ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Cadd John W, blacksmith, bds 32 Foote							

Caddick Lambert, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 E Genesee							

Cadigun Timothy H, teamster, h 115 Division N							

Cadwallader Daniel C, h 12 Lawton ave							

Cadwallader Edith M, student, A H S, res 12 Lawton ave							

CADWALLADER ELMER E., general groceries, also flour, feed, grain and baled hay and straw, 67 Franklin,							
	h do   A share of your patronage respectfully requested						

Cady Carrie E, cook, Lewis House, bds 16 1/2 Chapel							

Cady Charles, (Cady & Thorne), h 22 Court							

Cady Erwin P, accountant 1 Clark, h 39 Maple							

Cady Fanny G, bookkeeper, bds 37 Maple							

CADY HON. FRANK E., lawyer, also dealer in Real Estate, office 8 South, h 129 Fulton							

Cady Horace G, manufacturer, h 230 State							

Cady James H, oil salesman, h 37 Maple							

Cady Jessie A, res 37 Maple							

Cady Lizzie B, widow A Lorenzo, laundress, bds 29 Van Anden							

Cady Ralph E, mechanic, bds 230 State 							

Cady & Thorne, (Chas Cady and Chas E Thorne), produce dealers, 19 Hulbert							

Cadzow Hugh, bank watchman, h 43 Genesee							

Cadzow William, mill op, bds 43 Genesee							

Caffery Helen, shoe op, bds 75 Division N							

Caffery Richard, wringer op, h 9 Lincoln							

Cahill Anna, widow John J, h 35 Holley							

Cahill John D, saloon, 11 State, bds 3 Franklin							

Cahill James J, laborer, bds 35 Holley							

Cahill John J, brakeman, L V R R, bds Pleasant st ext							

Cahill John J, d'v'y clerk, 9 Genesee, bds 35 Holley							

Cahill Julia, mill op, bds 35 Holley							

Cahill Kittie, shoe op, bds Pleasant st ext							

Cahill Margaret G, shoe op, bds Pleasant st ext							

Cahill Martin E, machinist, h 26 Madison ave							

Cahill Mary A, shoe op, res 70 Clark							

Cahill Mary F, shoe op, bds Pleasant st ext							

Cahill Mary F, domestic, bds 35 Holley							

Cahill Michael, button op, bds 35 Holley							

Cahill Michael, shipper, D M O & Co, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North							

Cahillo Michael, retired, h Pleasant st ext							

Cahill Michael, Jr, wood worker, bds Pleasant st ext							

Caiarle Crezanze, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Monroe							

CAIN see also KANE							

Cain Theodore, carpenter, h 3 Cady ave							

Calderwood Frederick, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, h 51 Clark							

Caldwell Emory, stenographer, The birdsall Co, bds 4 Madison ave							

Caldwell George S, h 16 James							

Caldwell Harriet A, widow Delos V, bds 6 Seminary							

Caldwell Willard, law clerk, over 8 South, bds 4 Madison ave							

Cale Matilda, widow David, h South n limits							

CALHOUN  see also COLQUHOUN							

Calhoun Evaline, widow James N, h 133 E Genesee							

Calkins Guy E, machinist, h 6 Wright ave							

Call Ida M, res 7 Carpenter							

Call Orthnel T, teamster, h 7 Carpenter							

Callaghan Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds 27 Lincoln							

Callaghan Cornelius J, mason, bds 77 Lansing							

Callaghan Daniel, gardner, h 46 Seymour							

Callaghan Eugene J, saloon keeper, bds 77 Lansing							

Callaghan George W, acc't Melrose mills, bds 18 Myrtle ave							

CALLAGHAN JOHN J.,Saloon, 26 North, h 98 Lansing				
	Music, Mirth, Merriment and Good Cheer						
	Is my specialty throughout the year--						
	Larkin's gives the latest tips on Sporting News,						
	And Jack's stock is the best in town from which to choose						
				           (Liquid velvet)			
Callaghan Margaret T, nurse, enq 3 Linden Place							

Callaghan Mary F, shoe op, bds 77 Lansing							

Callaghan Nellie G, bds 77 Lansing							

Callaghan Owen, h 79 1/2 Lansing							

Callanan Agnes V, mill op, bds 243 Seymour							

Callanan Edward J, twine op, bds 243 Seymour							

Callanan John V, student, A H S, bds 152 E Genesee							

Callanan Mary A, mill op, bds 243 Seymour							

Callanan Michael, watchman, h 243 Seymour							

Callanan Peter P, sp dutyman police h'd q'r's, h 152 E Genesee							

Callanan William J, student, A H S, bds 152 E Genesee							

Calvart Richard C M, machinist, bds 17 Jefferson							

Cameron George, student, Theo Sem, res do							

CAMERON HOWARD M.,  Embalmer, undertaker and funeral director, office and res 39 Clark   A large							
	assortment of Funeral Furnishing						

Cameron Mitchell J, h 49 Clark							

Cameron Thomas, salesman, 6 Market, bds 61 Fitch ave							

CAMERON THOMAS A., dealer in Furnaces, Stoves, Tin Ware, &c,  &c, also			
	general jobbing and repairing, 6 Market, h 47 Park ave   It will be to your advantage to						
	examine our furnaces   (See adv)						

Camp Cornelia, h 11 Easterly ave							

Camp Mathew A, student, Theo Sem, res do							

Campbell Archie R, bds over 8 Dill							

Campbell Calvin, laborer, bds 209 Perrine ave							

Campbell Dellphene, nurse, res 121 Wall							

Campbell Ellen, milliner, bds 70 Mechanic							

Campbell Elman F, emp D M O & Co, h 11 Adams							

Campbell Frank C, brakeman, L V R R, h 13 1/2 Wallace ave							

Campbell Frederick S, student, Theo Sem, res do							

Campbell Harriet A, widow Irving, h 70 Mechanic							

Campbell Harriet B, school teacher, res 121 Wall							

Campbell James C, insurance, h 4 Sumner							

Campbell Martha M, widow Robert B, h 121 Wall							

Campbell Merritt, painter, h over 8 Dill							

Campbell Robert B, bds 121 Wall							

Campbell Sarah, res 121 Wall							

Canavan George, h over 50 Mechanic							

Cannem William J, painter, h 23 Elm							

Cannem Samuel, h 9 Janet							

Canniff Agnes E, widow smith W, bds 28 Van Anden							

Canniff John M, lumber foreman, h 67 Van Anden							

Canniff Mary E, widow David S, seamstress, res 29 Van Anden							

Cannon Clarence G, laborer, h 75 Fitch ave							

Cannon John, iron worker, bds 13 Greene							

Cannon John A, coachman, h 79 Fitch ave							

Cannon Joseph W, twine op, bds 7 Fitch ave							

Cannon Julia A, widow Plymouth, h over 79 Fitch ave							

Cannon Kittie, domestic, 60 Clark							

Cannon Laura R, salesclerk, 83 Genesee, bds 20 Grover							

Cannon Lizzie, domestic, 60 clark							

Cannon Maurice B, scythe maker, h 27 Frazee							

Cannon William T, emp D M O & Co, h 20 Grover							

Cantell Charles H, mechanic, bds 45 Seminary ave							

Canty John P, mechanic, bds 173 Seymour							

Canty Lizzie M, dressmaker, h 173 Seymour							

Canty Walter M, clerk, bds 173 Seymour							

Capo Luigi, laborer, bds over 2 Dill							

Cappon Gerald J, clerk, 24 Clark, bds 188 Perrine ave							

Cappon John I, machinist, h 188 Perrine ave							

Caputo Frank, grocer, 12 Clark, h 27 1/2 Lincoln							

Caypless William, bar tender, h 6 Bradford							

Carberry Felix, laborer, h 60 Case ave							

Carberry Mary A, mill op, bds 60 Case ave							

Carcelli Ferdinand, twine op, h over 2 Garden							

Card Bert I, laundry, 60 State, h 76 Clark							

Card Herbert C, with American laundry, 12 Market, res 78 Clark							

Card Orrin, clerk, h 78 Clark							

Cardinala John, fruit dealer, h 8 Pulsifer							

Cardinala Seraphina, fruit dealer, 47 North, h do							

Carey Bridget, domestic, 22 Lewis							

Carey Favette, maid, Beard's Hotel, 41 Garden							

Carey Hannah, domestic, 8 Seminary							

Carey John, laborer, h 41 Pulsifer							

Carey Susan M, nurse, 85 South							

Carey Michael, laborer, bds 68 Orchard							

CARL, see also CARROLL							

Carl Alida F, bds 56 Grant ave							

Carl Ellsworth E, emp D M O & Co, h 12 Brookfield Place							

Carl Lee Roy, contractor and builder, 56 Grant ave, h do							

Carlon Anna T, principal, franklin St Sch, bds 28 Grant ave							

Carlon Charles, ass't undertaker, 30 Clark, bds 15 Chapel							

Carlon Dennis, blacksmith, bds 55 Market							

Carlsson Carl A V, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, bds 21 Washington							

Carlton Galen M, bookbinder, bds 60 Lansing							

Carmody Daniel, laborer, h 164 Clark							

Carmody John, ice pedler, bds 8 Milligan							

Carmody Mary, widow James, res 1 School							

Carmody Michael J, (Island Park Hotel), h 24 Genesee							

Carmody Thomas, laborer, bds 164 Clark							

Carmody Timothy, laborer, bds 92 Orchard							

Carncross Anna, sch teacher, bds 146 E Genesee							

Carner Catherine M, widow Hayden, h 39 Garrow							

Carner Charles, blacksmith, bds 39 Garrow							

Carner Frederick, hostler, L V R R, bds 39 Garrow							

Carner Kipp, conductor, A C Ry, h over 22 Lansing							

Carner Mrs Kipp, res 39 Garrow							

CARNES see also KARNES							

Carnes Albert R, painter, bds 31 Jefferson							

Carnes Elmer J, machinist, bds 31 Jefferson							

Carnes John H, painter, h 31 Jefferson							

Carnicelli Carmelo, laborer, bds over 2 Dill							

Carnicelli Raffael, laborer, bds over 2 Dill							

Caroni Tony, laborer, bds 21 Monroe							

Carpenter Allen O, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, res 3 Mc Master							

Carpenter Andrew R, emp D M O & Co, h 15 Grover							

Carpenter Anna M, widow John, res 24 Parker							

Carpenter Andrew R, widow Abel, laundress, bds 14 Aspen							

Carpenter Anson B, attache, Palace Theatre, res over 13 Exchange							

Carpenter Caroline A, widow Charles H, h 20 Elizabeth							

CARPENTER CHARLES W., office clerk and manager, 13 Exchange, h 9 Church							

CARPENTER C. STANDART, salesman, 101 Genesee, h 20 Elizabeth							

CARPENTER EDMUND A., (Carpenter & Hotchkiss), h 25 Grover							

CARPENTER EDWARD R., dealer in wall papers, window shades, picture frames, also artist's materials,							
	127 Genesee, h 4 Hamilton ave						

Carpenter Elmer, mason tender, bds 7 Cornell							

Carpenter Emma F, attendant, over 11 Exchange							

Carpenter Ethel V, housekeeper, 14 Aspen							

CARPENTER FRANK M., (Carpenter & Irish,) h 3 Pine							

Carpenter George B, carpenter, bds over 11 Exchange							

Carpenter Gertrude B, student, A H S, res 3 Pine							

Carpenter Hannah, attendant, 55 Franklin							

Carpenter Hattie A, res 3 Pine							

Carpenter Henry, res 4 Hamilton ave							

CARPENTER & HOTCHKISS,(Edmund A. Carpenter and Wm. H. Hotchkiss,)--successors			
	to Charles H. Carpenter--dealers in hats, caps, gent's furnishings, &c, &c, 101 Genesee						
	(See adv)						

CARPENTER & IRISH, (F. M. Carpenter and F. F. Irish,) practical plumbers, gas and steam fitters, 22 Clark							

Carpenter Jane B, widow Charles, h 25 Grover							

Carpenter James H, painter, 12 South, h 18 Florence							

Carpenter John L, machinist, h 77 E Genesee							

Carpenter Julia A, res 25 Grover							

Carpenter L Judson, barber, 74 State, h over 69 1/2 Fulton							

Carpenter Matilda J, widow Charles W, res 9 Church							

Carpenter May L, seamstress, bds 3 Pine							

Carpenter Sarah J, domestic, 19 South							

Carpenter William D, ass't ticket ag't, N Y C & H R R R, bds 27 Garden							

CARR, see KARR, also KERR							

Carr Albert B, emp L V R R, h 68 Cottage							

Carr Alice G, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 59 Cottage							

Carr Bert, mill op, h 66 Washington							

Carr Bert A, meat cutter, h over 53 Wall							

Carr Cassius C, wood worker, h 47 Pulsifer							

Carr Charles, mill op, bds over 53 Owasco							

Carr Dora M, h over 1 Lawton ave							

Carr Earl, clerk, 58 State, bds 36 Barber							

Carr Fannie, widow Clayton L, res 36 Barber							

Carr Frank J, sash and blind m'f'r, 197 State, h 56 Cottage							

Carr Frederick A, shipping clerk, 305 Genesee, h 4 Sherwood							

Carr Frederick S, coremaker, bds 30 Morris							

Carr George N, prison guard, bds Lewis House, 35 Chapel							

Carr Mrs Harriet, res under 10 Barber							

Carr Harry B, machinist, bds 107 Fulton							

Carr Hartman, carpenter, h 6 Foote							

Carr Mrs Hattie, weaver, h over 53 Owasco							

Carr Helen J, (Culver & Carr,) bds 30 Morris							

Carr Mrs Helen M, res 96 South							

Carr James, carpenter, h 59 Cottage 							

CARR JAMES J., dealer in a general line of sporting goods and gun manufacturer   All				
	of the standard makes of bicycles in stock, 28 Genesee, h 57 Cottage   A complete line of all						
	grades 5c cigars, both domestic and foreign   Phone 324   (See adv)						

Carr Jessie G, res 4 Sherwood							

Carr John, carpenter, bds 13 Greene							

Carr John, carpenter, bds 59 Cottage 							

Carr Jonathan, agent, h 107 Fulton							

Carr L Dudley, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 Sherwood							

Carr Mabel T, shirt maker, bds 61 Wall							

Carr Maro W, salesman 42 Genesee, bds 6 Foote							

Carr Mary J, widow Alexander, h 30 Morris							

Carr Nellie H, stenographer, 35 Franklin, res 107 Fulton							

Carr William E, carpenter, bds 59 Cottage							

Carrazino Nicola, laborer, bds 21 Monroe							

Carrier Alfred, organist, res 38 Clark							

Carrier Rosina, attendant, 6 Easterly ave							

Carrigan Maria, waitress, 15 Fort							

Carrington Eva L, widow Dennis W, dressmaker, h 41 Cayuga							

Carrington Frederick, twine op, bds 5 Bailey							

Carrington Isaac, twine op, h 5 Bailey							

Carrington Wilmut L, painter, h 38 Cayuga							

Carris Charles H, emp D M O & Co, bds 73 Walnut							

Carris Clarence W, carpenter, h 76 Walnut							

Carris Edwin J, machinist, h 73 Walnut							

Carris Helen J, bds 76 Walnut							

Carris Helen V, domestic, 163 Genesee							

CARRIS JOHN W., (Carris & Pearce), h 252 North							

Carris Miles J, moulder, bds 76 Walnut							

Carris Myron A, moulder, bds 76 Walnut							

CARRIS & PEARCE, (J. W. Carris and George Pearce), sale and exchange stables, 252 North							

Carrocci Frank, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic							

CARROLL, see also CARL							

Carroll Alice, button op, bds 27 Logan							

Carroll Alice B, mill op, bds 46 Owasco							

Carroll Archie, moulder, h 4 Morris							

Carroll Bessie, domestic, 61 Seward ave							

Carroll Charles, bar keeper, Hotel O'Neil, bds do							

Carroll Mrs Ellen, attendant, 23 Grover							

Carroll Frank J, bar tender, bds 46 Owasco							

Carroll Frederick J, emp D M O & Co, bds 27 Logan							

Carroll Ida M, button op, bds 27 Logan							

Carroll James P, moulder, h 23 Madison ave							

CARROLL JOHN, manager Gernand's Hotel, 114 State, bds do							
	also dealer in horses and real estate						

Carroll Julia A, silk weaver, bds 8 Church							

Carroll Julia F, silk weaver, bds 27 Orchard							

Carroll Kittie, mill op, bds 5 West							

Carroll Lawrence, emp D M O & Co, bds 42 E Genesee							

Carroll Martha J, widow William G, h over 1 Florence							

Carroll Mary A, res 27 Logan							

Carroll Mary Frances, shoe op, bds 46 Owasco							

Carroll Patrick, wringer op, bds over 94 State							

Carroll Mrs Peter E, widow, h 27 Logan							

Carroll William, mill op, h 46 Owasco							

Carruthers Colin M, bicycle repairer, h 8 Mann							

Carscadin Charles A, trav pass agt, M C R R, h 3 Easterly ave							

Carson James, accountant, res 82 1/2 North							

Carson Margaret A, res 96 Owasco							

Carter Amelia B, button op, bds 30 Mattie							

Carter Charles, farmer, bds over 30 Mattie							

Carter Charles D, teamster, h 20 Lewis							

Carter Edward, mechanic, h over 91 Genesee							

Carter Eliza, widow John, h over 30 Mattie							

Carter Eliza J, attendant, bds over 30 Mattie							

Carter Ellen, widow David H, h 75 Franklin							

Carter Frank, emp D M O & Co, h 100 Marvine ave							

Carter Frederick H, twine op, bds 75 Franklin							

Carter Fred J, salesman, 77 Genesee, bds 35 Park ave							

Carter Harold D, mill op, bds 75 Franklin							

Carter John C, coremaker, h over 46 Mechanic							

Carter Libbie, bds 100 Marvine ave							

Carter Lottie F, clerk, Big Store, res 75 Franklin							

Carter Nellie L, twine op, bds 75 Franklin							

Carter William F, teamster, bds 100 Marvine ave							

Caruso Luigi, laborer, bds 56 Mechanic							

Carver John J, twine op, h 84 Cottage							

Carveth Alfred H, machinist, bds over 155 State							

Carveth Florence M, attendant, "The Ideal," 3 Clark, res 18 Market							

Casaw Sidney, emp D M O & Co, h 32 Havens ave							

Case Almond G, brakeman, L V R R, h 32 Garrow							

Case Edward, laborer, h 151 Lake ave							

Case Mrs Ethel, bds 49 1/2 Fitch ave							

Case Frances, widow Theodore P, h 196 Genesee							

Case Fred L, emp D M O & Co, bds 10 Paul							

Case George, teamster, bds 191 E Genesee							

Case George V, emp D M O & Co, bds 121 Division S,							

Case Goldie B, bds 32 Garrow							

Case Grace E, nurse, 28 Grover, res 32 Garrow							

Case Henry J, inventor, h 154 Lake ave							

Case Howard E, res 196 Genesee							

Case Jane R, widow Volney, res 121 Division S							

Case Mrs Lavinia E, dressmaker, over 6 South, h do							

Case Lillian M, student, A H S, bds 10 Paul							

Case Mary, domestic, 7 Ross Place							

Case Nancy M, widow Thaddeus W, res 32 Garrow							

Case Nellie, res 9 Court							

Case Mrs Sarah H, agent, bds 94 Fulton							

Case Seward G, frame maker, h 10 Paul							

Case Wheeler C, mill op, bds 154 Lake ave							

Case Willard E, druggist, bds 10 Paul							

Case Willard E, lawyer, h 196 Genesee							

Caseley George, laborer, h 51 Frances							

Casey Albert O, collegian, bds 250 Genesee							

Casey Bridget, widow Patrick, h 31 Perrine							

Casey Dr Francis P, pres Ohio Tool Co, h 118 North							

Casey James A, machinist, h 22 Perrine							

Casey Jessie A, housekeeper, 162 Genesee							

Casey Josephine L, bds 250 Genesee							

Casey Maggie, domestic, 140 North							

Casey Margaret, domestic, bds 31 Perrine							

Casey Michael H, coachman, h 8 Perrine							

Casey Nicholas L, (Ohio Tool Co), h 250 Genesee							

Casey Patrick C, pedler, h 87 Cottage							

Casey Sarah J, twine op, bds 31 Perrine							

Casey William C, mechanic, bds 79 Division N							

CASH GROCERY AND MARKET, Joseph G. cook, prop'r, 28 and 30 Orchard							

Cashen Lizzie, operative, bds over 16 1/2 E Genesee							

Casper Adolph, mechanic, h 34 Howard							

Casper Adolph, Jr, piano maker, bds 34 Howard							

Casper Augusta M, box maker, bds 34 Howard							

Casper Emma P, box maker, bds 34 Howard							

Casper Frank J, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Howard							

Casper Fred W, sausage maker, 1 Genesee, bds 34 Howard							

Casper Henry, core maker, h 26 Fitch ave							

Casper Joseph W, core maker, bds 34 Howard							

Casper Louise T, bds 34 Howard							

Castner Irving, carpenter, bds 71 Clark							

Castor Diantha H, h 237 E Genesee							

Castor Margaret M, widow Alonzo, h over 70 1/2 Genesee							

Castor Stephen R, emp D M O & Co, h 69 Franklin							

Catasaire Cammillo, tailor, bds 37 1/2 Franklin							

Catasaire Vingeny, tailor, h 37 1/2 Franklin							

Cathcart Adam, moulder, h 8 Baker ave							

Catlin Squire P, bds 44 Capitol							

CATON, see also KEATING							

Caton Arthur J, mechanic, bds 105 Cottage							

Caton Audrey I, domestic, 191 E Genesee							

Caton Ella A, housekeeper, 105 Cottage							

Caton Patrick C, carpenter, bds 105 Cottage							

Caton Thomas W, emp D M O & Co, bds 105 Cottage							

Cator Edward, painter, bds 16 Clark							

Catsler Lew, iron roller, bds 55 Market							

Catton Fred B, regulator, Wegman Piano Co, h 5 Chestnut							

CATTON GEORGE B., sup't U. S. P. O. deliveryu, office Gov't B'd'g, 153, 155 and 157 Genesee, h 13							

Caulkins Arthur, clerk, 97 Genesee. bds 73 North							

Caulkins Charles A, journalist, h over 17 Genesee							

Caulkins Mrs C A, dressmaker, over 17 Genesee, h do							

Caulkins Emily, widow Horace, h over 9 Dill							

Caulkins Mary, stenographer, res 12 Woodruff Place							

Caulkins Russell L, confectionary, 77 North, h 73 do							

CAVANAUGH, see also KAVANAGH							

Cayer Fred W, dress cutter, bds r 14 Court							

Caypless Wm A, m'g'r Hotel Wasco, ft Owasco Lake, h 6 Bradford							

CAYUGA ASYLUM, for Destitute Children, Mrs. Clara A. Sprague, sup't, 66 Owasco   (See appendix)							

CAYUGA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Porter Beardsley, rec sec'y, rooms Seward Block, over 96							

CAYUGA COUNTY INDEPENDENT, William B, Chisholm, editor and publisher,		
	over 2 and 4 Genesee   (See adv, opp page)						

CAYUGA COUNTY JAIL, George M. Hull, jailor, r 152 Genesee							

CAYUGA COUNTY NATIONAL BANK, George H. Nye, pres't, Charles Hoskins, cashier,		
	41 & 43 Genesee   (See page 6)						

CAYUGA COUNTY SAVINGS BANK, Wm. H. Meaker, treas, 113 and 115, Genesee,		
	cor State   (See page 7)						

CAYUGA COUNTY LOAN CO., (INC,) Emanuel Bronner, sec'y and treas, Loans made on Securities, Real							
	and Personal, office over 99 Genesee						

Cazru Janney, laborer, bds 20 Dill							

Ceco Guiseppe, laborer, h 4 O'Neil ave							

Cecora Tony, laborer, h 4 Garfield							

CENTRAL HOTEL, Charles Brennan, prop'r, 145 Clark							

CENTRAL HOUSE, (Workingmen's Hotel,) Thos. Wait, prop'r, 38 Water   Meals and				
	Lodgings at popular prices   (See card)						

CENTRAL STORAGE CO., John B. Pimm, prop'r, Household Goods and Merchandise			
	cared for, 14 to 18 Market--Electric Power Elevator--Emp Tel 695   (See adv, near name)						

Cerio Jeos, laborer, bds 60 Division S							

Cemonelle Patrick, section hand, L V R R, h 6 O'Neill ave							


Chadderdon Charles E, painter, h 58 Owasco							

Chadderdon Mrs Charles E, attendant, Radney House, 34 E Genesee							

Chadderdon Gleason C, machinist, h 148 Van Anden							

Chamberlain Alberta, shoe op, bds 41 Barber							

Chamberlain C Adelbert, shipper, 8 Lincoln, bds 26 Lewis							

CHAMBERLAIN REV. ALONZO B., (Chamberlain & Phillips,) h 60 Division S							

Chamberlain Cordelia J, widow Thomas N, res 96 Moravia							

Chamberlain George S, salesman, 16 North, h 32 Elizabeth							

Chamberlain Henry D, farmer, h 34 Elizabeth							

Chamberlain John W, contractor and gen'l teaming, h 96 Moravia							

Chamberlain Julius W, com trav, h 24 Mann							

Chamberlain Margaret S, widow Julius A, h 13 Elizabeth							

Chamberlain Mary A, milliner, res 96 Moravia							

Chamberlain Mary E, widow Samuel W, h 41 Barber							

CHAMBERLAIN & PHILLIPS, (A. B. Chamberlain and A. S. Phillips,) dealer, in all kinds			
	of lumber, office and yards rear Romig block, 52 Genesee   (See adv)						

Chambers Adaline, widow Adam, h 103 1/2 Wall							

Chambers Francis, blacksmith, h 4 Madison ave							

Champion Arthur R, emp L V R R, h 82 Clark							

Champlin Charles, ass't engineer, Osborne House, 77 State							

Champlin George E, emp D M O & Co, h 275 North							

CHANCEY, see also CHAUNCEY							

Chandley Kittie, domestic, 3 Linden place							

Chapin Angie C, prof Wellesley Coll, res 16 Cayuga							

Chapin Annie E, res 20 William							

Chapin Arthur, baker, 22 Clark, rooms over 64 Genesee							

Chapin Charles W, sales ag't Hall's Creamery, h 78 Lewis							

Chapin Edward E, teamster, h 133 Wall							

Chapin George P, cabinet maker, 10 Genesee, h 16 Cayuga							

Chapin George S, teamster, bds 133 Wall							

Chapin Joseph E, salesman, bds 133 Wall							

Chapin Sarah, widow Henry R, bds 23 Holley							

Chapin Walter, brakeman L V R R, bds 61 Clark							

CHAPMAN ADELBERT D., (Brixius & Chapman) h 108 E Genesee							

Chapman A Lee, carpenter, h 20 1/2 Ross Place							

Chapman Co (The M), grocers, 20 1/2 Owasco							

Chapman Elizabeth, domestic, 108 North							

Chapman Emma B, widow Dwight M, nurse, res 25 William							

Chapman F Burnham, student, A H S, res 88 South							

Chapman Frank, milk dealer, h 154 Franklin							

Chapman Frank J, shoe salesman, bds 20 Owasco							

Chapman Harry J, salesman, Big Store, 141 Genesee, bds 214 1/2 do							

Chapman Lizzie J, res 20 Owasco							

Chapman Michael J, shoemaker, bds 20 Owasco							

Chapman Morgan W, prison guard, h 85 Van Anden							

Chapman Simon V, (The Chapman Co), h 20 Owasco							

Chapman Willis, com trav, h 35 Lincoln							

Chappel Abel W, tinsmith, h 6 Capitol							

Chappel Charles, mechanic, h 152 Perrine							

Chappel Fred H, twine tester, h 179 Cottage							

Chappel Hosmer P, shoemaker, bds 6 Capitol							

Chappel John H, plumber, h 116 Division S							

Chappel Lillian M, res 6 Capitol							

Chappel Solomon N, h 7 Hamilton ave							

Chappel St Clair, U S mail contractor, h 263 State							

CHAPTER HOUSE, 1st Pres Ch, 1 Franklin							

Chase Edwin R, delivery clerk, North, h 4 Beach ave							

Chase George, mill op, bds 27 Garden							

Chase Pauline, widow George R, res 185 North							

Chatfield Eunie, attendant, 114 State							

Chattelle Delias A, emp D M O & Co, h 142 Van Anden							


Chatterton Mrs Celia M, h 60 Lansing							

Chatterton George W, machinist, h 247 1/2 Seymour							

CHATTERTON LEWIE A., Electrical expert and contractor, office and res 41 and 43			
	Garden   Estimates made on all descriptions of electrical work   (See page 3)						

Chatterton Lewie A, Jr, delivery clerk, 50 Lansing, bds 60 do							

Chatterton William S, machinist, bds 17 Jefferson							

CHAUNCEY, see also CHANCEY							

Chauncey George W, hammersman, bds 32 Division N							

Chauncey James C, painter, h 48 Maple							

Chauncey Margaret E, widow Lewis, h 32 Division N							

Chawgo Albert, barn man, 47 State, bds do							

Cheesman Frederick, shoe op, bds 3 Franklin							

Cheesman George R, agent, h over 22 Ross Place							

Cheesman Maude A, clerk, cost dep't, D M O & Co, bds over 22 Ross Place							

CHEESMAN WILLIAM S., Physician and Surgeon, office and res 22 William,    Hours			
	until 9 A M, 1 to 3, and 7 to 8 P M, Sundays 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 P M						

Cheney Amelia A, res 14 Union ave							

Cheney Frank, gardener, h 14 Union ave							

Cheney Frank O, clerk, D M O & Co, bds 14 Union ave							

Cheney Mary, forelady, 45 Washington, bds r 86 Clark							

Cheney Mary A, stenographer, D M O & Co, bds 14 Union ave							

Cheney William J, mechanic, h over 57 State							

Chesebro Edith F, res 18 Elizabeth							

CHESEBRO FRED P., accountant, Koenig's Brewery, 245 State, h 18 Elizabeth							

Chesebro Helen I, widow Charles E, res 179 Genesee							

Chetham Harriet L, mill op, bds 4 Spring							

Chetham Joshua C, scythe polisher, h 4 Spring							

Chetham Raymond E, U S Army, res 4 Spring							

CHICK CHARLES W.,resident manager, The R J Rogers Lumber and Coal Co, 30 Perrine on				
	N Y C & H R R R, h 11 1/2 Grover   (See bottom lines)						

CHILDS JOHN H., manager, Auburn Branch Geo C Buell Co's Wholesale Grocery House, 134 State, bds							
	Osborne House						

Childs Sylvester H, wafer m'f'r, 65 Fulton, res do							

CHILSON CHARLES L., (Chilson & Norris), h 11 1/2 Howard							

Chilson Nellie M, widow Frank, res 11 1/2 Howard							

CHILSON & NORRIS, (Charles L. Chilson and Louis G. Norris), livery, boarding and hitching				
	stables, r 35 E Genesee, (New National Hotel)   (See adv, next page)						

CHISHOLM JULIUS J., associate editor, Cay Co Independent, over 2 and 4 Genesee, res 20 Nelson							

CHISHOLM WILLIAM B., editor and publisher Cayuga Co. Independent, over 2 and 4			
	Genesee, h 20 Nelson						

Chiverton Charlotte E, salesclerk, 55 Genesee, res 24 Capitol							

Chiverton James, accountant, 132 Genesee, h 24 Capitol							

Choate Bertha F, bds 14 Orchard							

CHOATE BROTHERS, (John and Thomas N,) dealers in stoves, Hardware and House Furnishing Goods,							
	88 Genesee						

Choate Emily, bds 14 Orchard							

Choate George W, salesman, 88 Genesee, bds 14 Orchard							

CHOATE, JOHN, (Choate Brothers), h 15 Janet							

Choate Nathaniel W, ginsmith, h 42 Clark							

CHOATE THOMAS N., (Choate Brothers), h 14 Orchard							

Chorley Mabel, dressmaker, bds 53 Seward ave							

CHRISLER ALVERN R., (Horne & Chrisler) h 8 Gaylord							

Chrisler Hattie E, clerk cost dep't, D M O & Co, bds 8 Gaylord							

Chrisman Ernest J, clerk 36 Market, bds 45 Cayuga							

Chrisman Luman A, salesman, 45 Cayuga, bds do							

Chrisman Maude A, cashier, bds 45 Cayuga							

Chrisman Sanford E, grocer, 45 Cayuga, h do							

Christadelphians Assembly, over 9 Exchange							

Christian Fred H, painter, bds 2 Miller							

Christian John D, carpenter, h 21 Holley							

Christian John E, emp D M O & Co, h 2 Miller							

Christian Minnie S, mill op, bds 21 Holley							

Christopher Fred E, moulder, h 64 Mary							

Chrysler Tila A, widow Jacob, bds 71 Seymour							

Chrysdale William H, car inspector, bds 20 Derby ave							

Church Adella M, res 9 Howard							

Church Alice, domestic, 14 Nelson							

Church Charles U, laborer, h 64 1/2 West							

Church George A, wringer op, bds 64 1/2 West							

Church James, salesman, h 9 Howard							

Church Leonie C, shoe op, bds 64 1/2 West							

Church Mary, res 5 Sherman							

Church Roscoe A, canvasser, res 58 Clark							

Church Sarah M, res 103 Division N							

CHURCH THOMAS J., jeweler and watch repairer, dealer in diamonds, watches and all other articles							
	related to the trade, 70 Genesee, h 1 Gaylord   My stock is entirely new and of the latest						

CHURCHES--See Appendix							

Churchill James V, laborer, bds 55 West							

CHURCHILL JOHN L., promoter and speculator, offices over 63 State, bds New Commercial Hotel, 41							
	Garden, rooms 40 Clark						

Churchill, William H, emp D M O & Co, h 55 West							

CITY CLUB OF AUBURN, Geo, H Nye, pres ; J. Lewis Grant, sec'y ; C Eugene Kirkpatrick, treas, 158							

CITY HALL, James Hanlon, janitor, junc Market and Franklin							

Clack Archie E, bds 102 Owasco							

Clack Charles C, mill op, bds 74 West							

Clack Frederick R, machinist, h 102 Owasco							

Clack George E, gardener, h 149 York							

Clack George H, butcher, bds 10 Mattie							

CLACK HOWARD A., (sub) letter carrier, bds 102 Owasco							

Clack Jesse F L, electrician, bds 102 Owasco							

Clack Mary, widow George, res 149 York							

Claire Michael, emp D M O & Co, h 80 Wall							

Claire Thomas M, shoe op, res 80 Wall							

CLANCEY, see also GLANCY							

Clancey James, twine op, h 6 Aspen							

Clancey James Jr, button op, bds 6 Aspen							

Clancey Mary Ellen, button op, bds 6 Aspen							

CLAPP DELAMER E., pres't E. D. Clapp M'f'g Co, also vice-pres Boyle & Everts Co, h 208 Genesee							

CLAPP E. D. MANUFACTURING CO., (THE) D. E. Clapp, pres ; Frank A. Eldredge, 		
	sec'y and treas ; manufacturers Carriage Hardware, also Coal Dealers, office 305 Genesee						
	cor Division, city office 84 Genesee   (See page 6)						

Clapp Edward A, student, A H S, res 208 Genesee							

Clapp Emerous D, student, A H S, res 208 Genesee							

Clapp Frances M, widow John, res 42 Logan							

Clapp Josephine, res 208 Genesee							

Clapp Lucy, res 208 Genesee							

Clapp William H, carpenter, h 5 Sheridan							

CLARK ABEL H., (Howland & Clark), h 66 E Genesee							

Clark Adelle, weaver, bds over 258 Seymour							

Clark Albert E, machinist, h 179 Cottage							

Clark Albert J, salesman, Big Store, bds 45 Mattie							

Clark Albert L, carriage painter, res 23 Dill							

Clark Allen H, mechanic, h 32 Union							

Clark Alvah D, shoe maker, h 36 Seymour							

Clark Andrew, h 158 1/2 Van Anden							

Clark Andrew C, blacksmith, h 40 Maple							

Clark Mrs Ann, h over 175 Cottage							

Clark Arthur L, baker, bds 34 Morris							

Clark Bertha E, weaver, bds over 258 Seymour							

Clark Mrs Bessie, res 102 South							

Clark Charles A, twine op, bds 17 Union							

Clark Charles B, twine op, bds 86 Lansing							

Clark Charles D, machinist, h 150 Van Anden							

Clark Charles J, salesman, Big Store, bds 45 Mattie							

Clark Charles J, shoe cutter, bds 108 Washington							

Clark Christnia (sic) M, bds 50 West							

Clark Cora M, domestic, enq 18 Seminary ave							

Clark Daniel W, boot and shoe maker, 11 Cornell, h do							

Clark Edward P, emp D M O & Co, bds 14 Howard							

Clark Elizabeth, bds 89 Moravia							

Clark Elizabeth, widow Charles W, h 146 Mechanic							

Clark Emily J, widow Orin, h 52 Lansing							

Clark Emma E, clerk, 50 Lansing, bds 52 do							

Clark Evangeline A, dressmaker, bds 18 Chestnut							

Clark Fanny, attendant, enq 14 Nelson							

CLARK & FILKIN, (Henry J. Clark and Clarence J. Filkin), dealers in choice family groceries and country							
	produce, also teas, coffees and spices, 262 W Genesee   Fresh goods received daily, low						
	prices and high quality						

Clark Frank J, city express, h 108 Washington							

Clark George, coachman, bds 89 Moravia							

Clark George E, iron worker, h 50 West							

Clark George S, shoe maker, 40 Genesee, h 73 Clark							

Clark George T, vegetable gardener, 139 Division S, h 32 Van Patten							

Clark Gertrude L, res 83 Van Anden							

CLARK HARRY J., (Clark & Filkin), res 259 Genesee							

Clark Henry, night watchman, h 9 Throop ave							

Clark Henry, white washer, h 25 Division S							

CLARK HERBERT L., dealer in wall papers, window shades, paints, oils, varnishes, &c, &c, 31 Market							
	h 78 E Genesee						

CLARK HERBERT R., mason's supplies, drain tile and sewer pipe, also baled hay and straw				
	and general agent  Ivory Cement Plaster, 173 State, h over do Phones Emp 435, Auto		
	371   (See adv)						

Clark Homer B, salesman, Big Store, bds 45 Nelson							

Clark Ida M, res 150 Van Anden							

Clark Isabelle G, res 106 North							

Clark James, laborer, bds 12 Garden							

Clark James, teamster, bds 89 Moravia							

Clark James J, student, St Bernard's Col, res 86 Lansing							

Clark James M, boiler maker, h 86 Lansing							

Clark Jeremiah F, twine op, bds 86 Lansing							

Clark John, coachman, h 27 1/2 Hamilton ave							

Clark John, woodworker, bds 29 West							

Clark John A, hotel, bds 50 West							

Clark John H, driver Hose 1, A F D, h 49 Mattie							

Clark John J, boiler maker, bds 14 Howard							

Clark John J, cigar maker, bds 34 Dill							

Clark John J, mill op, bds 32 West							

CLARK GEN. JOHN S., civil engineer, h 116 North							

Clark Joseph, pictures, &c, rooms over 106 Genesee							

Clark Joseph E, clerk, bds r 40 1/2 Lincoln							

Clark Joseph, twine op, bds 86 Lansing							

Clark Katie G, housekeeper, 108 Washington							

Clark Leo L, cash boy, 91 Genesee, bds 15 Chestnut							

Clark Mrs Lizzie A, widow Charles, nurse, res 32 Garrow							

Clark Louise M, bds 41 Fulton							

Clark Luther H, teamster, h 95 Division N							

Clark Madora, widow William, laundress, h 32 Bradford							

Clark Mary E, widow Daniel W, h 51 Mattie							

Clark Mary J, nurse, bds 3 Evans							

Clark Mary L, shoe op, bds 14 Howard							

Clark Mary Louisa, spinner, bds 36 Aurelius ave							

Clark Michael A, saloon, 92 Clark, bds 108 Washington							

CLARK MORTIMER M., accountant, 9 to 13 Seminary ave, res 66 E Genesee							

Clark Myron H, emp D M O & Co, h over 258 Seymour							

Clark Nellie, domestic, enq 207 Genesee							

Clark Nelson C, laundryman, bds Empire House, 34 Dill							

CLARK ORLANDO S., Mason, Contractor and Builder, Stone, Brick, Cement, Concreting,				
	Plastering, Fire Brick, Stucco and all kinds of Mason Work, office and res 173 State						
	Estimates given on buildings complete						

Clark Pansy L A, widow Herbert M, bds 6 Mattie							

Clark Patrick, laborer, h 18 Barber							

Clark Patrick J, agent, h 14 Howard							

CLARK HON, PAUL R., U. S. Postmaster, office Gov't B'd'g, 153, 155 and 157 Genesee, also				
	Attorney and Counsellor at Law, office over 91 Genesee, res 66 E do						

Clark Paul S, lineman, Emp Tel Co, bds over 2 Capitol							

Clark Philip H, emp D M O & Co, bds 14 Howard							

Clark Richard K, eng'r, r 30 Chapel, bds 107 Wall							

Clark Rosie, shoe op, bds 108 Washington							

Clark Sarah, h 80 Seymour							

Clark Sarah A, milliner, bds 68 Lewis							

Clark Sarah R, domestic, 207 Genesee							

Clark Schuyler, bds 41 Fulton							

Clark Seward A, moulder, h 18 Chestnut							

CLARK SMITH D., engineer, Bulletin, h 2 Capitol							

Clark Thomas, dairyman, h 89 Moravia							

CLARK T. M., sup't Auburn Woolen Co, h 45 Owasco							

Clark Warren D, twine op, bds 150 Van Anden							

Clark William G, hostler, h over 57 North							

Clark William J, boiler maker, bds 46 Lansing							

Clark Wilson L, delivery clerk, 40 North, bds over 27 Genesee							

Clarke Alfred R, cabinet maker, h 68 Hamilton ave							

Clary Louisa M, widow James A, h 10 John							

Claudius Edward B, (Barth & Claudius), h 48 Hamilton ave							

Claudius George, moulder, h 19 Howard							

Claudius George A, shoe op, bds 19 Howard							

Claudius Henry R, drug clerk, 71 Genesee, bds over 86 Genesee							

Claudius William, mill op, bds 19 Howard							

CLAUDIUS WILLIAM F., photographer, over 83 Genesee, h over 86 do							

Clay Albert A, shoe op, h over 47 1/2 Barber							

Clayton Horace M, teamster, bds 195 Clark							

Clayton Jennie M, button op, bds 56 Mechanic							

Clayton Jennie M, mill op, bds 195 Clark							

Clayton John, carpenter, h 56 Mechanic							

Clayton Mrs Lena M, h 195 Clark							

Clayton Maude E, silk op, bds 56 Mechanic							

Cleall William G, sexton Univ ch, h 2 Lincoln							

Clemence Mary A, widow Calvin, h over 13 Washington							

Clements Allen B, salesman, 84 Owasco, bds 81 do							

Clements Christine, widow John, bds 144 E Genesee							

Clements Harry V, bds 81 Owasco							

Clements Joseph, laborer, h 70 Franklin							

Cleveland Earl, emp D M O & Co, bds 69 E Genesee							

CLEVELAND FRED D., freight agent, L V R R, office 34 Washington, h 85 Seymour							

Cleveland John, emp D M O & Co, h 69 E Genesee							

Cleveland Nellie, teacher, bds 69 E Genesee							

Cleverdon Lydia, shoe op, bds 57 Washington							

Clifford Alfred T, shoe op, h 8 Augustus							

Clifford Alice M, tailoress, bds 34 Augustus							

Clifford Carlton, iron worker, bds 8 Cady ave							

Clifford Charles A, shoe op, bds 18 Augustus							

CLIFFORD MRS. E. LANE, fashionable millinery and dealer in millinery supplies,			
	over 65 Genesee, h 8 Augustus   (See card)						

Clifford Florence M, mill op, bds 18 Augustus							

Clifford Frederick D, machinist, bds 8 Cady ave							

Clifford George B, clerk, 22 Market, bds 20 Gaylord							

Clifford Grace M, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 80 Walnut							

CLIFFORD HARRY H., shaving and hair dressing parlors, 134 Genesee, h 15 Anna				
	Associated with me are competent and experienced workmen, and this in connection						
	with rooms fitted up for the convenience and comfort of patrons.  I desire to secure your						

Clifford Henry, carpenter, h 18 Augustus							

Clifford Henry C, shoe op, bds 34 Augustus							

Clifford James W, shoe op, bds 34 Augustus							

Clifford John, carpenter, over 10 Franklin, h 42 Augustus							

Clifford Laura M, dressmaker, bds 42 Augustus							

Clifford Lewis M, engineer, h 20 Gaylord							

Clifford Nellie E, dressmaker, bds 42 Augustus							

Clifford Reginald F, shoe op, bds 18 Augustus							

Clifford Susan A, milliner, bds 42 Augustus							

Clifford Thomas, carpenter, h 34 Augustus							

CLINE, see also KLINE							

Cline Dennis, fireman, bds 31 Academy							

Cline Fred, laborer, bds 99 Division N							

Cline James, mechanic, h 99 Division N							

Cline James W, quarryman, bds 99 Division N							

Cline Michael H, salesman, 33 Genesee, h 31 Academy							

Cliner William H, carpenter, h 32 Lincoln							

Clough Bertrand I, upholsterer, h 47 1/2 Lewis							

CLUB HOUSE, Ernest Hunt, proprietor, 13 North   (See card)					

Clum Arthur F, coachman, bds 133 Seymour							

Cluney Bridget, widow William, res 10 Worden ave							

Cluney Mathew, mechanic, h 10 Warden ave							

Clute George A, mechanic, bds 165 Van Anden							

Coalson Edward D, clerk, 24 Garden, h over 26 do							

Coalson Edwin B, Jr, iron worker, bds over 26 Garden							

Coalson Frank L, shoe op, bds over 26 Garden							

Coalson Kate, nurse, h over 140 Franklin							

Coalson Lewis, painter, h over 22 Clark							

Coalson Mary A, widow Peter, h 6 E Genesee, 2d floor							

Coalson Mary F, record clerk, Co Clerk's office, res 1 Hulbert							

Coalson Minnie L, bds 6 E Genesee, 2d floor							

Coan Mary A, res 183 Genesee							

Coapman Clarence E, motorman, A C Ry, h 226 1/2 State							

Coates Patrick J, teamster, h 114 Owasco							

Coates Charles S, d'v'y clerk, 12 Market, h over 14 Genesee							

Coates Mrs Frances, dressmaker, over 14 Genesee, h do							

Coates Fred, iron worker, bds over 8 Dill							

Coates Ray W, emp D M O & Co, bds 14 Genesee							

Cobb Harriet E, widow Rev Wm N, h 108 Wall							

Cobb Mary F, res 108 Wall							

Coburn Anna, res 193 1/2 Seymour							

Coburn Benjamin J, shoe cutter, h 193 1/2 Seymour							

COBURN FRANK S., attorney at law, office over 55 Genesee, h 99 E do							

Coburn Jessie C, shop op, bds 65 Clark							

Coburn John M, res 99 E Genesee							

Coburn Lydia C, widow Millard B, h 15 James							

Coburn Mar, widow John, res 193 1/2 Seymour							

Coburn Martin, h 99 E Genesee							

Cochrane Harriet L, nurse, 137 South							

Cochrane James J, meat cutter, 88 1/2 Washington, bds 160 Van Anden							

Cochrane John, engineer, L V R R, bds 57 Orchard							

Cochrane William J, conductor, L V R R, h 160 Van Anden							

Cock Arthur M, h 14 1/2 Seminary							

Coddington Charles E, emp D M O & Co, h 48 Grant ave							

Coddington Lucy T, student, A H S, bds 48 Grant ave							

Coddington William J, shoe cutter, h 42 1/2 Lansing							

Codner Elmer J, clerk, bds 151 Perrine							

Codner John M, shipper, Col cord Co, h 5 Lawton ave							

Codner Julia A, widow Walter, bds 21 Sherman							

Codner Mrs Mabel M, acc't (Fay & Bowen), res 5 Lawton ave							

CODNER SQUIRE P., with The Eccles Carriage Hardware M'f'g Co.,1 to 7 Division S, h 34
	Aurelius ave						

Codner Susan, widow Egbert, h 151 Perrine							

Codner Theodore E, painter, h 21 Sherman							

Coe Alfred E, salesman, 137 Genesee, res 24 Perry							

Coe Henry W, physician, also City Phy, office and res 13 Morris							

Coe William H, physician and surgeon, h 82 E Genesee							

Coffey Elizabeth, domestic, 192 Genesee							

Coffey Frank P, fireman, bds 49 Orchard							

Coffey John B, meat cutter, 150 Clark, h 6 Underwood							

Coffey Lizzie C, shoe op, bds 49 Orchard							

Coffey Mary A, widow Peter, res 49 Orchard							

Coffey Patrick, emp Col Cord Co, bds 44 Seymour							

Coffey Thomas, iron worker, h over 24 North							

Coffey Thomas A, machinist, h 49 Orchard							

Cogan Elizabeth, widow Patrick, h 22 Barber							

Cogan Mary, cook, 114 South							

Cogan Mary A, laundress, 115 South							

Cogan Mary A, weaver, res 22 Barber							

Cogswell Benjamin P, h 20 1/2 Franklin							

Cohen Eli, grocer, 26 West, h do							

Cohen Jacob, cigar maker, h over 8 Foot							

COHN ISAAC L., (Kraft & Schwartz), res 9 Mc Master							

Cohn Rachel, res 9 Mc Master							

Colbert Catherine, widow John, h 18 Chapel							

Colbert John, laborer, h 17 Morris							

Colbert John A, hoseman, Hose 1, A F D, bds 23 Morris							

Colbert John F, mechanic, bds 18 Chapel							

Colbert Michael, emp D M O & Co, h 23 Morris							

Colbert Michael J, emp D M O & Co, bds 23 Morris							

Colbert Thomas J, mechanic, bds 18 Chapel							

Colbert William E, emp D M O & Co, bds 23 Morris							

Colburn George E, core maker, bds 84 1/2 Division N							

Colburn George L, salesman, bds 84 1/2 Division N							

Colburn Laura A, milliner, bds 84 1/2 Division N							

Colburn Loren B, core maker, bds 84 1/2 Division N							

Colby E L, test operator, L V R R, h 4 James							

Colby William K, barn man, 5 Lincoln, h over 6 South							

Colclough Joseph H, student, Theo Sem, res do							

COLD SPRING BREWERY, Geo, J. Wildner, prop'r, manufacturer Fine Ales, Stock			
	and Porter, 132 York   (See card, near name)						

Cole Charles E, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 E Genesee							

Cole David P, brakeman, L V R R, bds 160 Clark							

Cole Estelle V, attendant, 54 Clark							

Cole Ezra, carriage maker, res 37 Fitch ave							

Cole George E, horse shoer, 37 Water, h 173 Lake ave							

Cole Homer J B, clerk, 77 Genesee, bds 50 Seymour							

COLE JAMES H., horse shoeing, also wagon repairing, 16 Water, h 20 Sherman				
	Particular attention given to the care of horses feet and interfering						

Cole James M, emp Col Cordage Co, h r 170 State							

Cole Josiah D, mason, bds 10 Hamilton ave							

Cole Mary I, laundress, h 19 Fulton							

Cole Richard H, machinist, h 116 Aurelius ave							

Cole Samuel, iron dealer, h 116 Aurelius ave							

Cole Willard A, emp Col Cord Co, h 170 State							

Coleman Alexander S, farmer, h 351 Genesee							

Coleman Anna F, shoe op, bds 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Bert, coachman, bds 14 Chestnut							

Coleman Charles, carpenter, bds over 113 Aurelius ave							

Coleman Cornelia, widow Frank, bds over 77 Fitch ave							

Coleman Daniel, teamster, bds 30 Cayuga							

Coleman Dewitt, laborer, h over 77 Fitch ave							

Coleman Edward, mechanic, h 55 Walnut							

Coleman Edward D, machinist, h 55 Walnut							

Coleman Edward S, carpenter, h over 113 Aurelius ave							

Coleman Elizabeth G, shoe op, bds 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Jacob, painter, h 92 Lansing							

Coleman John, iron worker, h 49 Holley							

Coleman John T, bds 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Margaret, shoe op, bds 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Margaret, widow Bartholomew, h 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Michael J, mill op, bds 22 Chestnut							

Coleman Michael J, moulder, bds 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Theresa A, dressmaker, bds 8 Burt ave							

Coleman Walter, emp D M O & Co, bds 273 North							

Coleman William, carpenter, h over 66 North							

Coleman William, laborer, h over 77 Fitch ave							

Coleman William A, mill op, bds 22 Chestnut							

Coles Frank, shoe laster, h 166 Van Anden							

Coles William B, coachman, Tallman's stables, h 22 Garden							

Colestock Mrs Ida M, res 26 Garrow							

COLLIER & LAIRD (W. M. Collier and L. K. Laird) attorneys at law, office 133 1/2 Genesee (Flint Block)							

COLLIER HON. WILLIAM M., (Collier & Laird), lawyer, also NM. Y. State Civil Service Com'r, h 2							
	Hamilton ave						

Collins Mrs Ann, trained nurse, res 13 Westlake ave							

Collins Catherine, widow Michael, res 9 Dexter ave							

Collins Diana V, widow Meredith M, h 113 Owasco							

Collins Edward, teamster, h over 8 Parker							

Collins Frank, emp D M O & Co, bds over 15 Genesee							

Collins Frank R, conductor, A C Ry Co, bds 21 Mary							

Collins George, emp D M O & Co, bds 5 Greene							

Collins Harry, coachman, 230 Genesee, h 31 Parker							

Collins Henry, dair (sic) dresser, 31 E Genesee, h 10 Owasco							

Collins James, emp D M O & Co, bds 113 Owasco							

Collins James, machinist, h 21 Sherwood							

Collins Jeremiah J, emp L V R R, h 12 Underwood							

Collins John, coachman, 16 Orchard, h 4 Greene ave							

Collins John J, bartender, bds 12 Underwood							

Collins Katherine M, teacher, Genesee St Sch, bds 12 Underwood							

Collins Lot, emp D M O & Co, bds 47 State							

Collins Margaret, h 6 Parker							

Collins Marietta D, widow Charles, h 21 Mary							

Collins Michael, bds 9 Dexter ave							

Collins Rickard, laborer, bds 9 Dexter ave							

Collins Mrs Rose, button op, bds 31 Chapel							

Collins Thomas, com trav, h 31 Chapel							

Collins William, foreman Greene's lumber yard, h 10 Parker							

Collins William T, shoe op, bds 12 Underwood							

Collins Xavier W, m'g'r Union Shoe and Clothing Co, res 1 Court							

Collis Hiram, doortender, Palace Theatre, 47 Market, h 4 Bailey							

Collis Lila S, bds 4 Bailey							

COLLVER, see also CULVER							

Collver Asa S, tinsmith, h r 16 Hoffman							

Collver Daniel G, tinsmith, 38 Lewis, h 31 Cayuga							

Collver Lambert R, salesman, 93 State, bds 31 Cayuga							

Collver Sarah, widow Alvah T, h 5 Arch							

Collver Seward T, tinsmith, bds 31 Cayuga							

COLQUHOUN, see also CALHOUN							

Colquhoun William R, salesman, 12 State, bds 12 Jefferson							

COLTON LOREN A., superintendent Cayuga County Poor, office Co Clerk's B'd'g, h 85 1/2 Seymour							

COLUMBIA KNIFE AND BAR WORKS, Henry & Allen, proprietors, cor Aurelius ave and Wadsworth st							

COLUMBIA CORDAGE CO., E. D. Metcalf, pres't ; J. J. Storrow, Jr, vice pres't ; George Underwood, 							
	sec'y ; J. C. ANDERSON, treas; E. F. Metcalf, ass't treas ; manufacturers of Manila and						
	Sisal Binder Twine, Rope and Cordage, office and factory, 10 to 30 C ttage						

COLUMBUS BLOCK, 140, 142, 144 and 146 Genesee							

Colvin Sarah, widow Oscar L, res 54 Clark							

COLWELL FRANK M., dealer in fine groceries and country produce, also seeds, plants, &c, &c, 16							
	North, h 7 Lawton ave						

COLWELL IRVING S., successor to Wolcott & West, bookseller, stationer and engraver, 				
	also foreign and domestic artistic novelties, 97 Genesee, h 11 Ross place   Phones--Emp						
	603, Auto 331   High Grade Bicycles for sale--get our prices						

Colwell Sophia, widow William, res over 77 Van Anden							

COMBS IRVING W., city insp of plumbing, h 70 Hamilton ave							

Combs Johnson, tailor, h 17 Paddock B'l'k, r 78 Franklin							

Comer Catherine, widow Malachi, h 18 Union ave							

Comerford Mary, domestic, 12 Cayuga							

Comley Edward H, horseman, res 41 Water							

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, (THE NEW), Jimmie Beard, prop'r, 41 and 43 Garden							

Commey Edward J, shoe op, h 244 Seymour							

Commey Eva A, housekeeper, 244 Seymour							

Commey James W, shoe op, h 239 Seymour							

Commey Mary A, dressmaker, res 244 Seymour							

COMMON COUNCIL CHAMBER, Alonzo M. Hurd, janitor, North junc Market and Franklin							

Compton Delos, prison foreman, h 6 Grove ave							

Compton Samuel L, gardener, h 80 Garrow							

Comstock Carrie E, student, A H S, bds 22 Morris							

COMSTOCK WESLEY C., merchant tailor, 72 Genesee (Aub Sav B'k B'd'g), h 22			
	Morris   I have the finest line of samples in the city and respectfully request your patronage						

Comstock William J, emp D M O & Co, h 31 Lincoln							

Conahey Anna G, emp D M O & Co, bds 31 Union ave							

Conahey Katie A, spinner, bds 31 Union ave							

Conahey Michael, laborer, h 17 Grant							

Conahey Patrick, emp D M O & Co, h 243 State							

Conahey Thomas, iron melter, h 31 Union 							

Conahey Thomas F, clerk, 10 North, h 58 Holley							

Conboy Abbie, widow Thomas, h 54 Fitch ave							

Conboy Ann, widow Owen, h 6 Burt ave							

Conboy Anna E, housekeeper, 6 Burt ave							

Conboy Catherine, widow John, h 116 Mechanic							

Conboy Edward J, milk dealer, h 45 Bradford							

Conboy Francis J, (1) button op, h 15 Burt ave							

Conboy Francis J, (2) machinist, bds 116 Mechanic							

Conboy Frances S, shoe op, bds 54 Fitch ave							

Conboy Frank M, emp D M O & Co, h over 81 North							

Conboy John, laborer, bds 54 Fitch ave							

Conboy Katie J, domestic, 81 E Genesee							

Conboy Katie M, silk weaver, bds 116 Mechanic							

Conboy Lewis F, moulder, bds 54 Fitch ave							

Conboy Mary M, weaver, bds 116 Mechanic							

Conboy Michael, moulder, bds 6 Burt ave							

Conboy Michael A, student, res 6 Burt ave							

Conboy Patrick J, button op, h over 6 Burt ave							

Conboy Patrick J, salesman, 91 Owasco, bds 116 Mechanic							

Conboy Patrick M, moulder, bds 6 Burt ave							

Conboy Rosanna, cook, 78 South							

Conboy Rose, domestic, 55 Fulton							

Conboy Rose E, bds 54 Fitch ave							

Conboy Thomas H, laborer, bds 54 Fitch ave							

Condley James F, prof of dancing, bds 4 Hulbert							

Condron Annie, reeler, bds 58 Canoga							

Condron John, mill op, h 58 Canoga							

Condron Katie I, weaver, bds 58 Canoga							

Cone Emeline C, widow Theodore H, bds 100 E Genesee							

Coneglio Flario, laborer, bds 5 O'Neil ave							

Coneybear George S, carpenter, h 45 Mechanic							

Coneybear J Frank, emp D M O & Co, h 53 Walnut							

Congdon Darius, carriage salesman, h 46 1/2 Lansing							

Congdon Edith M, student, A H S, res 46 1/2 Lansing							

Congdon Irving B, com trav, h 7 Evans							

Congdon Lucinda, widow Hiram, bds 7 Evans							

Congdon William O, carpenter, h 2 Academy							

Conger Albina M, widow Harmon S, res 1 Chapel ave							

Conger Mrs Augusta, h over 9 Dill							

Conger John M, bds 5 Seneca							

Conger Mrs Maggie, res 30 Court							

Conger Mariette, widow David R, res 68 Clark							

Conger M Estella, stenographer, Co clerk's office, res 12 Fort							

Conklin Adaline S, res 13 Jefferson							

Conklin Albert B, mason, h 5 Evans							

Conklin Anna, waitress, 34 Grover							

Conklin Anna, domestic, 20 Orchard							

CONKLIN BERT P., ticket agent, L V R R, res 4 James							

Conklin Bertha M, mill op, bds 294 State							

Conklin Bessie A, teacher Grover st sch, bds 55 Seward ave							

CONKLIN CALVIN W., boiler manufacturer, 48 and 50 Washington, h 13 Jefferson							

Conklin Charles A, electrician, bds 5 Evans							

Conklin Don J, jeweler, 70 Genesee, bds 55 Seward ave							

Conklin Edward D, machinist, h over 2 Parker							

Conklin Eugene, h 13 Sherman							

Conklin Hubert S, boiler maker, bds 13 Jefferson							

Conklin Ione E, res 13 Jefferson							

Conklin Jared W, gardener, h 212 North							

Conklin Jennie, bds 46 Grant ave							

Conklin Lewis S, h 55 Seward ave							

Conklin Lojesta, widow Barton, h over 47 Genesee							

Conklin Marguerite F, mill op, bds 294 State							

CONKLIN MARK, Architect, office 15 Seward Block, over 92 Genesee, res 13 Jefferson.				
	Emp phone 966   (See adv, next page)						

Conklin Mary, attendant, enq 39 William							

Conklin Mary F, student, A H S, bds 13 Sherman							

CONKLIN MOSES H., blacksmithing, horse shoeing, wagon making, carriage painting and				
	general repair shop, 37 Aurelius ave, h over do   (See adv, page 138)						

Conklin W Jared, gardener, h 212 North							

Conley J Frederick, mechanic, bds 24 North							

Conley Lizzie, domestic, 2 1/2 Hamilton ave							

Conley Mrs Mary A, housekeeper, res 26 1/2 Jefferson							

Conlon William, scythe maker, h 74 Orchard							

Connell S, emp E L & S H Co, bds 55 Market							

Connelly Mrs Mary, sup rec C R B A, over 141 Genesee, res 20 1/2 Ross Place							

CONNER, see CONNORS, also O'CONNOR							

Conner Mrs Catherine S, h 4 Parker							

Conner Charles, shoe op, bds 41 Garden							

Conner Charles B, mill op, bds 33 Wood							

Conner Florence E, student, res 33 Aurelius ave							

conner Henry H, barber, 43 Seymour, h do							

Conner John E, miller, h 33 Aurelius ave							

Conner Llewellyn, machinist, bds 33 Aurelius ave							

Conner Newman S, mechanic, h 164 E Genesee							

Conner Newman S, Jr, mechanic, bds 164 E Genesee							

Conner Thomas, emp D M O & Co, h 33 Wood							

Conner William W, mechanic, bds 164 E Genesee							

Connington Thomas J, machinist, bds 65 Clark							


Connors Alice, domestic, enq 26 Court							

Connors Edward, boiler maker, bds 30 Lincoln							

Connors Mrs Eliza, h 66 1/2 Mechanic							

Connors Francis T, iron worker, bds 72 Connell							

Connors Frank, porter, The Avery, 38 to 42 State							

Connors George R, moulder, bds 13 Cottage							

Connors Johanna, h 70 1/2 Cornell							

Connors John, salesman, bds 72 Cornell							

Connors John T, bootblack, bds over 7 Lincoln							

Connors Margaret M, domestic, bds over 7 Lincoln							

Connors Margaret P, widow John, h over 7 Lincoln							

Connors Martha, domestic, 74 South							

Connors Mary F, domestic, 22 South							

Connors Michael, shoe op, bds 72 Cornell							

Connors Patrick, laborer, h 17 West							

Connors Patrick, moulder, h 4 1/2 Howard							

Connors Peter, emp N Y C R R, h 32 Van Anden							

Connors Thomas, mason, h 72 Cornell							

Connors William T, spinner, h 3 Holley							

Connors Winifred, res 17 West							

Conover Anna, principal Madison Ave Sch, bds 20 Easterly ave							

Conover Cornelia K, widow William H, h 20 easterly ave							

Conover Marion H, clerk, Big Store, bds 20 Easterly ave							

Conrad Charles F, emp D M O & Co, h 174 Van Anden							

Conran Catherine A, spinner, bds 149 Van Anden							

Conran John J, mechanic, bds 149 Van Anden							

Conran Kate, widow William, h 149 Van Anden							

Conran Michael P, mechanic, bds 149 Van Anden							

Conran William J, iron worker, h 74 Orchard							

Conroe Mary J, widow Jacob, res 3 Washington							

Conroe Vernon G, iron worker, h 117 Perrine							

Conroy Christina, dressmaker, 12 William, h do							

Conroy James E, machinist, h 90 Washington							

Conroy Thomas, moulder, bds 37 Mechanic							

Conroy Thomas J, fireman, E L & S H Co, h 40 division S							

Consadine Anna E, button op, bds 25 Howard							

Consadine John, painter, h 25 Howard							

Consadine John J, waiter, bds 25 Howard							

Consadine Kittie E, dressmaker, bds 25 Howard							

Consadine Mary J, compositor, 8 Market, bds 25 Howard							

Consadine Michael J, fireman, L V R R, h over 110 Clark							

Constantine Barbara E, trained nurse, City Hosp, 15 Lansing							

CONVENT OF MERCY, Sister Mary Joseph, Superior, 13 Chapel							

Conway Catherine E, clerk, bds 66 Fitch ave							

Conway Catherine M, dressmaker, bds 113 Grant ave							

Conway Charles S B, emp D M O & Co, bds 113 Grant ave							

Conway Cornelius J, carpenter, h 265 Seymour							

Conway Dora G, salesclerk, bds 122 Seymour							

Conway George H, emp D M O & Co, h 9 Chestnut Place							

Conway Hannah T, button op, bds 113 Grant ave							

Conway John, emp D M O & Co, bds 25 Moravia							

Conway John, gardener, h 66 Fitch ave							

Conway John F, emp D M O & Co, bds 113 Grant ave							

Conway Margaret, widow John, h 113 Grant ave							

Conway Mrs Margaret, h 122 Seymour							

Conway Margaret G, shoe op, bds 113 Grant ave							

Conway Margaret M, accountant, 155 State, res 122 Seymour							

Conway Mary, silk weaver, bds 66 Fitch ave							

Conway Mary A, milliner, res 122 Seymour							

Conway Mary A, widow James, h 25 Moravia							

Conway Mary E, shoe op, bds 113 Grant ave							

Conway Mary M, dressmaker, bds 9 Chestnut Place							

Conway Michael, mechanic, bds 114 State							

Conway Minnie, salesclerk, res 122 Seymour							

CONWAY M. P., physician and surgeon, offices over 112 Genesee, bds Osborne House   Hours 2 to 4 and							
	7 to 9 P M, Sundays, 12:30 to 1:30 P M						

Conway Nellie G, res 66 Fitch ave							

Conway Nora G, cashier, 145 Genesee, res 122 Seymour							

Conway Nora E, silk op, bds 9 Chestnut place							

CONWAY PATRICK D., baker and confectioner, 22 Burt ave, h do   Manufacturer of all kinds				
	of Bread, Pastry, Cakes and Ice Cream   Special attention given orders for Weddings,						
	Parties, &c, &c   Families and Hotels supplied with Ice Cream at reasonable prices						

Conway Timothy J, prop'r the Crystal Bottling Works, manufacturer Carbonated Waters and Sodas, also							
	dealer in Ales, Wines and Liquors, 49 State, h do   (See adv, next page)						

CONWAY'S CRYSTAL BOTTLING WORKS, W. J. Conway, prop'r, 49 State	
	Phones--Emp 554, Auto 664,   (See adv, next page)						

Coogan James, mill op, bds 2 Miller							

Coogan Richard, laborer, h over 33 Van Anden							

Cook Andrew J, emp D M O & Co, bds 17 Case ave							

Cook Bradford, manufacturer's agent, h 5 Evans							

Cook Charles O, wood worker, h 66 Pulsifer							

Cook Clara E, copyist, bds 6 Mattie							

Cook Cyrus O, pension att'y, h 6 Mattie							

Cook Dimies D, widow James, res 100 Clark							

Cook Elizabeth, widow Charles C, res 90 Perrine							

Cook Elizabeth, widow Fred, res 141 1/2 Clark							

Cook Frank J, tel op, Postal Cable Tel Co, res 260 Seymour							

Cook Fred, butcher, bds Radney House, 34 E Genesee							

Cook Frederick W, shoe op, h 238 Seymour							

Cook Henry D, milliner, room 126 over 141 Genesee, h 5 Evans							

Cook Isabella T, dressmaker, bds 15 Elm							

Cook John B, cabinet Maker, h 63 Grant ave							

Cook Joseph G., prop'r The Cash Grocery and Meat Market, 28 and 30 Orchard, res				
	34 Franklin   N B--Groceries, Teas, Coffees and Spices, 30 Orchard.  Meats of all kinds, 						
	28 do.   Fruits and Vegetables in Season.						

Cook Lewie, emp D M O & Co, bds over 63 State							

Cook Lila P A, bds 6 Mattie							

Cook Lulu King, waitress, New Nat'l Hotel							

Cook Martha, bds 5 Greene							

Cook Nellie, domestic, bds over 83 North							

Cook S Pearl, stenographer, bds 6 Mattie							

Cook William, moulder, bds 61 Clark							

Cook William J, farm hand, bds 253 North							

Cooke Harte C, mechanical engineer, 101 Orchard, bds 60 E Genesee							

Cool Charles C, machinist, h 11 Kitchell							

Cooley S Curtiss, res 183 1/2 State							

Cooley S Curtiss, Jr, mason, h 183 1/2 State							

Cooley Spencer B, laborer, h 19 Union ave							

Coomber Bert, gardener, rooms over 64 Genesee							

Coomber George, sexton 1st Baptist ch, h 12 Lincoln							

Coombs  Albert, shoe maker, bds 221 Seymour							

Coombs Eliza, widow Edward, h 221 Seymour							

Coombs Emma G, seamstress, bds over 7 South							

Coombs Frank H, shoemaker, bds 60 Pulsifer							

Coombs Henrietta, shoe op, bds 22 Seymour							

COON, see also KOON							

Coon Carrie E, hotel cook, bds over 40 North							

Coon David, laborer, bds over 40 North							

Coon Jane, widow David, h over 40 North							

Coonan Catherine S, mill op, bds 107 Orchard							

Coonan Elizabeth N, shoe op, bds 107 Orchard							

Coonan Grace A, mill op, bds 107 Orchard							

Coonan John, painter, h 107 Orchard							

Coonan John F, painter, bds 76 Wall							

Cooney Jerry, emp D M O & Co, bds 10 Elm							

Cooper Albert J, conductor, A C Ry, h 134 Fulton							

Cooper Alida M, widow John A, res 30 Franklin							

Cooper Anna, widow John, h 129 1/2 South							

Cooper Bert, emp A C Ry, bds 30 Van Patten							

Cooper Bessie P, dressmaker, bds 27 Augustus							

Cooper Charles Henry, teamster, h 136 Division S							

Cooper Charles M, quarryman, h 39 York							

Cooper Dora, widow Max, h 150 Mechanic							

Cooper Edward F, moulder, h 57 Grant ave							

Cooper Edward J, salesman, 87 Genesee, bds 57 Grant ave 							

Cooper Eliza, bds 46, Grant ave							

Cooper Elizabeth, widow Dennis T, h 10 Capitol							

Cooper Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 27 Augustus							

Cooper Elizabeth B, bds 150 Mechanic							

Cooper Elizabeth F, teacher, Cayuga Co Asylum, bds 57 Grant ave							

Cooper Ella A, domestic, enq 99 Franklin							

Cooper Elmer, twine op, bds 20 Aspen							

Cooper Frederick W, oil ag't, h 119 Lewis							

Cooper George E, d'v'y clerk, 40 North, h 27 Perry							

Cooper Hattie, seamstress, bds 129 1/2 South							

Cooper Hattie E, twine op, bds 27 Augustus							

Cooper Horatio E, mill op, bds 172 Van Anden							

Cooper Jacob, junk dealer, bds 18 Seward ave							

Cooper James H, coachman, bds 20 Aspen							

Cooper Jay W, sales ag't, Hall's Creamery, h 7 Paul							

Cooper Jennie, widow Alex, h 20 Aspen							

Cooper John B, moulder, h 92 Lewis							

Cooper Joseph, pedler, bds 18 Seward ave							

Cooper Laura L, housekeeper, 136 Division S							

Cooper Lena M, student, A H S, bds 57 Grant ave							

Cooper Mary J, seamstress, bds 90 York							

Cooper Max, picture framer, h 3 Beardsley							

Cooper Meyer, butcher, h 18 Seward ave							

Cooper Nellie, shoe op, h45 Clark							

Cooper Thomas H, painter, h 90 York							

Cooper Thomas H, Jr, garment cutter, bds 90 York							

Cooper Theodore H, moulder, h 172 Van Anden							

Cooper Vietta G, dressmaker, bds 92 Lewis							

Cooper William, herdsman, bds 330 Genesee							

Cooper William, laborer, h 51 Steel							

Cooper William E, drug clerk, 109 Genesee, bds 57 Grant ave							

Cooper William H, carpenter, bds 27 Augustus							

Cooper William W, iron worker, bds 39 York							

Copeland E Virginia, bds 136 E Genesee							

Copeman Mathew R, emp D M O & Co, h 64 Walnut							

COPP, see also KOPP							

Copp Andrew, laborer, h 248 North							

Copp Andrew, moulder, h 169 1/2 Van Anden							

Copp Anna M, twine op, bds 7 Willey							

Copp Carl J, emp D M O & Co, bds 7 Willey							

Copp Charles, shoe maker, bds 169 1/2 Van Anden							

Copp Eva C, res 27 Orchard							

Copp Fanny A, mill op, bds 74 West							

Copp Frank, mechanic, bds 169 1/2 Van Anden							

Copp Frank, mill op, bds 248 North							

Copp Fred C, emp D M O & Co, bds 7 Willey							

Copp Frederika, domestic, bds 7 Willey							

Copp Grace E, organist, Woman's Prison, res 68 1/2 Van Anden							

Copp James G, plumber, also member Ex'g and Sup'g Bd of Plumbers, h 27 Orchard							

Copp John, emp D M O & Co, h 7 Willey							

Copp John, moulder, h 68 1/2 Van Anden				

Copp Julia E, mill op, bds 74 West				

Copp Marietta E, widow George, nurse, res 82 Washington				

Copp Philip J, moulder, h 74 West				

Copper Mrs Kate, tailoress, h over 2 Dill				

Corbett Andrew E, cloth carder, Aub Prison, bds 89 Wall				

Corbett Cleophas, sup't cloth dep't, (Prison), h 89 Wall				

Corbett Joseph W, laborer, h 114 Division S				

Corbett Joseph W, Jr, shoe op, bds 114 Division S				

Corbett Louisa A, widow James, res 34 Steel				

Corbett Nellie, widow Cleophas, res 36 Frazee				

Corbett W Robert, shoe cutter, h over 18 Clark				

Corbett Oliver, iron worker, h 118 Division S				

Corbin John Henry, emp D M O & Co, bds 46 Garrow				

Corbin Lawrence, laborer, h 46 Garrow				

Corbin Mary Jane, wood worker, bds 46 Garrow				

Corbin Nellie E, res 46 Garrow				

Corby Charles, pattern maker, h 30 Barber				

Corcoran Daniel, gas maker, h 57 Case ave				

Corcoran Daniel F, gardener, enq 176 State				

Corcoran Dennis, gardener, enq 176 State				

Corcoran Edward J, emp D M O & Co, bds 32 1/2 Parker				

Corcoran James J, mechanic, bds 32 1/2 Parker				

CORCORAN JEREMIAH, machinist, also Alderman, 5th ward, h 7 Pulsifer				

Corcoran Johanna, widow John, h 9 Pulsifer				

Corcoran John, stone cutter, bds 89 1/2 Orchard				

Corcoran John E, bds 5 Academy				

Corcoran John J, machinist, h 129 Van Anden				

Corcoran Mrs John J, res 38 1/2 Garrow				

Corcoran Josephine A, button op, bds 9 Pulsifer				

Corcoran Margaret, widow Daniel, h 5 Academy				

Corcoran Margaret, widow James, h 32 1/2 Parker				

Corcoran Margaret F, button op, bds 9 Pulsifer				

Corcoran Mary E, waitress, bds 32 1/2 Parker				

Corcoran Richard D, shoe op, bds 32 1/2 Parker				

CORCORAN WILLIAM H., (10) letter carrier, h 9 Perrine				

Corcoran William H, student, A H S, res 32 1/2 Parker				

Core Mrs Bridget, housekeeper, 20 1/2 Paul				

Core James F, teamster, h 24 Paul				

Core Mary, widow Patrick, h r 7 Baker ave				

Core Mary, waitress, bds 26 Paul				

Core Mrs Mary, h 26 Paul				

Core Michael, twine op, bds 26 Paul				

Core Patrick, emp D M O & Co, bds 26 Paul				

Core Rose, domestic, bds 26 Paul				

Core Theresa, twine op, bds 26 Paul				

Core Thomas, mill op, h 26 Paul				

Core Thomas, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 26 Paul				

Core William, chairmaker, bds r 7 Baker ave				

Corell Lyman, coachman, 159 Genesee				

Corey Mrs Clara B, salesclerk, 145 Genesee, res 16 Court				

Corey Emma L, student, A H S, res 16 Court				

Corfield Edward, mechanic, bds 172 South				

Corfield Mary A, widow Edward, res 172 South				

Corfield William H, silk twister, h 57 Elizabeth				

Corkery Bridget L, res 17 Baker ave				

Corkery Elizabeth A, res 17 Baker ave				

Corkery Jeremiah J, contractor, h 17 Baker ave				

Corkery John J, laborer, h 9 Baker ave				

Corkery Mary T, weaver, bds 17 Baker ave				

Corkery Nellie G, weaver, bds 17 Baker ave				

Cormack Frank, engineer, L V R R, h 78 Clark				

Cornell Albert E, messenger (W U Tel), bds 5 Mattie				

Cornell Arthur E, junk dealer, h 27 Steel				

Cornell Cora J, housekeeper, 27 Steel				

Cornell Miss Elizabeth, res 149 Genesee				

CORNELL HORACE J., advt'g dep't Aub. Bulletin Co., h 13 Lawton ave				

Cornell Robert, janitor, (Nat'l Bank of Aub,) h 5 Mattie				

Cornell Robert H, machinist, bds 5 Mattie				

Corning Cora E, widow Edwin B, res over 13 Washington				

CORNING D. ERASTUS, (Standard Bait M'f'g Co,) h 230 Genesee				

Corning George, h 9 Grover				

Corning George B, com trav, h 6 Liberty				

Corning Granville, com trav, h 93 North				

Corning T Spencer, jeweler, 92 Genesee, h over 102 Franklin				

Cornwell Mrs Frances A, res 19 Orchard				

Cornwell J Homer, salesman, 17 Genesee, bds 103 Franklin				

Cornwell Nellie, widow Charles J, h 8 Seymour				

Cornwell Nettie A, bds 8 Seymour				

Corrigan Catharine F, button op, bds 8 1/2 Parker				

Corrigan Lawrence H, button op, bds 8 1/2 Parker				

Corrigan Margaret A, mill op, bds 8 1/2 Parker				

Corrigan Marie M, button op, bds 8 1/2 Parker				

Corrigan Patrick, emp D M O & Co, bds 27 Garden				

Corrigan Peter, laborer, h 8 1/2 Parker				

Corry Samuel D, carpenter, bds 81 Moravia				

Corse Nellie E, shoe op, bds 84 Wall				

Cortright Albert S, mechanic, bds 35 Wood				

Cortright Charles A, baggageman, L V R R, h 18 Pleasant				

Cortright George H, engineer, h 35 Wood				

Cortright Jessie M, shoe op, bds 18 Pleasant				

Cortright John, teamster, bds 30 Cayuga				

Corwin Edward, painter, bds over 5 E Genesee				

Corwin William, painter, h over 5 E Genesee				

Coseo Clarence S, laundryman, 49 North, h over 24 E Genesee				

Cosgrove Charles S, shoe cutter, bds 28 Academy				

Cosgrove Emma M, res 28 Academy				

Cosgrove Maude G, milliner, res 28 Academy				

COSGROVE WILLIAM, billiard and pool rooms, over 6 State, h 28 Academy				

Cosgrove William F, attendant, over 6 State, bds 28 Academy				

Coshun Clara E, compositor Daily Adv'r, bds 95 Fulton				

Coss Catharine M, domestic, 225 Genesee, bds 18 Parker				

Coss Margaret M, weaver, bds 18 Parker				

Coss Mary A, weaver, bds 18 Parker				

Coss Thomas, moulder, h over 217 State				

Coss William, laborer, h 18 Parker				

Coss William J, shoe op, bds 18 Parker				

COSSUM & CUYKENDALL, (Fred. Cossum and M. S. Cuykendall, Wholesale and
	Retail Dealers in Paper, Stationery and Novelties, 22 Market   (See adv, next page)			

COSSUM FREDERIC, (Cossum & Cuykendall,) h 2 Mary				

COSTA ED. J., commissioner and secretary Soule Cemetery, also accountant, Chamberlain &				
	Phillips, 52 Genesee, h 160 North			

Costello Michael J, iron heater, h 35 Pulsifer				

Costello Peter, mechanic, bds 99 Cottage				

Costo Adalina V, housekeeper, 56 Water				

Costo Eugene, button op, bds 56 Water				

Costo Louis, plumber, bds 56 Water				

Costo Luigi, button op, bds 56 Water				

Costo Rafaelle, laborer, bds 56 water				

Costo Salvatore, fruit dealer, 106 State, h 56 Water				

COTTAGE HOTEL (THE), Frank P. Tonkin, prop'r, 53 State				

Cotter John B, barkeeper, Quinn's Hotel, 3 North				

Cotter Lawrence, teamster, h 112 Orchard				

COTTLE WILFORD M., (De Witt & Cottle,) h 1 Hoffman				

Cottrell David, iron worker, h 153 Franklin				

Cottrell Ernest E, gardener, 108 South, bds 41 Moravia				

Cottrell Henry, mechanic, h over 165 Cottage				

Cottrell Kate I, nurse, 12 Westlake ave				

Coughlin Catherine T, tailoress, bds 9 Dexter ave				

Coughlin Charles F, salesman, 7 Genesee, bds 54 Nelson				

Coughlin Daniel J, barkeeper, 157 State, bds 76 Van Anden				

Coughlin Dennis, mechanic, bds 104 Van Anden				

Coughlin Elizabeth T, attendant, 108 South				

Coughlin Joseph J, shoe op, bds 9 Dexter ave				

Coughlin Joseph L, watchman, U S Gov't B'd'g, h 54 Nelson				

Coughlin Mary, tailoress, bds 9 Dexter ave				

Coughlin Mary, widow Bartholomew, h 9 Dexter ave				

Coughlin Theresa A, sales clerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 54 Nelson				

Coughlin Timothy, ales, wines, liquors and cigars, 157 State, h 76 Van Anden				

Coughlin William H, laborer, bds 9 Dexter ave				

Coulling Norris B, shoe op, h r 26 Walnut				

Coulter Jesse C, painter, bds over 96 State				

Coultry Thomas F, prison keeper, h 25 1/2 Cayuga				

COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, Geo, W. Benham, Co Clerk, 154 Genesee				

COUNTY TREASURER'S OFFICE, Gerritt V. Loughborough, Treas, Amos H. Underwood, Ass't Treas,				
	office 154 Genesee			

Coursen Della C, shoe op, bds 157 Clark				

Coursen Florence, shoe op, bds 157 Clark				

Coursen Maud M, shoe op, bds 157 Clark				

Coursen Newton L, shoe cutter, h 157 Clark				

Court Arthur, weaver, bds 38 Morris				

COURT HOUSE, Wm. Thurston, janitor, 152 Genesee				

COUTANT EBURN H., (3) letter carrier, h 27 Maple				

Coutant Grace A, res 27 Maple				

Coutant John W, h r 5 Maple				

Coutant Rosa D, bds r 5 Maple				

Coutie Geo S, master mechanic, S N Y Prisons, res Troy, N Y				

Couture Arthur, grinder, h 26 1/2 Division N				

Couture Joseph, shoe op, bds 26 1/2 Division N				

Couture Leona C, bds 26 1/2 Division N				

Couzens Hannah, widow William, h 2 Parker				

Coventry Mary A, widow Peter V R, h 93 North				

Covert Charles V, salesman, 99 Genesee, res 17 Court				

COVERT JAMES, (Bemis & covert), h 17 Court				

COWAN, see also COWEN				

Cowan Alice I, tailoress, bds 35 Wall				

Cowan Bridget T, widow Charles F, h 43 Mechanic				

Cowan Charles M, engineer, h 35 Wall				

Cowan Frank B, student, Theo Sem, bds 17 Elizabeth				

Cowan George R, grinder, bds 171 State				

Cowan Harry L, shoemaker, bds 75 1/2 Cottage				

Cowan James, night watchman, bds 47 State				

Cowan James A, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Cowan John H, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Cowan William E, tailor, h 75 1/2 Cottage				

Cowell Arthur W, studeut (sic), res 11 South				

Cowell Charles, emp D M O & Co, h 87 Washington				

Cowell Eugene F, accountant, W U Tel Co, res 11 South				

Cowell Harry, twine op, bds 16 Delevan				

Cowell Laverne, emp D M O & Co, bds 30 Lincoln				

Cowell Lucinda, widow Nathan, res 4 Spring				

Cowell Raymond, delivery clerk, 264 Genesee, bds 5 Greene				

Cowell Sarah A, widow Truman, enq 229 Genesee				

COWELL SAMUEL E., agent United States Express Co, 90 Genesee, h 59 1/2 Elizabeth				

Cowell Willard G, bleachery, 11 South, h do				

COWEN, see also COWAN				

Cowen Helen A, teacher, Seymour st sch, res 86 York				

Cowen Louis, salesman, bds 86 York				

Cowen William, stone cutter, h 86 York				

Cowen William E, student, St Bernard's Sem, res 86 York				

Cowles Lulu A, trained nurse, h over 41 Franklin				

Cowles Lyman L, pattern maker, h 60 Mary				

Cowmey Anna J, shoe op, bds 10 Underwood				

Cowmey Johannah F, mil op, bds 10 Underwood				

Cowmey Mary J, weaver, bds 10 Underwood				

Cowmey Thomas, student, A H S, res 10 Underwood				

Cowmey Patrick, mechanic, bds 10 Underwood				

Cowmey William, tailor, h 10 Underwood				

Cowmey William T, tailor, bds 10 Underwood				

Cox Ambrose, baker, h 61 West				

Cox Ambrose, Jr, machinist, bds 61 West				

Cox Celia A, button op, res over 201 State				

Cox James R, lawyer, over 61 Genesee, h 22 Franklin				

Cox Jennie M, bds 22 Franklin				

Cox Milton F, shoe op, h over 166 Van Anden				

Cox William M, emp D M O & Co, h 12 Arch				

COY NEHEMIAH, (Coy & Penird), h 137 North				

COY & PENIRD, (N. Coy and George W. Penird) dealers in tin, glass, earthen and wooden ware, also				
	rags, iron, brass, copper, paper and rubbers, office and warehouses, 21 and 23 Perrine			

Coye Kellogg D, chief eng'r, A C Ry Co, h 34 Perry				

Coye William S, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Perry				

Craig Mary A, bds 35 Capitol				

CRAMER, see also KRAEMER				

Cramer Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 3 Court				

Cramer Ella, emp Standard Bait M'f'g Co, bds 3 court				

Cramer Eva, emp Standard Bait M'f'g Co, bds 3 Court				

Cramer Joseph, fruits, &c, 1 Garden, h over 2 do				

Crandall Cordelia, bds 13 Perry				

CRANDALL ERNEST A., select family groceries, also pure Teas, Coffees and Spices, 
	37 E Genesee, h 10 Grant ave			

Crandall William F, twine op, bds over 59 State				

Crandall William H, paint m'f'r, bds 5 Wood				

Crandall John R, teamster, h over 59 State				

Crane Alice T, accountant, res 120 Clark				

Crane Bert W, draper, 77 Genesee, h 7 Union ave				

Crane Bessie W, bds over 2 Grant ave				

Crane Charles H, insurance, h 70 Holley				

Crane Clara H, milliner, res 120 Clark				

CRANE MRS. CLARA T., (Crane Foundry and Machine Works), 122 to 126 Clark, res 120 do   (See adv)				

Crane Cora E, dressmaker, bds 120 Clark				

Crane Eleanor K, res 120 Clark				

CRANE'S FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS, (Mrs. W. W. Crane, proprietress), 122 to 126 Clark   
	(See adv)				

Crane Lelia I, accountant, bds 45 Franklin				

CRANE WELLSLEY W., iron and brass founder, also machinist, 122 to 126 Clark,
	h 120 do   (Died February 24th, 1900)			

CRANE MRS. WELLSLEY W., iron and brass founder, also machinist, 122 to 126 Clark,
	h 120 do Lawn Furniture, Ornamental iron settees, chairs and tables   
	Phone, Auto 345,		
	Emp 553   (See adv)			

Crane Willard G, (Crane soap Co), h over 2 Grant ave				

Crane William H, agent D M O & Co, h 171 Van Anden				

Cranmer Josiah W, farmer, res 141 Franklin				

Crause Rocco, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic				

Craven Agnes M, accountant, bds over 8 Elm				

Craven Arthur, painter, h 103 Mechanic				

Craven Charles, carpenter, h over 123 Franklin				

Craven Charles A, motorman, A C Ry, h 20 Park ave				

Craven Clarence C, wringer op, h over 35 Hamilton ave				

Craven George E, carpenter, h 5 Melrose				

Craven Leonard, carpenter, bds over 8 Elm				

Craw John J, coachman, h 40 Perry				

Craw William C, coachman, h over 8 South				

Crawford Claude, core maker, bds 131 Cottage				

Crawford George, salesman, 42 Chapel, h over 185 State				

Crawford George N, blacksmith, h 131 Cottage				

Crawford James E, city express, h 101 Mechanic				

Crawford Lee, drug clerk, 51 Genesee, bds 131 Cottage				

Crawford Margaret, widow William, bds 16 Frances				

Crawford Robert, ice pedler, h over 8 Milligan				

Crawley Charles, bds 25 Washington				

Crawshaw Thomas, laborer, bds 1 Grove ave				

Crayton Dress and Wrapper Cp, m'f'rs suits, etc, over 103 Genesee				

Crayton Fred J, salesman, over 116 Genesee, bds 28 Bradford				

Crayton John, retired, h 3 Benton				

Crayton Joseph A, (Nat Art Co), over 103 Genesee, h do				

Crayton Robert, carpet layer, 77 Genesee, h 28 Bradford				

Crayton Robert, Jr, delivery clerk, 12 South, bds 28 Bradford				

Crayton Sarah, widow David, h 87 Franklin				

Crayton Sarah J, compositor, Aub Bulletin, res 3 Benton				

Crayton William, h 87 Franklin				

Crayton William A, clerk, 77 Genesee, bds 87 Franklin				

Creagan Agnes K, mill op, bds 19 Nonroe				

Creagan Anna M, shoe op, res 19 Monroe				

Creagan Lucy M, twine op, res 19 Monroe				

Creagan Patrick J, twine op, h 19 Monroe				

CREAMERY (THE SENNETT), Herbert W. Bertless, manager, Pasteurized Milk and Cream,
	Choice Butter, &c, 42 North, factory at Sennett, N Y   
	Our daily products are the best obtainable.			
	Both phones attached			

Creco Harry, stone grainer, h 133 Van Anden				

Cregg John, delivery clerk, bds 55 Market				

Crehan Anna M, button op, bds 15 1/2 Burt ave				

Crehan Mrs Elizabeth A, seamstress, bds 74 Lansing				

Crehan Ellen, widow William, res 15 1/2 Burt ave				

Crehan Joseph, laborer, h 2 O'Neil ave				

Crehan Martin L, sup't Aub Button Works, 40 Washington, h 15 1/2 Burt ave				

Crehan Michael J, emp D M O & Co, bds over 19 1/2 North				

Crehan Morton A, button op, bds 15 1/2 Burt ave				

Crelly Bernard A, salesman, 4 Water, bds 8 Seminary				

Crelly Mary, milliner, bds 11 Cottage				

Crelly Nellie, attendant, 15 Clark				

CREQUE HAMILTON, accountant, 43 Washington, h 23 Seminary ave				

Creque Laura M, bds 23 Seminary ave				

Creveling Miss Frances M, student Wells Coll, res 22 South				

CREVELING JOSEPH P., physician and surgeon, office and res 22 South   
	Hours 8 to 9 A M, 1 to 4 and 7 to 8:30 P M			

Crio Joseph, laborer, h 60 Division S				

Crist Edward G W, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Crobaugh Ada, weaver, bds over 120 Wall				

CROCKER ALBERT W., vice pres't Wegman Piano Co, h 142 North				

Crocker Clarence T, machinist, bds 69 Cottage				

Crocker Fred J, horticulturist, res 142 North				

Crocker Harriet J, widow Warren, h 142 North				

Crocker Lemira A, widow Thomas, h 69 Cottage				

Crocker Myron J, student, Theo Sem, bds 18 Lansing				

CROCKER POST, (G A R No 45,) W. J. Emens, commander, rooms over 97 and 99 State				

Crockett Howard, brakeman, L V R R, bds 160 Clark				

Crockford Bessie, housekeeper, 12 Chapel				

Crofoot Alice M, attendant, 5 Fort				

CROFOOT & CROFOOT, (William F. and Fred G. Crofoot,)  prop'rs THE HUB, 
	day and night Lunch and Dining Rooms, 5 South   Best place in the city to get Lunches			
	Prompt service and Respectful Attention   All Leading Brands of Cigars			

Crofoot Emma A, bds 131 Cottage				

Crofoot Emma A, bds 3 Janet				

Crofoot Frank A, com trav, D M O & Co, h 43 Steel				

CROFOOT FRED G., (F. & W. Crofoot,) res 6 Lincoln				

Crofoot George D, emp D M O & Co, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North				

Crofoot Orscelia, housekeeper, 21 Mattie				

CROFOOT WILLIAM F., (F. & W. Crofoot,) r 6 Lincoln				

Crofton John, maltster, h 50 Bradford				

Crofton Joseph, maltster, bds 50 Bradford				

Crofut C Arthur, emp D M O & Co, rooms 9 Franklin				

Cromwell Julia E, widow William, h 6 Frances				

Cronin Agnes, weaver, bds 56 Case ave				

Cronin Annie, weaver, bds 56 Case ave				

Cronin Charles, laborer, h 56 Case ave				

Cronin Julia, housekeeper, 79 Owasco				

Cronin Katie, dressmaker, bds 56 Case ave				

Cronin Maggie, weaver, bds 56 Case ave				

Cronin Mary, weaver, bds 56 Case ave				

Cronin Nora, domestic, 15 Chapel				

Cronin Patrick, farm laborer, bds 56 Case ave				

Cronin Patrick, weaver, bds over 14 Genesee				

Cronk Albert, bds 140 Perrine				

Cronk Clarence E, shoe op, bds 140 Perrine				

Cronk Charlotte E, bds 32 Division N				

Cronk Cora, seamstress, bds 140 Perrine				

Cronk Frances E, shoe op, bds 32 Division N				

Cronk Lulu M, bds 32 Division N				

Cronk Mary A, widow James, h 10 Augustus				

Cronk Reuben, teamster, h 82 1/2 Division N				

Cronk Squire, emp D M O & Co, h 32 Division N				

Cronk William H, city express, h 140 Perrine				

Cronk William H, shoe op, bds 32 Division N				

Cronkright Frank, teamster, h 23 Academy				

Cronkright Frank O, mechanic, bds 23 Academy				

Cronkright Mrs Grace, mill op, h over 12 Frances				

Cronkright William J, emp D M O & Co, bds 23 Academy				

Crosbie Dennis, mason, h 9 Janet				

Crosbie William F, mason, bds 9 Janet				

Crosby Nancy, shoe op, bds 257 Genesee				

Crosley Mary, widow John, h 30 Walnut				

Crosman Miss Ella, res 65 E Genesee				

Crosman Susan C, widow David, h 18 Seminary ave				

CROSMAN & SWART, (W. C. Crosman and Fred L. Swart), practical opticians,
	sales and operating parlors over 92 Genesee   (See front cover)			

CROSMAN WILLIAM C., (Crosman & Swart), also dealer in jewelry, silverware 
	and a general assortment of fine artistic goods, 92 Genesee, h 33 Fulton   Repairing of			
	watches and all kinds of jewelry a specialty   (See adv)			

Crosman William J, scythe temperer, h 219 Seymour				

CROSS RANSOM R., train master, L V R R, also Com'r Charities and Police, h 24 Washington				

Cross William R, coachman, 130 South, bds 14 Fitch ave				

Crosse Bertha J, dressmaker, res 154 E Genesee				

Crouch Fred L, clerk, cost dep't, D M O & Co, h 19 Orchard				

Crounse Ethelyn R, acc't, 127 Genesee, res over 1 Cayuga				

Crounse Mrs Georgia R, bds over 1 Cayuga				


Crouse Adam, moulder, h 121 Owasco				

Crouse Adam B, musician, bds 121 Owasco				

Crouse Frederick E, shoe op, bds 121 Owasco				

CROUSE JOHN H., select family groceries, 120 Mechanic and 91 Owasco, also fresh, salt and smoked				
	meats, 118 Mechanic and 93 Owasco  My stores are now located on both sides of the			
	Owasco river, opposite both ends of the Lizette St Bridge   Larger Stock, Lower Prices			

Crouse Rocco, laborer, h 52 Mechanic				

Crouse William, emp D M O & Co, h 137 Owasco				

Crowell Frank A, baker, 40 Lewis, h 32 1/2 do				

Crowell Judson A, painter, h over 15 Genesee				

Crowley Catherine, waitress, 107 South				

Crowley John, prison keeper, bds 114 State				

Crowley Julia, domestic, 85 E Genesee				

Crowley Margaret, attendant, 194 Genesee				

Crowley Mary E, domestic, 50 South				

Crowley Nora, laundress, Empire House, 34 Dill				

Crowley Timothy, bds 38 Morris				

Crowley William, conductor, A C Ry, h 2 Lawton ave				

Crowninshield Walter S, dis clerk, Cay Co Nat'l Bk, res 10 Lincoln				

Crowther Charles A, baker, bds 25 1/2 Seymour				

Crowther George A, machinist, bds 25 1/2 Seymour				

Crowther George Albert, mill op, bds 33 Division N				

Crowther John Henry, carder, h 33 Division N				

Crowther Mary, widow Thomas, h 25 1/2 Seymour				

Crowther Thomas M, baker, h 27 Sherman				

Crowther William, machinist, h 7 1/2 Janet				

Crozier James, cigar maker, 39 Market, bds 55 do				

CRUMB H. F., proprietor Auburn School of Business and Shorthand, over 51, 53 and 55 Genesee,				
	h 32 Lewis			

Crumlish Andrew, shoe op, bds 5 Underwood				

Crumlish Hugh D, laborer, bds 35 Division S				

Crumlish James, laborer, bds 5 Underwood				

Crumlish John, laborer, bds 285 Division N				

Crunlish John J, laborer, bds 5 Underwood				

Crumlish Mary E, shoe op, bds 35 Division S				

Crumlish Peter J, retired, h 35 Division S				

Crumlish Peter, Jr, brakeman, L V R R, bds 35 Division S				

Crumlish Thomas H, hammersman, bds 35 Division S 				

Cruthers Harry C, d'v'y clerk, bds 61 Van Anden				

CRUTHERS LEANDER F., United States Mail Transfer, h 61 Van Anden				

Cuddeback Albert, carpenter, over 6 Seminary ave, h Owasco Road				

Cuddeback Charles P, bds 177 Lake ave				

Cuddeback Edward, carpenter, h 177 Lake ave				

Cuddeback Edward, Jr, carpenter, bds 177 Lake ave				

Cuddeback Fayette, farmer, bds 177 Lake ave				

Cuddeback Warren, salesman, 9 Seminary ave, h 117 Division S				

Cuddehy John F, emp N Y C, enq 98 Van Anden				

Cuddy Cornelius, barkeeper, 205 State, bds 54 1/2 Perrine				

Cuddy Daniel J, emp D M O & Co, bds 54 1/2 Perrine				

Cuddy Michael J, saloon, 205 State, h 54 1/2 Perrine				

Cuddy Mary F, shoe op, bds 54 1/2 Perrine				

Cuff Edna, accountant, 262 Genesee, res at Throop				

Cuff Martha, widow William, h 38 Mattie				

Cuff Melita E, weaver, bds 38 Mattie				

Cuff Thomas, clock repairer, bds 38 Mattie				

Cuineen John W, train dispatcher, L V R R, h 3 Washington				

Cuineen Mary C, trained nurse, res over 3 Washington				

Cuineen Nora E, tel op, D M O & Co, branch W U Tel Co, res over 3 Washington				

Cuineen Patrick, shoe op, bds 88 Clark				

Cull Frank, moulder, bds 180 Seymour				

Cull Mary A, maid, 27 Court				

Cull Nellie, domestic, 11 Ross place				

Cullen Edwin, foreman, h 23 Orchard				

Cullen Harry, salesman, bds 23 Orchard				

Cullen James, laborer, h 7 Coon				

CULLEN JAMES M., dealer in Coal, Wood and Lawn Fertilizers, also Livery and Boarding	
	Stables, 33 Chapel, h 157 Seymour   (See adv)			

Cullen Lawrence, laborer, bds The Cottage Hotel, 53 state				

Cullen Lizzie, dressmaker, res 159 Seymour				

Cullen Myrtle, music teacher, res 23 Orchard				

Cullen Thomas, moulder, h 51 Lansing				

CULVER, see also COLLVER				

Culver & Carr, (E O Culver and H J Carr), dressmakers, over 141 Genesee				

Culver Daniel M, h 12 Foote				

Culver Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 50 Mechanic				

Culver Edwin H, pattern maker, h 14 Perry				

Culver Emma O, (Culver & Carr,) bds 12 Foote				

Culver George W, carpenter, h 1 Grant ave				

CULVER MARION G., pres't The Chas. H. Sagar Co, h 21 Fulton				

Culver Richard H, mason, h 56 Mechanic				

Cummings Charles W, mechanic, over 19 Water, h 29 Garrow				

Cummings Elizabeth A, shoe op, bds 246 State				

Cummings Fred, m'f'r's ag't, bds 38 Water				

Cummings John, fireman, h 246 State				

Cummings Lyman, expressman, h 34 Logan				

Cummings Mary, domestic, 10 Hamilton ave				

Cummings Sarah B, widow Ward, h 26 Lansing				

Cunnane John C, spinner, bds 6 Mill				

Cunnane Mary E, dressmaker, bds 6 Mill				

Cunnane Patrick J, mill op, h 6 Mill				

Cunningham Agnes L, domestic, 167 E Genesee				

Cunningham Edward. shoe cutter, h over 18 Clark				

Cunningham Jeremiah J, shoe op, bds 34 Dill				

Cunningham Maggie A, accountant, 14 Baker ave, bds 16 do				

CUNNINGHAM MARCUS J., salesman, 14 Baker ave, res 16 do				

CUNNINGHAM, MAT, Carpenter, Contractor, Designer and Builder, office and res 41 and 43 Garden				
	(Commercial Hotel)   Estimates and plans furnished on application			

Cunningham Nellie, mill op, bds 65 Cornell				

Cunningham Peter M, painter, h over 22 Clark				

CUNNINGHAM THOMAS, family grocery supplies and country produce.  A specialty made of teas,				
	coffees and spices, also dealer in the best brands of Ales, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 14			
	Baker ave, h 16 do			

Cunningham Thomas J, plumber, h 9 Mary				

Curkin Catherine, domestic, 105 E Genesee				

Curley Catherine C, salesclerk, "Kiemele's," res 19 Derby ave				

Curley John, yardman, L V R R, h 19 Derby ave				

Curley John M, meat cutter, bds 19 Derby ave				

CURRAN, see also KERN				

Curran Agnes S, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran Elizabeth F, shoe op, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran Esther C, shoe op, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran James, emp D M O & Co, h 59 Nelson				

Curran John H, tel lineman, h over 4 Water				

Curran Joseph P, emp D M O & Co, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran Mabel, student, bds over 4 Water				

Curran Margaret L, shoe op, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran Mary A, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran Patrick C, horse trader, h over 36 1/2 Genesee				

Curran Richard J, bds 59 Nelson				

Curran Sarah, domestic, 26 South				

CURRAN WILLIAM P., ass't, 17 Hulbert, h 24 1/2 Hamilton ave				

Currier Anna. domestic, 14 Fort				

Currier Charles P, prison dyer, cloth dep't, h 19 Chapel				

Currier John, mechanic, h 66 Aurelius ave				

Currier Joseph A, scythe finisher, bds 198 Clark				

Currier Louis F, laborer, bds 35 Delevan				

Curry D May, bds 270 Genesee				

Curry William L, emp D M O & Co, h 270 Genesee				

Curtin Cornelius, moulder, h 41 Lansing				

Curtin Daniel B, (Murphy & Curtin), h 33 Baker ave				

Curtin Daniel D, saloon, 192 State, h do				

Curtin Ella M, domestic, 186 Genesee				

Curtin Josie M, housekeeper, 41 Lansing				

Curtin Maggie, shoe op, bds 44 Clark				

Curtin Michael J, insurance agent, h 44 Clark				

Curtin William T, shoe op, bds over 15 Pleasant				

Curtis Caroline M, bds 113 Fulton				

CURTIS CHARLES E., boarding house, 20 South   Centrally located, service the best.	
	Tables supplied with the latest and choicest products of the season			

Curtis Charles G, h 128 North				

Curtis Mrs Clara B, nurse, h 32 Elizabeth				

Curtis Frank, polisher, bds 27 Madison ave				

Curtis Georgia E, res 128 North				

CURTIS HARRY J., prop'r Auburn Cash Grocery, dealer in a complete line of family	
	supplies, embracing Groceries, Provisions and farmer's products, also fruits and			
	vegetables in their season, 9 Clark, h 41 Steel			

Curtis Herbert G, twine op, bds 37 Orchard				

Curtis Howard N, time keeper, Col Cord Co, bds 37 Orchard				

Curtis Jennie L, shoe op, bds 107 Lewis				

Curtis John M, baggageman, L V R R, h 37 Orchard				

Curtis Lucy A, bds 113 Fulton				

Curtis Mary E, widow Birdsey, res 20 South				

Curtis Michael, mechanic, h 107 Lewis				

Curtis Michael W, salesman, bds 107 Lewis				

Curtis Patrick J, shoemaker, bds 107 Lewis				

Curtis Rose A, res 113 Fulton				

Curtis William B, shoe op, bds 113 Fulton				

Cushing Francis A, clerk, D M O & Co, res 9 Franklin				

Cushing Frank C, lawyer, over 61 Genesee				

Cushman Eugene, mill op, bds 50 Franklin				

Cusick George H, fireman, h 12 Canoga ave				

Cusick George T, box maker, bds 12 Canoga ave				

Cusick Howard, box maker, bds 12 Canoga ave				

Cuskey Adelaide M, button op, bds 56 Cottage				

Cuskey Clara I, button op, bds 56 Cottage				

Cuskey Frank E, barber, bds 56 Cottage				

Cuskey George, mill op, bds 56 Cottage				

Cuskey Gertrude, widow Frank, h 56 Cottage				

Cuskey Louise, button op, bds 56 Cottage				

Cutler Angeline, bds 46 Grant ave				

Cutler Mrs Caroline L, h 93 Washington				

Cutler Charles, laborer, bds 38 Water				

Cutler Charles J, teamster, bds over 10 E Genesee				

Cutler Frederick G, shoe op, bds 10 Frances				

Cutler Grace L, bds 93 Washington				

CUTLER JAMES, acc't Am Wringer Co, res 93 Washington				

Cutler Parm W, meat market, 264 Genesee, h 93 Washington				

Cutler Stewart J, meat cutter, 264 Genesee, bds 93 Washington				

Cutler William G, painter, r 24 E Genesee, h 20 Beach ave				

Cutting Martha, cook, New Com'l Hotel, 41 Garden				

Cutting Minnie, attendant, New Com'l Hotel, 41 Garden				

Cuykendall Almira B, widow John, res 114 Franklin				

Cuykendall Ella M, res 14 Cayuga				

Cuykendall Florence M, accountant, 24 1/2 Genesee, bds 112 Owasco				

Cuykendall Frank B, farmer, h 13 1/2 Foote				

Cuykendall Jacob D, clerk, bds 112 Owasco				

Cuykendall Jessie E, res 55 Clark				

Cuykendall John H, plumber, bds 112 Owasco				

Cuykendall Levi, produce dealer, h 112 Owasco				

CUYKENDALL MARTIN S, (Cossum & Cuykendall) also Health Commissioner, h 55 Clark				

Cuykendall May B, res 55 Clark				

Cuykendall Sidney L, mechanic, bds 112 Owasco				

Cyphers Alba T, teamster, h 6 Mann				

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