ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Rabitow Edward O, mechanic, h 3 Catlin				

Rabitow Emma, mill op, bds 8 Arch				

Rabitow Frederick G, laborer, h 8 Arch				

RACE, see also RASE				

Race C Earl, emp D M O & Co, bds over 18 Grover				

Race Claude W, machinist, h 35 Wall				

Race Elizabeth T, widow Andrew, h over 76 Washington				

Race George E, moulder, h 80 Owasco				

Race Henry C, carpenter, h 25 Park Place				

Race James L, piano op, bds 80 Owasco				

RACE JAMES W., bicycle repairs and sundries, 67 State, h 106 Washington   Bicycles 	
of all kinds and a complete line of attachments   Repair work respectfully solicited			

Race Mary E, widow Charles A, res over 18 Grover				

Race Minnie J, bds 80 Owasco				

Radcliffe Rebecca, widow James, res 105 Wall				

Radcliffe Lewis H, bds 17 Sherman				

Radcliffe Mae, domestic, 8 Mc Master				

Radney Clarence N, hammersman, h 1 Owasco				

RADNEY HOUSE, James N. Wyllie, prop'r, 32 and 34 E Genesee				

Radney Patrick, bds 21 Seymour				

Radney William H, hammersman, h 77 Perrine				

Raesler Caroline, widow Bernhard, h 49 Maple				

Raesler Charles H, mechanic, h 63 Bradford				

Raesler Gracie, silk op, bds 49 Maple				

Raesler John A, machinist, h 5 Walnut				

Raesler Joseph F, iron worker, h 43 Park ave				

Raesler Mary A, mill op, bds 49 Maple				

Raesler Theresa A, silk op, bds 49 Maple				

Rafferty John J, iron worker, h 138 Cottage				

Rafferty Mary E, mill op, bds 138 Cottage				

Raguse Albert J, carpenter, h 1 Beardsley				

Raguse Albert O, tailor, h over 28 Maple				

Raguse Carl, wood worker, bds over 28 Maple				

Raguse Edith, domestic, res 1 Beardsley				

Raguse Max B J, twine op, bds 1 Beardsley				

Raguse May, widow Frank, bds over 28 Maple				

Raguso Frank, laborer, bds 12 Clark				

Raguso Guiseppe, bootblack, bds over 12 Clark				

Raiman Sarah A, res 49 Logan				

Raines Frances E, widow Frank, h over 50 1/2 Orchard				

Raines Francis C, lawyer, room 6 over 133 1/2 Genesee, h 68 Fulton				

Ramage Elizabeth D, dressmaker, bds 4 Pine				

RAMAGE GEORGE S., bakery salesman, also City Sealer, h 77 Mechanic				

Ramage Margaret R, saleslady, 46 State, bds 4 Pine				

Ramage Robert S, confectioner, 46 State, h 4 Pine				

Ramage William A, baker, 43 Lewis, h 55 do				

RAMAGE WILLIAM G., clerk B'd Fire Com'rs and Com'r of Deeds also Baker and Confectioner, 43 				
	Lewis, h 45 do			

Ramsay Agnes, widow James, h 129 E Genesee				

Ramsay Agnes A, bookkeeper, 15 E Genesee, res 129 do				

RAMSAY HUGH D., dealer in select family groceries amd choice country produce, also teas, coffees				
	and spices, 15 Genesee, h 23 Franklin   Fruits, Greens, Vegetables. etc, in Season			

RAMSAY JAMES W., dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also poultry, etc, 79 North, h 8 Morris				
	Your patronage solicited			

Ramsay Mary J, res 129 E Genesee				

RAMSAY WILLIAM W., road salesman, Ramsay's Grocery House, h 37 Evans				

RAMSEY DANIEL L., (J. W. Ramsey & son,) h 148 E Genesee				

Ramsey Harry H, clerk, 33 Market, bds 148 E Genesee				

RAMSEY J. W. & SON, (Daniel L.) seeds and dairy implements   also bicycles, lawn mowers and				
	cream separators, 33 Market   N B --We are the agents for the best make of bicycles			
	now in the market and respectfully solicit your attention to goods and prices			

RAMSEY JOHN W., (J. W. Ramsey & Son,) h 148 E Genesee				

Ramsey Mrs Mary E, h 22 Perrine				

Ramsey Maude E, bds 17 Myrtle ave				

Randall Catherine, widow Thomas, h 19 Wood				

Randall George L, emp D M O & Co, h 20 Lincoln				

Randall Henry C, painter, h 39 Seymour				

Randall Lansing D, shoe op, bds 19 Wood				

Randall Mary E, mill op, bds 19 Wood				

Randall Sadie M, mill op, bds 19 Wood				

Randolph Dan T, machinist, 101 Orchard, h 322 Genesee				

Randolph Edward S, machinist, bds 322 Genesee				

Randolph Frank B, machinist, bds 322 Genesee				

Raner Grant, mechanic, h 74 Perrine				

Ranf Charles A, painter, h 34 Delevan				

Ranning Arthur, machinist, bds 92 Wall				

Ransier Mary P, widow Joseph P, res 23 Chapel				

Rappleye Frances J, piano teacher, h 9 William				

RASE see also RACE				

Rase Augusta E, tailoress, bds over 17 E Genesee				

Rase Charles F, barkeeper, 22 aurelius ave, bds 65 Division N				

Rase Fred W, baker, enq over 17 E Genesee				

RASE HENRY L., barkeeper, 17 e Genesee, bds over do				

Rase Sophia C, shoe op, bds over 17 E Genesee				

Rase William A, barber, 40 State, bds over 17 E Genesee				

RASE WILLIAM F., Restaurant, Saloon and Lunch Supplies, 17 E Genesee, h over do	
	The choicest goods in the above line always in stock			

Rasskie Wicz Konstan, emp D M O & Co, h 70 Perrine				

RATHBUN FRANK R., designer and draughtsman, also Solicitor of Patents, office, studio	
	and residence, 42 1/2 Franklin   (see adv, next page)			

Rattigan Agnes E, housekeeper, bds 125 Mechanic				

Rattigan Anna T, principal, South St sch, bds 20 1/2 Logan				

Rattigan Catharine, widow John, h 125 Mechanic				

RATTIGAN MRS. C. F., millinery, 123 Genesee, res 20 Logan				

RATTIGAN CHARLES F., editor in chief, Auburn Daily Bulletin, 27 and 29 Clark, h 20 Logan				

Rattigan John H, moulder, bds 125 Mechanic				

Rattigan Katherine E, accountant, 145 Genesee, res 20 1/2 Logan				

Rattigan Mary H, stenographer, D M O & Co, res 20 1/2 Logan				

Rattigan Patrick, laborer, h over 25 Moravia				

Rawson John H, emp D M O & Co, h 151 Mechanic				

Rawson William H, emp D M O & Co, bds 151 Mechanic				

RAY see RAHE also REA				

Ray Fred D, timekeeper, D M O & Co, bds over 43 Fulton				

Ray Jessie T, school teacher, bds 39 Franklin				

Ray Mary E, teacher, Fulton st sch, bds 39 Franklin				

Ray Milan, photographer, h 39 Franklin				

Ray Oliver, laborer, h over 30 Sherwood				

Ray Ollie, assistant, bds over 90 Washington				

Raymond Frank H, emp D M O & Co, h over 15 Grover				

Raymond John, delivery clerk, 24 1/2 Genesee, h over 19 3/4 do				

Raymond Lafayette F, machinist, h 35 Clark				

Raymond Melissa A, res 20 Lansing				

Raymond Samuel G, carpenter, h 20 Lansing				

Raymond Willis J, baker, h 110 Fulton				

Raynor Jay D, emp D M O & Co, h over 72 North				

REA, see RAHE, also RAY				

REA GEORGE A., 	sign Writer, Awning Manufacturer, also painting and graining, cor	
	Genesee and South streets, h 28 Morris   (see adv)			

Ray Jessie B, bds 28 Morris				

Ray Leonard L, teas, coffees, &c, 55 Genesee, h 26 Morris				

Rayburn Eleanor, widow Robert, res over 77 Van Anden				

Read Ellen, widow Rue, res 90 1/2 Van Anden				

READING ROOM (FREE), over 9 Exchange				

Readle George F, machinist, 101 Orchard, h 9 Garfield				

REAGAN, see also REGAN				

Reagan Daniel, painter, h over 178 State				

Reagan Dennis, teamster, h 278 State				

Reardon Eugene J, meat cutter, bds 20 Walnut				

Reardon Mary J, widow Owen, h 20 Walnut				

Reardon Mary J, weaver, bds 20 Walnut				

Reardon Michael, moulder, h 56 Perrine				

Reardon Nellie F, weaver, bds 20 Walnut				

Reddy Patrick, blacksmith, bds 37 Mechanic				

Redmond Agnes, student, bds 30 Hoffman				

Redmond Frances E, button op, bds 30 Hoffman				

Redmond John F, laborer, bds 30 Hoffman				

Redmond John J, mechanic, bds 30 Hoffman				

Redmond Mary A, boarding house, 30 Hoffman				

Redmond Michael J, coachman, h 31 Lansing				

Redmond Richard J, moulder, h over 73 Steel				

Redmond Rosanna A, widow John, bds 30 Hoffman				

Redmond Thomas, laborer, bds 30 Hoffman				

Redmond Timothy W, com trav, bds 30 Hoffman				

REED, see also REID				

Reed Elizabeth, widow John, res 15 Franklin				

Reed Frank B, shoemaker, bds 137 E Genesee				

Reed Andrew, clerk, bds over 24 North				

Reed Mrs Hannah, bds 24 North				

Reed Harry E, ass't caterer, City Club, h 29 Parker				

Reed Harry L, vocalist, res 5 Court				

Reed James C, retired, h 159 Genesee				

Reed John Wesley, laborer, h 29 Union ave				

Reed Nathan C, contractor, &c, over 87 Genesee, h 137 E do				

Reed Silas W, treas, A W Stevens & son, h 67 North				

Reedy James, mason tender, h 27 Howard				

Reedy John, blacksmith, bds 30 Frances				

Reedy Morris B, laborer, h 36 Pulsifer				

Reese Charles N, emp D M O & Co, bds over 20 E Genesee				

Reese Gilbert S, painter, h over 20 E Genesee				

Reese Lester H, mechanic, bds over 20 E Genesee				

Reese Orville P, bicycle op, bds over 20 E Genesee				

Reese Solomon P, emp D M O & Co, h over 20 E Genesee				

Reeser Mrs Emma B, res 19 Grover				

REEVE LOUIS E., dealer in choice family groceries, also teas, coffees and spices, 120 E Genesee, h do				

Reeves Anna, res 64 Wall				

Reeves Mrs Anna, h r 74 Orchard				

Reeves Fred, carpenter, bds r 74 Orchard				

REGAN, see also REAGAN				

Regan Charles H, insurance, bds 25 Van Anden				

Regan Hannah, widow Daniel, h 32 Madison ave				

Regan Harry J, salesman, 69 Genesee, h 9 Grant ave				

Regan John, (De Freze & Regan,) h 10 Morris				

Regan Joseph, emp D M O & Co, , bds 32 Madison ave				

Regan Joseph J, emp D M O & Co, bds 34 E Genesee				

Regan Laura, attendant, 30 South				

Regan Margaret A, res 25 Van Anden				

Regan Mary R, mill op, h 32 Madison ave				

Regan Mary Frances, bds 105 Fulton				

Regan Robert L, emp D M O & co, bds 25 Van Anden				

Regan Susan, widow Patrick, h 105 Fulton				

Regan Thomas F, h 25 Van Anden				

Regan Thomas P, insurance, bds 25 Van Anden				

Regenbogen Ann, housekeeper, res 13 Water				

REGENBOGEN REV. HERBERT, pastor St. Alphonsus Ch, 13 Water, h do				

Regna Pasquale, shoemaker, bds 9 Water				

Reichenecker Carrie, button op, bds 88 1/2 Owasco				

Reichenecker Frank, shoe op, bds 88 1/2 Owasco				

Reichenecker George J, emp D M O & Co, h 88 1/2 Owasco				

Reichenecker John, piano op, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North				

Reichenecker William, twine op, bds 88 1/2 Owasco				

REID, see also REED				

Reid Charles A, iron melter, h 218 Division S				

Reid Ella Margaret, res 112 North				

Reid Grace J, res 112 North				

Reid John, shoemaker, h 7 Augustus				

Reid Mary E, widow John, h 112 North				

REILLY, see also RILEY				

Reilly Agnes, waitress, 168 Genesee				

Reilly Agnes A, seamstress, bds 81 Grant ave				

Reilly Anna, attendant, 11 Seminary				

Reilly Bridget, cook, 64 South				

Reilly Bridget, mill op, bds 58 Canoga				

Reilly Ellen, attendant, 11 Seminary				

Reilly Edward, twine op, bds 81 Grant ave				

Reilly Mary, domestic, 88 E Genesee				

Reilly Mary, widow James, h r 36 Owasco				

Reilly Mary A, widow William, bds 57 Hamilton ave				

Reilly Mary E, seamstress, bds r 36 Owasco				

Reilly Peter, mechanic, h 149 Perrine				

Reilly Peter, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 149 Perrine				

Reilly Robert, mason, h 81 Grant ave				

Reilly Sarah, domestic, 86 E Genesee				

Reilly Theresa A, seamstress, bds r 36 Owasco				

Reilly, Thomas, clerk, over 141 Genesee, bds 82 1/2 North				

Reilly william B, button op, bds 81 Grant ave				

Reilly William J, emp D M O & Co, bds r 36 Owasco				


Reisdorf Frank J, machinist, bds 64 Pulsifer				

Reisdorf John E, emp D M O & Co, h 69 1/2 Pulsifer				

Reisdorf Peter M, machinist, h 63 Pulsifer				

Relph Grace, dressmaker, bds 9 Morris				

Relph Mathew M, wagon maker, over 35 Garden, h 9 Morris				

Remarque John A, carpet layer, G W R & Son, h 69 Lewis				

Remington Ernest S, emp D M O & Co, h over 9 Pleasant				

REMINGTON FRANK L., druggist and pharmacist, 71 Genesee, h 2 Sheridan				

Remington George H, teamster, h 5 Auburn ave				

Remington Nellie, seamstress, bds 116 Fulton				

Renahan James, machinist, h 23 chase				

Renahan James H, mechanic, bds 23 Chase				

Renahan John M, mechanic, bds 23 Chase				

Renahan Lydia M, bds 23 Chase				

Renahan Thomas F, mechanic, bds 23 Chase				

Reno Bessie A, student, A H S, bds 7 Adams				

Reno Menzo R, drayman, h 7 Adams				

Resimiele Tatolo, laborer, h 98 1/2 Orchard				

Reshiewrezn Konstan, emp D M O & Co, h 70 Perrine				

Ressir Mary, shoe op, bds 38 Garrow				

Retallack Edward H, coachman, Melrose c Lake ave				

Retallack William John, boiler maker, h 7 Wheeler				

Reynolds Alfred A, mechanic, h 32 Mary				

Reynolds Alice M, dressmaker, bds 26 Cayuga				

Reynolds Alice M, dressmaker, over 3 State, h do				

Reynolds Ann, res 35 Elizabeth				

Reynolds Bernard, gardener, 130 South, h 39 Moravia				

Reynolds Bertha, wrapper op, bds 90 Clark				

Reynolds Catherine, widow John, bds 14 Fitch ave				

Reynolds Charles C, shoe cutter, h 29 Jefferson				

Reynolds Ella F, button op, bds 39 Moravia				

REYNOLDS FRANK J. C., accountant, Ehrman Brew Co, res 31 E Genesee   (Nat'l Notel B'k)				

Reynolds George L, inventor, h 10 Evans				

Reynolds Grant S, emp D M O & Co, bds 21 Elm				

Reynolds Henry E, moulder, bds 39 Moravia				

Reynolds Hugh, machinist, h 69 Division S				

Reynolds Jane, widow Hugh, nurse, res 29 Moravia				

Reynolds Julia A, bds 26 Grant ave				

Reynolds Katie, domestic, 169 Lake ave				

Reynolds Kittle (sic) L, domestic, bds 39 Moravia				

Reynolds Lavinia A H, widow Dr George W, h over 1 Cayuga				

Reynolds Lucy D, widow James L, res 215 Genesee				

Reynolds Nellie, bds 65 Walnut				

Reynolds Nelson M, carpenter, h 26 Cayuga				

Reynolds Thomas, emp D M O & Co, h 65 Walnut				

Reynolds William B, carpenter, h 15 Gaylord				

Reynolds William M, moulder, bds 39 Moravia				

Rheinboth Augusta M, shoe op, bds 21 West				

Rheinboth Emma J, shoe op, bds 21 West				

Rheinboth Richard, brewer, h 21 West				

RHOADES WILLIAM R., piano tuner, Gruner's piano warerooms, 5 State, res over 5 Water				

Rhodes Edith, res 16 Steel				

Rhodes Edwin H, painter, bds 66 Moravia				

RHODES EMMETT, general agent Equitable Life Assurance Society, Fire Insurance, Civil				
	Service Commissioner, also Sec'y and Treas'r Fort Hill Cemetery Association,			
	office rooms A and B over 90 Genesee, h 16 Steel			

Rhodes Henry H, engineer, h 36 Bristol ave, Melrose				

Rhodes Henry J, prison guard, h 122 Van Anden				

Rhodes Hiram H, carpenter, h 66 Moravia				

Rhodes William C, emp D M O & Co, bds 66 Moravia				

Rhymer Henry F, real estate agent, over 141 Genesee, bds 3 North				

Riby Lillie M, wrapper op, bds 41 1/2 Mechanic				

Riby Robert, farmer, bds 38 Water				

Rice Albert F, shoe cutter, bds 9 Van Anden				

Rice Allen, watchman, Nye & Waits, bds 29 Barber				

Rice Byron E, machinist, bds 4 Underwood				

Rice Charles A, silk twister, bds 113 Mechanic				

Rice Cornelia M, teacher, South st sch, bds 40 1/2 Burt ave				

Rice Edgar, button maker, bds 1 Willey				

Rice Edgar, plumber, bds 32 Bradford				

Rice Emma A, widow John, h 4 Underwood				

Rice Emma A, widow Julian T, h 40 1/2 Burt ave				

Rice Frank, blacksmith, h 28 Case ave				

Rice Fred F, special d'v'y clerk, 12 South, bds 113 Mechanic				

Rice Freeman, farmer, h 159 Franklin				

Rice George A, tool maker, bds 4 Underwood				

Rice George W, farmer, bds 159 Franklin				

Rice Grace, seamstress, bds 196 State				

Rice James, mechanic, bds 48 clark				

Rice James J, bolt maker, bds 113 Mechanic				

Rice John, shoe op, bds 113 Mechanic				

RICE JOHN W., dealer in foreign and domestic dry goods, 103 Genesee, h 34 Grover				

RICE JOHN W., foreman, Aub Bulletin, h 22 Jefferson				

Rice Mrs Laura E, widow John W, seamstress, h over 81 North				

Rice Mabel F, teacher, res 40 1/2 Burt ave				

Rice Mamie A, tailoress, bds 113 Mechanic				

Rice Mary A, bds 159 Franklin				

Rice Mary A, widow John J, h 3 Lincoln				

Rice Neil, fireman, 101 Orchard, bds 48 Clark				

RICE SAM J., letter carrier, res 18 1/2 Hamilton ave				

Rice William, blacksmith, h 113 Mechanic				

Rice William A, emp D M O & Co, bds 113 Mechanic				

RICH HON. ADELBERT P., (Rich & Aiken,) also pres't Aub Telephone Co, h 156 North				

RICH & AIKEN, (A. P. Rich, E. C. Aiken, B. L. and F. R. Rich,) attorneys at law, over 141				
	Genesee, rooms 208-214 inclusive, Metcalf B'd'g			

Rich Bertha L, student, A H S, res 156 North				

RICH BURT L., (Rich & Aiken,) h 18 Seminary ave				

RICH CHAUNCEY D., (Rich & French,) h 106 South				

Rich Elizabeth F, compositor, Aub Bulletin, res 140 Seymour				

Rich Elizabeth M, widow Francis C, h 140 Seymour				

Rich F K & Co, brokers, over 101 Genesee				

Rich Frances, widow Frank, h over 43 Fulton				

Rich Frank C, student, A H S, res 156 North				

Rich Fred K, (F K R & Co,) bds 106 South				

RICH FRED R., (Rich & Aiken,) h 30 Westlake ave				

RICH & FRENCH, (C. D. Rich and D. E. French,) insurance and real estate, also loan and				
	investment agency, rooms 3 Smith Building, over 104 Genesee			

Rich Hiram J, (Shallish & Rich,) h 6 Chestnut				

RICH JAMES F., accountant, 82 Genesee, also agent Smith Premier Type Writer, res 10				

RICH JOHN E., constable also sup't P C to A S, h 10 Capitol				

Rich John G, com trav, h 16 Grover				

Rich Winifred, res 106 South				

Richards Benjamin F, emp D M O & Co, h 5 Adams				

Richards Bertha N, bds 5 Adams				

Richards Celia C, bds 5 Adams				

Richards Charles, carpenter, bds 150 Seymour				

Richards Charles, mechanic, h 108 Mechanic				

Richards Frank N, salesman, (G W R & Son,) h 11 Gibson sq				

Richards Henry, painter, bds 55 Market				

Richards Jennie, teacher, res 11 Gibson sq				

Richards Jesse, mason, h 150 Seymour				

Richards Mrs Jessie, nurse, 137 South				

Richards Nellie, dressmaker, bds 150 Seymour				

Richardson Aaron M, blacksmith, 241 North, h 239 do				

Richardson Bickerton P, laborer, bds 32 Cornell				

Richardson Charles, apprentice, bds 32 Elm				

Richardson Cora C, widow Fred, button op, bds 30 Arch				

Richardson Deborah V, widow John H, res 183 1/2 State				

Richardson Elijah, bds 32 Cornell				

RICHARDSON FRANK W., (G. W. R. & Son,) also School Commissioner, h 46 South				

Richardson George, mill op, h 85 1/2 Owasco				

Richardson George F, clerk, bds 85 1/2 Owasco				

RICHARDSON GEORGE W., (G. W. R. & Son,) h 56 South				

RICHARDSON G. W. & SON, (Frank W.,) furniture, carpets, draperies, curtains and wall				
	papers, junc south and Exchange			

Richardson Helen D, bds 85 1/2 Owasco				

Richardson Hosea W, wood dealer, r 4 Seminary ave, h 119 Seward ave				

Richardson Jacob, teamster, h 32 Cornell				

Richardson Jacob, Jr, bds 32 Cornell				

Richardson Jennie F, silk op, bds 85 1/2 Owasco				

Richardson Mary E, student, A H S, bds 32 Cornell				

Richardson Mollie A, res 82 North				

Richardson Sarah J, student, A H S, bds 32 Cornell				

Richardson Thomas S, res 82 North				

Richens Blanche B, teacher, North St Sch, bds 166 Seymour				

Richens James, Jr, com trav, h 166 Seymour				

Richens L Belle, res 166 Seymour				

Richmond Frederick D, bds 200 North				

Richmond Louis O, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Rickard Arthur, carpenter, bds 275 North				

Rickert Anthony, moulder, bds 68 Orchard				

Rickey Jessie, domestic, 109 Owasco				

Riddell Catherine, widow James W, weaver, bds r 78 Owasco				

Ridley Elvey D, prison guard, h 49 1/2 Clark				

Rieckle Kittie, waitress, Osborne House				

Riegle Fred S, stenog'r, 13 Genesee, bds 44 Logan				

Riegle John, with The New Birdsall Co, bds The Avery				

Riester Mary, domestic, bds 248 North				

Rigby Frank H, cigar maker, h over 28 Walnut				

Rigby Mary A, seamstress, bds over 6 South				

Riggs charles T, student, theo Sem, res do				

Riggs Edward H, student, Hill Sch, res 33 Seminary				

Riggs Henry H, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Riggs Rev James S, D D, prof, Theo Sem, h 33 Seminary				

RIGHTMYER LEVI H., dealer in flagging stone, &c, &c, office and yards 70 North,	
	h do   (see adv)			

Rightmyer Raymond, salesman, 28 Clark, bds 137 1/2 Van Anden				

Rightmyer William, stone cutter, h 137 1/2 Van Anden				

Riker Herbert B, farmer, h 209 division S				

RILEY, see also REILLY				

Riley Anna, shoe op, bds Empire House, 34 Dill				

Riley Bernard, mason, h 17 Mattie				

Riley David, mason, bds 17 Mattie				

Riley Edward, laborer, bds 11 Mc Master				

Riley Ella A, button op, 17 Mattie				

Riley Ellen, domestic, 11 Seminary				

Riley Hannah, domestic, 11 Seminary				

Riley Julia, domestic, 55 Clark				

Riley Lizzie E, attendant, 144 south				

Riley Maggie, domestic, 31 Easterly ave				

Riley Margaret, domestic, 10 Easterly ave				

Riley Roderick P, salesman, 39 Genesee, h 14 Steel				

Riley robert D, mechanic, h 14 Steel				

Riley William, laundryman, bds 25 Washington				

Ringe Clara O, principal, Genesee St Sch, bds 37 Elizabeth				

Ring Abigail E, bds 15 Washington				

Ring Edward C, com trav, bds 15 Washington				

Ring Margaret M, dressmaker, bds 15 Washington				

Ring William T, machinist, bds 15 Washington				

Ringland John, mason tender, h 15 Paul				

Ringland Robert, mason tender, h 15 Paul				

Ringwood Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 12 Mary				

Ringwood Elizabeth, widow James, h 12 Mary				

Ringwood George, teamster, bds 12 Mary				

Ringwood James, emp D M O & Co, bds 12 Mary				

Ringwood John E, emp D M O & Co, h over 25 West				

Ringwood Thomas W, carpenter, h 38 Mary				


Rising Charles P, artist, studio over 25 Dill, h over 14 Sherman				

Rising Charles W, conductor, A C Ry, h 5 Mary				

Rising Harriet S, widow George, res over 14 Sherman				

Rising Myron L, delivery clerk, bds 5 Mary				

Ritter Maude E, mill op, bds 294 Genesee				

RITTMANN FRITZ, sample rooms, also restaurant, (Deutsche Heimath)	
	The best brand of ales, liquors, wines, tobacco and cigars, 49 Market, h do			
	(See card)			

Rivers Charles C, emp D M O & Co, h 99 Lansing				

Roach Ellen A, dressmaker, bds 48 Bradford				

Roach Emma A I, box op, bds 17 Frances				

Roach Emma M, button op, bds 153 Seymour				

Roach Frank C, prison keeper, h 153 Seymour				

Roach Frederick E, machinist, h 17 Frances				

Roach Frederick M, salesman, 75 Genesee, bds 15 Union				

ROACH GEORGE, machinist, h 15 Union				

Roach Ida E, dressmaker, bds 15 Union				

Roach Jennie, dressmaker, bds 32 1/2 Bradford				

Roach John, mechanic, h 48 Bradford				

Roach John S, (Forman & Roach,) h 32 1/2 Bradford				

Roach Joseph, laborer, bds 29 Madison ave				

Roach Kittie, shoe op, bds 67 1/2 Van Anden				

Roach Louise M, milliner, bds 15 Union				

Roach Martin M, machinist, bds 153 Seymour				

Roach Nellie, dressmaker, bds 32 1/2 Bradford				

Roach Thomas E, emp D M O & Co, h 8 Mac Dougall				

Roane Alice, widow Timothy, h 209 State				

Roane William T, salesman, 69 Genesee, h 89 North				


Roarke Catherine T, weaver, bds over 138 Cottage				

Roarke William, mechanic, h over 138 Cottage				

Robar Burt, emp D M O & Co, bds 32 Havens ave				

Robbins Alfred F, carpenter, h 102 Division S				

Robbins Charles E, gardener, 99 South, h 125 Division S				

Robbins David B, engineer, h 30 Van Patten				

Robbins Edward J, ice pedler, h 138 Division S				

Robbins Elva N, saleslady, 33 Genesee, bds 30 Van Patten				

Robbins Mary E, teacher, bds 30 Van Patten				

Roberson Frank M, emp D M O & Co, bds 5 Gibson sq				

ROBERSON WINFIELD S., collector Aub bulletin, h 5 Gibson Square				

Roberts Anna, waitress, Lewis House, 35 Chapel				

Roberts August, emp 101 Orchard, h 10 1/2 Rock ave				

Roberts Charles A, mechanic, res 3 Washington				

Roberts Charles W, mechanic, res 3 Washington				

Roberts Cornelia, h over 100 Wall				

Roberts Ella F, res 62 South				

Roberts Fred L, musician, h 15 Pulsifer				

Roberts George, laborer, bds 174 South				

Roberts Harriet A, dressmaker, bds over 100 Wall				

Roberts John H, h over 4 Water				

Roberts Leonard F, coremaker, h 236 Seymour				

Roberts May O, res 236 1/2 Seymour				

Roberts Myrtie M, bds 10 1/2 Rock ave				

ROBERTS ROBERT L., student, Theo Sem, res do				

Roberts B F, mechanic, h 6 Ross				

Roberts Stanley, mason, bds 42 Seminary				

Roberts William, mechanic, h 63 Washington				

Roberts William, trimmer, E L Co, rear 24 North				

Roberts William O, d'v'y clerk, 32 Dill, h 17 Parker				

Robertson James, freight handler, bds 87 Wall				

Robertson Mortimer, carpenter, h 125 E Genesee				

Robertson Thomas F, mechanic, bds 3 Wheeler				

Robertson William J, mechanic, h 3 Wheeler				

Robinson Agnes, res 24 Court				

Robinson Alva, pattern maker, bds 81 Nelson				

ROBINSON BROTHERS,(Homer L, and Walter G., Jr.,) Marble and Granite
	Works, 47 Walnut, Auto phone 751   (See back cover)			

Robinson Buel E, emp D M O & Co, bds 5 Orchard				

Robinson Charles N, engineer, h 53 1/2 Wall				

Robinson Charles P, painter, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North				

Robinson charles W, mechanical eng'r, D M O & Co, h 2 Howard				

Robinson Charlotte M, widow Dr Horatio, Jr, h 27 William				

Robinson Clara E, bds 22 Chestnut				

Robinson Edwin Y, janitor, Franklin St Sch, h over 25 Lewis				

Robinson Mrs Eleanor B, h over 12 Sheridan				

Robinson Estella G, teacher, bds over 12 Sheridan				

Robinson Frank A, wood worker, h 5 Orchard				

ROBINSON HOMER L., (Robinson Brothers,) h 162 E Genesee				

Robinson James B, boat builder, 18 Mattie, h 66 Hamilton ave				

Robinson James W, farmer, h 79 Van Anden				

Robinson Janet S, res 27 William				

Robinson Jay A, wringer op, bds 5 Orchard				

Robinson Julia, teacher, A H S, bds 24 Court				

Robinson Lucretia M, widow George H, h 34 Orchard				

Robinson Mary A, res 24 Court				

Robinson Millicent A, teacher, res 5 Orchard				

Robinson Mrs Nellie, res 9 1/2 State				

Robinson Robert W, physician, office and res 32 Court c Linden Pl				

Robinson Sarah, res 16 Grant ave				

ROBINSON WALTER G., sculptor, office, studio and residence 47 Walnut				

ROBINSON WALTER G., JR., (Robinson Bros.), res 47 Walnut				

Robinson Walter W, accountant, 50 Genesee, bds 25 Cayuga				

Robinson Watson B, mill op, h 22 Chestnut				

Robinson William M, emp D M O & Co, h over 48 Bradford				

Robinson William N, h 41 Elizabeth				

ROBINSON HON. WILLIAM P., Deputy Collector Internal Revenue, Office Gov't Building,				
	157 Genesee, h 24 Court			

Rochester Clothing Co, over 116 Genesee				

Rockefeller Fisher D, emp D M O & Co, bds 12 Perry				

Rockefeller Philip, delivery clerk, bds 12 Perry				

Rockett Thomas, emp D M O & Co, bds 50 Nelson				

Roddy James, coachman, bds 10 Janet				

Roddy Peter, salesman, 22 Clark, bds do				

Roderick Bertha, trained nurse, City Hospital, 15 Lansing				

RODGERS, see also ROGERS				

Rodgers Anna, waitress, 86 South				

Rodgers James H, machinist, h 7 Garden				

ROE, see also ROWE				

Roe Mrs Amelia C, button op, h over 29 Garrow				

Roe Annie E, shoe op, bds over 29 Garrow				

Roe Carrie J, shoe op, bds over 29 Garrow				

Roe Ezra E, machinist, h 84 Wall				

Roe Fanny E, shoe op, bds over 29 Garrow				

Roe Flora M, student, A H S, res 84 Wall				

Roe Fred J, prison guard, 131 State				

Roe James H, shoe op, bds r 74 Orchard				

Roe John, laborer, bds 89 1/2 Orchard				

Roe John F, emp D M O & Co, h 25 Chestnut				

Roe Martin F, painter, h 36 Frazee				

Roe Patrick J, shoe op, bds r 74 Orchard				

Roe Thomas J, shoe op, bds r 74 Orchard				

Roffee Lydia A, h 11 Van Anden				

ROGERS, see also RODGERS				

Rogers Allen C, emp D M O & Co, h 16 Gaylord				

Rogers Amanda E, widow Daniel, h 98 Van Anden				

Rogers Bert A, expressman, bds 98 Van Anden				

Rogers Catherine, domestic, 115 South				

Rogers Catherine, widow John, res 9 Court				

Rogers Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds 10 Walnut				

Rogers Edith A, maid, 168 Genesee				

Rogers Emma, cook, 20 South, h over 80 Genesee (No 7)				

ROGERS F. LEE, Dist Agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co, of Milwaukee, Wis,				
	office over 67 Genesee cor North, h 5 Sheridan			

ROGERS GEORE P., (pres The R. J. Rogers Lumber and Coal Co,) res Seneca Falls, N Y				

Rogers Henry W, prison foreman, (brooms) h over 39 E Genesee				

Rogers Llewellyn D, d'v'y clerk, (G W R & Son,) h 10 Cross				

Rogers Maria, attendant, 194 Genesee				

Rogers Mary E, domestic, 33 Fulton				

Rogers Mary J, widow George G, h over 87 E Genesee				

Rogers Peter, shoe op, h 18 Dill				

	Geo. P. Rogers, pres, Geo. W. Foster, sec'y and treas, Chas. W. Chick, manager			
	Wholesale and Retail dealers in all kinds of Lumber, also Coal, yards and office			
	30 Perrine, on the N Y C & H R R R   (See bottom lines)			

Rogers Walter G, insurance, bds over 87 E Genesee				

Rohn Ignatz, h 23 Frances				

Roland William, laborer, h 61 Cottage				

Roland William J, mechanic, bds 61 Mechanic				

Rolfe Lillian B, dressmaker, bds over 253 Genesee				

Rolfe George W, wood worder (sic) bds over 253 Genesee				

Rolfe Mary A, widow Charles, h over 253 Genesee				

Rollo John H, com trav, h 143 Van Anden				

Romig Harry G, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Romig Hobart, student, A H S, res 44 South				

ROMIG HOBERT L., (Romig Manufacturing Co,) h 44 South				

ROMIG MANUFACTURING CO., manufacturers Wrappers and Suits, office and factory 8 Lincoln				

Romig Mary, student, res 44 South				

ROMIG MRS. MARY E., (Romig Manufacturing Co,) h 44 South				

Ronan Mary A, domestic, 215 Genesee				

Ronan Retta E, bds 30 Dill				

Roney Charles J, emp D M O & Co, bds 117 Mechanic				

Roney Frances D, button op, bds 117 Mechanic				

Roney John A, brass moulder, h 117 Mechanic				

Rood George A, contractor, h 5 Seymour				

Root George, emp Emp Tel Co, h over 19 Washington				

Root Gordon V, emp D M O & Co, bds over 19 Washington				

Root Jeremiah Clark, moulder, h 50 Holley				

Roscher & Livermore, (Rudolp (sic) R, and John B L) shaving and hair dressing, over 57 Genesee				

Roscher Rudolph (Roscher & Livermore), h 52 Walnut				

Rose Bert M, conductor, A C Ry, h 89 Fulton				

Rose Charles J, laborer, bds 16 1/2 Coon				

Rose Effie M, teacher, Bradford st sch, bds 59 Seward ave				

Rose Lucius M, mechanic, bds 59 Seward ave				

Rose Mannister J, salesman Big Store, res 84 Wall				

Rose Merton J, painter, bds 22 Howard				

Rose Minnie, attendant, 4 Jefferson				

Rose Salmon N, h 59 seward ave				

Rose William, horseman, r 86 State, h do				

Roseboom Abram, meat cutter, 14 North, h 59 Wall				

ROSEBOOM ANDREW W.,  Contractor & Builder, also Superintendant School Buildings and				
	Vice-Pres Builder's Exchange, office and works over 16 Franklin, h 96 E Genesee			

Roseboom Mrs Augusta H, bds 30 Holley				

Roseboom Belinda, widow Gilbert T, h 30 Garrow				

Roseboom Benjamin B, city policeman, h 3 Sumner				

Roseboom Emma M, bds 3 Sumner				

Roseboom Gertrude B, bookkeeper, bds 59 Wall				

Roseboom Jessie M, stenographer, bds 3 Sumner				

Roseboom Julia A, teacher, James st sch, bds 59 Wall				

Roseboom Mary V, bds 30 Garrow				

Roseboom Philip A, accountant, 101 Orchard, bds 59 Wall				

ROSECRANS JOHN, lawyer, also dealer in real estate, office over 111 Genesee, h 143 E do				

Rosecrans Mary, cook, Peacock's, 1 E Genesee				

Roshinski Max, emp D M O & Co, h 61 Pulsifer				

Rosing Mary A, domestic, enq 61 Seymour				

Ross Mrs Alice B, h 37 William				

Ross Anna E, shoe fitter, bds 70 1/2 Van Anden				

Ross Charles H, carpenter, bds 28 Elizabeth				

Ross Charles N, h 7 Fort				

Ross Charles W, salesman, 45 Washington, h 187 Genesee				

Ross Christopher, painter, h 22 Paul				

Ross Cornelia B, res 37 William				

Ross David A, emp D M O & co, h 120 Van Anden				

Ross Edna, h over 22 Clark				

ROSS EDWARD A.,  (Auburn tobacco Co,) 109 State, bds 229 Genesee				

Ross Edwin M, Jr, res 20 1/2 Ross Place				

ROSS ELMORE N., General Groceries, Provisions and Family Supplies, Wholesale	
	and Retail, also Aub Tobacco Co, 145 Genesee, h 229 do   (See card)			

Ross Eva, twine op, h over 63 State				

Ross Gertrude, bds 45 Nelson				

Ross Ida M, teacher, kindergarten, bds 28 Elizabeth				

ROSS JAMES F., (Foster, Ross & Baucus,) h 45 Nelson				

ROSS JAMES H., (1), letter carrier, h 28 Elizabeth				

Ross Jannette L, widow Napoleon L, h 229 Genesee				

Ross John, mechanic, bds 22 Paul				

ROSS JOHN N., stenographer, also recorder Bertillion system of Measurements, Auburn				
	Prison, res 229 Genesee			

Ross Margaret T, mill op, bds 22 Paul				

Ross Mary, attendant, 86 South				

Ross Napoleon, student, A H S, bds 229 Genesee				

Ross Richard, upholsterer, 16 Dill, carpet cleaning, &c, r 30 Chapel, h 107 Wall				

Ross Robert J, emp D M O & Co, bds 22 Paul				

Ross Sarah, widow John, h 107 North				

Ross Sidney W, polisher, h over 13 Derby ave				

Ross William, machinist, bds 5 Washington				

ROSS WILLIAM H., ass't mailing clerk, P O, bds 229 Genesee				

Rosse Bessie, bds 9 Water				

Rosse Frank, shoemaker, 7 Water, h 9 do				

Rosse James, shoemaker, bds 9 Water				

Rosse Vincenzo, shoemaker, bds 9 Water				

Rossiter Abraham, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 E Genesee				

Rothery Augustus, file m'f'r, 20 Hoffman, h do				

Rothery Elizabeth J, bds 20 Hoffman				

Rothery Wilbur H, student, A H S, bds 20 Hoffman				

Roto Carlo, laborer, bds 12 Clark				

Rottler John, shoe cutter, room 14 Liberty				

Rounds Elizabeth, widow William, bds 107 Franklin				

Rounds Frank B, h 5 Janet				

Rounds Lewis E, attache, Tallman's stables, h over 30 Clark				

Rounds Nathan, foreman, D M O & Co, h 21 Foote				

Rounds Sarah E, widow Edward W, teacher, Franklin st sch, h 78 E Genesee				

Roundy Melissa F, widow Asahel, h 38 Grant ave				

ROURKE, see O' ROURKE, also ROARKE				

Rourke Alice T, waitress, 46 Grant ave, res 65 do				

Rourke Frank J, carpenter, bds 65 Grant ave				

Rourke James, machinist, bds 114 State				

Rourke John, mason, bds 101 Van Anden				

Rourke John T, machinist, h 8 Pine				

Rourke Mary E, spinner, bds 65 Grant ave				

Rourke Michael P, ins agent, bds 65 Grant ave				

Rourke Nonie E, bds 65 Grant ave				

Rourke Peter J, gardener, h 65 Grant ave				

Rouse Eugene S, carpenter, h over 8 South				

Rouse George, emp D M O & Co, h 37 3/4 Franklin				

Rouse Hiram E, laborer, bds over 8 South				

Rouse J Fred, bottling works, 4 Barber, h do				

Rouse Reuben F, clerk, D M O & Co, h 18 1/2 Grant ave				

Roush Frank B, clerk, over 137 Genesee, bds 21 1/2 Seminary ave				

Rowan Ann, widow Felix, h 32 1/2 Frazee				

Rowan Catherine, widow John, h 15 Mary				

Rowan Honora, dressmaker, bds 15 Mary				

Rowan Margaret, accountant, G W R & Son, res 15 Mary				

Rowan Thomas A, emp D M O & Co, bds 15 Mary				

ROWE, see also ROE				

Rowe Chester R, mechanic, h over 151 Lake ave				

Rowe Frank J, mechanic, h over 69 E Genesee				

Rowe Henry, carpenter, bds over 3 Cross				

Rowe Horace, nurse, h over 10 Sheridan				

Rowe Mrs Ida E, h over 151 Lake ave				

Rowe Murray B, carpenter, h over 3 Cross				

Rowley Lizzie, h 14 1/2 Barber				

Roy Adell, mill op, bds 18 1/2 Division N				

Roy Cyrille, laborer, h 18 1/2 Division N				

Roy Dina G, mill op, bds 18 1/2 Division N				

Roy Fred, scythe polisher, h 23 Wadsworth				

Roy Frederick, twine op, bds 18 1/2 Division N				

Roy Martial, scythe polisher, h 23 Wadsworth				

Roy Victoria, mill op, bds 18 1/2 Division N				

Royce Daniel L, horseman, 1 Greene, bds 24 North				

Rubert Nellie A, shoe op, bds 25 Academy				

Rubert Sarah M, widow William B, nurse, bds 25 Academy				

Rubert William E, machinist, h 6 Spring				

Rublee & Co, awnings, signs, etc, over 82 Genesee				

Rublee Edward D, electrician, over 82 Genesee, bds 4 Church				

Rublee Hiram I, (Rublee & Co,) h over 41 Orchard				

Rublee Irving H, (Rublee & Co,) h over 41 Orchard				

Ruddi Mecca, laborer, h over 92 South				

Rudolph Frank, machinist, bds 259 Genesee				

Ruetsch Arthur, machinist, h 119 Perrine				

Ruetsch Emma, spinner, bds 119 Perrine				

Ruetsch Mary E, weaver, bds 119 Perrine				

Ruetsch Robert, machinist, h over 185 Seymour				

Ruetsch Rosie, mill op, bds 119 Perrine				

Ruetsch Sophina, mill op, bds 119 Perrine				
Ruhland Ernest G, machinist, h 73 Owasco				

Ruhland Henry J, emp D M O & Co, bds 73 Owasco				

Rumpf Adam, machinist, h 16 Florence				

Rumpf Catherine, widow John, h over 16 Florence				

Rumpf Charles W, emp D M O & Co, bds 90 1/2 Clark				

Rumpf John L, master mechanic, h 38 Burt ave				

Rumpf Maggie, button op, bds 16 Florence				

Rumpf Mary E, widow Adam, h 90 1/2 Clark				

Rumsey Belle, shoe op, bds 41 Orchard				

Rumsey Charles D, tel op, bds 51 Lewis				

Rumsey Mrs Daniel, h 51 Lewis				

Rumsey George E, twine op, bds 51 Lewis				

Rumsey John, mechanic, h 289 State				

Rumsey William, farmer, h 41 Orchard				

Rumsey William A, painter, h 70 Van Anden				

Rusco Bert S, laborer, h 16 Fitch ave				

Rusco Harry H, mechanic, bds 81 Washington				

Rusco John, laborer, bds 38 Water				

Rusco Lee, mechanic, h 81 Washington				

Rusowski Michael, laborer, h 9 Wall				

Russell Alice L, button op, bds 53 Hamilton ave				

Russell Billy, barkeeper, 10 E Genesee, rooms 63 1/2 Owasco				

Russell Henry, emp D M O & Co, bds 10 Throop ave				

Russell John, emp D M O & Co, h 10 throop ave				

Russell Joseph F, emp D M O & Co, h 5 Wallace ave				

Russell Julia H, bds 53 Hamilton ave				

Russell Mary, bds 10 Throop ave				

Russell R W, bookkeeper, Osborne House, 77 State				

Russell Richard H, truckman, h 53 Hamilton ave				

Russell Richard H, Jr, shoe op, bds 53 Hamilton ave				

Russell William P, shoe op, bds 53 Hamilton ave				

Rust Lyman H, salesman, 87 Genesee, h 27 Lewis				

Ruth Calvin, mason, h 113 Aurelius ave				

Ryan Agnes F, weaver, bds 123 Cottage				

Ryan Alice, domestic, 11 James				

Ryan Alice M, dressmaker, bds 4 Bradford				

Ryan Anna, shoe op, bds 47 Seymour				

Ryan Annie B, housekeeper, 48 Pulsifer				

Ryan Anna E, mill op, bds 72 Lewis				

Ryan Anna J, domestic, 2 Hamilton ave				

Ryan Catherine, shoe op, bds 170 1/2 Clark				

Ryan Charles, mill op, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Charles J, salesman, 91-93 Genesee, bds 4 1/2 Bradford				

Ryan C L, mill op, bds 3 1/2 Myrtle ave				

Ryan Daniel, emp D M O & Co, bds 37 Cornell				

Ryan Daniel, teamster, bds 191 E Genesee				

Ryan Mrs Daniel, res 138 Mechanic				

Ryan Edward, gas maker, h 48 Pulsifer				

Ryan Edward A, moulder, h 32 Lansing				

Ryan Edward F, mill op, bds 72 Lewis				

Ryan Edward J, machinist, bds 48 Pulsifer				

Ryan Edward J, mill op, h 72 Lewis				

Ryan Elizabeth C, res 123 Cottage				

Ryan Frank, teamster, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Harriet M, domestic, 30 Franklin 				

Ryan Harry M, shoe op, bds 146 Lake ave				

Ryan Henry, mill op, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Henry C, machinist, h 17 Delevan				

Ryan Henry J, iron worker, h 77 Mechanic				

Ryan James E, shoe op, bds 20 Madison ave				

Ryan James H, shoe op, h 76 Grant ave				

Ryan James P, U S Army, res 5 Orchard ave				

Ryan James W, pressman, Daily Adv'r, res 142 Owasco				
Ryan John, emp D M O & Co, h 43 Lansing				

Ryan John, laborer, h 86 Orchard				

Ryan John, laborer, bds 38 Water				

Ryan John, teamster, h 53 Lewis				

Ryan John F, barkeeper, 2 Water, h 183 1/2 Perrine ave				

Ryan John F, shoe op, bds 162 Clark				

RYAN JOHN H., (J. H. Ryan & Co.,) h 18 Wright ave				

RYAN JOHN H., & CO., grain and stock brokers, over 97 Genesee, h 18 Wright ave	

Ryan John J, emp Daily Adv'r, res 142 Owasco				

Ryan John J, emp D M O & Co, bds 43 Lansing				

Ryan John J, engineer, bds 37 Lansing				

Ryan Julia, bds 37 Cornell				

Ryan Mrs Julia, h 79 Franklin				

Ryan Lillian A, spinner, bds 146 Lake ave				

Ryan Lizzie, mill op, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Margaret, widow Nicholas, h 123 cottage				

Ryan Mrs Margaret, res 198 state				

Ryan Margaret F, student, A H S, bds 76 Grant ave				

Ryan Margaret M, shoe op, bds 47 Seymour				

Ryan Mary, button op, bds 42 Steel				

Ryan Mary, widow James, h over 78 Lewis				

Ryan Mary, widow Patrick, h 42 Steel				

Ryan Mary A, twine op, bds 32 Lansing				

Ryan Mary A, spinner, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Mary E, bds 43 Lansing				

Ryan Michael, iron worker, h 170 1/2 Clark				

Ryan Michael, teamster, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Nellie M, stenciler, bds 128 Cottage				

Ryan Nicholas E, wood worker, bds 123 Cottage				

Ryan Nora A, twine op, bds 32 Lansing				

Ryan Patrick, laborer, h 74 cornell				

Ryan Patrick, emp D M O & Co, h 47 Seymour				

Ryan Patrick A, hoseman, Hose 2 A F D, h 4 1/2 Bradford				

Ryan Patrick J, mill op, bds 42 Steel				

RYAN PETER J., (Kavanavgh & Co,) bds 48 Pulsifer				

Ryan Richard J, city express, bds 70 Walnut				

Ryan Theresa M, spinner, bds 146 Lake ave				

Ryan Thomas, emp D M O & Co, bds 38 Lewis				

Ryan Thomas, laborer, h 37 Cornell				

Ryan Thomas E, barber, 175 State, bds 37 Lansing				

Ryan Thomas F, emp D M O & Co, bds 5 Wallace ave				

Ryan Thomas F, mill op, h 21 Gaylord				

Ryan Thomas H, wheel maker, h 98 Wall				

Ryan Thomas J, shoe cutter, h r 28 Lansing				

Ryan Timothy, laborer, h 9 Foote				

Ryan Timothy F, sales agent, Koenig's, h 2 Button				

Ryan Timothy J, clerk, 13 Genesee, h over 38 Lewis				

Ryan William, emp D M O & Co, bds 37 Cornell				

Ryan William, emp D M O & Co, h 37 Lansing				

Ryan William, engineer, h 5 Orchard ave				

Ryan William, teamster, h 70 Walnut				

Ryan William H, dyer, h 13 Barber				

Ryan William H, laborer, h 138 Mechanic				

Ryan William P, spinner, bds 72 Lewis				

Ryan William T, emp E D C M'f'g Co, bds 5 Orchard ave				

Ryan Winifred, widow Timothy, bds 43 Lansing				

Ryan Winifred A, housekeeper, 37 Cornell				

Ryan Winifred M, button op, bds 42 Steel				

Ryder William, carpenter, bds 232 North				

Ryel Isabelle, widow Hiram C, res 40 Jefferson				

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