ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Pace Charles A, sec'y Bowen M'f'g Co, h 146 Owasco						

Pachejieff John J, shoe op, bds 103 Fulton						

Padbury John, foreman, 307 Genesee, h 27 Lewis						

PADDOCK GEORGE A.,ass't general manager.  The emp Tel and Tel Co, office		
	over 102 Genesee, h 67 Seymour					

Paddock Lewis, h over 8 Grant ave						

Page Bessie, attache, Hotel Archie, 64 State						

Page Elmer E, engraver, over 93 Genesee, bds 2 1/2 Hamilton ave						

Page John, com trav, h 2 1/2 Hamilton ave						

PAINE, see also PAYNE						

Paine Ambrose, plumber, bds 9 1/2 State						

PAINE CO., (THE NEW,) Manuf'rs Fine Dress Shirts, (Custom Works a specialty,) 24 Garden						

Paine J Frank, shirt m'f'r, over 10 state, res 15 James						

Paine William H, res 110 1/2 Mechanic						

Painter Harry J, carpenter, h 30 Lansing						

Painter Laura A, seamstress, bds 30 Lansing						

PALACE THEATRE (THE), Jack Boone, prop'r, 47 Market st   Matinees Wednesdays and		
	Saturdays at 2:30 P M   (See page 88)					

PALMER, see also PARMER						

Palmer Aaron L, com trav, bds 11 Maple						

Palmer Ada L, teacher, Fulton St Sch, bds over 11 Franklin						

Palmer Albert N, barber, 21 Genesee, bds 26 Chapel						

Palmer Clara M, widow J Forman, h over 11 Franklin						

Palmer Daisie M, nurse, 3 Linden Place, res 20 Fitch ave						

Palmer Edward A, U S N, res over 4 William						

Palmer Elizabeth, widow John, h over 4 William						

Palmer Ellen M, teacher, bds 20 Fitch ave						

Palmer Elsie M, saleslady, bds over 4 William						

Palmer Emma S, widow Sidney W, h over 11 Franklin						

Palmer Flora H B, music teacher, bds 108 Wall						

Palmer Rev Frederick W, pastor Cent Pres Ch, h 36 Seminary						

Palmer George W, h 5 Elizabeth						

Palmer Mrs Hanorah, h 9 1/2 Union						

Palmer Harriet S, teacher, bds 20 Fitch ave						

Palmer H Louis, expert D M O & Co, bds 20 Fitch ave						

Palmer Jane G, bds 20 Fitch ave						

Palmer John, twine op, bds 71 Clark						

Palmer John L, twine op, h 163 1/2 Clark						

Palmer John O, physician and surgeon, 20 Fitch ave, h do						

Palmer Joseph A, loom fixer, h 10 Wallace ave						

Palmer J Willard, coachman, The Cottage, 53 State						

Palmer Levi E, piano maker, h 37 Mary						

Palmer Lizzie, res 4 William						

Palmer Mary O, music teacher, res 20 Fitch ave						

Palmer Rettie, dressmaker, bds 45 Elizabeth						

Palmer Sidney, laborer, bds 9 1/2 Union						

Paltz George B, engraver, 70 Genesee, res 6 Pine						

Pamplion Hannah, domestic, enq 143 North						

Pamplion John H, grinder, h 65 Union						

Pamplion John H, Jr, mill op, bds 65 Union						

Pamplion Robert N, factoryman, bds 27 Derby ave						

Pangburn Sarah J, widow William, res 1 Church						

Papageorge John, salesman, 45 Genesee, bds over do						

PARCELLS, see also PARSELLS						

Parcells Charles D, machinist, h 28 Foote						

Parcells Charles D, Jr, shoe op, bds 28 Foote						

Parcells Christopher F, pharmacist, h 29 Grant ave						

Parcells Daisy, saleslady, 10 burt ave, h do						

Parcells Duane C, bartender, 108 Genesee, bds 28 Foote						

Parcells Eugene C, emp D M O & Co, bds 28 Foote						

Parcells Hortense A, accountant, 39 Genesee, bds 50 1/2 Clark						

Parcells John D, grocer and baker, 10 Burt ave, h do						

Parcells Pauline M V, student, A H S, bds 10 Burt ave						

Parcells William, agent, h over 32 Dill						

Parcells William H, drug clerk, bds 29 Grant ave						

Parke Edward S, bds 32 Sherman						

Parke James H, prison guard, h 32 Sherman						

Parker alfred J, coachman, 114 South, h 20 Cornell						

PARKER AMASA J., (Parker M'f'g Co,) also attorney at law, offices over 119 Genesee, h 193 do						

Parker Angelina L, domestic, bds 9 Worden ave						

Parker Anne E, widow Charles E, h 70 Prospect						

Parker Charles E, d'v'y clerk, h 198 Seymour						

Parker Charles H, moulder, h 175 Cottage						

Parker Clayton S, hammersman, h 62 1/2 Perrine						

Parker Daniel S, artist, h 32 Ross Place						

PARKER EDWARD D., The Parker Cafe, Liquors, Cigars and Wines, of unexceptional quality,		
	108 Genesee, h 6 1/2 William  The finest appointed and best equipped gentleman's resort in 		
	the country					

Parker Edward J, emp D M O & Co, bds 33 Holley						

Parker Emma E, bds 62 1/2 Perrine						

Parker Eva E, bds 9 Worden ave						

PARKER F. EDWIN, general groceries, fresh, salt and smoked meats, also dealer in dry and fancy goods,						
	hats, caps, boots, shoes, crockery, glassware, &c, &c, a complete line of drugs, medicines and					
	toilet articles, 144 1/2, 146, 146 1/2 Wall, also coal, wood, lumber, and agent for the Eureka					
	plaster, 120 Wall and 55 Barber, also branch stores 77 and 79 Orchard, h 144 Wall					

Parker Fred, emp D M O & Co, bds 9 1/2 State						

Parker Fred A, student, A H S, bds 193 Genesee 						

Parker Frederick D, salesman, 18 North, bds 87 E Genesee						

PARKER FRED H., physician and surgeon, office and res 156 Genesee   Office hours 1 to 4 and 8 to p P M						

Parker Mrs Frederick, res 34 Garrow						

Parker George C, twine op, bds 9 Worden ave						

Parker George J, shoe laster, bds 33 Holley						

Parker Harry, emp D M O & Co, bds 30 Bristol ave, Melrose						

Parker Isaiah, teamster, bds 56 Cornell						

Parker James F, carpenter, bds 9 1/2 State						

Parker Janette L, domestic, res 9 Worden ave						

Parker John C F, marketman, 203 State, h 213 do						

Parker Kittie G, salesclerk, bds 33 Holley						

Parker Lena M, shoe op, bds 184 Seymour						

Parker Lewis E, emp D M O & Co, bds 62 1/2 Perrine						

Parker Lewis L, com trav, h 87 E Genesee						

PARKER LIQUOR STORE (THE), E. D. Parker, manager, importer and jobber of Fine Whiskies, Choice						
	Wines and other Liquors, 108 Genesee   the finest appointed and best equipped bar in					
	Western New York---- Bar none			

PARKER M'F'G CO. (THE), (A. J. PARKER and R. M. TRAVER,) manufacturers Suits and Wrappers, 38 and						
	40 Market					

Parker Norman L, city policeman, h 138 Owasco						

Parker Raymond S, hammersman, bds 62 1/2 Perrine						

Parker Robert G, com trav, h 33 Holley						

Parker Robert W, d'v'y clerk, 24 1/2 Genesee, bds 33 Holley						

Parker Rose E, tailoress, bds 184 Seymour						

Parker Susette Louise, student, A H S, res 156 Genesee 						

Parker Thomas, gardener, h 53 Cornell						

Parker William, gardener, 48 South						

Parker William H, laborer, h 9 Worden ave						

Parks Agnes L, mill op, bds 66 Mechanic						

Parks George B, fireman, N Y C, h 211 State						

Parks James, horseman, res 211 State						

Parks Kittie M, dressmaker, res 9 Cross						

Parks Mary R, button op, bds 66 Mechanic						

Parks William J, machinist, h 66 Mechanic						

Parmele Meta M, widow Edwin B, h 50 South						

Parmelee Edson T, painter, h over 14 Genesee						

PARMELEE EDWARD W., pres The H. C. Hemingway Co, res Syracuse, N Y						

Parmelee Harriet T, widow Reuben R, bds over 14 Genesee						

PARMER, see also PALMER						

Parrish Rowland, laborer, h 49 1/2 Fitch ave						

Parrish Mrs Ruth, seamstress, h 40 Holley						

Parrish Valentine, emp D M O & Co, bds 49 1/2 Fitch ave						

PARSELL, see also PARCELLS						

Parsell Charles I, sawyer, h 3 Sheldon ave						

Parsell Clarence E, manager, Meaker's Branch Grocery, 199 Seymour, h 197 do						

Parsell David L, shoe op, bds 3 Sheldon ave						

PARSELL HENRY D., lawyer, over 75 Genesee, h 48 Cayuga						

Parsell Susan, widow David, res 150 Perrine						

Parsell William, delivery clerk, 24 Clark, bds 3 Sheldon ave						

Parsell William I, delivery clerk, 146 Wall, bds 3 Sheldon ave						

Parsell Willis A, driver, Am Ex Co, h over 6 Market						

Parsons Alamanzo, twine op, h 78 Lansing						

Parsons Anne, widow Richard, bds 17 Elizabeth						

Parsons Clarence C, painter, h over 22 State						

Parsons Frank, salesman, 141 Genesee, bds 20 South						

PARSONS & FRANKLIN,(Mrs. L. Parsons and James J. Franklin,) proprietors		
	Improved Carpet Cleaning Works, office and buildings 41 Moravia,					
	Laying, Fitting and Scouring a specialty (See adv)	

Parsons Harriet E, accountant, 5 Wall, h 9 John						

Parsons Irving, mechanic, bds over 40 Water						

Parsons J Claire, salesman, Big Store, bds 8 Chapel						

Parsons John C, plumber, h over 5 Holley						

Parsons Joseph, twine op, bds 78 Lansing						

PARSONS MRS. L., (Parsons & Franklin,) h 41 Moravia						

Parsons Metta, trained nurse, City Hosp, 15 Lansing						

Parsons Nellie F, bds 24 Derby ave						

Parsons Phoebe E, widow Jacob H, h 9 John						

Parsons Sheridan, delivery clerk, h over 40 Water						

Parsons Theresa, housemaid, 7 William						

Partello Mary E, widow J Bishop, res 7 Steel						

Pasquale Annie, cook, The Avery, 32 to 42 State						

Pasquale Mastisiani, laborer, bds 99 Orchard						

Patchen Byron H, laborer, h over 13 Exchange						

Patchen Christina, widow Loren A, h 133 Wall						

Patchen Edward A, bank watchman, h 9 1/2 Beardsley						

Patchen Glenn, twine op, bds 9 1/2 Beardsley						

Patchen Lucius A, coachman, bds over 13 Exchange						

Patchen Milo, blacksmith, enq 17 Monroe						

PATRICK ALFRED, florist and prop'r Melrose Nurseries, 19 Seward ave, cor Frances, h do			
	(See adv)					

Patrick Anna, res 19 Seward ave						

Patrick Clarence A, plumber, bds 96 Owasco						

PATRICK ERNEST A., florist, also manager Melrose Nurseries, 19 Seward ave, res do						

Patrick James A, salesman, 79 Genesee, h over 20 Grover						

Patrick John, collar maker, h 96 Owasco						

Patrick Percy B, emp D M O & Co, res 19 Seward ave						

Patrick Robert W, plater, bds 248 Genesee						

Patten Anna R, mill op, bds 48 Augustus						

Patten C Edwin, bookkeeper, 1 Genesee, bds 29 Sheridan						

PATTEN CHARLIE, dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also fish, oysters and poultry, 1 Genesee, 						
	bds 4 Chestnut					

Patten Charles E, delivery clerk, 98 E Genesee, bds 4 Chestnut						

Patten David, machanic (sic), bds 330 Genesee						

Patten Edward D, moulder, h 56 Mechanic						

Patten Elizabeth A, widow John E, res 6 Hamilton ave						

Patten Elsie B, res 4 Chestnut						

Patten Fannie S, seamstress, bds 4 Chestnut						

Patten George W, carpenter, h 28 1/2 Lansing						

Patten Grace E, bds 48 Augustus						

Patten James, carpenter, h 185 State						

Patten James W, carpenter, h 48 Augustus						

Patten Lewis J, emp D M O & Co, h over 27 Chase						

Patten Louis, clerk, 1 Genesee, bds 29 Sheridan						

Patten Maude A, bds 48 Augustus						

Patten Mrs May, waitress, 41 Garden, h over 10 Market						

Patten May E, seamstress, bds 48 Augustus						

Patten Sophia B, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 4 Chestnut						

Patten Sophia H, widow Charles E, h 4 Chestnut						

Patterson Alexander H, emp D M O & Co, h 57 Hamilton ave						

Patterson Catherine, widow William, h r 78 Owasco						

Patterson Rev Daniel H, pastor Disciples ch, h 58 Division N						

Patterson Duncan M, loom fixer, h 3 Walnut						

Patterson Ella May, mill op, bds 4 Pleasant						

Patterson George A, fireman, L V R R, h 4 Pleasant						

Patterson George A, mechanic, bds r 11 Holley						

Patterson Hannah, widow Samuel J, h 68 Orchard						

Patterson James W, laborer, h r 11 Holley						

Patterson Samuel J, mechanic, bds 68 Orchard						

Patterson William, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, bds 95 Fulton						

PATTERSON WILLIAM C., hospital steward, Auburn Prison, h 36 Chapel						

Patty David L, coal clerk, 80 Genesee, bds 3 Mary						

Patty Elizabeth, widow John B, h 3 Mary						

Patty Jane, widow John E, res 9 Kitchell						

Patty John C, emp Cordage Co, bds 3 Mary						

PAUL CHARLES E., with H. R. Olmstead's Portrait House, 5 Delevan, h 22 Wood						

PAUL CLINTON A., with H. R. Olmstead's Portrait House, h 171 Division S						

Paul Elizabeth S, widow Ephraim, res 27 Holley						

PAUL ELLIS S. S., (Paul & Schmeink,) h 27 Holley						

Paul Mrs Eva C, h 113 Fulton						

PAUL & SCHMEINK, (E. S. S. Paul and H. M. Schmeink,) Ladies' Tailors, Cloths and Furnishings, rooms						
	309 to 312 Metcalf "B'd'g, over 141 Genesee					

Pauly Carl, emp D M O & Co, h 3 Augustus						

Pauly George P, mechanic, h 43 Grant						

Pauly Regina. twine op, bds 43 Grant						

Pavey Thomas H, painter, h 31 Maple						

PAYNE, see also PAINE						

Payne Albertine E, widow Robert T, rooms 7 Franklin						

Payne Alice, clerk, 124 Genesee, h North n limits						

Payne Clara A, res 3 Orchard						

Payne Edith F, weaver, bds 241 1/2 Seymour						

PayneGeorge W, blacksmith, h 241 1/2 Seymour						

Payne Ida A, res 3 Orchard						

Payne Jane N, widow Alfred, enq 96 Washington						

Payne James, fireman, D M O & Co, h 9 Silver ave						

Payne John A, mill op, bds 241 1/2 Seymour						

Payne Joseph, emp D M O & Co, h 102 Division N						

Payne Lila A, widow William H, h over 50 1/2 Clark						

Payne Lily E, teacher, North St Sch, bds North n limits						

Payne Marion H, res 3 Orchard						

Payne Nelson, plumber, bds 9 1/2 State						

PAYNE HON. SERENO E., (Payne, Van Sickle & Payne,) also Member of Congress 28th Dist, h 11 James						

PAYNE, VAN SICKLE & PAYNE, (Hon. Sereno E. Payne, John Van Sickle and Wm. K. Payne,) attorneys						
	at law, offices over 131 Genesee					

Payne William C, brakeman, L V R R, rooms 80 Washington						

PAYNE WILLIAM K., (Payne, Van Sickle & Payne,) res 11 James						

Peabody George N, shoe op, h 19 Bradford						

Peabody Julia E, artist, res 28 State						

Peabody Lemuel, musician, bds over 19 Bradford						

Peabody Robert A, coremaker, bds over 19 Bradford						

Peach James P, painter, h over 90 Clark						

Peach John, bds over 90 Clark						

Peach Nellie, mill op, bds 18 Wright ave						

Peacock Charles J, plumber, h 53 Elizabeth						

PEACOCK HOUSE, James H. Peacock, prop'r, 1 E Genesee						

PEACOCK HOWARD G., accountant, 42 Chapel, res 39 Mechanic						

PEACOCK JAMES H., prop'r Peacock House, also livery and hack stables, 1 E Genesee, h 63 Van Anden						

Peacock Ray L, carpenter, bds 39 Mechanic						

Peacock Thomas, agent, h 39 Mechanic						

PEARCE, see also PIERCE						

Pearce Edward, mechanic, bds 109 State						

Pearce Eliza, widow Robert, res 232 North						

Pearce Ellis E, mechanic, h over 109 State						

Pearce Frank W, milk pedler, bds 232 North						

PEARCE GEORGE H., (Carris & Pearce,) farmer, dairyman and stock dealer, 232 North, h do						

Pearce Jennie R, bds over 109 State						

Pearce Martha J, dressmaker, h 10 Myrtle ave						

Pearce Sidney R, milk pedler, bds 232 North						

Pearce William, coachman, 88 North, bds do						

PEARL PRINTING OFFICE, James M. Bryson, prop'r job printing and designing, all 		
	kinds of plain and ornamental work, executed with artistic skill, office over 8 State					
	(See opp page)					

Pearsall Archie W, painter, bds 117 E Genesee						

Pearsall Charles F, painter, bds 117 E Genesee						

Pearsall Charles H, shoe designer, h 45 Jefferson						

Pearsall Charles P, bookkeeper, bds 112 E Genesee						

Pearsall Dwight, fireman, A C Ry, h 24 Van Anden						

Pearsall Frank, emp D M O & Co, bds 117 E Genesee						

PEARSALL GEORGE H., (Smith & Pearson,) h 181 Lake ave						

Pearson Jennie M, widow Isaac E, h 124 Owasco						

Pearson J Had, (Durston & Pearson,) also Coal, (wholesale & retail) and wholesale meat dealer, office						
	and res 10 Lincoln					

Pearson J Had, Jr, salesman, 107 Genesee, bds 10 Lincoln						

Pearson Mary A, widow Uriah N, h 11 Aurelius ave						

Pearson Mary Elizabeth, housekeeper, 34 Aurelius ave						

Pearson Murt, laborer, bds 58 Van Anden						

Pearson William S, com trav, h over 31 State						

Pease Amelia V, button op, bds 55 Owasco						

Pease Mrs Augusta E, bds 55 Owasco						

Pease Charles C, coachman, h 110 Mechanic						

Pease David H, shoe maker, 99 Mechanic, h 55 Owasco						

Pease Edmund H, shaving parlors, also sec'y Barber's Union, 109 1/2 Mechanic, h 112 do						

Pease Fatima A, button op, bds 55 Owasco						

Pease William W, teamster, h 11 Wall						

PEAT, see PEET, also PEETS						

Peat Robert, res 35 Grover						

Pecani Frederico, laborer, bds 13 Underwood						

Peck Alma L, widow George W, h 61 South						

PECK EDMOND B., (Aub Roofing Co,) h 70 Orchard						

Peck Edmund B, engineer, D M O & Co, h 10 Cady ave						

Peck Fannie F, widow William H, h over 35 1/2 Genesee						

Peck Frank, bds 150 North						

Peck Frank H, machinist, h 150 North						

Peck Mrs Frank H, milliner, 10 State, h 150 North						

PECK GEORGE R., (Knapp, Peck Thomson,) also editor Auburn Daily Advertiser, h 61 South						

PECK HENRY D., (Knapp, Peck & Thomson,) also city editor Auburn Daily Advertiser, h 43 Grover						

Peck Mabel R, stenographer, Col Cord Co, res 9 William						

Peck Nora, mill op, bds 67 Lansing						

Peck Platt N, baggageman, L V R R, bds 151 Clark						

Peck William, mill op, h 67 Lansing						

Peck William G, clerk, bds 150 North						

Peckham Mrs Helen H, dressmaker, over 31 Genesee, h do						

Pedrick Addie, widow Dennis, dressmaker, res 173 Cottage						

PEET, see PEAT, also PEETS						

PEET COL. FREDERICK T., Wholesale Coal Dealer, office over 111 Genesee, h 6 1/2 William						

Peeling Frederick W, shoe op, bds 160 Perrine						

Peeling George D, mechanic, bds 160 Perrine						

Peeling Monelia, widow Dudley O, h 160 Perrine						

Pelcha Albert, iron worker, bds 170 Van Anden						

Pelham Robert, carpenter, bds 3 1/2 Franklin						

Pelton Allison D, teamster, h 2 Cottage Place						

Pelton Charles H, teamster, bds 134 Van Anden						

Pelton Stephen, flagman, N Y C R R, h 134 Van Anden						

Peluso Louis, barber, 2 1/2 Dill, h 21 Monroe						

Penird Arthur, weigher, bds 15 Perrine						

Penird David, agent, h 21 Perrine						

PENIRD GEORGE W., (Coy & Penird), also supervisor 3d ward, h 66 Clark						

Penird Grace S, housekeeper, bds 15 Perrine						

Penird Lillian M, mill op, bds 117 Perrine						

Penird Martha J, widow David, h 15 Perrine						

Penird William J, junk handler, 23 Perrine						

Penny Bertha M, domestic, enq 18 Capitol						

Penny Ernest F, piano op, h over 15 Exchange						

Penny Laura B, mill op, enq 13 Derby ave						

Penny Walter E, student, A H S, bds over 15 Exchange						

Peppler Lewis D, barber, 34 North, bds do						

Percy Hattie, attendant, bds 70 Franklin						

Percy James, moulder, h 31 Walnut						

Percy William, laborer, bds 70 Franklin						

Perdrix Constantine C, U S Army, bds 29 Frances						

Perdrix John, piano maker, h 29 Frances						

Perdrix William, tailor, bds 29 Frances						

Perfect Jay F, clerk coll dept, D M O & Co, h 11 Mary						

Perkins Abbie M, widow Hamilton J, h 13 James						

Perkins Carlton A, foreman, Daily Adv'r, h 30 Ross Place						

Perkins Clarence D, laborer, bds over 191 State						

Perkins Clarence E, ladies' furnishings, 94 Genesee, h 163 North						

Perkins David H, clerk, bds over 191 State						

Perkins Elias M, enq 27 Frazee						

Perkins Frank B, shoe op, h 38 Bradford						

Perkins Harriet E, res 13 James						

Perkins James, carpenter, h 31 Melrose						

Perkins James G, expressman, bds over 191 State						

Perkins Jay, carpenter, bds 31 Melrose						

Perkins John E, shipping clerk, bds 47 Mattie						

Perkins Smith c, painter, h over 191 State						

Perkins Thomas J, teamster, h 47 Mattie						

Perkins Watson N, res 30 Ross Place						

Perkins William J, machinist, bds 47 Mattie						

Perkinson Francis, shoe cutter, h 43 Orchard						

Perkinson Mrs Francis, mill op, bds over 50 Orchard						

Perkinson George A, shoe cutter, bds 43 Orchard						

Pernicelli Gaetano, laborer, bds 60 Division S						

Perrigo Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds over 14 Genesee						

Perrigo Edward L, machinist, h 9 Bradford						

Perrigo Percy, emp D M O & co, bds over 14 Genesee						

Perrigo Rachael, widow Benjamin F, res 65 1/2 Washington						

Perrigo William B, fireman, h 71 Division S						

Perillo Frank, laborer, bds 47 Van Anden						

Perrin John, teamster, bds 30 Cayuga						

Perrine Medici E, tailoress, h 78 Franklin						

Perry Clifford M, bicycle op, bds over 34 Market						

Perry Ella F, mill op, bds 18 James						

Perry Ellen M, res 24 Grover						

Perry Emily M, widow Henry B, h 27 E Genesee						

Perry Ernest E, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 Foote						

Perry E Stanton, h 24 Grover						

Perry Eva M, box maker, bds 94 Owasco						

Perry Frank A, emp D M O & Co, h 10 Elm						

Perry Frank E, emp D M O & Co, h 10 Gaylord						

Perry Fred J, emp D M O & Co, h 4 Foote						

Perry George E, shoe op, bds over 34 Market						

Perry Harriet, widow John W, h 94 Owasco						

Perry Herbert A, emp D M O & Co, h over 144 Van Anden						

Perry Lyle E, mill op, bds 10 Elm						

Perry Mary, dressmaker, res over 90 Mechanic						

Perry Mary, widow Walter, housekeeper, 20 Perrine 						

Perry Mary E, widow William II, dressmaker, h 57 Fulton						

Perry Milton S, patternmaker, h 18 James						

Perry Nellie, musician, res 27 E Genesee						

Perry Sarah A, widow Jefferson T, bds 10 Elm						

Perry Theodore C, bicycle op, h over 34 Market						

Perry William, wood worker, bds 33 Division S						

Pershing Orlando B, student, Theo Sem, res do						

Pestell George H, coachman, 128 North, h 25 William						

PETERSEN, see also PETERSON						

Petersen Charles, artist, studio over 4 Exchange, h 4 Steel						

Petersen Josephine A, res 4 Steel						

Petersen Maria E H, teacher, Grover St Sch, bds 4 Steel						

Petersilie Frederick, emp D M O & Co, bds 100 Van Anden						

Petersilie Harmon H, iron worker, h 210 State						

Petersilie Harmon J, baker, h 100 Van Anden						

Petersilie Helen, widow Harmon J, h over 105 State						

Petersilie John, laborer, bds 100 Van Anden						

Petersilie John, laborer, bds over 105 State						

Petersilie Michael, emp D M O & Co, bds 100 Van Anden						

Petersilie William M, baker, h 65 Pulsifer						

PETERSON, seealso PETERSEN						

Peterson Augusta M, widow John C, res 11 Van Anden						

Peterson Charles E, clerk, bds 6 Florence						

Peterson Charles H, laborer, bds 32 Union ave						

Peterson Charles P, teamster, h 32 Union ave						

Peterson Mary, widow Charles, h South n limits						

Peterson Mary E, widow John, h 6 Florence						

Peterson Thomas, cigar m'f'r, h 30 Grove ave						

Perttigrass Jeosph (sic), laborer, bds 110 Orchard						

Pettigrass Paoli, laborer, bds 21 Monroe						

Petty Charles I, carpenter, bds 97 Van Anden 						

Petty Clara S, music teacher, res 48 Fitch ave						

Petty Edward D, agt Ehrman Bottling Works, h 97 Van Anden						

Petty Mrs Emma O, dressmaker, res 48 Fitch ave						

Petty Frank E, salesman, 40 Chapel, h 103 Van Anden						

Petty George W, carpenter, h 48 Fitch ave						

Petty William, clerk, 40 Chapel, bds 97 Van Anden						

Pfeiffer C Fred, carpenter, bds 100 Cornell						

Pfeiffer Frederick, ice pedler, bds 100 Cornell						

Pfeiffer Peter, emp D M O & Co, h 55 Mattie						

Pfleider Charles, brewer, h 43 1/2 Pulsifer						

Pfleider Bertha, weaver, bds 43 1/2 Pulsifer						

Phalen Perry J, machinist, h 100 Wall						

Phayer Harry P, photographer, over 99 Genesee, h over 106 do						

Phelan Margaret, domestic, 186 Genesee						

Phelps Andrew B, attache Tallman's stables, h 8 Academy						

Phelps Mrs Cora E, weaver, h over 3 Sherwood						

Phelps Mrs Emma, dressmaker, res 8 Academy						

Phelps Etta M, artist, res 5 Lincoln						

Phelps George A, laundryman, h over 8 Elm						

Phelps George T, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 Academy						

Phelps Harriet A, widow andrew B, h over 46 Orchard						

Phelps Ira A, inspector, D M O & Co, h 3 Lincoln						

Phelps Jane, widow Jerome, h under 16 Fort						

Phelps Le Roy E, accountant, L V R R, bds 6 Mc Master						

Phelps Lucy A, widow Edson L, h 3 Lawton ave						

Phelps Marietta, widow Nelson G, h 10 Wallace ave						

Phelps Mary T, widow William E, h 16 Foote						

Phelps Oliver H, clerk, 4 Exchange, bds 16 Foote						

Phelps Rachel E, milliner, bds 16 Foote						

Phelps W Ernest, salesman, 127 Genesee. bds 16 Foote						

Philipsen Albert, emp D M O & Co, bds 14 Van Anden						

Philipsen William J, barber, 20 North, bds 14 Van Anden						

Phillips Anna S, widow Edwin E, h 70 Wall						

PHILLIPS A. S. (Chamberlain & Phillips) h 70 Wall						

Phillips charles A, mechanic, bds 74 Owasco						

Phillips Mrs Elizabeth, res 175 North						

Phillips Frank, laborer, h 61 Cornell						

Phillips Frederick C, shoe op, bds 88 Owasco						

Phillips George H, engineer, bds 2 Danforth						

Phillips Harry B, twine op, bds 74 Owasco						

Phillips Jairus P, scythe temperer, h over 52 Genesee						

Phillips James P, carpenter, bds 41 Mechanic						

Phillips Julia E, res 70 Wall						

Phillips Leon S, shoe op, bds 88 Owasco						

Phillips Lewis, mechanic, bds 41 Mechanic						

Phillips Mary R, widow Charles J, h 88 Owasco						

Phillips Molly, student A H S, res over 52 Genesee						

Phillips Octavius F, gardener, bds 34 Union ave						

Phillips Silas A, carpenter, res 5 Lincoln						

Phillips Theodore L, plumber, h 74 Owasco						

Phippen Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds 24 North						

Pickard James, farmer, h 30 Letchworth, Melrose						

Pickard John, emp D M O & Co, h 67 Elizabeth						

Pickard John B, clerk, 65 Elizabeth, bds 67 do						

Pickard Harry, gardener, bds 30 Letchworth, Melrose						

Pickard Irving L, emp D M O & Co, bds 30 Letchworth, Melrose						

Pickard Nancy, widow, Conrad H, h 197 State						

Pickens Andrew, sash maker, bds 27 Garden						

PIERCE, see also PEARCE						

Pierce Abram, clothing, etc, 26 Garden, h 59 Perrine						

Pierce Arthur E, shoe op, h 135 Owasco						

Pierce Augusta, widow Everardus, bds 135 Owasco						

PIERCE BLOCK, 38 to 42 Water						

Pierce Clair H, clerk cost dept, D M O & Co, bds 9 Perry						

Pierce Edward, mechanic, bds 45 Jefferson						

PIERCE EDWIN HALL, teacher of piano, violin, harmony and composition, studio and			
	residence 16 Seminary   (See card)					

Pierce Eva A, milliner, bds 135 Owasco						

Pierce Frances H, widow Rev James E, private tutor, h 16 Seminary						

Pierce Frank A, agent, res 3 Greene ave						

Pierce Grace, shoe op, bds 59 Perrine						

Pierce Harriet M, widow John C, h r 18 garden						

PIERCE LAVERN A., lawyer, also City Attorney, office City Hall, h 9 Perry   Hours 6 to 12 A M and 2 to 5						
	P M   Wednesday and Saturday evenings 7:30 to 10 P M					

Pierce Loyd S, ins agent, bds 48 Seymour						

Pierce Maude L, res r 18 Garden						

Pierce Melancthon M, wood worker, h 48 Seymour						

Pierce Mina, shoe op, bds 59 Perrine						

Pierce Nellie H, button op, bds 59 Perrine						

Pierce Stella M, twine op, bds 59 Perrine						

Pierce wilma E, widow Elias C, res 41 Elizabeth						

PIERSON, see also PEARSON						

Pierson Mrs Jane, enq 74 1/2 Van Anden						

Pigott Anna, widow John, h 154 Clark						

Pigott Catherine M, twine op, bds 154 Clark						

Pigott Francis P, mill op, bds 154 Clark						

Pigott James, emp D M O & Co, h 18 Havens ave						

Pigott John J, shoe cutter, bds 154 Clark						

Pigott Nellie, laundress, City Hosp, 15 Lansing						

Pigott William V, emp D M O & Co, bds 154 Clark						

Piltz Anna J, weaver, bds 38 Augustus						

Piltz John, laborer, h 127 Cottage						

Piltz Joseph, laborer, bds 127 Cottage						

Piltz Joseph, piano maker, h 38 Augustus						

Piltz Martin, laborer, bds 127 Cottage						

Piltz Mary I, button op, bds 38 Augustus						

Piltz Peter, stone grainer, bds 133 Van Anden						

Pimm Florence E, student, A H S, bds 133 North						

Pimm Harry E, merchant, h 133 North						

PIMM, JOHN B., Central Storage Ware House, Pimm Block, 14 to 18 Market   Household Goods				
	and Merchandise of all kinds stored, under careful and responsible management, res 118					
	E Genesee   Prices Reasonable--Electric Power Elevator--Emp Tel 695   (See adv, next page)					

Pinckney Agnes, waitress, bds over 101 State						

Pinckney Charles A, agent, h 67 Franklin						

Pinckney H Ardell, hammersman, h 97 1/2 Division N						

Pinckney Ira D, retired, res 71 South						

Pinckney J Eugene, tamster, h 97 Division N						

Pinckney J Sackett, agent, h 16 Sheridan						

Pinckney Louis W, mechanic, bds 16 Sheridan						

Pinckney Maggie, waitress, Osborne House, res over 101 State						

Pinckney Russell W, mechanic, h over 101 State						

Pinckney Sallie, widow Abram J, res 197 State						

PINES (THE) A home for mental and nervous invalids  Frederick Sefton, M D, physician in charge, 131,						
	133, 135, 137, 139, and 141 South					

Pingree Adaline M, widow John T, h 185 Genesee						

Pingree Lucy C, res 185 Genesee						

PINNEY ERNEST M., with Armistead's Wholesale and Retail Hat Emporium, 1 State, res 5 Court						

Piper Catherine M, mill op, bds 21 Paul						

Piper Mary A, mill op, bds 21 Paul						

Piper William E, blacksmith, h 21 Paul						

Piscitello Tony, laborer, bds 99 Orchard						

Pitcher Belle D, housekeeper, 10 Derby ave						

Pitcher Bert, scythe welder, h 174 Van Anden						

Pitcher Charles H, mill op, h 42 Jefferson						

Pitcher Egbert J, iron worker, h 10 Derby ave						

Pitcher Elizabeth, widow Frank, h 170 Cottage						

Pitcher Franklin U, laborer, bds 52 Orchard						

Pitcher James B, laborer, bds 52 Orchard						

Pitcher John W, hair dresser, 178 Van Anden, h 178 1/2 do						

Pitcher May, weaver, bds 170 Cottage						

Pitman Frank, mechanic, bds 2 Hoffman						

PITT DANIEL C., manager, Standard Oil Co of New York, 3, 5 and 7 Monroe, h 20 Seminary ave						

Pitts William N, emp A C Ry, h 70 West						

Place Edward L, salesman, 42 Seymour, bds 109 Fulton						

Place Norman, stone cutter, h 109 Fulton						

Place Raymond, stone dealer, h 123 E Genesee						

PLATT GEROGE A., assistant chief engineer and captain in charge of Hook and Ladder Co No 1, A F D,						
	h over 36 Market					

Platt Harry M, accountant, 134 State, bds over 36 Market						

Platt Thomas J, laborer, h 71 Clark						

Platt Warren C, stock fitter, bds 63 Wall						

Plumbley Ulysses G, emp D M O & Co, res 5 Lincoln						

Plumley Eugene, coachman, bds 24 North						

PODWORSKY BROS.,(Max and Solomon), m'f'rs and dealers in cigars and tobaccos, 16 1/2			
	E Genesee   An endless variety of smoker's articles   (See adv)					

PODWORSKY MAX, (Podworsky Bro's,) bds 6 Lincoln						

PODWORSKY SAMUEL, cigar maker, h over 9 E Genesee						

PODWORSKY SOLOMON, (Podworsky Bro's,) h 57 Holley						

Pohle Emil, weaver, h 4 Miller						

Pohle George P, barber, 4 Clark, bds 68 Elizabeth						

Pohle Philip, weaver, h 68 Elizabeth						

Poindexter Fatima, domestic, 33 Seminary						

Poinsette Lizzie S, bds over 13 Foote						

Poinsette Thaddeus L, emp D M O & Co, h over 13 Foote						

Polhamus Frederick M, horse shoer, 19 Water, h over 87 Wall						

Polhamus Henry W, blacksmith, h over 19 Water						

Pollard John W, emp D M O & Co, h 68 Mechanic						

Pollard Margaret C, mill op, bds 68 Mechanic						

Pollard William J, mechanic, bds 68 Mechanic						

Polles George Amos, wood worker, bds 257 Genesee						

Pollock amelia, mill op, bds 51 Owasco						

Pollock Bertha, housekeeper, bds 51 Owasco						

Pollock John L, h 7 fort						

Pollock Maurice B, shoe cutter, h 102 Washington						

Pollock Pearl M, student, A H S, res 7 Fort						

Pollock William, cloth dresser, bds 58 Canoga						

Pollock William, mill op, h 51 Owasco						

Pollock William, Jr, mill op, bds 51 Owasco						

POMEROY HON. THEO. M., (Wm. H. Seward & Co,) h 168 Genesee						

POMEROY THEODORE M., JR, (Everts Bro's & Pomeroy,) h 27 Court						

Pomroy Henry R, h 22 Lansing						

Pomroy Michael M, law clerk, also Com'r of Deeds, res 32 Lincoln						

Pontius Blanche E, accountant, bds over 23 Orchard						

Pontius Emma, dressmaker, h 67 Van Anden						

Pontius Fanny A, res over 23 Orchard						

Pontius Jacob F, baker, h over 23 Orchard						

Poole Eleanor A, housekeeper, 160 North						

Poole Garrett J, laborer, h r 4 O'Neil ave						

Poole John, machinist, h 80 Lansing						

Poole Margaret, widow Patrick F, bds 14 Underwood						

Poole Mrs Margaret, h 3 Underwood						

Poole Mrs Mary A, shoe op, bds 3 Underwood						

Poole Thomas, mechanic, bds 209 State						

Poole William, mason, h 82 Lansing						

Poolos George, salesman, 45 Genesee, res over do						

POOLOS NICHOLAS, dealer in foreign and domestic fruits, choice confectionery, also ice			
	cream parlors, 45 Genesee, h over do   We receive goods direct from growers   (See card)					

Pope Harry L, moulder, h 38 Lincoln						

Pope Herbert, moulder, h over 18 Evans						

Pope Sarah, widow Thomas, bds 35 Seward ave						

Popowski Mary, widow John, h over 45 Perrine						

Popple Louise, trained nurse, res 9 Westlake ave						

Porge Rosa, domestic, The Avery, 38 State						

Pors Adam, grinder, h 13 Wall						

Port Jane, widow James, h over 63 Clark						

Port Stanley J, teamster, bds over 63 Clark						

Porten Carl, emp D M O & Co, h 9 Camp						

Porter Alonzo S, hair dresser, 188 1/2 State, h 8 Van Anden						

PORTER CARLTON A.,Lumber dealer, office and yards 76 to 82 State, storage 		
	grounds on N Y C R R cor Van Anden, h 171 North, Emp Tel 144, Aut 192   (See adv, next page)					

Porter Carlton A, Jr, student, Dartmouth Col, res 171 North						

Porter Mrs Ella, prop'r The Windsor Hotel, 161 State						

Porter Etta C, stenographer and clerk, Sup't's office Board of Education, Seward Bl'k, res 94 E Genesee						

PORTER FRED T., accountant, 80 State, h 8 Elm						

Porter George H, carpenter, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North						

Porter Lorne O, salesman, 17 Genesee, res 63 E do						

Porter Nelly L, student, Smith Col, res 171 North						

Porter May Victoria, student, Smith Col, res 171 North						

Porter Olive, weaver, bds over 8 1/2 Spring						

Porter Capt William H, ag't, The Hammond Co, h 134 North						

Posselt Emma, widow Ferdinand, h over 137 Van Anden						

Post Bertha, saleslady, bds 9 Steel						

Post Blanche E, bds 12 Janet						

Post Eva E, student, A H S, bds over 20 Beach ave						

Post Frank I, piano finisher, h 2 1/2 Bradford						

Post George F, emp D M O & Co, h 12 Mattie						

Post George S, h 12 Janet						

Post Homer L, law clerk, over 75 Genesee, bds 10 Gaylord						

Post Jay C, machinist, h 35 Fitch ave						

Post John H, accountant, 88 Genesee, h 57 Steel						

Post Lloyd S, emp L V R R, bds 25 Washington						

Post Mrs Mary E, h 12 Janet						

Post Mary E, widow James, h 6 Chapel						

Post Maude A, accountant, 83 North, res 6 Chapel						

Post Morgan S, student, Theo Sem, res do						

POST OFFICE, Hon. Paul R. Clark, Post Master, John S. Fowler, Principal Ass't, 153 to 157 Genesee,						
	U S Gov't B'd'g					

Post Rachael D, res 135 State						

POSTAL TELEGRAPH CABLE CO., H. O. Derby, manager, office (basement) 115 Genesee cor State,						
(Cay Co Sav B'k B'd'g)   Prompt and efficient messenger service can be obtained at this					

Potter Charles, twine op, bds 71 Clark						

Potter Florence A, kindergarten teacher, 29 Cayuga, bds 7 Evans						

Potter Hannah C, widow Charles H, h 28 Havens ave						

Potter William W, carpenter, h 77 Steel						

Poulin Paul, teacher of languages, h over 163 North						

Poulson Laura A, widow William, h over 138 Genesee						

Powell Anna E, widow Peter J, res over 7 Woodruff Place						

Powell Charles L, solicitor, The Emp State Tel Co, h over 7 Woodruff Place						

Powell Elizabeth, widow Samuel, bds 53 Perrine						

Powell Frank, machinist, bds 30 Lincoln						

Powell Jacob, h 11 Holley						

Powell Sarah J, widow Fred H, h 28 Grant ave						

Powers Alice L, mill op, bds 7 Wallace ave						

Powers Catherine, weaver, bds 4 Hulbert						

Powers Ella D, button op, bds 6 Fourth ave, Melrose						

Powers Grace L, student, A H S, res 16 Court						

Powers James H, saloon, 176 State, h do						

Powers James J, barkeeper, 33 State, res 18 Lincoln						

Powers Johanna, widow John, h 7 Wallace ave						

Powers John H, farmer, bds 6 Fourth ave, Melrose						

Powers Katie, weaver, bds 4 Hulbert						

Powers Lawrence J, mechanic, h 19 Cross						

Powers Margaret E, housekeeper, bds 6 Fourth ave, Melrose						

Powers Mary A, mill op, bds 7 Wallace ave						

Powers Michael, orderly, City Hosp, 15 Lansing						

Powers Michael, emp D M O & Co, h 6 Fourth ave, Melrose						

Powers Michael S, teamster, Aub Prison, h 18 Fitch ave						

Powers Morell R, electrician, h 11 Mc Master						

Powers Morris, machinist, bds 44 Grover						

Powles George W, wood worker, bds 274 Genesee						

Prahsaw Clarence, emp D M O & Co, bds 32 Havens ave						

Pratt Arthur J, cigar maker, h 8 Canoga ave						

Pratt Charles M, laborer, h 225 Seymour						

Pratt Clayton W, twine op, bds 225 Seymour						

Pratt Flora B, bds 225 Seymour						

Pratt Florence E, res 49 Walnut						

Pratt Frank S, scythe maker, bds 225 Seymour						

Pratt George, lineman, A C Ry						

Pratt James, real estate, h 10 Florence						

Pratt Melvin L, machinist, h 2 Grove ave						

Pratt Morris A, mechanic, bds 225 Seymour						

Pratt Orville E, h 49 Walnut						

Pray Sarah, widow Edward, res 103 Moravia						

Prechtel Frank, salesman, 93 Genesee, h 42 Hamilton ave						

PREG FRANK R., tailor, 8 Clark, bds 98 Mechanic						

PREG JOSEPH, merchant tailor, 8 Clark, h 98 Mechanic The finest variety of suitings kept
	constantly in stock and at satisfactory prices					

Preg Joseph, Jr, piano op, bds 98 Mechanic						

Preg Mary A, tailoress, res 98 Mechanic						

Preg William F, tailor, bds 98 Mechanic						

PRENTICE DE WITT,	dealer in Rags, Iron, Rubbers, Metals, etc, etc, 29 1/2 Water, bds			
	42 state					

Prenctice Fred M, (Prentice & Johnson,) h 8 Lawton ave						

Prentice & Johnson, (F M P, and A H J,) wholesale grocers, 27 Water						

PRESBYTERIAN (FIRST) CHURCH, Rev. Wm. H. Hubbard, pastor, North cor Franklin					

Presho Vincent F, mason, h 61 Wall						

Presman John, emp D M O & Co, bds 61 Mechanic						

Presser Otto, machinist, h 71 Perrine						

Preston Edward G, chief eng'r E L Co, h over 9 Lawton ave						

Preston Lee H, twine op, h over 70 Fulton						

Preston William A, painter, h 23 1/2 Howard						

Preuss Bertha W, clerk, 15 Water, bds do						

Preuss John, dyer, 15 Water, h do						

Preuss Julius, broom m'f'r, 24 Moravia, h do						

Preuss Paul, mill op, bds 24 Moravia						

PRICE, see also PRYCE						

Price Mrs Amanda M, grocer, 3 Paul, h do						

Price Charles H, mill op, h 172 Cottage						

Price Edith M, stenographer, over 43 Genesee, res 62 Wall						

Price Elmer F, salesman, 1 clark, h over 198 1/2 Seymour						

Price Emanuel, blacksmith, h 3 Paul						

Price Herbert, lawyer, over 89 Genesee, h 17 Elizabeth						

Price James, junk dealer, h 9 Dill						

Price Jessie, domestic, 35 Grover						

Price Lucius G, physician and surgeon, office and res 164 Genesee						

Price Mabel A, res over 62 Wall						

Price Madeleine, trained nurse, res 164 Genesee						

Price Margaret J, widow William J, h over 62 Wall						

Price Mary, widow Joseph, res 164 Genesee						

Price Ziba E, teamster, h 71 Van Anden						

Priddy Eliza A, widow George, h 35 Seward ave						

Priddy Harry J, emp D M O & Co, bds 35 Seward ave						

Priest Mary A, widow Asa, h over 68 Genesee						

Priest Thomas H, iron worker, h 12 Van Patten						

Prime Charles, attache, 26 Water, res do						

Prime Frank H, coachman, 174 Genesee, h 1 Burt ave						

Prime Raymond, bds 43 Cayuga						

Prine (sic) William, bartender, h 43 Cayuga						

Prince Anna M, bds r 83 E Genesee						

Prince Charles H M, engineer, h r 83 E Genesee						

Prince Noyes A, shoe laster, bds r 83 E Genesee						

PRINCESS STABLES (THE),	D. F. Gove, prop'r, 1 Greene n U S Gov't B'd'g   		
	(See page 224)					

Prindle Elizabeth, tailoress, h over 47 Genesee						

Pritchard Luella M, mill op, bds over 57 State						

Probasco George, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 Dill						

Prokop John, laborer, h 23 Monroe						

Proper Elizabeth, widow George O, h 6 Cayuga						

Proud William, retired, h 22 Washington						

PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. (THE), Of America, John F. Mc Keon, sup't and gen'l	
	agent, rooms 7, 8 and 9 Nat'l B'k B'd'g of Auburn, over 120 Genesee   (See adv, end of book)					

PRYCE, see also PRICE						

Pryce Albert W, janitor, James St Sch, h 15 Orchard ave						

Pryce Archie G, printer, bds 11 Orchard ave						

Pryce Eddie H, salesman, 9 Exchange, bds 11 Orchard ave						

Pryce Pearl E, res 11 Orchard ave						

Pryce Walter, ins and real estate, over 89 Genesee, h 11 Orchard ave						

Pryce Thomas, janitor, Seymour St Sch, h 198 1/2 Seymour						

Pucci Jeos, laborer, bds 20 Dill						

Pucci Nicola, laborer, bds 20 Dill						

Pucci Paoli, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic						

Pugh John, emp Hotel O'Neil, 1 Monroe						

Pugil Albert, iron worker, h over 96 Division S						

Pullman Herbert H, twine op, bds 38 Orchard						

Pulsifer Charles L, res 6 Hamilton ave						

Pulsifer Elizabeth C, student, res 6 Hamilton ave						

Pulsifer Frank H, chief engineer, U S R M, h 6 Hamilton ave						

Pulsifer Harold M, res 6 Hamilton ave						

Pulsifer Howard D, res 6 Hamilton ave						

Pulsifer Julia, student, Vassar Coll, res 6 Hamilton ave						

Pulsipher Floyd, salesman, 178 State, bds 58 Cottage						

Pulver Edna Belle, bds r 248 Genesee						

Pulver Ellis E, (Fleming & Pulver,) h r 248 Genesee						

Pulver John M, machinist, h r 253 1/2 Genesee						

PURDY CHARLES W., salesman, 31 and 33 Water, bds Lewis House						

Purdy James H, motorman, A C Ry, h 209 Seymour						

Purdy John, bds 3 1/2 Hulbert						

Purdy John, bds 6 Pine						

PURDY JOSEPH M., Merchant Tailor, over 82 Gnesee, res over 31 Water   The latest			
	patterns and designs for Suitings can be found on our Counters--CALL					

Purdy Kittie, twine op, bds 57 Perrine						

Purdy Margaret E, accountant, 133 Genesee, res 209 Seymour						

Purdy Mary, widow Thomas, res 59 Mechanic						

Purdy William F, teamster, h 57 Perrine						

Purnell Albert E, scythe maker, h 26 Delevan						

Purnell Minnie M, dressmaker, bds 54 Garrow						

PURO FRANK C.,dealer in general groceries, 12 Clark, h 27 1/2 Lincoln   (See adv)			

Purser Edward R, horse shoer, 35 Water, h 135 1/2 Seymour						

Purser Edward R, Jr, student, A H S, bds 139 Seymour						

Purser Margaret, widow William H, h 139 Seymour						

PUTNAM FRANK D., physician and surgeon, also City Physician, office and res 93 Wall   Hours 8 to 9						
	A M, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 P M   Phones, Auto 554, Emp 267					

PUTNAM FRED H., journalist, also reporter, Daily Advertiser, bds The Avery						

Putziger I & Son, (Union Shoe and Clothing Co,) 39 Genesee						

Putziger Solly, (Union shoe and Clothing Co,) res Syracuse						

Pyne William, car inspector, L V R R, h 94 Orchard						

PYTHIAN HALL, over 10 State						

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