Portion of the 1865 State Census for the
Town of Owasco in Cayuga County, New York

Surname First   Sex Birthplace Page #   Military Duty
Maasdam ?   Male Holland 23    
McGarr Daniel   Male Ireland 15    
  Linus   Male Cayuga 15    
  Michel (sic)   Male Ireland 15    
Mack Michel (sic)   Male Ireland 25    
McNeil I. Monson   Male Cayuga 7    
    Note: Son-in-law of Anthony R. Wynkoop          
Marr Walter   Male Oneida 26    
Martin Enos   Male Montgomery 30      
Marvin Edwin B.   Male Thompson 14    
  James   Male Ireland 17    
Mathers John   Male Cayuga 22    
Maynard Justus E.   Male Washington 2      
Meaker Ellis   Male Onondaga 10    
    Note: Son-in-law of Walter Bray          
Merrit John   Male Cayuga 26   now Army
    Note: Son of Ziba?          
  Ziba?   Male New Jersey 26      
Miller Adam   Male Cayuga 16    
  Daniel   Male Cayuga 17    
  Harrison (adopted)   Male Cayuga 2    
  John   Male Cayuga 14    
Mobbs Henry   Male England 17    
Morgan Daniel W.   Male Montgomery 6      
  Seth T.   Male Cayuga 21    
Murphay (sic) Stephen   Male Ireland 2    
Nashold Frederick   Male Dutchess 34    
Noyes Samuel B.   Male Conn. 27    
  William   Male Cayuga 33    
Oakley Ambros   Male Cayuga 19 Boarder  
  Stephen   Male Columbia 25 Boarder  
O'Connor James   Male Ireland 26    
Osborne George   Male Cayuga 32    
  Henry   Male Cayuga 32   now Army
    Note: George & Henry are sons of William          
  William   Male England 32    
Parsel David   Male Cayuga 23    
  Milton J.   Male Cayuga 10    
  Richard   Male Penn. 23    
  Susan S.   Female Orange 10    
Parson Adelaide   Female Onondaga 35 Boarder  
Patie Eliphalet   Male Vermont 14    
Peacock John   Male England 19    
Peeke Alonzo   Male Schnectady 35      
Perkins Kenneth?   Male Cortland 9    
Peterson Isaac   Male Cayuga 21    
Phelps Daniel   Male Cayuga 23    
    Note: Son of Joshua          
  Joshua   Male New Hampshire 23      
Pierson Isaac   Male Mass. 27 Boarder  
Pim Joseph   Male England 35   now Army
    Note: Son of William          
  William   Male England 35    
Porter Leansing   Male Cayuga 17    
  Peter   Male England 17    
Price Grant   Male Cayuga 6    
  John   Male Onondaga 6    
Quick Abram   Male Cayuga 26    
  David   Male Cayuga 26    
  Oscar   Male Cayuga 26   now Army
    Note: David & Oscar are the sons of Abram          
Raggin Dennis   Male Mass. 31    
Rams(a/e)y James   Male Scotland 30    
Read David   Male New Jersey 2     now Army
    Note: Son-in-law of James Wallace          
Riby Robert   Male England 5    
  Robert Jr.   Male Oneida 5   former Army
    Note: Son of Robert          
Riekerd Charles N.   Male Cayuga 13   now Army
    Note: Son of Paul          
  Paul   Male Cayuga 13    
Rielly/Rielley Matthew   Male Ireland 18    
Rising John   Male Conn. 25    
Roach Patrick   Male Ireland 19    
Robinson A.   Male Rensaler (sic) 21      
  George   Male Cayuga 21    
    Note: Son of A.          
?Rochester Edwin   Male Wayne 29    
Rodney Alva   Male Madison 7    
  William   Male Madison 8    
    Note: Son of Alva          
Rosa Jacob H.   Male Ulster 7    
  John I.   Male Ulster 7    
    Note: Son of Jacob H.          

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