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Surname   First   Born dDied Age
Painter   Edyth   1875 1927    
Palmer   Jedediah     5-25-1831   52 years
Palmer   Phebe w/o Thomas   6-15-1830   78 years
Palmer   Daniel     6-10-1864   30y 4m 21d
      Died Morris Island, S.C. in Civil War        
  Wife Jeannette Greenfield   1840      
PARKER SEE - ATWOOD            
Parr   Andrew H.   1839 1861 Buried Arlington Heights, Va.  
      Corp. Co. I, 76 Reg. N.Y.V.        
  Wife Lucy A. Bennett   1843 1900    
Parr   Christopher M.   1836 1903    
      Cowan's 1st N.Y. Batt.        
  Wife Mary   1840 1931    
PARR SEE - SHAW            
Patchin   Abigail     1-04-1811   75 years
Patchin   John   1826 1901    
      Co. L, 12 Regt. N.Y. Cav.        
  Wife Caroline   1831 1918    
    Alvin   1864 1933    
      Note on side of page says he had a machine shop        
    Alice   1861 1952    
      Note on side of page says res. Old Ladies Home 30 yrs.        
Patterson   Elvina w/o Ira   7-20-1836   31y 10m
PEASE SEE - AIKEN            
Pearl   Denison R., Doct.   10-09-1806 4-01-1882    
  Wife Mary Ogden   5-19-1813 4-09-1893    
  Son D. Ogden   1-22-1846 10-22-1851    
Peck   Isaac   5-04-1815 7-28-1894    
  Wife Margaret S.     12-28-1849   54y 7m 1d
  Wife-2 Phebe J. Standard   11-15-1828 1-17-1900    
Peck   Harriet Adelia - Dau of Isaac & Margaret     1-22-1862   14y 2m 19d
    Samuel s/o Isaac & Margaret   4-27-1865   19y 11m 16d
Peckard   Abram     5-07-1853   78y 9m
Peckham See E-mail messages containing possible corrections at the bottom of this website page
Peckham   Daniel Wanzer   1849 1925    
  Wife Eleanor K. Durfee
(see note below)
  1856 1882    
Peckham   Frederick A.   1843 1915    
  Wife Laura E. Riddle   1844 1916    
  Son Frank H.   1878 1899    
Peckham   John   1811 1882    
  Wife Harriet W. Squires   1818 1887    
  Dau Harriet Adelle   1850 1897    
  Dau Helen Louise   1857 1869    
Peckham   John Henry   1853      
  Wife Ella Robacher   1854 1909    
Peckham   Claude E.   1862 1940    
  Wife Mary L. Durfee   1866 1949    
  Dau Mary Gertrude   1887 1911    
Peckham   William H.   1848 1917    
  Wife Ella J. King   1848 1917    
PECKHAM SEE - WILLIS              
Perry   Freeman A.     4-12-1879   75y 7m 6d
  Wife Hannah     5-20-1880   76y 5m 28d
    Hiram B.   1829 1897    
  Wife Elizabeth   1828 1907    
Pidcock   Howard   1840 1920    
      Co. K, 111 N.Y.V.        
  Wife Nellie M.   1863 1951    
  Dau Rosemary   1890 1918    
Pomeroy   Reuben     7-20-1812   29 years
  Wife Esther d/o Darius Adams   9-22-1817   29y 6m 26d
    Seneca C.   1808 1-04-1894    
POMEROY SEE - ADAMS            
PORTEUS SEE - THAYER            
Preston   Axella   No Dates      
  Wife Ruth   No Dates      
Price   Goello H.   1856 1863    
Price   Oliver     1-19-1855   66 years
  Wife Elizabeth     9-12-1845   50 years
  Wife-2 Catherine     1-13-1851   50 years
  Dau Ellen     4-05-1845   17 years
  Dau Mary     10-25-1830   17y 2m 9d
  Son Jonathan     10-05-1824   2y 6m 10d
Price   David   10-20-1759 3-15-1846    
  Wife Rachel Ogden   11-18-1764 3-14-1846    
Prinzing   Carl F.   1873 1933    
  Wife Emelie M. Renz   1868 1950    
Protts   Roger N.   1900 1962    
  Wife Ruth F.   1900 1932    
PUFF SEE - TILLOTSON            

Note: We received the following E-mail message containing possible revisions or corrections -
Sunday, September 24, 2000 9:18 PM
I noted that the following transcription of the King Ferry Cemetery stones is incorrect:
Monroe Warren 1877 1938
Wife Helen A. Biller 1883 1962
Son Allen Wayne 1923 1925
These people were all named Peckham, not Monroe. Monroe is the middle name of Warren Monroe Peckham, Sr. This is consistent with Debbie Capple's note at the bottom of the Peckham page for this cemetery. Thanks! Roger A. Post P. O. Box 72962 Fairbanks, Alaska 99707-2962  
Note: We received the following E-mail containing possible revisions or corrections to the records found on this website...
Hi Bernie and Susan -
In the Ridgeway Cemetery #248 - Town of Venice there is a headstone with the name SMITH and then the names Minnie E. and Glenn D. Would you please add Minnie E. Richardson Peckham to the listing. She was married first to Fred J. Peckham who is buried in Scipio Rural Cemetery and then to Glenn D. Smith. Her son, Charles Oscar Peckham is buried in Ridgeway Cemetery. On the other side of the Smith headstone in one corner is written RICHARDSON and then the name Mary E., 1859-1934. Would you please add this name to this cemetery and show it as Mary E. Hoagland Richardson. She is Minnie's mother. The lot next to Mary Richardson appears to be unoccupied. I have been attempting to find her husband Oscar Richardson, but to no avail. Do you know who I could check with to see if Oscar was buried here and his name was never put on the headstone?
Would you please make the following additions to the Peckham entry -
PECKHAM - Charles Oscar 11-9-1894 to 5-15-1961
Gertrude Joanna Streeter, his wife 12-8-1899 to 5-15-1985
Evelyn D. Hoxie, wife of Henry - name should be Eveline
Charles and Gertrude Peckham were my grandmother and grandfather.
Please add the following names to Ridgeway Cemetery
MARKS - Richard Thomas 5-6-1929 to 7-26-1997
Eleanor Marie Peckham, his wife 10-30-1929 to 5-19-1995
Richard and Eleanor Marks were my aunt and uncle, and Eleanor was a daughter of Charles and Gertrude Streeter Peckham.

QUAKER OR FRIENDS CHURCH #84 - Town of Ledyard
Please add the following information -
BOUCHER - Kezia Taylor, wife of Thomas

KING FERRY CEMETERY #63 - Town of Genoa
Please add the following individuals - I have a picture of the headstone showing these individuals are buried here. Please insert after Eleanor K. Peckham as these names are part of this family.
PECKHAM - Allen Wayne, son of Warren Monroe Peckham & Helen A. Biller, 1923-1925
PECKHAM - Warren Monroe 1877-1938
Helen A. Biller, his wife 1883 -1962

SCIPIO RURAL CEMETERY #165 - Town of Scipio
Please add the following name -
PECKHAM - Fred J., son of Charles Henry Peckham and D. Adelle Palmer 10-9-1869 to 8-2-1901

Thank you very much for your time and effort in keeping these pages current. I have found a lot of information that would not have been available to me.
Debbie Capple
9235 E. Calle Cascada
Tucson, Arizona


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