Early Pioneers of Napoli

 Among the settlers of 1820 were Dr. Phineas Noble, settled on
lot 33.  Artemus Houghton located on lot 49 and Levi Stevens on lot
21.  The latter had a family of eight children, viz; Wm., Charles,
Amariah, Silas, George W., Marlin P., Judson D., and Hannah Mariah. 
Horace and Erastus Hall located on lot 55.  Walter, Daniel S. and
Lewis Thorpe located on lot 61 (near Elm Creek).  They were natives
of Delaware County.  The children of Lewis P. Thorpe were Harriet,
Cordelia, Caroline, Mary, George and Frank.  John Tracy, a soldier
in the war of 1812, partially cleared three farms.

     In 1821, the following persons settled in Napoli: Hubbard and
John L. Latham on lot 44, Leverett Wellman from Genesee County on
lot 52.  Joseph and Silas Miller bought all of lot 20.  Silas
returned to their native town in Cayuga County and worked at his
trade of carpenter and joiner in Auburn.  Joseph remained and
married Maria Boardman.  They had one daughter Elizabeth.  Joseph
Miller built the first frame barn in the town.  He died in 1827 and
in February 1828 Silas Miller returned to Napoli with his wife and
baby daughter, Ann Eliza.  He built a frame house for his home. 
Later, another daughter, Betsy Marie and a son Joseph, were born to
them, the son, however, dying in infancy.  The present Jamestown
Road from lot 13 to Napoli Corners (lot 35) was indicated only by
a line of blazed (marked) trees in 1828 when Silas Miller moved his
family into the town.  John Noran also settled in the town that
year, locating on lot 27.

     In 1822, Benjamin Hillman, a shoemaker, located on lot 27 and
erected a temperance tavern which is still standing at the present
date, being occupied as a residence by Fred Congdon.  Nathaniel
Burbank, from Genesee County, settled on lot 13.  He raised a
family of eight children;  viz: Ansel, Hiram, George, Austin, Ann
Eliza, Emmeline, Olive and Rowena.  Henry Earle settled on lot 43
and Silas Earle on lot 44, Nathan Bennett on lot 59, Ariel Wellman
on lot 53, Silas Bouton on lot 34.  The last named was county clerk
of Cattaraugus County in 1817, he being the first to hold that
office.  He came to Napoli from Olean.  John Milks was a settler on
lot 53.  His children were: Hiram, George, John, Benjamin, Giles,
Martin, David, Debbie, Mina and Polly.  Samuel Allen came from
Rhode Island and bought the Parmelee Farm.  He was a cattle dealer
and a lumberman.  He had one son, Samuel.  Andrew Green settled on
lot 28 and Hardy Finch, a native of Fairfield County, Connecticut,
on lot 6.  Stephen Curtis from Schoharie County located on lot 55;
Joseph Woodworth also came to Napoli in 1822.  He was a
Revolutionary soldier.  Elijah Boardman located on lot 27, Moses
Cook on lot 34.  The last named started the first store.  Ira
Dunning, a Presbyterian minister located on lot 34; and Oliver
Paddock, a native of Connecticut on lot 35.  Wheeler and Peter
Beardsley came from Erie County and located on lot 38.

     In 1823, Marshall Whitcomb located on lot 53.  Gordon
Chesborough located on lot 27.

     In 1824, Caleb Ayde, a revolutionary soldier, located on lot
15.  His children were: Ansel, William, Oscar, Lucretia and Betsey. 
Abel and Amos Merchant located on lot 56.  Eastman Prescott, who
carried the first mail from Ellicottville to Randolph, located on
lot 50 and Samuel Hawley on lot 26.  

     In 1825, Hiram Freeman located on lot 27.  His children were:
Joan, Purnell, Lida, Lyman, Martin, Hiram and Phoebe.  Timothy
Everett settled on lot 35.  Tunis Van Tassel located on lot 5 and
opened a log tavern.  Jacob Lyon located on lot 55 and William
Palmer on lot 6.  Reuben and James Wait settled on lots 26 and 37. 
Peleg Wait on lot 40, Daniel Nichols on lot 58.  Amasa Bushnell was
the son of a revolutionary soldier, came to Napoli in 1825.

     In 1826, Seneca Morton came to Napoli; Darius Fish settled on
lot 50 and Ephriam Fish on lot 29.  Amasa Darling on lot 46 and
Ambrose Waterman on lot 12.  William J. Wilcox, a Congregational
minister, came to Napoli in October, 1826, from Massachusetts and
located on lots 34 and 35. He had five sons and one daughter, viz:
Lansing, Gordon, Lysander, Austin, Samuel and Mary.  The last
married Dr. Harmon and lived on lot 35.  Amasa Bushnell, a native
of Connecticut and a revolutionary soldier, settled on lot 54.  He
had six sons and two daughters, viz: James, Josiah, Ashbel, Amasa,
Chauncey, Elias, Nancy and Betsey.  William M. Champlin lived on
lot 38.  He had a family of eleven children, viz: William, George,
DeWitt, Delos, Andrew, Jerome, John, Mary Ann, Arville, Sarah and

     In 1827, Ezra Glover located on lot 54.  Henry Glover son of
Ezra, married Emily Lyon.  Seven children were born to them, viz:
Josephine, Lafayette, Gordon, Emily, Henry, Cora and William.  John
Champlin settled on lot 47.  His children were; John B.F.,
LaFrance, Cordelia, Susan, Alfred and Blanche.  Stephen Gladden
came from Onondaga County and settled on lot 38.  His children
were; Mary, Sarah and George.  A grand-daughter, Mrs. Bliss, still
resides on the original farm.  Harvey Janes and his father,
Ebenezer, located on lot 34.  His children were Virena, Ellen,
Emma, Sarah, Edwin and Otis.

     Also in 1823 Roswell Roberts located on lot 23.  He had two
sons and one daughter, viz: albert, Abner, and Hannah.  Oliver Burt
located on lot 23.  His sons were; Oliver, Jairus, Saul, Sophia,
Thankful and Electa.  Jonas Glazier who was a Baptist minister,
located on lot 39.  John Ralston on lot 12 and Robert Ralston on
lot 11.  In 1828, richard Boardman came from Onondaga County and
located on lot 42.  Loren Burroughs also located on the same lot. 
Asher and Joshua Boardman were other settlers on the same lot. 
Walter settled on lot 8, Asa Maynard on lot 5 and Horace Cowles of
lot 30.

     In 1830, Austin Davis located on lot 5, Enoch Chase on lot 46, 
Jeremiah and Lindsey Morton on lot 57, Calvin Doolittle on lot 38. 
The last named was a Baptist minister.  John Armes located on lot
40.  He had one son Luther.

     Orris Marsh, who was a native of Windham County, Vermont came
to Cattaraugus County in 1826 and to Napoli in 1832.  He was a
merchant for nineteen years, postmaster for three years and
supervisor for twenty-three years.  His children were; Emily,
Fayette, and Louisa.

     John Peaslee came from Schoharie County in 1823, locating on
lot 62.  His sons and daughters were; Joseph, Elizabeth, Omera,
Cynthia, Jane and Adeline.  Stephen Hoxsie and son Thomas came to
Napoli from Rhode Island in 1839 and located on lot 44, his sons
and daughters were; Charles, Sarah, Mary, John and Thomas.

     Chauncey Bushnell located on lot 12 about 1838.  His children
were; Loren, Clarissa, Martin, Frank and Amelia.  Benjamin Congdon,
came from Rhode Island to Napoli in 1841 and purchased the Andrew
Greene farm on lot 28.  He was the son of James Congdon.  His sons
and daughters were: William H., Harriet, Susan, Catherine, James
and Edwin.  David Gray came in 1845; his children were: Betsey,
Mary, Nathan, Samuel, George, Joseph, Eliza and Harriet.  George
served as private in Co. E 154th N.Y. Volunteers.  Myron Newell
came to the town in 1851 and settled on lot 19.  He had two
daughters and three sons, viz: Harriet, Sarah, S. Atwood, James and
Henry.  Charles Sibley moved from New Albion to Napoli in 1842. 
His children were: Harriet, Sherman, Charlotte, Amanda, Judson,
Horace, Orrin, Eben and Amenzo.  Zalmon Smith came in 1855.  George
Whipple enlisted in 1861 in Co. F 64th N.Y. Volunteers, and was
discharged in 1864.  His children were: Ida, Anna, Asher, Charles,
Henry and Pattie.

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