11th Census of the United States ~ 1890

Transcribed, Compiled, Updated and Submitted by Jeff Ward




Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Taber(Tabor), Joseph F. Private K 112NYInf 8/30/1862 6/19/1865 2y4m19d East Leon Rheum.
Talbot, John, widow Sophia Private K 161NYInf 10/?/1862

Olean Died in hospital
Tallman, John S. Private A 188NYInf 9/3/1864 6/30/1865 9m Kill Buck Chronic rheum. and blind
Tanner, William E. Private G 9 Iowa Inf 9/8/1861 12/31/1863
Olean Chronic diar. 26 years
Tanner, William E. Corporal G 9 Iowa Inf 6/1/1864 7/18/1865
Olean No additional comments
Taylor, Frank W. Corporal B 10NYCav 9/19/1861 7/?/1863 2y10m? Gowanda Gun shot wound in left forearm and rheum from service
Taylor, George B. OrderlySgt
2USCav(Regular) 10/?/1861 7/29/1869
Olean Chronic pneumonia 22 years
Taylor, Sydney E. Private I 19NYCav 4/7/1865 6/30/1865 2m26d Portville No comments
Terry, Ransom Private C 154NYInf 8/6/1862 9/7/1864 2y1m1d Ischua Gun shot wound through both lungs, Gettysburg 154 Web has pic, 1838-1911, Hinsdale Cem.
Terry?, Charles W. Private K 9NYCav
Randolph Illegible, accompanying diseases Last name very faded out
Thaubacher, Jacob H. 1st Lieutenant B 207PAInf 9/?/1864 5/?/1865 8m Olean No comments
Thomas, Abner
I 154NYInf 1862 1864 2y Red House Away from home
Thompson, Albert W. Private G 147NYInf 10/8/1863 7/28/1865 1y9m20d Randolph Gun shot left foot
Thompson, John W.

West Salamanca Enum collected no data [1NYVeteran Cav] 1847-1902 Crawford Cem. Salamanca
Thompson, Jonathan C. Private H 207PAInf 9/?/1864 6/?/1865 9m West Salamanca Chronic diar.
Thompson, Joseph H. Private A 25MassInf 7/19/1862 7/31/1865
Olean No comments
Thompson, William F. Private K 117NYInf 8/5/1862 6/8/1865 2y10m3d Franklinville Rupture caused by injury
Thornton, Lyman Private C 154NYInf 7/29/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m13d Ischua Chronic diar., liver+kidneys [from] service
Thornton, Marion F. Private K 94+105NYInf 12/21/1861 3/8/1865 3y2m27d Yorkshire Gun shot wound Civil War marker, no dates, Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Thrall, illegible Private C
4/1/1865 8/?/1865 4m Hinsdale Lung trouble
Thun, Martin Farrier
2NYMtdRifles 12/17/1863 8/10/1865 1y7m3d Yorkshire Hernia Farriers shoe horses.
Thurston, Alson Private C 9NYCav 9/3/1864 6/1/1865 8m28d Randolph No comments
Thurston, Daniel H. Private B 189NYInf 8/?/1864 6/?/1865
Olean Rupture injury spinal column Weldon Road 12/8/1864
Thurston, Daniel H. Private A 136NYInf 8/?/1862 12/?/1862
Olean No additional comments
Tingue, George B. Private B 154NYInf 8/8/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m13d Leon Ruptured 154 Web says 1843-1918 Treat Memorial Cem. Leon
Tingue, Linden Private B 154NYInf 8/8/1862
9m Little Valley Rheum., heart disease, discharged surg. cert. 154 Web says 1841-1910 South Napoli Cem.
Titus, Charles W. Private F 107NYInf 7/22/1862 6/5/1865
Olean Chronic diar., rheum
Tompkins, Ranson D. Private C 7NYHA 9/22/1862 8/1/1865 1y5m24d Olean Shot back of head, unable to work because of wounds Mt. View Cem. Olean 1836-1903
Torrance, Joel B. Private H 154NYInf 9/26/1862 6/?/1865
Randolph No legible comments Very tentative identification, first, last names faded out
Torrance, Michael Corporal
14NYInf 12/11/1863 8/26/1865 1y8m15d Randolph Fistula in ano?
Torrance. Stiles C. Private E 103 Ohio Inf 8/11/1862 7/17/1865 2y11m8d Gowanda Dyspepsia, indigestion, result of service
Town, George Sergeant B 9NYCav 9/3/1861 7/11/1862 9m Salamanca 1862? 1827-1902 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Towsey, Charles H. Private I 64NYInf 9/3/1861 9/?/1862 1y Salamanca June 5, 1865 eye, one eye gone by gunboat? 1844-1931 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Traber, John Christopher Private H 96NYInf 4/4/1865 2/6/1866 9m2d Dayton No comments
Tredway, Christopher

South Valley Enum. collected no data
Trippe, Morton Private A 9NYHA 2/?/1864 4/?/1864 2m Salamanca None. Honorable discharge 1847-1916 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Trumble, Robert W. Private I 1RhodeIslandCav 8/8/1862 11/19/1865 3y3m11d Red House No comments
Trumbull, Henry J. Private K 64NYInf 10/15/1861 3/23/1863 1y5m8d Leon Lung disease 64 Web says Treat Memorial Cem. Leon
Tulley, Simon, widow Lattie Private

Olean Drafted.Can't find any information.
Turner, Isaac B. Private H 154NYInf 9/?/1862 4/?/1863 7m9d Great Valley No comments
Turner, Jerome Private D 154NYInf 8/4/1862 6/24/1865 2y10m20d Kill Buck Gun shot wound shoulder 154 Web says 1843-1915 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Turner, Sydney R. Private
9IllinoisCav 3/11/1865 5/11/1865 2m Yorkshire No comments

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service
Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's
Underwood, Daniel P. Private E 9NYCav 10/1/1861 10/27/1864 3y26d 22 Napoli Rheum., chronic diar.
Utrich, George

3 West Valley Enum. collected no data NPS has George Utrich in Co. K, 193NYInf

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's
Valentine, Foster W. Navy
Undine+Peosta 9/3/1864 8/2/1865 11m Allegany Chronic rheum., pension $36 for loss of leg
Van Aernam?, Francis Private K 9NYCav 9/3/1864 6/30/1865 11m Cattaraugus Town No comments First letter of last name faded, completely illegible
Van Aernam?, Henry Sergeant?
154NYInf 1862 12/?/1864 2y2m13d Franklinville Malarial Poison 154 Web says 1819-1894, Mt. Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Van Rensselaer, King Private D 120NYInf 9/3/1864 6/16/1865 9m13d Yorkshire Wounded right thigh
Van Valkenburg, Francis Private A 85NYInf 8/31/1864 6/27/1865 9m27d Portville No comments
Van Vlack, George W. Sergeant A 64NYInf 9/7/1861 12/16/1864 3y4m9d Versailles Rupture, rheum 64 Web has bio, t.s. pic 1833-1917 Rathbun Cem.Hannover
Vandenburg, Taylor, widow Catherine Private C 13NYHA 8/25/1863 8/14/1865 1y11m21d Versailles Spine
Vedder, Clark J. Wagoner D 115NYInf 6/25/1862 6/28/1865 3y Yorkshire Wounded in shoulder 1845-1925 Delevan Cem. Yorkshire
Vedder, Comodore P. Captain H 154NYInf 8/2/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m9d Ellicotville No comments 154 Web says 1838-1910, Sunset Hill Cem. Ellicotville
Vibbard, Shep L. Private I 37NYInf 5/11/1861 2/27/1863 1y9m16d Carrolton No comments
Vickery, Edward R. Private I 49NYInf 9/6/1861 2/19/1863
Little Valley Inj. to right knee spent ball, rheum., diar.var veins

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
W???, Eustus? Private C 9NYCav 9/9/1864 6/1/1865 8m23d Randolph Chronic diar., sun stroke, catarah
Wade, Larry, Jr. Private D 9NYCav 12/2/1863 3/31/1865 1y3m Franklinville Gun shot wound left foot
Wade, William D. Private C 64NYInf 9/23/1861 1/?/1863 1y2m East Randolph No comments Pic of man and t.s. on 64th Web site.
Wagner, Charles H. Private D 13NYHA 1/4/1864 9/4/1865 1y8m0d Ischua Liver and kidney [from] service
Wagner, Nelson Landsman
US PP[PawPaw?] 9/3/1864 6/28/1865 9m25d Ischua No comments
Wait(Waite), Thomas Private B 64NYInf 9/6/1862 7/17/1863 10m11d West Salamanca Rheum., heart disease 64Web has t.s. picture, d. 1896, Pigeon Valley Cem., Napoli
Wait, Cyrus Private D 179NYInf 3/26/1864 1865
Little Valley Gun shot wound, rheum., catarah
Wait, George Private B 64NYInf 9/28/1861 10/14/1864 3y16d Napoli Gun shot wound thigh Gettysburg, rheum. 64 Web says 1836-1908 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Wait, Henry O. Private K 26NYInf 5/14/1861 5/23/1863 1y14d Salamanca 1861 Fever See bio and portrait, Ellis, Town of Salmanca
Wait, Stephen, widow Jane Francis Private

Little Valley Died of disease contracted in service
Waite, Andrew J. Private E 175NYInf 9/15/1864 6/12/1865 8m13d West Valley Abcess l. hip result of Yellow Fever
Waite, James Corporal B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 2/14/1863 1y5m27d Napoli Varicose veins 28 years, discharged surg. cert.
Waite, Orin B. Private B 64NYInf 9/10/1861 9/17/1864 3y9m25d Napoli Gun shot wound thigh[WIA Gettysburg], heart disease 64 Web t.s.pic 1840-1919 Pigeon Valley Cem. Napoli
Waite, Worden B. 2d Lieutenant B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 4/3/1864 2y7m16d Little Valley Double hernia 24 years
Wakefield, Fenner?

draft? 4/?/1866 6/?/1866 45d Elton No comments
Walker, George R. Private C 7PACav 3/25/1863 6/17/1865 2y2m22d Great Valley Sabre cut on head
Walker, Jesse L. widow Jennie Private A 72NYInf 5/20/1861 6/20/1864 3y Gowanda Varicose, rheum., sight caused by US Service
Walker, Richard M., widow Emma E. Private C 13NYHA 1865 1865
Little Valley Died of disease contracted in service
Wall, Philip Private E 15USInf(Regular) 7/12/1862 7/12/1865 3y Salamanca Spring 1862 diar. Discharged disability
Walrath, Walter Private A 154NYInf 8/11/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m Ellicotville No comments 154 Web, 1826-1899, Sugartown Cem. Great Valley
Walsh, Tenny L. Private B 64NYInf 8/17/1861 9/7/1864 3y20d Randolph Gun shot wound right thigh Ellis, page 126 says wounded at Gettysburg July 2, 1863
Wanamaker, J. Z., widow Rose Sergeant I 17NYInf 7/8/1863 8/13/1863
Randolph No comments Randolph Rural Cem. Born 1834 d. ?
Warner, Daniel Private L 10NYCav 8/12/1862 5/4/1864 1y9m East Otto Fits, weakness of spine caused by wounds
Warner, Lewis D. Colonel C? 154NYInf 8/17/1862 6/11/1865
Portville No comments 154 Web says 1822-1898 Chesnut Hill Cem. Portville
Warren, Frank

Freedom Enum. collected no data Maybe 13NYHA
Warren, Jerome

1863 1865
Knapps Creek No comments
Washer, George Private F 16USInf(Regular) 1864 11/?/1865
Olean No comments
Waterman, George H. Private G 13NYHA 9/3/1864 6/21/1865 9m18d Sandusky No comments
Waters, Frank J. Corporal H 37NYInf 5/17/1861 11/29/1862 1y6m12d Allegany wound l. ankle, pensioned $12 month
Waters, George W. Private I 27NYInf 5/21/1861 7/31/1861 2m10d ? No comments
Watkins, Edmund P. 2d Lieutenant F 64NYInf 10/10/1861 1/3/1863
Little Valley Chronic diar., rheum., resulting heart disease
Watkins, Elias W. Private I 13NYInf 9/?/1861 3/?/1862
Westons Mills Disease of liver, discharge lost, cannot give dates
Watkins, George W. 1st Lieutenant B 64NYInf 9/?/1861 6/18/1863
East Randolph Wounded in right foot 64Web t.s. pic., no dates, Cemetery Rd, Randolph
Watson, James H. Private K 8PAInf 4/24/1861 7/29/1861
Little Valley disease of ? and kidneys
Watson, James H. Private E 62PAInf 7/4/1861 4/20/1863
Little Valley No additional comments
Wayne, George H. Private E 100NYInf

Otto Lost disacharge papers
Weast, Amos B. Sergeant D 154NYInf 11/6/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m5d East Ashford Rheum. 154 Web says 1842-1922, Maple Grove Cem. Machias
Weaver, George A. Private A 19NYCav 8/13/1862 6/30/1865
Olean No comments
Weaver, John M. Private H 2PACav 2/24/1864 7/15/1865 1y4mpd South Valley No comments
Weber, James B Sergeant F 116NYInf 8/8/1862 6/24/1865 2y10m16d Springville, Erie County Gun shot in l. hand at Ft. Wagner, SC
Weeden, E. Lathrop Private G 9NYCav 8/27/1864 6/1/1865 9m Randolph Paralysis?, diar., rheum.
Weight, Orren?

draft 4/?/1866 6/?/1866 45d Elton No comments
Welch, Patrick

USS Michigan 1861 1862
Olean Ship Carpenter
Welch, Stephen Captain C 154NYInf 8/6/1862 6/6/1865 2y10m Allegany No comments Medal of Honor 154Web has pic--1824-1906 Allegany Cem.
Weldon, Samuel Private D 141NYInf 7/?/1862 1863
Olean No comments
Wellman, George W. Sergeant K 64NYInf 9/16/1861 9/23/1862 1y7d Steamburg gun shot wound, chronic diar. 64Website, age 38 at enlistment 1861
Wentworth, Benjamin F. Private F 98PAInf 3/6/1865 6/17/1865 3m11d Olean Varicose veins, had served in 145PA[Inf]
West, Dorothy, widow

Ellicotville No comments
West, Frederick Private A 2LouiInf(Union) 1862 1865 3y Ashford

West, Sarah, widow of US Soldier

Olean Enum collected no data
West, William Private M 102PAInf 10/?/1861 10/?/1864 3y Olean No comments
Westmore, William H. Private F 64NYInf 8/25/1861 9/10/1864 3y0m15d West Salamanca Gun shot wound right foot
Wh???, Joseph

5illegible 1864 1865 1y8m Humphrey Center Chronic diar.?
Whaley, Charles Private

1863 1865 2y2m6d Red House Piles
Whalley, Joseph Private B 100PAInf 12?/1863 9/5/1864 9m Salamanca 1864 Battle of Getesburge , left hand shot This regiment not at Gettysburg in 1863
Wheat, Johanthan Private G 64NYInf 2/29/1864 7/17/1865
Little Valley Rebel prison, rheum since army, scurvy 64 Web has pic of t.s., 1831-1908 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Wheaton, Samuel Private H 85NYInf 8/28/1861 2/17/1863 1y5m20d Olean Rheum. Incurred in 1862
Wheeler, David Private K 10NYCav 9/?/1864 6/?/1865 10m Allegany Almost blind? Very illegible
Wheeler, Joseph A. Private A 188NYInf 9/3/1864 6/1/1865 9m Olean Chronic diar., pension $? per month
Wheeler, Seth Private C 105NYInf 1861 2/?/1862 11m Franklinville loss of eye sight
Wheeler, Shadius?, widow Betsey Private
Paw Paw (Navy)

Olean Discharge paers lost, this widow gets pension
Wheeler, Silas, widow Lacy Private
64NYInf 8/25/1861 9/9/1865 3y Allegany Partially deranged, stricken from roll, POW 64th Web. has t.s. picture, POW, 1845-1868 Allegany Cem.
Wheeler, William W. Private A 188NYInf 9/6/1864 5/29/1865 1y Allegany gun shot would left ankle
Whelpley, Hiram K. Private I 9NYCav 9/10/1864 6/1/1865
Steamburg Sciatic rheum.
Whelpley, Silas Private B 135PAInf 8/1/1862 5/24/1863 9m24d Onoville Rheum., heart difficulty, kidney disease 1830-1917 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Whelpley, William M Private B 17NYInf 5/20/1861 6/21/1863
Olean No comments
Whipple, Benjamin Sergeant K 112NYInf 9/1/1862 12/11/1865 3y2m2d South Dayton No comments
Whipple, George Private F 64NYInf 10/9/1861 10/9/1864 3y East Randolph Shell wound r. side, POW Belle Isle Va 6m, rheum.26y 64 Web has much info, 1842-1913 Cem. Rd. Cem. Randolph
Whitacker, George Private C 102?NYInf 9/16/1863 7/23/1865 1y7m14d Allegany No comments
Whitcomb, Wesly Private F 64NYInf 8/25/1861 10/23/1862 1y1m28d West Salamanca Shot right forearm 64 Web says WIA
White, Demus J. Private C 116NYInf 8/28/1862 7/8/1865 2y10m10d South Dayton Gun shot 1863 and 1864
White, John Myers Private I+E 19NYCav 8/11/1862 7/1/1865 2y11m11d Olean Chronic diar., dropsy of heart
White, John W. Private L 12PACav 2/10/1862 7/20/1865
Olean Chronic kidney and bladder, unable to do days work Also says promoted to Sergeant 2/29/1864
White, Joseph Private K 74PAInf 2/21/1864 8/29/1865 1y6m8d Knapps Creek No comments
White, Orlando Private K 154NYInf 8/11/1862 6/28/1865 2y10m17d Cattaraugus Town No comments 154 Web says 1845-1909 Liberty Park Cem. New Albion
Whitford, Erastus Private C 53PAInf 1/5/1864 6/30/1864
Olean No comments
Whitford, Erastus Private K 145PAInf

Olean No comments
Whiting, Walter Private K 94NYInf 1/22/1862 4/?/1865 3y3m Franklinville Catarah, bronchitis, deafness
Whitmeyer, Nicholas Sergeant C 64NYInf 8/16/1861 7/?/1866 3y11m? East Otto Chronic diar. 64 Web has much info on this soldier--1844-1934
Whitney, Emma

Connewango Enum. collected no data
Whitney, John Reg.Sadler
6NYCav 10/?/1861 3/16/1863 1y7m28d Franklinville No comments
Whitney, Russell M. Lieutenant A 85NYInf 8/12/1861 2/10/1865
Olean Np comments
Whitney, Stacy B, Corporal C 83PAInf 8/24/1861 8/11/1862 1y1m17d Steamburg Gun shot wound Wounded Chancellorsville
Whitney, Charles Private I 154NYInf 8/23/1863 1865 2y10m Humphrey Gun shot wound left hip, heart trouble, rheum 154 Web says 1845-1923 Allegany Cem.
Whte, Frank Private H 20NYVet? 9/?/1863 5/?/1865 1y9m Gowanda Right inguinal hernia since 1864
Wickham, James T. Private C 64NYInf 10/16/1861 10/16/1864 3y0m0d Otto Chronic rheum, pleurisy, piles
Wickham, James T.

Otto Enum collected no data--just says US Soldier Duplicate entry
Wiegand, Frederick Sergeant K 154NYInf 8/30/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m12d Gowanda Rheum, general debility caused by being in US service 154 Web says 1825-1911 Lutheran Cem. Dayton
Wilber, Jonathan B. Private A 188NYInf 9/?/1864 6/?/1865
Machias Nervous prostation
Wilber, Milo Private G 154NYInf 8/2/1862 6/24/1865 2y10m20d Allegany Rheum. 154 Web says 1845-1914 Five Mile Cem. Allegany
Wilbur, Frank B. Private D 10NYCav 1/27/1864 7/25/1865 5m29d Markham Hernia both sides
Wilbur, Thomas Private D 13NYHA 9/3/1864 6/21/1865 9m18d Abbotts No comments
Wilcox, Augustus S. Private K 188NYInf 9/?/1864 1865
Great Valley No comments
Wilcox, Edward Private A 188NYInf 9/3/1864 5/25/1865 8m25d Great Valley Gun shot fore finger
Wilcox, Elias D. Private D 37NYInf 6/9/1861 3/11/1862 9m2d East Randolph Neuralgia
Wilcox, Harrison Private C 9NYCav 10/?/1961 7/?/1865 3y9m Olean No comments
Wilcox, Isaiah C. Private D 154NYInf 8/12/1862 2/26/1863
Olean Discharged surg. cert. Reenlisted 10MichgianCav Mt. View Cem. Olean 1834-1915
Wilcox, Richard D.

USColored Troops 9/1/1864 9/1/1866 1y8m? Salamanca Discharged General order--Washington DC
Wilcox?, ??? Private I 6NYCav 11/2/1861 11?/1864 3y Great Valley Gun shot wound in head Name almost completely faded out
Wilder, Clark Private I 71NYInf 7/7/1861 9/26/1864 3y2m19d Cattaraugus Town No comments
Wilder, William alias William Harrison Private I 4USCavalry 8/26/1876 3/22/1877 7m26d East Ashford g.s. wound r. leg at North Fork, Powder River In Great Soiux War, wounded in Wyoming
Wilder, William H. Private G 1MichSharpShoot 8/6/1862 7/28/1865 2y11m21d East Ashford

Wiley, Chalres N. Private F 48MassInf 10/18/1862 9/3/1864 2y Olean Partial loss of sight by sunstroke
Wilkins, Emans J. Lieutenant F 21NYInf 5/20/1861 4/17/1863 1y10m29d Salamanca 1863 Bronchial cough 1839-1921 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Wilkinson, William S. Sergeant I 85NYInf 10/10/1861 2/?/1865
Olean From recollection
Willard, Charles O. Private D 19NYCav 2/11/1864 6/16/1865 1y4m5d Olean Verselia? kidney disease
Willard, Owel H. Captain B 64NYInf 9/7/1861 9/?/1864 3y Randolph Wounds and rheum 64 Web has pic, t.s. 1832-1911 St. Patricks Cem. Randolph
Willdrick, Thomas J. Private A 96NYInf 5/21/1865 2/6/1866 9m13d Franklinville Not any, discharged by general order
Willey, Lysander 1st Sergeant C 19NYCav 8/12/1862 6/28/1865
East Randolph Wounded 5/8/1864, transferred to 1NYDragoons(19NY)
Williams, Allan I. Private K 5MichiganCav 9/2/1862 6/?/1865 2y9m Olean Shot in right foot Mt. View Cem. Olean 1846-1926 or 1929
Williams, Allen Sergeant D 154NYInf 7/30/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m11d Ischua Piles 154 Web says 1842-1926, Mt Prospect Cem. Franklinville
Williams, David A. Private F 154NYInf 1862 1865 2y11m Farmersville Station Heart, rheum., gunshot wound left shoulder 154 Web says 1823-1894, Freedom Cemetery
Williams, George Private H 154NYInf 8/29/1862 7/27/1865 2y11m4d Randolph Chronic rheum. 154 Web says 1808-1894 Randolph Cem.
Williams, George H. Private D 13NYHA 9/3/1864 6/21/1865 9m18d Portville No comments
Williams, George P. Private D 64NYInf 10/15/1861 6/6/1865 3y7m22d Ischua Heart disease [from] service
Williams, George P., widow Gertrude Private I 37NYInf 1861 6/27/1863 2y14d South Dayton No comments
Williams, James Private A 112NYInf 12/20/1863 6/22/1865 1y6m2d Randolph Rheum., chronic diar.
Williams, James P, widow Francis D. Private F 154NYInf 8/26/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m15d Sandusky

Williams, Joel Private K 154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/??1865 2y10m Perrysburg None
Williams, Paris

Machias No comments NPS has several Paris Williams
Williams, Peter Private B 31NYInf 12/?/1862 9/?/1865 2y10m Olean Promoted to corporal, honorable discharge Mt.View Cem. Olean 1839-1929
Williams, Tobias R. Private E 90NYInf 9/12/1864 7/3/1865 9m9d Salamanca Explosion of shell, discharged general order 1864
Willis, Hezekiah

Olean 163 Sullivan Street
Willis, Munson Private K 105NYInf 2/13/1862 7/18/1865 3y5m5d East Ashford Wounded by shell, reenlisted veteran
Willover, John A. Private G 154NYInf 8/9/1862 8/11/1865 2y10m2d Haskell Flats No comments [taken prisoner at Gettysburg] 154 Web says 1841-1923, Pleasant Valley Cem. Olean
Willover, William Private I 154NYInf 9/6/1862 6/11/1865 2y9m Hinsdale No comments 154 Web says 1839-1925 Hinsdale Cem.
Wilson, Andrew Private A 12NJInf 8/15/1863 7/15/1865
Olean No comments
Wilson, Thomas Private K 68PAInf 7/26/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m17d Hinsdale No comments
Wiltse, Emerson M. Corporal D 154NYInf 11/8/1862 6/11/1865 2y10m5d East Ashford g.s. wound shoulder Battle of Gettysburg 154 Website says 1836-1916, Riceville Cem, Ashford
Winchester, William J. Private K 105NYInf 12/16/1861 8/4/1862 7m19d Yorkshire Center Reported as deserter
Windsor, Woodley C. Private C 9NYCav 8/15/1862 6/1/1865
Olean No comments
Wing, Asa S. Private G 154NYInf 9/12/1862 6/?/1865 2y10m Allegany Gun shot wound 154th Web. Says Allegany Protestant Cem. 1837-1923
Wing, Sylvester

East Otto Enum. collected no data--Says U.S. Soldier
Wing,Curtis Private B 154NYInf 8/4/1862

East Otto Enlisted 3 years, came home 1864 and stayed home 154 Web says 1827-1902 Brooklyn Cem., East Otto
Winkley, Samuel alias Mathew Winkler Private B 100NYInf 12/3/1861 6/29/1865 3y6m23d Randolph Gun shot right thigh
Winsor, M. M. Private B 83PAInf 3/30/1864 6/25/1865 1y2m29d
No comments
Winters, Alphonso Private K 85NYInf 9/?/1861 9/?1862 1y Franklinville Blind of right eye
Winters, George L., widow Margaret 2d Lieutenant H 154NYInf 8/?/1862 12/?/1863
Olean Lost left arm near shoulder Gettyburg July 1863 Mt. View Cem. Olean 1838-1889
Wolcott, Otis C. Private A 154NYInf 7/28/1862 6/12/1865 2y10m16d Limestone No comments 154 Web says ca1832-1921, Oak Hill Cem. Bradford, PA
Wolf, William Private K 154NYInf 8/30/1862 6/24/1865 2y10m28d Dayton Deaf left ear and rheum. Markham Cemetery, Dayton, 1833-1910
Wood, Alonzo Private A 9NYCav 9/2/1864 6/28/1865 9m26d Otto No comments
Wood, Conley M. Private D 13NYHA 7/20/1863 8/16/1865 2y0m27d Ischua Disease of stomach and kidneys [from] service
Wood, Daniel J. Sergeant K 64NYInf 9/14/1861 12/20/1863 2y3m6d Dayton Gun shot wound left ear and right side 64 Web has t.s.pic, 1830-1905 Treat Mem. Cem. Leon
Wood, Elias A, widow Phoebe

Sandusky Enum. collected no data
Wood, illegible, widow Mary E. Private
61NYInf 1861

Little Valley Died from rebel prison First name completely faded
Wood, Ira, widow Hester A. Private A 154NYInf 7/25/1862 2/20/1865
Little Valley Died chronic diar. contracted from army 154 Web says 1821-1886 Rural Cem. Little Valley
Wood, James W.

Randolph Enum collected no data
Wood, John W. Private F 50NYEngineers 7/12/1864 7/11/1865
Olean No comments
Wood, Monroe A. Private E 111PAInf 9/10/1861 9/18/1862
Olean No comments
Woodford, Henry J. Private E 9NYCav 8/26/1862 12/?/1862
East Randolph Lung trouble from exposure, disc. from hospital
Woodford, Mary? Private E 9NYCav 8/?/1862 1865 3y East Randolph Consumption, died in 1876 Probably widow of either Henry or Solomon Woodford 9NYCav
Woods, James F. Sergeant F 64NYInf 9/10/1861 9/11/1864 3y10d Great Valley No comments
Woodward, Charles
D 154NYInf 8/?/1862 6/?/1865
Machias? No comments
Woodworth, Charles M. Sergeant C 13NYHA 7/?/1863 6/?/1865 2y West Salamanca Chronic diar.
Woodworth, Henry C. widow Ellen? S. Sergeant E 9NYCav 10/1/1861 10/27/1865 3y26d East Randolph Chronic diar., sun stroke
Woolheiser, George H. Private K 136NYInf 8/?/1862 9/?/1865 about 3y Olean Injured limb, dates of enlistment, dischage not at hand
Worden, William C. Private C 129PAInf 2/29/1864 7/1/1865
Olean Expiration of war
Worthington, L. M. Private E 5NYCav 8/30/1861 6/24/1865 3y9m25d Franklinville Piles
Worthington, Leonard
B 5NYCav 10/?/1861 1865
Machias? No comments
Wright, Arthur

Sandusky Enum. collected no data
Wright, Arthur L. Private A 31USInf 1/1/1864 2/?/1865
Olean Left hand shot at ???amputated
Wright, Calvin Private A 154NYInf 7/29/1862 8/12/1863
Tunesassa Diseased left testicle, chronic rheum. 1837-1904 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Wright, Erastus, widow Harriet W. Private

Allegany Pensioned, old age, other illegible comments 154th Web. says bur. Vet. Section, Mountview Cem, Olean
Wright, George Private K 34NYInf 1863 1865 2y Olean No comments
Wright, Jacob

Red House No comments 1804-1901 Steamburg Cem. Cold Springs
Wright, John G. Private A 188NYInf 9/5/1864 7/11/1865 9m24d Great Valley Chronic diar.
Wright, John L. Private D 175PAInf 11/6/1862 8/7/1863 9m Gowanda Prisoner Gettysburg 7/2/1863, paroled 11/24/1863 Also rheum., chronic diar., neuralgia caused by service (US)
Wright, Lewis Private G 80NYVol 3/5/1864 1/?/1866
Olean No comments Mt. View Cem. Olean 1840-1902
Wright, Mortimer Private A 31USColoredInf 1/1/1864 2/?/1865
Olean Left arm shot off above elbow African American Civil War Monument Plaque B-48
Wright, Robert Musician A 188NYInf 9/6/1864 7/12/1865 10m10d Salamanca Discharged on close of war

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Yarton, Edward Private K 76NYInf 8/5/1863 10/7/1865
Olean Skull broke
Yaw, Jesse W. Private A 60NYInf 9/15/1864 8/17/1865
Olean Expiration of term Mt. View Cem. Olean 1842-1906
Yeast?, Ambrose H.

Ashford Enum. collected no data
Yerington, Alexander Private C 9NYCav 9/6/1864 6/6/1865 9m Allegany No comments
Young, Ira Private C 169PAInf 1863 1864
Randolph Chronic diar.
Young, William Corporal A 116NY 8/7/862 6/9/1865 2y2m1d? Gowanda Rheum, hydracele

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Name Rank Co. Unit Enlisted Discharge Service Town Enumerator's Comments Transcriber's Comments
Zeliff, Alonzo Private H 154NYInf 9/26/1862 6/11/1865 2y8m15d Kill Buck No comments 154 Web says 1837-1919 Wildwood Cem. Salamanca
Zeliff, Willard Private I 56NYInf 1/10/1864 6/15/1865 1y5m5d Limestone No comments
Zimmerman, Carl A., widow Mary BandLeader G 111PAInf 1861 1862 2y Perrysburg Sunstroke.
Zister, Michael Sergeant A 16PACav 8/11/1862 6/26/1865 2y10m15d Allegany Died at close of war No widow listed--discharge date after end of war


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