ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.


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LeMay's Auburn, NY 1900 City Directory

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Aurelius Brutus Cato


Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.


TABER & BRAINARD, (Frank P. Taber and John M. Brainard,) attorneys at law, office over								
	122 Genesee							

Taber Charles F, student, bds 11 Mac Dougall								

TABER FRANK P., (Taber & Brainard,) also pres The Boyle & Everts Co, h 78 South								

Taber John, student, Yale Coll, res 78 South								

Taber Mary, student, A H S, bds 78 South								

Taber Silas, student, Cornell Univ, bds 78 South								

Taber William R, engineer, L V R R, h 29 Arch								

TABER WING, photographer, parlors, studio and operating rooms  Green n Clark, h 11								
	Mac Dougall							

TAH-GAH-JU-TE PARK, Swift and Mary sts								

Tailby Arthur E, truckman, h over 7 Cross								

Tailby Edith A, attendant, 6 Jefferson								

Tailby May, silk op, bds over 34 Lincoln								

Tailby William, emp D M O & Co, h over 34 Lincoln								

Takel Robert, emp D M O & Co, bds 30 Lincoln								

Talbot Anna E, laundress, over 21 Water								

Talbot Mrs Bridget, h over 17 Van Anden								

Talbot David E, teamster, h over 64 North								

Talbot Fred D, laborer, h over 44 State								

Talbot George E, teamster, h over 21 Water								

Talbot Harry A, shoe op, bds over 21 Water								

Talbot James E, laborer, h over 21 Water								

Talbot Jesse E, shoe op, bds over 17 Van Anden								

Talbot John D, laborer, h 56 Garrow								

Talbot Margaret M, waitress, 130 South								

Talbot Richard, laborer, bds 31 Barber								

Talbot Mrs Sarah B, widow Charles, h over 44 State								

Talladay Bert, bds 15 Frazee								

Talladay Charles A, student, bds 15 Frazee								

Talladay Charles N, scythe maker, h 15 Frazee								

Talladay Eleanor L, widow Nelson, h over 148 Wall								

Talladay Frank A, shoe dealer, 148 Wall, h 9 Myrtle ave								

Talladay George F, student, A H S, res 7 Westlake ave								

Talladay Iva P, student, res 15 Frazee								

Talladay John W, insurance, over 95 Genesee, h 7 Westlake ave								

Talladay Julia, widow William, enq over 6 Grant ave								

Talladay Mary E, student, Holyoke Sem'y, res 7 Westlake ave								

Tallmadge Emily S, widow John E, bds 21 Lansing								

Tallmadge George S, engraver, 105 Genesee, h 21 Lansing								

Tallmadge Josepha Y, widow Warren A, h 1 Westlake ave								

Tallman Mrs Augusta, salesclerk, Big Store, res 10 Lincoln								

Tallman Bessie M, widow Humphrey A, enq 58 south								

Tallman Carl C, student, A H S, h 58 South								

Tallman Clinton, carpenter, bds 13 Lewis								

Tallman Frank, paper hanger, h over 26 Clark								

Tallman Fred, shoe op, h over 26 North								

Tallman J Bradford, student, A H S, h 58 South								

Tallman John A, salesman, 49 Genesee, h 105 Cottage								

Tallman Nettie, bds 13 Lewis								

TALLMAN SELAH C., furnishing undertaker and licensed embalmer, office 25					
	Dill     also proprietor The Tallman Stables, 17 to 23 Dill, h 58 South			
	(See adv, next page)							

TALLMAN STABLES (THE) S. C. Taliman (sic), prop'r, Charles C. Weese,				
	manager, Livery and Coaches, 17 to 23 Dill, office No 23 do							

Tallman Thomas C, carpenter, h 13 Lewis								

Tallman william A, carpenter, h 52 Franklin								

Tallman William H, harness maker, Tallman's Stables, h over 23 Clark								

Talpey Samuel E, dyer, h 17 Lawton ave								

Tanner A F, salesclerk, Big Store, res 18 William								

Tanner Harry B, operator, L V R R, h 18 Pleasant								

Tanner Mrs Jessie A, mill op, bds 12 Frances								

Tanner Mary J, bds 46 Grant ave								

Taro George A, painter, bds over 96 State								

Tatarcisi Carnillo, tailor, bds 9 Water								

Tatarcisi Vincenzo, tailor, res 9 Water								

Taunton Charles, carpenter, bds 41 Fulton								

Tavener Frank, h over 44 State								

Taylor Alfred, farmer, bds 89 Moravia								

Taylor Alice M, laundress, bds 11 Seymour								

Taylor Annette C, clerk, bds over 12 Exchange								

TAYLOR ARTHUR F., (Taylor Bros,) h 12 Capitol								

Taylor Berton E, carpenter, h 81 Moravia								

Taylor Bessie, widow Alfred, h 68 West								

Taylor Blanche, res 213 Genesee								

Taylor Bridget, widow William, h 16 Walnut								

TAYLOR BROTHERS, (Arthur F. and Fred H.,) select family groceries, also teas, coffees								
	and spices of pure and wholesale quality, 39 E Genesee   Farmers and							
	Dairymen's products a specialty							

Taylor Catherine, res 213 Genesee								

Taylor Elizabeth, widow robert, h 52 Hamilton ave								

Taylor Ellen, button op, bds 16 Walnut								

Taylor Florilla M, widow Raymond C, nurse, h over 4 William								

TAYLOR FRED H., (Taylor Brothers,) h 12 Capitol								

Taylor Fred S, stock keeper, E L & S H Co, bds 14 Chapel								

Taylor George E, shoe laster, h r 67 Van Anden								

TAYLOR GEORGE M.,  (The Farmers' Credit Co,) offices over 133 Genesee, h 213 do								

Taylor Hannah E, widow Argalus, h over 12 Exchange								

Taylor Helen T, button op, bds 16 Walnut								

Taylor Henry, laborer, bds 330 Genesee								

Taylor James F, shoe op, bds 16 Walnut								

Taylor Jennie, accountant, 111 Genesee, res 52 Hamilton ave								

Taylor Jennie E, widow Horace W, res 4 Washington								

TAYLOR JOHN, Manuf'r and Dealer in Harness, Horse Clothing, Robes, Whips, Trunks,								
	Satchels, etc, 84 state, bds 42 do							

Taylor John M, moulder, h over 72 Walnut								

Taylor Joseph B, engineer, L V R R, h 119 Wall								

Taylor Julia L, dressmaker, bds 52 Hamilton ave								

Taylor Lelia D, waitress, "Kiemele's," res 12 Exchange								

Taylor Lucy, vocalist, res 52 Hamilton ave								

Taylor Lyndon B, draughtsman, 101 Orchard, bds 9 do								

Taylor Mary E, shoe op, bds 16 Walnut								

Taylor Robert, iron driller, h 24 Burt ave								

Taylor Rose, button op, bds 62 Washington								

Taylor Samuel S, salesman, 111 Genesee, res 52 Hamilton ave								

TAYLOR SANFORD H., (14) letter carrier, h 14 Chapel								

Taylor Sarah, widow Luke, res 213 Genesee								

Taylor Susan, widow Ebenezer, housekeeper, 31 Mattie								

Taylor Thomas, mason, bds 65 Clark								

Taylor Viola G, domestic, bds 9 South								

Taylor Walter H, iron worker, bds 68 West								

TAYLOR WILLIAM E, artist, with Olmstead's Portrait House, 5 Delevan, h 3 Lincoln								

Taylor William E, emp D M O & Co, h 19 Mann								

TAYLOR WILLIAM J., salesman, 103 Genesee, bds 52 Hamilton ave								

Taylor William J, salesman, 81 Genesee, bds 16 Walnut								

Tchorigian Levon Arpi, student, Theo Sem, res do								

Teal Harriet H, trained nurse, bds 115 North								

Teal John B, bds 115 North								

Tehan Catherine L, button op, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan Daniel J, accountant, 9 Genesee, rooms 75 E do								

Tehan Dennis A, machinist, bds 77 Nelson								

Tehan Dennis E, emp D M O & Co, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan Ellen E, cook, 66 South								

Tehan John, gardener, h 77 Nelson								

Tehan John E, delivery clerk, bds 77 Nelson								

Tehan John J, d'v'y clerk, 7 Genesee, bds 77 Nelson								

Tehan John J, mechanic, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan Julia A, widow John R, res 5 West								

Tehan Lawrence P, laborer, bds 5 West								

Tehan Martha, res 77 Nelson								

Tehan Mary, widow Michael, h 45 Cottage								

Tehan Mary E, shoe op, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan Mary E, shoe op, bds 77 Nelson								

Tehan Michael J, mechanic, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan Rose A, shoe op, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan Thomas H, laborer, bds 33 Division S								

Tehan Timothy, freight handler, L V R R, bds 9 1/2 State								

Tehan Timothy F, emp D M O & Co, bds 45 Cottage								

Tehan William H, meat market, 9 Genesee, h 4 Sheridan								

Tehan William J, shoe maker, bds 45 Cottage								

TELLER & HUNT, (Hon. J. D. Teller and Thomas M. Hunt,) counsellors at law, offices over								
	41 and 43 Genesee							

TELLER HON. JOHN D., (Teller & Hunt,) lawyer, h 204 Genesee								

Teller Marie L, res 204 Genesee								

TELLER WILLIAM E., (Harvard Dental Parlors,) res 12 James								

Templeton Albert C, shoe op, h over 9 Park ave								

Templeton Thomas, laborer, bds 38 Water								

Ten Eyck Clarence W, com trav, bds over 2 Bostwick ave								

Ten Eyck Fred G, emp D M O & Co, h 4 Bostwick ave								

Ten Eyck George A, musician, bds over 2 Bostwick ave								

Ten Eyck James H, m'g'r, Ten Eyck Portrait Co, h 4 Bostwick ave								

Ten Eyck Jessie G, clerk cost dep't, D M O & Co, bds 4 Bostwick ave								

Tennant John, call laddersman H & L, A F D, bds over 19 1/2 North								

Terneur Harriet, widow Henry, h over 119 E Genesee								

Terry Amelia, dressmaker, bds over 60 Water								

Terry Mrs Cornelia L, dressmaker, bds 67 Franklin								

Terry George W, canvasser, h over 60 Water								

Terry John, machinist, bds 30 Lincoln								

Terry Lucy A, seamstress, bds over 60 Water								

Terry Mary R, seamstress, bds over 60 Water								

Terwilliger Arthur L, jeweler, 86 Genesee, res 6 Augustus								

Terwilliger Charles J, emp D M O & Co, bds 64 Walnut								

Terwilliger Charles J, mason, h 6 Augustus								

Terwilliger Clarence L, emp D M O & Co, h 105 Mechanic								

Terwilliger Eva M, seamstress, bds 105 Mechanic								

Terwilliger Inez C, button op, bds 105 Mechanic								

Terwilliger Ira, mason, h 58 Mechanic								

Terwilliger Lotta J, nurse, res over 22 State								

Terwilliger Sarah, widow Cuyler, res 270 Genesee								

Terwilliger Terrell G, emp D M O & Co, h over 26 Lincoln								

Tesch Alvina, bds 59 Mechanic								

Tesch Frederick C, emp D M O & Co, h 59 Mechanic 								

Testa Ferdano, laborer, bds 13 Underwood								

Teurgeon Ominise, scythe maker, bds 170 Van Anden								

Tharp John A, machinist, h 67 Cottage								

Tharp Richard B, twine op, h 3 Willey								

Thatcher Charles C, emp D M O & Co, h 121 Lewis								

Thatcher Frank, hammersman, bds 26 Case ave								

Thatcher George T, carpenter, h 12 Frazee								

Thatcher James, quarryman, h 26 case ave								

Thatcher James, Jr, mechanic, bds 26 Case ave								

Thatcher William, laborer, h 1 Allen								

Thayer Ada, wrapper op, bds 5 Madison ave								

Thayer Albert J, carpenter, h 63 Mechanic								

Thayer Anna, housekeeper, 58 Van Anden								

Thayer Edward, emp D M O & Co, bds 58 Van Anden								

Thayer Frances A, cook, h over 61 State								

Thayer Franklin, teamster, h 58 Van Anden								

Thayer Grace, wrapper op, bds 5 Madison ave								

Thayer Gulielma, teacher, Franklin st sch, bds 119 Franklin								

Thayer Janette J, widow Lewis, bds over 61 Owasco								

Thayer Mrs Mary, cook, "Kiemele's" res 61 State								

Thayer Sarah A, widow David M, h 119 Franklin								

Thayer Vida L, stenpgrapher, over 102 Genesee, res 119 Franklin								

THAYER WILLIAM J., dealer in fresh, salt and smoked meats, also fish and oysters,					
	              and sole manufacturer Thayer's celebrated Seneca Falls Sausage,				32 Dill,
	              h 82 Seymour							

THAYER MRS. WILLIAM J., agent for the Detsarte Corset, office and res 82 Seymour		

Theall Carrie, dressmaker, h over 106 Wall								

Theall Jennie, bds 106 Wall								

THE COTTAGE, Frank P, Tonkin, prop'r, 53 State 								


Therrien Joseph, scythe grinder, bds 62 Orchard								

Theurer Frank W, painter, h 4 Moravia								

Theurer John C, painter, h 144 Mechanic								

Theurer John M, foreman, D M O & Co, h 2 Moravia								

Thomas A E, bookkeeper, h 42 South								

Thomas Charles L, carpenter, bds 84 Washington								

Thomas Fornia E, dressmaker, res 58 Clark								

Thomas George R, emp D M O & Co, bds 9 Augustus								

Thomas Harry W, machinist, h 83 Owasco								

Thomas Henry L, machinist, h 23 Frances								

Thomas James, h over 9 Genesee								

Thomas James M, h 3 1/2 Franklin								

THOMAS JAMES O., Jr. ass't Armorer and Engineer, N Y S Armory, 57 Water and 97 and  								
	99 State, h 35 Seymour							

Thomas Mrs Jessie A, domestic, bds 12 Frances								

Thomas John, laborer, h 141 Van Anden								

Thomas Levi, retired, h 58 Clark								

Thomas Mrs Nettie M, boarding house, 3 1/2 Franklin								

Thomas Neva M, dressmaker, bds 58 Clark								

Thomas Sakai I, caretaker, 196 Genesee								

Thomas Sophia R, widow William, res 8 Beach ave								

Thomas Mrs Ursula, res 7 Washington								

Thomas Viola S, dressmaker, bds 9 Augustus								

Thomas W Harry, machinist, bds 83 Owasco								

Thomas William W, carpenter, h 84 Washington								

Thompson Albert, brickmaker, bds 77 cornell								

Thompson Althea, widow david, h 12 Garden								

Thompson Charles E, painter, h 33 Perry								

Thompson David H, laborer, bds 7 Cornell								

Thompson Mrs Delia, nurse, h over 36 Maple								

Thompson Elizabeth A, widow Henry C, bds 229 Seymour								

Thompson Ellen, res 12 Garden								

Thompson Elwood E, barber, 143 State, bds 136 South								

Thompson Eugene, mason, h 136 South								

Thompson Florence, waitress, Osborne House, 77 State								

Thompson Frederick H, mason, bds 7 Cornell								

Thompson Mrs Georgia, housekeeper, res 22 Cornell								

Thompson George W, mason, h 189 Perrine ave								

THOMPSON G. FRANK, physical director, Y M C A, res 64 Genesee								

Thompson Ira D, pattern maker, h 5 Wood								

Thompson Josephine, res 103 1/2 Van Anden								

Thompson Kate I, res 58 Seward ave								

Thompson Martha, widow Joseph, h 103 1/2 Van Anden								

Thompson Mary A, widow William H, res 7 Cornell								

Thompson Minnie, housekeeper, over 4 1/2 Barber								

Thompson Mrs Nellie A, hand laundress, h over 11 E Genesee								

Thompson Orlando, laborer, h over 14 1/2 Barber								

Thompson Smith L, carpenter, h 58 Seward ave								

Thompson William G, creamery, 23 Maple. h do								

Thompson William H, mason, bds 7 Cornell								

Thoms Edward H, carpenter, bds 275 North								

Thomson Charles J E, foreman, Daily Adv, h 14 Foote								

THOMSON EDWARD H., (Knapp, Peck & Thomson,) h 39 William								

Thomson Fred B, (Marshall & Thomson,) h 13 Kitchell								

Thomson George G, bds 39 William								

Thomson John, engineer, New Birdsall Co, h 20 Church								

Thomson Sarah H, student, A H S, res 39 William								

Thorley Thomas, m'f'r botanic beer, 25 derby ave, h do								

Thorne Charles E, (Cady & Thorne,) h 64 South								

Thorne Eliza J, widow Stephen, res over 3 Lincoln								

Thorne Elizabeth B, res 64 South								

Thorne Henry W, retired, h over 90 1/2 Clark								

Thorne Herman, h r 23 Maple								

Thorne John J, machinist, h 21 Wood								

Thorne Mabel, dressmaker, bds 12 Mary								

Thorne W Adelbert, machinist, h 12 Mary								

Thorne Webster, machinist, bds 12 Mary								

Thornton Charles, com trav, h over 30 State								

Thornton Cornelius J, scenic artist, bds 3 Rock ave								

Thornton Edwin L, farmer and ice dealer, office 78 Genesee, h 100 Cornell								

Thornton Edwin L, Jr, ice dealer, h 130 Division S								

Thornton Francis F, towerman, N Y C R R, h 3 Rock ave								

Thornton John J, twine op, bds 3 Rock ave								

Thornton Laura A, widow Lyman, h over 1 Sherwood								

Thornton Martha L, res 100 Cornell								

Thornton Mary M, bookkeeper, res 3 Rock ave								

Thornton Thomas H, brakeman, O R R R, bds 3 Rock ave								

Thornton William F, brakeman, N Y C R R, bds 3 Rock ave								

Thorpe Arthur C, clerk, 32 1/2 State, bds 10 Seminary								

Thorpe Cynthia, widow Samuel, res 14 Lincoln								

Thorpe Grace A, bds 10 Seminary								

Thorpe Lillian L, student, A H S, res 10 Seminary								

Thorpe William R, ins agent, h 10 Seminary								

Thurow Charles A, fireman, L V R R, bds 61 Clark								

Thurston John L, student, Theo Sem, res do								

Thurston William H, janitor County Buildings, res Throop								

TICE WILLIAM A., (The C. A. Bannister Co.,) h 22 Lewis								

Tidd Adelbert R, carriage maker, h 23 Park ave								

Tidd Bessie M, organist 2d Baptist ch, bds 23 Park ave								

Tidd Harry A, piano teacher, h over 23 Park ave								

Tidd Osmer L, delivery clerk, 10 Genesee, h over 33 E do								

TIERNEY, see also TURNEY								

Tierney Agnes R, bds 25 Franklin								

Tierney Catherine, widow Michael, res 98 Wall								

Tierney John J, shoe op, h 98 Wall								

Tierney Margaret, widow David, h 59 Holley								

Tierney Mary E, clerk, Big Store, res 41 Franklin								

Tierney Mathew F, emp d M O & Co, bds 59 Holley								

Tiffany Henry M, prison keeper, bds 47 1/2 Nelson								

Tifft Eliza J, widow John, h 13 steel								

Tifft Minnie C, res over 11 William, 2d floor								

Tifft Ruby L, enq 4 Park ave								

Tighe Jeremiah, mason, h 35 Hamilton ave								

Tilden Alexander, retired, bds 38 Water								

Tillotson Fannie, widow Isaac J, bds 46 grant ave								

Tillotson Helen, bds 46 Grant ave								

Tillson Charles, agent, over 113 State								

Timerson Grove C, wood worker, bds 25 Wood								

Timerson James H, plumber, h 25 Wood								

Timerson Harriet L, widow Christopher, bds r 29 Van Anden								

Timmons Anna B V, domestic, enq 83 E Genesee								

Timmons Edward, ass't engineer, Osborne House, 77 State								

Timmons Edward H, baker, 22 Burt ave, h 22 Coon								

Timmons Edward J, plumber, h 22 coon								

Timmons Edward J, Jr, baker, bds 22 Coon								

Timmons Frank H, steam fitter, bds 22 Coon								

Timmons Margaret L, saleslady, bds 22 Coon								

Timmons Mary, tailoress, bds 15 1/2 Bradford								

Timmons Michael, axle maker, h 66 Cottage								

Timmons Thomas J, student, St Andrews Sem, res 66 Cottage								

Timmons Thomas J, boiler maker, bds 22 Coon								

Timmons William H, plumber, bds 22 Coon								

Timon Catherine, widow Michael, h 19 Perrine								

Timon Mrs Lizzie, h 18 barber								

Tincknell Jane, widow John, h 12 Parker								

Tincknell Robert, saloon, 43 North, h over do								

Tippets Charles S, mason, h 45 Capitol								

Tippets Frank S, salesman, 10 North, h 100 Franklin								

Tippets Ivan R, h 45 Capitol								

Tippets Pearl E, res 45 Capitol								

Tischer Edward B, baker and confectioner, 94 State, h do								

Titterington John, laborer, bds 15 Bradley								

Titterington Mary, housekeeper, 7 Sheldon ave								

Titterington Richard, mill op, h 7 Sheldon ave								

Titterington Robert, laborer, bds 15 Bradley								

Titterington Thomas, mill op, h 15 Bradley								

Titterington Thomas, Jr, laborer, bds 15 Bradley								

Titus Arthur P, city policeman, h 79 Nelson								

Titus D Sands, h 189 Genesee								

Titus D Sands, Jr, student, A H S, res 189 Genesee								

Titus Edgar S, core maker, h 102 Van Anden								

Titus Frank A, teamster, h 40 division N								

Titus Glenn S, res 84 Nelson								

TITUS HENRY D., sup't Aub Div L V R R, also City Water Commissioner, offices 140 Clark,								
	h 25 South							

Titus Henry w, collegian, res 25 South								

Titus Hiram M, conductor, A C Ry, h 84 Nelson								

Titus Josephine V, res 189 Genesee								

Ttitus J Sands, salesman, 145 Genesee, bds 26 Court								

Titus Lillian O, student, A H S, res 189 Genesee								

Titus Mack, mechanic, bds over 160 Perrine								

Titus Mary P, res 24 South								

Titus Pauline L, res 25 South								

Titus Ray C, res 84 Nelson								

Titus Samuel, h 24 South								

Titus S Cady, res 24 South								

Tobin Anna, weaver, bds r 9 1/2 Mann								

Tobin Ella J, domestic, bds 53 Mattie								

Tobin Jeremiah, cabinet maker, h 37 clark								

Tobin Joseph C, shoe maker, bds 22 Division S								

Tobin Julia, widow William, bds r 9 1/2 Mann								

Tobin Julia A, dressmaker, bds 113 E Genesee								

Tobin Margaret, shoe op, bds 113 E Genesee								

Tobin Mary, domestic, 61 Seward ave								

Tobin Mathew, emp D M O & Co, h 113 E Genesee								

Tobin Nellie, domestic, 18 Seminary ave								

Tobin Nora N, domestic, 76 E Genesee								

Tobin Richard, laborer, bds 22 Division S								

Tobin William B, emp D M O & Co, bds 240 State								

Tolksford Andreas, emp D M O & Co, enq 38 Lincoln								

Tomlin Elizabeth A, widow Fred'k Wm, bakery and confectionery, 26 Owasco, h do								

Tompkins Alice D, housekeeper, 57 Seymour								

Tompkins Frank, d'v'y clerk, 64 Genesee, bds 29 Capitol								

Toms Abbie, widow De Witt, res 331 Genesee								

Toms Herbert B, wood worker, h 331 Genesee								

Tonkin Frank B, barkeeper, The Cottage, res 77 Van Anden								

Tonkin Frances E, bds 77 Van Anden								

TONKIN FRANK P., prop'r The Cottage Hotel, 58 State, also The Wasco, foot Owasco Lake								

Tonkin John K, bartender, h 77 Van Anden								

Toohey Belle M, shoe op, bds 101 Lewis								

Toohey John, emp D M O & Co, bds 101 Lewis								

Toohey John J, shoe cutter, bds 47 Cottage								

Toohey Mrs John J, dressmaker, h 47 Cottage								

Toohey Mary E, dressmaker, bds 101 Lewis								

TOOHILL DAVID S., wholesale dealer in Wines and Liquors, 7 State, h 12 Elizabeth								

Toohill Edward D, student, Cornell Univ, res 12 Elizabeth								

Toohill Isabelle A, student, res 12 Elizabeth								

TOOLE see TOOHILL also O'TOOLE and TUELL								

Toole Bartholomew, shoe op, bds 41 Division S								

Toole James T, painter, h 4 Wallace ave								

Toole John, laborer, h 1 Division S								

Toole John, laborer, h 50 Owasco								

Toole Mary, shoe op, bds 49 Wall								

Toole Mary, res 41 Division S								

Toole Michael, gardener, bds 17 Division S								

Toole Patrick, laborer, h 41 Division S								

Toole Patrick, mechanic, h over 1 clark								

Toole Thomas, twine op, h 49 Wall								

Topham William, carpenter, h over 119 Lewis								

Topping Byron W, prison keeper, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North								

Torsney Martin, painter, h 5 West								

Tosh Johanna, h 6 Orchard ave								

Totten Michael, coachman, bds Quinn's Hotel, 3 North								

Tournier Mrs Ada, h over 31 Perry								

Tournier A Grayson, jeweler, 19 Genesee, bds 132 Owasco								

Tournier Carrie M, widow John A, h 76 Lewis								

Tournier Daniel A, shoe op, h 2 Benton								

Tournier Eleanor T, music teacher, bds 76 Lewis								

Tournier Elizabeth C, widow William H, h 6 Adams								

Tournier Elizabeth F, widow Samuel T, res 26 South								

Tournier Frances E, lace worker, bds 6 Adams								

Tournier Fred L, photographer, over 123 Genesee, h 23 Cayuga								

Tournier Harriet, widow Henry, res 119 E Genesee								

Tournier James E, plane maker, h 132 Owasco								

Tournier Llewellyn B, photographer, h 31 Perry								

Tournier Sarah E, artist, 5 Delevan h 6 Adams								

Towers Catherine, res 11 1/2 Janet								

Towers G Harold, student, res 11 1/2 Janet								

Towers Irma, teacher, res 11 1/2 Janet								

Towers K Lulu, teacher, Grover st sch, bds 11 1/2 Janet								

Towers Mrs Sarah E, forewoman, 8 Lincoln, res 11 1/2 Janet								

Townsend Amy L, weaver, bds 75 Wall								

TOWNSEND EDWARD H., treas Aub Sav B'k, h 209 Genesee								

Townsend Eliza D, res 209 Genesee								

Townsend Eugene A, conductor, A C Ry, h 80 Nelson								

Townsend Frank B, accountant, 89 Genesee, h 10 Westlake ave								

Townsend Frank E, engineer, New Birdsall Co, bds r 35 Clark								

Townsend George M, fireman, bds r 35 Clark								

Townsend James, porter, Radney House, 34 E Genesee								

Townsend Marian, res 209 Genesee								

Townsend Martha A, weaver, bds 75 Wall								

Townsend Mary E, widow Samuel, h 5 1/2 MacDougall								

Townsend Rev Robert, enq 28 Cayuga								

Townsend William, shoemaker, h 75 Wall								

Townsend W J, res 23 Franklin								

Toy Catherine M, h over 19 Florence								

Toye James, farmer, h on N Y Cent n Grant ave								

Toye James M, blacksmith, h 60 Lewis								

Toye Joseph J, emp D M O & Co, bds 60 Lewis								

Tracey Alice, spinner, bds 60 Walnut								

Tracey Alice, widow John, h 24 Lansing								

Tracey Anna M, mill op, bds 60 Walnut								

Tracey Catherine, housekeeper, 53 Bradford								

Tracey Catherine E, shoe op, bds 55 cornell								

Tracey Ellen, housekeeper, 53 Bradford								

Tracey James, h 53 Bradford								

Tracey James P, shoe op, bds 34 Lansing								

Tracey John, carder, h 55 Cornell								

Tracey John T, twine op, bds 34 Lansing								

Tracey Lawrence, cook, Hotel Wasco, ft Owasco Lake, bds do								

Tracey Mary, widow William, h 60 Walnut								

Tracey Patrick J, machinist, bds 24 Lansing								

Tracey Sarah F, mill op, bds 60 Walnut								

Tracey Sidney, mechanic, res over 64 Genesee								

Tracey Theresa S, shoe op, bds 34 Lansing								

Tracey William, drayman, h 34 Lansing								

TRADES UNION HALL, over 7 and 9 Exchange								

Tratt Charles C, gardener, h 33 Melrose								

Traub Charlotte, bds 118 Owasco								

Traub Christine, teacher, Bradford St Sch, res 118 Owasco								

Traub Elizabeth, salesclerk, 38 to 46 Genesee, res 118 Owasco								

Traub Elnora K, res 118 Owasco								

Traub George J, carpenter, h 38 Elizabeth								

TRAUB HENRY, (Henry Traub & Son,) res 118 Owasco								

TRAUB HENRY, JR, (Henry Traub & Son,) res 18 Burt Ave								

TRAUB HENRY & SON, (Henry J,) dealers in Furniture, Toys, Children's					
	Carriages, Willow Ware, Art Works, &c, 38 to 46 Genesee   (See adv, next							

Traub Herman W, call hoseman, Chemical No 1 A F D, bds 38 Elizabeth								

Traub Mary A, seamstress, bds 38 Elizabeth								

Trautman Alba M, seamstress, bds 87 1/2 Wall								

Trautman Arminda, widow Solomon, res 81 Moravia								

Trautman Edith A, dressmaker, h 87 1/2 Wall								

Trautman Florence M, bds 75 Fulton								

Trautman Mary M, mill op, bds 75 Fulton								

Trautman Myron J, contractor and builder, h 75 Fulton								

Traver Charles L, bookkeeper, h 123 Fulton								

Traver Fred N, meat market, 21 E Genesee, h 117 do								

TRAVER ROSE M., (Parker M'f'g Co.) h 10 Holley								

Traverse Edgar, iron sorter, bds 36 Lansing								

TREAT A. GILBERT, treas'r New Birdsall Co, h 47 Franklin								

Treat Alfred, mechanic, bds over 53 Wall								

Treat Caroline A, widow Henry, dressmaker, over 15 North, h do								

Treat Clara M, widow Moses, res 5 Mac Dougall								

Treat Elizabeth, widow James L, h over 15 North								

Treat Ella M, res 47 Franklin								

Treat Ellen A, housekeeper, 39 Maple								

TREAT G. EARLE, clerk Surrogate's Court, 154 Genesee, also Pres Aub Cyclers Club,								
	bds 47 Franklin							

Treat Jairus M, motorman, A C Ry, h 111 Franklin								

Treat Lewis, twine op, bds over 53 Wall								

Treat Lillian A, student Cornell Univ, bds 47 Franklin								

Treat Manly T, h 41 Franklin								

Treat Marion A, widow Sylvester W, h over 53 Wall 								

Treat Naomi M, widow Horace H, bds 94 E Genesee								

Treat Mrs Rose, housekeeper, 22 Paul								

Treat Stuart R, law clerk, 133 1/2 Genesee, bds 47 Franklin								

Treat William M, horseman, bds Gernand's Hotel, 114 State								

Tremain Melissa, widow Edward L, res 9 Grover								

Treveal Richard, gardener, bds 73 Aurelius ave								

Triggs Abbie, widow John R, res r 8 Aspen								

Triggs John, iron worker, h r 8 Aspen								

Triggs Maggie, weaver, bds 8 r (sic) Aspen								

Triggs Patrick, laborer, bds r 8 Aspen								

Triggs Robert, brakeman, bds r 8 Aspen								

Trimble Alex, groceries and meats, 34 State, h 52 Clark								

Trimble Olive F, student A H S, bds 16 Washington								

Trimble Thomas C, trav salesman, The Birdsall Co, h 16 Washington								

Tripp Emma A, salesclerk, 93 Genesee, bds 94 South								

Tripp George W, artist, bds 94 South								

TRIPP HARRY G.,  (H. C. and H. G. Tripp), dentist, h 15 William								

TRIPP H. C. and H. G. (Henry C. and Harry G.), surgeon dentists, offices, reception rooms,								
	operating parlors and res 15 William The latest improved mechanical			
	appliances in dentistry used							

TRIPP HENRY C., (H. C. and H. G. Tripp), surgeon dentist, h 15 William								

Tripp Herbert, blacksmith, bds over 30 Grant ave								

TRIPP JOHN D., physician and surgeon, also Treas'r U S Board of Examining Surgeons,								
	office and res 163 Genesee  Hours from 7 to 9 A M, 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 P M				

Tripp John M, conductor, A C Ry, bds over 30 Grant ave								

Tripp Marion E, private tutor, res 94 South								

Tripp Myrtie, widow Stephen F, h over 30 Grant ave								

Tripp Sylvester L, h 94 South								

Tritsch Frank A, mechanic, h 12 Union								

TROTTER ARCH H.,  (The Trotter Drug Co) licensed pharmacist and druggist, 121 Genesee,								
	h 11 Church   Our stock is entirely fresh and new, comprising all that comes							
	within the scope of the drug trade.							

TROTTER DRUG CO. (THE),	(A H Trotter) dealer in drugs, medicines,				
	perfumeries, artistic notions, &c, &c., 121 Genesee, Physician's prescriptions							
	accurately and carefully compounded							

TROWBRIDGE CHARLES A., accountant, over 67 Genesee, h 106 North								

	New York City							

TROY LIVERY, Boarding and Hitch Stables, William E. Burlingham,					
	prop'r, rear 86 State (See page 4)							

TROY STEAM LAUNDRY,  Richard C Kelley, prop'r, 86 and 88 State				
	(See page 294)							

Truair John G, student, Theo Sem, res do								

True Harry, piano op, bds 3 Mary								

Trufant Otis S, carpenter, h 175 State								

Trumpbour John P, fruits, etc, 76 State, h do								

Tryon Mrs Jennie V, button op, bds over 26 Garrow								

TRYON OSCAR, attorney at law, offices 113 and 115 New Metcalf B'd'g, 141 Genesee, 								
	h 145 E do							

Tschur Annie, attendant, Osborne House, 77 State								

Tschur Julia, attendant, Osborne House, 77 State								

Tubridy Margaret, shoe op, bds 9 Wallace ave								

Tucker Alfred G, music teacher, res 20 Elizabeth								

Tucker Aubin J, laborer, bds 15 Underwood								

Tucker Frank C, machinist, h over 51 Perry								

TUCKER JOHN C., (Albert & Tucker,) h 50 Bradford								

Tucker James A, wood worker, bds 15 Underwood								

Tucker John S, machinist, bds 15 Underwood								

Tucker Mrs Lillie, dressmaker, h 53 Frances								

Tucker William G, laborer, h 15 Underwood								

Tucker William H, mechanic, bds 15 Underwood								

Tuckerman Capt Robert, h 76 E Genesee								

TUELL, see TOOLE, also O'TOOLE and TOOHILL								

Tuell Ruth H, widow Daniel, h over 49 North								

Tuell William F, machinist, bds over 49 North								

Tuller Clara L, salesclerk, 76 State, bds 9 Cayuga								

Tuller D'Elbert L, real estate, h 9 Cayuga								

Tuller Ellen A, nurse, h over 69 Franklin								

Tuller George A, emp Aub Tobacco Co, bds 9 Cayuga								

Tuller Grace N, bds 9 Cayuga								

Tuller Watson D, wholesale grocer, 7 south, h 10 Grant ave								

Tumony Conrad, emp D M O & Co, bds 13 Greene								

Tunnicliffe Charles W, dentist, h 35 Clark								

Tunnicliffe Mrs Margaret P, music teacher, res 35 Clark								

TUPPER ALLEN P., principal keeper, auburn Prison, h 74 Van Anden								

Turgeon Onizen, scythe maker, bds 170 Van Anden								

Turk C Raymond, conductor, A C Ry, h 122 Franklin								

Turk Orin A, emp D M O & Co, h 122 Franklin								

Turner Agnes R, domestic, 20 1/2 Logan								

Turner Andrew J, shoe op, bds 5 Barber								

TURNER CASSIUS M., shipper 101 Orchard, also Com'r Charities and Police, 								
	h 11 Jefferson							

TURNER HON. GEORGE B., Surrogate Cayuga Co, also lawyer, office 154 Genesee,								
h 217 do							

Turner George H. student, A H S, bds 217 Genesee								

Turner Mrs Gertrude, res 187 Genesee								

Turner James, loomfixer, h 20 Barber								

Turner James A, mason tender, h over 3 Genesee								

Turner Mrs Jessie, h 5 Barber								

Turner John, twine op, bds 104 washington								

Turner Levina G, widow William, res 32 Parker								

Turner Martha E, student, A H S, res 24 Underwood								

Turner Minnie L, res 217 Genesee								

Turner Thomas, mill foreman, h 24 Underwood								

Turner William J, mill op, bds 24 Underwood								

TURNERS HALL, 95 Owasco, cor Lizette								

TURNEY see also TIERNEY								

Turney John J, carpanter (sic), h 81 Van Anden								

Turpin Mary A, shoe op, bds 6 Greene								

Turpin Robert, barkeeper, 4 Dill, bds 6 Greene								

Turpin Thomas, carpenter, h 6 Greene								

Turpin William H, helper, bds 79 Division N								

Tutcher Frederick J, teamster, bds 32 Van Patten								

Tuttle Arthur S, electrician, bds 30 Dill								

Tuttle Austin B, h 63 E Genesee								

Tuttlr Charles J, Jr, teasmter, bds over 10 E Genesee								

TUTTLE CHARLES W., (C. W. tuttle & Co,) h 145 North								

Tuttle Chester M, porter, Central House, 38 Water								

TUTTLE C. W. & CO., (Orlando Lewis,) prop'rs Auburn Iron Works, office on N Y C R R,								
	bet Hulbert and W Water							

Tuttle Desdemona, widow Bradley A, bds 145 North								

Tuttle Edwin A, restaurant, also fruits, &c, 117 State, h do								

Tuttle Edward P. artist, h 5 Spring								

Tuttle Elsie D, bds 145 North								

Tuttle John, shoe op, bds over 10 E Genesee								

Tuttle Laura May, music teacher, res 5 Spring								

Tuttle Marshall M, carpenter, h r 35 Van Anden								

Tuttle Theodore F, harnessmaker, h 30 Dill								

Tutton Alfred, coachman, 202 Genesee, h 72 Fitch ave								

Tutton Headley V, coachman, 204 Genesee, h do								

Tutton William D, plumber, bds r 91 South								

Tutton William J, gardener, h r 91 South								

Tuxell Charles, city sexton, bds 32 Fitch ave								

Tuxell Charles, machinist, h 32 Fitch ave								

Tuxell James C, engineer, h 31 Fitch ave								

Tuxell Mary, housekeeper, 32 Fitch ave								

TUXILL ALFRED J., Veterinary Surgeon, 304 Genesee, res 7 1/2 Chestnut,					
	(See adv)							

TUXILL BROTHERS, (Wilfred B. and Frank H. Tuxill,) dealers in fresh, salt and smoked								
	meats, also sausage, lard and other Beef and Pork Products, 35 Genesee							

Tuxill Charles E, real estate, office Syracuse, N Y, res 7 1/2 Chestnut								

TUXILL FRANK H., (Tuxill Bro's,) bds 7 1/2 Chestnut								

Tuxill Lewis A, wagon maker, 29 Water, h 19 1/2 Burt ave								

Tuxill S Jennie, accountant, 35 Genesee, bds 7 1/2 Chestnut								

TUXILL WILFRED B., (Tuxill Bro's,) h 7 1/2 Chestnut								

Tuxill William, parcel delivery, h 7 1/2 Chestnut								

Twed (sic) Mrs N Stella, shoe op, bds 13 Orchard ave								

Tweed Charles, carriage painter, bds 55 Market								

Twyne Alfred, machinist, h 3 Auburn ave								

Twyne Elizabeth, mill op, bds 3 Auburn ave								

Twyne Margaret, widow Robert, res 3 Auburn ave								

Tyler Mrs Frances W, h 53 Fulton								

TYLER GEORGE L., proprietor The Family Liquor Store, Ales, Wines, Liquors and Cigars								
	of superior quality, 47 Genesee, h 17 Maple   A specialty made of supplying							
	Physicians and Families   Goods guaranteed to be pure							

Tyler Le Roy W, machinist, bds 5 1/2 Mac Dougall								

Tyne John D, ladderman, H & L No 1, A F D, bds 55 Market								

Tyson Harry, com trav, bds 71 Clark								

Tyte Charles A, iron worker, h 74 Garrow								

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