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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


Sacco Angelo, laborer, bds 21 Monroe				

Saddington Frederick, twine op, bds 90 Cottage				

Sadler Albert E, machinist, h 102 1/2 Wall				

SAGAR CO., (The Chas. H.,) druggists, 109 Genesee				

Sage John, attendant, 6 State				

SAKOLSKI ABEL, manager American Clothing Co., Ladies' and Children's Suits in all styles, at				
	prices that will make buyers, 10 Exchange, bds Osborne House   Credit extended on			
	reasonable terms			

Salisbury Edwin E, mason, h 124 Seward ave				

Salisbury George W, emp D M O & Co, h over 1 1/2 Lewis				

Salisbury Helen E, accountant, 9 State, res 1 1/2 Lewis				

Salisbury Sherman S, book and job printer, over 4 and 6 Exchange, h 17 Mary				

Salm Gottlieb, carpenter, h 27 1/2 Chase				

Salomon Anna A, widow William, h 40 Frances				

Salomon Anna E, school teacher, bds 13 Sheridan				

Salomon Augusta A, housekeeper, 42 Frances				

Salomon Augusta B, mill op, bds 13 Frances				

Salomon Carl, emp D M O & Co, h 42 Frances				

Salomon Charles, emp D M O & Co, bds 13 Frances				

Salomon Emma H, shoe op, bds 40 Frances				

Salomon Emma I, button op, bds 42 Frances				

Salomon Ernest, (F & E Salomon,) also musician, h 13 Sheridan				

Salomon Ernestine M, student, A H S, bds 13 Sheridan				

Salomon F & E, (Ferdinand and Ernest,) cigar m'f'rs, also saloon 67 E Genesee and 36 Fulton				

Salomon Ferdinand F, (F & E Salomon,) h 67 E Genesee				

Salomon Frank F, machinist, h 22 1/2 Augustus				

Salomon Fred A, emp D M O & Co, bds 42 Frances				

Salomon Gustave F, shoe op, bds 40 Frances				

Salomon Joseph, carpet weaver, h 13 Frances				

Salomon Mary, bds 13 Frances				

Salomon William J, shoemaker, h 49 Perry				

Salter Milton, salesman, 91 Genesee, h 13 Silver ave				

Salter Theodore, salesman, 91 Genesee, h 14 Holley				

Salvage Frank, fireman, bds 12 Garden				

Salvage George, dairyman, h 181 Division N				

Salvage Mildred S, housekeeper, 127 E Genesee				

Salvage Sarah, attendant, 203 Genesee				


Salvato Jeos, laborer, bds 5 O'Neil ave				

Salway Emily, widow Jesse, res 166 Van Anden				

Salway Annie E, domestic, 11 James				

Salzer Edward, glazier, bds 176 Seymour				

Salzer Joseph P, clerk, bds 176 Seymour				

SALZER LOUIS, dealer in Luncheon and Provision Supplies, Pretzels and	
	Crackers, 100 State, h 176 Seymour   Fresh goods received daily, Low Prices and			
	Prompt Delivery made to any part of the City			

Salzer Louis F, clerk, bds 176 Seymour				

Salzer Louisa H, shoe op, res 176 Seymour 				

Salzer Theresa E, salesclerk, res 176 Seymour				

SAMBROOK CHARLES A., (Vredenburg & Sambrook,) h 10 Beach ave				

Sampson E Gilbert, machinist, h 68 Fitch ave				

Samweber Frank, tailor, h 67 Pulsifer				

Samweber Frank C, mechanic, bds 67 Pulsifer				

Samweber Frederick A, mechanic, bds 67 Pulsifer				

Samweber John G, mechanic, enq over 87 Perrine				

SANDERS, see also SAUNDERS				

Sanders Adelbert D, moulder, h 8 Lansing				

Sanders Catharine E, widow John, res over 5 State				

Sanders Charles J, coremaker, bds 8 Lansing				

Sanders Jennie B, res 8 John				

Sanders Katherine G, teacher of drawing, pub schools, bds 8 John				

Sanders M Ardilla, teacher, Franklin St Sch, bds 8 John				

Sanders Sarah B, widow Andrew J, h 8 John				

Sanderson Jane C, widow Lyman, h 15 Lewis				

Sandham Jennie R, shoe op, bds 24 Gaylord				

Sandham Mary E, shoe op, bds 24 Gaylord				

Sandham Mrs Rebecca, nurse, res 24 Gaylord				

Sandham William C, picture dealer, h 24 Gaylord				

Sandwick Emma, widow Richard, dressmaker, h 17 Westlake ave				

Sandwick Marion H, teacher, Evans St Sch, bds 17 Westlake ave				

Sankwick (sic) Minnie L, dressmaker, bds 11 Chestnut				

Sanford Albert J, machinist, h 16 Frances				

SANFORD BERT C., ass't ticket agt, N Y C, bds 15 James				

SANFORD CHAREES (sic) L., ass;t Kinsella's Cafe, 153 State, h 94 Van Anden				

Sanford Charles L, Jr, mechanic, bds 94 Van Anden				

Sanford Edward J, bartender, 123 Wall, h 148 Van Anden				

Sanford Edward R, teacher, Aub Business Coll, res 6 Pine				

Sanford Frank W, salesman, Big Store, bds 94 Van Anden				

Sanford Georgia T, widow Charles L, seamstress, bds 52 Franklin				

Sanford Mrs Lizzie A, nurse, h 16 Frances				

Sanford Rev Henry W, pastor Trinity M E Ch, h 146 E Genesee				

Sant Clark L, brakeman, L V R R, h 15 Wood				

Sansone Philip, (Vicari, Sansone & Co,) h 110 Clark				

Saperstein Isaac, clothing, &c, 56 State, h over do				

Sargent Mrs Anna E, laundress, res 3 Rock ave				

Sargent Cassius Jay, student, Theo Sem, res 100 Franklin				

Sargent Dora D, button op, bds 13 Wallace ave				

Sarhan Basilly M, pedler, h over 28 Division S				

Sarhan Jacob, pedler, h 2 O'Neil ave				

Sarhan Thomas, pedler, bds 16 1/2 Coon				

Sarr James, carpenter, h 87 Owasco				

Sarr Nellie B, milliner, bds 15 Elizabeth				

Sartwell Amarilla B, widow Henry J, h 88 South				

Saulpaugh Charles H, laborer, h 49 Fitch ave				

Saulpaugh Jay R, laborer, bds 49 Fitch ave				

SAUNDERS, see also SANDERS				

Saunders Henry G, carpenter, h 5 Holley				

Saunders Herbert R, plumber, bds 5 Holley				

Saunders Sarah E, nurse, bds 51 Wall				

Savage Anna, widow James, h 28 Mary				

Savage James H, painter, bds 28 Mary				

Savage Mary A, button op, bds 28 Mary				

Savage Susan A, button op, bds 28 Mary				

Sawyer Allen, engineer, h 33 Wadsworth				

Sawyer Bertha M, accountant, 36 Market, res 29 Steel				

Sawyer Catherine K, bds 54 E Genesee				

Sawyer Charles A, stenograher (sic), bds 126 Van Anden				

Sawyer D Byron, twine op, bds 126 Van Anden				

Sawyer Frank A, blacksmith, h 126 Van Anden				

Sawyer George B, teamster, bds 36 Elizabeth				

Sawyer John H, lawyer, over 133 1/2 Genesee, h 26 Mann				

Sawyer Joseph, machinist, h 79 Perrine				

Sawyer Mary E, widow Dr Conant, h 54 E Genesee				

SAWYER THOMAS C., physician and surgeon, hours until 9:30 A M and 1 to 2:30 and 7 to				
	8 P M, office and res 71 Washington   Auto Phone 465			

Saxton Burton, twine op, bds 78 Perrine				

Saxton Calvin, carpenter, n 78 Perrine				

Saxton Charles N, emp D M O & Co, h 40 Walnut				

Saxton Eugene H, laborer, bds 78 Perrine				

Saxton Hattie S, dressmaker, bds 78 Perrine				

Saxton Horace F, prison keeper, bds 35 Chapel				

Saxton Margaret, widow clayton, enq 49 Nelson				

Sayles Mrs Anna, h over 77 North				

Sayles Edward J, shoe maker, bds over 77 North				

Sayles Edwin, horseman, bds 38 Water				

Sayles Fred L, shoe maker, bds over 77 North				

SCADDEN see also SKADAN				

Scadden Charles B, carpenter, bds 10 Seminary ave				

Scanlon John A, baker, h over 7 South				

Scanlon John J, fireman, L V R R, h 16 Coon				

Scanlon Maurice J, moulder, h 3 Seneca				

Scantlebury Frances B, bds 160 E Genesee				

Scantlebury Helen L, bds 160 E Genesee				

Scantlebury Thomas, h 160 E Genesee				

Scarritt Louisa F, bds 8 Steel				

Scarritt Rev William R, h 8 Steel				


Schaeffer Amelia, mill op, bds 35 Frances				

Schaeffer Anna, widow Jacob, h 39 Frances				

Schaeffer Anton, tinsmith, 129 Mechanic, h 3 Van den Bosch ave				

Schaeffer Carrie, mill op, bnds 35 Frances				

Schaeffer George, core maker, bds 39 Frances				

Schaeffer Hattie, cook, h over 10 Garden				

Schaeffer Mary, widow John, res 32 Union				

SCHANZER SAMUEL, salesman, Ehrman Brewing Co, res 59 Clark				

Scharlach Henry, prison foreman, furniture dep't h 137 Seymour				

Schaub Fred C, clerk, D M O & Co, bds 4 Sherman				

Schell Charles J, mechanic, h 58 Perrine				

Schell Charles N, Mechanic, bds 58 Perrine				

SCHELL FRANK J., contractor, D M O & Co, also Supervisor 4th Ward, h 73 Perrine				

Schell Frederick P, meat cutter, bds 58 Perrine				

Schell Katie M, button op, bds 58 Perrine				

Schell William H, emp D M O & Co, bds 46 Owasco				

Schellenger Charles M, emp D M O & Co, bds 55 Mechanic				

SCHELLENGER CHARLES S., foreman, D M O & Co's malleable works, also School				
	Commissioner, h 4 Lawton ave			

Schellenger George R, moulder, bds 22 Mary				

Schellenger Lucretia L, widow Nathaniel, h 22 Mary				

Schellenger Merritt E, moulder, h 55 Mechanic				

Schellenger Thomas, emp D M O & Co, h 14 1/2 Liberty				

Schenck Andy, mason, bds 55 Market				

Schendell Augusta, widow Ludwig, h 7 Camp				

Schendell Emma E, weaver, bds 7 Camp				

Schendell John A, painter, h 147 Grant ave				

Schermerhorn Bessie, mill op, bds 155 Clark				

Schermerhorn Elsie G, mill op, bds 155 clark				

Schermerhorn Marietta, machine op, bds 155 Clark				

Schermerhorn Millie, machine op, bds 155 Clark				

Schermerhorn William J, engineer, h 155 Clark				

Scheu Mrs Kittie, pastry cook, Hotel Avery, rooms over 78 Genesee				

Schewe Charles F, spinner, bds 70 Elizabeth				

Schewe Charlotte C, bds 70 Elizabeth				

Schewe Emile R, ice pedler, bds 70 Elizabeth				

Schewe Louis, real estate, 49 Market, h do				

Schewe William C, laborer, h 70 Elizabeth				

Schewe William C, Jr, clerk, 94 State, bds 70 Elizabeth				

Schewe William O, liquid distributor, 47 Market, bds do				

Schicht Adelheid, bds 67 Owasco				

Schicht Marie, housekeeper, 67 Owasco				

Schicht Robert, m'f'r paper and cigar boxes, also job printer, rear 12 and 14				
	Hoffman, h 14 do			

Schicht Ruby M, res 14 Hoffman				

Schicht William, box cutter, h 67 Owasco				

Schicht William H, ass't acc't Cay Co Nat B'k, h 15 Evans				

Schillavski Adolph J, emp D M O & Co, h 119 Mechanic				

Schillavski August, emp D M O & Co, h 14 Hockeborn ave				

Schilley John, carpenter, h 14 Frederick				

Schilling Augustus C, mill op, h 16 Howard				

Schilling Charles, mill sup't, h 266 Seymour				

Schilling Charles, mill sup't, h 266 Seymour				

Schilling Elizabeth, widow Bernard, enq 96 Wall				

Schilling Elizabeth B, dressmaker, bds 266 Seymour				

Schilling Emma C, dressmaker, bds 16 Howard				

Schilling Frederick L, shoe op, bds 266 Seymour				

Schilling George, musician, h 96 Wall				

Schilling George L, mechanic, bds 266 Seymour				

Schilling Henry C, loom fixer, h 264 Seymour				

Schilling Ida M, compositor, Daily Adv, bds 16 Howard				

Schmeink Augusta C, tailoress, res 13 Fulton				

SCHMEINK MISS HANNAH M., (Paul & Schmeink,) h 13 Fulton				

Schmeink Johanna M, widow Nicholas, h 13 Fulton				

SCHMIDT, see also Smith				

Schmidt Frank J, upholsterer, h 32 Walnut				

Schmidt Harriet, widow Jacob, h 68 Perrine				

Schmidt John, emp D M O & Co, h 31 Bradford				

Schmidt John, Jr, pattern maker, bds 31 Bradford				

Schmidt Mary, widow John, h 3 Bradford				

Schmitz Anna M, domestic, 10 Fort				

Schmitz Dora, widow Louis, h 10 Cornell				

Schmitz Henry A, upholsterer, 14 E Genesee, h 10 Cornell				

Schmitz Lena G, shoe op, bds 10 Cornell				

Schmitz Louis H, drug clerk, 67 Genesee, bds 10 Cornell				

Schneid Joseph, baker, "Kiemele's," bds 109 E Genesee				


Schneider Augusta, domestic, 45 Grover				

Schneider Carl H, emp D M O & Co, h 38 Union				

Schneider Frank G, woodworker, bds 27 Madison ave				

Schneider Frederick J, moulder, bds 27 Madison ave				

Schneider Mary, widow John, h 27 Madison ave				

Schneider Max H, tailor, bds over 59 Perrine				

Schneider Paul H, twine op, h over 59 Perrine				

Schockzi Robert, emp D M O & Co, rooms 66 North				


Schoeffel Augusta A, dressmaker, bds 7 Catlin				

Schoeffel Emma A, mill op, bds 7 Catlin				

Schoeffel Henry, shoe op, bds 76 Wall				

Schoeffel Joseph, mechanic, h 7 Catlin				

Schoeffel Lena M, shoe op, bds 7 Catlin				

Schoenleben Edward, painter, res over 22 State				

Scholl Charles, mechanic, enq 54 Frances				

Schoonmaker Edith A, res 61 Clark				

Schoonmaker Edward L, painter, rooms over 24 State				

Schoonmaker Mary, widow Stephen, res 19 Burt ave				

SCHOONMAKER PHOEBE A., widow David H, h 30 Fulton				

Schoonmaker Mrs Susan, boarding house, 61 Clark				

Schouten Emma E, spinner, bds 248 North				

Schouten Herbert J, agent, h 18 Garden				

Schouten Sarah J, widow John, bds 18 Garden				

Schreck Anna R, res 43 Nelson				

SCHRECK BRO's., (John C. and Frank W., also Heieck & Schreck,) furniture, carpets,				
	stoves, &c, 14 to 16 E Genesee			

SCHRECK FRANK W., (Schreck Bro's, also Heieck & Schreck,) h 67 Owasco				

SCHRECK JOHN C., (Schreck Bro's, also Heieck & Schreck,) h 43 Nelson				

Schreck Mary T, accountant, 16 E Genesee, bds 43 Nelson				

Schroeder Amelia, tailoress, bds 15 Seward ave				

Schroeder Anna, widow Christian, h 15 Seward ave				

Schroeder Ferdinand, tailor, h 24 Augustus				

Schroeder Leon, painter, bds 3 Beardsley				

Schulenburg John, machinist, h 106 Division S				

Schuch Anna, res 200 Genesee				

Schuch Carl A, salesman, 81 Genesee, bds 200 do				

Schuch Frank, laborer, bds 25 Washington				

Schuch Louis A, shoe cutter, bds 200 Genesee				

Schuch Louise, res 200 Genesee				

Schuch Magdalena, widow Louis, h 200 Genesee				

Schuch Nydia, stenographer and managing clerk, over 120 Genesee, res 200 do				

Schultz Elvira S, housekeeper, 20 Frances				

Schultz Louis C, tailor, 87 Genesee, h 20 Frances				

Schumaker Augustus, laborer, h 31 Frances				

Schur Bridget, widow George, h 37 Barber				

Schur Catherine I, mill op, bds 37 Barber				

Schur Joseph, pedler, bds 150 Mechanic				

Schur Mary T, mill op, bds 37 Barber				

Schur Nellie G, mill op, bds 37 Barber				

Schute David P, call hoseman, Hose 2 A F D, h 131 Van Anden				

Schutt Carrie A, accountant, 73 Genesee, res 40 Augustus				

Schutt Charles A, carpenter, bds 40 Augustus				

Schutt Charles W, building contractor, h 40 Augustus				

Schutt Elmer, machinist, h over 14 Pulsifer				

Schuyler Alice E, glove maker, bds 33 Augustus				

Schuyler Edwin D, shoe laster, h 117 Van Anden				

Schuyler Franklin F, carpenter, bds 33 Augustus				

Schuyler Fred A, miller, h 2 Wheeler				

Schuyler Irving J, barkeeper, 108 Genesee, h 38 Seminary				

Schwaab Barbara, widow Jacob, h 184 Clark				

Schwaab Christina, mill op, bds 184 Clark				

Schwaab John, emp D M O & Co, h 184 Clark				

Schwaab Mary A, twine op, bds 184 Clark				

SCHWARTZ, see also SWART, also SWARTS				

Schwartz Addie, res over 40 State				

Schwartz Etta, widow Gabe, h over 40 State				

Schwartz Marie, button op, bds 3 Holley				

Schweinfurth Charles J, h 3 Hamilton ave				

Schwyindt Adam, moulder, bds 10 Bradford				

Schwyindt Louisa, widow Peter, bds 10 Bradford				

Sciarra Frank, barber, h 47 Van Anden				

SCOLLIN, see also SCULLIN				

Scollin Alice C, dressmaker, h 31 Logan				

Scollin Bernard, barkeeper, bds 31 Logan				

Scollin Delia A, shoe op, bds 24 Madison ave				

Scollin Elizabeth A, dressmaker, bds 20 Mary 				

Scollin Frank J, emp D M O & Co, h 20 Mary				

Scollin Frank J, moulder, h r 9 1/2 Frances				

Scollin George W, core maker, bds 132 Mechanic				

Scollin John, laborer, bds 132 Mechanic				

Scollin Margaret L, bds 132 Mechanic				

Scollin Mary A, salesclerk, 94 Genesee, bds 31 Logan				

Scollin Mary E, h 24 Madison ave				

Scollin Mary E, button op, bds 132 Mechanic				

Scollin Mary F, seamstress, bds 20 Mary				

Scollin Michael, laborer, h 132 Mechanic				

Scollin Theresa, shoe op, bds 24 Madison ave				

Scollin Thomas F, cigar maker, h 117 Wall				

Scott Adah M, laundress, bds 38 Lansing				

Scott Charles H, laborer, h 77 fitch ave				

Scott Clinton B, cistern maker, bds 20 Garden				

Scott Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds over 103 Cottage				

Scott Edwin M, pattern maker, h 18 Fulton				

Scott Emma, domestic, 113 North				

Scott Mrs Emma M, seamstress, bds 12 Hoffman				

Scott Frances M, shoe op, bds 20 Garden				

Scott Frank W, salesclerk, Big Store, bds 20 Fulton				

Scott Fred H, electrician, bds 20 Fulton				

Scott George H, cistern maker, bds 20 Garden				

Scott Gertie L, student, bds 10 Logan				

Scott Hattie E, seamstress, h 5 Lincoln				

Scott Henry D, core maker, bds 1 Wallace ave				

Scott Horatio R, painter, h under 10 Logan				

Scott James R, machinist, h 20 Fulton				

Scott Jessie May, shoe op, bds 10 Logan				

Scott John J, foreman, 80 State, h 25 2d ave, Melrose Park				

Scott Mary L, res 20 Garden				

Scott M Louise, bds 18 Fulton				

Scott Thomas, card maker, h 20 Myrtle ave				

Scott Walter H, laborer, h over 25 Parker				

Scott Walter W, mechanic, bds 12 Hoffman				

Scott William, card maker, bds 20 Myrtle ave				

Scott William, cistern maker, h 20 Garden				

Scott William T, carpenter, h 117 Lewis				

SCOTT WILLIAM W., money order and ass't registry clerk, P O, res 20 Garden				

Scott Winfield, fireman, L V R R, h 17 Barber				

Scotton Jennie B, widow William, housekeeper, 34 Mary				

SCOVILL MRS. BELL W., teacher of voice culture and piano, studio and res over 26				

SCOVILL EDWARD E., prof of music and organist, St Peter's ch, also musical instructor,				
A H S, studio and res over 26 Genesee			

Scranton Harriet L, widow William H, bds 115 Van Anden				

Scranton Mrs Sarah J, nurse, res 54 Orchard				

Scribner Phoebe, widow Edgar, res 43 Fulton				

SCRIBNER SILAS W., foreman Springstead's Carpenter Works, 8 Franklin, h 43 Fulton				

Scrivner Martha, bds 16 Division N				

Sculley Annie, domestic, 6 Gaylord				

Sculley Bridget, mill op, bds 21 Florence				

Sculley John L, gardener, bds 21 Florence				

Sculley Stephen J, mill op, bds 21 Florence				

SCULLIN see also SCOLLIN				

Scullin Francis, shoemaker, bds 261 Seymour				

Scullin John E, orderly, City Hosp, 15 Lansing				

Scullin Mary, cook, 77 South				

Scullin Mary E, dressmaker, bds 261 Seymour				

Scullin Patrick, iron worker, h 261 Seymour				

Scullin Patrick J, shoe op, h 257 Seymour				

Scullion Patrick, emp D M O & Co, bds 190 State				

Scuteri Pietro, laborer, bds 23 Division S				

Seail Francis P, wringer op, bds 118 Perrine				

Seail George E, bicycle op, bds 118 Perrine				

Seail James J, shoe op, bds 1118 (sic) Perrine				

Seail James R, painter, h 118 Perrine				

Seail John T, painter, bds 118 Perrine				

Seail William H, shoe trimmer, bds 118 Perrine				

Seails Christopher T, photographer, over 99 Genesee, res 109 Washington   Photo 				
	enlargements a specialty			

Seails James J, shoe op, bds 60 Washington				

Seails Julia, widow John C, h 109 Washington				

Seales George P, emp D M O & Co, h 20 Seymour				

Seales John H, painter, h 49 Seymour				

Seales John J, granite cutter, h 11 Beach ave				

Seales Joseph J, wood worker, bds 49 Seymour				

Seales Mary, housekeeper, 36 Walnut				

Seales Maude, bds 49 Seymour				

Seales Nellie G, waitress, "Kiemele's," res 20 Seymour				
attached insert between pages 452 and 453:				

SCOVILL PROF. EDWARD E., teacher of piano, Harmony and Composition, and organist				
	St Peter's Ch, also music instructor Public Schools, studio and res 24 Seminary			

SCOVILL MRS. BELL W., teacher of Voice Culture and Piano, studio and res 24 Seminary				
Seales William H, mechanic, bds over 1 Beach ave				

SEALEY, see also SEELEY				

Sealey Henry, emp D M O & Co, h 8 Third ave, Melrose				

Sealey William, mechanic, h Hunter ave n E Genesee				

Seamans Harrison, carpenter, h 56 1/2 Mary				

Seamans Mrs O G, salesclerk, Big Store, h 11 Chestnut				

Seamans Oliver G, moulder, h 11 Chestnut				

SEARING HON. ADOLPHUS H., lawyer, also Special County Judge, offices over 125				
	Genesee, h 92 E do			

Searing Alice H, widow Leonard H, bds 92 E Genesee				

Searing Leonard H, Jr, student, A H S, bds 92 E Genesee				

Seariolle Minnie, domestic, 65 South				

Seariolle Venaose, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 E Genesee				

Searles Bertha M, res 24 Sheridan				

Searles Frederick D, musician, bds 13 Lewis				

Searles George J, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Searles Ida B, student, bds 24 Sheridan				

Searles Lois P, res over 3 Lincoln				

Searles William W, miller, h 24 Sheridan				

Searls Catherine, widow Rev William, h 105 Franklin				

Searls Ella M, bds 24 Lewis				

Searls Elmer T, student, A H S, bds 24 Lewis				

Searls Raymond E, shipping clerk, D M O & Co, bds 24 Lewis				

Searls Mrs Theodore J, h 24 Lewis				

Searls William E, student, bds 105 Franklin				

SEARS CHARLES B., sec'y, treas and gen'l manager The C H Sagar Co, 109 Genesee, h				
	10 William			

Sears Emma, res 10 William				

Sears Jane E, widow Rufus, res 10 William				

Seath Campbell, carpenter, h 40 Grant ave				

Seath Florence J, dressmaker, bds 21 Mann				

Seath John J, meat cutter, 44 Lewis, h 42 Grant ave				

Seath Wesley P, meat cutter, bds 40 Grant ave				

Seath William P, meat cutter, h 21 Mann				

Sebold Francis C, student, Penn Univ, bds 16 Fulton				

Sebold Francis J, piano maker, h 16 Fulton				

Sebold Joseph A, piano maker, h 16 Fulton 				

Sebring Henry M, engineer, h over 155 State				

Secaur Edward, laborer, bds 27 Lincoln				

Secaur William, butcher, h 103 Moravia				

Seccomb John L, res 126 Mechanic				

Seccomb Joseph S, moulder, h 23 Camp				

SECCOMB MILO B., ass't eng'r, Water Works, h 194 Mechanic				

Seccomb M Le Roy, student, A H S, bds 194 Mechanic				

Sedore Genevieve, button op, bds 14 Fort				

Sedore John, bds 32 Lincoln				

SEEKELL, see also SICKLES				

Seekell Charles A, carpenter, h 14 Silver ave				

Seekell George W, carpenter, h 2 Hoffman				

Seekell Grace A, bds 14 Silver ave				

Seeles George I, watchmaker, 105 Genesee, h 49 Steel				

SEELEY, see also SEALEY				

Seeley Albert, harness maker, enq 43 Mechanic				

Seeley Catherine, widow Henry, h 68 North				

Seeley Florence M, bds 9 Paul				

Seeley George H, law student, over 119 Genesee, h 29 1/2 Union				

Seeley John, milkman, h 43 Perry				

Seeley John, tailor, h 9 Paul				

Seeley Minnie D, bds 21 Holley				

SEFTON FREDERICK M. D., physician in charge The Pines, 137 South, res do   A home for				
	nervous and mental invalids			

Segoine C Tena, res 5 Easterly ave				

Segoine Henry H, salesman, h 5 Easterly ave				

Seibert Frank A, laborer, h over 1 Clark				

Seibert George E, coachman, h 21 Seymour				

Seibert George F, mechanic, bds 89 Cottage				

Seibert John, coremaker, h 89 cottage				

Seibert Mary, widow George, h over 153 Seymour				

Seibert Mrs Viola E, dressmaker, over 1 Clark, h do				

Seidewitz Charles, tailor, bds 24 Moravia				

Seigfred Edward, shipper, 64 Genesee, bds 28 Lincoln				

Seigfred Harry, mechanic, bds 187 State				

Seigfred Milo, laborer, bds 28 Lincoln				

Seigfred William F, manager Meaker's Grocery (branch), 178 State, h 187 do				

Seim Edward N, shoe op, bds 9 Madison ave				

Seim Louis, emp D M O & Co, h 1 Rock ave				

Seim Louis N, shoe cutter, h 9 Madison ave				

Seiwert Elizabeth M, teacher, Bradford st sch, bds 38 Maple				

Seiwert Frank X, bds 38 Maple				

Seiwert George A, plumber, h over 46 Capitol				

Seiwert Josephine M, accountant, 84 Owasco, res 38 Maple				

Seiwert Theresa, widow Frank, h 38 Maple				

Selover Alice, dressmaker, bds 11 Mary				

Selover Charles E, (Melrose Woolen Co,) h 188 North				

Selover Edward C, h 92 North				

Selover Elizabeth C, h 92 North				

Selover Fannie E, res 116 E Genesee				

Selover George, janitor, The Home, h 68 Fulton				

Selover Harriet S, res 92 North				

Selover Helen M, artist, res 16 Pleasant				

Selover H Jane, widow Morris, bds 95 Seymour				

Selover Ira A, artist, h 16 Pleasant				

Selover Permelia, bds The Home, 46 Grant ave				

Semolmiseki Michael, helper, bds 9 Wall				

Semple Agnes L, mill op, bds over 35 Bradford				

Semple Janet, weaver, bds over 35 Bradford				

Senior Albert E, weaver, bds over 34 Market				

Senior Edward, manufacturer, h over 34 Market				

Senter E Price, h 13 James				

Seralo John, tailor, h 7 Chapel ave				

Servis Josephine E, widow John, res 15 James				

Setgowska Yetstina, widow Mathew, h 46 Perrine				

Setright Patrick, shoe op, bds 15 1/2 Parker				

Severson Abram, real estate, 18 Lewis h do				

Severson Christopher, coachman, 14 North, bds do				

Severson Clara, res 18 Lewis				

Severson George W, stenographer, Canal n Mechanic, bds 18 Lewis				

Severson Robert, coachman, 173 Genesee, bds do				

Severson William H, foreman, 101 Orchard, h 11 Madison ave				

SEWARD BLOCK, 92, 94 and 96 Genesee				

Seward Mrs Ella M, bds over 10 Exchange				

Seward Frances J, res 33 South				

SEWARD POST, (G. A. R. No. 37,) C. L. Hickok, commander, rooms over 97 and 99 State				

SEWARD WILLIAM H., (W. H. Seward & Co.,) also Pres't Cay Co Sav B'k, h 33 South				

SEWARD WM. H. & CO., Wm. H. Seward, Theo. M. Pomeroy, Jos. C.
	Anderson and Wm. H. Seward, Jr., bankers, 96 Genesee cor Exchange   (see			
	page 5)			

SEWARD WILLIAM H., JR., (Underwood, Storke & Seward, also Wm. H. Seward & co.,)				
lawyer, h 85 South			

SEWALL JOHN G., steward, New Commercial Hotel, 41 and 43 Garden, h 68 1/2 West				

Seymour Harry H, bookkeeper, E D C M'f'g Co, h 7 Mc Master				

SEYMOUR J. ALWARD, (Mc Intosh, Seymour & Co,) h 3 Linden place				

Seymour James, carpenter, h 199 State				

Seymour James A, mechanic, h 14 James				

SEYMOUR LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, Miss M. A. Bullard, librarian, rooms open from 10 A M				
	to 1 P M, and 2 to 6 and 7 to 9 P M, Genesee cor South			

Seymour Martha, widow Belden, enq 24 South				

Seymour Mary L, widow James, res 3 Linden place				

Sezarwolski Frank, laborer, bds 69 Perrine				

SHACKLETON GEORGE, general groceries, also boots, shoes and slippers, 74 Wall, h				
	64 1/2 do			

Shakespeare Alfred, mason, h 196 Seymour				

Shalendorr Allan, machinist, h over 17 Pleasant				

Shallish Albert E, student, A H S, bds 10 Ross place				

Shallish Fannie E, bds 10 Ross place				

Shallish Frederick W, salesman, 116 Genesee, bds 10 Ross place				

SHALLISH HARRY D., ass't city treas, res 10 Ross place				

SHALLISH HENRY, (Shallish & Rich,) h 10 Ross place				

SHALLISH & RICH, (H. Shallish and H. Rich,) general hardware, also stoves, tinware and				
	house furnishing goods, 116 Genesee			

Shandley Eva A, weaver, bds 3 Chestnut place				

Shandley Flora D, widow William, h 3 Chestnut place				

Shandley Franceis (sic) A, tel op, bds 3 Chestnut place				

Shandley George W, d'v'y clerk, 13 Derby ave, bds 3 Chestnut place				

Shandley Thomas C, printer, bds 3 Chestnut place				

Shank Burgess, teacher, h over 7 Union ave				

Shank Charles, clerk, bds over 1 Sheridan				

Shank Cora M, teacher, Seymour St Sch, bds 12 James				

Shank Edith, seamstress, bds 236 Seymour				

Shank Ella, res over 35 E Genesee				

Shank Enos G, meat cutter, 35 E Genesee, h 1 Sheridan				

Shank George L, motorman, A C Ry, bds over 35 E Genesee				

Shank Henry P, salesman, 6 South, h 17 Grant ave				

Shank Lydia C, widow Dr Alexander R, h 12 James				

Shank Milton F, shoe op, bds 17 Grant ave				

Shannon John W, clerk, D M O & Co, bds 65 Holley				

Shannon Luke S, salesman, 83 Genesee, bds 65 Holley				

Shannon Patrick D, emp D M O & Co, h 65 Holley				

Shapcott Daniel M, engineer, N Y C & H R R, h 99 North				

Shapcott Sarah A, bds 106 Clark				

SHAPCOTT WILLIAM T., local m'g'r, M D Transp Co, h 72 North				

Shappee Michael M, wood worker, h 4 Parsons				

Shapley Alta C, salesclerk, 112 Genesee, res 39 Nelson				

Shapley Charles E, pattern maker, h 7 Hoffman				

Shapley Emma C, widow Charles H, nurse, h 39 Nelson				

Sharp Charles S, inventor, with D M O & Co, h 62 E Genesee				

Shard Frank, barber, 47 Van Anden, h do				

Sharff Emma D, mill op, bds 71 Orchard				

Sharpsteen Phoebe E, res 21 Morris				

Shaub F C, clerk, coll dept, D M O & Co, h 4 Sherman				

Shaub Rose, attendant, 5 Grover				

Shaughnessy James F, emp D M O & Co, h 69 Pulsifer				

Shaughnessy Michael J, mechanic, bds 69 Pulsifer				

Shaughnessy Thomas R, steam fitter, bds 69 Pulsifer				

Shaver Benton, h 173 Cottage				

Shaver Clyde, mechanic, bds 173 Cottage				

Shaver Day W, carpenter, h 23 Melrose				

Shaver Ernest G, grocer, h 118 Franklin				

Shaver Florence, weaver, bds 173 Cottage				

Shaver Floyd, teamster, bds 173 Cottage				

Shaver Frederick, agt, Ehrman Brewing & Co, h 173 Cottage				

Shaver Frederick D, painter, h 34 Lincoln				

Shaver Maude, bds 23 Melrose				

Shaver Minnie, weaver, bds 173 Cottage ave				

Shaver Nellie, weaver, bds 13 Myrtle ave				

Shaw Ada May, cloth finisher, bds 177 Franklin				

Shaw Alice, widow John, h 106 Orchard				

Shaw Anna C, res 17 Monroe				

Shaw Anna G, bds 20 Anna				

Shaw Anna G, clerk 141 Genesee, bds 19 Garrow				

Shaw Bridget A, domestic, 229 Genesee				

Shaw Caleb W, gardener, h under 12 Hulbert				

Shaw Charity E, widow Charles, h 29 Perry				

Shaw Charles T, student, Theo Sem, res do				

Shaw Cornelius P, emp D M O & Co, bds 12 Cross				

Shaw David J, student Union Col, res 9 Garrow				

Shaw Edgar A, watchman Auburn Woolen Co, h 3 Mill				

Shaw Edith M, milliner, res 3 Mill				

Shaw Edmond J, machinist, bds 17 Monroe				

Shaw Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 136 Mechanic				

Shaw Ellen, widow Michael, bds 20 Augustus				

Shaw Frank C, shoe laster, bds 29 Perry				

Shaw Frank J, coachman, 225 Genesee, h 19 Garrow				

Shaw George A, shoe op, bds 76 Fitch ave				

Shaw Helen V, teacher, James st sch, bds 106 Orchard				

Shaw James F, emp D M O & Co, bds 12 Cross				

Shaw John J, clerk, W U Tel Co, bds 25 Augustus				

Shaw Josephine A, res 17 Monroe				

Shaw Lawrence J, coachman, 186 Genesee, h 76 Fitch ave				

Shaw Lulu, mill op, bds 7 West				

Shaw Margaret, widow Lawrence, h 9 Garrow				

Shaw Margaret T, weaver, bds 9 Garrow				

Shaw Mary, button op, bds 7 West				

Shaw Mary, widow Peter, h 17 Monroe				

Shaw Mary A, widow George W, h 11 Elm				

Shaw Mary G, dressmaker, bds 17 Monroe				

Shaw Mary I, shoe op, bds 12 Cross				

Shaw Mary L, agent, bds 11 Elm				

Shaw Michael, grocer and druggist, 20 Anna, h do				

Shaw Michael, laborer, bds 12 Cross				

Shaw Michael, moulder, bds over 8 Dill				

Shaw Michael J, emp D M O & Co, bds 23 Parker				

Shaw Norris J, coachman, h 76 Fitch ave				

Shaw Patrick, laborer, h 12 Cross				

Shaw Patrick J, gardener, bds 19 Garrow				

Shaw Peter, porter, Hotel O'Neil, bds do				

SHAW ROBERT G., ass't clerk, Auburn Prison, res 2 James				

Shaw Rose, milliner, bds 5 Grover				

Shaw Stella, domestic, 229 Genesee				

Shaw Stella E, student, St Mary's Sch, bds 19 Garrow				

Shaw Thomas O, city policeman, h 25 Augustus				

Shaw Thomas S, laborer, bds 136 Mechanic				

Shaw William, emp D M O & Co, h 12 anna				

Shaw William, hame op, h 23 Parker				

Shaw William F, student, Starkey Sem, res 25 Augustus				

SHAY , see also SHEA				

Shay Frank, shoe laster, h over 118 Wall				

Shay Mary E, widow Frank, res over 118 Wall				

Shayes Charles W, painter, h 187 Seymour				

Shayler George F, salesman, 134 State, h 219 do				

Shayler James, twine op, bds 244 state				

Shayler John J, emp D M O & Co, h 206 State				

Shayler Laura I, shoe op, bds 244 State				

Shayler William H, h 244 state				

Shayler William H, salesman, bds 244 State				

SHEA, see also SHAY				

Shea Agnes, cook, 197 Genesee				

Shea Anna E, compositor, bds 90 Lansing				

Shea Catherine T, compositor, bds 90 Lansing				

Shea Daniel A, emp D M O & Co, bds 17 Bradford				

Shea Dennis, mason, bds 78 fitch ave				

Shea Eliza E, widow Dennis, h 90 Lansing				

Shea Ellen R, dressmaker, bds 90 Lansing				

Shea Ellen T, shoe op, bds 4 Division S				

Shea John J, tel op, bds 4 division S				

Shea Julia A, weaver, bds 153 1/2 Clark				

Shea Lizzie E, shoe op, bds 17 Grant				

Shea Mary, bds 78 Fitch ave				

Shea Mary A, weaver, bds 153 1/2 Clark				

Shea Mary L, mill op, bds 4 Division S				

Shea Mary T, domestic, bds 90 Lansing				

Shea Michael, laborer, h 17 Bradford				

Shea Michael, laborer, bds 78 Fitch ave				

Shea Michael, mechanic, bds 17 Grant				

Shea Michael H, tel op, bds 4 Division S				

Shea Morris, hotel porter, bds 17 Bradford				

SHEA & MURRAY, (P. J. Shea and J. V. Murray,) dealers in choice	
	confectionery and ice cream, also dining and lunch parlors, 76 and 76 1/2			
	Genesee   Ice Cream in Quantities for hotels and families at low rates.			

Shea Nellie T, shoe op, bds 4 Division S				

Shea Patrick, laborer, h 4 Division S				

Shea Patrick J, coremaker, bds 90 Lansing				

SHEA PATRICK J., (Shea & Murray,) res 17 Grant				

Shea Philip, U S A, res 78 Fitch ave				

Shea Simon, salesman, bds 17 Grant				

Shea Thomas, mason, h 78 Fitch ave				

Sheehan Cornelius, laborer, bds 13 Fourth ave, Melrose				

Sheehan Daniel F, iron heater, h 63 Perrine				

Sheehan Edward, teamster, h 9 Greene				

Sheehan Jennie V, milliner, bds 63 Perrine				

Sheehan John, emp D M O & Co, bds 9 Cottage				

Sheehan John, laborer, bds 68 Orchard				

Sheehan Julia A. domestic, 17 Orchard				

Sheehan Patrick, laborer, bds 68 Orchard				

SHEEHAN PATRICK B., tel editor, Bulletin, bds 63 Perrine				

Sheehan Thomas F, machinist, h 128 Grant ave				

Sheen Johanna, widow Jeremiah, h 34 Perrine				

Sheldon Albert, mason, bds 65 Clark				

Sheldon Anna E, widow Samuel, h 26 Nelson				

Sheldon Charles L, manufacturer, h 202 Genesee				

Sheldon Charles L, Jr, student Cornell Univ, res 202 Genesee				

SHELDON MRS. ELIZA, pres Bd of Managers Cayuga Asylum, res 202 Genesee				

Sheldon Emma L, widow Elisha W, h 53 Franklin				

Sheldon Huldah, widow Butler, h 47 Fulton				

Sheldon Jane L, widow Henry B, bds 18 Nelson				

Sheldon Jennie E, stenographer, bds 18 Nelson				

Sheldon Mary H, res 202 Genesee				

Sheldon M Blanche, teacher, Fulton St Sch, bds 18 Nelson				

Sheldon William H, emp D M O & Co, bds 13 Plersant (sic)				

Sheldon William H, student, A H S, bds 202 Genesee				

Shelters Myers S, shoe cutter, h 14 Sheridan				

Shepherd Clarence A, retired, bds The Cottage, 53 State				

Shepherd William A, shoe op, h over 4 E Genesee				

Sheppard Achsa A, widow Charles L, res 11 1/2 Howard				

Sheppard Frank J, emp D M O & Co, h over 7 South				

Sherbert William, laborer, h 74 Franklin				

Sheridan Theresa, shoe op, bds 3 Franklin				

Sherlock Edward, painter, h 47 Holley				

Sherlock George N, mechanic, bds 4 Grove ave				

Sherlock Jane B, mill op, bds 163 1/2 Clark				

Sherlock Kittie, mill op, bds 163 1/2 Clark				

Sherlock Margaret E, widow William, h 4 Grove ave				

Sherlock Mary E, bookkeeper, 40 washington, res 47 Holley				

Sherlock Nicholas, h 163 1/2 Clark				

Sherlock Nicholas G, emp D M O & Co, bds 4 Grove ave				

Sherman Charles, laborer, h 9 1/2 frances				

Sherman Eugene A, expressman, h r 205 Genesee				

Sherman Frank, carpenter, bds 64 Fulton				

Sherman George, twine op, h 90 Cottage				

Sherman Lillian, bds over 37 Genesee				

Sherman Warren, salesman, 91 Genesee, bds 3 1/2 Franklin				

Sherman William, res 7 Westlake ave				

SHERWOOD ALLEN, (Sherwood Harness Works,) factory 9 Sherman, h 6 Sheridan				

Sherwood Charles H, machinist, h over 38 Walnut				

SHERWOOD CLARENCE, jeweler and practical optician, also dealer in optical instruments,				
	19 Genesee, h 12 Sheridan			

Sherwood Cynthia M, bds 6 Sheridan				

Shields Daniel F, salesman, 39 and 41 North, h 118 Seymour				

Shields Frank H, salesman, 57 Genesee, bds 118 Seymour				

Shields James D, mechanic, bds 118 Seymour				

Shields Joseph D, barber, bds 118 Seymour				

Shields Joseph F, barber, over 57 Genesee, bds 118 Seymour				

Shiels Elizabeth T, dressmaker, bds 41 Grant ave				

Shiels John, farmer, h 41 Grant ave				

Shiels John F, teamster, bds 41 Grant ave				

Shimel Edith J, bds 98 Franklin				

Shimel Sylvester S, agent, h 98 Franklin				

Shimer Agnes, nurse, 30 Court, res 12 Wood				

Shimer Daniel, painter, bds 12 Wood				

SHIMER DANIEL F., livery, boarding and hitching stables, 21 Water, h 12 	
	Wood   Emp phone 481   (See adv, next page)			

Shimer Elizabeth M, cashier, 118 and 120 Mechanic, h 67 Steel				

Shimer Emily, shoe op, bds 12 Wood				

Shingleton Emma, widow George W, h 32 Garden				

Shinnick Timothy J, ball player, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North				

Shoemaker Harry C, foreman, lumber yards, 52 Genesee, h 23 1/2 Maple				

Shoots Charles A, coremaker, bds 52 Pulsifer				

Shoots Frank P, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Pulsifer				

Shoots Leonard J, iron worker, h 36 Union				

Shoots Mary A, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Pulsifer				

Shoots William, teamster, h 52 Pulsifer				

Shoots William P, emp D M O & Co, bds 52 Pulsifer				

Shorey Frank P, machinist, h 100 Owasco				

Shorey William F, emp D M O & Co, h 8 Frances				

Short Ada M, domestic, 20 Grant ave				

Short James E, emp D M O & Co, h 291 Division N				

Short Jennie D. domestic, 8 Woodruff Place				

Short John L, emp D M O & Co, h over 49 Grant ave				

Short Lillie, domestic, 124 E Genesee				

Short Lizzie D, attendant, 148 E Genesee				

Short Mary, attendant, 22 William				

Short William T, painter, h 73 Steel				

Shorter Della, domestic, 11 Court				

Shorter Frederick, emp D M O & Co, bds 20 Aspen				

Shorter George, bell hopper, Osborne House, 77 State				

Shorter George M, laborer, bds 3 Bailey				

Shorter Mary E, widow Frank G, h 3 Bailey				

Shourds William S, retired, h 21 Washington				

Shownes Maggie, housekeeper, over 18 E Genesee				

Shrubshall Charles W, mechanic, h over 79 Franklin				

Sibus Albert, printer, Daily Adv'r, bds 24 Elizabeth				

SIBUS FERDINAND, manufacturer and dealer in Clothing and Gent's Furnishings, 25				
	Genesee, h 24 Elizabeth			

SIBUS HENRY, cloth cutter, 25 Genesee, bds 24 Elizabeth				

SIBUS LOUIS, cloth cutter, 25 Genesee, h 26 Bart ave				

SICKLES, see also SEEKELL				

Sickels (sic) Addie, accountant, 45 Cayuga, res do				

Sickles Charles E, com trav, bds 41 Cayuga				

Sickora John, grinder, h 4 Pulsifer				

Siebeneicker Augusta, widow Edward, h 92 Mechanic				

Siebeneicker Charles F, piano op, bds 43 Mechanic				

Siebeneicker Edward, carpet weaver, h 43 Mechanic				

Siebeneicker Emma, button op, bds 92 Mechanic				

Siebeneicker Joseph, shoe op, bds 92 Mechanic				


SIGNOR WILLIAM H., (W. H. Signor & Co,) h 37 1/2 Evans				

SIGNOR WILLIAM H. & CO., licensed pharmacists and druggists, also dealers in news,				
	periodicals, artistic notions, cigars and soda waters, 33 E Genesee			

Sigsbee Amanda, shoe op, bds over 18 Derby ave				

Sigsbee Charles B, maltster, h 13 Walnut				

Sigsbee Edith, shoe op, bds over 18 Derby ave				

Sigsbee Lillie A, widow James H, h over 18 Derby ave				

Siler Samuel, mechanic, res 50 Franklin				

Silvestri Nek, laborer, bds 47 Van Anden				

Simenski Adam, mechanic, h 88 Perrine				

Simella Selvesta, laborer, h 98 Orchard				

Simmons Anna P, garment cutter, h over 7 Grant ave				

Simmons Blanche E, widow Redford, twine op, bds over 61 Lansing				

Simmons Eliza, domestic, 84 E Genesee				

Simmons Frederick E, emp D M O & Co, h over 4 Moravia				

Simmons George, laborer, bds 6 Moravia				

Simmons George W, artist, h 134 Mechanic				

Simmons Jacob, core maker, h 167 Seymour				

Simmons Jacob E, barber, 4 Clark, h 58 Elizabeth				

Simmons James J, moulder, bds 6 Moravia				

Simmons Joseph, bds 6 Moravia				

Simmons Lena M, mill op, bds r 24 Owasco				

Simmons Lila May, button op, bds 58 Elizabeth				

Simmons Magdalena, widow Joseph, res 1 Frances				

Simmons Maggie, mill op, bds r 24 Owasco				

Simmons Martin, carpenter, h 6 Moravia	(Transcriber is G-G-G Granddaughter of
	Martin and Margaret (Ohlheiser) Simmons (Simons)

Simmons Mrs Nella, bds 7 Beach ave				

Simmons Peter J, coremaker, h r 24 Owasco				

Simmons Sarah, widow Charles D, h 136 Mechanic				

Simmons William L, fruits, &c, 17 E Genesee, h over do				

Simmons Zilpha M, widow Duane L, dressmaker, h 87 Wall				

SIMON ADOLPH G., shaving and hair dressing parlors, also bath rooms, 21	
	Genesee, rooms over 4 Market   (See card)			

Simon Anton W, mill op, h r 26 Walnut				

Simon Elizabeth M, accountant, 120 Mechanic, res 67 Steel				

Simon Emanuel, carpenter, bds 67 Steel				

Simon Emanuel J, upholsterer, 77 Genesee, h 67 Steel				

SIMON FRANK J., barber, 21 Genesee, h 77 Owasco				

Simons Jacob B, emp D M O & Co, h 34 Lewis				

Simpkins Fred T, night watchman, Col Cord Co, h 90 Fulton				

Simpson Alpheus N, carpenter, h 54 Seward ave				

Simpson Benjamin O, student, A H S, bds 22 Fulton				

Simpson Fannie, res 64 Wall				

Simpson Herbert D, d'v'y clerk, 14 North, bds 14 Seward ave				

Simpson James B, emp D M O & Co, bds 12 Fulton				

SIMPSON J. DAY, (Hoskins & simpson,) res 22 Fulton				

Simpson John D, real estate, over 89 Genesee, h 22 Fulton				

Simpson Sarah P, h 12 Fulton				

Simpson Walter E, mechanic, bds 22 Fulton				

Sims Ambrose L, wool carder, h 60 Canoga				

Sincerbeaux Betsey, widow Silas, res 81 Fulton				

Sincerbeaux Charles H, emp D M O & Co, h 1 Danforth				

Sincerbeaux Clarence, freight handler, N Y Cen, bds 34 E Genesee				

Sincerbeaux Emma M, widow George C, music teacher, h 19 Capitol				

Sencerbeaux (sic) Julia E, seamstress, bds 81 Fulton				

Sincerbeaux Orville D, emp D M O & Co, bds 1 Danforth				

Sincerbeaux Pearl B, bds 1 Danforth				

Singer M'f'g Co, sewing machines, 82 Genesee				

Singh Rev Ranjit M, h 77 Cornell				

Sisco Solomon, meat cutter, bds 101 North				

Sisson Bessie M, seamstress, res 32 Capitol				

Sisson Durward H, nurseryman, bds 11 Franklin				

Sisson Edgar A, nurseryman, bds 11 Franklin				

Sisson Horace, nurseryman, h 11 Franklin				

Sisson Irving C, emp D M O & Co, h 32 Capitol				

SISTERS OF MERCY, Sister Gertrude, Superior, 13 Chapel				

SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH, Sister Theresa, Superior, 8 Hulbert				

Sitterly Elizabeth, widow Solomon, res 75 Washington				

Sitterly Verna E, res 75 Washington				

Sitterly Wesley E, Sitterly Novelty Works, 75 Washington, h do				

Sitterly Zoe E, stenographer, res 75 Washington				

Sittser Vesta A, h 9 Hulbert				

Siviur Joseph, twine op, h over 94 Clark				

SKADAN, see also SCADDEN				

Skadan Emeline, widow Dewitt C, h 7 Sherman				

Skadan George C, painter, h 114 Marvine ave				

Skadan Harriet E, h over 90 1/2 VanAnden				

Skadan Mabel, clerk, Big Store, res 114 Marvine ave				

Skadden Calvin P, carpenter, h 23 Hoffman				

Skadden Charles B, cigar maker, bds 23 Hoffman				

Skadden Eddie, student, Aub Bus Coll, bds 6 John				

Skadden Sula S, res 23 Hoffman				

Skadden Perry B, clerk, 21 Market, bds 23 Hoffman				

SKEEL BRUCE A., cashier, Am Ex Co, h 9 Grant ave				

Skeel Sally M, widow Truman A, res 9 Grant ave				

Skillman David R, clerk, bds 101 Van Anden				

Skillman Mrs Dora, h 101 Van Anden				

Skillman Edmond R, shoe op, bds 101 Van Anden				

Skillman Eugene J, shoe op, bds 101 Van Anden				

Skillman Frank, R R employee, bds 89 1/2 Orchard				

Skillman Ross D, shoe laster, h 56 Mattie				

Skilton Frank A, atty at law, also real estate, h over 2 Church				

Skinner Anna, widow James, h 16 Holley				

Skinner Charles W, mechanic, bds 19 Grove ave				

Skinner Edith F, domestic, 16 Elizabeth, bds 19 Grove ave				

Skinner Elias, mechanic, h 51 Park ave				

Skinner Eugene, insurance agent, res 3 Court				

Skinner Fred, barber, 44 Garden, h 2 Lawton ave				

Skinner George B, wood worker, h 64 Aurelius ave				

Skinner Helen, domestic, bds 19 Grove ave				

Skinner James, gardener, h 19 Grove ave				

Skinner Jane, widow Oliver, h over 35 Genesee				

Skinner Jesse C, accountant, 97 Genesee, res 13 Easterly ave				
	also Notary Public with seal			

Skinner L Eliza, widow George, h 121 North				

Skinner Le Roy M, mechanic, bds 51 Park ave				

Skinner Mary E, res 121 North				

Skinner Nellie, domestic, 119 South				

Skinner Ray, carpenter, bds 177 Van Anden				

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