Town Of Ledyard - Cayuga County, NY

Back of the farmstead on the Albert Reese Farm on Sherwood Road.  Probable location indicated by 3 rose bushes and a spirea bush on the edge of the gully bank. No gravestones are on the original site now. One is at the farmstead .  There is said to be at least two at one time.  

CHARLEY died: May 20, 1851 ae 2 Yrs. 8 Mos.

Town Of Ledyard - Cayuga County, NY

This is located on the south bank of " Carters gully " on the Otis Farm, formerly owned by members of the Carter and Husted Families. Little evidence of a cemetery remains. On the edge of the gully are lilacs, rose bushes and myrtle. A marble slab marked H.B.C. was plowed up in an abandoned driveway. It has been stated that the first owner of the farm ELEAZER CARTER , was buried here. An upright slab of fieldstone on the edge of the gully may be the marker of the buried mans grave.

H.B.C. b._____ d. _____

The hired man b._____ d. _____

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