( Town of Moravia NY - Cemetery #137)

Located on the southern edge of the Village of Moravia NY, Route 38, back in on the east side of the road.  
This burial listing was originally copied by Leslie L. Luther, (Former Moravia, NY Historian) in 1944

ADAMS		Ida			d. Mar. 18, 1857 ae 1y 8mo 5da
		dau. Of Jacob & Cordelia 
ADAMS		John			d. Aug. 6, 1856 ae 27y 6mo 7da
ALLEN		Fred S.			d. Sept. 8, 1864 ae 34 yrs
		Co.E, 9th N.Y. Art.
ALLEN		James H. (or B)		d. Apr. 22, 1832 ae 20y 6mo 24da
		son of Russell & Lydia
ALLEN		S.			d. Mar 2, 1841 in 21st yr
		w. of Sidney Allen
		Samantha P.		d. Feb. 17, 1818 in 21st yr
		w. Of Sidney Allen
ALLEN (see Bolles)
ALLEY		James			d. May 24, 1838 ae 8y 6 da
		son of Henry & Sally Alley
ALLEY		Phebe			d. Jan 5, 1859 ae 2 yrs
		dau of Joseph & Frances Alley
ANDREWS		James			d. Feb. 17, 1860 ae 74y 4 mo 22 da
		Savilla			d. Apr. 5, 1875 ae 72 yrs (77 yrs?)
		w. of James
ANDREWS		Winfield S.		d. Mar. 14, 1852 ae 27y 6 mo 15 da
ANNABLE		David, M.D.		d. Nov. 23, 1829 ae 58y 9mo
ARNOLD		Floyd E.		d. Oct. 2, 1887 b. Apr. 15, 1883
ARNOLD		Orlin			d. Oct. 10,____? Ae 50 y           13 da
ARNOLD		Mary			d. Apr. 6, 1843 ae 25 yrs
		w. of Leander Arnold
		Mary			d. May 1, 1844 ae 1y 1mo 11 da
		dau. of Leander and Mary
BABCOCK		Sarah G.		d. June 22, 1853 ae 3y 9mo 12da
		dau. of Raymond P. & Phebe A. Babcock
BANCRAFT	Oliver			d. Sept. 3, 1856 ae 37y 11mo 12da
BARHITE		Eliza M.		d. Sept. 3, 1841 ae 1y 14da
		dau. of Daniel S. & Celinda
BARTLETT	Mrs. Lucy		d. Apr. 7, 1831 ae 56y 8mo
		w. of Joel Bartlett
BARTLETT	Samuel		d. Feb. 7, 1833 ae 31y 8mo
		son of Joel & Lucy
BARTLIT		Aurora Clark		d. Mar. 20, 1843 ae 23yrs
		And Infant Daughter of Aurora & William aged 10 days
BEREAN		Jane			d. Nov. 19, 1855 in 96th yr
		widow of Peter Berean
		Peter			d. Nov. 28, 1826 ae 66 yrs	REV. SOLDIER
BOLLES		Mary A.			d. Jan 12, 1858 ae 37 yrs
		w. of Peter Bolles and		
		dau. Of R. & L. Allen (Russell & Lydia)
BOOTH		Agur			d. Apr. 17, 1831 ae 52yrs
		Mrs. Betsey his wife	d. July 17, 1838 ae 42 y
		Charles T.		d. Oct. 2, 1829 ae 2y 7mo
		son of Agur & Betsey
BOOTH		Charles H.		d. Oct. 18, 1858 ae 1y 1mo
		Luedearn		d. Oct. 4, 1858 ae 3y          2da
		above children of William & Jane L. Booth
BOOTH		Nathan			d. Aug. 23, 1898 ae 63 yrs
		Co. I, III Reg. N.Y. Inf.
BOTTUM		Jabez L.		d. Sept. 4, 1836 ae 83y 3 mo 29da REV. SOLDIER
		Mercy w. of Jabez	d. June 27, 1834 ae 60y 4 mo
BOTTUM		Thankful		d. Dec. 25, 1831 ae 32y 7mo 27da
		w. of Septa
BOUTON		John Willet		b. Oct. 29, 1822 (Virgil, NY) d. Apr. 6, 1871
BRIGDEN		Thomas			d. June 16, 1869 ae 67y 6mo 3da
		Lucy Goodrich		d. May 16, 1881 b. Apr. 26, 1802
		w. of Thomas
		Almira J.		d. Jan 30, 1862 ae 28 yrs
		dau. of Thos. & Lucy
BRIGDEN		Frances J. 		d. July 9, 1865 in 27th yr
		w. of John Brigden
		Charles		d. Mar. 25, 1865 in 2nd yr
		son of Frances J. & John
BRIGDEN		Sarah Ann		d. Jan. 8, 1862 ae 22y 10mo 8da
		w. of John N.
		Sarah Emaly		d. Jan 1, 1862 ae 4y 7mo 2da
		dau. of John N. & Sarah Ann
		Etta May		d. Jan 3, 1862 ae 3y 10mo 5da
		dau. of John N. & Sarah Ann
BROCKWAY	Mary C.			d. Oct. 17, 1839 ae 3 y 10mo 26 da
		dau. of Whitman & Elizabeth Brockway
BROWN		Benjamin		d. Nov. 15, 1835 ae 62yrs
BROWN		Noah			d. Apr. 1, 1827 ae 54y 10mo 25 da
BRYANT		Sephrona		d. July     1842 ae 14 yrs
CADY		Artemus			d. Feb. 21, 18__ ae 61 yrs.
		Lois			d. June 5, 1850 ae 51 yrs
		w. of Artemus
		Lois Caroline		d. June 5, 1850 ae 51 yrs
		dau. of Artemus & Lois
CADY		Zadok			d. Mar. 6, 1841 ae 82 y 3mo
		Lucy			d. Jan. 21, 1854 ae 85 yrs
		w. of Zadok
		Laura			d. May 4, 1846 ae 15 yrs
		dau. of Zadok & Lucy
CADY		Isaac			d. Aug. 26, 1864 ae 69(?) Y 1 mo ?da
		Sophronia		d. Mar. 5, 1821 ae 22 yrs
		consort of Isaac Cady
		Sally M.		d. May 18, 1843 ae 44y 2mo
		w. of Isaac Cady
		I. Warren		d. Apr. 20, 1841 ae 17y 5mo
		son of Isaac Cady & Sally M.
		Rowena S.		d. Aug. 4, 1842 ae 13y 9mo
		dau. of Isaac Cady & Sally M.
		Russell R.		d. July 25, 1846 ae 15y 2mo 5da
		son of Isaac & Melissa Cady
CADY		Sarah M.		1834-1898
		Sophia W.		1814-1908
CADY		Capt. John S.		d. June 11, 1863 ae 27 y   13da
		killed by Sioux Indians near Lake Kandiyoki, Minn.
CADY		Z. Ackley		d. Dec. 18, 1855 ae 19y 8da
		son of Isaac & Sally
CAMP		Gad			d. May 27, 1840 in 84th yr
		Sarah			d. Feb. 7, 1859 ae 88y 11mo 9da
		w. of Gad Camp
CAMP		Talcott			d. Aug. 27, 1843 in 28th yr
CARVER		Harry C.		d. July 10, 1834 ae 25y 10mo 23da
		Sally Ann		d. May 19, 1833 ae 16y 11mo 2da
		w. of Harry & dau. of Warren & Wealthy PARSONS
CLARK		Zoraster or Zoro Aster 	d. Aug 11, 1869 ae 66y 9mo 6da
CLARK (see Aster)
CLARK (see Bartlett)
CLOSE		Frank J.		d. Apr. 21, 1887 ae 40yrs
		Co. H, 3rd N.Y. Art.
		(news clip at COLHS)
COLE		Mrs. Molly		d. June 4, 1818 ae 66yrs 
		consort of Capt. Noah Cole
COLE		Newman F.		d. June 5, 1847 ae 73y   13 da
		Tryphena		d. Sept. 9, 1838 ae 79y    11da
		w. of Newman F.
		Miss Molly		d. Nov. 14, 1818 ae 17y 7m 16da
		dau. of Naman (?) & Tryphena
COLE		Jesse			d. Mar. 23, 1872 in 74th yr
COLE		Mariam			d. June 4, 1813 ae 43 yrs
		consort of Moses Cole
COLE	(see Little)
CONNETT		Maria			d. Sept. 26, 1833 ae 19y 1mo 12da
CORNELL		Zilpha			d. May 6, 1813 ae 53y 1mo 13 da
		w. of Jesse Cornell
CURTISS		James A.		d. Mar 20, 1848 in 44th yr
		Mary C.			d. June 27, 1842 
		w. of James
		Mary C.			d. Mar. 13, 1845 ae 2y 8mo
		dau. of James A. & Mary C.
		Henry G.		d. Aug. 22, 1841 ae 3y 5mo
		son of James A. & Mary C.
		Eliza Beth		date illegible ae 3 mo
		dau. of James A. & Mary C.
CUTLER		Alice			d. Mar. 31, 1854 b. July 21, 1830
		dau. of H. & E.A.
		Edward			d. Sept. 22, 1852 b. Apr. 27, 1832
		son of H. & E.A.
DAVENPORT	Fred			1867-1940
DAVENPORT	Esther			d. Aug. 24, 1855   b. Apr. 18, 1839
		dau. of O. & N.
DEAN		Florence		d. Nov. 11, 1853 ae 4y 2mo 11da
		dau. of Alanson & Mary V. Dean
DELANO		Eliza			1844-1927
DENNIS		Mrs. Amelia		d. Nov. 8, 1826 ae 26y      16da
DENNIS		John			d. Sept. 2, 1851 ae 81yrs
		Catherine		d. Apr. 23, 1849 ae 79yrs
		w. of John Dennis
DIBBLE		Alanson			d. July 21, 1848 ae 10y 6mo 14da
		son of Gad & Maria A.
DIBBLE		Esbon			d. Aug. 30, 1847 ae 24 yrs
		son of Orasmus & Ann Maria Dibble
DOLTON		__________		d. Oct. 3, 1865 ae 47y 11mo 19da
		(Skilton gives Hannah, wife of Willet Dolton)
DOOLITTLE	Henry R.		d. Nov. 20, 1862 ae 63 yrs
		Maria			d. Sept. 29, 1863 in 63rd yr
		w. of Henry
		Zilla			d. July 27, 1845 ae 17y 6mo 17da
		dau. of Henry & M.
		Henry Lee		d. Mar. 25, 1841 ae 1y 11mo
		son of Henry R. & Maria
DUBOIS		Caesar			d. Feb. 5, 1858 ae 63 yrs
DUNHAM		Rebecca			d. July 26, 1848 ae 41y 6mo 12da
		w. of David Dunham
ELLSWORTH	Samuel			d. May 5, 1856 ae 4mo 20da
		son of Gideon & Sarah
ERCANBRACK	Rev. Henry		d. Dec. 7, 1866 in 69th yr
		Adaline			d. June 24, 1841 ae 7y 2mo 15da
		dau. of Rev. Henry & Anna Ercanbrack
		Catharn			d. Jan. 22, 1890 ae 68 yrs
		dau. of Rev. Henry & Anna Ercanbrack
		James H.		d. Apr. 5, 1841 ae 15y 5mo 19da
		son of Rev. Henry & Anna Ercanbrack
		Nellie			d. May 26, 1912
EVANS		Catherine		d. Jan. 26, 1856 ae 65y 7mo 3da
FERGUSON	Mary E.			d. Jan. 7, 1861 ae 71 yrs
		w. of Thos.
		Diantha			d. Apr. 1, 1837 ae 11y 3mo 12da
		dau. of T.F. & M. Ferguson
FERGUSON	Fay			d. Dec. 17, 1863 ae 6 months
		son of Benjamin & Cherlott Ferguson
		Jay			d. Sept. 29, 1863 ae 5y 4mo 9da
		son of Benjamin & Cherlott Ferguson
FOWLER		James Edwin		d. July 26, 1854 ae 12y 3mo 13da
		son of Clark & Malinda Fowler
FRENCH		Morgan			d. June 3, 1863 in 68th yr
FRITTS		Amy Ann			d. Sept. 6, 1849 ae 29y 3mo 6 da
		w. of Harvey M. Fritts
GOODELL		Peter			d. May 20, 1819   b. July 20, 1816
		son of Alvin & Sarah
GOODRICH	Daniel			d. Aug. 29, 1855 ae 89y 8mo 29da
		Esther			d. Oct. 6, 1840 ae 70y 1mo 14da
		consort of Daniel
		Calvin			d. Feb. 4, 1812/13 ae 12y 6 mo
		son of Daniel & Esther
GOODRICH	Stephen			d. Aug. 10, 1825 ae 33y 2mo 21da
GOODRICH	Amanda M.		d. Dec. 27, 1846 ae 25y 2mo 20da
		w. of J.S. Goodrich
GOODRICH	James A.		d. Sept. 1, 1886 b. Sept. 24, 1801
		marr. 12 Feb. 1880
		(see news clipping-COLHS)
GOODRICH	Nancy Jane		d. Apr. 12, 1902 b. Aug. 24, 1834
		(nee Lester)
GOODRICH	Hannah			d. Nov. 21, 1822 ae 28y 2mo
		w. of Lyman Goodrich
GOODRICH (see Brigden)
GREENFIELD (see Little)
GREENMAN	Orvil			d. Apr. 25, 1856 ae 53y 3mo 19da
		Rachel			d. July 18, 1850 ae 45y 7mo
		w. of Orvil
GRODAVENT	George			d. Jan 25, 1823 ae 70y 25da
GRODAVENT	Priscilla		d. Dec. 2, 1830 ae 77y 11mo 11da
		w. of George
GROSBECK	James			d. Oct. 13, 1886 ae 42yrs
		Co.A, F.R. N.Y.V.C.
HALL		Emily			d. May 13, 1839 ae 24y 5mo 26da
		w. of Pliny Hall & dau. of Leverell & Polly Russell
HAMILTON	Samuel			d. May 3, 1846 ae 53y      15da
HARRIS (see Morey)
HARROP		John B.			d. Sept. 6, 1842 ae 6 mos
		son of Thomas & Margaret
HAVENS		Mrs. Sarah		d. Feb. 21, 1835 ae 68y 3mo 20da
		w. of Peter Havens
		Cynthia			d. Jan 5, 1837 ae 33y 3mo 20da
		dau. of Peter & Sarah
HENRY		Levi			d. Oct. 11, 1860 ae 60y 6mo
		Aureli			d. Feb. 21, 1882 ae 78yrs
		w. of Levi
		William			d. Dec. 15, 1861 ae 29y 6mo 8da
		Charlotte		d. Dec. 23, 1866 in 26th yr
		dau. of L & A
HINMAN		Sherman B.		d. July 19, 1830 ae 27yrs
		Thankful M. his wife	d. July 13, 1829 ae 21 yrs
		“With Infant at her Side”
HOOPER (see Stoyell)
HOPKINS		Albert			no dates
		Co. A, 75th N.Y. Vol.
HOPKINS		Phebe			d. Oct. 4, 1895 ae 82 yrs
HOPKINS		J. Parker		d. Aug. 17, 1884 ae 65 yrs
JENKINS		Lydia Jane		d. Aug 10, 1827 ae 9mos
		dau. of Ebenezer & Abigail Jenkins
JOHNSON		Russell			d. July 30, 1857 ae 67y 7mo 11da
		Sophia his wife		d. Sept. 23, 1865 ae 79y 10mo 13da
JOHNSON		Jonathan E.		1835-1911
		Serg. Cowan’s 1st N.Y. Batt.
JOHNSON		Edward			d. July 31, 1867 ae 71y 4mo
JOHNSON		Julia A.		d. Mar 13, 1874 ae 67y 5mo
JONES		Bertie P.		d. Apr. 12, 1879 ae 4y 8mo 20da
		son of G.W. & R.V. 
		Lucinda			d. Dec. 3, 1883 ae 26y 6mo 13da
		dau. of George W. & Rhoda V. Jones
KELLOGG		Caroline		d. Nov. 15, 1849 ae 23y 6mo 24da
		dau. of Alpheus & Cynthia Kellogg
KNAPP		Mrs. Almira		d. June 25, 1831 ae 34y 10mo 14da
		w. of William
KNOCK		Alonzo H.		d. Dec. 12, 1868   b. Apr. 14, 1845
		Co. M, 9 N.Y. Art.
KNOCK		Stephen			d. Jan 20, 1830/1880 b. Aug. 15, 1812
LAKEY		Luther B.		d. Mar. 1, 1887     b. Mar 31, 1812
LAWRENCE		Sally			d. July 2, 1848 ae 38 yrs
		“Our Ada”		d. June 10, 1861 ae 1y 3mo 10da
LENKE		Charles			d. July 24, 1894 ae 66 yrs
		Co. H, 8th N.J. Vol.
LILLIE		Daniel G.		d. Mar. 18, 1873 ae 64 yrs
		Hannah his wife		d. May 31, 1856 ae 41 yrs
LILLIE		Joseph			d. Jan. 24, 1876 ae 72 yrs
		Catherina G.		d. Oct. 18, 1864 ae 69 yrs
		w. of Joseph
LINCOLN		Elias			d. Oct. 22, 1864 ae 82 yrs
LINCOLN		Polly			d. Sept. 4, 1856 (?) In 68th yr
		w. of Silas
LINCOLN		Dewitt			1833-1905
		Olive his wife		1837-1905
LINCOLN		William S.		d. Oct. 16, 1844 ae 34 yrs
LITTLE		Deacon Moses		d. Mar.   1829 in 82nd yr
		Ana			d. Mar. 11, 18__ ae 66 yrs
		w. of Moses
	>(Note: from Miss Flora Daniells this addition:<
 	>Deacon MOSES		d. Mar. 21, 1829 b. Oct. 19, 1747<
 	>Hanna COLE his wife (1)	d. Apr. 20, 1789 b. July 25, 1749<
 	>Anna Stoyell his wife  (2)	d. Mar. 11, 1819 ae 66 yrs<
 	>Esther Greenfield his wife (3)d.                         <                           )
LOCKE		Mr. John		d. Feb. 22, 1807 ae 40 yrs (?)
		died with wound of a knife
		Esther			d. Aug. 6, 1859 b. Dec. 23, 1765
		David			d. Sept. 28, 1812 ae 16 yrs
		died of a wound received by the accidental discharge of a gun
LOOMIS		Mrs. Lydia		d. Mar. 23, 1835 ae 26y 7mo 4da
		consort of Thomas E. Loomis
		Andrew S.		d. Sept. 9, 1834 ae 2y 5mo 22da
		son of Thomas E. & Lydia
		A. Stoyell		d. Aug. 11, 1835 ae 11mo 5 da
		son of Thomas E. & Lydia
		Delay			d. Feb. 11, 1847 ae 2y 6mo 6da
		son of Thomas E. & Annaluna Loomis
		Ralph			d. July 27, 1856 ae 6y 1mo 13da
		son of Thomas E. & Annaluna Loomis
LUSK		Francis			d. Apr. 3, 1842 62y 3mo 18da
		Charles VanRensalaer 	d. May 21, 1841 ae 12y 8mo 22da
		son of Francis & Elizabeth Lusk
LUSK		Harriet			d. Nov. 12, 1869 b. Oct. 3, 1814
		w. of Alvey Lusk
MAIN		Mary C.			d. Dec. 14, 1864 ae 25yrs
		w. of Sanders
		Infant Son of Sanders & Mary C. d. Feb. 21, 1865 ae 2mo 26da
MC CLEAN	Mrs. Susan		d. Sept. 30, 1835 ae 42y 6mo 18da
		w. of Wm. McClean
		Philip her son		d. Dec. 23, 1835 ae 4months
MC CLEAN	Infant son of David &	      -no dates-
		Sally Ann McClean
MELENDY		Sally			d. Dec. 26, 1850 ae 59y 9mo 7da
		w. of Daniel
		Gregory			d. July 28, 1834 ae 8y 5mo 28da
		son of Daniel & Sally
MINARD		Eleanor			d. Apr. 6, 1841 ae 50yrs
		w. of William Minard
MERROW		Mrs. Charity M.		d. June 6, 1830 ae 24y 7mo 21da
		w. of Joseph M.
MOREY		George W.		d. Feb. 1, 1864 ae 48y         21da
		Mary A.			d. June 12, 1860 ae 32yrs
		w. of Geo. W. & dau. of Daniel & Miriam Harris
		George H. 		d. Sept. 8, 1863 ae 8y 10mo 17da
		son of George & Mary
MUNN		James			1801-1853
		Mary A. Nickerson	1811-1898
		his wife
		Hosea			1835-1928
		Co. I, 111th Reg. N.Y.V.
		Josephine V. Rudd	1845-1905
		his wife
		Hosea V.		1871-1875
		son of Hosea & Jo.
		John F.			1874-1875
		James H.		1863-1865
		James H.		1866-1867
		Josephine V.		1843-1906
NICKERSON	(see Munn)
NOBLE		Mary Jane		d. July 11, 1850 ae 20y 7mo 23da
		dau. of Jacob & Margaret Noble
		Cornelia		d. May 26, 1851 ae 14y 2mo 20da
		dau. of Jacob & Margaret Noble
		David			d. Mar. 12, 1852 ae 10y 9mo 28da
		son of Jacob & Margaret Noble
PALMER		Ambres			d. Aug. 20, 1838 ae 5y     12da
		son of Ebenezer & Sally
PARKER		Catherine		d. Jan. 26, 1861 ae 27y 2mo 11da
		w. of H.P. Parker
		Julia			d. Nov. 16, 1860   ae 4mo 4da
		dau. of H.P. & Catherine
PARSONS		Warren Esq.		d. Mar. 26, 1838 ae 47yrs
		Virtue			d. July 8, 1831 ae 16y 10mo 23da
		dau. of Warren & Wealthy
PARSONS		Aaron			d. Aug. 21, 1870 ae 78yrs
		Abigail			d. May 24, 1866   b. Jan. 29, 1794
		w. of Aaron
		Henry A.		d. June 27, 1847 ae 4y 2mo 4da
		son of Anson & Nancy
		Anson			d. Aug. 14, 1831 b. Jan 14, 1830
PARSONS(see Carver)
PERRY		Myron			d. Dec.24, 1887 ae 44yrs (unmarried)
		Co. E, 9th N.Y. Art.
PHELPS		E. Weed			d. Oct. 18, 1862 ae 18yrs
		Co. K, 111th N.Y. Vol.
PHELPS		Lucy			d. Oct. 24, 1830 ae 21y 2mo 2da
		dau. of John & Larency Phelps
PIERCE		Joseph			d. Feb. 13, 1834 ae   2mo 13da
		Juliana			d. Jan. 15, 1844 ae 66y 5mo 11da
		w. of Joseph
		Lyman			d. Dec. 6, 1836 ae 30yrs.
POWERS		James			d. May 12, 1839 in 83rd yr
		Eunice			d. Sept. 13, 1838 ae 80y 1mo 28da
		consort of James
		Eliza Ann & Eunice	were drowned Apr. 25, 1818
		Eliza Ann		ae 11y 2mo 11da
		Eunice			ae 5y 8mo 15da
		Eunice			d. Apr. 3, 1846 ae 50y 11mo 14da
		w. of James
		(Skilton records say Eunice d. Apr. 3, 1848)
		Caroline		d. July 23, 1820 ae 2y 1mo 10da
		dau. of James Jr. & Eunice
		Caroline		d. Oct. 4, 1841 ae 15 yrs
		dau. of James & Eunice
PRICE		Capt. Peter		d. Oct. 8, 1848 ae 59 yrs at Moravia, NY
					b. Dec. 11, 1789 at Falmouth, Mass.
		Betsy			d. Aug. 24, 1860 ae 68y 5da
		w. of Peter Price
PRICE		Susan M.		d. Aug. 17, 1863 in Utica, NY
		w. of William H.	b. Apr. 10, 1822 at Falmouth, Mass
PRICE		Charles			b. Nov. 2, 1845   d. Sept. 21, 1848 
    					ae 2y 10mo 13da
		Peter			d. Nov. 3, 1858   ae 11y 1mo
		son of Wm. H. & S.M. Price
RATHBONE	Amelia			d. July 14, 1843 ae 1y 6mo 14da
		dau. of Elijah & Mary A. Rathbone
RATHBUN		Niles			d. May 27, 1858 ae 17y 6mo 21da
		son of Amos & Jane Ann
REYNOLDS	Gerald V.		d. Oct. 10, 1863 ae 4mo 19da
		son of Harvey & Marguerite
		Horace Camp		d. Mar. 3, 1858 ae 1y 3mo
		son of Harvey & Marguerite
		Denton Smith		d. Sept. 16, 1851 ae 6 mo 4da
		son of Harvey & Marguerite
RHOADES		Zadoc L.		1796-1879
		Anna his wife		1809-1893 (Ann Eliza-news clip at COLHS)
		Alzina their daughter	1825-1861
		Leonard			d. Apr. 4, 1868 ae 25y 2mo 8da
		son of Zadoc & Ann Eliza
RICHARDS	George			d. Mar. 19, 1850 ae 1y 9mo 14da
		son of Wm. & Mary
RIPLEY		Lovisa L.		d. May 15, 1882 ae 30 yrs
		w. of Daniel W. Ripley
		Louisa L.		1851-1882
ROBINSON	Squire			d. Mar. 29, 1858 ae 77y 9mo 6da
		Huldah			d. Jan. 9, 1844 ae 59y 5mo 14da
		w. of Squire
		Phebe	(prob. dau. of above, see Record TABER)
ROBINSON	Sarah E.		d. May 4, 1849 ae 21y 3mo 22da
		w. of Thos. B. Robinson
ROBINSON	Albert			d. Oct. 5, 1828 ae 2mo
		son of David & Clarissa
ROBINSON	Hannah			d. Sept. 8, 1841 ae 23y 6mo 12da
		w. of Charles C.
		Helen			d. Sept. 24, 1841 ae 6mo
		dau. of Chrs. & Hannah
ROBINSON	Ophelia			d. May 23, 1830 ae 11mo 17da
		dau. of Peter & Irena
ROBINSON(see Taber)
ROOT		Miss Louesa		d. Jan 31, 1826 ae 24yrs
ROSEKRANS	Maryion			d. Feb. 26, 1862 ae 9y 11mo 24da
		Emma Abel		d. July 26, 1862 ae 6y 11mo 24da
		Rosella			d. Sept. 30, 1863 ae 3y 2mo 20da
		R. Minnie		d. Oct. 10, 1863 ae 1y 5mo 3da
RUDD(see Munn)
RUSSELL (see Hall)
SABIN		Jeremiah		d. Mar. 6, 1847  ae 75y 7mo 4da
		Susannah		d. June 13, 1837  ae 58y 7mo 21da
		w. of Jeremiah
		Eunice			d. July 23, 1846  ae 27y 11mo 7da
		w. of O.D. Sabin
SAVERCOOL	Samuel			1846 -
		Eliza			1886-1887
		Jennie M.		1874-
		Henry L.		1883-1906
SAWYER		Eliphalet		d. June 22, 1843 in 63rd yr
		Lydia his wife		d. Nov. 8, 1858 in 69th yr
SAWYER		Sophronia		1816-1890
SAWYER		Ellen A.		d. May 17, 1858 ae 12y 1mo 10da
		dau. of Lyman & Sarah
SAXTON		Lucy M.			1865-1896
SAYLES		Hector H.		1859-1864
		Melvina E.		1843-1863
		Euretta			1820-1899
		Mary J.			1862-1881
		William			1816-1884
SCOVILL		Martha M.		1830-1911
SEARLS		Polly A.		d. Mar. 15, 1837/47 in 30th yr
		w. of Benjamin
SEARLS		Amanda			d. Apr. 12, 1846 ae 20y     9da
SELLECK		Noah			d. Apr. 6, 1871 ae 82y 11mo
		Polly his wife		d. May 11(31?), 1854 ae 64 yrs
SHIMER		Richard			d. June 30, 1856  ae 74y 7mo 22da
		Ruth			d. Mar. 24, 1859  ae 76y 2mo 22da
		w. of Richard
SIGNER		Abagail			d. Feb. 8, 1838  ae 25y 1mo 24da
		w. of Peter Signer
SLOCUM (see Spor)
SMITH		Polly			d. Oct. 11, 1831  ae 4y 6mo
		dau. of Jeremiah & Hannah
		William			d. July 28, 1834  ae 1 day
		son of Jeremiah & Hannah
SMITH		Hon. Ebenezer		d. May 28, 1854  ae 75y 5mo
		Asenath Ann		d. Nov. 9, 1841  ae 28y 3mo
		dau. of Ebenezer & Anna
		Sylvester O.		d. Feb. 15, 1847  ae 43y 13da
		son of Ebenezer & Anna
		Ebenezer D.		d. Nov. 11, 1833  ae 19y 26da
		son of Ebenezer & Anna
SMITH		Christina		d. Mar. 26, 1866 in 51st yr
		w. of Abram Smith
SMITH		Jane			d. Apr. 8, 1852  ae 72yrs
SMITH		William P.		d. May 25, 1887  ae 54yrs
					Co.I, 81st N.Y.V.
SPOR		Cornelius		1845-1893
		Adelia Slocum his wife 1849-1928
		U.S. Grant their son	1867-1870
SPORE		Jacob			d. Apr. 8, 1907 ae 74 yrs
		Co. H, 3rd N.Y.L. Art.
SPOOR		Alfred			d. June 25, 1878  ae 34yrs
		Co. E, 3rd N.Y. Art.
STEWART		Fanny			d. Apr. 4, 1861  ae 68yrs
		w. of Daniel B. Stewart
		Charles G.		d. Mar. 8, 1853 ae 22y 8mo 1da
		son of Daniel B. & Fanny
STOYELL		Amos			d. Dec. 21, 1839  ae 72y 1mo 6da
		Mrs. Chloe		d. May 27, 1835 ae 72y 1mo 6da
		consort of Amos		        	  or ae 52y 7mo 8da
		Lois			d. Apr. 14, 1835 ae 9y 1mo
		dau. of Amos & Chloe
		Amos, Jr.		d. June 25, 1834 ae 16y 2da
		son of Amos & Chloe
		Emily J.		d. May 9, 1834   ae 22y 2mo 1da
		dau. of Amos & Chloe
		Chloe Ann		d. May 9, 1834   ae 22y 2mo 1da
		dau. of Amos & Chloe
		John			d. July 21, 1833  ae 10yrs
		son of Amos & Chloe
		James			d.Feb. 14, 1817  ae 1y 6mo
		son of Amos & Chloe
		Isaac			d. May 11, 1801 ae     10mo
		son of Amos & Chloe	
		Thomas			d. Apr. 3, 1816  ae      14mo
		son of Amos & Chloe
		Adaline H.		d. Aug. 2, 1861 ae 19yrs (49yrs?)
		w. of Grover Stoyell & dau. of Elisha & Ruth Hooper
		Deborah			d. July 28, 1857 ae 44y 9mo 10da
		w. of Grover S. Stoyell
STOYELL (see Little)
TABER		Andrew			d. May 17, 1837 ae 55y 11mo 18da
TABER		Phebe			d. July 3, 1839  ae 35y 5mo 18da
		w. of Record Taber
TABER (see Robinson)
TAYLER		Rev. George		d. June 30, 1842 in 43rd yr
TAYLOR		Abby			d. Oct. 21, 1833 in 34th yr
		consort of Rev. George Taylor
THOMPSON (see Parsons)
TRIPP		George F. 		d. Sept. 24, 1856  ae8y 9mo 28da
		son of Corydon & Pheny Tripp
VOSBURGH	Mr. John		d. Mar. 16, 1836  ae 73yrs
		Mrs. Elizabeth		d. Dec. 3, 1832  ae 66y 6mo
		w. of  John Vosburgh
VOSBURGH	Miss Catharine		d. July 4, 1830 ae 37yrs
		dau. of John & Eliz.
WALDEN		Ellen E.		d. Nov. 22, 1845 ae 1y 2mo 4da
		dau. of Wm. & Eliza
		Arthur	A.		d. Mar. 10, 1851  ae 11mo 10da
		son of Wm. & Eliza
		Little Willie		d. Mar. 26, 1859 ae 3y 7mo 29da
		son of Wm. & Eliza
WARDEN		Caroline		d. Sept. 13, 1820 in 24th yr
		w. of E.A. Warden
		J. Allen		d. Sept. 13, 1807/17  ae 1y 10mo
		son of E.A. & Caroline
WELCH		Delaney Day		d. Oct. 3, 1845  ae 1y  6mo
		son of Orson N. & Harriet T. Welch
WHEELER		John R.			d. Oct. 25, 1826  ae 17y 9mo
		son of David B. & Olly
WHIPPLE		William			1838-1910
		Co. A, 3rd Reg., N.Y. Art.
		and Co. D, 16th Reg., N.Y. Art.
WHITE		John			d. June 21, 1867  ae 76y 11mo 12da
WHITE		Orlando, Esq.		d. Nov. 24, 1854  ae 36y 9mo 28da
WHITE		Ray			d. Sept. 8, 1853  ae 5mo
		son of Porter & Lucinda White
		J. Wesley		d. Mar. 17, 1858  ae 8mo 27da
		dau. of Porter & Lucinda White
WINNE		David			d. Mar. 5, 1848   b. Aug. 22, 1774
		Alida his wife		d. Nov. 13, 1818 b.Sept. 20, 1776
		Sarah wife of David	d. Sept. 23, 1863 b.Mar. 26, 1786
		Amos			d. Nov. 10, 1822  b.Dec. 12, 1821
		Maria			d. Mar. 21, 1880  b. Nov. 27, 1824
WOOD		Frances E.		d. June 29, 1851  ae 1y 7mo 18da
		dau. of David & Margaret Wood
		Infant Son of David & 	d. Apr. 11, 1852  ae 9da
		Margaret Wood
WRIGHT		Mary L.			d. Mar. 2, 1831  ae 1y 1da
		dau. of Chauncey & Mary
		Infant Brother		d. July 1, 1833  ae 5mo 6da
WRIGHT		Sarah			d. Apr. 14, 1837  ae 39yrs
		w. of Harvy
		John H.			d. Aug. 15, 1835  ae 9y 6mo
		son of Harvy & Sarah
WRIGHT		Tersey			d. May 7, 1832  ae 32y 2mo
		w. of Justus Wright
WRIGHT		David			d. Aug. 19, 1869  ae 95y 5mo 28da
		Jerusha his wife	d. Apr. 15, 1860  ae 80y 10mo
WRIGHT Luther (See Info on Find-A-Grave Website)

Thanks to Anita Sharpsteen  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

Below is an E-mail message regarding the burial transcriptions found on this website page
From: Kendell W. Phillips
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 9:16 PM
Subject: Zoro Aster Clark Burial

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today, I found the burial record of Zoro Aster Clark, (as the Moravia (Dry Creek ) Cemetery lists it.  His name was actually Zoraster Clark and he was born 05 Nov 1802 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., VT and died 11 Aug 1869 in Moravia, NY.   Can his name be corrected on the Cemetery listing please?  His Father was my Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather, Sgt. Josiah Clark, a Rev. War Patriot!
Thank You!

Kendell W. Phillips
Cave Junction, OR 97523

Below Is An 1863 Newspaper Story About Possible Flood Damage At This Cemetery
A CEMETERY WASHED AWAY - A sad incident of the severe rain storm of last
Tuesday, which was felt with more or less force over most of the State, was
in the washing away of portions of the graveyard in Moravia, Cayuga County,
NY. It being rumored in the village that Dry Creek, swollen beyond all
precedent, was fast undermining the western portions of the cemetery, a
large crowd hastened thither, with spades and shovels, in hope that they
might exhume the remainder of their friends ere the waters could reach them.
But the hope was in vain, and coffin after coffin was seen to be washed from
its resting place, mingling promiscuously with stumps, trees and driftwood
of every description. About an acre of soil was washed away to the depth of
twenty feet, and as some of the coffins fell out, the rough boxes would
strike on end, burst and leave an exposed coffin, the cover of which coming
off; its contents would pitch headlong into the torrent. The remains of the
late Lieutenant Stoyell were washed out before they could be reached,
although very strenuous efforts were made to save them. Finally, however,
the body was secured some distance down the stream. Altogether sixteen
bodies were thus swept away, only eight of which had been recovered up to
Wednesday noon. A number of skulls and spinal bones were recovered next
day; also fragments of grave clothes, coffin lids and sides were strewn
along the banks as carelessly as the driftwood, and coffins not wholly
washed out protruded a foot or more from the embankment.- Albany Argus
(Philadelphia Press Aug. 3, 1863 pg. 1 col. 8)

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