ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Dabinett Charles, mason, h 32 Morris							

Dabinett Frank, saloon, 45 North, h over do							

Dabinett George, mason, h 34 Bristol ave, Melrose							

Dabinett Henry, musician, h 29 Capitol							

Dabinett Lizzie, bds 34 Bristol ave, Melrose							

Dade Charles, laborer, bds 65 Fitch ave							

DADMUN A. H., gen'l sec'y, Y M C A, res 169 Lake ave							

Dady Iram M, carpenter, h 32 Perry							

Dady Myrna L, teacher, Fulton st sch, bds 32 Perry							

Dady Louisa, widow George W, h 6 E Genesee, 2d floor							

Da Eva Eugenia, widow Angelo, res 4 Garden							

Dagen Kolb Charles F, carpenter, bds 5 Mary							

Dagner Ellen, mill op, bds 25 Pulsifer							

Dahn Reuben, mechanic, rooms over 121 1/2 Genesee							

DAILEY, see also DALEY							

Dailey Anna E, widow Charles, h 168 Clark							

Dailey Charles P, moulder, bds 168 Clark							

Dailey James J, shoe op, bds 65 Clark							

Dailey John, mill op, bds 168 Clark							

Dailey Mary C, hame op, bds 168 Clark							

Dailey Michael, laborer, h 73 Cornell							

Dailey Sarah, housekeeper, over 23 E Genesee							

Dale Mrs Ida M, laundress, h 1 Bailey							

Dale George W, laborer, bds 77 Cornell							

Dale Jacob, laborer, h over 18 Barber							

Dale James G, mason, h 25 Parker							

Dale James Z, laborer, bds 1 Bailey							

Dale Minnie E, housekeeper, 25 Parker							

DALEY, see also DAILEY							

Daley Andrew J, piano op, bds 3 Mary							

Daley Catherine, domestic, 157 North							

Daley Catherine, twine op, bds 100 Van Anden							

Daley Daniel F, moulder, h 47 Wall							

Daley Daniel P, carpenter, h 44 Seward ave							

Daley Frank J, clerk, D M O & Co, bds 194 Seymour							

Daley Gardner, mechanic, h 120 Wall							

Daley George, lawyer, bds 17 Melrose							

Daley Hannah, cook, 149 North							

Daley Hannah, widow Patrick, h 23 Grant							

Daley John, d'v'y clerk, 49 Genesee, bds 33 Howard							

Daley John, emp N Y C R R, h 9 Rock ave							

Daley Lizzie L, shoe op, bds 89 Washington							

Daley Margaret, button op, bds 9 Rock ave							

Daley Mrs Mary A, seamstress, h 73 1/2 Van Anden							

Daley Miss Mary A, dressmaker, bds 73 1/2 Van Anden							

Daley Nettie, weaver, bds 120 Wall							

Daley Patrick X, brakeman, N Y C R R, h 42 Cottage							

Daley Rachel, mill op, bds 120 Wall							

Daly Thomas S, shoe op, bds 73 1/2 Van Anden							

Daley William, delivery clerk, 9 State, h 33 Howard							

DALEY HON. WILLIAM D., h 17 Melrose							

Dalrymple Walter, emp D M O & Co, bds over 19 1/2 North							

Dalton Albert G, shoe op, bds 56 Clark							

Dalton Alphonsus, bds 56 Clark							

Dalton Elizabeth, widow John H, h 56 Clark							

Dalton Frank X, medical student, bds 56 Clark							

Dalton Henry J, machinist, bds 56 Clark							

Dalton Lazore, bar keeper, 92 Clark, h 56 do							

Dalton Mrs Mary, res 170 1/2 Clark							

Dalton Mary P, housekeeper, bds 56 Clark							

Dalton Peter, watchman, h 217 State							

Dalton Mrs Peter, grocer, 217 State, h do							

Damrau Lena, domestic, 29 Franklin							

Damrau Marie, maid, 205 Genesee							

DANAHEY, see also DONAHEE							

Danahey Anna. milliner, bds 31 Barber							

Danahey Catherine M, shoe op, bds 14 Underwood							

Danahey Daniel, laborer, h 17 Pleasant							

Danahey Daniel, Jr, machinist, bds 17 Pleasant							

Danahey Edward, iron worker, h 14 Underwood							

Danahey Edward J, tool maker, h 10 Garfield							

Danahey James J, ass't baggageman, L V R R, bds 31 Baker ave							

Danahey Jeremiah, emp L V R R, bds 47 Division S							

Danahey John, mechanic, bds 31 Barber							

Danahey Julia A, dressmaker, bds 14 Underwood							

Danahey Julia W, widow Michael, h over 15 Pleasant							

Danahey Margaret, shoe op, bds 31 Baker ave							

Danahey Mary E, weaver, bds 151 Clark							

Danahey Michael, laborer, h 31 Baker ave							

Danahey Michael, emp D M O & Co, bds 31 Barber							

Danahey Michael F, delivery clerk, 150 Clark, bds 31 Baker ave							

Danahey Nellie, attendant, 208 Genesee							

Danahey Patrick, emp D M O & Co, bds 78 Orchard							

Danahey Thomas, tailor, res 31 Barber							

Danahey Thomas, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 31 Barber							

Danforth Eva M, widow William, dressmaker, h 8 Foot							

Dangerfield Dr George R, rooms 7 Parsons							

Dangerfield Harriet F, teacher, Division st sch, bds 68 Fulton							

Dangerfield Sarah H, widow Frances S, h 68 Fulton							

Daniels Alfred, bookbinder, Bulletin, h 167 1/2 Cottage							

Dapp George, salesman, Big Store, bds over 165 State							

Da Ratt Gracia G, res 28 1/2 Fitch ave							

DA RATT J. WILLIAM, merchant tailoring, rooms 103, 104 Metcalf B'd'g, 141 Genesee, h 28 1/2 Fitch ave,							
	Fine Suitings  Satisfaction assured						

Darby John, machinist, bds 23 Pleasant							

Dare Edwin L, drayman, h 53 Holley							

Dare Elvira L, housekeeper, 53 Holley							

Dare Fred L, drayman, bds 53 Holley							

Dare Frederick W, stair builder, h 7 Liberty							

Dargan Catherine E, maid, 174 Genesee							

Darling Charles W, carpenter, h 142 Seymour							

Darling Emily A, res 31 E Genesee							

Darling Fred J, delivery clerk, bds 142 Seymour							

Darling J Grenville, clerk, 45 Washington, res 31 E Genesee							

Darling Rev Timothy G, prof Theo Sem, bds Nat'l Hotel							

DARROW CHARLES C., Architect and Builder, office and works Greene st, opp Post Office,				
	h 4 cottage   (See adv, next page)						

Darrow Owen B, emp D M O & Co, bds 22 Augustus							

Dasher John J, machinist, h 94 Wall							

Dasher Marion, res 94 Wall							

dasher Nellie, res 94 Wall							

Dashney Alice J, weaver, bds 242 Seymour							

Dashney Ellen, widow John, h 242 Seymour							

Dashney John, stone cutter, bds 242 Seymour							

Dashney Lucy, widow Peter, res 242 Seymour							

Dashney Maude A, twine op, res 242 Seymour							

Dashney Peter L, city express, h 236 1/2 Seymour							

Dates Adam F, blacksmith, 106 Owasco, h do							

Dates, Byron A, farmer, h 82 Garrow							

Dates John M, machinist, h 108 Owasco							

Dauer Mrs Catharine, boarding house, 61 Mechanic							

Dauer Edith M, twine op, bds 61 Mechanic							

Dauer Frank E, machinist, bds 61 Mechanic							

Dauer John, barkeeper, 43 North, res over 51 do							

Davenport Clinton A, button op, bds 62 1/2 Mechanic							

Davenport Ella V, salesclerk, Big Store, res 11 Janet							

Davenport Fred P, painter, bds 62 1/2 Mechanic							

Davenport Humphrey, shoemaker, 62 1/2 Mechanic, h do							

Davenport Ida M, res 62 1/2 Mechanic							

Davenport Melissa, housekeeper, 31 Sheridan							

David Charles A, teamster, enq 56 Cornell							

David Theodore, teamster, h 51 Orchard							

David William F, shoe op, bds 51 Orchard							

Davids Byron, coachman, Tallman's stables, h 10 James							

Davidson Anna E, mill op, bds 7 Orchard ave							

Davidson Flora, shoe op, bds 7 Orchard ave							

Davidson John H, emp D M O & Co, h 24 Garrow							

Davidson Margaret W, mill op, bds 7 Orchard ave							

Davidson Robert, fireman, A C Ry Co, h r 153 Van Anden							

Davidson S A, h 25 Sheridan							

Davidson William B, emp D M O & Co, h 7 Orchard ave							

Davies Laura, attendant, 1 Elizabeth							

Davies Lewis E, student, Theo Sem, res 5 Van Anden							

Davis albert H, brakeman, L V R R, bds 57 Orchard							

DAVIS BARNEY B., ass't manager The Model Clothing Co, 110 Genesee, res 82 1/2 North							

Davis Burt, mill op, h 140 Perrine							

DAVIS CHARLES T., real estate, office and res 154 North							

Davis Charles W, machinist, h 23 Wood							

Davis Cora A, wrapper op, bds 11 Mc Master							

Davis Cornelia A, res 154 North							

Davis Edward, mill op, h 20 Bradford							

Davis Edward H, machinist, h 5 Bellevue place							

Davis Elton W, teamster, h 14 1/2 Canoga ave							

Davis Emily, nurse, 63 South							

Davis E Morgan, hardware, res 1 Mc Master							

Davis Estella A, artist, bds 11 Seward ave							

Davis Ethel E, dressmaker, bds 22 Sherman							

Davis George, merchant tailor, 29 North, h 32 Clark							

Davis George, wool carder, bds 34 E Genesee							

Davis George A, painter, h 10 Third ave, Melrose							

Davis George E, conductor, A C ry, h over 7 South							

Davis George F, teamster, bds 36 Morris							

Davis G Perry, shoe op, bds 21 Wadsworth							

Davis Guy D, shoe op, bds 21 Wadsworth							

Davis Harriet Tubman, widow Nelson, h South n limits							

Davis Isabelle C, res 154 North							

Davis James, switchman, D M O & Co, h 43 Jefferson							

Davis Jessie E, res 154 Seymour							

Davis J Frank, ass't m'g'r Aub Agency, res 1 McMaster							

Davis Job, painter, h 154 Seymour							

DAVIS JOHN A., (12) letter carrier, h 11 Seward ave							

Davis John A, Jr, student, Aub Bus Col, bds 11 Seward ave							

Davis Josephine F, res 48 Hamilton ave							

Davis Lavina, widow T Thompson, h 74 Seymour							

Davis Levi T, prison foreman, cabinet dep't, h 22 Sherman							

Davis Mabel, widow Stephen E, h 11 McMaster							

Davis Mrs Maria E, laundress, h 21 Wadsworth							

Davis Mary E, res 154 North							

Davis Maude C, wrapper op, bds 11 McMaster							

Davis Percy, mechanic, h 69 division N							

Davis Sarah C, bds 74 Seymour							

Davis Sarah J, widow John C, bds 22 Lansing							

Davis Thomas E, bicycle op, bds 22 Sherman							

DAVIS THOMAS E., prop'r "The Boat Livery," office and docks at Lakeside, res the White				
	Bridge Station, Owasco road   All kinds of Fishing Tackle for rent.  
	Boat painting and repairing a specialty						

Davis William, iron worker, bds 85 Clark							

Davis William D, painter, bds 1 Greene ave							

Davis William J, machinist, bds 22 Sherman							

Davis William, Jr, wood worker, bds 85 Clark							

Davis Wilson R, bookkeeper, 73 Clark, h 36 Morris							

Davison Angeline S, housekeeper, 3 1/2 Lewis							

Davison Philip N, carpenter and slater, h over 2 William							

Dawson John, tailor, h 74 Owasco							

Dawson John F, barber, 68 Franklin, bds 74 Owasco							

Day Alonzo, emp D M O & Co, h 21 Sherwood							

Day Clarence Q, tobacco and cigars, 50 Division N, h do							

Day Emily, domestic, 15 Seminary							

Day Louisa B, domestic, 9 Washington							

Day Prosper R, shoe cutter, h 116 Fulton							

Daykin Reuben, emp Henry & Allen, bds 31 Wall							

Dayton Aristides, emp L V R R, h 68 Wall							

Dayton Edwin H, transfer clerk, L V R R, bds 68 Wall							

DAYTON HARRY T., (Dayton & Woodin), lawyer, also District Attorney and respresenting The Fidelity							
	and Deposit Co of Maryland, official Hd'q'rs Court House, 154 Genesee, h 96 South						

Dayton Maude E, bds 9 Lewis							

Dayton Minnie L, bds 9 Lewis							

DAYTON WILLIAM H., prop'r Victory Cigar Store and Billiard Parlors, 8 State, res 9 Lewis				
	The leading brands of cigars and tobaccos and the finest appointed Billiard 
	Rooms in the city						

Deacy Agnes J, spinner, bds 41 Canoga							

Deacy Ellen G, shoe op, bds 41 Canoga							

Deacy Francis W, weaver, bds 41 Canoga							

Deacy John, mill watchman, h 41 Canoga							

Deacy John T, spinner, h 19 Canoga							

Deacy Joseph A, shoe op, bds 209 Perrine ave							

Deakin Joseph, mechanic, bds 8 Canoga ave							

Dean Mrs Ada C, h 6 Seminary							

DEAN B. A., dealer in general farm products, shipper, &c, &c, 307 Genesee, res Fleming					
	City orders respectfully solicited, Goods furnished at wholesale rates						

Dean Charles A, delivery clerk, 77 Genesee, h 41 Parker							

Dean Charles H, core maker, h 276 1/2 North							

Dean Fred W, emp Eccles Works, bds 76 Garrow							

Dean George W, machinist and bicycle repairer, 90 State, h 55 Van Anden							

Dean Janet A, res 27 Elizabeth							

Dean Jarvis N, laundryman, h 51 Franklin							

Dean Jennie, domestic, 99 North							

Dean John W, machinist, h 47 Jefferson							

Dean J Oscar, coachman, enq over 30 Clark							

Dean Lewis M, mechanic, h over 5 William							

Dean Maggie E, weaver, bds 47 Mattie							

Dean Nellie, shoe op, bds 56 Holley							

Dean Norman, blacksmith, h over 90 Clark							

Dean S Alden, machinist, h 52 Fulton							

Dean Samuel W, milk pedler, h 76 Garrow							

Dean Mrs Sarah D, shirt waist maker, h 52 Fulton							

Dean Thomas R, carpenter, h 71 Fitch ave							

Dean Walter M, bookkeeper, bds 6 Seminary							

DEAN WARREN H., accountant, 307 Genesee, res Fleming							

Dean William A, druggist, 71 Genesee, h 27 Elizabeth							

Dean William E, guard, Woman's Prison, bds 47 Mattie							

Dean william H, ass't tallyman, L V R R, h 17 Aurelius ave							

De Belle Lewis, brakeman, L V R R, bds over 251 Genesee							

DE CHANTEL SISTER, sup't Aub Orphan Asylum, 124 North							

Dechkow Frederick A, weaver, h 12 Throop ave							

Decker Albert A, teamster, h 117 Division N							

Decker Carrie, widow Irving, bds 147 1/2 Van Anden							

Decker Clarence, weaver, bds 58 Van Anden							

Decker Marie L, res 50 Fitch ave							

Decker M Blanche, teacher, Madison Ave Sch, bds 50 Fitch ave							

Decker Moses D, h 50 Fitch ave							

Decker Sarah N, res 50 Fitch ave							

Decker Tina, waitress, Hotel O'Neil, 1 Monroe							

De Christoforo, Alphonso, laborer, h 60 Division S							

Dedrick Charles P, shoe op, h 49 Lewis							

Dedrick Minnie J, bds 73 Franklin							

Dedrick Philip M, emp D M O & Co, h 73 Franklin							

Dedrick Wilson H, pattern maker, h 18 Perry							

Dee Elizabeth, shoe op, bds 81 Cornell							

Dee John, iron worker, bds over 19 1/2 North							

Dee Mabel, box op, bds 81 Cornell							

Dee Mary, button op, bds 146 Mechanic							

Deegan Mrs Mary, res 17 Chestnut							

Deegan Sylvester, h 24 Howard							

Deegan Sylvester, clerk, 102 Genesee, h 17 Chestnut							

Deegan Thomas A, sash maker, bds 24 Howard							

Deegan William F, wringer op, h 136 Cottage							

Deeley Thomas, teamster, 52 Genesee, h 22 Garden							

Deering Catherine A, instructress, bds 128 E Genesee							

Deering Christopher, plumber, bds 128 E Genesee							

Deering James, blacksmith, h 128 E Genesee							

Deering James, clerk, Am Ex Co, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North							

Deering James, Jr, plumber, bds 128 E Genesee							

Deering Mary A, clerk, cost dep't, bds 128 E Genesee							

Deering William, salesman, 120 E Genesee, bds 128 do							

De Fabio Pietro, laborer, bds 1 O'Neil ave							

Defendorf Carla M, milliner, bds 29 Grove ave							

Defendorf Cassius M, agent, h 29 Grove ave							

Defendorf Charles J, mason, h 54 Mary							

Defendorf Fay T, emp D M O & Co, bds 29 Grove ave							

Defendorf Louis C, toolmaker, bds 29 Grove ave							

De Freze Cassius M, (De Freze & Reagan,) h 32 Foote							

De Freze Frank B, delivery clerk, 89 State, bds 32 Foote							

De Freze & Reagan, (C M De Freze and J Reagan,) blacksmithing, 6 Seminary ave							

De Freze William E, pattern maker, bds 32 Foote							

De Graff Daniel E, cabinet maker, h 93 Van Anden							

DE GROFF HENRY D., (sub) letter carrier,  also shipper 					          Eccles Works,		h 69 Aurelius ave

De Hart Edmond C, teamster, h 72 Elizabeth							

De Hart Walter C, teamster, bds 72 Elizabeth							

Deitzer Frank W, oil agent, h 60 Pulsifer							

Deitzer John G, blacksmith, h 6 Pulsifer							

Deitzer John J, blacksmith, h over 21 Sherwood							

De Kay Fillmore C, emp L V R R, h 3 Baker ave							

De Lafountain Janie H, bds 11 Seymour							

De Lafountain Margaret A, button op, bds 51 Mechanic							

Delaney Anna, cook, 37 William							

Delaney Bridget, cook, 180 Genesee							

Delaney Charles, gardener, 79 South, h 46 Logan							

Delaney Dennis, iron worker, h 61 Elizabeth							

Delaney Elizabeth H, music teacher, res 46 Logan							

Delaney James, laborer, h over 169 State							

Delaney Mary, assistant, 80 North							

Delaney Nellie N, widow Ambrose, h r 14 Madison ave							

Delaney Patrick J, laborer, h 11 Dexter ave							

Delaney Robert, mechanic, bds 65 Clark							

Delaney Thomas, flagman, L V R R, bds 64 West							

Delaney Winifred, domestic, 3 Woodruff Place							

Delano Mrs Eliza J, 15 Havens ave							

Delano Ida M, attendant, over 6 Grant ave							

Delano John M, carriage painter, h over 65 Owasco							

Delano Maria, widow Chauncey B, bds 88 E Genesee							

Delano Mrs Mary, dressmaker, over 65 Owasco, h do							

Delano Seymour L, painter, h 159 Clark							

De Lay John B, painter, h 23 Capitol							

Delehant Thomas, laborer, h 5 Kelsey							

Delohery Martin F, emp D M O & Co, h 14 Miller							

De Long Jennie M, button op, bds 6 Myrtle ave							

De Long Merritt M, expressman, h 6 Myrtle ave							

DeMarco Alphonso, laborer, bds 1 O'Neil ave							

Demer Christopher, shoe cutter, bds 61 Clark							

Demmings Mrs Kate, laundress, h 7 Dill							

De Mont Llewellyn J, grinder, h 127 1/2 Van Anden							

Demorest Mrs Matilda, mill op, h over 52 State							

Dempsey Anna button op, bds 14 Logan							

Dempsey Anna M, bds 49 Seward ave							

Dempsey Edward, laborer, bds 13 Green							

Dempsey Edward, laborer, h 5 Underwood							

Dempsey Edward P, shoe op, bds 14 Logan							

Dempsey Ellen, widow Joseph, res 45 Bradford							

Dempsey Frederick, shoe op, bds 19 Barber							

Dempsey James, res 21 Chestnut							

Dempsey James J, moulder, h 6 Moravia							

Dempsey James R, barber, 77 State, res 233 do							

Dempsey John, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Chapel							

Dempsey John, laborer, bds 1 Derby ave							

Dempsey John W, janitor South st sch, h 14 Logan							

Dempsey Luke W, barber, 77 State, h 3 Westlake ave							

Dempsey Margaret A, shoe op, bds 41 Bradford							

Dempsey Mary, domestic, 36 Franklin							

Dempsey Mary E, domestic, 10 Lincoln							

Dempsey Mary F, button op, bds 14 Logan							

Dempsey Nan, salesclerk, 83 Genesee, bds 14 Logan							

Dempsey Patrick, laborer, bds 47 Division S							

Dempsey Patrick C, laborer, h 1 Derby ave							

Dempsey William, coachman, h 12 Fitch ave							

Dench Albert E, yardmaster, L V R R, h 26 Arch							

DENISON, see also DENNISON							

Denison Mrs Cornelia A, boarding house, 27 Garden							

Denison Louis, mattress m'f'r, rear 6 Dill, h 71 Owasco							

Denman Charles E, emp D M O & Co, h over 139 Fulton							

Denman Edmund, emp Fort Hill Cemetery Ass'n, h 26 Fort							

Denman William C, dis cl'k Nat'l B'k of Aub, res 26 Fort							

Dennis Dorr M, emp D M O & Co, h 5 Augustus							

Dennis Flora, emp D M O & Co, bds 273 North							

Dennis Fred Y, dyer, bds 73 Van Anden							

Dennis George, carpenter, h 73 Van Anden							

Dennis George H, mason, bds 73 Van Anden							

Dennis Harry T, clerk Auburn Agency, D M O & Co, res 12 Adams							

Dennis Herbert G, mechanic, bds 73 Van Anden							

Dennis James C, carpenter, h 12 Adams							

DENNIS JAMES F., prop'r Excelsior Steam Dyeing and Cleaning Works, 5 and 7 Water,				
	h 15 Catlin (See adv)						

Dennis John, teamster, h 273 North							

Dennis John W, moulder, bds 73 Van Anden							

Dennis Mendon T, teamster, bds 73 Van Anden							

Dennis Ralph D, meat cutter, 118 Mechanic, h 1 Van den Bosch ave							

Dennis Sabina, stenographer, res 12 Adams							

Dennis William G, carpenter, bds 12 Adams							

DENNISON, see also DENISON							

Dennison Ruth, widow Jesse, h 4 Bailey							

De Puy George, mechanic, h 124 Owasco							

Derby Aldanie R, teacher, Seymour st sch, res 43 Barber							

Derby Benjamin F, mechanic, h 33 Wadsworth							

Derby Charles H, ice pedler, h over 118 Mechanic							

Derby Cyrus W, carpenter contractor, bds 43 Barber							

Derby Ephraim, carpenter, bds 58 Mattie							

DERBY H. OSCAR, manager, Postal Telegraph Cable Co, 115 Genesee cor State, (basement) h 260							

Derby Urban L, wood worker, bds 33 Wadsworth							

Derby Warren D, carpenter, h 91 York							

Derby Wheelock H, builder, h 91 York							

Dermody John, brakeman, L V R R, bds 89 1/2 Orchard							

Deshler Floyd, painter, h 25 Hoffman							

Desmond Frederick, apprentice, bds over 5 Lewis							

Desrochers Fred J, shaving parlors, 40 State, h 15 Union							

Desrochers George H, barber, bds 7 Derby ave							

Desrochers T Emile, clerk, coll dep't, D M O & Co, h 7 Derby ave							

De St Croix John, moulder, h 181 1/2 Van Anden							

Detor George, carpenter, h 30 Washington							

Deuel Daisy, seamstress, res 13 Mc Master							

Devanney Bridget, widow Patrick, h over 148 1/2 Cottage							

Devanney william M, emp D M O & Co, h 52 Holley							

Develin Catherine, housekeeper, 137 Mechanic							

Develin C Terrence, salesman, 85 Genesee, bds 137 Mechanic							

Develin Margaret, button op, bds 137 Mechanic							

Develin Nora, button op, bds 137 Mechanic							

Devereaux James, emp L V R R, h 11 1/2 Wallace ave							

Devereaux John, emp D M O & Co, bds 29 Madison ave							

Devereaux Michael, gardener, bds 67 Seymour							

Devereaux William, flagman, L V R R, h 29 Madison ave							

Devin Oliver Peyton, student, Theo Sem, res do							

Devine Henry E, machinist, h 22 Garrow							

De Vinney William F, carpenter, h 6 Burt ave							

Devitt Frank, retired, res 84 Clark							

Devitt Patrick, (P Devitt & Co), h 61 Seymour							

Devitt P & Co, (C H Kavanagh), grocers, 5 and 7 Genesee							

De Voe Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds 2 Paul							

De Voe Charlotte, milliner, bds 35 Mary							

De Voe Cornelia, bds 35 Mary							

De Voe Eleanor, widow Thomas, res 112 North							

De Vore Joseph H, engineer, h 28 Barber							

De Vore John M, h 38 Grant ave							

De Vore John P, weaver, h 62 Frances							

De Vore Lela T, cashier, 64 Genesee, res 28 Barber							

De Vore Vera, res 38 Grant ave							

De Waters Myron M, prison guard, h 22 Lewis							

De Waters Nina E, student, A H S, bds 32 Garrow							

DEWDNEY ALPHA L., dealer in choice family groceries and country produce, 12 North, h 24 Fulton							

Dewdney William H, salesman, 12 North, bds 24 North 							

Dewey Catherine E, widow Bernard, shoe op, bds 170 1/2 Clark							

De Witt Anna V, stenographer, bds 15 Franklin							

DE WITT & COTTLE, (W. J. De Witt and W. M. Cottle), m'f'rs and dealers in Cigars and				
	Tobaccos, also Smoker's Articles   Factory and Salesrooms 39 Market   (See adv)						

De Witt Evelyn M, res over 39 Market							

De Witt Frederick J, engineer, D M O & Co, h 15 Franklin							

De Witt Flora, shoe op, bds 59 Division N							

De Witt Horace B, sawyer, h 15 Franklin							

De Witt Sadie S, stenographer, Nat'l B'k Aub, res 38 Hamilton ave							

De Witt Sophia, widow John, bds 62 1/2 Mechanic							

DE WITT WILLIAM J., (De Witt & Cottle), h over 39 Market							

De Witt William, shoe op, bds 15 Franklin							

DEY BROTHERS & CO., Department Store. The greatest variety of merchandise under one roof in			
	   Western New York, located S Salina cor Jefferson st, Syracuse, N Y   Auburn patronage				
	appreciated and special inducements made to retain it						

Dey Carrie F, salesclerk, 91 & 93 Genesee, res over 33 Seymour							

Dey Celia, widow Horatio, h over 33 Seymour							

Dibble Mrs Emma, housekeeper, 72 Clark							

Dickerson Ina M, student, res 69 Washington							

Dickerson Theodore J, magnetic physician, 11 John, h do							

Dickerson Viola A, widow Charles H, bds over 12 Frances							

Dickinson John H, h 24 Franklin							

Dickinson William W, bds 24 Franklin							

Dickman Theodore, emp D M O & Co, h over 87 1/2 Owasco							

Dickson James, laborer, bds 34 Parker							

Dietel Josie B, cor cl'k and stenog'r Seward's Banking House, res 31 Wall							

DIETER JACOB, manager Auburn Turn Verein Saloon, 95 Owasco, h 90 do The best brands Liquors,							
	Wines and Cigars and the best brews of Ales and Lagers						

Dietz Caroline A, dressmaker, bds 72 Van Anden							

Dietz Constantine J, teamster, bds 72 Van Anden							

Dietz Ella nurse, res 72 Van Anden							

Dietz Frank O, piano tuner, h 96 1/2 Mechanic							

Dietz John, machinist, bds 191 Clark							

Dietz Martin, teamster, h 72 Van Anden							

Dietz Martin P, shoe cutter, h 40 1/2 Barber							

Dietz Mary Louise, domestic, 69 South							

Dietz Theodore J, shoe cutter, bds 72 Van Anden							

Diggs Daniel E, laborer, bds, over 9 Genesee							

Diggs Daniel F, coachman, 163 Genesee, h 85 Fitch ave							

Diggs John, hostler, bds over 9 Genesee							

Diggs Nancy, widow Thomas, h over 9 Genesee							

Dill Sarah W, h 4 Fort							

Dillon Agnes, widow Christopher, h 77 West							

Dillon Anna L, mill op, bds 77 West							

Dillon Bridget C, weaver, bds 77 West							

Dillon Christopher, hammersman, bds 77 West							

Dillon J Joseph, insurance agent, h 212 Genesee							

Dillon Mary E, weaver, bds 77 West							

Dillon Nicholas, twine op, bds 77 West							

Dills Carrie, attendant, Woman's Prison, 50 Wall							

Dingman Hattie R, res 21 Wadsworth							

Dinkel Andrew A, foreman, D M O & Co, h 42 Hamilton ave							

Dion Octave, scythe maker, bds 170 Van Anden							

Dioni Domenico, laborer, bds 5 O'Neil ave							

Ditmars Abraham, carpenter, h 16 Logan							

Ditmars Charles A, shoe op, bds 16 Logan							

Ditmars George F, carpenter, h 16 Logan							

Ditmars John H, shoe op, h 23 Mann							

Ditton Francis, emp D M O & Co, h 129 Owasco							

Ditton Mrs Francis, dressmaker, h 129 Owasco							

Ditton Henry T, shoe cutter, bds 6 Lewis							

Ditzca Andrew, emp D M O & Co, h 72 Cottage							

Dix Belle, trained nurse City Hosp, 15 Lansing							

Dix Charles, blacksmith, h 49 Walnut							

Dixon Charles F, laborer, res 29 1/2 Fitch ave							

Dixon Henry R, upholsterer, (G W R & Son), h 29 1/2 Fitch ave							

Doane Charles A, shoe op, bds 123 Division S							

Doane Frank E, fireman, L V R R, h 123 Division S							

Dobbins Frank F, emp D M O & Co, bds 55 Nelson							

Dobbins James H, sash maker, h over 103 Cottage							

Dobbins Michael G, foreman, G C Smith M'f'g Co, h 55 Nelson							

DOBBS GEORGE, (Geo, Dobbs & Son,) h 145 Division S							

DOBBS GEORGE & SON, (Wm. G.,) florist, (wholesale,) prop'rs West End Gardens,			
	139 Division S  (See adv)						

DOBBS WILLIAM G., (Geo. Dobbs & Son,) res 145 Division S							

Dobson Francis, h 1 Adams							

Dobson F Walter, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 Adams							

Dobson H Arthur, wood turner, bds 1 Adams							

Dobson Louise J, res 1 Adams							

Dodge Alice L, accountant, 83 Genesee, res 10 Chapel							

Dodge George C, salesman, 110 Genesee, bds 10 Chapel							

Dodge Carroll L, clerk, Webster Transp'n Co, bds 10 Chapel							

Dodge Jennie, dressmaker, bds 22 Augustus							

Dodge Milan A, coachman, Tallman's stables, h 10 Chapel							

Dodge William E, emp D M O & Co, h 22 Augustus							

Dodsworth Michael, laborer, h over 21 Sherwood							

Dolan Agnes, dressmaker, bds 19 Mattie							

Dolan Charles, d'v'y clerk, 33 Genesee, bds 22 Grant ave							

Dolan Clair S, carpet finisher, bds over 59 State 							

Dolan Emily, widow Joseph, h over 59 State							

Dolan Hugh, mechanic, bds 97 Washington							

Dolan James, emp D M O & Co, bds 27 Lincoln							

Dolan Josephine A, emp D M O & Co, bds 71 Lansing							

Dolan Lizzie, weaver, bds 10 Paul							

Dolan Margaret G, bds 71 Lansing							

Dolan Marie T, shoe op, bds over 59 State							

Dolan Mary, domestic, 16 Orchard							

Dolan Michael, emp D M O & Co, bds 71 Lansing							

Dolan Nellie T, nurse, 137 South							

Dolan Patrick J, moulder, h over 259 Seymour							

Dolan Thomas, machinist, h 89 Van Anden							

Dolan William, plumber, h 19 Mattie							

Dolbey Frank W, machinist, h 18 Court							

Dolbey Mrs Nellie, mattress maker, r 6 Dill, h 98 Van Anden							

Dolbey William F, machinist. bds 30 Lincoln							

Dole Frank T, shoe maker, h 20 1/2 Seymour							

Doling Joel T, machinist, h 18 Fort							

Dolphin John, machinist, h 3 Beach ave							

Dolphin Laura A, bds 3 Beach ave							

Dolphin William H, hamemaker, h 24 Parker							

Dominick George, barber, 2 1/2 Dill, bds 21 Monroe							

Dominick Michael, machinist, bds 133 Van Anden							


Donahue Dennis C, moulder, h 304 State							

Donahue Dennis L, emp D M O & Co, bds 36 Pulsifer							

Donahue Ellen C, widow William, res 16 Grove ave							

Donahue James A, dry goods, 3 State, h 12 Easterly ave							

Donahue John, mechanic, h 31 Pulsifer							

Donahue John J, shoe cutter, h over 17 Case ave							

Donahue John P, clerk cost dep't, D M O & Co, bds 3 Anna							

Donahue Julia, domestic, 3 Gaylord							

Donahue Kate, widow Patrick, h 3 Anna							

Donahue Mary, attendant, 191 Genesee							

Donahue Mary, dressmaker, bds 16 Court							

Donahue Nora, domestic, 17 1/2 Washington							

Donahue Segoine H, salesman, 3 State, bds 12 Easterly ave							

Donahue Thomas J, coremaker, bds 3 Anna							

Donahue Timothy, moulder, bds 56 Perrine							

Donald William, painter, bds 190 State							

Donald William A, clerk cost dept, D M O & Co, bds 8 John							

Donaldson Sarah, widow John, bds 10 Frazee							

Doni Jeos, laborer, 21 Monroe							

Donley James G, marble works, 43 and 45 State, h 5 Park ave							

Donley Rosa M, bds 5 Park ave							

Donlon Lawrence, (Sub) prison keeper, h 112 Seymour							

Donlon Lawrence H, bds 112 Seymour							

Donlon Mary E, res 112 Seymour							

DONNELL WILLIAM I., journalist, reportorial staff, Daily Adv'r, res 100 1/2 Fulton							

Donnelly Edward, carpenter, bds 81 Moravia							

Donnelly Edward L, laborer, h 39 Case ave							

Donnelly Francis J, mill op, bds 23 Myrtle ave							

Donnelly John, laborer, h 205 Perrine ave							

Donnelly John, machinist, h 220 Seymour							

Donnelly John H, prison keeper, h 11 1/2 Burt ave							

Donnelly Mrs Kitt, weaver, bdw 2 Colburn ave							

Donnelly Mary, cook, 168 Genesee							

Donnelly Mary, widow Patrick E, h 23 Myrtle ave							

Donnelly Minnie F, weaver, bds 23 Myrtle ave							

Donnelly Peter I, iron heater, h 94 1/2 Division N							

Donnelly Thomas L, shoe cutter, bds 23 Myrtle ave							

Donnelly William, moulder, h over 263 State							

DONNELLY WILLIAM A., bar keeper 20 State, h 39 Steel							


Donoghue Anna K, shoe op, bds 22 Baker ave							

Donoghue Catherine, res 22 Baker ave							

Donoghue John J, student, St Bernard Seminary, res 22 Baker ave							

Donoghue Michael, watchman, h 22 Baker ave							

Donoho Michael F, com trav, h 111 Lansing							

Donovan Agnes F, clerk, bds over 12 Capitol							

Donovan Agnes V, shoe op, bds 41 Cornell							

Donovan Anna, attendant, 65 Clark							

Donovan Anna, widow Mortimer, h 23 Howard							

Donovan Bridget A, weaver, bds 41 Cornell							

Donovan Catherine, widow Daniel, h 7 Rock ave							

Donovan Catherine, widow James, h over 12 Capitol							

Donovan Cornelius, teamster, bds 42 Pulsifer							

DONOVAN DENNIS A., plumbing, gas and steam fitting supplies, 6 E Genesee, h 43 Frances				
	(See adv)						

Donovan Dennis D, emp D M O & Co, h 62 Lewis							

Donovan Hannah A, shoe op, bds 23 Howard							

Donovan James, h 26 Howard							

Donovan James, freight handler, bds 57 Frances							

Donovan James, laborer, h 8 Button							

Donovan James J, emp D M O & Co, bds 23 Howard							

Donovan James, Jr, plumber, bds 26 Howard							

Donovan John, carpenter, h 75 Grant ave							

Donovan Libbie, shoe op, bds 90 Clark							

Donovan Lucy C, housekeeper, 41 Cornell							

Donovan Maggie, domestic, 145 Clark							

Donovan Margaret, dressmaker, bds 26 Howard							

Donovan Margaret E, button op, bds 23 Howard							

Donovan Margaret I, mill op, bds 7 Rock ave							

Donovan Mary, weaver, bds 7 Rock ave							

Donovan Mary, shoe op, bds 26 Howard							

Donovan Mary A, button op, res 42 Perrine							

Donovan Michael J, teamster, bds 42 Perrine							

Donovan Mollie T, weaver, bds 41 Cornell							

Donovan Mortimer A, teamster, h 29 Walnut							

Donovan Mortimer J, teamster, h 41 Seward ave							

Donovan Nellie A, mill op, bds 7 Rock ave							

Donovan Nellie F, weaver, bds 7 Rock ave							

Donovan Nellie F, housekeeper, 42 Perrine							

Donovan Thomas, h 41 Cornell							

Donovan Thomas, emp D M O & Co, bds 47 State							

Donovan Thomas L, emp D M O & Co, bds 41 Cornell							

Donovan Timothym emp D M O & Co, bds 7 Rock ave							

Donovan Timothy, emp D M O & Co, h over 201 State							

Donovan Timothy, hammersman, h 66 1/2 Cornell							

Donovan Timothy, plumber, bds 62 Lewis							

Donovan Timothy, salesman 6 E Genesee, bds 62 Lewis							

Donovan Timothy X, plumber, bds 23 Howard							

Donovan Vincent, assistant, 74 State, bds 47 do							

Donovan William, bartender, bds r 5 Court							

Doolan Lizzie, domestic, 7 Seminary							

Doolan Michael J, moulder, h 21 Florence							

Dooley James, laborer, bds over 47 North							

Dooley James J, agent Koenig's lager, bds 248 State							

Doolittle John F, wood worker, h 3 Greene ave							

Doran Elizabeth, button op, bds 8 Guilfoil ave							

Doran Elizabeth, widow Edward, laundress, h 4 Greene							

Doran George, quarryman, bds 8 Giulfoil ave							

Doran John, student, bds 8 Giulfoil ave							

Doran Julia A, button op, bds 8 Giulfoil ave							

Doran Kittie, domestic, 58 South							

Doran Margaret, twine op, bds 13 Cottage							

Doran Mary A, dressmaker, bds 8 Guilfoil ave							

Doran Michael J, farmer, h 8 Giulfoil ave							

Doran Michael R, emp D M O & Co, h 71 Lansing							

Doran Thomas, fireman, L V R R, h 13 Madison ave							

Doris Frank H, coremaker, h 5 Paddock Bk, 74 Franklin							

Doris Mary, widow Thomas, h 36 Lewis							

Doris William J, wool dresser, bds 36 Lewis							

Dorsey Anna, seamstress, bds 2 Tehan ave							

Dorsey Mrs Catherine, res 232 Seymour							

Dorsey Edward W, coachman, h 34 Parker							

Dorsey Ella M, domestic, bds 18 1/2 Parker							

Dorsey John, mill op, h 25 Holley							

Dorsey Margaret, widow Michael, h 2 Tehan ave							

Dorsey Margaret, widow Michael, h 207 Perrine ave							

Dorsey Michael, polisher, bds 207 Perrine ave							

Dorsey Michael, shoe op, bds 2 Tehan ave							

Dorsey Patrick, laborer, h 37 Case ave							

Dorsey William, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Parker							

Doty, Charles J, machinist, h 22 Division S							

Doty Fred W, bar keeper, 63 State, bds 65 Clark							

Doty Mrs Mary, boarding house, 65 Clark							

Doty William V, carpenter, h 65 Clark							

Dougall Thomas, painter, h 12 Paddock Blk, 78 Franklin							

Dougherty Annie, domestic, 4 Grover							

Dougherty Ellen, domestic, 25 South							

Dougherty James, carpenter, bds 17 Florence							

Dougherty John, laborer, h 4 Seneca							

Dougherty John, machinist, bds 247 Seymour							

Dougherty John E, night watchman, h 161 Clark							

Dougherty Martin, laborer, bds 17 Florence							

Douglas Charles W, attendant, 137 South							

Dousek Frank B, emp D M O & Co, bds 11 Bradford							

Dousek Lena A, res 11 Bradford							

Dousek Ludmilla, res 11 Bradford							

Dousek Wenzel, shoe maker, h 11 Bradford							

Dove James A, carpenter, h over 10 Lewis							

Dowd James, emp D M O & Co, bds 71 E Genesee							

DOWD LAWRENCE, city directory specialist, bds 147 Seymour							

Dowdle Anna, widow Bartholomew, h 2 Parsons							

Dowdle Bartholomew, painter, bds 2 Parsons							

Dowling Edward H, laborer, bds 14 Bradford							

Dowling Edward J, shoe op, bds 54 Bradford							

Dowling Henry F, shoe op, bds 54 Bradford							

Dowling James J, mill op, h 31 Howard							

Dowling Katie E, domestic, 29 Fulton							

Dowling Kittie M, mill op, bds 14 Bradford							

Dowling Lillian A, box maker, bds 54 Bradford							

Dowling Lizzie I, housekeeper, bds 14 Bradford							

Dowling Maggie G, mill op, bds 14 Bradford							

Dowling Miss Mary A, bds 54 Bradford							

Dowling Mary A, mill op, bds 14 Bradford							

Dowling Mary A, widow Daniel, h 12 Van Anden							

Dowling Mary A, widow Henry E, h 54 Bradford							

Dowling Peter, laborer, h 14 Bradford							

Downer Carrie E, teacher, North st sch, bds 38 Nelson							

DOWNER EDWIN, foreman, bindery, 27 Clark, h 33 Jefferson							

Downer Emma L, shoe op, bds 38 Nelson							

Downer Laura J, shoe op, bds 38 Nelson							

Downer Mrs Lovilla F, h over 27 Genesee							

Downer Margaret H, student, C G S, res 4 Jefferson							

Downer Mark M, gardener, rooms 7 Parsons							

Downer Mrs Mary A, h 38 Nelson							

DOWNER WILLIAM S., (Keil & Downer), ass't treas Aub Sav Bank, also agent English Line of Steamers,							
	h 4 Jefferson						

Downes Henry L, acc't, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North							

Downs James B, laborer, h (o)ver 251 Genesee							

Downs Jennie, nurse, 196 Genesee							

Downs Thomas W, moulder, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North							

Downs Zana M, domestic, bds over 251 Genesee							

Doxee Mabel, milliner, bds over 68 Genesee							

Doyle Alicia, widow James, h 194 Seymour							

Doyle Agnes F, button op, bds 50 Francis							

Doyle Anna E, box op, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle Anna E, button op, bds 15 Fulton							

Doyle Anna E, seamstress, bds 117 Van Anden							

Doyle Annie, dressmaker, res over 32 Elizabeth							

Doyle Catherine, attendant, 204 Genesee							

Doyle Catharine, domestic, bds r 3 Burt ave							

Doyle Catherine, widow Loftus, bds 2 Bundy ave							

Doyle Catherine, widow Michael F, bds 20 Howard							

Doyle Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 E Genesee							

Doyle Charles, shoe cutter, h 33 Lansing							

Doyle Daniel, h 96 Grant ave							

Doyle Daniel E, painter, h 152 State							

Doyle David, shoe op, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle Dennis, mason tender, h 14 Mattie							

Doyle Dennis E, furniture finisher, h 308 State							

Doyle Edward, moulder, h 24 Grove ave							

Doyle Edward M, moulder, bds 37 Mechanic							

Doyle Edward, shoe op, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle Eliza, widow William, bds 19 Augustus							

Doyle Eliza L, widow Edward, h 41 Hamilton ave							

Doyle Elizabeth, bds r 3 Burt ave							

Doyle Elizabeth M, seamstress, bds 117 Van Anden							

Doyle Emma L, button op, bds 110 Grant ave							

Doyle Garrett V, mechanic, h 75 Perrine							

Doyle Ida M, tailoress, bds 41 Hamilton ave							

Doyle James, clerk, Aub Woolen Co, h 15 Fulton							

Doyle James, laborer, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle James, painter, h 8 Paul							

Doyle James E, butcher, h 20 Howard							

Doyle James J, twine op, bds 76 Wall							

Doyle James, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 Paul							

Doyle James M, shoe maker, h 5 Mann							

Doyle James P, iron worker, h 222 Franklin							

Doyle James P, moulder, bds 110 Grant ave							

Doyle James S, iron worker, bds 96 Grant ave							

Doyle James T, barber, 44 Garden, h 12 Cady ave							

Doyle Jennie M, shoe op, bds 8 Paul							

Doyle John, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 E Genesee							

Doyle John E, mill op, bds 96 Grant ave							

Doyle John F, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 Paul							

Doyle John F, cloth finisher, bds 216 Perrine ave							

Doyle John F, moulder, h over 92 Lansing							

DOYLE JOHN T., (The Auburn Decorating Co,) dealer in painters' supplies, also wall				
	papers, picture frames, &c, 26 Garden, h 121 Fulton   Sign writing, Hard Wood Finishing and						
	Fresco work a specialty   (See adv)						

Doyle Joseph H, shoe op, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle Josie, shoe op, bds 38 Garrow							

Doyle Julia, widow John, laundress, Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco							

Doyle Julia E, shoe op, bds 99 Cottage							

Doyle Julia M, widow Joseph D, h 53 Mattie							

Doyle Katherine M, shoe op, bds 94 Grant ave							

Doyle Kathleen, attendant, 140 North							

Doyle Katie L, housekeeper, 46 Steel							

Doyle Kittie E, button op, bds 50 Frances							

Doyle Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 152 State							

Doyle Lizzie C, mill op, bds 308 State							

Doyle Maggie E, mill op, bds 222 Franklin							

Doyle Margaret, dressmaker, bds 96 Grant ave							

Doyle Margaret A, shoe op, bds 308 State							

Doyle Mark, shoe op, bds 37 Mechanic							

Doyle Mary, widow John, h over 42 Lewis							

Doyle Mary A, widow James, h 216 Perrine ave							

Doyle Mary E, milliner, bds 20 Howard							

Doyle Mary E, weaver, bds 216 Perrine ave							

Doyle Mary F, button op, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle Mary F, dressmaker, bds 41 Hamilton ave							

Doyle Mary M, shoe op, bds 94 Grant ave							

Doyle Mary R, button op, bds 50 Frances							

Doyle Mary R, widow Patrick, h 148 Grant ave							

Doyle Mary T, shoe op, bds 308 State							

Doyle Mayme E, stenographer, 305 Genesee, res 112 Orchard							

Doyle Michael H, moulder, h 110 Grant ave							

Doyle Nellie, widow Peter, h 76 Wall							

Doyle Nellie F, button op, bds 15 Fulton							

Doyle Nellie F, shoe op, bds 46 Steel							

Doyle Nellie H, weaver, bds 121 Fulton							

Doyle Nellie T, shoe op, bds 99 Cottage							

Doyle Patrick, farmer, h over 6 Morris							

Doyle Patrick, gardener, h 46 Steel							

Doyle Patrick, laborer, h 117 Van Anden							

Doyle Patrick E, upholsterer, bds 96 Grant ave							

Doyle Patrick H, h 2 Mattie							

Doyle Patrick J, carpenter, h 50 Frances							

Doyle Patrick J, Jr, machinist, bds 50 Frances							

Doyle Richard J, wood worker, h 19 Hoffman							

Doyle Robert, emp D M O & Co, h 32 West							

Doyle Rose P, button op, bds 15 Fulton							

Doyle Satie T, mill op, bds 222 Franklin							

Doyle Thomas, groom, 1 Green, h--Church							

Doyle Thomas, meat cutter, 165 1/2 State, h 48 Cottage							

Doyle Thomas J, mechanic, bds 50 Frances 							

Doyle William, laborer, h r 3 Burt ave							

Doyle William A, bar tender, h 100 Mechanic							

doyle william E, wood worker, bds 24 Mattie							

Doyle William H, garment cutter, bds 2 Mattie							

Doyle William H, shoe op, bds 110 Grant ave							

Doyle William J, boiler maker, h 94 Grant ave							

Doyle William J, painter, bds 19 Augustus							

Doyle William P, emp D M O & Co, bds 222 Franklin							

Doyle William W, machinist, bds 20 Howard							

Drake Anna, widow James H, res 80 Nelson							

Drake Annie A, bds 48 Steel							

Drake Archie H, emp D M O & Co, bds 48 Steel							

Drake Claude, laundryman, 18 Market, h over do							

Drake Ernest A, emp D M O & Co, bds 48 Steel							

Drake Frederick R, shoemaker, h 10 Cross							

Drake Hobert C, emp D M O & Co, h over 35 Clark							

Drake John S, prison guard, h 70 Fulton							

Drake Maria, widow Milton, res 74 Perrine							

Drake Orloff J, piano maker, h 48 Steel							

Draper A Cornelia, stenographer, Aub Sav Bank, res 6 Washington							

Draper Anna E, clerk, 45 Washington, bds 6 do							

Draper Emma H, widow Charles W, res 6 Washington							

Dratt Edgar G, machinist, h 9 Sherwood							

Dratt John W, machinist, h 19 Perry							

Drechsler Hubert, blacksmith, h 88 Lansing							

Drechsler Hubert A, emp D M O & Co, bds 88 Lansing							

Drechsler Michael, bolt maker, bds 88 Lansing							

Dreher Ellis H, machinist, bds over 34 Delevan							

Dreher Rudolph, machinist, h over 34 Delevan							

Dresser Charles E, moulder, h 26 Augustus							

Dresser E Marshall, teamster, enq 126 Mechanic							

Dresser Maude P, emp Col Cord Co, bds over 45 Seward ave							

Drew Benjamin, mechanic, bds 3 Owasco							

Drew Edward J, teamster, h 131 Seymour							

Drew Frank W, teamster, bds 131 Seymour							

Drew Franklin A, laborer, h 14 Madison ave							

Drew Joseph T, emp D M O & Co, bds 131 Seymour							

Drew Katie, seamstress, 99 South							

Drew Margaret A, widow Salomis, bds 14 Madison ave							

Dreythaler Fannie, shoe op, bds 172 Seymour							

Dreythaler Henry J, emp D M O & Co, bds 173 Franklin							

Dreythaler Louis K, emp D M O & Co, h 177 Franklin							

Driggs Cynthia J, h over 3 Lincoln							

Driggs Samantha L, widow John F, bds 15 James							

Driscoll Catherine A, spinner, bds 78 Elizabeth							

Driscoll Christopher C, shoe finisher, bds 33 Barber							

Driscoll Francis Henry, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Madison ave							

DRISCOLL JAMES J., carriage finisher, also Alderman, 8th ward, h 36 1/2 Madison ave							

Driscoll Mrs Jane, mill op, bds 5 West							

Driscoll Jeremiah J, laborer, h 34 Madison ave							

Driscoll John, laborer, h over 6 Chapel ave							

Driscoll John A, emp D M O & Co, h 78 Elizabeth							

Driscoll John Egbert, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Madison ave							

Driscoll Loretta R, res 33 Barber							

Driscoll Mrs Mary, res 5 West							

Driscoll Mary C, res 33 Barber							

Driscoll Michael T, brakeman, L V R R, h 82 Orchard							

Driscoll Rosannah A, widow James, h 33 Barber							

Driscoll Stella M, res 33 Barber							

Drosdowski Edward, watchman, D M O & Co, h 53 Pulsifer							

Drosdowski Herman, emp D M O & Co, bds 53 Pulsifer							

Drummond Nelson L, student, Hamilton Col, bds 144 Franklin							

Drummond Richord (sic) C S, student, Hamilton Col, bds 144 Franklin							

DRUMMOND ROBERT L., attorney at law, offices over 59 Genesee, h 144 Franklin							

Dryce Lewis, machinist, bds 23 Pleasant							

Dublo Fred, laborer, bds 32 Chase							

Du Bois Harriet A, widow Thomas, h 12 Court							

Duck Frederick C, carpenter, h 28 Mattie							

Duck Lewis, machinist, bds 28 Mattie							

Duck Ross J, U S Army, h 28 Mattie							

Duckett Elizabeth, widow John W, bds over 15 Hoffman							

Duckett Frederick J, painter, bds 31 Chappel (sic)							

Duckett Jennie R, res over 31 Chapel							

Duckett Joseph W, sign writer, h over 15 Hoffman							

Duckett Mary M, widow Joseph, boarding house, 31 Chapel							

Duckett William H, emp D M O & Co, bds 31 Chapel							

Duckett William L, confectionery, &c, 93 State, h 31 Chapel							

Dudley Lofton L, artist, over 108 Genesee, h do							

Dudley Mary A, teacher, C G S, res 30 South							

Dudlow Charles, moulder, bds 81 Fulton							

Dueppenworth Fred, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 Miller							

Dueppenworth Herman, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 Miller							

Duffey Katie, mill op, bds 17 Baker ave							

Duffield Allen, printer, bds 27 Lincoln							

Dugan Catherine, laundress, bds over 165 1/2 State							

Dugan Henry, machinist, bds over 165 1/2 State							

Dugan James W, engineer, L V R R, h 195 Seymour							

Dugan Margaret, widow Thomas, h over 165 1/2 State							

Dugan Thomas, emp D M O & Co, bds over 165 1/2 State							

Dugan William, emp D M O & Co, bds over 165 1/2 State							

Duggan Edward S, salesman, Big Store, bds 40 Clark							

Dumas Godfrey, mechanic, bds 47 Lansing							

Dumas Marshall L, carpenter, bds 47 Lansing							

Dumas Matilda, widow George, h 47 Lansing							

DUN R. G. & CO., mercantile agency, address Branch Office, Wieting Block, Syracuse, N Y							

Dunbar Arthur J, stereopticon, res 7 Westlake ave							

Dunbar Frank, clerk, bds 27 Garden							

Dunbar Frank, gardener, bds 24 North							

Dunbar Horace S, mason, bds 64 State							

Dunbar John W, emp D M O & Co, h 44 Walnut							

Duncan Addie M, housekeeper, 56 E Genesee							

Duncan Chauncey, teamster, h 15 Hamilton ave							

Duncan Henry S, janitor, Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco, h 4 Walnut							

Duncan Jay W, carpenter, bds 15 Hamilton ave							

Duncan John P, teamster, bds 15 Hamilton ave							

Duncan Lena M, shoe op, bds 15 Hamilton ave							

Dunckel Kate E, widow Augustus, h 26 Court							

Dunham Clarence W, student, Theo Sem, res do							

Dunham Eugene L, machinist, h over 114 Wall							

Dunham Eva, seamstress, bds over 1 Water							

Dunham Ida, attendant, 35 Franklin							

Dunham Loraine P, painter, bds 108 Division S							

Dunham Richard N, baker, h over 22 1/2 Clark							

Dunham Mrs Sarah, res over 91 State							

Dunlavey Mary J, shoe op, bds 112 Van Anden							

Dunn Andrew, mill fireman, h 25 Myrtle ave							

Dunn Andrew L, pattern maker, bds 31 Chapel							

Dunn Anna A, shoe op, bds 27 Division S							

Dunn Anna V, teacher of music, pub schools, bds 10 William							

Dunn Catharine, widow Thomas, h 4 Logan							

Dunn Catherine A, res 27 Division S							

Dunn Christopher, iron worker, bds 13 Greene							

Dunn Delia, res 27 Logan							

Dunn Edward, milk pedler, bds 330 Genesee							

Dunn Elizabeth, tailoress, bds 4 Logan							

Dunn Etta, cook, 145 South							

Dunn James, shoe op, h 27 Division S							

Dunn James F, engineer, L V R R, bds 249 Genesee							

Dunn John J, iron worker, h 44 Pulsifer							

Dunn John J, iron roller, bds 54 Water							

DUNN JOHN, JR., pres't Dunn & Mc Carthy Co, shoe manufacturers, res Syracuse, N Y							

Dunn John M, hammersman, bds 249 Genesee							

Dunn Josephine B, silk weaver, bds 4 Logan							

Dunn Kittie, mill op, h 69 Washington							

Dunn Mary, button op, h 69 Washington							

Dunn Mary, dressmaker, bds 25 Garrow							

Dunn Mary, widow Michael, res 18 Madison ave							

Dunn Mary A, button op, bds 249 Genesee							

Dunn Mary E, button op, bds 4 Logan							

DUNN & MC CARTHY, (John Dunn, Jr., and C. A. Mc Carthy,) shoe m'f'rs, 41 to 47 Washington							

Dunn Michael, h 249 Genesee							

Dunn Michael, laborer, bds 13 Greene							

Dunn Michael J, machinist, h 20 Garrow							

Dunn Michael J, shoe maker, h 77 Lansing							

DUNN PATRICK H., dealer in choice groceries, teas, coffees and spices, also fruits and				
	vegetables, 155 State, h 103 North						

Dunn Patrick J, laborer, h 54 Water							

Dunn Theresa, shoe op, bds 1 Monroe							

Dunn Thomas J, saloon, 75 North, h 29 Park ave							

Dunn William, emp L V R R, bds 27 Division S							

Dunn William J, button op, bds 4 Logan							

Dunnigan Annie, widow James, dressmaker, h 103 Lansing							

Dunnigan Catherine E, housekeeper, 128 Owasco							

Dunnigan Charles H, moulder, h 10 1/2 Walnut							

Dunnigan Edward, moulder, bds 37 Mechanic							

Dunnigan Edward E, core maker, bds 37 Mechanic							

Dunnigan Edward P, moulder, h 6 Grove ave							

Dunnigan James E. chef, Quinn's Cafe, 6 State, res 128 Owasco							

Dunnigan John J, moulder, h 19 Mary							

Dunnigan Sarah J, shoe op, bds 128 Owasco							

DUNNIGAN THOMAS H., (Holmes & Dunnigan,) bds 75 Van Anden							

Dunnigan Thomas J, core maker, bds 128 Owasco							

Dunnigan Thomas M, moulder, h 128 Owasco							

Dunning Charlotte E, res 4 Grover							

DUNNING DAVID M., sup't Aub Gas Co, office 122 Genesee, h 4 Grover							

Dunning David M, Jr, student, res 4 Grover							

Dunning Edith E, student, res 4 Grover							

Dunning Effa C, widow Henry S, h 10 Fort							

Dunning Hardware Co, (J W Dunning) wholesale hardware, room 5 Smith B'd'g, over 102 Genesee							

Dunning Henry, iron roller, h 6 Park ave							

Dunning John R, foreman, D M O & Co, h 14 Park ave							

Dunning Joseph W, (Dunning Hardware Co,) h 10 Fort ave							

Dunning Julia M, res 175 North							

Dunning Mary G, res 4 Grover							

Dunning Samuel W, Lieut U S A, res 10 Fort							

Dunning Paul Cornell, student, A H S, bds 10 Fort							

Dunster Charles, bds 57 Capitol							

Dunster George C, com trav, res over 90 State							

Dunster Edith M, mill op, bds over 90 State							

Dunster Thomas K, lumberman, h over 90 State							

Dunworth James H, emp D M O & Co, bds 17 Water							

Dupre Elizabeth, hair goods, &c, over 70 1/2 Genesee, h 2 Chapel ave							

Dupre Margaret, widow Patrick, h 2 Chapel ave							

Dura Nelson E, real estate, h 233 North							

DURBIN & BUST, (F. L. Durbin and J. K. Bust) dealers in Carriages, Wagons, Harness,				
	Whips, Robes, &c, &c, 26 E Genesee   All kinds of Horse Furnishings in Stock						

DURBIN FRANK L., (Durbin & Bust) h 2 John							

Durbin John C, gardener, bds 41 Moravia							

Durkee Albert C, shoe op, h 8 1/2 Spring							

Durkee Daniel S, mason, h over 49 Mechanic							

Durkee Mc Loud, prison guard, h 9 Hulbert							

Durkee Sarah B, widow Henry C, h 149 Lake ave							

Durnford Andrew, carpenter, h 9 Elm							

Durnford Harry W, mechanic, bds at Sennett							

DURNFORD HENRY W., (Beers & Durnford,) h Sennett, N Y							

Durnford James, emp D M O & Co, bds 56 Perrine							

Durnford James W, carpenter, bds 9 Elm							

Durnford John W, student, A H S, bds 9 Elm							

Durnin Andrew, emp D M O & Co, h 90 Clark							

Durnin Charles A, iron worker, bds 90 Clark							

Durnin Neil, emp D M O & Co, bds 90 Clark							

Durston John J, (Durston & Pearson,) h 38 Morris							

Durston & Pearson, (John J. Durston and J. Had Pearson,) saloon, 5 E Genesee							

Duryea Fred, cashser (sic), The Tallman Stables, 23 Dill, h 58 E Genesee							

Dusche Fred W, mechanic, bds 143 Clark							

Dutton Corry S, machinist, h 45 E Genesee							

Dwelly Emma, widow Charles, res 35 Van Anden							

Dwelly Frank M, plater, h 35 Van Anden							

DWIGHT HON. CHARLES C., justice Supreme Court, Chambers at Court House, h 149 North							

Dwinelle Jacob, mill op, bds 17 Lawton ave							

Dwyer Agnes, attendant, 38 Logan							

Dwyer Anna, widow William, h 3 Kelsey							

Dwyer Arthur J, moulder, bds 9 Grove ave							

Dwyer Catherine E, dressmaker, bds 160 Clark							

Dwyer Daniel R, trainman, L V R R, h 80 Orchard							

Dwyer Dennis, bds 9 Frances							

Dwyer Dennis, news, tobaccos and shaving, 38 North, h do							

Dwyer Dennis E, salesman, 30 State, bds 236 do							

Dwyer Edward, stone cutter, h 236 State							

Dwyer Edward J, student, St Bernard's Sem, res 236 State							

Dwyer James, res 87 Seymour							

Dwyer James, moulder, h over 34 North							

Dwyer Jeremiah J, plumber, h over 28 1/2 Lansing							

Dwyer Margaret V, domestic, 17 Elizabeth							

Dwyer Michael, laborer, h 9 Frances							

Dwyer Thomas, twine op, bds 46 Cottage							

Dwyer William, painter, h 9 Grove ave							

Dwyer William C, mechanic, bds 236 State							

Dwyer William E, shoe cutter, res over 12 State							

Dyer Addie, domestic, 186 North							

Dyer Annie A, bds 19 Sheridan							

Dyer James, moulder, h 198 State							

Dyer James W, shoe op, bds 19 Sheridan							

Dyer Joseph A, sales clerk, 64 Genesee, bds 198 State							

DYER ROBERT A., registrar of Vital Statistics, Clerk B'd of Health, also Meat, Milk and Sanitary							
	Inspector, h 19 Sheridan						

DYER ROBERT A., JR, Sup't Auburn City Railway Co, office State cor Chapel, h 40 Franklin							

Dykeman Frank, laborer, h over 42 State							

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