y1m7d 11 Franklinville No comments Name both faded and illegible
Rapp, Charles Private
19NYIndBattery 8/27/1862 6/?/1865
27 Olean No comments
Rastoper?, Samuel Private K 19NYArt? 11/16/1861 6/2/1863
18 Little Valley Severe deafmess
Rastoper?, Samuel Private C 16NY? 8/4/1863 7/6/1865
18 Little Valley No additional comments
Raub, David T. Musician
1Brigade22Div. 9/19/1864 9/27/1865 9m 15 Allegany No comments
Raub, Lewis Musician
1BrigadeBand 3/?/1865 7/?/1865 4m 25 Olean No comments
Razey, Lorenzo L. Private I 5NYCav 8/26/1861 9/3/1864 3y7d 9 Ellicotville illegible, completely faded
Record, Ormand? F. Private F 33NYInf 8/16/1862 6/25/1865
28 Olean Chronic kidney contracted in army, unable to work
Reed, Almon D. Private G 154NYInf 9/6/1864 5/20/1865 8m14d 9 Ellicotville No comments 154 Web says 1827-1906 Old Soldier's Home Cem. Bath
Reed, George W. Lieutenant M 2IllinoisLtArt 2/1/1862 fall1864
24 Olean No comments
Reed, John, widow Ema???

94NYInf 8/20/1863 1865 1y5m13d 15 Humphrey Center Heart disease and chronic diar.
Reed, William Private I 64NYInf 8/8/1861 illegible 7m5d 15 Humphrey Chronic diar., heart trouble 64 Web says 1840-1920, Allegany Cemetery
Reed, William W.

1 Goodell, McKean, PA Enumerator collected no data
Reeves, Daniel F. Private I 9NYCav 9/3/1864 6/1/1865 8m28d 5 Steamburg Rheum, disease of heart
Reeves, George W. Private I 9NYCav 9/3/1864 6/1/1865 8m27d 5 Steamburg Rheum.
Regan, Thomas Private G 154NYInf 8/16/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m 2 Allegany gun shot wound St Bonaventure Cem., Allegany, NY
Regan, Timothy O. Private H 27NYInf 3/4/1862 4/22/1864 2y1m18d 16 Abbotts Chronic rheum+diar. [from] service
Reisdorph, Charles W. Private B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 7/12/1862 10m24d 39 South Valley No comments
Reitz, Conrad Private G 154NYInf 8/20/1862 7/2/1865 2y10m12d 1 Allegany Wound l. shoulder, pension $4 month Ellis, p. 143, wounded, POW Chancellorsville 5/2/1863
Remington, Emerson Private F 90NYInf 9/3/1864 6/3/1865 9m2d 7 Dayton Rheum and piles
Reynolds, Benjamin Private C 154NYInf 9/?/1862 1865 about 3y 34 Olean Came home on furlough near the end of war 154 Web says born 10/17/1844 Lyndon NY
Reynolds, Charles Private C 154NYInf 8/7/1862 3/7/1863 8m 1 Allegany disability, applied for pension
Reynolds, John Private C 154NYInf 8/9/1862 12/11/1863 1y4m2d 34 Olean Lung or liver trouble Pleasant Valley Cemetery 1839-1928
Reynolds, Sedrick Landsman

9/3/1864 9/8/1865 1y 14 Hinsdale No comments Ellis, page 141 uses name Cedrick, served on Paw Paw
Rhodes, Otis D. Private B 154NYInf 8/4/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m24d 13 Great Valley No comments 154 Web says 1840-1928, Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Rhorick, John Q.

13 Great Valley Enum. collected no data
Ricard, Israel S. Private D 154NYInf 8/15/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m26d 13 Great Valley Injured spine at Rufford? Ridge 154 web says 1840-1928 Great Valley
Rice, Charles P. Private I 42PAInf 8/13/1861 8/13/1864 3y 21 Little Valley Injury shoulders
Rice, Henry T. Private H 44NYInf 10/3/1861 9/22/1862 11m20d 7 South Dayton Gun shot wound Ellis, page 130 says discharged for wounds
Rich, Bela, widow ___ Private A 64NYInf 11/1/1861 9/22/1862 11m21d 23 Cattaraugus Town No comments Ellis, page 151 died sickness9/22/1862, buried Carney Island
Rich, Frank Private K 65NYInf 10/12/1864 4/12/1865 3y 23 Cattaraugus Town No comments
Rich, Joshua Private B 154NYInf 9/6/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m5d 5 East Randolph Disease of lungs and throat 154 Web says 1824-1891, East Randolph Cem.
Rich, Justus Private B 154NYInf 9/5/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m6d 23 Cattaraugus Town No comments 154 Web says 1841-1920 Liberty Park Cem. New Albion
Richards, John C. Private D 129PAInf 8/?/1862 12/?/1862
26 Olean Acting as surgeon USA 1865 Mt. View Cem. Olean, died 1892,age 50, MD
Richardson, Leander C Private F 194NYInf 3/30/1864 5/3/1865 1y1m3d 1 Knapps Creek Wound l. breast, never applied for pension
Richardson, Rodney Private B 15NYCav 9/5/1864 6/12/1865 9m10d 34 Olean No comments
Richardson, William A. AbleSeaman
SteamerBurnside 8/22/1864 6/?/1865 10m 20 Machias ?and glands in first stages
Ricker, Sylvester Private

28 Olean Says Confederate
Rider, George M. Private K 91NYInf 9/?/1864 7/?/1865 10m 9 Ellicotville No comments
Risbeck, Balger Private E 100NYInf 1/6/1862 2/18/1865 3y29d 7 South Dayton Double hernia
River?, John Private B 168NYInf 11/6/1862 10/?/1863 1y2m 14 Hinsdale Chronic diar., [discharge] surgeon's certificate
Roberts, Lyman A., widow Jemima Private D 85NYInf 10/21/1865 12/20/1863
33 Portville No comments
Roberts, Melvin Private D 18MichiganInf 2/3/1864 9/23/1865 7m20d 35 Randolph Right arm off near shoulder
Roberts, Robert Private D 64NYInf 1861 1865
12 Freedom No comments 64 Web says wounded in action, dis. Disabled 11/2/1862
Robeson, John E Private C 64NYInf 8/?/1861 9/?/1862 11m 11 Franklinville Breach, hernia
Robinson, Horace, widow Eunice Corporal K 154NYInf 9/6/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m5d 7 Cottage No comments 54 Web says Cottage Cemetery, Dayton, 1824-1882
Robinson, John S. Private E 127USColoredInf 8/8/1864 9/7/1865 1y8m27d 25 Olean Shot in left side Listed on African American Civil War memorial D-133
Robinson, Lyman R., widow Sarah R. Private A 124NYInf 9/2/1864 6/2/1865 9m 33 Portville Np comments
Robinson, Milen O. Private F 136NYInf 8/10/1862 6/6/1865 2y9m14d 35 Randolph Left ankle injured
Robinson, Peter Private H 81NYInf 3/22/1865 8/31/1865 5m8d 25 Olean Ruptured
Rockafellow, Moses E. Private

25 Olean No comments
Rockwell, Eli Private D 13NYHA 2/19/1864 8/24/1865 1y6m5d 14 Hinsdale [illegible notes on other service, 6NYHA]
Rogers, Jason Private C 64NYInf 7/?/1861 1862
21 Eddyville Disease of left leg--in hospital
Rogers, Lemuel Private F 64NYInf 9/12/1861 7/?/1865 illegible 2 Allegany chronic diar.
Rogers, William M. Private L 16NYHA 1/5/1864 8/21/1865 1y7m16d 27 Olean Varicose veins in both legs
Rolochky?, Godfrey B. Private D 61NYInf 7/14/1864 7/14/1865 1y 28 Olean No comments
Roper, James Private
3NJ? 6/1/1861 10/28/1865 3y1m22d? 34 Olean He says he discharged himself (deserted) in Roanoke
Ross, Zenus Private I 9NYCav 9/14/1864 6/27/1865 8m13d 5 Steamburg Rheum, lung disease
Rounds, Orton, widow Mary Private C 154NYInf 7/26/1862 6/18/1865
24 Olean No comments 154 Web has pic of soldier 1835-1883 Allegany Cem.
Rowland, Bradford
G 154NYInf 7/28/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m13d 9 Ellicotville Shot index finger l. hand, lung trouble, hernia 154 Web says 1844-1916, Sunset Hill Cem. Ellicotville
Rudd, Harley C. Private C 64NYInf 9/7/1861

32 Gowanda Affection of lungs caused by being in US service 64 Web says discharged disability 6/10/1862
Rude, Isaac Private B 110NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1863 10m 25 Olean Discharged surg. cert.
Rugg, Carlos Surgeon K 9NYCav 9/11/1861 2/20/1862 5m9d 31 Perrysburg Injury of spine, chronic diar.
Runnells?, Robert, widow Elizabeth A. Private K 15IllinoisInf 5/24/1861 6/14/1864 3y 8 East Otto Chronic diar. and cough, died 4/8/1867
Runyon, Elbert J. Private F 116NYInf 8/14/1862 6/26/1865 2y10m11d 40 Yorkshire Chronic rheum.
Rusell, George Private G 21NYCav 6/29/1863 6/29/1866 3y 24 Olean No comments
Russell, Enoch, widow Malvena Private H 112NYInf 8/17/1864 6/13/1865
24 Olean No comments Mt. View Cem. Olean 1840-1887
Russell, Ephriam Sergeant F 64NYInf 8/25/1861 9/9/1864 3y16d 23 Cattaraugus Town No comments [WIA twice, POW twice] 64 Web has much info, 1842-1916 Liberty Park Cem.
Russell, Thomas H. Private K 49NYInf 9/10/1861 1862 1y1m 1 Knapps Creek Disability
Russell, William Sergeant B 12PACav 3/1/1862 7/20/1865 3y4m20d 1 Knapps Creek No comments
Ryan, Jack Private I 64NYInf 8/13/1861 9/9/1864 3y1m9d 4 Allegany Wounded at Fredericksburgh

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Sackenger, William Private C 1NJCav 7/27/1861 9/16/1864 3y1m19d Allegany Rheum., pension $6 month
Sackett, George O. Private G 9NYCav 9/?/1864 6/?/1865 9m East Otto Stomach and liver trouble
Sage, Edward Private E 9IllinoisCav

Ischua No comments
Salisbury, Gaitus M. Corporal L 3PAHA 2/22/1864 11/9/1865
Olean No comments
Sampson, John P. Private B 10NYCav 10/28/1861 6/24/1865
Elton Veteran
Sanders, Thomas J. Private A 20USColoredInf 2/11/1864 10/7/1865 1y8m Franklinville Rheum.
Sanford, George Private F 16NYHA 1863 8/28/1865 1y8m5d Carrolton No comments
Saterlee, Zina, widow Mary A. Private A 9NYCav 9/?/1864

East Otto Died at Harper's Ferry, 2/26/1865
Satterlee, Oel D. Blacksmith K 9NYCav 9/2/1864 6/1/1865 9m East Otto Chronic diar.
Saunders, Chauncey Private C 64NYInf 9/16/1861 6/11/1863 2y3m5d Otto Discharged from hospital
Saunders, James A. Sergeant A 64NYInf 3/22/1862 3/22/1865 3y Cattaraugus Town No comments 64 Web has t.s.pic 1846-1909 Liberty Park Cem. New Albion
Saunders, John widow Mary Private C 64NYInf 8/16/1861 9/25/1864 3y1m8d Cattaraugus Town No comments 64 Web says WIA
Sawyer, Thomas Private E 152NYInf 9/6/1862 7/13/1865 2y10m6d Ischua Left ankle injured, discharged by general order
Saxton, Baker Leonard, widow Margaret Captain A 154NYInf 5/5/1862


Saxton, Baker Leonard, widow Margaret 1st Lieutenant B 179NYInf 4/29/1864 7/30/1864
Ellicotville Killed in front of Peterburg, VA 7/30/1864 154 Web says 1825-1864, Cenotaph Jefferson St. Cem.
Scharle, Conrad Private D 29NYInf 6/6/1861 6/20/1863
Olean No comments
Schermerhorn, Cornelius Lt. Colonel
32US? 1863 1865
Olean G.s. wound by a gerilla?, East Tennessee 10/26/1863
Schobey, Joseph L. Private E 188NYInf 9/19/1864 7/11/1865 9m23d Onoville Gun shot wound and rupture
Scott, Bradner Landsman
Gunboat illegible 9/6/1864 8/1/1865 10m25d Limestone Left arm disabled
Scott, Henry Corporal G 64NYInf 9/14/1861 10/28/1862 1y1m14d Abbotts Disease of left lung, discharged surgeon's cert.
Scott, James CarpenterMate
Undine 9/3/1864 6/9/1865 9m13d Elam Rheum., discharged by general order
Scott, Jefferson Private B 7thReg? 7/12/1861 6/?/1863 2y1m? Franklinville Hydra ?, disease of heart
Scott, Marshall E. Private B 9NYCav 10/31/1861 10/?/1864 3y East Otto Chronic diar. resulting in disease of rectum
Scudder, Ambrose S. Sergeant F 64NYInf 12/6/1862 11/28/1862 11m20d Randolph No comments
Scudder, Oscar H. Private E 89IllionoisInf 1862 5/31/1865
Randolph Scurvy
Scut, Allison L. Private C 154NYInf 8/22/1862 6/22/1865 2y11m Portville No comments 154 Web says 1835-1910 died Fullerton, Nebraska
Seager, Edward L. Private A 154NYInf 8/5/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m6d Randolph Chronic rheum., dysentery 154 Web says 1827-1896 East Randolph Cem.
Seaman, Earl Private G 96NYInf 3/19/1865 4/?/1866
Fairview Did not go out of the state
Searle, Gideon, Jr. Private K 85NYInf 6/?/1861 8/?/1863 2y3m Franklinville No comments
Seckins?, Alonzo Private K 64NYInf 10/25/1861 10/24/1867
Little Valley Chronic diar.+ rheum.
Secomb, Charles Private G 154NYInf 8/30/1862 2/10/1863 8m East Otto Lungs and heart trouble 154 Web says 1837-1889, East Otto Cem.
Seeker, Barney Private A 15NYCav 12/?/1863 5/?/1865
Cottage Can't see very well, was discharged sick Cottage Cemetery, Dayton, spells name Seekar b. 1816
Seeley, Levi S Private I 1NYCav 3/12/1865 5/30/1865 2m17d Knapps Creek Mumps and measles--applied for pension
Segur, Albert Private D 182OhioInf

Olean No comments
Sera, Peter Private H 9NYCav 9/15/1864 6/15/1865 9m Carrolton No comments
Seymore(Seymour), Joel W. Private A 22NYInf 6/?/1861 3/?/1862
Olean Enlisted as musician
Shafer, Addison Private C 154NYInf 7/26/1862 5/17/1865 2y9m22d Olean No comments 154 Web has pic, 1842-1916 Hinsdale Cem.
Shafer, Henry, widow Lavina

Olean Unable to obtain record
Shafer, Jacob Private

3y Olean Shot through lungs, injured in hand by shell 154 Web says 1839-1912
Shafner, Frederick Private H 13NYHA 9/2/1864 6/21/1865 9m19d East Ashford Rheum.
Shales, William Corporal A 14NYHA 8/2/1863 8/29/1865 2y22d Little Valley Gun shot wound Cold Harbor, left scar, chronic diar.
Shallis, Edgar M Private G 13NYHA 8/?/1863 6/?/1865 9m? Sandusky Went to Canada soon after enlistment
Shance, John, Jr., widow Emily Private D 7MichiganInf 9/5/1861

Ellicotville Killed 9/11/1863 Battle of Antietam
Shankland, Robert H. Lieutenant
2NYCav 11/?/1864 6/?/1865 8m Salamanca 1865 asthma, discharged general order
Shaw, David Private D 105NYInf 8/14/1862 6/5/1865 2y10m Machias Lung trouble
Shay, Michael Private K 94NYInf 3/1/1862 3/2/1865 3y1d West Salamanca Loss of left leg 1842-1912 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Shedd, George N. Private F 90hioInf 9/22/1861 7/22/1861 3m Salamanca Expiration of time Gazetteer Bio. Pages 1100-1101
Shedd, George N. Sergeant L 69 Ohio Inf 9/25/1862 3/31/1863 1y6m6d Salamanca Gun shot wound shoulder 12/31/1862 [Stone's River] 1836-1909 Crawford Cem. Salamanca
Shedd, George N. Lt. Colonel F 3 Ohio Inf 8/19/1863 1/19/1864 1y5m0d Salamanca Spherical ball from General Todd? NPS has him as a private in this regiment.
Sheffield, Albert
I 44NYInf 6/21/1861 10/17/1864 3y1m Red House No comments
Sheffield, James M. Private F 43USColoredInf 9/26/1864 9/26/1865 1y Ellicotville Infection of eyes
Shehan (Shea), Michael Private K 100NYInf 9/?/1862 1864
Killbuck Lost right leg by cannon ball
Sheldon, George L Musician I 64NYInf 8/255/1861 9/9/1865 3y? Allegany Loss of left index finger, subject to fits 64th Web. has t.s. picture, WIA, 1835-1917 Allegany Cem.
Sheldon, Oscar S. Private A 164NYInf 2/21/1865 7/19/1865 5m Randolph No comments
Shelley, Anson A. Private K 3NYLtArt 5/13/1861 5/30/1864 3y17d Yorkshire No comments A. A. Shelley, 1838-1895 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Shepard, Thomas Private A 154NYInf 7/15/1862 6/19/1865 2y11m4d Great Valley Piles, chronic diar.
Shepard?, illegible Lieutenant H illegible 6/?/1863 8/?1865
South Dayton No commets Name almost completely faded out
Sherlock, Henry, widow Amaretta Private
154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m Hinsdale No comments
Sherman, Albert Private F 65NYInf 10/12/1864 6/16/1865 8m4d Cattaraugus Town Gun shot wound in left foot
Sherman, Ebenezer C. Private D 154NYInf 9/9/1864 6/11/1865 9m2d East Ashford Catarah of head and deafness 154 Web says 1845-1912 or 1913, Mt. Hope Cem. Ashford
Sherwood, Myron B. Private L 12NYCav 8/15/1864 5/30/1865
Olean Chronic rheum
Sherwood, Sylvester Private D 85NYInf 9/15/1861 8/2/1862 11m13d Salamanca June 1862--Lungs, heart, kidney, bladder 1841-1891 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Shields, John Private F 188NYInf 10/5/1864 6/19/1865 8m4d West Salamanca Deafness
Shipman, Joseph J alias Shipman, George Private C 64NYInf 10/13/1864 6/18/1865 8m5d Ischua No comments
Shippy, Leroy Private C 64NYInf 9/16/1861 9/16/1864 3y Otto No comments Ellis, page 131, says at Chancellorsville+Gettysburg 2X WIA
Shout?, Taylor Private B 14Va?Vol 1862 1865
Olean No comments
Shults, Charles Private I 37NYInf 5/14/1861 6/26/1863 2y1m7d South Dayton Chronic diar.
Sias, Daniel Private I 64NYInf 9/12/1862 9/17/1863 1y0m5d Portville No comments
Sigman, Martin P. Sergeant C 64NYInf 10/13/1861 10/13/1864
Little Valley Dyspepsia, heart disease, chronic diar.
Sill, Alonzo Private C 154NYInf

11m Franklinville Hernia 154 Web says 1835-1907, Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Silliman, Frederick Private H 44NYInf 9/15/1861 3/14/1863 1y6m Yorkshire No comments 1831-1903 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Simmons, Benjamin

Olean Enum collected no data Served in 97NYInf, circa 1835-1894 Mt. View Cem. Olean
Simmons, Edward J. Private F 81PAInf 9/2/1864 6/1/1865 8m29d Portville Lung and heart disease
Simons, Albert A. Private C 154NYInf 7/25/1862 7/25/1865 3y Ischua Rheum. [from] service 154 Web says 1819-1893 Hinsdale Cem.
Simons, William Private I 37NYInf 5/?/1861 11/?/1861 7m Ashford Rheum, and heart disease
Simpson, Lewis Private I 44NYInf 9/14/1861 10/28/1864 3y1m14d Napoli Chronic diar., piles, rheum., discharged surg. cert.
Skeers, Alonzo

East Otto Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Skiff, Henry R., widow Lydia A. Private B 6USCav(Regular) 7/26/1861 2/8/1864 2y6m12d Olean Reenlisted veteran
Skiver, Emory H. Corporal H 58PAInf 10/21/1861 12/11/1864 3y1m20d Bullis Mills No comments
Skiver, Wallace M. Sergeant H 58PAInf 10/21/1861 12/11/1864 3y1m20d Portville Chronic rheum
Sloan, John W. Corporal B 3PALtArt 9/23/1862 6/8/1865
Olean Slightly wounded, flesh wound
Slocumb, Nathan J. Private B 64NYInf 9/23/1861 8/23/1864 3y East Otto Heart, rheum., piles, deafness, sight, bowels, chest
Smallman, Joshua Private F 20ConnInf 8/13/1862 11/9/1863 1y9m27d Ellicotville Paralysis bladder, still sufferring
Smallwood, Edward Corporal I 20ConnInf 8/12/1862 6/12/1865 2y10m0d Otto Wound in left side of head, rheum, deafness Enum for Otto and one of the very best ones in this census
Smith, Adam J. Corporal A 154NYInf 8/30/1862 5/23/1865 2y9m5d Cottage No comments NPS has Hiram A. J. Smith in this company
Smith, Alanson, widow Arley
E 149NYInf 1862 1864 2y3m Portville Dates not known, stated as above
Smith, Amos. S. Private B 64NYInf 9/15/1861 2/24/1863 1y5m9d Leon Chronic diar. 64 Web shows him Co. C, 1838-1926 Leon Cem.
Smith, David L. 1st Lieutenant E 1NYLtArt 9/10/1861 6/23/1865 3y9m13d Olean No comments
Smith, E. J.

Ashford Just says US Soldier
Smith, Frank Private I PABucktails 9/13/1861 12/21/1861 3m8d Elton Wagon run over right leg
Smith, Frederick, widow Francis Private

Killbuck Discharge papers lost
Smith, George F. Musician E 72NYInf 5/2/1861 9/15/1862 1y2m13d Gowanda Chronic diar, rheum, lungs caused by service
Smith, George H. Corporal H 27NYIndBattery 10/1/1861 6/22/1863 1y8m Red House Piles and chronic diar.
Smith, Hendrick J. Corporal E 137NYInf 8/14/1862 7/3/1865 1y10m19d Olean Gun shot wound right side of head
Smith, Henry Private I 16NYCav 9/23/1863 9/21/1865 2y Cattaraugus Town No comments
Smith, Isaac W., widow Lattie? Private K 154NYInf 9/6/1862 6/11/1866 2y8m5d? Dayton No comments 154Web says 1844-1876 Treat Mem. Cemetery, Leon
Smith, Isadore V. Private A 1NYLtArt 10/3/1861 9/22/1864 2y11m19d Leon Rheum.
Smith, John Private A 9NYCav 1861 6/2/1865
Olean Sabre cut in head, discharge papers lost
Smith, John Private G 6?NY 2/10/1864 7/31/1865 1y5m21d Franklinville wounded in wrist and one finger shot off
Smith, John F., widow Caroline Colonel
112NYInf 9/?/1862 1/15/1866 2y6m? Hinsdale Killed on battlefield NPS shows him as Captain
Smith, John Jr. Private I 64NYInf 9/9/1861 12/17/1862 1y3m17d Allegany Diar. and malaria 64th Website says re-enlisted western gunboat flotilla
Smith, Leonard, widow Irene J. Private H 4MassInf 9/19/1862 8/28/1863
Kennedy, Chaut. Cty No comments
Smith, Myron Corporal
15NYEng 9/1/1864 6/13/1865 6m13d Westonville No comments
Smith, Spencer Private C 13NYHA 8/6/1861 1865 3y Red House Rheum.
Smith, Stephen Corporal K 85NYInf 8/?/1861 10/?/1862
Olean Chronic rheum 28 years
Smith, Thomas M. Private E 9NCav 8/20/1862 6/23/1865 2y10m22d East Randolph In cavalry 20 months, navy 14 months
Smith, Wilber J. Sergeant E 109NYInf 8/6/1861 1/13/1865
Little Valley Gun shot would left side, abscess Number of Regiment not very legible--may be incorrect
Smith, Willard M. Sergeant
USS Vanderbilt 8/?/1862 8/?/1866
Olean No comments
Smith, William C. Sergeant H 68NYInf 6/28/1863 7/30/1863 1m2d Yorkshire Center Deafness, piles
Smith, Zalmon Private E 9NYCav 8/26/1862 6/1/1865 2y9m25d East Randolph Rheum., served until end of term
Snow, George Private B 64NYInf 4/5/1864 5/15/1865 1y1m10d Allegany g.s. right hip, applied for pension
Snyder, Conrad Corporal H 37NYInf 5/17/1861 6/22/1863
Olean No comments
Snyder, Conrad
G 96NYInf 4/5/1865 2/6/1866
Olean No additional comments
Snyder, Edgar Private D 154NYInf 2/11/1861 12/10/1861 10m1d Machias Asthma
Snyder, Ezekiel Private A 100NYInf 11/25/1861 1/30/1865 3y2m5d Ischua No comments
Snyder, Le Grand Private G 146IllinoisInf 9/1/1864 6/12/1865 9m11d Olean Discharged general order
Snyder, Samuel Private B 29??? 1861 12/?1865
Olean Rheum., tumor? on right wrist
Sounsbary, illegible Private F 14NYHA 12/17/1863 6/7/1865 1y5m20d Great Valley Chronic diar.
Southwick, David B. Corporal
illegible 1/18/1862 7/18/1865 3y6m Humphrey Rheum., kidney complaint, heart disease Ellis, page 145 says 105NYInf
Southwick, Levi Private B 72NYInf 8/12/1862 6/2/1865 2y9m5d Limestone No comments
Sparks, Thomas S. Private B 2NYMountedRfls 1/25/1864 8/10/1865 1y6m15d Sandusky Gun shot face and head
Speis, Andrew J. Private A 85NYInf 8/31/1864 6/27/1865 10m Knapps Creek Applied [for pension]
Spencer, George C. Corporal C 89NYInf 9/24/1861 6/12/1863 1y8m12d Olean Wound in left eye cause blindness
Spencer, James O. 1st Sergeant D 179NYInf 5/17/1861 6/10/1865 4y0m23d West Salamanca Nervous disability, scurvy result of being POW 1844-1910 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca, also in 37NYInf
Spink, Joseph F.

Leon Gun shot wound+ex?? Discharge papers not at hand NPS says corporal, Co. B, 9NYCav
Spofford, John Private G 52NYInf 6/?/1864 6/17/1865
Limestone No comments
Spraker, William, Jr. Sergeant I 64NYInf 8/21/1861 5/3/1864 2y9m Allegany Lost left leg below knee at Gettysburg
Sprauge, Luther, widow Fanny B. 1st Lieutenant B 9NYCav 10/22/1861 7/4/1865
Little Valley Shot river? War
Srait, Mathew

Franklinville Enum. collected no data
Stadel, Adam Private I 13IllinoisInf 5/24/1861 6/20/1863 1y7m26d Olean Enlargement of spleen
Stafford, Frank J. Private I 49NYInf 8/11/1861 5/15/1865 3y9m4d South Dayton Shot through right arm
Starks, David B. Private A 85NYInf 1/22/1864 6/27/1865 1y5m5d Olean No comments
Starks, Stephen Private A 85NYInf 1861 6/27/1865 4y Olean Injured by fall Mt. View Cem. Olean 1833-1930
Starks, Wesly Private I 37NYInf 10/1/1861 6/22/1863
Little Valley Chronic diar., hemorages?
Staunton, Alva S. Private A 23NYInf 4/23/1861 8/7/1862 1y3m16d Knapps Creek Dropsy, pension $30 month
Steaphens, Silas Private C 19NYHA 8/15/1864 6/21/1865 11m6d Salamanca 1864 rheum.
Stearns, William Private G 15? 9/9/1864 7/?/1865
Steamburg Defect in sight
Steele, Frank H.

Olean (37Coleman St.) Enum collected no data--just says US Soldier
Steele, Mary, widow of US Soldier

Franklinville Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Stephens, George W. Private H 199PAInf 9/13/1864 6/29/1866 11m23d? Onoville Dislocation of elbow joint, heart disease
Stephens, Perry C., widow Elizabeth Private I 37NYInf 5/13/1861 9/21/1861 4m8d Great Valley Discharged on account of disability
Stephens, Perry C., widow Elizabeth Private G 9NYCav 9/6/1864 6/1/1865 9m Great Valley No additional comments
Stevens, Andrew Private A 188NYInf 9/9/1864 6/1/1865 8m28d Machias No comments
Stevens, David Private A 154NYInf 8/5/1862 12/31/1862
Conewango Hurt in back, discharged surgeon's certificate 154 Web says ca 1833-1910
Stillwell, Margaret, widow of US Soldier

Franklinville Enum collected no data--Says US Soldier
Stimpson, Hiram alias Bennett, Arnold Private D 154NYInf 8/6/1862
9m Ischua No comments 64 Web says born circa 1831 Chenango County, NY
Stimpson, Hiram alias Bennett, Arnold Private M 12NYCav 9/30/1864 6/23/1865 8m23d Ischua No additional comments
Stocking, Dennis S. Private A 9NYCav 9/2/1864 6/1/1865 9m Yorkshire Heart disease, rheum. 1824-1893 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Stockwell, Harrison Private
112NYInf 7/28/1862 7/1/1865 2y11m27d Red House Rheum.
Stohuber, George Private A 188NYInf 9/12/1864 5/15/1865 9m Allegany Loss of l. leg below knee Ellis, page 143, wounded both legs Hatcher's Run 10/27/1864
Stone, Andrew J., widow Elizabeth Private
8NYHA 1/?/1864 6/?/1865
Olean No comments
Stone, Dewitt C. Private B ? 3/21/1865 8/31/1865 5m15d Franklinville Not known to me. Discharged general order
Stone, Edwin Private E 13NYHA 9/6/1864 6/28/1865 9m22d Randolph Injury to spine, head, shoulder
Stone, Welcome G. Private
194NYInf 4/?/1865 5/?/1865 30d Steamburg No comments
Stoneman, George A. Private D 105NYInf 12/20/1861

Machias Piles and weeping eyes
Stoneman, George A. OrderlySgt. K 94NYInf
3/9/1865 3y2m20d Machias Injured hips
Stowell, William H. Private K 4WisconsinCav 8/30/1864 6/?/1865 11m East Otto Rheum.
Straight, Harvey Private G 13NYHA 9/?/1864 1865 10m Allegany No comments
Straight, Mathew Private E 5NYCav 8/30/1861 7/19/1865 3y11m Franklinville Sciatic rheum., gunshot left thigh and hand
Strickland, Chester Corporal K 154NYInf 8/30/1862 10/31/1863 1y2m1d Perrysburg Chronic diar. 154 Web says 1818-1904 Cottage Cem. Dayton
Suddick, Richard Private E 9NYHA 11/?/1863 7/?/1865
Olean Gun shot wound left arm
Sutherland, William Private D 49 Ohio Inf 11/20/1862 2/15/1864 1y3m20d Onoville Lost left arm at shoulder, card not correct for dates
Sutherland, William Private D 49 Ohio Inf 2/18/1864 3/?/1865
Onoville Gun shot right wrist, in poor health
Sutton, Patrick Private H 37NYInf 1861 8/?/1862 1y2m Napoli General unfitness, discharged surg. cert.
Swarts, George E. Private L 1NYVeteranCav 8/10/1863 8/10/1865
Olean No comments
Swartz, Henry Private I

Olean Service record unknown
Sweeltand, J Wesly, widow Malvina F. Private B 154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865
Little Valley Died consumption of bowels caused by army 154Web says 1831-1884 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Sweet, Ann

Olean Enum collected no data
Sweet, Charles Private
16NY? 8/?/1863 8/14/1865
Canastola? No comments
Sweet, Russell J. Sergeant A 154NYInf 8/18/1862 3/5/1863 6m17d Limestone No comments 154 Web says 1840-1908 Limestone Cem. Carrolton
Sweet, Theopolous Private A 112NYInf 8/4/1860 8/3/1863 3y Red House No comments Dates of service probably incorrect
Sweetland, Emory Private B 154NYInf 8/11/1862 6/20/1865
Little Valley While in service diar., liver, kidneys, lung, heart 154 Web says 1835-1917 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Sweitzer, Daniel, widow Bridgette Private C 78PAInf

Olean No comments
Swift, Velorus Private C 19NYCav 8/30/1864 6/?/1865 11m Franklinville Breach, heart disease

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