ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.

"SL - SY"  Section

Slaght Gilbert V, carpenter, h 13 John					

Slaght Jerome V, h over 21 William					

Slaght Mrs Malanah, dressmaker, over 139 Genesee, h do					

Slaght Margaret M, bds 13 John					

Slaght Maude M, bds over 21 William					

Slarrow Allen C, clerk, 8 State, bds 9 Court					

Slarrow George C, attache, Tallman's stables, h 9 Court					

Slarrow Joseph, bottler, res 4 Hulbert					

Slarrow Joseph H, emp D M O & Co, bds 9 Court					

Slarrow Margaret, bds 9 Court					

Slarrow Pearl C, compositor, Aub Bulletin, res 9 Court					

Slarrow Rena, seamstress, bds 9 Court					

Slater Andrew, laborer, h 63 Orchard					

Slater Daniel J, moulder, bds 63 Orchard					

SLATER JAMES J., (Slater & Otis,) bds 63 Orchard					

Slater John J, brakeman, L V R R, h 61 Orchard					

Slater Julia T, shoe op, bds 63 Orchard					

Slater Melita B, nurse, bds 16 Morris					

Slater Nellie G, bookkeeper, bds 63 Orchard					

SLATER & OTIS. (James Slater and Michael F. Otis) dealers in choice Ales, Wines,					
	Liquors and Cigars, 94 Clark   The Best Brands of all goods in our line				
	constantly in stock				

Slater William, shoe op, bds 63 Orchard					

Slattery & Foster, (WA Slattery and H C Foster), merchant tailors, over 1 State					

Slattery Cecelia W, tailoress, bds 46 Owasco					

Slattery John F, emp D M O & Co, h over 64 North					

Slattery Joseph, emp D M O & Co, h 10 1/2 Logan					

Slattery Lawrence, cook, The Ideal, 3 Clark, h 46 Owasco					

Slattery Michael J, cigar maker, bds 46 Owasco					

Slattery William A, (Slattery & Foster,) over 1 State, h 5 Burt ave					

Slattery Winifred, widow Lawrence, res 10 1/2 Logan					

Slayton Albert H, shoe cutter, bds r 16 Maple					

Slayton Lydia S, widow Thomas J, h r 16 Maple					

Slayton Stella A, bds r 16 Maple					

Slee Mathew H, coal dealer, bds 6 Church					

Slee M Louisa, bds 6 Church					

Slee William D, coal, 32 1/2 State, h over 20 Nelson					

Slivka Peter, laborer, h 42 1/2 Pulsifer					

Sloane Alice T, domestic, 185 North					

Sloane George F, emp D M O & Co, h 7 Frazee					

Slocum Alonzo H, blacksmith, h over 47 North					

Slocum Charles E, twine op, bds 85 Walnut					

Slocum Emma G, twine op, bds 85 Owasco					

Slocum Henry C, h 171 Lake ave					

Slocum John, emp D M O & Co, h over 94 Clark					

Slocum John H, laborer, h 30 Sherwood					

Slocum Reuben D, upholsterer, bds 7 Janet					

Slough Mary L, Salvation Army officer, h over 87 State					

Slurff Edward J, wringer op, bds 68 1/2 West					

Sly Agnes, bookkeeper, Pleasant st ext					

Sly Fanny, bds Pleasant st ext					

Sly Ralph L, student, bds Pleasant st ext					

Sly Samuel S, pattern maker, h Pleasant st ext					

Sly Thomas, pattern maker, bds 257 Seymour					

Small John, stone cutter, bds 143 Clark					

Smart Ada M, bds 43 E Genesee					

Smart Alice, silk warper, bds 230 Seymour					

Smart Erma, student, A H S, res 11 Florence					

Smart Orrin M, collector, h 43 E Genesee					

Smart Sarah, widow Orrin M, h 43 E Genesee					

Smead William B, com trav, h 57 Seymour					

Smillie Walter H, machinist, h 39 Parker					


Smith A Bertha, trained nurse, bds 12 Beach ave					

SMITH MRS A. J. C., treas'r Aub Bulletin Co, h 83 Van Anden					

Smith Alanson J, teamster, h 147 1/2 Van Anden					

Smith Albert L, prison keeper, h 98 Division N					

Smith Alfred L, carpenter, h 43 Mattie					

Smith Alice K, saleslady, 135 Genesee, bds over 85 State					

Smith Alpheus, salesman, h over 28 Perry					

Smith Altie H, widow Jesse D, h 69 South					

Smith Amanda E, widow Richard D, res over 70 Genesee					

Smith Andrew, retired, h 33 Orchard					

Smith Anna, salesclerk, G W R & Son, res 29 1/2 Elizabeth					

Smith Mrs Anna, cook, h r 18 E Genesee					

Smith Anna L, h over 14 Sheridan					

Smith Annie, attendant, bds 10 John					

Smith Arthur, barber, h over 11 Genesee					

SMITH ARTHUR L., pharmacist and druggist also dealer in toilet articles and 					
	fancy goods, 67 Genesee West corner of North, h 6 Hoffman				

Smith Belle B, bds 117 Owasco					

SMITH BICYCLE RIDING ACADEMY (THE,) 54 State   (See adv, next page)					

SMITH BYRON C., general fire insurance, also representing The Connecticut					
	Mutual Life, office over 2 Exchange, h 86 E Genesee				

Smith Byron L, farm laborer, bds 292 North					

Smith Catherine L, button op, bds 22 Moravia					

SMITH CARLSON E., city contractor, teamster and farmer, office and res 191 E Genesee					

Smith Carrie, housekeeper, 191 E Genesee					

Smith Charles, shoe op, bds 59 Washington					

Smith Charles A, jeweler, h 66 South					

SMITH CHARLES A., wholesale dealer in Beef and Pork Products, also Civil Service					
	Com'r, offices and warehouses 17 Hulbert, h 91 E Genesee				

Smith Rev Charles G, pastor Zion M E Church, h 18 1/2 Parker					

SMITH CHARLES W., (Ashton & Smith,) also alderman 1st Ward, h 23 Hockeborn ave					

Smith Charles W, boat caulker, h 245 Seymour					

Smith Clarence W, loom fixer, bds 245 Seymour					

Smith Cora C, bds 19 Aurelius ave					

Smith Cynthia, widow Rufus. res 107 Division N					

Smith Curtis, emp D M O & Co, h 30 Bristol ave, Melrose					

Smith Daniel T, machinist, bds 3 Court					

Smith David A, carpenter, h 9 Havens ave					

Smith Dayton W, laundryman, 60 State, res 51 1/2 Franklin					

Smith Dell, domestic, res 18 Aspen					

Smith Della M, weaver, bds 245 Seymour					

SMITH DEXTER A., V-Pres Emp Tel and Tel Co, h 185 North					

Smith Dora, widow Lewis, h 10 Cornell					

Smith E, painter, bds 16 Clark					

Smith Edith J, domestic, bds 7 Lincoln					

Smith Edward H, engineer, L V R R, h 35 Jefferson					

Smith Edward L, salesman, 102 Genesee, h 79 Seymour					

Smith Electa E, widow Darius, h over 1 State					

Smith Eliza, widow Jay J, res over 1 State					

Smith Elizabeth, h over 1 State					

Smith Ella A, button op, bds 7 Lincoln					

Smith Ellen, weaver, bds 13 Barber					

Smith Emma, shoe op, bds 117 Owasco					

Smith Emma A, widow John W, res 8 Grant ave					

Smith Emma M, button op, bds 7 Lincoln					

Smith Ernest D, emp L V R R, h 29 1/2 Academy					

Smith Ernest L, mechanic, bds 125 Cottage					

Smith F Curtis, student, Union Coll, res 38 Logan					

Smith Mrs Frances M, bds 20 Seminary ave					

Smith Frank, carder, bds 28 Division S					

Smith Frank A, carpenter, h 22 Gaylord					

SMITH FRANK S., pharmacist and druggist, also dealer in toilet articles		
	and fancy goods, agent for standard makes of bicycles, 54 State, 
h 83 VanAnden Bicycle Annex for Repairs and sundries--
Bicycle Riding School attached (See adv) Smith Fred, mechanic, bds 0ver 11 Genesee SMITH FRED A., (Smith & Leonard,) res 53 E Genesee Smith Frederick E, coachman, h over 1 Carpenter SMITH COL. FRED M., Auctioneer, General Negotiator, and Hotel Broker for Western New York, office and residence 70 South, Syracuse headquarters at the Yates Hotel (See inside back cover) SMITH G. C., MANUFACTURING CO., (THE) manufacturers hardware specialties, bicycle sundries, and novelties, offices and factory 41 Washington Smith George, emp D M O & Co, bds 13 Seward ave Smith George, mill foreman, bds 54 1/2 Orchard Smith George, mill op, bds 9 1/2 State Smith George, shoe op, bds over 19 3/4 Genesee Smith George, twine op, bds over 19 1/2 North Smith George, twine op, h 93 Perrine Smith George M, emp D M O & Co, res 186 North Smith George S, printer, h 12 Beach ave Smith George W, carpenter, h over 19 3/4 Genesee Smith Georgia L, domestic, 1 Mc Master Smith Georgianna Knapp, res 144 South Smith Gertrude H, dressmaker, bds 22 Moravia SMITH GOLDSBOROUGH C., (The G. C. Smith Manufacturing Co,) also Pres't Board of Fire Com'rs, office 41 Washington, h 205 Genesee Smith Harman D, hammersman, h 53 1/2 Barber Smith Mrs Harriet, h 22 Moravia Smith Harriet, widow Jacob, h 68 Perrine Smith Helen M, mill op, bds over 20 E Genesee Smith Helen M, weaver, bds 1 Spring Smith Mrs Henrietta A, h over 12 Seymour Smith Horace B, h 160 Genesee Smith Horatio H, ass't sup't Prudential Ins Co., h 19 Aurelius ave Smith Howard, carpenter, h over 69 Owasco Smith Howard B, clerk, bds over 36 1/2 Genesee Smith Ida M, res 107 Division N Smith Ida M, emp D M O & Co, bds 117 Owasco SMITH IRVING W., (Smith & Pearson,) h 105 E Genesee Smith James, blacksmith, bds 12 Garden Smith James, carpenter, h 70 1/2 Mechanic Smith James, noulder, bds 9 Court Smith James, tailor, 87 Genesee, h 33 Logan Smith James A, barber, 77 State, h 33 Logan Smith James C, musician, bds 197 State Smith James E, barber, 1 Water, h 12 Court Smith James R, horse shoer, bds over 37 Aurelius ave Smith Jane, widow George W, bds 156 E Genesee Smith Jennie, domestic, 22 Westlake ave Smith Joel M, laborer, bds 245 Seymour Smith John B, barber, 44 Garden, bds 33 Logan Smith John E, brakeman, O R R R, h over 11 Genesee SmithJohn F, machinist, h 10 Washington Smith Josiah N, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 Logan SMITH MRS. JULIA G., res 70 South Smith Katherine J, res 218 State Smith Laura, widow James P, h 1 Spring Smith Lena, shoe op, bds 10 Cornell SMITH & LEONARD, (F. A. Smith and E. A. Leonard,) hats, caps and a complete line of Gent's Furnishings, 107 Genesee Smith Letitia A, accountant, Aub Gas Co, 122 Genesee, res 7 Grant ave Smith Lewis E, hostler, L V R R, bds 245 Seymour Smith Lewis H, clerk, bds 10 Cornell Smith Lilla M, bds 30 Bristol ave, Melrose Smith Lydia A, widow Oliver, h 12 Beach ave Smith Margaret, attendant, 140 North Smith Maria E, widow Edwin F, h over 36 1/2 E Genesee Smith Maria L, widow Charles D, h 53 E Genesee Smith Mrs Marion E, milliner, 160 Genesee, h do Smith Mark D, machinist, h over 106 Seymour Smith Martha J, h 54 Clark Smith Martin J, barkeeper, 11 State, bds 3 1/2 Hulbert Smith Mary A, widow William, h over 13 Van Anden Smith Mary Ann, widow William, res 12 Burt ave Smith Mary B, widow Isaac, bds 12 Parker Smith Mary C, res 218 State Smith Mary E, domestic, 84 Nelson Smith Mary E, domestic, 4 Grover Smith Mary E, widow J Harrison, bds 38 Logan Smith Mary F, domestic, bds over 18 E Genesee Smith Miss Mary L, res 70 South Smith Mary R, tailoress, bds 33 Logan Smith Mrs Mary S, dressmaker, res 98 Division N Smith Matilda M, mill op, bds 8 Logan Smith Mrs Melvina, housekeeper, 3 Parsons Smith M Emma, bds 39 Perry Smith Mortimer H, cloth cutter, 87 Genesee, h 38 Logan Smith Myrtle, res 38 Hamilton ave Smith Nellie, mill op, bds 54 1/2 Orchard Smith Nettie J, domestic, 114 E Genesee Smith Norman L, wagon maker, over 2 Seminary ave, h 26 Fulton Smith Oliver S, machinist, h over 119 Wall Smith Ora M, waitress, bds 125 Cottage Smith Pauline C, res 185 North SMITH & PEARSON, (Irving W. Smith and George C. Pearson,) dealers in hardware, builder's materials and house furnishing goods, 102 and 104 Genesee (See side lines) Smith Peter, retired, h 218 State Smith Peter K, grocer, 216 State, h 218 do Smith Reuben F, line foreman, E L Co, h 83 Franklin Smith Rhoda F, widow George M, h 186 North Smith Robert B, emp D M O & Co, h 28 1/2 Lewis Smith Ruth A, housekeeper, 183 Seymour Smith Sarah, bds 46 Grant ave Smith Seward, com trav, h 17 Sherman Smith Starr B, wall papers, h 39 Perry Smith Thomas H, mill op, h 8 Logan Smith Thomas H, Jr, mill op, bds 8 Logan SMITH TRUMAN K., physician and surgeonm office and res 173 Genesee Hours from 12 to 2 and 6 to 8 P M Smith Walter S, machinist, h 250 Seymour Smith Ward, h 10 Grant ave Smith Wilbur B, h 104 North Smith William, laborer, h 27 Moravia Smith William, laborer, h 12 Cornell Smith William, mechanic, h 28 Lansing Smith William, mason tender, bds 196 Seymour Smith William A, sash maker, h 43 Capitol Smith William D, moulder, h 117 Owasco Smith William G, emp D M O & Co, h 10 Market, 2d fl Smith William H, 135 Wall Smith William H, drug clerk, 60 Owasco, h over 12 Fulton Smith William H, laborer, h 7 Lincoln Smith William H, machinist, bds 191 E Genesee Smith William H, machinist, bds 2 Parsons Smith William J, mill op, bds 8 Logan Smyth Anna, student, C G S, res 7 Hulbert SMYTH CHARLES H., choice family groceries, country produce, wholesale and retail dealer in tobacco and cigars, 39 and 41 North, h 7 Hulbert ALE, Wine and Liquor Dep't attached Smyth Helen G, teacher, St Mary's Sch, res 40 1/2 Fitch ave Smyth Hugh J, salesman, bds 7 Hulbert Smyth John, laborer, h 40 1/2 Fitch ave Smyth Marcella G, student, A H S, bds 7 Hulbert Smyth May F, accountant, 41 North, bds 7 Hulbert Smyth Patrick J, student, St Andrew's Coll, res 40 1/2 Fitch ave Smyth Rose C, stenographer, res 40 1/2 Fitch ave Smyth Sarah M, accountant, 57 Genesee, res 40 1/2 Fitch ave Smyth William P, salesman, 41 North, bds 7 Hulbert Snead Delilah, domestic, 26 Nelson Snell Charles W, horse shoer, h 4 elm Snell May, button op, bds 4 Elm Snell William, emp D M O & Co, bds 10 Owasco Snook Henry L, painter, h 51 Barber SNOW BENJAMIN B., sup't and sec'y Baord of Education, office 16 Seward Block, over 92 Genesee, h 10 Grover SNOW MISS MARY, (Williams & Snow,) res 10 Grover SNYDER, see also SCHNEIDER Snyder Catherine, widow thomas h 168 Cottage Snyder Charles, moulder, bds 174 South Snyder Daisy, seamstress, bds 56 Seward ave Snyder George E, coll clerk, Cay Co Nat Bk, bds 6 Orchard SNYDER GEORGE W., (M. L. Walley & Co.,) h 6 Orchard Snyder George W, (2) emp D M O & Co, h over 24 E Genesee Snyder Herbert L, milk pedler, h 4 Parker Snyder Mrs J A, ins and real estate, over 8 South, res 1 Chapel ave Snyder Jacob D, emp D M O & Co, bds 8 Perrine Snyder Kittie, dressmaker, bds 168 Cottage Snyder Louisa, widow Benjamin F, bds 2 Janet Snyder Mae, cashier, Big Store, bds over 1 1/2 Mary Snyder Rose, mill op, bds 168 cottage Snyder Ruth, mill op, bds 168 Cottage Soevyn Frank J, shoe cutter, bds over 8 Derby ave Somers Carl W, student, A H S, res 22 Westlake ave Somers Charles E, chef, Empire House, 34 Dill Somers Emma L, bds 3 Church Somers Harry B, com trav, h 8 Ross Place Somers Josephine, waitress, Empire House, 34 Dill Somers Levings H, student, Yale Coll, res 22 Westlake ave Somers Warrington, professor, A H S, h 22 Westlake ave Somerville Claude, emp D M O & Co, h 6 Academy Somerville Edna M, dressmaker, res 6 Academy Somerville Eugene, emp D M O & Co, h 6 Academy Somerville Grace, button op, bds 6 Academy Soper Burtis, machinist, h 85 Wall SOPER ERWIN C., negotiator of Real Estate, with A. W. Lawton, over 117 Genesee, h 68 Hamilton ave Sorn Sarah, twine op, bds 5 Seymour SOULE, see also SOWLES Soule Frances A, housekeeper, 17 Perry Soule Hobart W, painter, h 17 Perry Soulier Elizabeth, housekeeper, 64 Perrine Soulier Fanny C, bookkeeper, res 64 Perrine Soulier George W, locomotive fireman, h 52 Nelson Soulier Philip J, custom boot and shoemaker, 201 1/2 State, h 64 Perrine Southard Claude J, mason, h over 30 Cayuga Southard Herbert, moulder, h over 47 Orchard Southard Joseph A, mechanic, h 9 Kelsey Southgate Archibald, twine op, bds over 79 Franklin Southgate Charles A, tailor, 40 1/2 State, h 69 Lewis Southgate Edgar, emp D M O & Co, bds 44 Morris SOUTH STREET MARKET, R. A. Stanton, prop'r, 12 South SOWLES, see also SOULE Sowles Mrs Lena E, dressmaker, bds 28 Hoffman Sowles William H, pattern maker, h 66 Elizabeth Sowles William H, sash maker, h 28 Hoffman Spaeth Charles J, bds 20 Frances Spalding George B, Jr, student, Theo Sem, res 93 North Spann William H, student, Theo Sem, res do Spafford Charles E, emp D M O & Co, h over 75 Owasco Spaid Llewellyn F, sexton, 1st Presby Ch, h 1 Franklin Spani Flario, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic Spani Franco, laborer, bds 2 O'Neil ave Spani Frank, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic Spani Joseph, laborer, bds 52 Mechanic Spaulding Mrs Adelia A, dressmaker, over 5 Clark, h 16 Seymour Spaulding Bert J, mechanic, bds over 16 Mary Spaulding Charles, mechanic, bds over 16 Mary Spaulding Frank E, plater, h 40 1/2 Nelson Spaulding Judson E, barber, bds 30 Bradford Spaulding William A, mill op, h over 16 Mary Spear Charles H, laborer, h 53 Case ave Spear Frances M, bds 53 Case ave Spear John, civil engineer, bds 145 Clark SPEARES THOS. W., machinist, also Fire Com'r, h 6 Van Patten Speck Frank, laborer, bds 145 Clark Speed William A, mason, h over 71 Franklin Spencer Charles, plumber, h 135 fulton Spencer Edward H, machinist, h 40 Steel Spencer Edwin H, machinist, bds 62 Orchard Spencer Egbert J, carpenter, h r 123 Mechanic Spencer Mrs Ellen H, laundress, h over 40 Lewis Spencer Everett S, painter, h 30 Union ave Spencer Frank H, carpenter, bds 123 Mechanic Spencer John, mill op, h 69 Cornell Spencer Timothy J, emp D M O & Co, bds 69 Cornell Sperling Alfred, gardener, h r 104 North Sperrin Samuel, h 28 Evans Sperry Eva A, bds 15 Maple Sperry James C, emp D M O & Co, h 38 Lansing Sperry Louis F, Jr, wholesaler, 36 Market, h 85 E Genesee Sperry Louise J, h over 75 North Sperry Nettie J, milliner, bds 38 Lansing Sperry Sarah A, saleslady, 50 Lansing, bds 38 do Sperry Thomas M, watchman, h 28 Capitol Spicer Clarence T, U S A, res 90 Mechanic Spicer Lena M, weaver, bds 90 Mechanic Spicer William H, carriage painter, h 90 Mechanic Spiedel Dena H, dressmaker, bds 51 Elizabeth Spiedel George, tailor, h 51 Elizabeth Spiedel Henrietta, student, A H S, res 51 Elizabeth Spiedel Joseph, emp D M O & Co, h 5 Rock ave Spinning M Adelle, attendant, Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco Spofford Mrs Julia C, boarding house, 42 E Genesee Spooner Alice, laundress, bds 40 Holley Spooner B Adella, laundress, bds 40 Holley Spooner Edwin A, mason, h 30 Fitch ave Spooner Eva C, nurse, h 40 Holley Spooner Joseph, laborer, bds 127 Cottage Spooner Thomas, emp D M O & Co, bds r 34 Perrine SPRAGUE, AXTMANN & NOLAN, (Charles A. Sprague, Vol. Axtmann and Jno. C. Nolan) Shaving and Hair Dressing Parlors, also Bath Rooms, 96 Genesee (Seward B'k) (See card) SPRAGUE BARBER L., book and job printer, 67 State, h 9 Catlin All kinds of plain and decorative printing Mercantile work a specialty SPRAGUE CHARLES A., (Sprague, Axtmann & Nolan,) h 73 Hamilton ave SPRAGUE MRS. CLARA A., sup't Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco, res do Sprague Clara D, student, Smith coll, res 66 Owasco Sprague Edgar J, gardener, bds 107 Franklin Sprague Edward G, machinist, h 72 Washington Sprague Mrs Mary, bds New Nat'l Hotel, 33 E Genesee Spreter Charles L, emp D M O & Co, bds 18 1/2 Union Spreter Frank W, mechanic, bds 18 1/2 Union Spreter Gustav, brewer, h 18 1/2 Union Spriggs David B, loom fixer, h 29 Moravia Spriggs Joseph, gardener, bds 29 Moravia Spriggs Maude D, widow George, h 36 Lincoln SPRINGSTEAD DON F., contractor and carpenter builder, 8 Franklin, h 16 Nelson (See page 4) Sprowles Thomas, groom, bds Radney House, 34 E Genesee Spurr Herbert H, twine op, h 115 Lewis Squire charlotte E, res 14 Nelson Squire George, shoe op, h 153 Lake ave Squire George T, emp D M O & Co, rooms 9 Franklin Squire Nettie, ass't matron, Woman's Prison, 50 Wall Squyer Mrs Frances E, h 26 Nelson Squyer Frank S, student, Rochester Theo Sem, bds 26 Nelson SQUYER FREDERICK B., tel editor, Advertiser, bds 26 Nelson SQUYER H. SEYMOUR, photographer, studio and parlors 130 Genesee, h 6 William Stacey Alfred M, emp D M O & co, bds 100 Fulton Stacey Clara, widow William, h 16 Beach ave Stacey Don C, salesclerk, 64 Genesee, bds 100 Fulton Stacey Richard M, h 100 Fulton Stack John, laborer, bds 33 West Stack Patrick, emp D M O & Co, bds 33 West Stack Timothy, iron worker, bds 33 West Stadden Richard A, moulder, bds over 19 1/2 North Stadden Peter, mechanic, bds over 19 1/2 North Stafford Bessie P, seamstress, bds 178 Perrine ave Stafford Charles H, grocer, 89 State, h 220 do Stafford Gertrude A, res 178 Perrine ave Stafford Gordon, res 112 Fulton Stafford John, scythe temperer, h 62 Pulsifer Stafford Joseph M, scythe maker, bds 178 Perrine ave Stafford Margaret M, cashier, 199 Seymour, res 62 Pulsifer Stafford Mary, widow Michael, bds 220 State Stafford Mary A, widow Thomas, bds 112 Fulton Stafford Mary R, salesclerk, 101 Division N, res 190 Perrine ave Stafford Michael J, scythe maker, h 178 Perrine ave STAFFORD WILLIAM A., dealer in Groceries, Fruits and Produce, also Teas, Coffees and Spices, 101 Division N and 24 Clark, h 190 Perrine ave Stahlberger Elizabeth, button op, bds 52 Elizabeth Stahlberger Ellen H, student, bds 52 Elizabeth Stahlberger Frederick J, cigar maker, h 52 Elizabeth Stahlberger Isabelle, button op, bds 52 Elizabeth Stahlberger Joseph F, cigar maker, h 99 Wall Stahlnecker Allen I, shoe cutter, bds 8 Cross Stahlnecker Catherine E, widow William, h 8 Cross Stahlnecker Della, twine op, bds 27 Garden Stahlwitz Roman, twine op, h over 90 Clark Stalker B Frank, barkeeper, 16 State, res over 12 do Stalker Dorcas A, widow Clinton L, h over 5 Lawton ave Stalker James W, shoe op, bds over 12 State Stalker William L, carriage maker, h over 2 Fort ST. ALPHONSUS CHURCH, (German R. C.,) Rev. Herbert Regenbogen, pastor, 11 Water ST. ALPHONSUS CONVENT, 14 Seminary ave ST. ALPHONSUS SCHOOL, in charge Sisters St. Joseph, 14 Seminary ave Stancel George N, emp D M O & Co, h 1 Lewis STANDARD BAIT M'F'G CO., (D. Erastus Corning,) Manufacturers fine fishing tackle and dealers in fisherman's sundries, 9 Exchange STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YORK, Daniel C. Pitt, manager, Petroleum Products, office and works 3, 5 and 7 Monroe Stanfield Thomas, tinsmith, h Lake ave n Owasco Stanfield William, stock clerk, bds Lake ave n Owasco Stanford Charles R, Adams' Medicine Co, bds 54 Grant ave Stanford Jean, bds 6 Cayuga Stanford M Lizzie, dressmaker, over 136 Genesee, h do Stanford William L, bds 11 Frances Stanley Charles B, ass't electrical eng'r Aub Prison, bds 34 Dill Stanley Edgar C, com trav, h 97 Franklin Stanley Grace M, bds 97 Franklin Stanley Mary C, bds 97 Franklin Stanley Nellie L, stenographer, bds 97 Franklin Stanley Roy M, clerk, 101 Orchard, bds 54 E Genesee Stanley William H, salesman, 87 and 89 Genesee, h 6 William STANTON, see also STAUNTON Stanton Adelbert C, clerk, h 77 Wall Stanton Grove A, student, bds 77 Wall Stanton Henry E, meat cutter, 9 state, h 19 Court Stanton Jay, delivery clerk, bds 77 Wall Stanton Jesse H, com trav, res 7 Elizabeth STANTON LEVI, dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, sausage, lard and all kinds of beef and pork products, 9 State, h 7 Elizabeth STANTON ROLAND A., prop'r South st Market and dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, 12 South, res 7 Elizabeth Stanton William, cloth fuller, bds 58 Canoga Stanzel Max, tailor, 110 Genesee, h 23 Augustus Staphen Rose, domestic, 16 Steel Stapleton James M, shoe op, bds 259 Seymour Stapleton Jeremiah J, shoe op, bds 259 Seymour Stapleton John, h 259 Seymour Stapleton John, emp D M O & Co, bds 13 Greene Stapleton John E, student, also musician, bds 259 Seymour Stapleton William M, shoe op, bds 259 Seymour Starner John N, life insurance, h 3 Moravia Starr Amelia C, widow Joseph M, h 55 Holley Starr Mrs Charles, res 12 Fort Starr Helen M, widow Rev Frederick, h 27 Seminary ave Starr John M, mechanic, bds 55 Holley Starr Lucy H, bds 27 Seminary ave Stauder Mary, shoe op, bds 8 Union Stauder Michael, iron worker, bds 8 Union Stauder Peter, emp D M O & Co, h 8 Union Stauder Peter, Jr, twine op, bds 8 Union STAUNTON, see also STANTON Staunton Louis H, horse shoer, 35 Garden, h 57 Nelson ST. CATHERINE'S CONVENT OF MERCY, Sister Mary Joseph, Superior, 13 Chapel St. Croix John, moulder, h over 6 Spring St. Denis Emily, artist, bds 161 State Stead James F, mason tender, rooms over 64 Genesee Steadman E M, h 49 Capitol Steadman George W, iron worker, h 49 Capitol Steadwell J W, railroad emp, bds 16 Clark Stearns Augustus, brakeman, L V R R, bds over 251 Genesee Stearns Lizzie B, widow James W, res 260 Seymour STEARNS & SONS, (Successors to French & Co.,) Mantels, Fire Places and Tiles, 242 West Railroad st, Syracuse, N Y (See adv) Stebbins Ella A, widow Edwin, bds over 1 Seymour Stebbins Frederick A, driver, bds 15 Kitchell Stebbins Frederick W, engineer, h 15 Kitchell Stebbins Hattie L, bds 36 Bradford Stebbins James E, prison keeper, h 36 Bradford Stebbins James H W, carpenter, h 19 First ave, Melrose Stebbins Jennie, widow Phineas, bds over 1 Beach ave Stebbins Julia L, domestic, 38 Franklin Stebbins Sarah M, bds 15 Kitchell Stebbins Michael, iron worker, h over 90 Clark Stebbins Sidney, machinist, bds 68 West Stedem George W, iron worker, rooms 6 Chapel Steel Charles, student, bds 3 Steel Steel Frances H, widow Richard C, h 3 steel Steel Mary C, h 69 South Steel Richard, student, Williams Coll, bds 3 Steel Steele Alexander, laborer, h 2 Danforth Steele Arthur F S, student, bds 251 Genesee Steele Frank A, building mover, h 41 Perry Steele Frank M, emp D M O & Co, h over 108 Genesee Steele Fred D, emp D M O & Co, h over 43 Perry Steele John, foreman, L V R R, h 251 Genesee Steele Walter L, machinist, h 20 Van Patten Steele William A, student, A H S, bds 251 Genesee Steenbergh Asa C, carpenter, h 159 1/2 Perrine Steenbergh Dora O, dressmaker, bds 159 1/2 Perrine Steigerwald Anna, button op, bds 72 Prospect Steigerwald Anton F, emp D M O & Co, h 57 Bradford Steigerwald Emil, teamster, bds 7 Aurelius ave Steigerwald Frank H, electrician, bds 57 Bradford Steigerwald Frederick, laborer, h 72 Prospect Steigerwald George, button op, bds 72 Prospect Steigerwald Henry J, upholsterer, bds 57 Bradford Steigerwald Johanna K, dressmaker, bds 57 Bradford Steigerwald Joseph F, coremaker, bds 28 Chase Steigerwald Katie, dressmaker, bds 72 Prospect Steigerwald Leonhard, emp D M O & Co, h 28 Chase Steigerwald Mary A, mill op, bds 28 Chase Steigerwald Matilda F, res 28 chase Steigerwald Theresa, dressmaker, bds 57 Bradford Steigerwald Valentine J, salesman, 42 Genesee, h 53 Frances Steimwinter Joseph, wood carver, h 28 Burt ave Stenson Anna M, attendant, 168 Genesee STEPHENS, see also STEVENS Stephens Nellie, res Bristol ave n Owasco Stephens W H L, clerk, Hotel Avery, bds do Sterling Lillian J, actress, bds 28 Dill Sterling Mary E, button op, bds 28 Dill Sterling Sadie, button op, bds 28 Dill Sterling Sarah M, widow Henry, h 28 Dill STEVENS, SEE ALSO STEPHENS Stevens Agnes, shoe op, bds 41 Orchard Stevens Almira, widow John, h 25 Perry STEVENS A. M., Specialty Cloak and Suit Store, 135 Genesee, h over 137 do We offer bargains every day and invite inspection Quality prices not obtainable elsewhere The finest window display in Auburn Do not fail to see it Stevens Amanda S, widow Jonathan, res 172 Van Anden STEVENS A. W. CO., (Marinette, Wis.,) m'f'rs threshers, engines, &c, &c, (N Y State Branch,) E Fay Stevens, manager, office 40 Washington STEVENS A. W. & SON, (In Liquidation,) S. W. Reed, treas'r, E. Fay Stevens, sec'y, office 40 Washington Stevens Caroline S, widow Benevolent, h 44 1/2 Franklin Stevens Charles, h 6 Lawton ave Stevens Charles E, clerk, coll dep D M O & Co, h 34 Hamilton ave Stevens Charles J, delivery clerk, 35 Genesee, h 36 Capitol Stevens Charles W, emp D M O & Co, bds over 14 Morris Stevens Clarence F, emp D M O & Co, h r 78 Owasco Stevens David N, carpenter, h 42 Lincoln Stevens Edward F, (Stevens & Stevens,) res 23 West Stevens Edwin L, delivery clerk, h over 39 Genesee STEVENS E. FAY, sec'y A. W. Stevens & Son (In Liquidation,) also manager A. W. Stevens Co, (Marinette, Wis,) branch office 40 Washington, res 16 Hamilton ave Extras for A. W. Stevens & Son's threshers and engines can be obained at this office Stevens Ella A, bds 44 1/2 Franklin Stevens Frank J, tinsmith, h 36 Capitol Stevens Fenton M, ins agent, h over 21 Sherman Stevens Frederick, painter, bds 16 Clark, h over 22 do Stevens F Joseph, mechanic, bds 23 West Stevens George, painter, bds 16 Clark, rooms over 22 do Stevens George A, barber, bds 23 West Stevens George R, salesman, 133 Genesee, res 28 Court Stevens George W, accountant, 34 Genesee, h 26 Perry Stevens Harry, core maker, h over 18 1/2 Nelson Stevens James A, coachman, Bell's Livery, 35 Garden Stevens J Frank, printer, Daily Advertiser, h 95 Seymour Stevens John W, (Stevens & Stevens,) res 23 West Stevens Lorinda, widow Abram W, h 16 Orchard Stevens Margaret A, widow Edward, h 23 West Stevens Mary A, student, A H S, res 23 West Stevens Mary E, widow Alexander, h 1 1/2 Chestnut Stevens Mary R, teacher, Grover st sch. bds 1 1/2 Chestnut Stevens Nellie, widow Edwin, h over 5 First ave, Melrose Stevens Royal F, barber, 34 North, bds do Stevens Seneca, machinist, h over 40 Water Stevens & Stevens (Edward F and John W,) hair dressers, 90 Clark Stevens Thomas H, U S A, res 23 West Stevens Urban S, office clerk, 34 Genesee, bds 36 Capitol Stevens William C, delivery clerk, h over 14 Morris Stevenson George W, jeweler, bds 3 John Stevenson Herbert, carpenter, h 28 Seymour Stevenson Herbert B, printer, 8 Market, h 27 1/2 Seymour Stevenson Howard S, pianos, etc, h 19 Lewis Stevenson Martha a, widow Arthur, h 3 John Stevenson Maude G, bds 27 1/2 Seymour Steverson Anna, domestic, over 25 Dill Steverson Louis, coachman, 22 South, bds 65 Fitch ave STEWART, see also STUART Stewart Alida M, res 64 Garrow Stewart Charles C, evangelist, h 13 Gaylord Stewart Charles C, machinist, h 55 1/2 Walnut Stewart Charles H, emp D M O & Co, bds 64 Garrow Stewart Clara A, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 56 Mechanic Stewart Clarence, coachman, h 20 Cornell Stewart Eliza, weaver, bds 54 Owasco Stewart Rev George B, D D, pres't also prof Theo Sem, h 182 North Stewart George E, clerk, Holmes' Bottling Works, 40 Chapel, h 54 Owasco Stewart Gertrude, bds 20 Cornell Stewart Herbert W, emp D M O & Co, h over 44 Lewis Stewart James A, machinist, h 26 Lincoln Stewart John, laborer, bds 54 Owasco Stewart Libbie C, widow Alexander C, h 5 Westlake ave Stewart Lydia A, widow Charles H, h 4 John Stewart Mrs Margaret, housekeeper, 54 Owasco Stewart William, mill foreman, h 61 Owasco Stewart William A, mechanic, h 67 1/2 Division N Stewart William H, emp D M O & Co, h 64 Garrow Stewart William H, teamster, h 21 1/2 Perry Stewart William H, teamster, h South n limits ST. GEORGE'S hall, over 8 Genesee STICKLES BROTHERS, (Fred S. and Edwin D,) Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Choice Confectionery, also Ice Cream Parlors and Dining Rooms, 53 Genesee STICKLES EDWIN D., (Stickles Brothers,) h 28 Franklin STICKLES FRED S., (Stickles Brothers,) also manager The Restaurant and Confectionery Dep't, Lake Side Park (Owasco Lake), h 21 Elizabeth Stickles John S, com trav, h 6 Morris Stiles Edward S, mechanic, bds 148 1/2 Cottage Stiles Elizabeth S, widow Henry, bds 46 Grant ave Stiles George, mechanic, h 250 State Stiles James J, mason, bds 148 1/2 Cottage Stiles, Robert, emp D M O & Co, h 35 Moravia Stiles Robert, moulder, h 35 Moravia STILLSON CHARLES H., barkeeper, 20 State, also compounder of Complicated Beverages and Exhilarating Mixtures, res New Commercial Hotel, 41 Garden Stillson Ida E, widow Reuben E, shoe op, bds 104 Clark Stillson Jane, domestic, h over 23 Wood Stillson Jay W, moulder, h 18 Baker ave Stillson Libbie, bds over 23 Wood Stillson Rosanna, widow Horace A, h 16 Owasco Stillwell Mrs May, attendant, Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco Stine Alice, mill op, bds 36 Chase Stine Andrew, emp D M O & Co, bds 36 Chase Stine James, quarryman, bds 36 Chase Stine John, quarryman, h 36 chase Stine John, Jr, emp D M O & Co, bds 36 Chase Stine Thomas, core maker, bds 36 Chase ST. JOHN'S GUILD HOUSE, 16 Hoffman ST. MARY'S PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, conducted by the Sisters St Joseph, 13 Clark ST. MARY'S TEMPERANCE SOCIETY, rooms over 2 Exchange Stockwell Henry L, machinist, h over 31 Van Anden Stockwell Martha H, h over 8 Fort Stockwell Mary B, dressmaker, bds over 8 Fort Stokes Alfred B, mason, bds 10 Adams STOKES CHARLES D., prop'r The Lewis House, 35 Chapel Rates Reasonable, Location Central, Equipments Up to Date, Service Unequalled Stokes Charles E, lather, bds 46 Mechanic Stokes Clara S, res 125 Franklin Stokes Edward, laborer, bds 56 Cornell Stokes Eliza, widow Samuel, h 46 Mechanic Stokes Elizabeth, widow Henry, res 21 Logan Stokes Henry S, clerk, Lewis House, 35 Chapel Stokes John, laborer, h 56 cornell Stokes Kate, dressmaker, res 50 Barber Stokes Mabel E, domestic, 30 Westlake ave Stokes William H, laborer, bds 56 Cornell Stone Avery J, student, bds 23 Sheridan Stone Charles E, machinist, bds 30 Hamilton ave Stone Charles G, gardener, h 30 Hamilton ave Stone Clara, widow John H, res over 1 Carpenter Stone David H, iron worker, h 57 1/2 Van Anden Stone Elizabeth H, widow Phineas C, bds 11 John Stone Elizabeth M, widow David H, res 62 Elizabeth Stone Emily, seamstress, bds 71 1/2 Lewis Stone Eva M, accountant, 33 Genesee, res 22 Grant ave Stone Frances E, widow George, h over 9 Sheridan Stone Frank E, mason, h 71 1/2 Lewis Stone Florence M, bds 30 Hamilton ave Stone John R, meat cutter, 37 Steel, bds 62 3/4 Mechanic Stone Junius B, com trav, h 23 Sheridan Stone Margaret E, seamstress, bds 30 Hamilton ave Stone Mary A, widow Ezra, h 62 3/4 Mechanic Stone Mary E, instructress, res 50 Clark Stone Orinda M, widow Delancey D, h over 110 Genesee Stone Rosa A, (Auburn Ladies' Gymnasium) over 110 Genesee, h do Stone Rosalind L, widow Joseph, bds 46 Grant ave Stone Sarah A, h 50 Clark Stone Theodore D, messenger, P Cable Co, bds 1 Carpenter Stone William H, plumber, bds 30 Hamilton ave Stoner Clarence H, sales and exchange stables, r 41 Water, h 30 Capitol Stoner John, bds 30 Capitol Stoop Sarah, widow Thomas, h over 1 Burt ave Stoppard alice H, bds 165 E Genesee Stoppard Jennie H, teacher, Franklin st sch, bds 165 E Genesee Stoppard Robert, blacksmith, h 165 E Genesee Storke Alan M, student, A H S, bds 61 Seward ave Storke Charles, ice pedler, bds 100 Cornell Storke Charles W, sec'y, K B Co, h 81 Seymour Storke Edith G, bds 143 North STORKE FREDERICK E., (Underwood, Storke & Seward) h 61 Seward ave Storke Helen E, bds 143 North STORKE HENRY L., pres and general manager the Emp State Tel and Tel Co, offices over 102 Genesee (Smith B'd'g), h 143 North STORKE MURRAY M., sec'y the Emp Tel and Tel co, office over 102 Genesee, (Smith B'd'g), h 74 Seymour Stoeke Paul D, student, A H S, bds 61 Seward ave Stott Mrs Sarah, res 73 South Stott William, gardener, 73 South Stout Allen D, emp D M O & Co, bds 69 North Stout Carlton A, sup't, Emp M'f'g Co, h 69 North Stout Fred A, laborer, h 51 Garrow Stout Fred H, foreman, Ind Dept Aub Prison, res 57 Clark Stout Iva Pearl, res 28 Ross Place Stout James C, contractor and builder, h 57 Clark Stout Mabel E, res 57 Clark Stout Percy A, emp D M O & Co, bds 69 North Stout Ransom S, gardener, h 28 Ross Place Stout Robert Henry, laborer, h 18 Delevan Stout Romana H, milliner, bds 28 Ross Place Stover Alice M, button op, bds 268 1/2 Seymour STOYELL SMITH, druggist, 67 Genesee, res Port Byron Strait Frances A, mill op, bds 74 West Stranzel Simon, saloon, also cooper, 69 Owasco, h do Strecker Ernest L, emp D M O & Co, h over 26 Gaylord STREETER EDWARD J., manager C. S. Woolworth & Co, 83 Genesee, h over 52 do Strickland Mrs Cora B, music teacher, res 95 Wall Strickland Dwight J, machinist, h 95 Wall Strickland Iva, compositor, Daily Adv'r, res 96 Lansing Strickland John E, wood turner, h 96 Lansing Strickland Samuel J, retired, h 150 Van Anden Strickroot John G, mechanic, h 68 Holley Strickroot Theresa S, student, A H S, bds 68 Holley Striegel George H, com trav, h over 53 Market Stringer George, laborer, h 24 Pulsifer Stringer George E, inventor, h 1 Pleasant Stringer William, emp D M O & Co, bds 24 Pulsifer Stringer William O, salesman, 145 Genesee, bds 1 Pleasant Stringham Frank C, (G H S & Son,) bds 12 Hulbert Stringham George H, ( G H S & Son,) h 12 Hulbert Stringham G H & Son, (Frank C,) grocers, 17 Greene Strohmenger Theodore E, shoe op, h 154 Van Anden Strong J Winifred, student, A H S, res 3 Hulbert Strong Lit, brickmaker, bds 77 Cornell Strong Oliver B, farmer, bds 17 Canoga Strong Otis, teacher, A A S, res 20 Grover Strong Robert B, scythe maker, bds 17 Canoga Strong Susannah, widow Oliver, h 17 Canoga Strong Thomas H, bds 116 Van Anden STRONG WINNIE R., cap't Hose 3, a F D, h 3 Hulbert Strout greenleaf A, mill foreman, h over 29 Division N STUART, see also STEWART Stubbins John, mill op, bds 160 Clark Stuperia Rosa, attche (sic), Home Restaurant, 24 North Stupp Mrs Adele, res 183 Seymour Stupp Anthony, h 10 Washington Stupp A Theresa, bds 34 Franklin Stupp Mrs Carrie, wrapper op, bds 183 Seymour Stupp Carrie E, Winona Hoisery, h 106 Wall Stupp Charles F, bookkeeper, Nat'l B'k of aub, h over 52 Genesee Stupp Charles J, accountant, h 214 Genesee Stupp Elmer W, gen'l bookkeeper, D M O & Co, h 94 Seymour Stupp Eugene W, twine op, bds 179 Seymour Stupp Ferdinand A, res 10 Washington STUPP F. J. & Co., (Geo. H. Parsall,) dealers in Anthracite and Bituminous Coal, office 54 State, yards 131 and 133 Seymour STUPP FRANK J., (F. J. Stupp & co.,) also N Y S Armorer, 51 Water, h 1 Chestnut Stupp Frank J, Jr, plumber, bds 1 Chestnut Stupp Frederick J, discount clerk, Seward's Bank, res 214 Genesee Stupp George N, night op, W U Tel, h 33 Perry Stupp Grace B, salesclerk, Bell's Bee Hive, res 1 Chestnut STUPP JOSEPH B., bookkeeper, Aub Gas Co, h 34 Franklin Stupp Lutie G, student, bds 34 Franklin Stupp Shirley F, musical student, bds 34 Franklin Stupp Mary A C, teacher, Seymour St Sch, bds 106 Wall Stupplebeen George P, prison guard, h 160 1/2 State Sturmer Jacob, shoe cutter, bds 3 Greene ave Styles Maggie, attendant, 192 Genesee Styles Sarah J, widow James, res 41 Steel Styles W Henry, salesman, 9 Clark, res 41 Steel Suffrom James, teamster, h 16 1/2 E Genesee, 2d fl Suffrom Nellie, bds over 16 1/2 E Genesee 2d fl Suits James J, carpenter, h over 18 Garrow Sullivan Abbie, laundress, Quinn's Hotel, 3 North Sullivan Ada, shoe op, bds 20 Gaylord Sullivan Agnes J, acc't. E L & S H Co, res 39 Division S Sullivan Agnes T, clerk, coll dept D M O & Co, bds 42 Division N Sullivan Alice T, teacher, Genesee st Sch, bds 236 State Sullivan Anna, attendant, 159 Genesee Sullivan Anna, domestic, 45 Owasco Sullivan Anna E, res 42 Division N Sullivan Anna M, attendant, bds 15 Madison ave Sullivan Bridget, widow eugene, h 20 Pleasant Sullivan Catherine A, bds 37 Garrow Sullivan Charles J, electrician, h over 28 1/2 Lewis Sullivan cornelius, wood worker, bds 33 Washington Sullivan Cornelius F, butcher, bds 10 Mann Sullivan Cornelius Q, gas maker, h 40 Morris Sullivan Daniel, heater, h 125 Perrine Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 10 Mann Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 128 Fulton Sullivan Daniel J, emp D M O & Co, h 69 Lansing Sullivan Daniel J, shoe op, bds r 9 1/2 Mann Sullivan Daniel L, cigar m'f'r and dealer, 102 State, h over do Sullivan Daniel S, student, A H S, bds 69 Lansing Sullivan David, laborer, h 37 Garrow Sullivan Dennis, meat cutter, bds 10 Mann Sullivan Dennis A, button op, bds 69 Lansing Sullivan Edward L, musician, bds 37 Garrow Sullivan Eliza M, silk weaver, bds 2 Grove ave Sullivan Elizabeth, weaver, bds 13 Coon Sullivan Ella F, res 15 Madison ave Sullivan Ellen, cook, 66 South Sullivan Ellen, widow Dennis, res 15 Madison ave Sullivan Ellen, widow Jeremiah, h 13 Coon Sullivan Ellen A, button op, bds 10 Mann Sullivan Emily J, stenpgrapher, Henry & Allen, res 42 Division N Sullivan Eugene M, shoemaker, bds 20 Pleasant Sullivan Francis P, plumber, bds 2 Grove ave Sullivan Frank, emp D M O & Co, h 83 Fitch ave Sullivan Frank, emp D M O & Co, h 48 West Sullivan Frank, mechanic, bds 37 Garrow Sullivan Gertrude, shoe op, bds 20 Gaylord Sullivan Hannah, widow Thomas, res over r 22 State Sullivan Hannah, widow Thomas, h 39 Division S Sullivan Helen, teacher, bds 20 Pleasant Sullivan Helen L, teacher, St Mary's Sch, bds 39 Division S Sullivan Helena F, waitress, bds 15 Madison ave Sullivan Henry, emp New Birdsall Co, bds 61 Clark Sullivan James, barkeeper, The Turf Cafe, 51 Market, bds do Sullivan James, blacksmith, h 96 Orchard Sullivan James, emp D M O & Co, h over r 26 Steel Sullivan James, hammersman, bds 37 Garrow Sullivan James, laborer, bds 68 Orchard Sullivan James F, meat cutter, 1 Genesee, h over 80 Franklin Sullivan James H, machinist, bds 2 Grove ave Sullivan James J, bartender, bds 96 Orchard Sullivan Jeremiah, call hoseman, Hose 3, A F D, 129 Clark Sullivan Jeremiah, emp D M O & Co, bds 62 Washington Sullivan Jeremiah, contractor, h 42 Division N Sullivan Jeremiah F, painter, bds 13 Coon Sullivan John, h 10 Mann Sullivan John, boiler maker, bds 13 Coon Sullivan John, mechanic, bds over 174 Seymour Sullivan John F, coremaker, bds 69 Lansing Sullivan John J, student, bds 40 Morris Sullivan John J, shoe op, bds 128 Fulton Sullivan John L, painter, bds 121 Washington Sullivan John M, emp D M O & Co, bds 2 Grove ave Sullivan John T, blacksmith, bds 37 garrow Sullivan John T, prison keeper, h 22 Seminary ave Sullivan Joseph, laborer, h 6 O'Neil ave Sullivan Joseph C, bds 69 Lansing Sullivan Josephine, maid, Osborne House, 77 State Sullivan Julia A, shoe fitter, bds 10 Mann Sullivan Julia T, housemaid, 225 Genesee Sullivan Katherine B, dressmaker, bds 20 Pleasant Sullivan Katherine T, bookkeeper, E L & S H Co, res 39 Division S Sullivan Katie, bds 37 Garrow Sullivan Margaret, cook, 171 Genesee Sullivan Margaret, domestic, 6 Elizabeth Sullivan Margaret A, waitress, bds 15 Madison ave Sullivan Margaret A, widow Timothy, h 11 Baker ave Sullivan Margaret L, attendant, 6 Elizabeth Sullivan Margaret T, button op, bds 20 Pleasant Sullivan Mary, res 11 Baker ave Sullivan Mary, h 239 Seymour Sullivan Mary, button op, bds 69 Lansing Sullivan Mary, domestic, 6 Liberty Sullivan Mary, widow Maurice, h 17 Cross Sullivan Mary E, housekeeper, 40 Morris Sullivan Mary E, attendant, 8 William Sullivan Mary E, teacher, Grover St Sch, bds 39 Division S Sullivan Mary F, shoe op, bds 10 Mann Sullivan Mary F, dressmaker, bds 20 Pleasant Sullivan Maude M, shoe op, bds 48 West Sullivan Maurice J, shoe cutter, bds 48 West Sullivan M Carroll, engineer, Woman's Prison, h 3 Cross Sullivan Michael J, emp D M O & Co, bds 15 Madison ave Sullivan Michael L, blacksmith, bds 37 Garrow Sullivan Michael B, gardener, h 2 Grove ave Sullivan Murtha, plumber, res over 174 Seymour Sullivan Nellie, laundress, h r 81 franklin Sullivan Nellie F, domestic, 149 North Sullivan Patrick C, emp D M O & Co, h r 81 franklin Sullivan Rose, domestic, 121 North Sullivan Sarah G, weaver, bds 13 Coon Sullivan Timothy J, shoe op, h r 9 1/2 Mann Sullivan Thomas F, dv'y cl'k, 60 Division N, bds 48 West Sullivan Walter, emp D M O & Co, bds 19 Mann Sullivan William A, cashier, 91 Genesee, bds 209 State Sullivan William J, laborer, bds 96 Orchard Sullivan William M, painter, bds 37 Garrow Sully David, dyer, bds 42 E Genesee Summerscales Friend, scythe temperer, h 78 Division N Sunderlin Earl W, veterinary, etc. 10 South, h 11 Grant ave Sunderlin Oscar W, com trav, h 11 Grant ave Superb Stamp Pad Co, ink pad m'f'rs, 27 and 29 Cottage Surber Agnes M, dressmaker, bds 15 Florence Surber Arthur, shoemaker, h 12 1/2 Florence Surber Celia I, music teacher, res 15 Florence Surber F Charles, shoemaker, 18 1/2 South, h 15 Florence Surber Oscar F, shoemaker, h 9 Rock ave Surber Richard E, shoemaker, 38 1/2 E Genesee, h 44 Mattie Surratt Joseph, stone cutter, bds 15 Rock ave Susherbo John, helper, bds 9 Wall Suter Anna, bds 162 E Genesee Suter Margaret, widow John, res 162 E Genesee Sutfin George W, moulder, h 49 Pulsifer Sutfin Stella M, shoe op, bds 49 Pulsifer Sutphen Emily J, widow William, h 92 Van Anden Swain Emma L, Emp tel op, bds 92 Fulton Swain Sarah A, widow David W, h 92 Fulton Swain William D, meat cutter, 21 E Genesee, bds 92 Fulton Swaisland Thomas, painter, h 2 Grant ave Swan Betsey A, widow Thomas, h 112 Wall Swan Clara, res 112 Wall Swan Ernest, salesman, bds 112 Wall Swan Fred W, emp D M O & Co, bds 11 Maple SWAN GEORGE A., collector, Daily Adv'r, h 92 South Swan Iva L, stenographer, Big Store, res 11 Maple SWART see SWARTS also SCHWARTZ Swart Clarence H, jeweler, 92 Genesee, h 52 Lansing Swart Eddy F, division engineer, L V R R, h 4 Fort Swart Frank J, bicycle dealer, 62 Elizabeth, h do SWART FRED L., (Crosman & Swart,) optician, h 4 Woodruff Place Swart George E, machinist, h 20 Florence Swart John, watchman, h 9 Orchard ave Swart Lillian M, compositor, Daily Adv'r, res 62 Elizabeth Swart Samuel E, laundryman, bds 9 Orchard ave Swart Mrs Sarah H, music teacher, res 3 Fort Swartwood Frederic L, carpenter, h 170 E Genesee Swasey Ella J, attendant, Cayuga Asylum, 66 Owasco Sweeney Dan, saloon, 29 Genesee, h over 20 Fulton Sweeney Dennis J, shoe op, bds 34 1/2 Fitch ave Sweeney Dennis J, tinsmith, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North Sweeney John H, painter, h 34 1/2 Fitch ave Sweeney Lizzie T, waitress, 81 South Sweeney Margaret, maid, 202 Genesee Sweeney Mary, housekeeper, over 20 Fulton Sweeney Mrs Mary, res 25 Fitch ave Sweeney Mary A, domestic, 5 Franklin Sweeney Patrick E, clerk, 28 State Sweeney Richard A, machinist, bds over 19 1/2 North Sweet Arthur J, iron sorter, h 36 Lansing Sweet Charles P, artist, studio over 101 Genesee, bds 16 Clark Sweet Le Roy J, emp D M O & Co, bds over 11 Wall Sweet Lucretia, widow El Nathan, bds 98 Fulton Sweet Sarah, widow Joseph R, bds 36 Lansing Sweet Sarah L, widow Emery J, res over 11 Wall Sweet Thomas B, city express, h over 20 Cayuga Sweeting Charles F, mason, bds 103 Fulton SWEETING CHARLES H., Mason, Contractor and Builder, office and res 103 Fulton Sweeting George B, mason and contractor, h 51 Grant ave Sweeting Harry, mason, h over 135 Fulton Sweeting Louisa E, res 103 Fulton Sweeting Margaret B, bds 103 Fulton Sweeting Mary, widow Charles, res 51 Grant ave Swift Bessie I, res 11 Sherman Swift Catharine, widow Augustus B, dressmaker, res over 18 James Swift Cecelia, trained nurse, res 15 James SWIFT CHARLES L., physician and surgeon, office and res 159 Van Anden Hours until 9 A M, 12 to 2:30 and 6 to 7:30 P M Auto Tel 562 Swift Cora L, stenographer, bds 40 Cayuga Swift Edwin W, com trav, h 11 Sherman Swift Emma F, dressmaker, bds 40 Cayuga Swift Eva M, artist, bds 40 Cayuga SWIFT FRANK E., (D. M. Osborne & Co., h 38 Franklin Swift Frank Edward, com trav, bds 40 Cayuga Swift Frederick C, student, A H S, res 159 Van Anden Swift Josephine A, widow Dr Charles E, h over 138 Genesee Swift Mary A, widow Jarvis B, h 40 Cayuga Swift Maude H, salesclerk, 83 Genesee, bds 159 Van Anden Swift Seth F, com trav, h 38 Franklin Swift William L, mechanic, h 199 Perrine ave Sykes Arthur K, salesman, 97 Genesee, res 14 Ross Place Sykes Ashley J, farmer, h 14 Ross Place Sylvester Cora E, trained nurse, res 15 James Sylvester Nicholas, laborer, h 49 Van Anden Synnott Andrew, emp D M O & Co, h 2 Button Synnott Lawrence, emp D M O & Co, bds 55 Market Synnott Michael, emp D M O & co, bds 2 Button

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