ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Labeck John, general hustler, 16 State, bds do   This name refused   
The publisher cannot guarantee its accuracy La Casse Napoleon C, grocer, 12 1/2 Logan, h 12 do Lacey Hanora, widow Michael, h 21 Cottage Lacey Leon S, student, Theo Sem, res 94 1/2 Wall Lacheman Caroline, widow Henry, h over 32 Dill La Costie William, piano op, h 63 Elizabeth Ladd Fred C, foreman, 101 Orchard, h 8 Woodruff place Ladd Sarah P, widow Samuel R, res 98 North La Douce John F, emp D M O & Co, h Monroe ave n Division N La Douce Mark, confectioner, h 17 Case ave La Fray Dora L, attendant, 45 Jefferson La Fray J Elmer, garment cutter, bds over 10 E Genesee La Fray Nettie, widow Warren, h over 10 E Genesee La Fray Sampson J, baker, h over 10 E Genesee La France Albert W, printer, 8 Market, bds 8 Foote La Groose Carl, carpenter, bds 9 Court Laird Alice M, widow Clarence, h 5 Chestnut place Laird Arthur D, emp 101 Orchard, bds 5 Chestnut place Laird Elmer B, plumber, h over 30 Clark Laird Frederick E, machinist, h over 82 Genesee Laird Ida M, res 97 North LAIRD LOUIS K. R., (Collier & Laird,) lawyer, res 97 North Laird May E, res 6 Orchard LAIRD WILLIAM R., physician, also City Health Com'r and Co Coroner, office and res 97 North LAKE AVENUE, continuation Owasco st beyond city limits Lake Byron W, salesman, 53 Genesee, rooms 21 Elizabeth Lake Sarah E, widow Henry, bds 65 Owasco Lake Shore Malting Co, (Underwood & Bartel,) maltsters, 8 and 10 Garden Lakey Amanda, widow Thomas, h over 6 Cayuga LAKEY BERT A., (Lakey & Son,) h 15 Exchange LAKEY CHARLES H., (Lakey & Son,) h 15 Exchange Lakey George W, moulder, h 28 Cayuga LAKEY & SON, (Charles H. and Bert A. Lakey,) m'f'rs and dealers in all kinds of Harness, Horse Clothing and Appurtenances, also a complete line of Trunks, Satchels, &c, 15 Exchange Lallan Mary J, button op, h over 70 Washington Lalond Angeline, widow Joseph, res 239 Seymour Lalond Henry J, barber, 81 Orchard, h 72 do La Marr Grace, shoe op, bds over 11 Orchard ave La Marr, Mrs Louise, dressmaker, h over 11 Orchard ave La May Charles P, assistant, 21 North, bds r 36 Maple La May Clara M, mill op, bds 256 Seymour La May David, custom shoemaker, 256 Seymour, h do La May Mrs Eliza, laundress, h r 36 Maple La May Emily, widow Peter, h 170 Van Anden La May Emma L, mill op, bds 256 Seymour La May Henry G, salesman, 103 Genesee, bds 170 Van Anden La May John E, salesman, 302 Genesee, bds 256 Seymour La May Joseph, wood worker, bds 191 Clark La May Mary M, student, A H S, res 170 Van Anden Lamb Eugene M, surgeon dentist, office and res 47 E Genesee Lamb George H, shaving parlors, 20 North, h 95 Fulton Lamb Miss Mary, res 163 Genesee Lamb M Josie, res 125 Aurelius ave Lamereaux Lewis B, machinist, bds 8 Garfield LAMEY ALONZO P., publisher Auburn City Directory, office 4 Market, bds 50 Fulton Empire Telephone 11 (See opp page 46) Lamey Elizabeth L, preceptress, A H S, res 50 Fulton Lamey Sarah C, res 50 Fulton LAMEY WILLIAM, dealer in hides, skins and peltries, leather, shoe findings, cements and oils, 4 Market, h 50 Fulton La Mont, Lewis, cooper, h 10 E Genesee La Motte, David, shoe op, bds 40 Barber La Motte Henry J, cooper, h 150 Wall La Motte Joseph, cooper, h 40 Barber La Motte Louis, twine op, h over 18 E Genesee Lampert Franz, shoemaker, h 47 Wall Lampertsdorfer Pauline F, tailoress, bds 16 Union Lampertsdorfer Peter, tailor, h 16 Union Lampertsdorfer Rudolph, mechanic, bds 16 Union Lamphear Deborah, res 7 Hamilton ave Lampkin charles L, machinist, bds 4 Pleasant Lampkin Editha, widow Levi, res 4 Pleasant Lampson Clarence, sash maker, bds 61 Owasco Lanahan John J, shoe cutter, h 193 Seymour Lancaster Catherine, domestic, 24 Mann Land Charles, twine op, h 69 Lewis LAND JOHN L., journalist and resident manager Syracuse Herald, bds Lewis House, 35 Chapel Landers Howard L, wood worker, bds 60 Orchard Landers John W, meat cutter, 144 1/2 Wall, bds 87 Cottage Landers Mary A, laundress, h 87 Cottage Landers Sidney, res 5 Court Lane Bridget T, res over 300 Genesee LANE BROTHERS, (John J. and Luke J.), proprietors, People's Markets, dealers in fresh, salt and smoked meats, 165 1/2 State and 300 Genesee, also Grocers, 302 Genesee Lane Daniel F, mechanic, h 11 Perrine Lane Delmar C, barber, 41 1/2 State, h 14 Beach ave Lane Edward, milk pedler, h 290 Genesee Lane Grace D, trained nurse, City Hosp, 15 Lansing LANE JOHN, (Lane's People's Markets,) h over 300 Genesee LANE JOHN J., (Lane Brothers), h 2 Sherwood Lane John J, carpenter, h 50 Capitol LANE JOHN W., dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also sausage manufacturer, 203 State, h 34 Pulsifer Our Beef and Pork Productions are of exceptional fine quality and at prices that will suit the prudent buyer Lane Kate, (1) bds over 300 Genesee Lane Kate, (2) bds over 300 Genesee Lane Lillie L, h 175 Van Anden LANE LUKE J., (Lane Brothers), h 90 Division S Lane Mary A, bookkeeper, 302 Genesee, bds do Lane Mary J, widow Joseph E, bds 205 Genesee Lane Maude I, domestic, 205 Genesee Lane Missa, housekeeper, over 2 Garden Lane William E, mechanic, bds 290 Genesee LANE'S PEOPLE'S MARKETS AND GROCERIES, (Lane Brothers,) 165 1/2 State, also 300 and 302 Genesee Lanehart Frederick B, res 16 Grover Lanehart Julia D, milliner, res 16 Grover Lanehart Robert D, res 16 Grover Lang Albert, agent, res over 102 State Lange Frederick C, grinder, bds 195 Clark Langenback Josephine A, button op, bds 43 Park ave Lansing Mrs Catherine, res 110 South Lansing Michael, moulder, bds 192 State LANSING ST. MISSION, (Presbyterian) 57 Lansing Lape Carrie B, res over 99 Genesee Lape Herbert, emp D M O & Co, bds 24 North Lapell Annie, widow John, h 40 Maple LAPER see also LEPPER LAPER & FARRELL (Frank Laper and James J. Farrell) prop'r's Hotel de Assman 109 and 109 1/2 Mechanic LAPER FRANK, (Laper & Farrell), Hotel de Assman, 109 Mechanic Laper Fred P, salesman, 110 Genesee, bds 109 Mechanic LaPointe Joseph, twine op, h over 3 Spring Larkins Anna, weaver, bds 79 Division N Larkins Daniel D, laborer, bds 5 Underwood LARKINS JOSEPH V., barkeeper, 26 North, res 22 Clark Larkins Mrs Sarah, housekeeper, res over 113 State Larkins Terrence, mechanic, bds 37 Mechanic Larmer Adaline, widow Henry, h 33 Canoga Larmer Joseph P, scythe polisher, h 37 Canoga La Rowe W Ellis, iron worker, bds over 34 Delevan Larrabee F Etta, seamstress, bds 130 Van Anden Larrabee Jairus P, h 130 Van Anden Larrabee Jairus P, Jr, shoe op, bds 130 Van Anden La Rue Lizzie, widow Don C, storekeeper, Osborne House, 77 State La Rue William A, salesman Big Store, 141 Genesee, res 62 North Larzelere Charles F, machinist, h r 198 Seymour Larzelere Mrs Charlotte E, h r 198 Seymour Lash Arthur, emp D M O & Co, h over 4 Genesee Latenberg Ludwig, emp D M O & Co, bds 7 Van den Bosch ave Latham George W, teacher, A H S, bds 21 Easterly ave Latham M Edna, res 21 Easterly ave LATHROP EMMETT C., (Bench Lumber Co,) h 37 Franklin Lathrop Eugene V, prison keeper, bds over 13 Washington Lathrop George E, bds 37 Franklin Latimer Byron S, machinist, h 17 Jefferson Latimer Harry G, h 98 North Latimer Harry G, Jr, res 98 North LATON WILLIAM H., Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, also Stoves and Ranges, 29 State, h 28 Chapel (See page 5) Latreille Ellen M, weaver, bds 6 Grant ave Latreille Helen, widow George, h 6 Grant ave Latta Charles, machinist, bds over 91 State Latta Samuel S, machinist, h over 91 State Latter Stephen, bds 14 Park ave Lauber Mary, widow Casper, res 31 Bradford LAULESS, see also LAWLESS LAUREN, see also LAURIN Lauren Bessie G, school teacher, res 18 Grant ave Laurie Christina, res 13 1/2 Fulton Laurie Jennie, stenographer, E D C M'f'g Co, res 13 1/2 Fulton Laurie Swift, mill op, bds 13 1/2 Fulton Laurie Thomas F, salesman, h 13 1/2 Fulton LAURIN, see also LAUREN Laurin Frank, mill op, h 22 3/4 Jefferson Laurin Frank D, mechanic, bds 22 3/4 Jefferson Laurin Joseph A, shoe op, bds 22 3/4 Jefferson Laurin Minnie H, mill op, bds 22 3/4 Jefferson Lavin Margaret, widow John, h r 18 Lincoln Lavin Mary A, clerk, Big Store, 141 Genesee, res r 18 Lincoln Lawler Anna M, shoe op, bds 107 Owasco Lawler Anna R, weaver, bds 211 Perrine ave Lawler Bridget, widow Michael, h 59 Bradford Lawler Charles P, medical student, bds 38 Clark Lawler Dennis, laborer, h 211 Perrine ave Lawler Elizabeth B, shoe op, bds 107 Owasco Lawler Hannah M, widow John, h 38 Clark Lawler James, attendant, 137 South, res do Lawler James A, machinist, bds 107 Owasco Lawler John, attendant, 3 Clark, bds 38 do Lawler John M, machinist, h 21 Grove ave Lawler Joseph P, engineer, City Water Works, h 196 Mechanic Lawler Margaret M, widow Martin J, h 107 Owasco Lawler Martin J, ass't undertaker, 30 Clark, bds 38 do Lawler Martin P, shoe op, bds 107 Owasco Lawler Martin S, switchman, N Y Cent, h 20 Van Anden Lawler Michael, moulder, h over 13 Wall Lawler Richard, machinist, h 101 Owasco Lawler Thomas F, mill op, bds 59 Bradford Lawler William, engineer, bds 145 Clark Lawler William F, button op, h over 1 Moravia Lawler William M, spinner, bds 59 Bradford Lawler Winifred E, weaver, bds 211 Perrine ave LAWLESS, see also LAULESS Lawless Martin S, flagman, N Y Cent, bds 176 State Lawless Mrs P, domestic, The Avery, 32 to 42 State Lawrence Ada M, res 9 1/2 Lewis Lawrence Mrs Alice C, h 9 1/2 Lewis Lawrence Chester H, emp D M O & Co, h 114 Fulton Lawrence David T, artist, bds 13 Derby ave Lawrence Malyndall A, clerk, bds Gernand's Hotel, 114 State Lawson Carrie B, bds 157 Perrine Lawson Daniel W, machinist, h 157 Perrine LAWSON ELMER L., Bicycles and Sundries, repairing of all kinds, attachments and necessary adjuncts to wheels of all makes Office and works 90 State, h 155 Van Anden Lawson George H, machinist, bds 9 Division N Lawson Ira A, bucycle expert, bds 157 Perrine Lawson Isabella, domestic, 12 Westlake ave Lawson John F, cigars, tobaccos, news and shoe shining, 48 1/2 State, h 6 Pine Lawson Samuel D, mechanic, bds 157 Perrine LAWTON ALBERT W., insurance and real estate, over 117 Geneseem h 7 Grover LAWTON ALBERT W., JR., insurance,, &c, over 117 Genesee, h 45 1/2 Nelson Lawton charles E, principal, Cent Gram Sch, res 7 Franklin Lawton F Eugene, prison guard, h 2 Steel Lawton Katharine E, student, A H S, res 7 Grover Lawton Louis B, 1st Lieut U S A, h 78 North Laxton alfred, emp D M O & Co, h 4 1/2 Grant Laxton William, expressman, bds 45 Hamilton ave Leach John T, painter, h 6 Barber Leach Leonard D, jeweler, 19 Genesee, h 15 Sheridan Leadbeater Arthur T, shoe cutter, h 18 Park ave Leader Frederick D, barkeeper, 16 State, bds 27 1/2 Lincoln Leader Frederick E, delivery clerk, bds 42 E Genesee Leader John, carpenter, bds 27 Garden Leake George E, painter, h 137 Mechanic Leard Louise, attendant, over 35 Genesee Learo Albert, emp D M O & Co, bds 30 1/2 Division N Learo Charles, carpenter, h 30 1/2 Division N Learo Isabelle, mill op, bds 30 1/2 Division N Learo Mildred, twine op, bds 30 1/2 Division N LEARY, see also O'LEARY Leary Frank M, lawyer, over 102 Genesee, h 3 Woodruff Place Leary John, engineer, L V R R, h 158 Clark Leavitt Elizabeth C, widow Solomon, h r 21 William Le Brec Henry, scythe grinder, bds 267 Seymour Le Brec Joseph E, scythe grinder, bds 267 Seymour Le Brec Peter, scythe grinder, h 228 Seymour Leck George, student, Theo Sem, res do Le Claire Frank, machinist, bds 17 Monroe LEDDY, see also LIDI Leddy Catherine, button op, h 84 Perrine Leddy John J, carpenter, res over 57 State Leddy Mary F, shoe op, bds 84 Perrine Leddy Minnie L, shoe op, bds over 93 Cottage Leddy William H, machinist, h 93 Cottage Ledlie John, coachman, h over 61 Genesee LEE, see also LEIGH Lee Florence M, res 173 Van Anden Lee Frank, mason, h 19 Burt ave LEE FREDERICK H., surgeon dentist, office and residence 20 William Lee Frederick S, student, C G S, res 20 William Lee Fred W, ice pedler, h 8 Milligan Lee George, laborer, bds 147 1/2 Perrine Lee George C, carpenter, h 9 Van Anden Lee George W, h 74 Seymour Lee Henry F, tel op, bds 12 William Lee Hulbert, emp D M O & Co, h 60 1/2 Lansing Lee Jacob O, ass't sup't, Fort Hill Cemetery, h 11 Fort Lee John, sup't, Fort Hill Cemetery, h 2 Fort Lee John C, shoe op, h 32 Seymour Lee John W, acc't, Canal n Mechanic, bds 173 Van Anden Lee Julia, widow Daniel, res 12 William Lee Mary C, widow Charles A, h 12 Seminary Lee Mary P, bds 12 Seminary Lee Rose G, res 9 Van Anden LEE SAMUEL B., manager Auburn Tobacco Co, 109 and 111 State, h 93 North Lee Sarah, nurse, 46 Grant ave, bds do Lee William A, twine op, h 60 1/2 Lansing Lee William J, student, James st sch, res 11 Fort LEE WILLIAM S., with E D C M'f'g Co, h 173 Van Anden LEET CHARLES H.,Livery, Boarding and Sales Stables, 10 South, h 78 Wall Ample Barn Room for Transients, Central, Convenient and Cheap Genoa, Union springs, King Ferry, Montezuma, Port Byron and Spring Lake Stages leave at 2 P M daily (See adv) Leet Clara B, student, A H S, res 78 Wall Le Fever Allen P, twine op, bds 3 Barber Le Fever Edna M, shoe op, bds 3 Barber Le Fever Elmer, carpenter, h 21 Park ave Le Fever Florence, student, A H S, bds 21 Park ave Le Fever George W, photographer, bds 3 Evans Le Fever Silas J, expressman, h 3 Evans Le Fever S Porter, twine op, h 3 Barber Leffer George J, shoe cutter, h 4 Paul Legg Annar, widow David, h over 28 Steel Legg Byron W, clerk, 53 Genesee, bds 15 Walnut Legg Dollie G, accountant, 130 Genesee, res over 28 Steel Leggett Mrs Frank H, bds 73 Fitch ave Legiera Domenico, laborer, h 1 O'Neil ave LEHIGH VALLEY FREIGHT DEPOT, Frank W Lyon, soliciting freight agent, 34 Washington LEHIGH VALLEY PASSENGER DEPOT, Joseph F Mee, ticket agent, 140 Clark cor Monroe LEHIGH VALLEY RAILROAD, Henry D Titus, Supt Auburn Division, office cor Clark and Monroe, Passenger Station 140 Clark and 8, 10 and 12 Monroe (See appendix) Lehrer John, laborer, h 36 Havens ave LEIGH, see also LEE Leigh Anna M, student, A H S, res 30 Sherman Leigh Daisy, student, res 30 Sherman Leigh Rosie C, widow Clarence, res 30 Sherman Leighback John, manipulator of cuspidores, 2 State Leitmeier Sarah, attendant, 11 Grover Lemieux Alexander F, boiler maker, bds 170 Van Anden Lemmon Frank A, com trav, h 25 Perry LEMMON H. N. & CO., manufacturers and dealers in gloves and mittens, 3 and 5 Miller, Salesroom 86 Genesee, (See adv, next page) LEMMON H. NEWTON, (H. N. Lemmon & Co), h 41 Logan Lenhart Ida S, widow John C, nurse, h 30 Foote Lennon Sarah, weaver, bds 79 Owasco Lennox Archie F, barber, h 51 Fitch ave Lenton Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Derby ave Leo Catherine, housekeeper, 14 Walnut Leo Delia A, bookbinder, bds 14 Walnut Leo John, shoe op, bds 14 Walnut Leo Mary F, dressmaker, bds 14 Walnut Leo Michael, teamster, h 14 Walnut Leonard Annie, housekeeper, 52 West Leonard Bowers H, h 93 E Genesee Leonard Mrs E L, milliner, 8 William, h do LEONARD EDMOND L., (Smith & Leonard), h 8 William LEONARD EDWARD, bucycle dealer, all kinds of supplies in stock and repairing a specialty, 80 Genesee and 3 South, h 12 Morris Leonard Edward W, machinist, h 2 Bradford Leonard Eliza, bds 7 Morris LEONARD GEORGE H., attorney for W. M. Brinkerhoff, office over 146 Genesee, h 11 Easterly ave Leonard Herman, h over 9 William Leonard James, wringer op, bds 52 West LEONARD JOHN E., agent American Express Co, office 114 Genesee, h 12 Chapel and 15 Academy Leonard John J, mechanic, h over 16 Easterly ave Leonard Kate J, shoe op, bds 52 West LEONARD LEWIS F., dealer in soft and hard coal, office 80 Genesee, yards 79 and 81 West, res 93 E Genesee Leonard Margaret E, teacher, res 52 West Leonard Mary A, bds 93 E Genesee Leonard Patrick, laborer, h 52 West Leonard Wales C, mechanic, h over 20 E Genesee Leonard Winifred M, mill op, h 108 Cottage Leonardo Joseph, twine op, h 108 Cottage LEPPER, see also LAPER Lepper Charles M, engineer, h 135 Van Anden Le Roy, Fillmore, mechanic, bds 102 Orchard Le Roy Martin A, carpet cutter, 77 Genesee, h over 58 Steel Leslie William J, shoe op, h 45 Perry Leslie Paul J, machinist, h 18 Brookfield place Leslie Margaret M, widow James, res 18 Brookfield place Leslie Carroll C, machinist, h 45 Perry LESTER EARL L., manager, Aub Dressed Beef Co, 42 and 44 Chapel, h 8 Anna Lester Mary A, widow Samuel C, h 69 Fulton Lester Smith D, salesman, 42 Chapel, bds 99 Owasco Lester Susan R, widow Day, h 99 Owasco Leston Patrick J, fireman, L V R R, h 24 Derby ave Leston William D, boiler maker, h 114 1/2 Wall Letizio Luigi, laborer, bds 99 Orchard Lettimore Frank J, shipper, D M O & Co, bds 40 Owasco LETTIMORE JAMES P., bookkeeper, D M O & Co, bds 40 Owasco Lettimore Kate, widow Francis, h 40 Owasco Lettimore Rose A, milliner, bds 40 Owasco Leubner Christian, emp E M O & Co, h 36 Havens ave Levrechon Julius, machinist, h 90 Orchard Levy William H, moulder, h 121 York Lewin Thomas F, emp D M O & Co, h 13 Florence Lewis Ada E, clerk, bds 25 Academy Lewis Adelbert W, drayman, h 16 Hoffman Lewis Albert A, mechanic, h 7 Maple Lewis Alvin A, blacksmith, bds 17 Grove ave Lewis Archie B, accountant, bds 108 Fulton LEWIS & BRISTER, (Hon. Orlando Lewis and Charles W. Brister,) merchant millers, 2 Genesee Lewis Charles A, cigars, tobaccos and shaving parlors, also treas Barbers' Union, 38 Genesee, h 8 Walnut Lewis Charles B, teamster, bds 137 Mechanic LEWIS DANFORTH R., lawyer, over 85 Genesee, h 158 Lake ave Lewis De Villo M, delivery clerk, 12 North, bds 16 Hoffman Lewis Eliza Esther, res 200 North Lewis Ell, farmer, h 158 Lake ave Lewis Etta C, domestic, 253 North Lewis Frank, miller, h 33 Augustus LEWIS FRED T., (Thg (sic) graduate New York Coll of Pharmacy,) drugs and medicines, also dealer in toilet articles, confectionery, stationery, etc, etc Proprietor of Lewis' Benzo Cherry Cough Balsam, 57 Franklin, h 32 Lewis, Prescriptions accurately compounded LEWIS GARRY R., train dispatcher, L V R R, h 8 Jefferson Lewis George Benson, master mechanic, h 55 Orchard Lewis George W, mechanic, h 3 Owasco Lewis Georgia, attendant, 61 Seymour Lewis Gorton B, emp D M O & Co, bds 108 Fulton Lewis Grace, dressmaker, over 5 Clark Lewis Henry B, wagon maker, 14 Water, h 108 Fulton Lewis Hiram J, laundryman, bds 16 Hoffman LEWIS HOUSE (THE), Chas. D. Stokes, prop'r, 35 Chapel This Hostelry recently renovated and refurnished Satisfaction assured Lewis Hyland, laborer, h over 11 Genesee Lewis Hohn H, milk dealer, h 11 Seymour Lewis John J, iron worker, h 11 Worden ave Lewis Mrs Laura, laundress, bds 6 Frances Lewis Le Roy W, civil engineer, bds 25 Academy Lewis Lillian B, teacher, res 17 Grove ave Lewis Mrs Lucy, waitress, Radney House, 34 E Genesee Lewis Mrs Mary E, dressmaker, h 25 Academy Lewis Mary Louise, authoress, bds 55 Orchard Lewis Maude A, res 16 Hoffman Lewis Mertilo O, blacksmith, h 3 Frances LEWIS HON. ORLANDO, (Lewis & Brister, also C. W. Tuttle & Co,) Mayor City of Auburn, Official H'd'q'rs City Hall, res 80 North LEWIS ROBERT D., jeweler, etc, 4 State, see also, ROBERT D. LOUIS Lewis Samuel, twine op, h over 37 Genesee Lewis Samuel J, porter, res over 35 E Genesee Lewis Viola, res 121 York Lewis Thomas J, farmer, h 121 York Lewis W Frank, saw filer, 14 Water, h 17 Grove ave LIBERMAN & BLUMBERG, (I. M. Liberman and I. Blumberg, jewelers,)--dealers in Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry, Sterling and Silver Plated Ware, also a Varied line of Artistic Parlor Lamps, 44 State The Highest Price Paid for Old Gold and Silver LIBERMAN ISAAC M., (Liberman & Blumberg), h 86 Fulton LIDI see also LEDDY Lidi charles F, mechanic, bds 19 Union Lidi Fred, emp D M O & Co, bds 19 Union Lidi William, carpenter, h 19 Union Liesinger Charles, bds 31 Washington Lillard Thomas B, student, Theo Sem, res do Lillie Charles H, coachman, h over 7 E Genesee Lillie Edward J, mechanic, res 9 1/2 John Limner Thomas, prison keeper, h 7 Park ave Lincoln Elizabeth H, widow Hiram H, bds 15 Lawton ave Lind Anton I, emp D M O & Co, h 19 Silver ave Lindsley Cornelia C, h r 25 Court Lindsley Harvey B, photographer, over 109 Genesee, h do Lindsley Henry M, janitor, Grover st sch, h 50 Mattie Lindsley Howard J, clerk, American Clothing Co, bds 34 Dill Lindsley Marion E, music teacher, res 50 Mattie Lindsley Samuel, painter, bds 64 1/2 West Linehan John, shoe op, res 38 Clark Ling Elizabeth C, widow Henry, h 12 Fort Linnane Nora Agnes, cook, 130 South Linnenbach Albin G, bds 85 Perrine Linnenbach Anna M, res 85 Perrine Linnenbach Emma, widow Michael, h 85 Perrine Linnenbach Michael L, twine op, bds 6 Academy Linton Ernest, twine op, bds 12 Spring Lipetz Harry, mattress maker, bds 71 Owasco Lipmann Max A, clerk, 56 State, bds over do Lipsitz Frances P, student, Aub Bus Coll, res 39 Lincoln Lipsitz Louis, grocer, 49 Mechanic, h 39 Lincoln Lipsky Abram, clerk, 70 State, bds 44 Orchard Lipsky Harry, clothing, &c, 70 State, bds 44 Orchard Lipsky Theodore, bookkeeper, 129 Genesee, res 1 Hulbert Lisk Floyd, elevator attendant, 141 Genesee, bds 21 William Lisk Seward B, painter, bds 75 Fulton Little Agnes, attendant, Melrose c Lake ave Little George, machinist, h over 4 William Little John H, agent, h 15 Westlake ave Little William H, mason, h over 165 1/2 State Littlejohn Mrs Marion E, stenog'r, Fay & Bowen, bds 29 Hoffman LIVERMORE ALAMANZOR B., res South st road n city line LIVERMORE BURR D., accountant, 77 Genesee, h 34 Cayuga Livermore Charles H, sash maker, h 27 Cayuga Livermore John B, (Roscher & Livermore,) h 5 1/2 Walnut Livingston Robert, porter, The Cottage, 53 State Llewellyn Charles K, teamster, h 87 Washington Llewellyn Jessie, bds 155 Perrine Llewellyn Philip, blacksmith, h 155 Perrine Lobermaier Charles, laborer, h 69 Perrine Lobermaier John, emp D M O & Co, h 69 Perrine Lobermaier Joseph, mechanic, h 61 Pulsifer Lobermaier Joseph, Jr, mill op, bds 61 Pulsifer Lobinski Valeria, domestic, bds 61 Pulsifer Lobinski Susan, mill op, bds 61 Pulsifer Lobinski Joseph, grinder, h 61 Pulsifer Loch Tony, laborer, h over 92 Clark Lochrane Agnes, weaver, bds 73 Clark Lochrane William, emp D M O & Co, bds 26 Foote Locke Mrs Jane R, chiropodist, rooms 107-108 over 141 Genesee, res 83 Van Anden Locke Willard, twine op, bds 214 State Lockhart Caroline, mill op, bds 9 Derby ave Lockhart Ethel M, mill op, bds 9 Derby ave Lockhart Isaac, mill op, h 9 Derby ave Lockhead John J, machinist, bds 26 Division N Lockhead Mary, widow William, h 26 Division N Lockhead Samuel J, machinist, bds 26 Division N Lockier Edward Victor, gen'l painter, bds 55 Market Lockwood A, ass't cook, Osborne House, 77 State Lockwood Eri, clerk, 103 Genesee, bds 4 Capitol Lockwood Frank, salesman, 91 Owasco, bds 109 do Lockwood Frederick, mechanic, bds 61 Mechanic Lockwood Henry, teamster, h 4 Capitol Loeich Paul, mechanic, enq 20 State Loeffler Anton, emp D M O & Co, h 99 Owasco Loeffler Edward, mill op, h over 16 Frederick Loeper William R, piano polisher, h 41 Frances Logan Christopher W, shoe op, bds 15 1/2 Bradford Logan Margaret A, tailoress, bds 15 1/2 Bradford Logan Rosa, widow William F, h 15 1/2 Bradford Logan Thomas F, emp D M O & Co, h 5 Wheeler Loke Edward, farm hand, bds 253 North LOMAS CHARLES J., publisher's agent, (Directories,) 241 West 15th St, New York City Long Addie E, accountant, 19 E Genesee, res 18 Lawton ave Long B Frank, salesman, bds 155 Seymour Long David F, emp D M O & Co, bds 45 Seymour Long David H, quarryman, h 51 Van Anden Long Edward, carpenter, bds 21 Park ave Long Edward J, engineer, h 2 Kelsey Long Edwin C, fruits, &c, 19 E Genesee, h 18 Lawton ave Long Eliza, widow Robert, bds 18 Lawton ave Long Ellen, widow Edward, res 2 Kelsey Long Frances L, button op, bds 45 Seymour Long Gertrude M, accountant, res 155 Seymour Long Grace E, seamstress, bds 18 Lawton ave Long James, mason, h 63 Lewis Long James F, painter, h 48 1/2 Perrine Long Jennie M, dressmaker, h 45 Seymour Long Jeremiah D, grocer, 151 State, h 155 Seymour Long Jerome B, barkeeper, 47 Genesee, res 17 Maple Long Josephine C, attendant, 29 William (ref) Long Kittie L, button op, bds 45 Seymour Long Mary, domestic, enq 26 South Long Mary A, laundress, h over 56 1/2 Perrine Long Nicholas, hammersman, h 150 Cottage Long Nonie A, shoe op, bds 45 Seymour Long Thomas J, barkeeper, 25 North, bds 19 Seymour Long William H, mechanic, res 51 Van Anden Long William J, insurance, h 45 Seymour Longstreet Edith, res 1 Elizabeth LONGSTREET GEORGE B., cashier Nat'l B'k of Auburn, h 1 Elizabeth Loomis C May, bds 58 Fulton Loomis Frank J, contractor, 19 Melrose ave, h do Loomis Frederick W, h 58 Fulton Loomis Horace S, carpenter, h over 17 Hoffman Loomis Samuel H, loom fixer, bds 34 E Genesee LOOS, FRED, hair dressing parlors and bath rooms, Auburn Sav B'k B'g, 74 Genesee cor south, (basement) h 172 State (see card) Lord Alice A, h over 21 Madison ave Loss Willis J, carpenter, bds 8 Cayuga Lostie Mary, attendant, bds 9 1/2 Union Lostie Mary, widow Patrick, h 9 1/2 Union LOUGHBOROUGH GERRITT V., County Treasurer, office County Clerk's B'd'g, 156 Genesee, h 42 Logan Loughborough John B, student, A H S, res 42 Logan Loughborough N Barton, res 42 Logan Loughman William, coachman, h 11 Garrow LOUIS ROBERT D., dealer in jewelry, silverware and a general assortment of fine, artistic goods, 4 State, res The Hotel Avery (See adv, next page) Lounsbury George N, adjuster of accounts, also notary public (with seal), office 99 Clark, h 106 do Love Frances, domestic, 22 Aspen Love Harry W, mechanic, bds 169 1/2 Cottage Love John H, twine op, h 6 Third ave. Melrose Love Levi, laborer, h 169 1/2 Cottage Love Mamie, domestic, 215 Genesee Love William H, laborer, bds 169 1/2 Cottage Loveland Alonzo V, (Loveland & Flaherty), h 39 Cayuga Loveland & Flaherty, (A V L and J C F,) painters, over 2 Seminary ave Loveland Herbert N, emp D M O & Co, h 40 Nelson LOVELAND JAMES W., Sample and Reading Rooms, (opp the Burtis Opera House,) 19 North, h 24 Logan Loveland Mary E, bds 39 Cayuga Loveland Michael, h 163 Seymour Lovell Alice L, teacher, res 45 Clark Lovell Elizabeth M, widow Chester P, h 173 Franklin Lovell Harriet S, teacher, res 191 Genesee Lovell N Josephine, student, A H S, bds 173 Franklin Lovell Theo P, operator, W U Tel Co, res 173 Franklin Lovell William. teamster, h 178 E Genesee Lovell William J, emp D M O & Co, h 126 Franklin Lovelace Mrs Fanny, res 2 Garrow Loveless Frederick, machinist, bds 28 Washington Lowell Charles S, salesman, 91 and 93 Genesee, h 9 Lincoln Lowell George B, gardener, 118 North, h rear do Lowenthal B W, store room, Osborne House, 77 State Lower Emma A, bds 29 Wall Lower Frederick S, student, bds 29 Wall Lower George E, salesman, 81 Genesee, res 29 Wall Lower Martin, machinist, h 29 Wall Lower Martin J, traffic m'g'r, D M O & Co, h 76 North Lower Matilda C, shoe op, bds 29 Wall Loyster John D, teamster, h 8 Foote Lozon Henry J, barber, 96 Genesee, h 1 Case ave Lozon Sophia, widow Joseph, h 1 Case ave Lozon Succiana, weaver, bds 1 Case ave Lucas Allen H, emp D M O & Co, h 58 Garrow Lucas Della M, student C G S, bds 30 Cornell Lucas Helen M, student, bds 30 Cornell Lucas Henry, caterer, Aub City Pub, 158 Genesee, h 30 Cornell Lucas Maggie D, bds 30 Cornell Luce Alice Maude, teacher, Fulton st sch, bds 52 Lewis Luce Cornelia A, widow Alonzo D, h 52 Lewis Luce George A, bill clerk, N Y Cent frt office, h 5 Cross Luce Harriet E, widow Edward, res 5 Cross Luce J Blanche, engraver, bds 52 Lewis LUCE MRS. MARIE H., teacher of dancing, assembly rooms over 79 and 81 Genesee, res do Luciano Nicola, laborer, h 98 Orchard Luciano Ralph, laborer, bds 98 Orchard Lucie cornelius, laborer, bds 40 Perrine Lucie Margaret A, spinner, h 40 Perrine Lucie Michael, laborer, h 40 Perrine Lucie Nellie A, housekeeper, 40 Perrine Lucie Patrick J, teamster, h 26 Pleasant Lucio Tomasa, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic Ludlow Julia A, widow Lewis, bds 15 Sheridan Ludtke Bertha A, twine op, bds 57 Pulsifer Ludtke Charles J, carpenter, h 49 Havens ave Ludtke Julius C, mechanic, h 57 Pulsifer Ludtke William, delivery clerk, "Kiemele's," res Melrose Luebner Christopher, emp D M O & Co, h 40 Havens ave Lukins Tom, mason, h 1 Easterly Place Lull Wilbur I, moulder, bds r 40 1/2 Lincoln Lundy Anna M, cook, 72 South Lundy Dennis, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Chapel Lundy Eugene B, ass't sup't, Prudential Ins Co, h 17 1/2 Anna Lundy Mary, domestic, 143 Clark Lung Ying, laundry, 10 Market, h do Lusk Floyd, elevator operator, 141 Genesee, bds 21 William Lusk John H, clerk, bds 56 Owasco Lusk William M, laborer, h 56 Owasco Lutesinger Archie, printer, Daily Adv'r, bds 5 Frederick Lutesinger E Frank, painter, h 5 Frederick Lutesinger Frank M, moulder, h 90 Owasco Lutesinger Fred, rec'g cl'k, L V R R, h 4 James Lutesinger Marcus H, coremaker, bds 5 Frederick Lutesinger Mrs Minnetta, emp D M O & Co, bds 41 Nelson Lutesinger William L, emp D M O & Co, bds 5 Frederick Lutton William, attache, Palace Theatre, res 25 Franklin Lydle Frederick, emp D M O & Co, bds 61 Mechanic Lyman Charles P, postal Clerk, h 167 State Lyman Grace L, housekeeper, 99 South Lynch Agnes B, widow William, h 24 Morris Lynch Anna A, res 58 Steel Lynch Bridget, waitress, 114 South Lynch Bridget, widow Michael, h 58 Steel Lynch Catherine, widow Bernard, h 54 1/2 Mechanic Lynch Catherine, widow Morris, h 18 Coon Lynch Catherine, saleslady, Big Store, bds 58 Steel Lynch cornelius, machinist, bds 71 Clark Lynch Daniel, hammersman, h 29 Delevan Lynch Francis, laborer, h 52 Fitch ave Lynch Francis B, blacksmith, bds 52 Fitch ave Lynch Frank A, mechanic, bds 58 Steel Lynch Frank B, mason, h 46 Fitch ave Lynch Frank J, bartender, 27 North, bds 52 Fitch ave Lynch Harry F, salesman, 107 Genesee, bds 17 Perrine Lynch Helen B, clerk, Big Store, res 14 Coon Lynch James D, emp N Y C R R, h 180 Seymour Lynch James P, shoe op, bds 180 Seymour Lynch John, emp D M O & Co, bds 147 Seymour Lynch John, wood worker, bds 29 Delevan Lynch John J, mason, h 17 Perrine Lynch John P, bricklayer, h 135 1/2 Seymour Lynch Margaret M, school teacher, res 24 Morris Lynch Margaret T, button op, bds 58 Steel Lynch Martin, teamster, bds 47 State Lynch Martin M, student, bds 29 Delevan Lynch Mary, widow John, h 1 Bradford Lynch Mary A, silk weaver, bds 52 Fitch ave Lynch Mary C, button op, bds 58 Steel Lynch Mary E, domestic, 72 North Lynch Mary R, button op, bds 58 Steel Lynch Mathew, hammersman, h 158 1/2 Cottage Lynch Mathew J, shoe op, res 180 Seymour Lynch Mollie G, bds 17 Perrine Lynch Nellie V, saleslady, bds 14 Coon Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 14 Coon Lynch Patrick B, blacksmith, h 21 Walnut Lynch Peter, hammersman, bds 182 Clark Lynch Terrance J, meat cutter, 57 North, bds 17 Perrine Lynch Thomas E, plumber, bds 52 Fitch ave Lynch Thomas J, saloon, 27 North, h over do Lynch Winifred C, housekeeper, 18 Coon Lynn Richard, pattern maker, bds 2 Garrow Lynnah Alice C, shoe op, bds 11 West Lynnah Anna C, res 9 Spring Lynnah John W F, iron worker, bds 11 West Lynnah Mary F T, shoe op, bds 11 West Lynnah Thomas, flagman, L V R R, h 11 West Lynnah Thomas J, iron worker, bds 11 West Lyntz Cassius M, carpenter, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North LYON, see also LYONS LYON CHARLES F., (Lyon & Lyon,) res 148 North Lyon Eugene J, teamster, h 6 Bundy ave Lyon George H, bicycle rep, bds 3 Lawton ave LYON JAMES, (Lyon & Lyon,) h 148 North Lyon James B, bds 6 Bundy ave Lyon Lewis E, realestate, office over 133 1/2 Genesee, h 42 Grover Lyon Llewellyn J, twine op, bds 84 division N LYON & LYON (James and charl;es F., ) attorneys and counsellors at law, offices over 115 Genesee Lyon Marvin W, painter, h 84 Division N LYONS, see also LYON Lyons Agnes, attendant, 99 South Lyons Alida M, shoe op, bds 42 Holley Lyons Catherine, widow Michael, h 58 Fitch ave Lyons Clarence W, student, A H S, res 43 Clark Lyons Daniel, lumberman, 52 Genesee, h 245 do LYONS DANIEL, Superintendent Lake Shore Malting Co, 8 and 10 Garden, h over do Lyons Edward, brakeman, L V R R, bds 70 Orchard Lyons Edward, emp D M O & Co, h 42 Holley Lyons edward, porter, bds 70 Orchard Lyons Edward, carpenter, bds 46 Cottage Lyons Edward J, carpenter, h 58 Walnut LYONS FRANK W., soliciting Freight Agent, L V R R, offices 34 Washington cor Clark, h 43 Clark Lyons James, gardener, h 46 Holley Lyons John, moulder, bds 73 Nelson Lyons Katie, domestic, 37 Mechanic Lyons Margaret E, saleslady, 83 Fitch ave. bds 58 do Lyons Michael, carpenter, bds 22 Van Anden Lyons Michael, Jr., moulder, bds 17 Van Anden Lyons Patrick, mill op, h 29 Holley Lyons Patrick J, carpenter, h 22 Van Anden Lyons Philip F, grocer, also com'r of deeds, 83 Fitch ave, h 58 do Lyons Rose E, res 58 Fitch ave Lyons Thomas J, carpenter, bds 58 Fitch ave Lyons Timothy, emp D M O & Co, bds 73 Nelson LYTLE A. EUGENE (Noakes & Lytle,) h 9 Mc Master Lytle Frank J, emp D M O & Co, h over 13 Chestnut Lytle Frank J, emp D M O & Co, h 62 Nelson Lytle Fred, emp D M O & Co, h 13 Chestnut Lytle William, laborer, bds over 19 1/2 North Lytle William H, laborer, h 14 Grove ave

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