Rathbun and Chase Cemetery

VENICE (Cayuga County, NY)

One Mile east of Poplar Ridge on Venice Center Road on Amos Rathbun's Farm

Burdick, Nathan d. May 12, 1843 in 79th year
Burdick, Eunice w of   "   d. Apr. 25, 1839 in 34th year
Burdick, Hiram C. son of  " d. May 15, 1827 in 33rd year
Burdick, Abram d. Nov. 2, 1851 Ae 52y 1mo 23da
Butler Daniel d. Sept. 24, 1898 Ae 89 yrs.
Butler Betsey Dixon w of  " d. Aug. 13, 1898 Ae 80 yrs.
Butler Timothy d. Nov. 14, 1856 in 72nd year
Carrington Emeline no dates ae 56 years
Chase John P. d. Feb. 7, 1890 ae 69y 4mo 4da
Chase Emeline L. w of  " d. May 3, 1853 ae 24y 6mo 4da
Chase Annette dau of   " d. May 4, 1859 ae 4y 3mo 28da
Chase Adella B. dau of  "
John married (2) his cousin, Lydia Chase
d. Apr. 7, 1872   ae 15y 2mo 3da
Chase George  son of David & Lois d. Nov. 8, 1853 ae 59y 6mo 15da
Chase David d. Apr. 15, 1846 ae 54y 0mo 15da
Chase Lois w of " d. May 4, 1853 ae 59y 6mo 15da
Chase Carrie L. d. Apr. 6, 1874 ae       2mo 6da
Chase Abel d. Jan. 5, 1866 in 72 year
Chase Mahala   w of   " d. Mar. 25, 1860 63y 2mo 11da
Chase Elizabeth dau of  " d. Jan. 29, 1861 ae. 42y 4mo 4da
Griffin Jacob d. no dates b. Sept. 7, 1816
Griffin Hannah C.  w of  " d. May 29, 1890 b. Jan. 27, 1816
Negus Bernice dau. of Amanda d. Apr. 22, 1857 ae. 11y 8mo 23da
Rathbun Amos d. Sept. 22, 1823 ae 61y 7 mo 23da
Rathbun Polly   w of   " d. Aug. 20, 1830 ae 60y 7mo 8da
Rathbun William  son of  J. & Celia d. Apr. 7, 1843
Robertson Hannah w of Alanson d. Mar. 4, 1860 ae 18y 1mo 0da
Spencer Abigail d. Mar. 28, 1857 ae. 85y 1mo 9da
Stewart Hildah   w of Robert
See Robert Stewart, Bolts Cor.)
d. Jan. 29, 1829 ae. 22y 0mo 10da

These are Skilton Records

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