Portion of the 1865 State Census for the
Town of Owasco in Cayuga County, New York

Surname First   Sex Birthplace Page #   Military Duty
Flahive John   Male Ireland 23    
Flinter John   Male Ireland 17    
Foot Patrick   Male Ireland 17   now Army
Fowler Francis   Male Schnectady 35      
Freeland Ambros   Male Wayne 15    
  William   Male Cayuga 15    
    Note: Son of Ambros          
Frye Jessie   Male Cayuga 15   former Army
  Moses Jr.   Male Erie 15   now Army
    Note: Jessie and Moses Jr. are sons of Moses M.          
  Moses M.   Male New Hampshire 15      
Gale Harlan   Male Cayuga 34 Boarder  
Gaston Horace B.   Male Cayuga 11    
Gerrick Cromwell   Male Renssalaer 35      
Giles William   Male England 9    
Glasgow Robert   Male Ireland 3    
  Smith R.   Male Cayuga 3    
    Note: Son of Robert          
Gleeson Dennis   Male Ireland 26    
Glover Henry   Male Cayuga 10    
Goodsell Charles   Male Mass. 22    
Graney John   Male Cayuga 1    
    Note: Son of Mary          
  Mary   Female Ireland 1    
Green John H.   Male Mass. 21    
  John W.   Male Canada 23 Boarder  
Groff Jerome   Male Cayuga 26    
Gumaer Harvey   Male Cayuga 5    
  Perry   Male Cayuga 5   now Army
    Note: Son of Harvey          
Gunell Howland   Male Wyoming 14    
Hachadan/Hachandan, Edward     Male Ireland 25    
Hall William   Male England 18    
Haran Alan   Male Ireland 35 Boarder  
Harding Michal (sic)   Male Ireland 14    
Harmon John   Male Cayuga 28    
    Note: Son of Leonard          
  Leonard   Male Montgomery 28      
Hatch Charles C.   Male Cayuga 1   now Army
    Note: Son of Orin          
  Orin   Male Onondaga 1    
  Wills C.   Male Cayuga 1    
    Note: Son of Orin          
Hatfield David   Male Schoharie 19 Boarder  
Havens Asel B.   Male Cayuga 19    
Haynes Austin   Male Cayuga 27   former Army
  Congdon   Male Cayuga 26   now Army
  John M.   Male Suffolk 26    
  Leyman   Male Cayuga 27   now Army
    Note: Son of Stephen          
  Stephen   Male New Jersey 26      
Herrick Charlett   Female Rensalaer 35    
    Note: Mother-in-law of Francis Fowler          
Hibbard David   Male Canada 34   now Army
Higley Chester   Male Onondaga 17    
Hitintine? Stephen   Male Cayuga 31    
Hoar James   Male Ireland 31    
Ho(a/o)rnbeck Cornelius     Male Ulster 25    
Hornbeck Isaac   Male Cayuga 13    
  Mariah   Female Cayuga 34 Boarder  
Howard Arneth   Female Cayuga 3    
  Edward   Male Cayuga 3   former Army
  Oscar   Male Cayuga 14    
  Peter   Male Cayuga 4    
  William   Male Cayuga 3    
    Note: Son of Arneth          
Howland Obadiah   Male Saratoga 23    
Hoxie Adam   Male Cayuga 19    
  Betsey   Female Renslaer (sic) 5      
  Hetty   Female Renslaer (sic) 5      
    Note: Sister of Betsey          
  Ira   Male Cayuga 5    
Hughes Michel (sic)   Male Ireland 2    
Hunnicker Henry   Male Cayuga 7    
  Hoyt   Male Cayuga 7    
Hunsiker Barton   Male Cayuga 18    
Hunter Eleazer   Male Saratoga 27    
Jerolomon (see Serolomon?)              
Jerolomon Mariah   Female Cayuga 19    
Johnson Samuel   Male Ireland 7    
  William   Male Ireland 11    
Kilmer Leonson   Male Cayuga 21    
Kilmor Nelson   Male Cayuga 21    
Kincy Thomas   Male Ireland 22    
King Andrew   Male Cayuga 26    
  Charlotte   Female Cayuga 27    
Knapp David   Male Orange 29    
Knight Annamias   Male Cayuga 6   now Army
    Note: Son of John          
  Charles   Male Cayuga 6   now Army
    Note: Son of John          
  John   Male Cayuga 6    
Lacomb John L.   Male Onondaga 22    
Learkin John   Male Ireland 20 Boarder  
Leonard Bowers H.   Male Cayuga 11    
Letchworth George   Male Jefferson 25    
Leyster Andrew   Male Cayuga 14    
  George   Male Cayuga 14    
  John   Male Cayuga 14    
    Note: George & John are sons of Andrew          
L(ie)ore Dillard   Male New Jersey 27      
Lovejoy Daniel   Male Wayne 26    
Lumbert John   Male England 33    

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