ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Auburn Street Index '30 FITCH - 81 GRANT AVE' Section
Auburn Street Index '89 GRANT AVE - 158 MECHANIC ST.' Section
Auburn Street Index '157 MECHANIC ST.- YORK ST.' Section
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This 1900 Auburn NY Directory Also Includes Town Sections

Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.

I & J Sections

Ibbotson George E, barber, 20 North, bds 16 Miller							

Ibbotson John E, twine op, h 16 Miller							

Ibbotson Joseph F, shoe op, bds 16 Miller							

Ibbs Mrs Alice, shoe op, bds over 50 1/2 Orchard							

Ibbs Blanche E, seamstress, bds 19 Camp							

Ibbs Grace, res 19 Camp							

Ibbs James, mason, h 19 Camp							

Ibbs James, Jr, tinsmith, bds 19 Camp							

Ibbs William, maltster, bds over 19 1/2 North							

Ide Clarence, delivery clerk, 12 South, bds 82 Fitch ave							

Ide Elizabeth, widow Henry, res 5 1/2 Florence							

Ide Harrison, mechanic, bds 82 Fitch ave							

Ide Joseph H, blacksmith, h 82 Fitch ave							

Ide Mabel, seamstress, res 82 Fitch ave							

Ide Stephen B, blacksmith, h over 49 Market							

IDEAL LUNCH ROOM (THE), Fred C, Hayden, prop'r   Always open, and quick service rendered by							
	competent attendants, 3 Clark n State						

Impson Gilbert, emp D M O & Co, bds 3 Greene ave							

Imson H Elnora, bds 212 North							

INCORPORATED COMPANIES (See appendix)							

Ingham Morton J, machinist, h 272 Genesee							

Ingraham Myra B, teacher, South St Sch, bds 20 Lincoln							

INNES, see also ENNIS							

Innes Frank M, painter, bds 3 1/2 Franklin							

INTERNAL REVENUE OFFICE, Wm. P. Robinson, dep coll, office Gov't B'd'g, 157 Genesee							

Ireland George D, hammersman, h r 60 1/2 Clark							

Ireland Ira B, emp D M O & Co, h 2 Arch							

Ireland Mary A, widow John, h 121 Owasco							

IRISH BURDETTE,representing the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co Office over				
	141 Genesee, rooms 201-202 New Metcalf Block, h 22 Ross Place						

Irish Chandler F, miller, h 16 Liberty							

Irish Dales L, pressman, Daily Adv'r, bds 16 Liberty							

Irish Fred F, (Carpenter & Irish,) also member Ex and Sup'g B'd of Plumbers, h 5 Mc Master							

Irish Maude L, accountant, Greene's Lumber Office, res 16 Liberty							

Irish Miles S, carpenter, h 8 Howard							

IRVING, see also ERVING							

Irving John, shoe cutter, bds 61 Clark							

Irving Mrs Hattie, housekeeper, Hotel Archie, 64 State, h 60 do							

Irving Newton, mason, h over 19 1/2 Genesee							

Irving Rose A, salesclerk, Big Store, res 14 1/2 Chapel							

Irving William J, carriage painter, h over 60 State							

Irvins Willis L, blacksmith, h 28 Division S							

IRWIN, see also ERWIN							

Isaac Jacob, pedler, h 3 O'Neil ave							

ISENGARD, see also ESENGARD							

Isengard Fred V, emp D M O & Co, h 34 Union							

Isengard William, eng'r, Ehrman Brew Co, h 26 Grant							

Ives Rev Benoni I, D D, Fin Sec'y, Syracuse Univ, h 111 South							

Ives Frank B, com trav, h 11 Westlake ave							

Ives J Isabelle, teacher, A H S, bds 111 South							

Ives Noah E, carpenter, h 92 1/2 Division N							

Ives Rosanna M, bds 92 1/2 Division N							

Ivison Emma J, res 179 Genesee							

Ivison Mary, res 179 Genesee							
Jack Emma E, dressmaker, h over 32 Dill							

Jack William H, painter, h over 4 Cayuga							

Jackson Albert J, laborer, bds 43 Division S							

Jackson Albert M, oil merchant, h 43 Division S							

Jackson Andrew, Jr, d'v'y clerk, 159 State. bds 138 E Genesee							

Jackson Cora M, seamstress, bds 140 Perrine							

Jackson David H, laborer, bds 43 Division S							

Jackson E Morrison, laborer, h 7 Washington							

Jackson Fred A, bds 138 E Genesee							

Jackson Grace A, cashier, 109 Genesee, res 7 Adams							

Jackson Henry, mechanic, bds 138 E Genesee							

Jackson Harriet F, domestic, 84 North							

Jackson Jacob, laborer, h 12 1/2 Barber							

Jackson John, bell hopper, Osborne House, 77 State							

Jackson John, carpenter, h Arlington ave, south end							

Jackson John Fred, res 12 1/2 Barber							

Jackson John W, laborer, bds 6 Cornell							

Jackson Mary E, bds 12 1/2 Barber							

Jackson Minnie A, attendant, bds 12 Barber							

Jackson M Louise, bds 43 Division S							

Jackson Morris, brickmaker, h 25 Division S							

Jackson Ruth, widow George, h 7 Washington							

Jackson Mrs Sarah E, laundress, h 6 Cornell							

Jackson Susan P, bds 6 Cornell							

Jackson Theodore D, carpenter, h 171 Franklin							

Jackson Thomas, conductor, L V R R, h 12 Jefferson							

Jackson Thomas, mill op, h over 28 Frances							

Jackson Willard, coachman, h over 13 Exchange							

Jackson William H, res 12 1/2 Barber							

Jacobs Albert L, emp D M O & Co, bds 62 Fulton							

Jacobs Clayton E, m'g'r lunch wagon, bds 42 E Genesee							

Jacobs George H, painter, h 9 South							

Jacobs George H, laborer, bds 41 Nelson							

Jacobs George W, mechanic, bds 9 South							

Jacobs George W, painter, h 30 Dill							

Jacobs Henry, horse shoer, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North							

Jacobs Israel P, machinist, h 5 Pine							

Jacobs James, machinist, h 41 Nelson							

JACOBS JAMES C., pressman, Bulletin, h 10 Liberty							

Jacobs Lizzie, compositor, bds 62 Fulton							

Jacobs Melissa N, widow William H, h 62 Fulton							

Jacobs S Ethel, student, res 5 Pine							

Jacobs William H, emp D M O & Co, h over 84 Owasco							

Jacques Frank S, ass't cashier, D M O & Co, res 6 1/2 William							

Jacques Gertrude K, court stenographer, over 2 Exchange, res 6 1/2 William							

Jacques John, watchman, D M O & Co, h 27 Fulton							

Jacquette Allen, emp D M O & Co, bds 37 Mechanic							

Jacquette Dey, blacksmith, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North							

Jaeckel Andrew, brewer, 132 York, h E Genesee n limits							

Jaeckel Charles H, musician, bds 3 Florence							

Jaeckel Christian, moulder, h 15 standart ave							

Jaeckel E Adelia, teacher, Grover St Sch, bds 3 Florence							

Jaeckel Elizabeth P, nurse, res 3 Florence							

JAECKEL JOHN P., N Y State Treas, h 29 Fulton							

Jaeckel Julia H, dressmaker, bds 3 Florence							

Jaeckel Peter, clerk, state Treas'r dep't, h 3 Florence							

Jago Abram, boiler maker, h 36 Frances							

Jago Abram, Jr, boiler maker, bds 36 Frances							

Jago Abram A, laborer, bds 30 Logan							

Jago Agnes T, student Aub Bus Coll, bds 36 Frances							

Jago Catherine L, button op, bds 30 Logan							

Jago Catherine, widow William, h 30 Logan							

Jago Gertrude M, salesclerk, bds 30 Logan							

Jago Helen G, weaver, bds 36 Frances							

Jago Henry P, barber, 41 1/2 State, h 22 Burt ave							

Jago Hugh S, machinist, bds 30 Logan							

Jago Kathleen J, mill op, bds 36 Frances							

Jago Mary G, clerk, bds 30 Logan							

Jago Robert J, laborer, bds 30 Logan							

Jago Samuel F X, meat cutter, bds 30 Logan							

Jago William A, iron worker, bds 36 Frances							

Jago William F, keeper, Matteawan Asylum, res 30 Logan							

James Harry F, emp D M O & Co, bds 64 Lansing							

James Margaret, widow Richard, h over, 42 Nelson							

James Paul A, carriage maker, 24 E Genesee, res 109 Mechanic							

James Richard A, moulder, h 64 Lansing							

James William, gardener, h 147 Lake ave							

JAMESON, see also JAMISON							

Jameson Fannie S, shoe op, bds over 7 John							

Jameson William H, clerk, Aub Agency D M O & Co, h 36 Capitol							

Jeffrey Charles L, mechanical engineer, 101 Orchard, h 18 Ross Place							

JEMISON, see also JAMESON							

Jemison Andrew, weaver, h 10 Wright ave							

Jemison Andrew, Jr, moulder, bds 10 Wright ave							

Jemison James, coremaker, bds 10 Wright ave							

Jemison Mary E, res 10 Wright ave							

Jemison William, woodworker, bds 10 Wright ave							

Jenkins Amelia, widow Joseph, res 148 Van Anden							

Jenkins Elizabeth, res 112 North							

Jenkins George, prison keeper, h 9 Beach ave							

JENKINS JAMES M., physician and surgeon, office and res 162 Genesee   Hours 7 to 9 A M, 1 to 3 and							
	7 to 9 P M						

Jenkins Louis E, college student, res 162 Genesee							

Jenkins Mehitable, widow William E, h over 3 Sherwood							

JENKINS MRS. NETTIE E., physician and surgeon, office and res 162 Genesee   Hours, 1 to 4 P M							

Jenkins William P, pattern maker, rooms 6 Chapel							

Jenks Adaline, widow George W, h 74 E Genesee							

Jenks Alice A, bds 74 E Genesee							

Jenks Charles N, agent, h 18 Morris							

Jenn Joseph E, manager Ehrman Bottling Works, 127 Clark, res 33 Washington							

Jenney George, spinner, bds 242 Seymour							

Jenney Mahlon D, painter, h 40 1/2 Grant ave							

Jennier John A, carpenter, h 56 Elizabeth							

JENNINGS CHARLES W., city street sup't, office City Hall, h 7 Beach ave							

Jennings Daniel, wagon maker, bds 7 Beach ave							

Jennings Daniel W, frame maker, over 4 Exchange, h 87 Fulton							

Jennings Edgar S,   (Jennings' Art Store,)  4 and 6 Exchange, h 13 Westlake ave							

Jennings Elizabeth, housekeeper, res 165 Cottage							

Jennings Ella M, domestic, 33 South (ref)							

Jennings Frank A, student, res 9 Easterly ave							

Jennings Hattie J, bds 87 Fulton							

Jennings Louis N, engineer, h over 165 State							

Jennings Mae E, enq 97 North							

Jennings Nora, attendant, 169 Genesee							

JENNINGS WILLIAM H.,successor to Trowbridge & Jennings, dealer in pictures,			
	views, frames, wall papers, shades, art materials, etc, etc,						4 and 6 Exchange, h 9
	Easterly ave   (see end of book)						

Jensen Mrs Josephine, mill op, bds over 2 Fulton							

Jensen Nels, twine op, h over 2 Fulton							

JEREMIAH JAMES J., (Aub Roofing Co,) h over 68 Mary							

Jerow James W, mason, h 6 1/2 York							

Jerow John D, iron roller, bds 6 1/2 York							

Jerow Matie E, salesclerk, "Kiemele's," res 6 1/2 York							

Jerow M Henry, mill op, bds 6 1/2 York							

Jeschike Frederick W, shoe cutter, h 23 Frazee							

Jetty Frederick, emp D M O & Co, h over 253 State							

Jetty Paul, iron worker, bds 46 1/2 Orchard							

Jewell Rev Charles E, pastor, Wall St M E Ch, h 138 Van Anden							

Jewell Charles E, wood turner, etc, 3 Greene, h 17 James							

Jewell Charles J, dental student, res 138 Van Anden							

Jewell Corwin T, delivery clerk, 9 Clark, bds 138 Van Anden							

Jewell John S, carpenter, h 49 Perry							

Jewell Maude N, res 138 Van Anden							

JEWETT, see also JUETT							

Jewett Grace R, res 3 Steel							

Jewett May W, teacher, Cent Gram Sch, bds 8 John							

Jewett Mollie, weaver, bds over 3 Genesee							

Jewhurst Edward B, horseman, bds 11 Steel							

JEWHURST EDWARD J., Chief Engineer, Aub Fire Dep't, H'd'q'rs Dep't Building, Franklin st, h 11 Steel							

JEWHURST JOSEPH L, capt Hose 2, A F D, h 6 Parsons							

Jewhurst William J, core maker, bds 11 Steel							

Jirdinston William C, patent dep't, D M O & Co, h 8 John							

John Joseph, pedler, bds 247 Genesee							

Johndrow Clarence F, conductor, A C Ry, h 71 Cottage							

Johndrow Francis, carpenter, h 198 Clark							

Johnson Adelbert D, iron worker, h 153 Franklin							

Johnson Albert N, conductor, L V R R, h 231 Genesee							

Johnson Andrew H, (Prentice & Johnson) h Janet st ext							

JOHNSON BENJAMIN T., SALESMAN, 69 Genesee, also treas 2d Sep Co, N G S N Y, h 2 Chapel ave							

Johnson Carl, mechanic, bds 5 sheldon ave							

Johnson Charles E, stenographer, 101 Orchard, bds 9 Ross Place							

Johnson Charles H, mechanic, h over 4 South							

Johnson Charles H, Jr, mechanic, bds over 4 South							

Johnson Cornelius B, emp D M O & Co, bds 172 E Genesee							

Johnson Daisy M, salesclerk, 22 Market, res Owasco Lake							

Johnson Daisy P, res 73 Cottage							

Johnson Edna J, res 73 Cottage							

Johnson Edward D, conductor, A C Ry, h 49 Hamilton ave							

Johnson Edwin F, shoemaker, bds 73 Cottage							

Johnson Esther R, widow John, h over 6 South							

Johnson Fred R, delivery clerk, 12 Dill, bds over 4 South							

Johnson Fred W, salesman, 10 Genesee, h 51 Moravia							

Johnson George H, news dealer, 23 Genesee, h 4 Elizabeth							

Johnson Grace G, attendant, Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco							

Johnson Hannah H, widow Luman, res 61 Perrine							

Johnson Harry, assistant, 38 Water, bds 4 Academy							

Johnson Harry S, motorman, A C R'y, bds r 25 Court							

Johnson Hattie, waitress, 33 South							

Johnson H Clyde, emp D M O & Co, h 161 North							

Johnson Henry T, laborer, h 65 Fitch ave							

Johnson Jane E, widow Nicholas, h 172 E Genesee							

Johnson Jane H, widow John, bds 9 Lawton ave							

Johnson Janette L, widow Burdette L, h 73 Cottage							

Johnson Jay J, shoemaker, h over 23 Academy							

Johnson Libbie M, widow Edward W, res Janet st ext							

Johnson Lotta A, laundress, bds 35 Parker							

Johnson Luther E, trainman, L V R R, h over 276 Genesee							

Johnson Lydia A, accountant, The Empire Laundry, 12 Dill, res 10 Woodruff Place							

Johnson Margaret, res 197 State							

Johnson Margaret, widow Nathaniel, res 34 Holley							

Johnson Mrs Mary, cook, "Kiemele's," res 5 sheldon ave							

Johnson Mary E, twine op, bds 4 Academy							

Johnson Mary L, widow Andrew W, h 188 Genesee							

Johnson Mrs Minnie, cook, Central House, res 4 Academy							

Johnson Oscar A, com trav, h 7 Easterly ave							

Johnson Patrick, laborer, bds 89 1/2 Orchard							

Johnson Percy H, shoe op, bds 30 Ross Place							

Johnson Ray G, conductor, L V R R, h 29 Division N							

Johnson Mrs Royal L, seamstress, h over r 24 E Genesee							

Johnson Robert J, salesman, bds 73 Cottage							

Johnson Mrs Sarah, chef, Home Restaurant, 24 North							

Johnson Sarah A, widow Oliver, h over 17 North							

Johnson susie E, dressmaker, bds 21 1/2 Seminary ave							

Johnson Ursula C, widow Thomas, h 2 Orchard ave							

Johnson Walter V, student, Theo Sem, res do							

Johnson William, res 21 1/2 Seminary ave							

Johnson William D, painter, bds 20 Beach ave							

JOHNSON WILLIAM H.,prop'r Empire Hand Laundry, also Custom Shirt Manufacturer,			
	12 Dill, h 10 Woodruff Place   A trial of our work is the best test of its merits   Goods called for						
	and delivered without delay   (Our Custom Shirt Department is stocked with all of the latest 						
	designs, in all qualities, to suit the taste and purse of buyers)						

Johnson William M, brakeman, L V R R, h 46 Orchard							

Johnson Winnie A, shoe cutter, bds over 17 North							

Johnston Alfred J, emp D M O & Co, bds 22 1/2 Holley							

Johnston Charles, mechanic, bds 15 Logan							

Johnston David, engineer, h 53 Seward ave							

Johnston Edgar A, twine op, bds 192 Seymour							

Johnston E Gilbert, machinist, h 15 Logan							

Johnston Fred S, shipping clerk, 22 Market, bds 53 Seward ave							

Johnston Frederick, machinist, bds 28 Washington							

Johnston Frederick S, salesman, 22 Market, h 51 Moravia							

Johnston George E, lunch rooms, 83 state, bds 15 Logan							

Johnston George W, driver, Am Ex Co, h 9 Academy							

Johnston Janette, widow Marshall K, h 192 Seymour							

Johnston Katie, attendant, 84 E Genesee							

Johnston Le Roy, salesman, 22 Market, bds 53 Seward ave							

Johnston Lucetta T, widow Charles M, h 9 Academy							

Johnston Margaret M, dressmaker, bds 77 Cornell							

Johnston William, barkeeper, 21 North, h over 11 do							

Johr Jennie, attendant, The Avery, 32 to 42 State							

Joice Michael, laborer, h 4 O'Neil ave							

Jolin Adelard, scythe op, bds 170 Van Anden							

Jolin George, scythe maker, bds 170 Van Anden							

Jones Ada E, teacher James St Sch, bds 60 Division N							

Jones Adelbert K, mill op, bds 145 Lake ave							

Jones Adelbert M, salesman, 199 Seymour, bds 45 Barber							

Jones Alice M, organist, 2d Presbyterian Ch, bds 5 1/2 Cayuga							

Jones Alida E, button op, bds 16 Perrine							

Jones Anna, domestic, 8 John							

Jones Benjamin, mason, bds 33 Melrose							

Jones Bertha E, accountant, 60 Division N, res do							

Jones Bird F, student, bds 1 1/2 Sheridan							

Jones Blanche C, shoe op, bds 26 Lansing							

Jones Bridget, shoe op, bds 236 Seymour							

Jones Celestia, widow James V, h 2 Tehan ave							

Jones Charles, chef de cuisine, New Nat'l Hotel							

Jones Charles E, machinist, h 70 Prospect							

Jones Charles W, U S Army, res 50 Mechanic							

Jones David E, master mechanic, D M O & Co, h 185 Seymour							

Jones Edith A, bds 50 Mechanic							

Jones edward, hammersman, h 33 Division S							

Jones Elmer A, twine op, bds 8 Perrine							

Jones Emma A, widow Edward, h 16 Perrine							

Jones Mrs Emma B, shoe op, bds 26 Lansing							

Jones Floyd, milk pedler, bds 253 North							

Jones Francis, laborer, h over 56 Cornell							

Jones Frank, mechanic, bds 12 1/2 Union							

Jones Fred B, teacher of languages, bds 1 Sheridan							

Jones Fred M, mechanic, bds 32 Seminary							

Jones Frederick A, optician, h 1 1/2 Sheridan							

Jones Gale L, engineer, 18 Water, bds 30 Lincoln							

Jones George, U S Army, res 50 Mechanic							

Jones George E, emp L V R R, bds 16 Perrine							

Jones George W, wood worker, h 120 Division S							

Jones Gertrude A, widow fred G, acc't, 75 Genesee, h 3 Mc Master							

Jones Hardy T, laborer, bds 73 Fitch ave							

Jones Harry, teamster, bds 73 Fitch ave							

Jones Harry E, accountant, res 3 Sherman							

Jones Harry L, emp D M O & Co, bds 91 Van Anden							

Jones Hattie, widow Benjamin, bds over 19 Barber							

Jones Henry, teamster, h over 56 Cornell							

Jones Hezekiah, bookkeeper, 137 Genesee, h 8 Park ave							

Jones Howard C, twine op, bds 145 Lake ave							

Jones James A, bookkeeper, Cay Co Nat'l B'k, h 173 E Genesee							

Jones James V, shoe op, bds 2 1/2 Tehan ave							

Jones Jane, widow Albert, h over 23 Court							

Jones John, mill op, bds 294 State							

Jones Mrs Josephine, res 23 Court							

Jones Katie, housekeeper, 125 Division S							

Jones Lastly, machinist, h over 14 Washington							

Jones Lavinia, widow Increase, res 26 Grant ave							

Jones Lewis, wood worker, h 91 Van Anden							

Jones Lewis H, porter, 13 Genesee. h 15 Moravia							

Jones Lizzie A, widow George, bds 58 Cottage							

Jones Louise E, bds 73 Fitch ave							

Jones Lucy A, widow John, h 15 Moravia							

Jones Lucy M, mill op, bds 28 Division N							

Jones Mabel, res 185 Seymour							

Jones M Adelbert, delivery clerk, bds 45 Barber							

Jones Margaret M, maid, 24 Washington							

Jones Maria A, widow John L, bds 28 Moravia							

Jones Mrs Martha E, laundress, h 73 Fitch ave							

Jones Martin V, emp D M O & Co, h 50 Mechanic							

Jones Mattie, (Winegar & Jones,) res 50 State							

Jones Michael, emp D M O & Co, bds over 19 1/2 North							

Jones Minnie, mill op, bds 145 Lake ave							

Jones Minnie A, organist, res over 23 Court							

Jones Morgan, blacksmith, h 45 Barber							

Jones Mrs Nellie L, h over 30 Seminary							

Jones Noel C, delivery clerk, h 14 Beardsley ave							

Jones Richard, res 8 Park ave							

Jones Rixie, widow Robert J, h 145 Lake ave							

Jones Sarah M, widow Charles W, bds 5 Evans							

Jones Sophia, widow William R, h 5 1/2 Cayuga							

Jones Sylvia, widow Griffith W, h 12 Myrtle ave							

JONES THOMAS, dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Fish, Oysters and Poultry  also				
	Canned Goods and Country Produce, 57 North, h 3 Sherman   (See card)						

Jones Mrs Timothy, attendant, Lewis House, 35 Chapel							

JONES WILLIAM, dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also sausage manufacturer, 60 Division N, h do							

Jones William, mason, h 80 Cottage							

Jones William A, emp D M O & Co, bds 29 Barber							

Jones William E, wholesale and retail paper dealer, 20 Market, res 12 Lewis							

Jones William F, carpenter, h 28 Van Anden							

Jones William H, grinder, h 18 1/2 Barber							

Jones William O, laborer, h 76 Franklin							

Jones Willis, emp D M O & Co, bds 91 Van Anden							

Jordan Alexander, clerk, bds 92 Perrine							

Jordan Anton, emp D M O & Co, h 92 Perrine							

Jordan Carl F, shipping clerk, bds 92 Perrine							

Jordan Edward, mechanic, bds 57 Pulsifer							

Jordan Frank A, grocer, 191 State, bds 92 Perrine							

Jordan Fred, twine op, bds 92 Perrine							

Jordan Frederick, emp N Y C R R, h 5 Hulbert							

Jordan John A, mechanic, h over 75 Perrine							

Jordan Orin, brakeman, L V R R, bds 5 Hulbert							

Jordan T Frank, shoemaker, h 2 Logan							

Jose William, salesman, 31 Genesee, bds 4 James							

Joslyn William, emp D M O & Co, bds 16 Chapel							

Joslyn William, teamster, h 133 Cottage							

Joyce John W, guard, Woman's Prison, h 228 State							

Judge Alice M, seamstress, bds 25 Court							

Judge Mary A, principal, Grover St Sch, res 30 South							

Judson A De Mont, delivery clerk, 12 Market, h 55 1/2 Capitol							

JUETT, see also JEWETT							

Julian John, emp D M O & Co, bds rear 137 South							

June Jesse G, transitman, L V R R, h 12 William							

June Martha M, widow Soloman, res 99 Wall							

Juozkiews Franconia, iron worker, bds 69 Perrine							

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