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May 1, 2012 - Again thanks to a Debbie Stelmach we have been able to restore the Versailles Cemetery in the Twp of Perrysburg.
April 28, 2012
- Thanks to a Debbie Stelmach we have been able to restore Markham Cemetery in the Twp of Dayton..
Nov 07, 2011 - Added Eddy (aka Eddyvlle) Cemetery Listing. This cemetery is located in the Twp of Mansfield.  This listing was submitted several years ago and somehow got lost in my snowbirding between NY and FL.  My apologies and thanks to by Karen E. Dau of Rochester, NY . 
July 18, 2011
- Added obituary link for Elma Peck Pelton in Cottage Cemetery in Dayton.
Nov 3, 2010 - Updated Arabic Cemetery in Ashford, Sugartown Cemetery.  Fixed broken links in Olean page and attempted verification of the email addresses of surname researchers. Note: email addresses that bounce email or don't respond to a periodic email verification letter may be removed.
Oct 7, 2010 - Updated information on Henry V Cradduck and Eleanor Kloeber burials in Allegany Protestant Cemetery. Also changed the contact for the Cemetery.
May 31, 2010 Additional information on Drew and Jones families added to Mount Hope cemetery in Ashford.
Feb 12, 2010
Updated Miller Cemetery in Napoli.  Updated Sprague email address on  the Town of Mansfield Page.
Jan 19th 2010 - Updated email address on Archived (prior to 1998) GenWeb Query Page.
Jan 03rd 2010 - Updated cemetery information on Town of Leon Page.
Oct 19th 2009Additional people identified in the School 10 Photo.
Oct 16th 2009 - Added photo of the First Grade Class Photo of Olean's School #10. (circa 1949).  Identifications of people in the photo are tentative. We would love to hear from you if you can identify, correct, or confirm any of the identifications.
Oct 3rd 2009Added  Harvey Family of Randolph to "Cattaraugus Family Home Pages"
Sep 7th 2009 - Removed some broken links.
July 8th 2009 - Updated information on the Johnston family in Nagel Cemetery.
July 6 2009 -  Towns of Leon and Franklinville were added to the 1892 Census
June 28 2009Town of Allegany added to the 1892 Census Index.
June 27 2009 -  Towns of Napoli and South Valley added to 1892 Census Index. Note, at this time the LDS site does not have microfilm images loaded for these towns.   However the indexes have been published here that they may be ready when the LDS publishes the images.
June 27 2009 - As many of you know, the LDS has a pilot web site where they have released some of the 1892 NYS Census images.  Laura Greene and her cadre of volunteers have embarked on a project to transcribe old typewritten indices of those images for us.  The first of the indices are now on-line.  (1892 completed indices)
June 22 2009 -  Park Lawn Cemetery in Dayton updated.
February 28 2008 - Special 1890 census of Civil War veterans and widows - transcribed.
October 16th, 2008 -  Thanks again to Mr. Donald Bond for his recent submissions for the Town of Yorkshire.   The Howell GAR Post,  A Revolutionary Vet, and a Poem about the Old Cattaraugus Creek.
October 8th, 2008 -  Many thanks to Mr. Donald Bond for submitting transcriptions the enrollment of  the class of 1896 of Yorkshire #3, and the 1902 commencement invitation for Delevan HS. s Both can be found on the  Town of Yorkshire Web page.
September 1st 2008 - Additional information on the Ancestors and Descendants of Silas Miller of Napoli has been contributed by Jack McIntyre.  Included are some very nice pictures of the family and their farm.
June 10th 2008 - Updated Town Historian and Clerk information - All towns pages should have both the current Clerk as well as the Historian as they appear on the Cattaraugus County Directory.   Also in this process I am trying to verify email addresses on web pages.  There are a lot of them and it takes time.   If you try using a email link and get a bounce,  please let me know the page and link that failed.
May   20th, 2008  Town of Freedom update to reflect new  Town Clerk.
April  30th 2008
Added an index to the Allegany Citizen newspaper courtesy of Patricia Quinlan Covley
April 10th 2008 - Susan Barry has added an additional transcription from the Olean Democrat.  This Review of 1889 published January 1890 is a edited summary of events of the previous, excluding those events that didn't have any names.
April 1st 2008 - Just got word that Lila Cooper, Town of Hinsdale Historian, passed away March 24th. She will be missed.  (Obituary).
February 27th 2008 - New updated  Frank family Genealogy page added to  Homepages.
February 20th 2008 - Added a new link on the Homepages for Tom Currier 's  Johnston family of Allegany web site.
February 17th 2008 - Susan Barry extracted several articles out of the April 1887 Olean Democrat pertaining to deaths and weddings.  She was kind enough to furnish  that information to use for inclusion on this site. 
January 31st 2008 -  We finally finished the New Ireland project.  The original web site created by the Advanced placement students of Cleveland Hill School ended up being removed from the school's web site.   Last year I contacted Mr. Paul Lewis and expressed our interest in hosting that site if there were archived files available.  Recently, Mr. Lewis agreed to let us host the site, and provided the data from the original works.   We were able to reconstruct that web site here, keeping the style and format that the students themselves had created.   The New Ireland project is part of the Carrollton Town page.

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