Portion of the 1865 State Census for the
Town of Owasco in Cayuga County, New York

Surname First   Sex Birthplace Page #   Military Duty
Sarr David   Male Sullivan 13    
  Lewis   Male Sullivan 6    
  *Transcribers Note: David & Lewis are brothers          
Seasor Francis   Male Dutchess 5    
Secany Daniel   Male Ohio 7    
Seeley Ezra   Male Albany 5    
  George   Male Cayuga 6    
  Madison   Male Cayuga 5    
    Note: Son of Ezra          
?(S)ennet John   Male Ireland 35 Boarder now Army
Serolomon John   Male New Jersey 31      
(Jerolomon?)   Note: Father-in-law of Dennis Raggin          
Shaver Benton   Male Cayuga 34    
Shay Thomas   Male Ireland 31    
Shepherd John K.   Male Orange 10    
    Note: Brother of Susan S. Parsel          
  Norman N.   Male Cayuga 11    
Sherman Edwin   Male Saratoga 8    
Shuttleworth Rimes?   Male England 11    
Sittser (see Yittser)              
Smith Dwight   Male Cortland 6   now Army
  Falton   Male Ulster 2    
Spafford Franklin   Male Cayuga 31    
Stack John   Male England 9    
Starr Edwin   Male England 3    
Stoner John   Male Cayuga 6    
Strong Walter K.   Male Cayuga 12    
Swartwout Daniel   Male Cayuga 31    
  Simeon   Male Orange 31    
Ternew Henry   Male Onondaga 11    
Terry Hiram   Male Delaware 26 Boarder  
Terwilliger Edwin   Male Cayuga 29   now Army
    Note: Son of Ira          
  Elisha   Male Cayuga 14   now Army
  Ira   Male Ulster 29    
Thompson George   Male Conn. 30    
  George   Male Cayuga 30    
    Note: Son of George          
  Joseph T.   Male New York 7    
Throop Enos T.   Male Renssalaer 30      
    Note: Uncle of Enos Martin          
Tippett William   Male England 34    
Tomlinson George F.   Male Onondaga 15    
    Note: Son of Noah          
  Noah   Male Conn. 15    
Tompkins Benjamin   Male Rhode Island 13      
  David   Male Westchester 11      
  Henry   Male Westchester 26      
Tower Mark   Male Ireland 1    
Van Etten Levi   Male Cayuga 5    
  Thmas   Male Cayuga 5    
    Note: Brother of Levi          
  Thomas   Male Illinois 5    
    Note: Nephew          
VanAuken Cornelius   Male Orange 29    
VanDuyn George H.   Male Cayuga 28    
  James   Male Cayuga 27    
VanEtten Anthony   Male Orange 31    
  Daniel   Male New Jersey 34      
  Henry V.   Male Cayuga 32    
  Martin B.   Male Onondaga 34   former Army
    Note: Son of Daniel          
Vanguilder Henry   Male Onondaga 35    
VanMidlesworth (sic) Abram   Male Cayuga 29    
  Gise   Male Cayuga 29   former Army
    Note: Abram & Gise are sons of Peter          
  Hiram   Male Cayuga 29    
  Peter   Male New Jersey 29    
Vanuk George W.   Male Montgomery 3 3    
Wallace James   Male England 2    
  Michel (sic)   Male Ireland 2    
  William   Male Oneida 2   now Army
    Note: Son of James          
Wardell Abram   Male England 2    
Weeks John   Male England 1    
Welch Michel (sic)   Male Ireland 1    
Welty Adam   Male Cayuga 15    
  Mathias   Male Cayuga 15 Boarder  
  Philip   Male Penn. 25    
Westfall John V.   Male Cayuga 10    
Westlake Alvin   Male Herkimer 29    
Wheeler George   Male Orange 19 Boarder  
Wiggins Robert   Male England 1   former Army
  Thomas   Male England 1    
Willson William   Male Cayuga 20    
Wood James   Male Onondaga 3    
Woodworth Samuel   Male Oneida 3    
Wooley George   Male Cayuga 19    
Wynkoop Anthony R.   Male Ulster 7    
  Cornelius   Male Ulster 8    
Yittser (Sittser?) Peter   Male Albany 29    
Yongs (sic) Edwin   Male Onondaga 5   former Army
  Joel   Male Livingston 24    

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