ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Auburn Street Index '30 FITCH - 81 GRANT AVE' Section
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Auburn Street Index '157 MECHANIC ST.- YORK ST.' Section
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Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Babbitt Anna M, res r 91 South 

Babbitt E Blanche, res 178 Genesee 

Babbitt Edson B, student, A H S, res 11 Washington 

Babbitt Harriet, widow William, res 57 E Genesee 

Babbitt Jane L, widow Mortimer C, boarding house, 9 1/2 State, h do 

Babbitt Mary E, widow Charles, trained nurse, res 9 1/2 State 

BABBITT OTIS H, physician and surgeon, office and res 178 Genesee Hours until
	9 A M and 1 to 3 P M 

Babcock Mrs Clara, res 21 Court 

Babcock Edwin, expressman, h 104 E Genesee 

Babcock George L, painter, h 88 Wall 

Babcock Lewis J, laborer, h 95 Division N 

Babcock Martin V B, com trav, h 21 Court 

Bachelor Ella, bds 10 Washington 


Bachman Anna M, button op, bds 65 Van Anden 

Bachman Amelia V, dressmaker, bds 6 Wheeler 

Bachman Armede, seamstress, bds 102 Fulton 

Bachman Barbara, widow Joseph, h 65 Van Anden 

Bachman Caroline M, shoe op, bds 65 Perrine 

Bachman Christopher, emp D M O & Co, h 65 Perrine 

Bachman Dora A, music teacher, bds 102 Fulton 

Bachman Emma C, domestic, 104 South 

Bachman Frances, attendant, 182 Genesee 

Bachman Frances, domestic, 12 Hamilton ave 

Bachman Frank, painter, bds 102 Fulton 

Bachman Frank S, machinist, h 162 Van Anden 

Bachman Helena R, res 65 Perrine 

Bachman Jacob A, painter, h 102 Fulton 

Bachman Jennie A, weaver, bds 6 Wheeler 

Bachman John C, emp D M O & Co, bds 16 Grant 

Bachman John J, mechanic, h 28 Augustus 

Bachman John J, shoe op, bds 65 Van Anden 

Bachman Joseph, teamster, h 57 Van Anden 

Bachman Katie R, dressmaker, bds 23 Seward ave 

Bachman Louise K C, dressmaker, 6 Wheeler, h do 

Bachman Matilda M, button op, bds 65 Van Anden 

Bachman Michael, grinder, h 6 Wheeler 

Bachman Minerva, artist, bds 102 Fulton 

Bachman Rose S, tailoress, bds 162 Van Anden 

Bachman Sidney B, ins agt, bds 28 Orchard 

Bachman Simon S, blacksmith, h 28 Orchard 

Bachman Sophia, forewoman, Woman's Prison, 50 Wall 

Bachman Theodore T, mechanic, h 23 Seward ave 

Bachman Vincent H, watchman, bds 162 Van Anden 


Backman A Elizabeth, res 86 Wall 

Backman Charles M, carpenter, h 86 Wall 

Backman Clarence F, carpenter, h 86 Wall 

BACKMAN MARVIN C., agent Am Oil Co, office 128 Wall, h 97 do 

BACKMAN MURVIN A., dealer in Anthracite and Bituminous Coal, also wood, office
	and yards 128 Wall, h 234 Genesee 

Backman Oscar, carpenter, bds 6 Paul 

Backus Frank A, teamster, bds 163 Perrine 

Backus Jeddediah, h 163 Perrine 

Backus Maggie M, mill op, bds 163 Perrine 

Backus Sarah, shoe op, bds 163 Perrine 

Bacon Eugene J, bds 15 Aurelius ave 

Bacon Floyd, clerk, Lewis House, 35 Chapel 

Bacon Frank, mechanic, h 70 Division S 

Bacon Irving, law clerk, 120 Genesee, bds 51 Park ave 

Bacon Jane A, widow George W, h 33 Perrine 

Bacon Julia A, res 88 Van Anden 

Bacon Mary S, h 43 Logan 

Bacon Martha E, widow Judson, h 15 Aurelius ave 

Bacon Mattie, attendant, 50 State 

Bacon Philena L, widow Phineas B, h 88 Van Anden 

Bacon William H, iron planer, bds 15 Aurelius ave 

BAEUMLINE RICHARD, salesman, 106 Genesee, also composer of music, h 26 Gaylord

Bagby Mrs Julia, laundress, h 34 1/2 Parker 

Bagby Lydia J, domestic, bds 34 1/2 Parker 

Bagby Viola, domestic, bds 34 1/2 Parker 

BAHN, see also BOHN 

Bahn Frank, emp D M O & Co, h over 63 State 

Bahn Magdalene, widow Jacob, h over 12 Capitol 

Bahn William H, plumber, res over 12 Capitol 

BAIER, see also BEYER, also BAUER 

Baier Adolph J, mill op, h 38 Frances 

Baier Albert R, coremaker, h over 34 Frances 

Baier Anna, widow Julius H, h 34 Frances 

Baier Charles, bds 38 Frances 

Baier Edward, mechanic, bds 2 1/2 Bradford 

Baier Gustave, mechanic, h 10 Paddock Bk, Franklin 

Baier Henry, machinist, bds 30 Walnut 

Baier Henry F, teamster, h 53 Owasco 

Baier Ida K, button op, bds 34 Frances 

Baier Josepha, widow Edward, bds 8 Morris 

Baier Julius A, mechanic, bds 34 Frances 

Baier Katie, housekeeper, 10 Paddock Bk,, Franklin 

BAIER PHILIP F., foreman Burrough's Printing office, h 42 Walnut 

Baier Robert, mechanic, h 38 Bradford 

Baier William, plumber, bds 6 Pine 

Bailey Clarence F, weaver, bds 3 Mary 

Bailey Rev David Judson, h 11 Havens ave 

Bailey Edward, machinist, bds 7 Wadsworth 

Bailey George S, accountant, Fay & Son's Bank, bds 12 1/2 Washington

Bailey Harriet E, seamstress, h 30 Holley 

Bailey Harry L, emp D M O & Co, h over 63 Mechanic 

Bailey Harvey, weaver, bds 3 Mary 

Bailey John E, moulder, h 1 Moravia 

Bailey Libbie, weaver, bds 197 State 

Bailey Lucy, widow William P, bds 138 E Genesee 

Bailey Roy, mechanic, bds 104 Washington 

Bailey Sarah, button op, bds 1 Moravia 

BAILEY WALTER C., Fire Insurance and Real Estate, office over 67 Genesee,
	h 12 1/2 Washington 

Bailey Warren D, machinist. h 7 Wadsworth 

Bain Albert L, boiler maker, bds 5 Madison ave 

Bain Andrew O, mill op, h 3 Morris 

Bain David, moulder, h 5 Madison 

Bain Ellen, widow James, res 54 1/2 Orchard 

Bain Frank, boilermaker, bds 5 Madison ave 

Bain James C, moulder, h 23 Mary 

Bain Jessie L, dressmaker, bds 23 Mary 

Bain Mary, dressmaker, bds 5 Madison ave 

Bain William H, shoe op, h 7 Frances 

BAIRD, see also BEARD 

Baird Anna M, weaver, bds 15 Myrtle ave 

Baird Elizabeth A, teacher Division St sch, bds 15 Myrtle ave 

Baird George, moulder, rooms 6 Chapel 

BAIRD JAMES (Fauntain & Baird), h 15 Myrtle ave 

Baird Laura H, accountant, 127 1/2 Wall, res 15 Myrtle ave 

Baker Adelbert S, city emp, bds 36 Elizabeth 

Baker Albert, printer, Dailly Adver, res 3 Grove ave 

Baker Alfred, carpenter, h 129 Owasco 

Baker Alfred O, clerk, 14 and 16 E Genesee, bds 65 do 

BAKER ALLEN E., Physician and Surgeon, office and res 55 Franklin Hours until
	9 A M, 1 to 2:30 and 6 to 8 P M 

Baker Andrew J, machinist, h over 61 Perrine 

Baker Angeline, widow John, h 153 Seymour 

Baker Barbara A, widow Wilbur J, h 82 Washington 

Baker Belle, stenographer, D M O & Co, res 82 Washington 

Baker Burton J, cigar maker, bds 82 Washington 

Baker Byron V, clerk, 24 1/2 E Genesee, h over do 

Baker Mrs Celestia J, boarding house, 30 Lincoln, h do 

Baker Charles G, coachman, h over r 14 1/2 Lincoln 

BAKER CHARLES M., attorney and counsellor-at-law, office 1 Smith b'd'g, over
	102 Genesee, res 6 William 

Baker Charles W, trainman, L V R R, bds 82 Washington 

Baker Clara B, stenographer, res 82 Washington 

Baker David V, iron worker, h 14 Van Patten 

Baker Daniel J, emp D M O & Co, bds 7 Anna 

Baker Edward L, twine op, bds 82 Washington 

Baker Edwin C, clerk, "Bell's Bee Hive," res 30 Lincoln 

Baker Elizabeth, widow Luther, res 20 Morris 

Baker Frances J, widow Horace, h over 13 E Genesee 

Baker Frank D, laborer, bds 14 Van Patten 

Baker Frank H, shoe op, bds over 13 E Genesee 

Baker Guy P, fireman L V R R, bds 82 Washington 

Baker Harriet E, widow John T, h 18 Elizabeth 

Baker Harry T, emp D M O & Co, h 18 1/2 Elizabeth 

Baker Jennie L, widow Frank L, h 3 Van Anden 

Baker Jennie N, widow Charles O, h 65 E Genesee 

Baker Jerome B, street sprinkler, h 36 Elizabeth 

Baker John M, student, St. Andrews Sem, res 7 Anna 

Baker John W, painter, h 71 Lewis 

Baker Mrs Mary Ann, h 3 Grove ave 

Baker Mrs Mary C, housekeeper, 211 State 

Baker Mary E, domestic, bds 14 Van Patten 

Baker Mrs Mary L, res 8 James 

Baker Michael C, painter, h 7 Anna 

Baker Myron A, gardener, 37 William, h 30 1/2 Delevan 

Baker Roy B, mill op, bds 86 Division N 

Baker rufus M, iron worker, h over 87 Genesee 

Baker Mrs Sarah, ass't White's restaurant, 16 State 

Baker thomas F, shoe op, bds 7 Anna 

Baker Theodore J, milk pedler, bds 181 Division N 

Baker Udolphia O, dressmaker, h over 19 Hoffman 

Baker William, h 9 Hoffman 

Baker William, laborer, h 86 Division N 

Baker William, wringer op, bds 3 Grove ave 

Baker William A, laborer, bds 14 Van Patten 

Baker William A, shoe op, bds 7 Anna 

BALCOME MOREY J., prison pharmacist, res do 

Baldi Alfonso, laborer, bds 1 O'Neil ave 

Baldi Raffaelo, laborer, bds 1 O'Neil ave 

Baldi Tony, laborer, bds 1 O'Neil ave 

Baldwin Anna C, student A H S, bds 106 Fulton 

BALDWIN CHARLES H., with Geo Ohlheiser's hardware store, 26 Genesee, h 15
	1/2 Chestnut 

Baldwin Charles H, Jr, tinsmith, bds 15 1/2 Chestnut 

BALDWIN CLARENCE F., ass't treas, D M O & Co, h 17 1/2 Franklin 

Baldwin Grace N, trained nurse, res 34 Elizabeth 

Baldwin Harry T, jeweler, h 3 Chestnut 

Baldwin Helena M, res 68 South 

BALDWIN JAMES K., accountant, 45 Washington, h 106 Fulton 

Baldwin James L, bank messenger, bds 106 Fulton 

Baldwin James E, meat cutter, 36 1/2 E Genesee, bds 21 Logan 

Baldwin Josephine, dressmaker, h 151 Owasco 

Baldwin Mrs Julia B, h 3 Chestnut 

Baldwin Richard, ass't tallyman, L V R R, , h 25 Garrow 

Baldwin Rosina, widow Oliver, res 159 Franklin 

Baldwin Ruth C, widow John G, res 66 Mary 

Baldwin Sarah J, widow Lovell H, res 68 South 

BALDWIN THEODORE, East Hill Market, dealer in fresh, salt
	and smoked meats, and all kinds of beef and pork products, 
	36 1/2 E Genesee, h 21 Logan 

Ball Addie A, dressmaker, bds 268 1/2 Seymour 

Ball George E, printer, over 80 Genesee, bds 268 1/2 Seymour 

Ball George W, mason, h 268 1/2 Seymour 

Ball Viola A, seamstress, bds 268 1/2 Seymour 

Ballard Euphemia A, widow William H, res 161 Seymour 

Baltis Mrs Esther, forelady, 31, 33 Market, h over 54 Fulton 

Bamforth James, machinist, bds 17 Jefferson 

BANCROFT & ABAR, (M. M. Bancroft and Leo Abar), dealers in pure Owasco
	lake ice, office 76 and 76 1/2 Genesee 

Bancroft Mrs Estella, button op, h over 65 Owasco 

BANCROFT MARSHALL M., (Bancroft & Abar), h 126 Mechanic 

Baney William R, cooper, h 71 Division S 

Banfield David, brakeman, L V R R, bds r 14 Madison ave 

Banks Edward J, gardener, bds 133 Seymour 

Banks George, horseman 5 Lincoln, bds 24 North 

Banks John F, painter, h 133 Seymour 

Bannigan George, sup't Silk Mills, 44 Washington, h 40 Hamilton ave 

BANNISTER CHARLES A., (The C. A. Bannister Co.), h 88 E. Genesee 

BANNISTER CO., THE C. A. (Wm. A. Tice), dealers in fine jewelry, watches,
	clocks, etc. Diamonds a Specialty. 105 Genesee 

Banno Angelo, laborer, bds 23 Division S 

Bannon Agnes M, shoe op, bds 71 Cottage 

Bannon Ann S, widow Timothy, h 34 Burt ave 

Bannon Catherine M, shoe op, bds 71 Cottage 

Bannon Elizabeth, shoe op, bds 53 West 

Bannon James A, driver U S Ex Co, bds 34 burt ave 

Bannon James W, iron worker, bds 71 Cottage 

Bannon John, boiler maker, h 60 Washington 

BANNON JOHN H., manager Quinn's Cafe, 6 State, h 30 Burt ave 

Bannon John J, mason, h 241 State 

Bannon John T, shoemaker, bds 71 Cottage 

Bannon Joseph J, boiler maker, bds 53 West 

Bannon Kate F, dressmaker, bds 102 Cottage 

Bannon Kittie F, shoe op, bds 71 Cottage 

Bannon Lizzie R, housekeeper, 102 Cottage 

Bannon Mary, attendant, 12 Hamilton ave 

Bannon Patrick, engineer, h 53 West 

Bannon Thomas J, mechanic, bds 102 Cottage 

Bannon Timothy D, mason, bds 102 Cottage 

Bannon William E, iron heater, h 71 Cottage 

BARBER BRADFORD C., (4) letter carrier, h 11 Janet 

Barber Cero F, retired, h 51 Wall 

BARBER DR. C. J., surgeon dentist, (also Capt. 2d Sep.
	Co., N. G. S. N. Y.,) office and operating rooms, 28 South, 
	res do (See page 6) 

Barber Ella M, nurse, h 31 Perry 

Barber Emeline H, widow Augustus K, h 31 Perry 

Barber Fred H, prison keeper, h 175 E Genesee 

Barber George E, manufacturer, h 60 Clark 

Barber John M, carpenter, rooms 51 E Genesee 

Barber Mrs Minerva, shoe op, bds 90 Clark 

Barber Nellie L, res 60 Clark 

Barber Ralph D, loom fixer, h 17 Silver ave 

Barber William L, creamery, 7 Aurelius ave, h do 

Barbour Annie, dressmaker, bds 17 Union 

Barbour John, twine op, h 17 Union 

Barden Allen J, carpenter, h 44 Franklin 

Bardwell Blanche A, stenographer, bds 6 Elm 

Bardwell Inez G, bds 6 Elm 

Bardwell Janellus E, news agt, L V R R, h 18 Elm 

Bardwell Lycurgus H, h 6 Elm 

Bardwell Sylvia L, dressmaker, bds 18 Elm 

Barker Ellen M, res 195 Genesee 

BARKER, GRISWOLD & CO., (J L Barker, C P Mosher, C
	L Griswold and George F Eldred,) Clothing and Gent's 
	Furnishings, 87 and 89 Genesee (See adv, next page) 

BARKER JUSTIN L., (Barker, Griswold & Co,) h 195 Genesee 

Barlow Eva M, widow Albert S, h 11 1/2 Beardsley 

Barlow Jeanette S, nurse, 77 South 

Barlow John, engineer, h 6 Guilfoil ave 

Barlow Roderick H, emp D M O & Co, bds 11 1/2 Beardsley 

Barnes Allen T, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Mary 

Barnes Angeline, widow John, res over 45 Genesee 

Barnes Anna M, bds over 45 Genesee 

Barnes Arial N, carpenter, h 19 Van Patten 

BARNES ASA R., manager Auburn agency d M O & Co, h 29 Franklin 

Barnes Clara, milliner, bds 46 Capitol 

Barnes Claude, mason, bds 51 Park ave 

Barnes Claude H, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Mary 

BARNES DAVID W., (D W Barnes & Son) h 156 State 

BARNES D. W. & SON, (Wilbur B.) Masons, Contractors
	and Builders, also dealers in Mason's Supplies, Drain Tile and Sewer Pipe,
	Baled Hay, Straw, Oats and Feed, Fertilizers of guaranteed brands for sale, 
	office and yards from 5 to 23 Wall (See adv page 68) 

Barnes Elizabeth, widow Nelson, h over 37 E Genesee 

Barnes Emma O, widow John, res 167 State 

BARNES FLOYD A., (Aub Roofing Co,) h 66 Mary 

Barnes Frank H, pattern maker, h 94 Division S 

Barnes Fred M, artist, h over 93 Fulton 

Barnes George D, mason, h 158 Seymour 

Barnes Gertrude May, shoe op, bds over 37 E Genesee 

Barnes G Morris, shoemaker, h 80 Franklin 

Barnes Grace B, accountant, res 52 Mary 

Barnes Henry S, laborer, h 52 Mary 

BARNES, JEREMIAH & PECK, (F. B. Barnes, J. J. Jeremiah and Edmind Peck,)
	Aub Roofing Co, Cornices and Steel Ceilings, Sheet Metal Goods for all 
	purposes, Heaters of all kinds Sole ag'ts for the Thatcher Furnace, 18 Clark 

Barnes Jessie B, teacher James St Sch, res 24 Jefferson 

Barnes John, fireman, Water W'ks, h 15 Silver ave 

Barnes Lewis E, mechanic, bds 46 Capitol 

Barnes Mabel G, bds 46 Capitol 

Barnes Maggie T, domestic, 5 Ross place 

Barnes Mary E, widow Morris, res 45 Clark 

Barnes Mary F, widow Gerritt S, h 113 Wall 

Barnes Richard J, emp D M O & Co, h over 77 Mechanic 

Barnes Sarah A, attendant, 77 Mechanic 

Barnes Stephen, laborer, h over 113 Orchard 

Barnes Viola O, widow George, h 46 Capitol 

BARNES WILBUR B., (D. W. Barnes & Son), also pres The Builders Exchange,
	h 158 State 

Barnes William H, machinist, h 27 West 

Barnes William J, retired, h 35 Steel 

Barnes William s, mechanic, bds 113 Wall 

Barnett Alice M, seamstress, res 11 1/2 Church 

Barnett Florence A, seamstress, res 11 1/2 Church 

Barnett Fred, coachman, 167 Genesee, bds 24 North 

Barnett Joseph, emp D M O & Co, h 11 1/2 Church 

Barnett Julia E, dressmaker, bds 11 1/2 Church 

Barnett William G, hoseman, Hose 3, A F D, 129 Clark 

Barney Arnold J, box maker, bds 129 Cottage 

Barney B Frank, music teacher, h 26 Capitol 

Barney Earl R, artist, bds 26 Capitol 

Barney Frank A, artist, studio over 43 Genesee, h 4 Howard 

Barney Mark A, pattern maker, h 16 1/2 Washington 

Barney Martha A, widow Erwin D, h over 178 1/2 Van Anden 

Barnhart Ernest J, ass't undertaker, 138 Genesee, res 18 Fort 

Barnhart John A, machinist, h 9 Wood 

Barnhart John C, salesman of art work, h 18 Fort 

Barnhart William H, pressman, Daily Adv'r, h 244 Seymour 

Barr, Mary P, widow Alonzo F, bds 67 Seymour 

Barrells Martha, res 9 1/2 State 

Barrett Ann, housekeeper, over 212 State 

Barrett David E, emp D M O & Co, h 107 Mechanic 

Barrett Edith M, milliner, bds 4 Lansing 

Barrett Elizabeth L, shoe op, bds 135 Seymour 

Barrett Mrs Elizabeth, h 47 Division S 

BARRETT FRANK H., dealer and jobber in cigars and tobaccos,
	also notions and smokers' articles in endless variety, 1 North, 
	res 4 Lansing (See card) 

Barrett Frank M, emp D M O & Co, h 12 Willey 

Barrett George S, (m'g'r) cigar m'f'r and dealer, also saloon, 21 North,
h 84 E Genesee 

Barrett Harry, coremaker, bds 121 Mechanic 

Barrett Hattie M, widow Baxter B, h 4 Lansing 

Barrett Henry, emp D M O & Co, h 31 Mattie 

Barrett Henry J, painter and decorator, h 121 Mechanic 

Barrett John, twine op, bds 12 Willey 

Barrett John, stone cutter, h 135 Seymour 

Barrett John, Jr, shoe op, bds 135 Seymour 

Barrett Leocadie V, domestic, bds 121 Mechanic 

Barrett Lulu M, res 121 Mechanic 

Barrett Margaret, widow Louis J, fruits, &c, 53 North, h over do 

Barrett Marie L, milliner, bds over 53 North 

Barrett Patrick J, mechanic, h 61 Division S 

BARRETT S. H., practical plumber, gas and steam fitter,
	dealer in engineer's supplies, chandeliers, brackets, fixtures, 
	bath tubs and accessories, 14 and 16 Genesee, h 57 E do (See adv) 

BARRETT STEPHEN E, with S. H. Barrett's plumbing and steam fitting works,
	14 and 16 E Genesee, h 34 Burt ave 

Barrett William J, ladderman, H & L, A F D, h 57 Mechanic 

BARRETT WILLIAM L., with S. H. Barrett's plumbing and steam fitting works,
	14 and 16 Genesee, h 30 Lewis 

Barrick Presley J, shoemaker, h 19 1/2 Wood 

Barron Daniel, salesman, 150 Clark, bds Hotel O'Neil 

Barrowman William, moulder, h 1 Division S 

Barrus Genevieve, student, res 62 North 

Barrus James H, boarding house, 62 North 

Barrus M Eugene, conductor, A C Ry, h 90 Washington 

Barry Alice, attendant, 20 William 

Barry Alice, widow Patrick, h 11 Garfield 

Barry Alice, widow Patrick, res 238 Seymour 

Barry Bridget, widow James, h 54 Washington 

Barry Cornelius, emp D M O & Co, bds 18 Perrine 

Barry Edward B, machinist, h 67 Holley 

Barry Eliza, housekeeper, 18 Perrine 

Barry Elizabeth, assistant, 80 North 

Barry Helen R, stenographer, over 122 Genesee, bds 53 Grant ave 

Barry Jessie, housekeeper, 15 Clark 

Barry John, machinist, h 53 Grant ave 

Barry John E, student, Cornell Univ, bds 53 Grant ave 

Barry John H, blacksmith, h 66 Holley 

Barry Joseph, machinist, h 12 Ross place 

Barry Joseph H, student, A H S, bds 12 Ross place 

Barry Joseph J, machinist, bds 54 Washington 

Barry Josephine L, shoe op, bds 238 Seymour 

Barry Maggie C, dressmaker, bds 54 Washington 

Barry Margaret, domestic, 68 South 

Barry Margaret, housekeeper, 66 Holley 

Barry Margaret A, widow Michael, h 18 Perrine 

Barry Marguerite, laundress, bds 18 Perrine 

Barry Mary, weaver, bds 238 Seymour 

Barry Mary F, stenographer over 90 Genesee, rooms A and B, res 53 Grant ave

Barry Mary T, student, A H S, res 12 Ross place 

Barry Michael, emp D A Smith & Co, h 243 North 

Barry Michael, porter, 41 Garden, bds do 

Barry Patrick, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 238 Seymour 

Barry Rose, student, A H S, bds 53 Grant ave 

Barry Thomas A, saloon, 54 Washington, h do 

Barry William, attache, Shimer's Stables, 21 Water, bds 12 Wood 

Barry William, mechanic, bds 38 Water 

BARRY WILLIAM, dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, also
	taps, soles, shoe laces and findings. Custom work a specialty, 
	169 State, res 31 Wall (See card) 

Barth Charles, shoe op, bds 50 Walnut 

Barth & Claudius (J L Barth and E B Claudius), teas, coffees, &c,
	37 Genesee 

Barth George, emp D M O & Co, h 50 Walnut 

Barth George J, shoe op, bds 50 Walnut 

Barth Ida J, housekeeper, 18 Frances 

Barth J Louis, shoemaker, 3 1/2 South, h 18 Frances 

Barth John L, (Barth & Claudius), h 46 Hamilton ave 

Barth Mary C, twine op, bds 50 Walnut 

Barth William B, shoe op, bds 18 Frances 

Barthold Philip, brewer, h Washington n York 

Bartholomew Charles G, h 3 Parsons 

Bartholomew Minnie A, music teacher, res 7 Spring 

Bartlett Charles C, meat cutter 60 Division N, bds 167 Van Anden 

Bartlett Elliott H, scythe welder, h 167 Van Anden 

Bartlett Prof Floyd J, principal A H S, h 11 Grover 

Bartlett Franc, housekeeper, over 17 Genesee 

Bartlett George N, scythe plater, h 90 Wall 

Bartlett Helen G, stenographer, D M O & Co, bds 90 Wall 

Bartlett Lewis A, scythe welder, bds 167 Van Anden 

Bartlett Mary A, widow John W, h over 62 Lewis 

Bartlett William E, scythe roller, h 62 Aurelius ave 

Bartley Eliza F, housekeeper, bds 14 Myrtle ave 

Bartley Martin, emp 101 Orchard, h 35 Canoga 

Bartley Thomas H, machinist, h 14 Myrtle ave 

Barton Alexander J, scythe heater, bds 150 1/2 Van Anden 

Barton Charles B, hammersman, h 150 1/2 Van Anden 

BARTON FRANK, head brewer Ehrman Brew Co., h 12 Park Place 

Barton Walter E, pattern maker, h Pleasant street ext 

Bascom Edith May, mill op, bds 3 Myrtle ave 

Bascom William H, foreman 101 Orchard, h 3 Myrtle ave 

Bastedo Alfred L, salesman, 42 North, bds over 79 do 

Bastedo John, coachman Tallman's Stables, bds 1 Gibson Square 

Bastedo Mrs Mary F, h over 79 North 

Bastedo Maude B, seamstress, bds 79 North 

Bastian Chloe F, salesclerk, "Big Store," res 2 Lawton ave 

Bastian William J, gardener, Melrose, h do 

Bates A Howard, prison guard, bds Lewis House, 35 Chapel 

Bates Jessie L, teacher, Fulton st sch, bds 3 Bundy ave 

Bates Joy T, machinist, bds 68 Wall 

Bates Weltha E, widow William H, h 3 Bundy ave 

Bates William, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 1/2 Grant 

Bates William E, conductor L V R R, h 2 Garrow 

Batey William W, salesman, 14 State, h 56 Mary 

BATTAMS GEORGE H., tobacconist, also manager 105 State, h 49 Fulton 

Battams Mary E, bds 49 Fulton 

Battams Robert B, tinsmith, h 13 Grant ave 

Battams Sophia S, res 13 Grant ave 

Batten Henry, salesman 42 Genesee, h 22 Maple 

Battey George W, laborer, h 115 Franklin 

Battis Arla M, dressmaker, bds 31 Morris 

Battis Eliza S, widow Joseph, bds 31 Morris 

Battis Fred W, carpenter, h 31 Morris 

Battis Maude, dressmaker, bds 31 Morris 

Battle Dennis J, shoe cutter, bds 104 Washington 

Battle Margaret, widow M Joseph, h 104 Washington 

Baucus Jessie M, accountant, Big Store 141 Genesee, res 2 Lansing 

BAUCUS WILLIAM I., (Foster, Ross & Baucus), h 2 Lansing 


Bauer Emma J L, laundress, res 5 1/2 Chapel ave 

Bauer Frank J, plater, bds 5 1/2 Chapel ave 

Bauer Lottie M, milliner, bds 20 Burt ave 

Bauer Peter V, tailor, h 5 1/2 Chapel ave 

Bawden Elizabeth, widow George, h 46 1/2 Cottage 

Bawden Frank M, twine op, bds 46 1/2 Cottage 

Bawden George, emp D M O & Co, bds 46 1/2 Cottage 

Bawden Joseph, mechanic, bds 46 1/2 Cottage 

Bawden Minnie, domestic, bds 46 1/2 Cottage 

Baxter Augustus, magnetic physician, h 48 Perry 

Baxter Charles E, farmer, h 104 Prospect 

Baxter Henry W, emp D M O & Co, h over 19 Capitol 

Baxter William H, emp D M O & Co, bds over 19 Capitol 

BAYARD SONS & BAYARD, manufacturing chemists, London,
	Paris and Auburn, N Y, U S A, A. H. Hamilton, manager American Office, 
	51 Genesee (See card A H Hamilton) 

Beach Bernard H, cigar maker, h over 5 Frances 

Beach Charles H, cigar maker, bds 54 Frances 

Beach De Witt, painter, bds 12 Grant ave 

Beach Mrs Jean, domestic, 143 North 

Beach M Virginia, maid, 20 William 

Beach William, shoe op, bds 45 Jefferson 

Beacham Albert W, plumber, h over 11 1/2 John 

Beacham Charles E, d'v'y clerk, 14 North, bds 6 Maple 

Beacham Charles H, shoe op, h over 5 1/2 Frances 

Beacham Edward A, mason, h 5 1/2 Frances 

Beacham Frank O, machinist, h 32 Logan 

Beacham Frederick R, coremaker, h over 10 Morris 

Beacham Henry L, machinist, h 66 Wall 

Beacham Henry T, machinist, h 78 Wall 

Beacham Louis H, emp D M O & Co, bds 78 Walnut 

Beacham Ruth H, bookkeeper, 14 North, bds 6 Maple 

BEACHAM THOMAS P., dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats and all kinds of
	beef and pork products, 14 North, h 6 Maple 

Beachman A Frances, clerk, Big Store, res 18 Evans 

Beachman Catherine, widow Richard, h 32 Howard 

Beachman Emma F, mill op, bds 18 Maple 

Beachman John, prison keeper, h 18 Evans 

Beachman Kittie T, compositor, bds 18 Evans 

Beachman Mamie J, accountant, 14 Hoffman, bds 18 Evans 

Beachman Richard, mechanic, bds 32 Howard 

Beal George W, emp D M O & Co, h 55 Grant ave 

Beals Eliza, widow William L, h 116 Van Anden 

Beals Frank H, scythemaker, h 71 Wall 

Bean Andrew W, mechanic, bds 30 Chapel 

Bean Clinton J, civil engineer, res 30 Chapel 

Bean Edward, blacksmith, h 13 Division S 

Bean Fred R, carpenter, bds 30 Chapel 

Bean James H, furniture foreman (Prison), h 32 Chapel 

Bean Mattie J, stenographer, dist att'ys office, res 30 Chapel 

Bean Nellie, twine op, bds 56 Holley 

BEARD, see also BAIRD 

BEARD ALBERT A., dealer in wall paper, picture frames,
	art materials, and a general line of fancy articles, notions, 
	stationery, &c., 28 Clark, h 40 Jefferson

Beard George, emp D M O & Co, bds 27 Garden 

BEARD HARRY O., clerk, New Commercial Hotel, 41 Garden, also prof of music,
	res 9 Franklin 

Beard Mrs James, 9 h Franklin 

BEARD JIMMY, prop'r "The New Commercial Hotel," 41 and 43 Garden 

Beard John, engineer, h 65 1/2 Washington 

BEARD LOUIS F., clerk and financial manager, New commercial Hotel, 41 Garden,
	h 27 Franklin 

Beardsley Alice T, res 102 South 

Beardsley Alonzo G, treas Oswego Starch Factory, office over 67 Genesee,
	h 194 do 

BEARDSLEY ALONZO G., JR., manaer American Wringer Co., (Auburn Factory) office
	51 Washington, h 88 South 

Beardsley Arthur R, ass't sup't Prudential Ins Co, bds 62 North 

Beardsley Charles S, farmer, h 276 North 

Beardsley Coral D, veterinary surgeon, 26 Water, h 2 Hulbert 

BEARDSLEY DOUGLAS, dealer in Lehigh Valley Coal Co's Henry
	Coal, Bituminous Coal, also Wood, office 132 Genesee, Yards, 99 Clark, 
	h 114 South (See page 8) 

Beardsley Estella, student, A H S, res 276 North 

Beardsley Ethel, student, res 88 South 

Beardsley Glover, student, res 102 South 

Beardsley Howard, shipper, Romig M'f'g Co, h 6 Church 

Beardsley William P, sec'y Ohio Tool Co, over 67 Genesee, h 102 South 

Beardsley Josephine R, res 91 South 

Beardsley Mary D, h 225 Genesee 

BEARDSLEY NELSON ESTATE, N. B. Eldred, executor, office over 41 Genesee 

BEARDSLEY PORTER, lawyer, also sec'y and treas The Seymour Library, office
	over 41 Genesee, res 194 do 

Beardsley Samuel D, machinist, bds 276 North 

Beardsley William S, farmer, h 292 North 

Beargeon Henry, mechanic, bds 3 Auburn ave 


Bearsch Anton C, carpenter, h 13 Pulsifer 

Bearsch Anton, Jr, mechanic, bds 13 Pulsifer 

Bearsch Frank T, mechanic, bds 13 Pulsifer 

Bearsch Gertrude, widow Peter, boards 17 Hockeborn ave 

Bearsch Louis N, emp D M O & Co, h 18 Division N 

Bearsch Margaret C, housekeeper, 13 Pulsifer 

Bearsch Michael J, shoemaker, h 194 Perrine ave 

Bearsch Peter J, shoe maker, h 17 Hockeborn ave 

Beaumont Uriah, laborer, h over 94 State 

Beaumont Sarah L, bds over 94 State 

Beaver Mrs Minerva J, dressmaker, h over 70 Genesee 

Beck Mrs Eleanor, forelady 77 Genesee, res 31 Sherman 

Beck Euphemia J, shoe op, bds 52 Capitol 

Beck Fred C, emp D M O & Co, bds 31 Sherman 

Beck Fred E, merchant tailor, over 109 Genesee, h 23 Elizabeth 

Beck Grace E, shoe op, bds, 52 Capitol 

Beck Nicholas, emp D M O & Co, h 111 Lewis 

Beck Robert F, mechanic, bds 52 Capitol 

Beck Susan M, widow Frederick C, h 23 Elizabeth 

Beck Walter H, purchasing agt, D M O & Co, h 31 Sherman 

Beck Walter W, painter, h 52 Capitol 

Becker Angeline J, widow John, h 153 Seymour 

Becker Arthur E, printer, 12 Hoffman, h 31 Elizabeth 

Becker George M, moulder, h 33 Elizabeth 

Becker Gertrude M, teacher, Madison Ave Sch, res 33 Elizabeth 

Becker Harry H, emp D M O & Co, h 29 Mattie 

Becker John M, mechanic, h 110 Division N 

Becker Mary, widow John, res over 74 Wall 

Beckwith Anna E, waitress, "Kiemele's," res 9 Kitchell 

Beckwith Edward B, weaver, h 25 1/2 Union 

Beckwith Isabelle M, weaver, bds 9 Kitchell 

Beckwith Thomas, wool carder, h 9 Kitchell 

Beckwith William T P, wool carder, bds 9 Kitchell 

Bedell Emory G, ag't, A W Stevens & Son, h 17 Derby ave 

Bedell P Raymond, musician, res 17 Derby ave 

Bedell John S, ins ag't, h 40 South 

Bedkierski Ignatius, iron worker, bds 69 Perrine 

Beebe Benjamin F, painter, h 9 Gaylord 

Beebe Louise, teacher, South St Sch, bds 9 Gaylord 

Beebe William W, salesman, 14 State, res 3 Court 

Beecher Elizabeth, res 183 Genesee 

Beecher Frederick C, conductor L V R R, h 1 Hulbert 

BEECHER REV. WILLIS J., D. D., Professor Theo Sem, h 183 Genesee 

Beede Etta, widow George W, res 46 Hamilton ave 

BEE HIVE STORE, S. E. Bell, prop'r, small ware dry goods house, 59, 61, and
	63 Genesee 

BEERS & DURNFORD, (Ed. C. Beers and Henry W. Durnford,)
	dealers in Stoves, Ranges, Stove Linings and Repairs, also Tin, 
	Copper and Sheet Iron Work. Roofing and Jobbing. Furnace work a 
	specialty. 26 Market. (See card) 

BEERS ED. C, (Beers & Durnford,) h 25 Division N 

Beers Fillmore, cook, h over 3 Genesee 

Beers Frank, stove repairer, 24 Market, bds 3 1/2 Franklin 

Beers Willard A, tinsmith, 24 Market, bds 3 1/2 Franklin 

Behan Nellie, twine op, bds 56 Holley 

Beisiegel Henry, machinist, bds 65 Clark 

Belcher Grace M, clerk, Big Store, 141 Genesee, res 25 Chapel 

Belcher John W, wood turner, h 25 Chapel 

Belden Cora M, domestic, bds 28 Union ave 

Belden David E, salesman, bds 28 Union ave 

Belden Harriet E, bds 28 Union ave 

Belden Lewis F, city express, h 28 Union ave 

Belden Richard K, mill op, bds 28 Union ave 

Belden Walter, stone cutter, bds 143 Clark 

Belding Eliza, trained nurse, City Hosp, 15 Lansing 

Bell Anna M, widow Robert, res 6 William 

Bell Blanche M, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 117 Franklin 

Bell Catherine, widow Henry, h 7 Throop ave 

Bell Clayton L, bookkeeper, h over 21 Seymour 

Bell Edna P, housekeeper, 22 Cayuga 

Bell George E, machinist, h 8 Greene 

Bell James, mill op, res 7 Barber 

BELL JOHN, (T. J. Bell & Co), h 26 Seymour 

Bell John W, h over 22 Cayuga 

Bell Lester R, electrician, h 25 1/2 Chapel 

Bell Lewis I, clerk, bds over 107 E Genesee 

Bell Lillian B, salesclerk, 142 Genesee, res 25 Court 

Bell Margaret E, student, St Mary's Sch, res 8 Greene 

Bell Minnie G, res 75 Clark 

Bell Nettie, laundress, h over 107 E Genesee 

Bell Pearl J, cloth cutter, 8 Lincoln, bds over 22 Cayuga 

Bell Robert, grocer, 75 Clark, h do 

Bell Robert, Jr, mason, h 13 Moravia 

BELL SAMUEL E., prop'r The Bee Hive Store, dealer in small
	ware dry goods, 59, 61 and 63 Genesee, h 117 Franklin Phones 
	Auto 108 at store, 208 at res 

Bell Sarah J, widow Robert, h 6 Fort 

Bell Stella A, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 117 Franklin 

BELL THOMAS J., (T. J. Bell & Co.), also supervisor 5th ward and Notary
	Public (with seal), h 23 Chapel 

BELL THOMAS J. & CO., (John Bell), livery and hack
	stables, 31 and 33 Garden (See adv, next page) 

Bell Willian (sic) C, bricklayer, h 136 1/2 Mechanic 

Bellaura Louie, fruits, &c, h 4 Garden 

Bellener Mrs K E, tailoress, 110 Genesee, res 110 Clark 

Bellnier Charles A, mechanic, h 19 Washington 

Bellnier Clarence, shoe op, bds 19 Washington 

Bellnier Edward S, twine op, h over 110 Clark 

Bello Bufalo, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic 

Belmont Lillian, cook, 112 State 

Belt George S, nurse, 149 Genesee, h 77 Cornell 

BEMIS & COVERT, (Emily Bemis and James Covert,) general groceries, canned
	goods a specialty, fruits in season, &c, 99 Genesee 

Bemis Elizabeth M, res 17 Court 

BEMIS EMILY, widow Charles, (Bemis & Covert,) h 17 Court 

Bemis Fannie L, res 17 Court 

Bemis John, emp D M O & Co, bds 9 1/2 State 

Bench Albert, teamster, h r 2 Grant ave 

Bench Edwin J, iron worker, h 45 Hamilton ave 

Bench Frank, emp D M O & Co, h 61 1/2 Orchard 

Bench Henrietta A, widow George, res 61 E Genesee 

BENCH LUMBER CO., (E. C. Aiken & E. C. Lathrop,) office No 218, over
	141 Genesee 

Bench Mary E, housekeeper, 45 Hamilton ave 

Bench Maude, seamstress, bds 19 Gaylord 

Bench Walter R, dep sheriff and com of deeds, h 19 Gaylord 

Bender Harry R, emp Romig M'f'g Co, bds 118 E Genesee 

Benedict Archibald W, prison guard, h 6 Cady ave 

Benedict Henry W, adjuster of accounts, h over 42 North 

Benedict Jay W, student, A H S, bds 6 Cady ave 

Benedict William H, emp D M O & Co, h over 15 Third ave, Melrose 

Benham Blanche M, student, A H S, bds 10 Lewis 

Benham Edward F, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Dill 

BENHAM GEORGE W., Clerk of Cayuga Co., office 156 Genesee, h 10 Cayuga 

Benham Harry D, shoe cutter, h 80 Fulton 

Benham Jane, widow Burton H, res 80 Fulton 

BENHAM ROBERT J., grocer and marketman, also supervisor 6th ward, 40 and
	42 Seymour, h do 

Benham Thomas J, city express, h 10 Lewis 

Benjamin Frank K, machinist, h 7 Delevan 

Benjamin Sarah, widow George W, res 7 Delevan 

Benn Damon J, salesman, 14 and 16 E Genesee, h over 21 do 

Bennett Adelaide C, bds 53 Franklin 

Bennett A N, res 53 Wall 

Bennett Catherine, widow John, h 100 Cottage 

Bennett Charles H, physician and surgeon, over 126 Genesee, res 8 Hoffman

Bennett Clara G, stenographer, over 125 Genesee, res 76 Washington 

Bennett Daniel M, (J Bennett & Son,) also health com, h 98 Cottage 

Bennett Edith May, gospel worker, bds 36 E Genesee 

Bennett Edmund S, mill op, bds 9 Wadsworth 

Bennett Eri, mechanic, h over 59 Orchard 

Bennett Ferdinand, emp D M O & Co, bds 58 Pulsifer 

Bennett Frederick J, temperer, h 58 Pulsifer 

Bennett Fred K, rodman, L V R R, res 25 Park Place 

Bennett George W, conductor, L V R R, h 64 Orchard 

Bennett Henry, artist, h 11 Wood 

Bennett Hester A, widow John C, laundress, res 85 Fitch ave 

Bennett Hosea, carpenter, h 9 Wadsworth 

Bennett Jennie M, music teacher, bds 8 Hoffman 

BENNETT JOHN H., com trav, also alderman 4th ward, h 82 Van Anden 

Bennett Joseph P, res 82 Van Anden 

Bennett Lois R, teacher, bds 24 Barber 

Bennett Loren R, livery and boarding stables, 60 Van Anden, h over 22 Clark

Bennett Margaret A, twine op, bds 51 Van Anden 

Bennett Margaret E, dressmaker, bds 100 Cottage 

Bennett Martyn H, salesman, 5 North, bds 120 Franklin 

Bennett Mary E, organist, Holy Fam Ch, res 100 Cottage 

Bennett Nathan W, twine op, bds 9 Wadsworth 

BENNETT ROBERT L., operator in Real Estate and writer of Insurance (Old and
	Reliable Co's) 133 1/2 Genesee, h 120 Franklin 

Bennett Rose M, domestic, 48 1/2 Mechanic 

Bennett Sarah A, student, bds 82 Van Anden 

Bennett & Son (John and Dan'l M,) stone yard, W Underwood 

Bennett William I, photo-copyist, h 8 Hoffman 

Bennett William J, stone cutter, bds 100 Cottage 

Bennetts Thomas H, blacksmith, bds 52 1/2 Nelson 

Bensinger Edgar J, clerk coll dep't, D M O & Co, res 16 Westlake ave

Benson Cornelia L, res 16 Elizabeth 

Benson Edith M, res 16 Elizabeth 

Benson Frances M, widow William B, h 16 Elizabeth 

BENSON FREDERICK A., Paper Box Manufacturer, 45 Washington,
	h 8 Nelson (See adv) 

Benson Jennie, waitress, 30 Lincoln, h over 78 Genesee 

Benson Mary P, res 16 Elizabeth 

Benson Nina L, res 16 Elizabeth 

Bentley Bert, emp D M O & Co, bds 41 Mechanic 

Bentley Charles M, salesman, h r 39 Wall 

Bentley Charles S, retired, bds 16 Seymour 

Bentley Lloyd, emp D M O & Co, bds 41 Mechanic 

Bentley Wilbur D, wood worker, h 70 Division S 

Benton Mrs Clara, twine op, bds 3 Greene ave 

BENZO CHERRY COUGH BALSAM, Fred T. Lewis, m'f'r, office 57 Franklin 

Bergan Anna c, spinner, 56 1/2 Orchard 

Bergan Frances I, shoe op, bds 56 1/2 Orchard 

Bergan James E, moulder, bds 16 Case ave 

Bergan Jeremiah, blacksmith, h 56 1/2 Orchard 

Bergan Jeremiah C, helper, bds 16 Case ave 

Bergan John M, emp D M O & Co, bds 16 Case ave 

Bergan Kate, attendant, 81 South 

Bergan Keron, mechanic, h 28 Cornell 

Bergan Mary J, mill op, bds 28 Cornell 

Bergan Mathew, mechanic, h 83 1/2 Fitch ave 

Bergan Michael, laborer, h 16 Case ave 

Bergan Sarah T, mill op, bds 28 Cornell 

Bergan Timothy, shoe op, bds 28 Cornell 

Bergan William F, moulder, bds 16 Case ave 

Bergan William P, emp E D C M'f'g Co, bds 56 1/2 Orchard 

Bernard Atanase, scythe maker, bds 268 Seymour 

Bernard Octave, scythe maker, h 15 Wadsworth 

Bernson Louis, saloon, 63 State, h 44 Orchard 

Bernstein & Blumberg, (I H B and M B) tailors, 46 1/2 State 

Bernstein Isaac H, (Auburn Tailoring Co), h 170 Seymour 

Berrels Martha, bds 9 1/2 State 

Berry Bessie B, weaver, bds 81 Division N 

Berry Charles H, acc't Aub Woolen Co, bds 39 Parker 

Berry Edward B, plane maker, bds 81 Division N 

Berry Harry J, mill op, bds over 39 Parker 

Berry Irene B, bds 276 Genesee 

Berry John H, cloth finisher, h over 39 Parker 

Berry John R, farmer, h 276 Genesee 

Berry Joseph B, plane maker, h 81 Division N 

Berry Maria, widow Joseph, h 212 Genesee 

Berry Martha A, weaver, bds 81 Division N 

Berry Mary A, dressmaker, bds 81 Division N 

Berry Mary E, bds 81 Division N 

Bessemer Eleanor, dressmaker, enq 30 Walnut 

Bessemer Jane H, widow William, cook, 49 E Genesee 

Bessey Edgar, painter, h over 86 State 

Bessey Mrs Franc, saleslady Gruner's Piano Ware Rooms, 5 State, 
	res over 59 do 

Bessey Mrs Josephine A, bds over 86 State 

Bessie Edward, mechanic, bds 42 Seminary 

Best Elmer E, dyer, h 138 Fulton 

Best William I, shoe op, bds 23 Derby ave 

Beswick Florence A, twine op, bds 6 Academy 

Beswick Lua A, res 6 Academy 

Beswick William H, installment house, 78 1/2 State, h 6 Academy 

Betts Edna I, stenographer, bds 16 Elm 

Betts Edward H, painter, res 9 Greene 

Betts H Seymour, emp D M O & Co, bds 16 Elm 

Betts James S, wood worker, h over 262 Genesee 

Betts John L, sash maker, h r 69 1/2 North 

Betts John P, guard Woman's Prison, h 16 Elm 

Betts Robert D, laborer, h 273 Genesee 

Betts Walter, sash maker, bds over 262 Genesee 

Bevier Eugene L, agent D M O & Co, h 24 Sherman 


Beyer Adolph, grocer, 110 Owasco, h do 

Beyer Caroline M, bds 110 Owasco 

Beyer Edward W, delivery clerk, 79 North, bds 8 Morris 

Beyer Ernest, weaver, h 12 Frederick 

Beyer Frederick A, tinsmith, bds 5 Beardsley 

Beyer George W, emp D M O & Co, h 129 Cottage 

Beyer Henry, salesman, 110 Owasco, bds do 

Beyer Joseph H, mill op, h 16 Frederick 

Beyer Luttie B, shoe op, bds 129 Cottage 

Beyer Mrs Mary, bds 5 Beardsley 

Bicknell Elizabeth, widow Albert, h 45 Seminary 

Bidlake David S, agent, bds 16 Court 

Bidlake Elmore G, machinist, bds 16 Court 

Bidwell Frederick E, saloon, 10 E Genesee, h over 7 do 

Bienkowski Anton, emp D M O & Co, h 36 Parker 

Bienkowski Robert, laborer, bds 36 Parker 

Bienkowski Stanley, laborer, bds 36 Parker 

Bierbauer Joseph, shoe laster, rooms over 80 Genesee 

Bigger Bertha, res 193 Clark 

Bigger Ella, dressmaker, bds 193 Clark 

Bigger Hayes, machinist, bds 193 Clark 

Bigger Jane B, widow Robert N, h 193 Clark 

Bigger Leroy A, toolmaker, h 193 clark 

Bigelow Margaret, shoe op, bds 90 Clark 

Bigelow Ruth T, res 11 Seminary 

BIG STORE (THE), Foster, Ross, & Baucus, proprietors,
	141, 143 and 145 Genesee. (See top lines and adv) 

Biker Anna C, shoe op, bds 28 Augustus 

BIKER F. J., surgeon dentist, office and residence over
	70 Genesee. All the modern 
Mechanical and Scientific appliances used Biker Louise M, shoe op, bds 28 Augustus Bilderback Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 63 Orchard Biles Anna E, widow C Ward, h 6 Paul Biles Edward G, shoe op, h over 29 Division N Biles Maude M, milliner, bds 6 Paul Biles Ward, emp D M O & Co, bds 6 Paul Billiard Henry, res 108 Clark Billings Adaline C, h 1 Benton Billings George W, (Superb Pad Co,) also baker, 5 North, h 95 E Genesee Bills Archie E, salesman, 33 Grant ave, bds 62 Lansing Bills Charles P, com trav, h 7 Parsons Bills Chester S, prison keeper, h 74 Lansing Bills Claude J, machinist, h 75 Lansing Bills Elizabeth, widow William S, res 62 Lansing Bills Elizabeth A, seamstress, bds 74 Lansing Bills Frank E, machinist. bds 74 Lansing Bills Mrs Jennie A, widow Adelbert C, h 37 Catlin Bills Josephine M, twine op, bds 74 Lansing Bills Lydia J, seamstress, bds 74 Lansing Bills Milo E, saloon, (The Turf Cafe,) 51 Market, h over do Bills Susan H, seamstress, bds 74 Lansing Bills William E, granite cutter, h 62 Lansing Bills William S, machinist, bds 74 Lansing Billyard Fannie, widow Clarence S, h 1 Church Billyard Louise M, student, A H S, res 1 Church Bingham Augusta, seamstress, h r 40 Lincoln Bingham Julia J, stenographer, over 124 Genesee, bds r 40 Lincoln Bingham Mahlon C, h 26 Division S Bink John, iron worker, h r 11 Rock ave Bink Rajina, domestic, bds r 11 Rock ave Binny Catherine E, bds 5 Beach ave Binny Eliza J, widow William W, h 5 Beach ave Binny Ellen A, dressmaker, bds 5 Beach ave Binny John E, machinist, bds 5 Beach ave Birch Willis F, conductor, A C Ry, bds 49 Perry Birchall John C, piano op, h over 39 E Genesee BIRDSALL CO. (THE NEW), manufacturers portable engines, grain threshers, saw mills, &c, &c, foot Mc Master Birdsall Emma S, shoe op, bds 23 Derby ave BIRDSALL LEANDER, captain of police h 23 Derby ave Birdsall William, scythe plater, bds 81 Wall Bisch Alvina, button op, bds 35 1/2 Clark Bisch Frank, emp D M O & Co, bds 35 1/2 Clark Bisch Louis, butcher, h 35 1/2 Clark Biseigle Henry, machinist, bds 25 Washington Bisgrove Arthur J, farmer, h 154 Division N Bisgrove Cora A, attendant, 19 Grover Bisgrove Egbert P, farm lab, bds 154 Division N Bishop Anna, cook, Quinn's Hotel, 3 North Bishop Edward, shoe op, bds 33 Canoga Bishop Maria L, widow Ira, res 11 Court Bishop Louis, shoe op, bds 33 Canoga Bishop Mary E, widow De Witt C, h 32 1/2 Garden Bishop William, emp scythe works, bds 33 Canoga Bishop William A, freight handler, bds 32 1/2 Garden Bisnett Edward, mason, h 54 Mechanic Bisnett Henry, emp D M O & Co, h over 23 E Genesee Bixby Carrie C, salesclerk, Big Store, res 15 Orchard Bixby Joseph D, com trav, h 15 Orchard Bizley Lewis, laborer, bds over 19 1/2 Genesee Black Belle, cook, 137 South Black Florence D, widow William G, h over 33 Frances Blackmer Louis E, machinist, h over 25 Elizabeth Blackmore Henry F, farmer, h 143 Lake ave Blackmore Thomas, millwright, bds 16 Clark Blackmore William, polisher, h 8 Van Patten Blackmore William J, accountant, D M O & Co, bds 8 Van Patten Blackstock Joseph, cigars, &c, 37 Washington, h 41 1/2 Orchard Blackstock Margaret M, trained nurse, res 41 1/2 Orchard Blackstock Susan L, artist, res 41 1/2 Orchard Blackwell Maggie, silk op, bds 76 Grant ave Blaikie Alexander J, carpenter, h 16 Lawton ave Blaikie John A, painter, bds 16 Lawton ave Blaikie Lena M, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 16 Lawton ave Blaikie M Emma, compositor, Aub Bulletin, res 16 Lawton ave Blaine Caroline C, widow Charles, res 12 Court Blaine Myron D, physician, 16 William, h do BLAIR FRANK, (17) letter carrier, h 26 Elizabeth Blair Grace, waitress, The Avery, 32 to 42 State Blair Joseph P, clerk, 18 North, h 9 Moravia Blair Lillian, domestic, bds over 8 Market Blake Alice M, h 102 Franklin Blake Bridget L, res 31 Grant Blake Caroline, widow George, h over 16 1/2 E Genesee Blake Harry G, core maker, bds over 16 1/2 E Genesee Blake Ira H, mill op, bds 119 Division N Blake John, gardener, h 31 Grant Blake John W, carpenter, h 119 Division N Blake Mary A, mill op, bds over 16 1/2 E Genesee Blake Rebecca, widow Jacob, res 38 Morris Blake Richard J, clerk, 157 State, bds 31 Grant Blake William H, shoemaker, bds 31 Grant Blakeman Loyal E, emp D M O & Co, h 57 Van Anden Blakeman Lulu May, assistant, Mc Carthy's Hair Dressing Parlors, 74 Genesee, res 57 Van Anden Blakley Charles E, mason, h 49 Grant ave Blakley Grace G, silk weaver, res 6 Chapel ave BLAKLEY MRS J. T., (Blakley & Co,) h 2 Park ave BLAKLEY MRS J. T. & CO., m'f'rs Ginger Wafers, 2 Park ave BLAKLEY JOHN T., m'g'r grocery, 81 and 83 North, h 2 Park ave BLAKLEY LOUIS L., salesman, 81 and 83 North, res 2 Park ave Blakley Margaret, shoe op, bds 9 Willey Blakley Miriam, widow Robert, h r 2 Park ave Blakley Miriam A, res 2 Park ave Blakley Robert T, delivery clerk, h 9 Willey Blakley Sarah, shoe op, bds 9 Willey Blakley William W, moulder, h 6 Chapel Blakowski Edward, emp D M O & Co, h 32 Chase Blatchford Thomas H, pattern maker, h over 16 Washington Blauvelt Arthur E, lawyer, over 131 Genesee, res Port Byron Blauvelt Frederick, shoe op, bds 22 Jefferson Blessing Cuyler D, emp D M O & Co, h 270 Genesee Blick Henry D, chief clerk, coll dep't, D M O & Co, h 68 Nelson Bliss Merle R, student, A H S, bds 125 Franklin Bliss Ralph P, student, Colgate Univ, bds 125 Franklin Bliss Randolph, ins ag't, h 125 Franklin Blochinger Isidore, brewer, Ehrman Brew Co, h 57 West Blodgett & Brooks, m'f'r's and dealers, cigars, &c, also saloon, 21 North BLODGETT CHARLES M., (8) letter carrier, bds 41 Garden Blodgett Mrs W H, rec clerk, over 146 Genesee, res 110 Wall Blodgett Willard H, machinist, h 110 Wall Blohut Mrs Mary B, res 54 Water Blood Frank, carpenter, bds over 8 Dill Blood Nelson D, physician, 5 Aurelius ave, h do Blood Robert H, salesman, 78 Genesee, res 1 Lewis Bloom Joseph M, painter, h 128 Aurelius ave Bloom Sarah, widow David, res 9 Jefferson Blowers Benjamin B, emp D M O & Co, h 15 Paddock B'l'k, 78 Franklin Blowers George, quarryman, h 138 Perrine Blowers John H, teamster, h over 210 State BLUMBERG ISADORE, (Liberman & Blumberg), h 86 Fulton Blumberg Max, merchant tailor, 40 1/2 State, h 52 Steel Blumberg Myer, (Aub Tailoring Co), h 86 Fulton Blumrich Ada F, box maker, bds 23 Bradford Blumrich Albert A, baker, "Kiemele's," bds 18 Frederick BLUMRICH ANTON, shoe maker and repairer, with Brennan's Bargain Shoe House, 41 State, h 18 Frederick Blumrich Joseph F, piano maker, h 23 Bradford Blumrich Joseph F, Jr, mill op, bds 23 Bradford Blumrich Mayme L, boxmaker, bds 23 Bradford Blumrich Minnie, res 23 Bradford Boag Elizabeth, h 82 Clark Boardman Fred E, pattern maker, h r 78 1/2 Owasco BOARD OF EDUCATION, B. B. Snow, sup't and sec'y, office 16 Seward Block, over 94 Genesee BOARD OF WATER COMMISSIONERS (CITY), J Lewis Grant, sup't, Wm. Anderson, clerk, office 5 Seward Block, over 94 Genesee Bobbett Arthur, iron roller, bds 25 William Bocker Frank A, machinist, h 253 Genesee BODELL BENJAMIN, sup't Columbian Cordage Co, h 8 Cottage Bodell Frederick G, student, Cornell Univ, bds 8 Cottage Bodell Florence L, widow Charles, h 40 1/2 Barber Bodell Harriet E, bds 8 Cottage Bodell Theodore B, student, A H S, bds 8 Cottage Boden Lawrence R, watch maker, 92 Genesee, res 33 Fulton Bodine George K, teamster, h 29 Morris Bodine Leon C, drug clerk, 141 State, h 137 1/2 Seymour Bodley Caleb C, tailor, h over 21 E Genesee Bodley Herbert, mechanic, res 45 E Genesee Bodley Josephine P, housekeeper, over 21 E Genesee Bodley Melvina A, nurse, enq over 66 Lewis Bodman Alfred C, barber, 96 Genesee, bds 48 Clark Bodman George D, meat cutter, 5 1/2 Clark, h 48 do Boehme Freda, silk op, bds 27 Hamilton ave BOEHME GOTTLOB, carpet weaver, 104 Mechanic, h do All kinds of designs woven and reasonable prices Boehme Louisa C, twine op, bds 27 Hamilton ave Boehme Richard, weaver, h 27 Hamilton ave Boerner Charles L, machinist, bds 20 South Bogart Geo, farmer, h 159 Perrine Bogart Jacob, d'v'y clerk, 9 Genesee, h 42 Perry BOHAN, see also BOWEN Bohan Anna, shoe op bds 5 Paul Bohan Elizabeth, widow Bernard, h 5 Paul Bohan Frank, laborer, h 71 Division N Bohan Frank J, barkeeper, 29 Genesee, bds 5 Paul Bohan Fred, carpenter, h 8 Paddock Block, Franklin Bohan James, machinist, h 34 Frazee Bohan James A, shoe op, bds 20 Chestnut Bohan James H, laborer, h 1 1/2 Paddock Block, Franklin Bohan John J, mechanic, bds 20 Chestnut Bohan Katie, housekeeper, 20 Chestnut Bohan Mary A, shoe op, bds 71 Division N Bohan Mary J, housekeeper, bds 20 Chestnut Bohan Michael, laborer, bds 5 Paul Bohan Michael F, shoe op, bds 20 Chestnut Bohan Michael J, h 20 Chestnut Bohan Patrick shoe op, bds 20 Chestnut Bohan Peter J, machinist, bds 71 Division N Bohan Thomas F, machinist, bds 71 Division N Bohman Carl E, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, res 21 Park Place BOHN, see also BAHN Bohn A Mary, weaver, bds 163 Van Anden Bohn Anna M, widow Peter, h 62 Grant ave Bohn Anthony, moulder, h 163 Van Anden Bohn Carrie, res 163 Van Anden Bohn Charles E, moulder, h 24 Catlin Bohn Donat, bds 12 Frazee Bohn Elizabeth T, dressmaker, room 118, over 141 Genesee, res 163 Van Anden Bohn Gertrude M, weaver, bds 166 Van Anden Bohn Joseph, moulder, h 151 Van Anden Bohn Josephine, res 16 Nelson Bohn Rose A, dressmaker, bds 163 Van Anden Bohn William H, driver, Hose 3, A F D, h 5 Mundt ave Boiselle Ida J, dressmaker, bds 11 Hamilton ave Boiselle Kate A, stenographer, D M O & Co, bds 11 Hamilton ave Boiselle Martha E, res 11 Hamilton ave Boiselle Mary A, teacher, res 11 Hamilton ave Boiselle Oliver, tailor, 3 Water, h 11 Hamilton ave Boland Albert J, grocer, 23 Seymour, h do Bolenius Fred A, shoemaker, h 114 E Genesee Bolenius William C, painter, h 7 Florence Boles Elmer E, carpenter, h 55 Wall Boles Ernest J, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Mary Boles Mrs Mary A, res 120 Van Anden Bolger Alfred, sup't bicycle w'ks, h 38 Capitol Bolger Ella J, teacher, Evans st sch, bds 38 Capitol Bolger William T, machinist, h 56 Walnut Bolowski Antonio, shoe op, h 3 Division S Bolowski Louise, mill op, bds 3 Division S Bolton Elizabeth, maid, 91 South Bond Albert H, foreman rolling mill, D M O & Co, h 8 Cady ave Bond Dina, widow Henry W, domestic, 18 Capitol Bond Frederick, machinist, h 32 Burt ave Bond Henry W, machinist, h 7 Elm Bonker Horace V, ass't acting sec'y, Y M C A , res 130 Division N Bonker Maude A, res 130 Division N Bonker May M, student, A H S, res 130 Division N Bonker Samuel C, gardener, h 130 Division N Boomhower Fred K, electrical eng'r, Auburn Prison, h 12 Evans Boone Charles E, flagman, L V R R, h 64 Cottage BOONE JACK, prop'r The Palace Theatre, 47 Market st. The Best Vaudeville House in Western New York. Recognized artists only engaged. Service the finest. Bar attached. Also prop'r The Metropole Hotel, 341-347 E. Genesee st, Syracuse, N. Y. (See adv, next page) Booth Alice, res 140 North Booth Anna, widow Rev Henry M, h 140 North Booth Edith, res 140 North Booth Edwin B, delivery clerk, bds 11 Augustus Booth Elizabeth G, widow Henry D, bds 64 Washington Booth Geo I, emp D M O & Co, bds 11 Augustus Booth George S, photographer, 109 Genesee, h 118 Wall Booth Harry, delivery clerk, 46 Lewis, bds 13 Kitchell Booth Henry, emp D M O & Co, h 52 Frances Booth Henry B, delivery clerk, h 13 Kitchell Booth James A, salesman, 37 Genesee, bds 11 Augustus Booth Jennie, milliner, bds 52 Frances Booth Josephine L, widow Lucius S, h 16 Holley Booth Louisa E, seamstress, bds 11 Augustus Booth Minnie M, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 52 Frances Booth Nettie E, shoe op, bds 64 Washington Booth Orlando H, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Frances Booth Sarah A, widow George, h 11 Augustus Boothe Smith, mechanic, h 122 Wall Boothroyd Thomas B, com trav, bds 28 Howard Borden Andrew G, janitor, Madison ave Sch, h 5 Myrtle ave Borden Bert D, blacksmith, h 38 Perry Borden George W, emp D M O & Co, h 5 Florence Borden Maude F, bds 5 Myrtle ave Bordt Caroline, widow John, h over 90 State Bordt Charles, mill op, bds over 90 State Boroska Paulina, widow Andrew, h 39 Cottage Bortz Clara, widow Frank, h 4 Mill Bortz Frederick C, shoe op, bds 4 Mill Bortz John M, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 Mill Bortz Lizzie L, mill op, bds 4 Mill Bortz Mary J, domestic, bds 4 Mill Bosserman Alice B, mill op, bds 51 1/2 Fitch ave Bosserman Samuel T, carpenter, h 51 1/2 Fitch ave Bostwick Julia M, widow Henry H, h 30 Steel Bostwick Lillian M, bds 30 Steel Bostwick Lucy W, widow John Y, h 31 William Bostwick Margaret W, res 31 William Botsford Alva B, emp D M O & Co, bds 62 North Botsford Mrs Ida B, h 137 North Botsford John H, paper dealer, 8 South, h 5 Grover Boucher Addison, stock broker, over 126 1/2 Genesee, h 18 Wright ave Bouck Catherine, widow Charles M, h over 210 Seymour Bouck Charles M, trainman, L V R R, h over 210 Seymour Bouck Fred G, twine op, bds over 210 Seymour Bouck George R, student, C G S, res 210 Seymour Bouck William H, twine op, bds over 210 Seymour Boudiette Frank J, ass't eng'r, E L Co, h 80 Walnut Boult Charles H, moulder, bds 157 Lake ave Boult Ernest A, moulder, bds 157 Lake ave Boult Henry A, teamster, h 157 Lake ave Boult Howard E, gardener, bds 157 Lake ave Boulter Henry, foreman, 101 Orchard, h 29 Hamilton ave Bourbeau Joseph, shoe op, res room 12, over 80 Genesee Bowe Bridget, domestic, 145 North Bowe Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 3 Wallace ave Bowe William, shoe op, bds 3 Wallace ave BOWEN, see also BOHAN Bowen Andrew P, miller, h 28 Sherman Bowen Caroline, widow Melville, bds 20 Orchard Bowen Ellen, widow Patrick, h 64 Holley BOWEN ERNEST S., (Fay & Bowen), h 19 Hamilton ave Bowen George W, (Bowen M'f'g Co), h 20 Orchard Bowen George W, scythe maker, h 32 Frazee Bowen Henry W, painter, h 59 Owasco Bowen James C, painter, h over 19 Lewis Bowen Mrs Janet McN, artist, bds 11 Perry Bowen Jessie F, bds 10 Maple Bowen Laura A, domestic, 80 Washington Bowen Leander P, m'f'r shoe racks, &c, 5 Dill, h over 97 Genesee Bowen Lena R, bicycle op, bds 10 Maple Bowen M'f'g Co, bicycle parts, &c, Canal n Mechanic Bowen May A, res 32 Frazee Bowen Mrs Nettie M, seamstress, bds 5 Steel Bowen Patrick, cigar maker, h 64 Holley Bowen Patrick, shoemaker, h 191 Perrine ave Bowen Phoebe, carpet weaver, bds over 21 Wood Bowen Samuel G, mechanic, bds 68 Walnut Bowen Seneca B, mechanic, h 10 Maple Bower Caroline S, widow Samuel L, bds 15 Park ave Bower Catherine, h over 164 E Genesee Bower Fred W, salesman, 107 Genesee, bds 177 do Bower Mabel L, clerk, 139 Genesee, bds 11 Sheridan Bower Robert S, accountant, 101 Orchard, bds 76 Seymour Bower Robert W, h 76 Seymour Bower Samuel L, emp D M O & Co, h 11 Sheridan Bower William, sawyer, bds 273 North BOWERS FRED R., treas Burtis Opera House, h 7 Mary Bowers Mary, attendant, New National Hotel Bowers Otto E, painter, h 2 Frances Bowes George W, weaver, bds 113 Wall Bowler Francis R, ice pedler, h 78 Fulton Bowler Willard, shoe op, bds 33 Division S Bowley George F, salesman, 74 Wall, h 67 do Bowman Mattie A, stenographer, over 77 Genesee, res 29 Maple Bowman Ruth C, widow Francis, h 29 Maple Boyce C William, physician, 19 South, h do Boyce Henry F, salesman, Boston Store, bds 20 South Boyce James W, quarryman, h 80 Division N Boyce Jay, twine op, h 156 Perrine Boyce J Isabelle, res 19 South Boyd Arthur A, hame m'f'r, over 305 Genesee, h 110 South Boyd Charles E, salesman, Big Store, 141 Genesee, bds 214 1/2 do Boyd Gladys, res 110 South Boyd James A, mechanic, h 214 1/2 Genesee Boyd John S, salesman, 91 Genesee, bds 214 1/2 do Boyd M J, emp, Parker M'f'g Co, bds 55 Market Boyer George, moulder, h 12 Grant ave Boylan Marie, head waitress, The Avery, 32 to 42 State Boyle Anna I, salesclerk, 79 Genesee, res 6 1/2 Cady ave Boyle Bertha, res Quinn's Hotel, 3 North Boyle Catherine M I, res 6 1/2 Cady ave Boyle Ellen, attendant, 110 South BOYLE & EVERTS CO. (THE), F. P. Taber, pres, D. E. Clapp, vice pres, Wm. S. Everts, gen'l manager, sec'y and treas M'f''rs doors, sash and blinds, mouldings and interior finish, office and factory 62 Division S Boyle George F, shoe op, bds over 32 Dill Boyle Isaac, ins agent, h 6 1/2 Cady ave Boyle James, lineman, bds 41 Garden Boyle James H, core maker, h 66 Hamilton ave Boyle John, trimmer, E L Co, h 16 Canoga Boyle Julia E, weaver, bds over 29 Genesee Boyle Louise F, student, A H S, res 63 Holley Boyle Margaret, widow Michael, hh 44 Holley Boyle Margaret, widow Thomas, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North Boyle Margaret A, weaver, bds 44 Holley Boyle Mary, widow Terrence, bds over 29 Genesee Boyle Mary A, res 4 Lincoln Boyle Michael A, emp D M O & Co, h 26 Steel Boyle Michael J, barber, bds 44 Holley Boyle Patrick, emp D M O & Co, h 6 1/2 Cady ave Boyle Terrence J, student, Holy Cross Coll, bds 6 1/2 Cady ave BOYLE WILLIAM H., mamager cafe, Boone's Palace Theatre, 47 Market, res 44 Holley Boyle William M, lawyer, bds 6 1/2 Cady ave Boyne Alice F, button op, bds 42 Owasco Boyne Anna Elizabeth, widow Philip, h 42 Owasco Boyne James H, emp D M O & Co, bds 42 wasco Boyne Minnie T, button op, bds 42 Owasco Boynton Adelbert R, milkman, h 38 Perry Boynton Edgar W, city policeman, h 13 Adams Boynton Irma M, student, A H S, res 16 Grant ave Boynton Martha C, widow William, h 15 Grant ave Boynton Sarah M, artist, bds 15 Grant ave Boynton William H, h 16 Grant ave BOYNTON WILLIAM J., solicitor, The Emp State Tel and Tel Co, h 20 Grant ave Boys J Frank, h 22 Derby ave Bradish Lydia D H, bds 46 Grant ave Bradley Adrian H, illuminating oils, h 66 Bradford Bradley Albert, mechanic, h 79 Lewis Bradley Alice M, artist, res 39 Frazee Bradley George S, mason, bds 39 Frazee Bradley Jennie M, mill op, bds over 71 Orchard Bradley, Martin O, carpenter, h 15 Seymour Bradley Seymour, mason, h 39 Frazee Bradley William, emp D M O & Co, h over 32 Burt ave Bradley William B, jeweler, 105 Genesee, h over 17 Grant ave Bradmyer Agnes, widow Andrew, res 63 Clark Bradmyer John, special officer, Burtis Opera House, h 23 Moravia Bradshaw Harris U, flagman, L V R R, h 52 West Bradshaw Stella M, seamstress, bds 52 West BRADSTREET'S MERCANTILE AGENCY, Onondaga County Sav B'k B'd'g, Syracuse, N Y Bradt Herman J, drug clerk 33 E Genesee, bds 62 North Bradt Walter S, delivery clerk, 5 1/2 Clark, bds 70 Division S Brady Anna E, widow Joseph, h 37 Seymour Brady Edward F, polisher, bds 249 Genesee Brady Frank A, emp D M O & Co, bds 37 Seymour Brady Henry, moulder, bds 38 Garrow Brady James J, shoelaster, h 62 Hamilton ave Brady Joseph, shoe op, bds 38 Garrow Brady Julia, shoe op, bds 34 Walnut Brady Margaret, button op, bds 38 Garrow Brady Mary, attendant, New Nat'l Hotel Brady Mary E, dressmaker, res 21 Grant ave Brady Michael, shoe op, bds 62 Hamilton ave Brady Nora E, salesclerk, 85 Genesee, bds 77 Washington Brady Patrick, laborer, h 21 Grant Brady Patrick H, carpenter, h 38 Garrow Brady Mrs Sarah, saloon, 87 Fitch ave, res 38 Garrow Brady William J, shoe op, bds 62 Hamilton ave Bragg W R, res 50 Hamilton ave Braham John, carpenter, h over 1 Beardsley BRAINARD REV. JOHN, D. D., rector, St Peter's Episcopal Church, h 169 Genesee BRAINARD JOHN M., (Taber & Brainard,) lawyer, h 144 South Brainard Rev J Wilson, pastor, 2d Pres Ch, h 28 Nelson Braman Mabel K, student, bds 172 Franklin Branch Charles H, bds 12 Lewis Branch Luin S, pump m'f'r, enq 16 Perry Branch Rose, domestic, enq 31 Chapel Brandsetter Joseph, mechanic, h 7 Union Brannick Alicia, widow Luke, h 114 Seymour Brannick Edward J, emp D M O & Co, bds 18 Madison ave Brannick Edward J, shipper, 134 State, bds 114 Seymour Brannick Frank L, machinist, bds 18 Madison ave Brannick Luke A, salesman, bds 114 Seymour Brannick Mary, widow Edward, h 18 Madison ave Brannick Mary G, cashier, 91 & 93 Genesee, res 114 Seymour Brannig Nicholas E, shoe cutter, h 54 Orchard Brassell Minnie, cook, 28 Grover Brassey Agnes, shoe op, bds 30 1/2 Walnut Brassey James, emp D M O & Co, h 30 1/2 Walnut Brassey Jessie, shoe op, bds 30 1/2 Walnut Brauchle Anna W A, domestic, 10 Nelson Bray John, mill op, bds 68 West BRAY WALTER, saddlery hardware, also dealer in harness, trunks, &c, boat oars and
trimmings, 11 Exchange, h 110 Seymour (See page 5) BRAY W. CHARLES, harness maker, 11 Exchange, h 34 Seymour Brayer Edward F, cement walks, &c, bds 5 Wheeler Breads Esther, trained nurse, res over 3 Washington Brechue Amelia, widow Moses, res 65 Division N Brechue Elizabeth E, mill op, bds 65 Division N Brechue Frank J, hemp opener, h 232 Seymour BRECHUE LOUIS N., dealer in choice Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, 22 Aurelius ave, h 20 do Good Service, Quality the finest Breed Charles G, barber, 10 clark, bds 16 do Breen Anna, shoe op, bds 86 Cottage Breen Catherine, widow Patrick, h 86 Cottage Breen Hannah, shoe op, bds 86 Cottage Breen Helen N, domestic, 71 South (r) Breen Henry A, salesman, 28 State, bds 86 Cottage Breen Johanna, widow Michael, h 37 Parker Breen Mary, silk op, bds 86 Cottage Breen Minnie, widow Thomas, res 244 State Breen William K, barber, 40 State, rooms 40 South Breese Arthur H, baker, h 35 Lincoln Breese Belden J, moulder, bds 39 Hamilton ave Breese Christopher, machinist, h 118 Division S Breese Edith A, res 39 Hamilton ave Breese Leroy A, brakeman, L V R R, h 70 Orchard Breese L Wesce, lineman, E L Co, h 94 1/2 Van Anden Breese Robert C, city policeman, h 39 Hamilton ave Breese Robert C, Jr, mechanic, h 35 Delevan Bremer Henry, laborer, h over 241 North Brennan Anna, waitress, 72 South Brennan Bessie G, attendant, 3 Woodruff Place BRENNAN CHARLES, prop'r Central Hotel, 145 Clark (See card) Brennan Ellen, domestic, 190 Genesee Brennan Fenton J, stone cutter, h 4 Kelsey Brennan James, emp D M O & Co, h 121 Fulton Brennan James L, mill op, h 11 Garfield Brennan Col John, saloon, 20 Dill, h 99 Seymour Brennan John, laborer, bds 285 Division N Brennan John J, stone cutter, h 42 Pulsifer Brennan John, Jr, shoe op, bds 99 Seymour Brennan Julia J, widow James, res 75 Division S Brennan Katie A, shoe op, bds 66 Van Anden Brennan Lawrence F, mill op, bds 6 Railroad ave Brennan Margaret, mill op, bds 75 Division S Brennan Margaret T, silk op, bds 66 Van Anden Brennan Mary, domestic, 102 South Brennan Mary, milliner, bds 99 Seymour Brennan Mary E, shoe op, bds 66 Van Anden Brennan Michael, emp D M O & Co, h over 5 Underwood Brennan Michael M, shoe maker, h 136 Cottage Brennan Patrick, shoe maker, h over 70 1/2 Genesee Brennan Peter, emp D M O & Co, h 79 Lansing Brennan Thomas, clerk, 4 Water, bds 99 Seymour BRENNAN THOMAS, dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, 41 State, opp Hotel Avery, h 89 Washington My stock is up to date and my facilities are such as to enable me to sell goods at a low figure Brennan Thomas A, moulder, h over 13 Derby ave Brennan Thomas J, stone cutter, h 66 Van Anden Breon Orpha, nurse, enq 23 William Bresee Charles H, physician, h 100 E Genesee Bresnahan Hugh, flagman, N Y C, h 20 Perrine Bresnahan Hugh F, coremaker, bds 20 Perrine Bresnahan Helen E, milliner, res 227 State Bresnahan James, mechanic, bds 16 Underwood Bresnahan Katie, nurse, bds 16 Underwood Bresnahan Margaret F, dressmaker, res 227 State Bresnahan Mary F, shoe op, bds 80 Washington Bresnahan Patrick, gardener, h 16 Underwood Bresnahan Thomas, flagman, N Y C R R, h 227 State Brewer Henry, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, res 21 1/2 Logan Brewster Ernest, carpenter,h 7 Gaylord Brewster Eugene E, painter, h 68 Walnut Brewster Fred H, mechanic, h over 114 1/2 Wall BREWSTER GEORGE A., manufacturer's agent, introducing the finest line of medium and high priced cigars ever shown in this vicinity, both imported and domestic, res 19 Park Place Brewster Harriet E, res 67 South Brewster Henrietta C, widow Albert, res over 114 1/2 Wall Brewster Laura M, widow John G, h 11 Paddock Bl'k, 76 Franklin Brewster O L, waiter, Osborne House, 77 State Brewster Prince L, waiter, bds over 11 Genesee Bricks Frank, electrician, h over 64 North Bricks Lena, button op, bds 62 1/2 Mechanic Bricks Lottie, widow Michael, h 62 1/2 Mechanic Bricks Martin, plumber, h over 19 Genesee Bricks William J, barkeeper, Peacock House, h 3 Fulton Bridges Edmond N, motorman, A C R'y, bds 30 Van Patten BRIGDEN IRVING E., city assessor and com'r of deeds, h 19 Logan Brigden Timothy, h 20 Cayuga Briggs A Percy, stenographer, N Y Cent fr't office, bds 80 Perrine Briggs Ernest W, emp Tel Co, bds 34 Steel Briggs Frederick, machinist, bds 71 Clark BRIGGS GLENN F., prop'r Auburn's Leading Shoe Store, Boots, Shoes and Rubbers of Standard Makes, 81 Genesee, h 8 Elizabeth Low prices rule at this establishment Briggs Jane, widow Henry, h over 2 Morris Briggs Kathleen E, teacher, North st sch, res 80 Perrine Briggs Lansing, hame op, bds 34 Steel Briggs Louisa J, proof reader, Daily Adv, res 34 Steel Briggs Margaret, widow James W, h 34 Steel Briggs Michael J, machinist, h 80 Perrine Briggs Sarah J, dressmaker, bds 2 Morris Briggs William, laborer, h 25 Prospect Brigham Mrs Hattie L, res 20 South Bringham H Raymond, bds 20 South (sic) Brightman Bessie, bds 57 Steel Brightman Carrie C, wood worker, bds 57 Steel Brightman Isaac, teamster, h 246 State Brightman James, sexton, 1st Meth ch, h 57 Steel Brightman William R, salesman, 36 Market, h 48 Cayuga Brill Caroline E, widow Thornton, res 40 Walnut Brill George H, scythe Maker, h 13 Myrtle ave BRILL GEORGE H., JR., (11) letter carrier, h 74 Clark Brill Nicholas H, prison keeper, h 74 1/2 Van Anden Brill Samuel C, scythe finisher, h 82 Wall Brinkerhoff Alfred J, com trav, h 11 Elizabeth Brinkerhoff Archie, mechanic, bds 30 Lincoln Brinkerhoff Emma F, widow Dr Truman S, h 79 Wall Brinkerhoff Eunice W, trained nurse, res 15 James Brinkerhoff James W, engineer L V R R, h 21 Arch Brinkerhoff Julia E, shoe op, res 79 Wall Brinkerhoff Marian, widow Abram, h 1 Hoffman Brinkerhoff Osmer J, baker, bds 1 Hoffman BRINKERHOFF WARREN M., attorney, also manager National Harrow Co, rooms 1 to 7 Columbus
Block, over 146 Genesee, h 206 do Briscombe Mrs Sarah, nurse, 172 Genesee Brisette Cyriac, h 62 Mechanic Brisette Philip J, meat cutter, 9 Genesee, bds 62 Mechanic BRISTER CHARLES W., (Lewis & Brister), h 6 Gaylord Brister Maude C, music teacher, bds 34 Morris Brister Thomas H, baker, h 34 Morris BRISTOL JOHN E., (John S. Bristol & Son), h 32 Aurelius ave BRISTOL JOHN S., (jno. S. Bristol & Son), h 32 Aurelius ave BRISTOL JOHN S. & SON, (John E.) prop'rs Aurelius Ave. Mills,m'f'rs Flour of a Superior Quality, also Saw Mills--dealers in flour, feed and grain, 33 Aurelius ave n stone bridge Britan Joseph T, student, Theo Sem, res do Britton Charles, laborer, h 4 Rock ave BRIXIUS & CHAPMAN, (H. W. Brixius and A D. Chapman), m'f'rs and dealers in furniture, carpets window shades, rugs, etc, etc, 48 and 50 Genesee BRIXIUS HENRY W., (Brixius & Chapman), h 24 Grant ave Broad Carrie E, dressmaker, bds 17 Seward ave Broad Richard, emp D M O & Co, h 54 Marvine ave Broad Richard T, inspector, D M O & Co, bds 17 Seward ave Brock Bert, mill op, bds 12 Garden Brockway Elmer E, fireman, h 12 Rock ave Brockway George W, sup't Aub Iron Works, h 4 Mc Master Brockway Isabella, widow George W, h 4 Mc Master Brockway Lucy, res 4 Mc Master BROCKWAY ROBERT G., cashier, D M O & Co, res 4 Mc Master Broderick George, moulder, bds 7 Hoffman Broderick John, teamster, bds 138 Division S Brodhead George I, emp D M O & Co, bds over 20 Havens ave Brodhead Jacob H, salesman, 4 E Genesee, h over 20 Havens ave Brodhead Robert L, carpenter, bds over 20 Havens ave Brodt Alwyn H, carpenter, h 57 Seward ave Brodt Clayton A, emp D M O & Co, bds 57 Seward ave Brodt Henry, bds 62 North Brodt Levia A, sch teacher, bds 57 Seward ave BRONNER EMANUEL, sec'y and treas'r Cayuga Loan Co, office over 99 Genesee, bds The Hotel Avery Bronson Alfred, farmer, bds 154 Division N Bronson Jennie, domestic, enq 20 Orchard Bronson Oscar W, mason, h 1 Fulton Brooker Willard A, clerk, Col Cord Co, bds 137 Wall Brooker William, blacksmith, &c, also city constable, 139 Wall, h 137 do Brookhart Elias A, porter, h over 149 State BROOKINS REV. JOHN C., PASTOR Immanuel Baptist Church, res 32 Cayuga Brooks Fred H, com trav, bds 61 North Brooks George B, machinist, h 8 Wood BROOKS HAVERLY, insurance and real estate, over 85 Genesee, h 61 North Brooks John S, machinist, h 11 Pleasant Brooks Mary E, stenographer, Cay Co Sav Bank, also The Boyle, Everts Co, res 2 Hulbert Brooks Matilda, widow John S, res 7 Mc Master Brooks Robert M, machinist, h 17 Garrow Brooks William, emp D M O & Co, bds 24 North Broome James, carpenter, h 33 Wall Brosnan Catherine T, dressmaker, bds 72 Grant ave Brosnan Daniel, mechanic, h 72 Grant ave Brosnan Daniel L, shoe op, bds 72 Grant ave Brosnan John F, shoe op, bds 72 Grant ave Brossell Nora A, maid, 37 William Brotherton Burton, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 Miller Brotherton Dollie, silk op, h 8 Miller Brotherton Edwin, shoe op, bds 8 Miller Brott Adelbert H, iron worker, h over 62 Fulton Brown Agnes S, school teacher, bds 62 Holley BROWN A. H., physician and surgeon, also occulist and aurist,-- City Health Officer Office and res 7 William Hours until 9 and 10 to 12 A M, 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 P M Sundays 12 to 3 P M Brown Albertha, cigar leaf booker, 16 1/2 E Genesee, bds Havens ave, Owasco Brown Albert J, harnessmaker, h 55 Frances Brown Albert T, com trav, bds 83 Fulton Brown Anna, shoe op, bds 24 Garrow Brown Arthur F, publisher's agt, bds 16 Perry Brown Benjamin, laborer, h over 54 Garrow Brown Benjamin S, machinist, bds 86 Clark Brown Bessie E, student, Syracuse Univ, bds 100 1/2 Fulton Brown Charles, horse trainer, bds 6 Guilfoil ave Brown Charles, moulder, rooms 6 Harrington Terrace, Seminary St Brown Charles H, shoe op, bds 66 Moravia Brown Charles L, oil pedler, h 46 Franklin BROWN CHARLES W., caterer, res New Commercial Hotel, 41 Garden Brown Coral C, photographer, bds 39 Seward ave Brown Curtis, bds 12 Garden Brown Daisy I, res 205 Mechanic Brown Edith M, res 39 Seward ave Brown Edwin, h 100 1/2 Fulton Brown Edwin W, jeweler, 55 State, h 26 Hoffman Brown Mrs Eliza C, res 21 Maple Brown Emma, shoe op, bds over 92 Washington Brown Florence M, bds 179 Lake ave Brown Frances, widow Theodore, h 10 1/2 Barber Brown Frances A, shoe op, bds Havens ave n Owasco Brown Frank, plumber, bds 2 Colburn ave Brown Frank, plumber, bds 30 Hoffman Brown Frank J, iron worker, bds 15 Garrow Brown Frank W, jeweler and repairer, 46 State, h over 44 Franklin Brown Fred, jeweler, 55 State, bds 26 Hoffman Brown George, twine op, bds 62 Holley Brown George C, machinist, h over 35 1/2 Frances Brown George E, gardener, h 24 Fitch ave Brown George F, carriage trimmer, h 179 Lake ave Brown George H, mason, bds 121 Wall Brown George L, prison keeper, h 62 Holley Brown George W, barber, res 10 1/2 Barber Brown George W, jeweler, h 39 Seward ave Brown George W, machinist, h over 86 State Brown George W, Jr, confectioner, bds 39 Seward ave BROWN GEORGE WM., ice dealer, 205 Mechanic, h do Brown Grace G, bds 62 Holley Brown Henry, teamster, bds 191 E Genesee Brown Henry P, emp 101 Orchard, bds 16 Kitchell Brown James, emp D M O & Co, bds 30 Hoffman BROWN JAMES, wholesale dealer in ice, office and res 205 Mechanic Brown John B, shooting gallery, h 1 Greene ave BROWN HON. JOHN S., h 19 Orchard Brown John W, painter, h over 19 North Brown Joseph, mechanic, h 15 Garrow Brown Mrs Josephine L, laundress, h Havens ave, city line Brown Libbie, laundress, h 87 1/2 Wall Brown Lillian L, bds 62 Holley Brown Lloyd, laborer, bds 10 1/2 Barber Brown Lulu M, domestic, 142 North Brown Margaret, widow Frank L, dressmaker, bds 129 Owasco Brown Mary, res 52 Nelson Brown Mary H, widow Samuel P, bds 16 Kitchell Brown Martin J, shoe op, bds 62 Holley Brown May C, bds 62 Holley Brown Minnie, domestic, 232 North Brown Peter, laborer, h over 92 Clark Brown Peter, laborer, h 2 Colburn ave Brown Richard, engineer, h 41 Garrow Brown Richard J, teamster, h over 26 Delevan Brown Sarah, widow Menzo A, bds 11 Adams Brown Sophia A, bds 8 Capitol Brown Theodore, coremaker, bds 18 1/2 Paul Brown Thomas, attendant, 108 Genesee, h over 28 Lincoln Brown Victor E, shoe op, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North Brown Walter B, engineer, L V R R, h 268 Genesee BROWN'S WHOLESALE ICE DEPOT & STORE HOUSES, James Brown, prop'r, 205 Mechanic Brown William A, twine op, bds 1 Greene ave Brown William H, meat cutter, 93 Owasco, h 38 E Genesee Brown William K, barber, bds 15 Garrow Brown William M, carpenter, h 71 Wall Browne George Y, painter, bds 3 Grove ave Brownell Eliza, widow George, res 14 Owasco Brownell May, dressmaker, bds 14 Owasco Brownhill Charles E, machinist, bds 49 Jefferson Brownhill George W, conductor, L V R R, h 49 Jefferson Brownson Oscar, res 3 Fulton Browska Pauline, widow Andrew, bds 40 Chase Bruce Hattie M, bds 154 Seymour Bruce James M, artist, res 102 Wall Bruce John O, artist, res 102 Wall Bruce Walter, blacksmith, h 17 Garrow Bruce Walter, artist, h 102 Wall Bruce William, h 102 Wall Bruce William J, artist, h 2 Mc Master Brumage William C, section foreman, L V R R, h 104 Division N Bruner Kate, domestic, 19 Elizabeth BRUNNER ARTHUR C., cashier Prudential Ins Co, over 120 Genesee, res 11 Myrtle ave Brunner George J, shoe op, h 19 Barber BRUNSWICK HOTEL, Ed. J. Moore, prop'r, 53 and 55 Market BRUNT GEORGE F., janitor, Wheeler Block, 6 and 6 1/2 William Brunt William J, teamster, h 14 Fitch ave Brust Hugo, brewer, Ehrman Brew Co, also Sec'y Brewer's Union, h 28 Maple Bruton Frank, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Dill BRUTON JOHN, prop'r The Empire House, 34 and 36 Dill Bruton Mary A, attendant, 3 Linden Place Bruyn Mary Mc C, kindergarten, over 123 Genesee, res 111 South BRYAN, see also BRYNE Bryan Henrietta, widow Joseph, h 36 Cayuga Bryan Luther H, h 36 Cayuga Bryan Minnie, domestic, 171 North Bryan Minnie M, bds 36 Cayuga Bryant Cornelia, shoe op, bds 59 Van Anden Bryant Fred J, shoe op, bds 59 Van Anden Bryant George J, student, Niagara Univ, res 59 Van Anden Bryant George M, emp A C R'y, h over 13 Westlake ave Bryant Joseph, laborer, bds 77 Cornell Bryant Joseph A, laundryman, bds 59 Van Anden Byrant Joseph W, shipper, 42 Wadsworth, h 9 Pleasant (sic), probably Bryant Bryant Kittie C, shoe op, bds 59 Van Anden Bryant Laura A, student, A H S, res 59 Van Anden Bryant Sidney L, stamp maker, h 134 Seymour BRYANT WILLIAM, dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also sausage, 193 State, h 59 Van Anden Bryden James A, emp D M O & Co, bds 64 State BRYNE, see also BRYAN Bryne John, tinsmith, res 38 Clark Bryne Nellie, domestic, 144 Wall Byrne Sarah, res 38 Clark (sic) Bryson Agnes, box maker, bds 30 1/2 Walnut Bryson James, emp D M O & Co, h 30 1/2 Walnut Bryson James, Jr, coachman, bds 30 1/2 Walnut BRYSON JAMES M., prop'r Pearl Printing Office, job printing, plain and ornamental, over 8 State, res 15 Elm Careful attention and prompt service given to all orders (See opp page) Bryson Jessie, box maker, bds 30 1/2 Walnut Bryson William, mason, h 15 Elm Buchanan Bayard E, student, A H S, bds 2 Howard Buchner Mrs Katie, attendant 63 South Buck Cora T, accountant, over 91 Genesee, res 3 Van Anden Buck Elijah B, wagon maker, over 21 Wall, h 3 Van Anden Buck Herbert, emp D M O & Co, h over 25 E Genesee Buck Mrs Mary, h over 25 E Genesee Bucken George W, machinist, bds 108 Division S Bucken William T, teamster, h 108 Division S Buckholz F Bruno, emp D M O & Co, bds 3 Mary Buckhout Philena W, widow Edward A, h 21 Cayuga Buckingham Edward R, carpenter, h 7 Barber BUCKLEY, see also BULKLEY Buckley Mrs Anna, shoe op, h over 41 Barber Buckley Bridget, widow William, h 177 Seymour Buckley John, scythe maker, bds 23 Barber Buckley Mary, button op, bds 59 Hamilton ave Buckley Mildred, shoe op, bds over 41 Barber Buckley Samuel L, laborer, h 59 Hamilton ave Buckley Stephen, carpenter, bds 8 Perrine Buckley Thomas, tel lineman, h 8 Market (3d floor) Bucknam Albert G, scythe maker, h 240 Seymour BUCKNAM FRANK F., prop'r The Famous-- dealer in Choice Ales, Wines, Liquors and cigars Meals served at all hours Lunches, Hot or Cold, and the best service obtainable, 2 Dill Everything new and up to date BUCKNAM FRED C. (13), letter carrier, h 8 Janet Bucknam Frederick A, machinist, h 192 Seymour Bucknam Ralph N, shoemaker, bds 240 Seymour Budhaski Ignatius, moulder, bds over 26 North Budska Joseph, grinder, h over 42 Pulsifer Budska Francis, mill op, bds 3 Button Budtka Katie, mill op, bds 3 Button Budtka Joseph, brakeman, O R R R, bds 3 Button Budtka Michael, grinder, h 3 button BUELL GEORGE C. & CO., Wholesale Grocers, Rochester and Auburn, (John H. Childs, Manager) Local branch offices and warehouses, 134 State opp Prison and near N. Y. Cent Passenger Depot Buell M Birney, machinist, h over 148 Genesee Buell Mrs M Birney, Wheeler Cafe, 6 1/2 William, res 148 Genesee Bugbee Ernest F, emp D M O & Co, h 13 Van Anden Bugbee Jane A, widow Daniel H, h 36 E Genesee Buggy Nellie, dressmaker, enq 14 1/2 Chapel BUILDER'S EXCHANGE (THE), W. B. Barnes, pres, rooms over 84 Genesee BUILDING TRADES COUNCIL ROOMS, over 9 Exchange BULKLEY, see also BUCKLEY BULKLEY ANDREW J., manufacturer and dealer, Light and Heavy Harness, also robes, Whips, Blankets and Horse Boots, 4 Seminary ave, h 22 Sheridan Repairing promptly done at reasonable prices Bulkley Raymond A, student, C G Sch, bds 22 Sheridan Bullard Henry N, student, Theo Sem, res do BULLARD MARTHA A., librarian, Seymour Library, Genesee cor South, res do Bump Mary A, widow Henry C, dressmaker, h 6 Fulton Bump Mary E, tel op, Emp office, bds 6 Fulton BUNDY J. LEE, accountant, 7 State, h 110 Washington Bunn Ann Eliza, weaver, bds 154 Clark Bunn Dora A, widow Gilbert G, h over 36 1/2 Grant ave Bunn Julia, button op, bds 135 1/2 Mechanic Bunn William, machinist, h 46 Perry Bunnell Frederick T, moulder, h 88 Washington Bunnell Rose A, widow Amos A, h 24 Barber Bunnell Wesley W, grocery and meat market, 88 1/2 Washington, h over 5 Mundt ave Bunting Mary A, widow George J, nurse, bds 155 Van Anden Bunting Marietta E, widow Fred C, h 94 Franklin Bunto C Burt, insurance, room D Seward Block, bds 3 North Burbridge Edward, farm laborer, bds 292 North Burbridge Fred W, carpenter, h over 214 State BURBY WILLIAM H., lawyer, over 106 Genesee Burch Charles G, mechanic, bds 171 Cottage Burch Elmer L, hammersman, h 105 Division N Burch Grace R, teacher, Seymour St Sch, res 171 Cottage Burch Joel A, proprietary medicines, h 59 Division N Burch Joel C, carpenter, h 171 Cottage Burch Mary A, widow William D, h over 6 Beach ave Burch William L, mechanic, bds 171 Cottage Burdell Flossie, dressmaker, bds 196 State Burden Howard R, rope maker, h 135 1/2 Van Anden Burdick Charles R, gardener, h 68 Grant ave Burdick Frank A, clerk cost dep't, D M O & Co, bds 30 Franklin Burdick Mary M, widow Orrin H, h 30 Franklin Burdick Orrin H, bds 30 Franklin Burdick Ruth S, widow Charles, nurse, bds 127 Owasco Burgess Allen, iron worker, h 28 Wood Burgess Allen R, machinist, h 3 Sherwood Burgess Andrew L, salesman, 17 Hulbert, h 15 do Burgess Archibald M, grocer, 14 Mary, h 43 Elizabeth Burgess Edna J, res 104 South Burgess Elizabeth Cook, student, res 6 Fort Burgess Frank E, mill op, bds 28 Wood Burgess Helen May, bds 6 Fort Burgess John, salesman, 14 Mary, bds 43 Elizabeth Burgess John A, machinist, h over 28 Wood Burgess Lela I, res 104 South Burgess Marian N, salesclerk, 10 Exchange, res 15 1/2 Franklin Burgess Ray, (Aub Echo,) res 14 Hamilton ave Burgess Robert O, grocery and meat market, 65 Elizabeth, h do Burgess Robert O, Jr, com trav, h 14 Hamilton ave Burgess Roy, piano tuner, bds 14 Hamilton ave Burgess Theodore H, student, Hamilton Coll, res 43 Elizabeth BURGESS WILLIAM C., sec'y, treas'r and business m'g'r The Wegman Piano Co, also alderman 2d ward, office 5 Logan, h 104 South Burghduff Charles A, h 25 1/2 Seymour Burghduff Dell, shoe op, bds 25 1/2 Seymour Burghduff Edward C, baker, bds 25 1/2 Seymour Burghduff George W, emp D M O & Co, h 41 Capitol Burghduff Josiah C, salesman, 103 Genesee, h 8 Sheridan Burghduff Mary E, widow James M, h r 45 E Genesee Burghduff Maude Ethel, accountant, 102 Genesee, res 45 East do Burghduff Stephen, carpenter, h 6 Market, 3d floor Burke Alida, button op, bds 12 Bradford Burke Anna S, housekeeper, 12 Bradford Burke Bridget, widow Thomas, h over 68 Cottage Burke Ella, button op, bds 60 Grant ave Burke Henry C, yardmaster, N Y C R R, bds 82 1/2 North Burke Hugh, twine op, h 20 1/2 Lansing Burke James H, emp D M O & Co, bds 43 Garrow Burke John, iron worker, bds 145 Clark Burke John H, emp D M O & Co, bds 43 Garrow Burke John P, mill op, h 15 Walnut Burke Julia, mill op, bds 12 Bradford Burke Mrs Julia, attendant, 22 William Burke Julia, widow Michael, h 60 Grant ave Burke Lizzie R, twine op, bds 12 Bradford Burke Margaret J, housekeeper. 43 Garrow Burke Mary, button op, bds 5 Arch Burke Mary, domestic, 15 Seminary Burke Maude B, domestic, 9 Mc Master Burke M Francis, coremaker, bds 12 Frances Burke Michael, laborer, h 143 Clark Burke Michael, carriage maker, bds over 45 Genesee Burke Michael, mechanic, h 9 Auburn ave Burke Michael P, emp D M O & Co, bds 43 Garrow Burke Patrick, emp D M O & Co, h 32 Delevan Burke Richard, mill op, bds 12 Bradford BURKE THOMAS, dealer in choice family groceries and country produce, also select brands of ales, wines, liquors and cigars, 4 Water, h 8 Seminary (See adv) Burke Thomas, laborer, bds 13 Moravia Burke Thomas P, button op, bds 12 Bradford Burke William H, machinist, h 15 Baker ave Burleigh Clifford J, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 1/2 Paul Burleigh Samuel, baker, "Kiemele's" bds 1 Hoffman Burleigh Silas W, iron roller, bds 8 1/2 Paul Burleigh William E, teamster, h 10 Paddock B'l'k, 78 Franklin Burleson George E, wood worker, h 83 Wall Burlew Orloff D, teamster, h 40 Burt ave Burlingame Alonzo G, blacksmith, h 3 Mc Master Burlingame C Healy, com trav, res 3 Mc Master Burlingame Stella M, teacher Sey St Sch, res 43 Barber Burlingame Susanna B, teacher, res 3 Mc Master Burlingham Mary, widow John, res 19 West Burlingham Philip, laborer, bds 19 West BURLINGHAM WILLIAM E., prop'r Troy Livery, Boarding and Hitch Stable, r 86 State, h 11 Barber Emp Phone 443 Auto Phone 793 Location central--Ample room (See page 4) Burnett Elwin D, h 109 Franklin BURNS, see BYRNE also BYRNES Burns Adelaide C, shoe op, bds 42 West Burns Anna, widow Thomas, h 24 Seymour Burns Anna M, widow John, h 46 Bradford Burns Catharine, domestic, 9 Woodruff Place Burns Catharine, widow Patrick, h over 40 Orchard Burns Catharine T, shoe op, bds 45 Lansing Burns Daniel, mechanic, bds 55 Perrine Burns Daniel J, electrical supplies, 46 Genesee, h 28 Steel Burns Daniel J, emp D M O & Co, h 19 Delevan Burns Edward, hoseman Hose 1, A F D, bds 55 Market Burns Edward, laborer, h 24 Chase Burns Edward J, shoe cutter, bds 42 West Burns Eliza, widow Patrick, h 45 Lansing Burns Eliza, res over 23 Madison ave Burns Elizabeth, domestic, 148 North Burns Elizabeth A, mill op, bds 45 Lansing Burns Frank J, salesman, (G W R & Son,) h 278 North Burns George, sales agent, 7 State, h 15 1/2 Madison ave Burns George F, emp D M O & Co, bds over 58 Mechanic Burns Helen I, shoe op, bds 42 West Burns James, emp D M O & Co, bds 73 Perrine Burns Jennie, dressmaker, bds 55 Perrine Burns Jennie, widow David, h over 58 Mechanic burns Jennie G, student, A H S, res 15 1/2 Madison ave Burns J Henry, emp D M O & Co, bds 45 Lansing Burns John, iron worker, bds 44 Seymour Burns John, laborer, bds 24 Seymour Burns John, plumber, h 28 Steel Burns John H, blacksmith, bds 120 Lewis Burns Joseph M, moulder, h 40 Orchard Burns Kate, mill op, bds 66 1/2 West Burns Lizzie, shoe op, bds 120 Lewis Burns Lizzie P, button op, bds 24 Seymour Burns Margaret A, widow John, h 42 West Burns Margaret G, music teacher, res 42 West Burns Mary A, sch teacher, bds 46 Bradford Burns Mary, widow Michael, h over 27 Howard Burns Mary A, shoe op, bds 49 Nelson Burns May A, widow Benjamin B, h 122 Franklin Burns Mary E, domestic, 9 Easterly ave Burns Mary T, domestic, 50 Clark Burns Michael F, mechanic, bds 49 Nelson Burns Murtagh, maltster, h 120 Lewis Burns Nellie, dressmaker, bds 120 Lewis Burns Patrick H, gardener, h 49 Nelson Burns Sarah, widow Richard, res 168 Grant ave Burns William, emp D M O & Co, h over 184 State Burns William, head trimmer, E L Co, h 229 State Burns William, laborer, h 9 Cross Burns William, moulder, bds 7 Baker ave Burns William, moulder, bds 55 Perrine Burns William E, electrician, h 229 State Burns William H, moulder, h over 106 Washington Burns William H, carpenter, h 128 Van Anden Burns William J, moulder, bds 49 Nelson Burns William, painter, bds 39 Lansing Burr Charles P, h 81 South BURR EDWIN A., (The New Paine Co.,) also prop'r Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, Feather Renovating, and Wood Yards, office and works 24 Garden, h do BURR LOUIS J., (The New Paine Co,) h over 24 Garden Burritt Bird D, milliner, bds 101 North Burritt Calvin W, farmer, h 47 Grant ave BURRITT DE ARCY, dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also sausage, lard and all kinds of beef and pork products, 4 South, h 101 North Burritt Ethel, accountant, 4 South, res 101 North BURRITT ROBERT J., lawyer, also ass't dis't att'y, office over 127 Genesee, bds 47 Grant ave Burritt William H, d'v'y clerk, 4 South, h 101 North Burritt Zaide M, milliner, bds 101 North Burroughs Ellen J, widow Edmund, bds 141 Franklin BURROUGHS JAMES W., book and job printer, over 21 and 23 Genesee, h 141 Franklin Equipped with up to date appliances, and work executed in any style desired, at satisfactory rates (See adv) Burroughs John G, student, A H S, res 1 Church Burroughs Laura, silk weaver, res 1 Church Burt Mary A, widow Jonathan, bds 19 Seminary ave Burt Urial N, barber, 8 State, res 65 North Burtch Mary J, widow Willard L, h 20 Derby ave Burtch Walter L, bds 20 Derby ave BURTIS CARY C., h 149 Genesee Burtis Cary S, Jr, student, Franklin Univ, res 58 Genesee Burtis cornelia, student, Comstock Sch, N Y city, res 58 Genesee BURTIS EDWIN C., brewer and maltster, 31 and 33 Water, h 58 Genesee Burtis Edwin C, Jr, student, Franklin Univ, res 58 Genesee Burtis Florence, student, Comstock Sch, N Y city, res 58 Genesee BURTIS OPERA HOUSE, E S Newton, m'g'r, 12 to 22 North Burtless Charles, coremaker, h 147 Perrine BURTLESS HERBERT W., manager, The Sennett Creamery, office and salesroom 42 North, res 62 Seward ave Burtless John W, junk dealer, h 62 Seward ave Burton Bion M, machinist, h 27 Sheridan Burton Henry A, d'v'y clerk, 155 State, bds 1 Paul Burton Mrs Jerusha, h 20 Holley Burton John M, mechanic, bds 20 Holley Burton Merritt R, drug clerk, 65 Genesee, bds 27 Sheridan Burwell George N, h 9 Hamilton ave Busby Charles E, agt, h over 20 Lansing Bush Bertha M, res 5 Steel Bush E Frank, painter, bds 100 Franklin Bush Emma J, nurse, bds 120 Owasco Bush Lavina L, canvasser, h over 23 Wood Bush Linus, blacksmith, h 70 Division S Bush Mattie L, bds 120 Owasco Bush Mary A, widow Henry, h 120 Owasco Bush William W, painter, h 5 Steel Bushnell Theron H, electrician, h 18 Pleasant BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOCIATION, Charles G. Adams, sec'y, office and rooms over 77 Genesee Buskey Joseph, toolmaker, h 27 Canoga BUST JAMES K., (Durbin & Bust,) h at Weedsport Bust U N, barber, bds 65 North Butcher Fred, watchman, bds 8 Perrine Butcko John, mechanic, bds 42 Pulsifer Butcko Joseph, mechanic, h over 42 Pulsifer Butler Anna F, domestic, 22 Nelson Butler Bertha, domestic, 23 Chapel BUTLER BROTHERS,(T. J. and Wm. F.,) pianos, organs, &c. A general line of Musical Merchandise,also sole agents for the Steinway and Behr Bro's celebrated pianos, 106 Genesee Butler Elizabeth, widow Joel, bds Radney House, 34 E Genesee Butler Elizabeth, widow John, bds 17 Franklin Butler George E, bds 145 South Butler John, farmer, h 145 South Butler John I, bds 145 South Butler Joseph, h 23 Lansing Butler Kittie, domestic, 8 Lewis Butler Mary, widow William, h 9 Cottage Butler Nicholas J, shoe cutter, bds 15 Orchard ave Butler Philip, shoe op, bds 19 Augustus Butler Sarah A, bds 23 Lansing Butler Susan, chef de cuisine, Hotel O'Neil, 1 Monroe BUTLER T. J., (Butler Bro's,) h 88 Fulton BUTLER WILLIAM F., (Butler Bro's,) h 17 Franklin Butterfield Adah, bds 62 Walnut Butts Sarah P, widow Homer, h over 13 Chestnut BYER, see BAIER, also BEYER and BAUER Bynon George W, emp L V R R, h 5 Washington Byrd Cora, domestic, 98 North BYRNE, see BYRNES, also BURNS Byrne Aloysius E, mechanic, bds 11 Division S Byrne Andrew V, student, St Bernard's Sem, bds 11 Perrine Byrne Anna F, salesclerk, Big Store, res 36 Evans Byrne Anna F, bds 29 Lansing Byrne Catherine T, stenographer, over 133 1/2 Genesee, res 132 E do Byrne Edward, laborer, h 24 Chase Byrne Edward J, student, A H S, bds 11 Perrine Byrne Elizabeth C, student, Aub Bus Col, bds 29 Lansing Byrnhe Elizabeth M, stenographer, over 117 Genesee, bds 39 Jefferson Byrne Emma A, milliner, res 14 Westlake ave Byrne Henry A, bookbinder, bds 132 E Genesee Byrne Henry P, shoe op, bds 29 Lansing Byrne James, tool maker, bds 184 Seymour Byrne John, gardener, h 106 Mechanic Byrne John Jr, mechanic, bds 106 Mechanic Byrne John G, shoe op, bds 29 Lansing Byrne John H, salesman, h 22 Mann Byrne Joseph P, shoe op, bds 106 Mechanic Byrne Katie, attendant, 180 North Byrne Katie C, button op, bds 106 Mechanic Byrne Lizzie, domestic, 148 North Byrne Mamie B, stenographer, bds 29 Lansing Byrne Margaret, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 22 Mann Byrne Margaret E, salesclerk, 91 & 93 Genesee, res 136 E do Byrne Margaret T, shoe op, bds 29 Lansing Byrne Mary A, bookbinder, bds 132 E Genesee Byrne Mary A, housekeeper, 26 Evans Byrne Mary A, nurse, bds 11 Perrine Byrne Mary C, compositor, over 23 Genesee, bds 22 Frances Byrne Nicholas A, stone mason, h 11 Perrine Byrne Peter, mason contractor, h 80 Lewis Byrne Sarah, attendant, bds 16 1/2 Barber Byrne Theresa C, teacher, Franklin St Sch, bds 22 Mann Byrne Thomas H, laborer, h 184 Seymour Byrne Walter, painter, h 29 Lansing Byrne Walter A, shoe op, bds 29 Lansing Byrne William, bookbinder, over 118 Genesee, h 132 E do BYRNE WILLIAM, dealer in Ales, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 22 Frances, h do The choicest brands of all goods at reasonable rates A cordial welcome to all Byrne William J, delivery clerk, Bell's Bee Hive, bds 117 Franklin BYRNES, see BYRNE, also BURNS Byrnes Andrew J, stone cutter, h 25 Pulsifer Byrnes Annie, domestic, 63 South Byrnes Bridget F, button op, bds 16 Madison ave Byrnes Eliza, widow James, bds 180 Seymour Byrnes Elizabeth M, stenog'r, over 117 Genesee, bds 11 Division S Byrnes Francis B, button op, bds 16 Madison ave Byrnes Henry, blacksmith, bds 24 North Byrnes Isabelle L, mill op, bds 18 Wood Byrnes James, emp D M O & Co, bds 3 Seymour Byrnes James, mason builder, h 81 Lansing BYRNES JAMES L., (Knobles & Byrnes), h 18 Wood Byrnes John J, gardener, h 24 William Byrnes Joseph P, plumber, bds 11 Division S Byrnes Katie A, weaver, bds 16 Madison ave Byrnes Lawrence, flagman, L V R R, h 16 Madison ave Byrnes Lizzie T, button op, bds 16 Madison ave Byrnes Mabel A, mill op, bds 18 Wood Byrnes Margaret, milliner, bds 3 Seymour Byrnes Mary, attendant, 107 South Byrnes Mary, widow Michael, bds 15 Augustus Byrnes Mary A, trained nurse, bds 16 Madison ave Byrnes Mary E, widow James, bds 25 Pulsifer Byrnes Michael J, maltster, h 3 Seymour Byrnes Michael, emp D M O & Co, h 15 Augustus Byrnes Patrick P, shipping clerk, h 18 Wood Byrnes Richard F, shoe op, h 12 Baker ave Byrnes Thomas W, iron worker, bds 11 Division S Byrnes William H, coachman, bds 24 William

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