ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Oakley Ambrose L, farmer, 15 Third ave, Melrose						

Oakley Celina, domestic, over 68 Genesee						

Oakley Jennie M, domestic, 42 Logan						

Oakley Minnie R, widow John, res 38 Pulsifer						

Oakley Vernon, janitor, D M O & Co, h 33 Seward ave						

Oakley Lester, emp D M O & Co, h 38 Pulsifer						

Obdella Joseph, pedler, bds 247 Genesee						

O'Brien Alice, res 164 Seymour						

O'Brien Anna, attendant, 8 Elizabeth						

O'Brien Anna, domestic, 6 Westlake ave,						

O'Brien Anna Agnes, cook, 168 Genesee						

O'Brien Catherine, widow John, h 168 State						

O'Brien Mrs Catherine A, h 5 Chase						

O'Brien Catherine E, res 17 Division S						

O'Brien Daniel, iron worker, h 56 1/2 Perrine						

O'Brien Elizabeth J, box maker, bds 93 Perrine						

O'Brien Fannie, domestic, 27 william						

O'Brien Florence T, bds 47 Nelson						

O'Brien Frances E, physician, over 114 Genesee, h 47 Nelson						

O'BRIEN HENRY, acc't, Birdsall Co, h 164 Seymour						

O'Brien James, bds 8 Pine						

O'Brien James, iron worker, h 15 1/2 Wall						

O'Brien James, saloon, 17 Division S, h do						

O'Brien John, emp D M O & Co, h 168 State						

O'Brien John, shoe laster, bds 30 Washington						

O'Brien John C, salesman, 91 Genesee, h 1 Steel						

O'Brien Joseph, coachman, h r 185 North						

O'Brien Joseph E, res 17 Division S						

O'Brien Kate, weaver, res 15 Van Anden						

O'Brien Katie T, shoe op, bds over 89 Washington						

O'Brien Louise A, milliner, bds 47 Nelson						

O'Brien Maggie, domestic, 15 Lewis						

O'Brien Margaret E, shoe op, res 11 Cross						

O'Brien Martin J, shoe op, bds 11 Cross						

O'Brien Mary, domestic, 58 Genesee						

O'Brien Mary, domestic, 28 Fulton						

O'Brien Mary A, domestic, bds 93 Perrine						

O'Brien Mary, shoe op, bds over 89 Washington						

O'Brien Mary Agnes, res 17 Division S						

O'Brien Mary E, twine op, bds 15 1/2 Wall						

O'Brien Mathew, saloon, 85 Orchard, h do						

O'Brien Michael, emp D M O & Co, h 18 Grant						

O'Brien Nora, widow William H, h 30 Washington						

O'Brien Olive, widow Terrance, h 3 Sheldon ave						

O'Brien Patrick H, emp D M O & Co, h 93 Perrine						

O'Brien Sarah A, widow Joseph, h 99 Cottage						

O'Brien Susan M, widow Thomas, h 11 Cross						

O'Brien Thomas, barber, bds 18 Dill						

O'Brien Timothy C, salesman, 89 State, bds over 89 Washington						

O'Brien Timothy H, conductor, L V R R, bds 23 Barber						

O'Brien William, farm laborer, bds 3 sheldon ave						

O'Brien William, emp N Y Cent, bds 176 State						

O'Brien William, hammersman, h over 64 Cornell						

O'Brien William J, laborer, h 68 Cornell						

O'Byrne James, mason, h 107 Van Anden						

O'Byrne John J, shoe op, bds 107 Van Anden						

O'Byrne Joseph, mason, h 44 Nelson						

O'Byrne Joseph A, shoe op, bds 105 Van Anden						

O'Byrne Kittie, tailoress, res 105 Van Anden						

O'Byrne Mary A, shoe op, res 107 Van Anden						

O'Byrne Mary F, housekeeper, 105 Van Anden						

O'Byrne Michael, tailor, h 105 Van Anden						

Ockenfels Charles, fireman, Aub Water Works, h 8 Throop ave						

Ockenfels Frank F, watchman, aub W Co, h 87 Mechanic						

Ockenfels Frank W, drug clerk, 65 Genesee, bds 8 Throop ave						

Ockenfels George, emp D M O & Co, h 7 Camp						

Ocobock Alonzo, mason, h 18 Church						

Ocobock Carrie E, accountant, bds 18 Church						

Ocobock Ellen M, widow Henry, h 160 State						

Ocobock George A, laborer, h over 143 State						

Ocobock Mrs Sarah, attendant, 31 William						

Ocobock William T, mason, bds 13 Chestnut						

O'Connell Anthony C, emp D M O & Co, bds 25 Catlin						

O'Connell Daniel, fireman E L Co, bds 55 Market						

O'Connell Daniel, laborer, h 71 Cornell						

O'Connell Dennis, twine op, bds 208 State						

O'Connell Ella A, mill op, bds 208 State						

O'Connell Helen, stenographer, bds 25 Cottage						

O'Connell Honora, housekeeper, 7 Spring						

O'Connell Lizzie, attendant, Quinn's Hotel, 3 North						

O'Connell Mary, attendant, Quinn's Hotel, 3 North						

O'Connell Mary, domestic, over 49 State						

O'Connell Mary, housekeeper, bds 25 Cottage						

O'Connell Mary F, twine op, bds 208 State						

O'Connell Michael, iron worker, bds 33 West						

O'Connell Michael, laborer, bds 13 Barber						

O'Connell Nellie, domestic, 206 Genesee						

O'Connell Timothy, emp D M O & Co, h 208 State						

O'Connell Timothy, twine op, h 25 Cottage						

O'Connell Timothy F, twine op, bds 208 State						

O'CONNOR, see also CONNORS						

O'Connor Alice A, milliner, bds 33 Washington						

O'Connor Alice T, seamstress, bds 32 1/2 West						

O'Connor Anna J, widow William, h 160 Seymour						

O'Connor Arthur A, emp D M O & Co, bds 94 Cottage						

O'Connor Charles, laborer, h 131 Van Anden						

O'Connor Charles, shoe op, res room 12 over 80 Genesee						

O'Connor Charles H, mechanic, bds 33 Washington						

O'Connor Charles M, mechanic, bds 186 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Charles S, barber, bds 160 Seymour						

O'Connor David, emp D M O & Co, h 72 Orchard						

O'Connor Dennis J, salesman, 155 State, bds 176 do						

O'Connor Edward, laborer, h 174 State						

O'Connor Edward, shoe op, bds 33 Van Anden						

O'Connor Edward, Jr, moulder, bds 174 State						

O'Connor Ellen, domestic, 3 Grover						

O'connor Eleanor, dressmaker, bds 33 Washington						

O'Connor Elizabeth A, mill op, bds 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Ellen, widow James, h 33 Van Anden						

O'connor Francis E, cardmaker, bds 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Frank M, mechanic, bds 33 Van Anden						

O'Connor H Clayton, barber, 143 State, bds 190 Seymour						

O'Connor James, iron worker, h 68 Cornell						

O'Connor James, mechanic, bds 186 Perrine ave						

O'Connor James F, moulder, bds 63 Cornell						

O'Connor James M, clerk, 101 Division N, bds 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Jeremiah J, iron worker, h 76 Lansing						

O'Connor John, laborer, bds 151 Clark						

O'Connor John, h 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor John, mason, h 66 1/2 Mechanic						

O'Connor John, moulder, h 62 West						

O'Connor John, moulder, h 101 Cottage						

O'Connor John, painter, h 75 Division S						

O'Connor John F, emp D M O & Co, bds 63 Cornell						

O'Connor John J, emp D M O & Co, h 101 Lansing						

O'Connor John, Jr, mill op, bds 62 West						

O'Connor Joseph J, scythe op, bds 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Julia, spinner, bds 186 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Katie, mill op, bds 28 Cross						

O'Connor Katie A, dressmaker, h 32 1/2 West						

O'Connor Kittie, shoe op, bds 62 West						

O'Connor Kittie A, weaver, bds 66 1/2 Mechanic						

O'Connor Margaret, button op, bds 10 Church						

O'Connor Margaret E, dressmaker, bds 32 1/2 West						

O'Connor Margaret J, housekeeper, 63 Cornell						

O'Connor Margaret L, bds 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Mrs Mary, boarding house, 33 Washington						

O'Connor Mary, mill op, bds 62 West						

O'Connor Mary, silk weaver, bds 8 Parker						

O'Connor Mary E, housekeeper, 151 Clark						

O'Connor Nellie T, shoe op, bds 94 Cottage						

O'Connor Patrick, hammersman, h 94 Cottage						

O'Connor Patrick, mason, h 8 Parker						

O'Connor Patrick, mechanic, bds 186 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Patrick, mechanic, h 33 Washington						

O'Connor Peter, quarryman, h 186 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Peter J, shoe laster, bds 63 Cornell						

O'Connor Rose A, shoe op, bds 94 Cottage						

O'Connor Thomas, bds 198 Perrine ave						

O'Connor Thomas, laborer, bds 151 Clark						

O'Connor Timothy, moulder, bds 174 State						

O'Connor William, salesman, 101 Division N, bds 210 Perrine ave						

O'Connor William, wringer op, h 198 Perrine ave						

ODD FELLOWS HALL, Ensenore, (No 438,) over 7 & 9 Exchange		

ODD FELLOWS HALL,   Hardenburgh, (No 748,) 131 Wall		

O'Dea William H, moulder, h 37 Wall						

O'Dell Charles H, d'v'y clerk, h 111 Franklin						

Odell De Witt, motorman, A C Ry, h 1 Lawton ave						

Odell Eugene, iron worker, h over 105 State						

Odell Julia M, bds 56 Swift						

Odell Melissa, widow William A, h 56 Swift						

Odell Samuel, com trav, bds 21 Cayuga						

Odell Sanford A, teamster, bds 56 Swift						

ODELL WILLIS B., licensed pharmacist and druggist, toilet articles and notions, also		
m'f'r proprietary medicines, 148 1/2 Wall, h over do   Physician's prescriptions accurately				
and carefully compounded   Auto phone 394					

O'Doharty Annie, attendant, 77 south						

O'Donnell Bridget, widow Hugh, h 16 Cornell						

O'Donnell Bridget I, housekeeper, 22 1/2 Holley						

O'Donnell Charles B, emp D M O & Co, h 16 Cornell						

O'Donnell Hugh, hammersman, bds 16 Burt ave						

O'Donnell Rose, dressmaker, h 22 1/2 Holley						

O'Donnell Terrance F, mechanic, bds 40 1/2 Fitch ave						

O'Donnell Terrance L, painter, bds 22 1/2 Holley						


O'Donoghue Annie K, shoe op, bds 22 Baker ave						

O'Donoghue John J, collegian, res 22 Baker ave						

O'Donoghue Michael, watchman, h 22 Baker ave						

O'Donoghue Nora F, domestic, 86 E Genesee						

O'Donovan John, carpenter, h 75 Grant ave						

Offenberg Bennett, teamster, h 10 York						

Offenberg Charles J, emp D M O & Co, bds 14 Kitchell						

Offenberg Charles T, emp D M O & Co, h 14 Kitchell						

Offenberg Gerhart, emp D M O & Co, h 14 Kitchell						

O'Flaherty John J, coachman, h 55 Steel						

O'Flaherty John J, laborer, h 19 Frances						

O'Flaherty Mary, laundress, bds 19 Frances						

O'Flaherty Thomas P, emp D M O & Co, bds 19 Frances						

Ogden Annie M, housekeeper, 30 Walnut						

Ogden Carrie, button op, bds 17 Fort						

Ogden Emma, nurse, 24 South						

Ogden Nina W, res 12 Lewis						

Ogden Thomas J, retired, h 12 Lewis						

Ogden William R, com trav, h 11 1/2 John						

O'Grady John, machinist, bds 41 Jefferson						

O'Grady John J, moulder, bds 9 Cottage						

O'Hara Mrs Alice E, nurse, res 4 Walnut						

O'Hara Annie C, helper, bds 235 Seymour						

O'Hara Edward J, helper, bds 235 Seymour						

O'Hara Jane, widow Edward, h 13 Greene						

O'Hara John, fireman, h 235 Seymour						

O'Hara John, wringer op, bds over 94 State						

O'Hara Lewis, machinist, bds 9 Ross place						

O'Hara Lizzie, domestic, 16 James						

O'Hara Martin, mechanic, bds 114 State						

O'Hara Mary, domestic, 46 South						

O'Hara Mary, h over 58 State						

O'Hara Mary J, dressmaker, bds 174 State						

O'Hara Mary J, widow James, h 174 State						

O'Hara Richard, laborer, bds 46 Cottage						

O'Hara Thomas, weaver, h 79 Owasco						

O'Hara Thomas H, weaver, bds 79 Owasco						

Ohart Anna J, res 5 Derby ave						

Ohart Charles E, conductor, L V R R, h 5 Derby ave						

Ohart Moses T, journalist, res 5 Derby ave						

O'Hear Ann, widow John, h 16 Pleasant						

O'Hear Mary A, mill op, bds 16 Pleasant						

O'Hear Thomas J, shoemaker, bds over 16 Pleasant						

O'Hearn Alice A, mill op, bds 7 1/2 Underwood						

O'Hearn Annie C, shoe op, bds 7 1/2 Underwood						

O'Hearn Edward, mason, bds 20 Paul						

O'Hearn Helen T, trained nurse, City Hosp, 15 Lansing						

O'Hearn John, iron worker, h over 51 Pulsifer						

O'Hearn John, laborer, h 20 Paul						

O'Hearn John, Jr, twine op, bds 20 Paul						

O'Hearn Kittie A, shoe op, h 37 Frazee						

O'Hearn Louise, twine op, bds 20 Paul						

O'Hearn Mary T, mill op, bds 20 Paul						

O'Hearn Nellie T, nurse, res 37 Frazee						

O'Hearn Patrick, laborer, h 7 1/2 Underwood						

OHIO TOOL CO, Wm P. Beardsley, secy, factory 183 Clark, office over 67 Genesee						

Ohlheiser Elizabeth, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 20 Franklin						

Ohlheiser Frances F, student, res 20 Franklin						

OHLHEISER GEORGE, hardware, builder's materials and house furnishing goods,		
	also stoves, ranges, furnaces, paints, leads, oils, etc, etc, 26 Genesee cor Mechanic, h 20					
	Franklin   (See bottom lines)					

Ohlmeyer Carl, agent, D M O & Co, h 38 1/2 Perry						

Ohlmeyer Karl, emp "Kiemele's" res 38 1/2 Perry						

O'Hora Edward, laborer, bds 302 State						

O'Hora Edward J, emp D M O & Co, bds 92 York						

O'Hora Ellen, student, bds 64 Fitch ave						

O'Hora Frank, laborer, bds 302 State						

O'Hora Henry, quarryman, h 44 Chase						

O'Hora James, laborer, h 294 State						

O'Hora John, blacksmith, bds 64 Fitch ave						

O'Hora John P, emp D M O & Co, bds 92 York						

O'Hora Margaret, widow Michael, h 302 State						

O'Hora Michael, laborer, bds 6 York						

O'Hora Patrick, emp D M O & Co, h 6 York						

O'Hora Patrick, mason tender, h 92 York						

O'Hora Peter, laborer, h 17 Paul						

O'Hora Sarah, button op, bds 64 Fitch ave						

O'Hora Thomas, emp D M O & Co, bds 92 York						

O'Hora Thomas, laborer, bds 302 State						

O'Hora William, quarryman, h 22 Pulsifer						

O'Hora Mrs William, widow, h 64 Fitch ave						

O'Hora Winifred M, res 92 York						

O'Kane Anna C, res 230 Genesee						

O'Kane Nellie F, widow James, h 230 Genesee						

O'Kane N Rosalind, bds 230 Genesee						

O'KEEFE, see also KEEFE						

O'Keefe------------, milliner, 129 Genesee, rooms 11 Hulbert						

O'Keefe K Francis, student, A H S, bds 139 Division S						

O'Keefe Joseph, teamster, h 139 Division S						

O'Keefe Mary, widow John, res 139 Division S						

O'Keefe Thomas, laborer, bds 48 Clark						

Oldfield Nelson, bds 156 Seymour						

Olds Ellen J, widow Martin, bds 11 Sherman						

Olds Lavina, res 81 Mechanic						

O'Leary Frank, twine op, h 38 Parker						

O'Leary John J, mechanic, bds 224 Seymour						

O'Leary Julia, widow Michael, h 224 Seymour						

O'Leary Mary A, clerk col dep, D M O & Co, bds 224 Seymour						

Oliger John P, hammersman, h 121 Perrine						

Oliver Henrietta F, bds 20 Elizabeth						

Olivia Raffaelo, laborer, bds 99 Orchard						

Olmstead Adelaide S, teacher, Division St Sch, bds 86 Clark						

Olmstead Charles E, h 86 Clark						

Olmstead Claude, d'v'y clerk, 21 E Genesee, bds 71 do						

Olmstead Fred, accountant, Bulletin office, bds 41 Mechanic						

Olmstead Frederick, shoe op, bds 20 South						

Olmstead George D, coachman, h 8 1/2 Cross						

OLMSTEAD GEORGE H., general agent, The Wegman Piano Co, office 133 Genesee, h 134 Owasco						

Olmstead George L, dis clerk, Fay & Sons Bank, res 86 Clark						

Olmstead Harvey E, bds 36 Perry						

OLMSTEAD HERBERT R., Portrait enlargements and kindred lines of Art Work, 		
	studio and office 5 Delevan, h 11 Gaylord   (See adv)					

Olmstead Jessie H, bds 86 Clark						

Olmstead John T, teamster, h 18 Foote						

Olmstead Morgan L, hoseman, Hose 2, A F D, h 36 Grant ave						

Olmstead Morris M, res 156 Genesee						

Olmstead Nellie M, widow Esty E, bds 15 Third ave, Melrose						

Olmstead Rice B, shipper, 21 Market, (also musicsan,) (sic) h 36 Perry						

Olmstead Rose A, bds 86 Clark						

Olmstead Samuel, bds 75 Washington						

Olmstead Mrs Susan, res 139 Division S						

Olmstead William H, piano maker, h over 18 Foote						

Olney Benjamin L, (Hoskins & Olney,) dry goods, etc, 73 Genesee, h 180 North						

Olney Edwin L, sup't Hoskins & Olney waist factory, 31-33 Market, h 19 1/2 Elizabeth						

Olney Guy H, salesman, 73 Genesee, res 180 North						

Olson Emma, domestic, 44 South						

Oltz Morton, piano op, h 4 E Genesee (1st fl)						

O'Malley Rosetta, attendant, 72 South						

O'Mara Catherine, widow Dennis, h 189 1/2 Seymour						

O'Mara Daniel J, emp D M O & Co, h 60 Holley						

O'Mara Lizzie, shoe op, bds 189 1/2 Seymour						

O'Mara Mary A, widow Dennis, h 189 Seymour						

O'Mara Rosa, shoe op, res 189 1/2 Seymour						

O'Mara Thomas, laborer, bds 266 Genesee						

O'Mara William J, painter, bds 189 1/2 Seymour						

O'Meara Catherine, compositor, 8 Market, bds 43 Holley						

O'Meara Dennis, janitor, North St Sch, h 43 Holley						

O'Meara William, emp D M O & Co, bds 43 Holley						

O'Neil Dennis, supervisor, L V R R, h 30 Pleasant						

O'Neil Elizabeth A, student, bds 30 Pleasant						

O'NEIL JOHN J., manager Hotel O'Neil, The Arcade Hall, also O'Neil's Grocery, Market			
	and Wholesale Produce House, cor Monroe, Clark and Railroad sts, res do   (See adv, next					

O'Neil Julia F, widow Jno M, acc't 150 clark, h 106 Orchard						

O'Neil Mary, shoe op, bds 30 Pleasant						

O'Neil Mary, widow Adam, h 1 Monroe						

O'Neil, manager, cor Monroe, Clark and Railroad sts   Phones, Auto 245, Emp 53   (See adv)   					

O'NEIL ARCADE CASH GROCERY AND MARKET, John J, O'Neil, Manager   A general line of fine						
	groceries, fresh, salt and smoked meats, also wholesale produce dealer, cor Monroe, Clark					
	and Railroad sts   (See adv)					

O'NEILS Railroad dining Hall, in connection with Hotel O'Neil, 1 Monroe   (See adv, next page)						

O'Neill Anna, widow Henry, h 73 E Genesee						

O'Neill Anna A, shoe op, bds 44 Frances						

O'Neill Anthony, h r 180 State						

O'Neill Catherine M, milliner, 147 Genesee, bds 47 State						

O'Neill Catherine C, res 29 Cross						

O'Neill Charles J, shoe op, bds 29 Cross						

O'Neill Dennis J, machinist, h 3 Mann						

O'Neill Edward J, shoe op, bds 114 Van Anden						

O'Neill Elizabeth A, teacher, Division St Sch, bds over 17 Cross						

O'Neill Ella F, weaver, bds 73 E Genesee						

O'Neill Ellen, widow James, bds 3 Mann						

O'Neill Frank J, mechanic, bds 29 Cottage						

O'Neill Helen E, res 47 Bradford						

O'Neill Henry, painter, h 15 Van Anden						

O'Neill James, moulder, bds 180 Seymour						

O'Neill Jeremiah J, pattern maker, h 47 Bradford						

O'Neill John H, emp D M O & Co, bds 114 Van Anden						

O'Neill John H, solicitor, over 120 Genesee, bds 5 Howard						

O'Neill John J, emp D M O & Co, rooms 30 Dill						

O'Neill John J, pattern maker, bds 47 Bradford						

O'Neill John W, moulder, h 185 Perrine ave						

O'Neill Josephine F, accountant, 110 Genesee, bds 19 Court						

O'Neill Julia, widow John M, bds 106 Orchard						

O'Neill Lawrence R A, shoe op, bds 143 Clark						

O'Neill Louis F, physician, res 143 Clark						

O'Neill Lizzie, shoe op, bds 106 Cottage						

O'Neill Maggie, shoe op, bds 3 Mann						

O'Neill Martin H, clerk, bds 44 Orchard						

O'Neill Martin M, clerk, 143 Clark, bds do						

O'Neill Mary, shoe op, bds 3 Mann						

O'Neill Mary A, student, A H S, bds 47 State						

O'Neill Mary A, dressmaker, bds 73 E Genesee						

O'Neill Mary F, res 185 Perrine ave						

O'Neill Mary H, teacher, South St Sch, res 15 Van Anden						

O'Neill Michael, iron worker, bds 13 Barber						

O'Neill M Louise, student, res 5 Howard						

O'Neill Owen, expressman, h 78 1/2 Owasco						

O'Neill Patrick, teamster, h 114 Van Anden						

O'Neill Patrick A, laborer, bds 163 Clark						

O'Neill Patrick H, mechanic, bds 29 Cross						

O'Neill Philip, mechanic, h 25 Walnut						

O'Neill Rosa A, salesclerk, Big Store, bds over 17 Cross						

O'Neill Rosa T, enq 5 Howard						

O'Neill Rose T, housekeeper, 114 Van Anden						

O'Neill Sadie S, seamstress, bds 73 E Genesee						

O'Neill Sarah, domestic, 83 Seymour						

O'Neill Thomas, grocer, 114 Wall, h 106 Cottage						

O'NEILL THOMAS H., real estate and insurance, also negotiator of loans and notes, over 120 Genesee,						
	h 5 Howard					

O'Neill thomas H, Jr, plumber, bds 5 Howard						

O'Neill Thomas X, wringer op, bds 114 Van Anden						

O'Neill Timothy, grocer, 29 Cottage, h do						

O'Neill William, h 44 Orchard						

O'Neill William, bds 25 Washington						

O'Neill William, emp Birdsall Co, bds over 55 North						

O'Neill William, packer, bds 13 Greene						

O'Neill William, painter, bds 189 1/2 Seymour						

O'Neill William, shoemaker, bds 106 Cottage						

O'Neill William F, salesman, 49 Genesee, bds 278 North						

O'Neill William H, emp d M O & Co, bds 185 Perrine ave						

O'Neill William, Jr, student, bds 44 Orchard						

OPDYKE, see also UPDIKE						

Opdyke John A, emp D M O & Co, h 43 1/2 Augustus						

Opdyke Maude, res 53 Steel						

Opdyke Maude H, bds 43 1/2 Augustus						

OPERA HOUSE CAFE, Vredenburg & Sambrook, prop'rs, 22 North 						Selected Brands of Ales, Wines,
	Liquors and Cigars		(See adv)			

Oppenheimer Olive S, traveling salesman, Ehrman Brewing Co, h 32 Franklin						

O'Reilly Charles, sup't, Benson Box Factory, h 45 1/2 Clark						

Orio Leonardi D, laborer, bds 110 Orchard						

Orman A James, conductor, L V R R, h 210 Seymour						

Ormsbee Amelia H, widow Jacob, canvasser, res over 7 Sherman						

O'ROURKE, see ROURKE, also ROARKE						

O'Rourke James, iron worker, h 4 Cady ave						

O'Rourke Margaret, button op, bds 9 Rock ave						

Orr Mrs Catharine J, bds 54 Fitch ave						

Orr Catherine, widow James R, h 9 Van Anden						

Orr Martin R, shoe op, bds 9 Van Anden						

Orr William S, shoe cutter, bds 9 Van Anden						

Osborn Byron E, physician, office and res 38 Fulton						

Osborn Byron E, Jr, com trav, bds 38 Fulton						

Osborn Edward E, jeweler, bds 81 Fulton						

Osborn Edith B, bds 82 Seymour						

Osborn Emile D, assistant Seymour Library, res over 2 South						

Osborn Harry I, piano op, bds over 16 Genesee						

Osborn James J, watchman, h over 1 Garden						

Osborn Junius G, horseman, h 16 Aurelius ave						

Osborn Lillian, teacher, James St Sch, bds 77 Seymour						

Osborn Lyman T, yardman, New Nat'l Hotel, 33 E Genesee						

Osborn Porter W, machinist, h 81 Fulton						

Osborn Susie M, widow Jos, Jr, music teacher, h over 16 Genesee						

Osborn William A, janitor Aub Sav B'k B'd'g, h over 2 South						

Osborn William D, gardener, h 17 Seward ave						

OSBORN D. M. & CO., manufacturers of harvesting machinery, main offices 24 Genesee			
	cor Mechanic   (See adv, Cay Co Directory)					

OSBORN D. M. & CO., Malleable Works and Rolling Mills, Pulsifer st on N Y C & H R R R						

Osborn Eliza W, widow David M, h 99 South						

OSBORNE HOUSE, J. E. H. Kelley, prop'r, 77 State cor Water						

OSBORNE JOHN H., secretary D. M. O. & Co, h 130 South						

Osborne Josephine F, res 115 South						

OSBORNE THOMAS M., president D. M. O. & Co, h 115 South						

Osburn E C, artist, over 141 Genesee						

Osburn Mary A, assistant Matron Woman's Prison, 50 Wall						

O'Shea John S, twine op, bds 17 Grant						

O'Shea Lizzie, shoe op, bds 17 Grant						

O'Shea Patrick, mechanic, bds 17 Grant						

Osmun Mrs Diana, nurse, res 16 Washington						

Ossett Joseph, pedler, bds 247 Genesee						

Osterhoudt Charles G, salesman, 103 Genesee, bds 33 do						

Osterhoudt John G, h over 33 Genesee						

Osterhoudt Sarah L, bds over 33 Genesee						

Osterhoudt Mrs Viola A, wrapper m'f'r, over 33 Genesee, h do						

Osterhout Albert V, student, A H S, bds 71 Moravia						

Osterhout Edward J, shoe laster, bds 153 Van Anden						

Osterhout Frederick T, tool maker, bds 29 Grove ave						

Osterhout James E, tool maker, h 71 Moravia						

Osterhout James E, Jr, shoe laster, bds 153 Van Anden						

Osterman Frederick D, coremaker, bds 23 Walnut						

Osterman Joseph, wool carder, h 23 Walnut						

Osterman Josephine C, button op, bds 23 Walnut						

Osterman Humphrey N, mill op, bds 23 Walnut						

Ostrander George R, h 172 Franklin						

Ostrander James H, farmer, h 172 Franklin						

Ostrander Le Roy F, student, Theo Sem, res do						

O'SULLIVAN, see also SULLIVAN						

O'Sullivan Catherine, h 67 Fitch ave						

O'Sullivan Cornelius, mechanic, bds 80 Orchard						

O'Sullivan Daniel, iron heater, h 113 Washington						

O'Sullivan Frank D, painter, bds 67 Fitch ave						

O'Sullivan John J, shipper, res 58 Washington						

O'Sullivan John J, carriage painter, bds 113 Washington						

O'Sullivan Lizzie A, dressmaker, bds 67 Fitch ave						

O'Sullivan Maggie A, res 67 Fitch ave						

O'Sullivan Michael, emp D M O & Co, h 67 Fitch ave						

O'Sullivan Minnie E, teacher, Division St Sch, bds 58 Washington						

O'Sullivan Nellie M, milliner, bds 67 Fitch ave						

Oswego Starch Factory, A G  Beardsley, treas, office over 67 Genesee						

Otis Alice E, h 135 Mechanic						

Otis George A, emp D M O & Co, bds 162 Perrine						

Otis George H, barber, 81 Orchard, h do						

Otis Jane, widow M Patrick, h 43 Jefferson						

Otis John H, machinist, h 162 Perrine						

Otis Margaret T, weaver, bds 162 Perrine						

OTIS MICHAEL F., (Slater & Otis), bds 41 Jefferson						

Otis Robert J, driver supply wagon, A F D, h 43 Jefferson						

OTIS SUSAN G., physician and surgeon, office and res 65 E Genesee   Office hours until 10 A M, 2 to 4						
	and 7 to 8 P M					

O"TOOLE, see TOOLE, also TOOHILL and TUELL						

O'Toole Bartholomew J, shoe laster, bds 40 Division S						

O'Toole Christopher, teamster, h 44 Frances						

O'Toole James, carpenter, bds 55 Bradford						

O'Toole John, carpenter, h 55 Bradford						

O'Toole John J, emp Birdsall Co, h 7 Brookfield Place						

O'Toole Joseph P, boiler maker, bds 44 Frances						

O'Toole Libbie G, button op, bds 40 Division S						

O'Toole Patrick, mechanic, bds 40 Division S						

O'Toole William, laborer, bds 44 Frances						

Ott Barbara, domestic, 134 North						

Ouderkirk Howard, watchman, bds 80 Division N						

Ouimette Charles, bicycle op, bds 58 Mechanic						

Ouimette Frank, button op, bds 68 Mechanic						

Ouimette Frank, shoe maker, h 35 Garrow						

Ouimette Wilfred, watchman, h 68 Mechanic						

Overfield Edward F, mechanic, bds 17 Jefferson						

Overton Benjamin, delivery clerk, 102 Genesee, h 10 Jefferson						

Owen Albert L, delivery clerk, 74 Wall, h over do						

Owen Anna E, widow Nimrod, h 32 Jefferson						

Owen Arthur S, mechanic, bds 21 Elm						

Owen Benjamin F, emp Birdsall Co, h 3 Chapel ave						

Owen Charles C, shoe cutter, bds 21 Elm						

Owen Clarence S, wood worker, bds 3 Chapel ave						

Owen Grace A, shoe op, bds 3 Chapel ave						

Owen Grace S, res 36 Garrow						

Owen Henrietta, cook, bds 32 Jefferson						

Owen Henry P, painter, h 18 1/2 Paul						

Owen Henry W, mill op, bds 3 Chapel ave						

Owen Ledra H, harness maker, 3 E Genesee, h 21 Elm						

Owen Richard, painter, h over 36 E Genesee						

Owen Saidie E, compositor, res over 74 Wall						

Owen William E, moulder, bds 36 Garrow						

Owen Wilson G, laborer, h 36 Garrow						

Owens Katie, waitress, 66 South						

Owlett Clarence A, machinist, bds 28 1/2 Barber						

Owlett Frank H, mechanic, bds 28 1/2 Barber						

Owlett George A, machinist, h 62 Walnut						

Owlett John H, pattern maker, h 165 Van Anden						

Owlett Marion E, bds 28 1/2 Barber						

Owlett Martha, widow Harry, h 28 1/2 Barber						

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