ALONZO P. LAMEY, Publisher.
Directory Office, 4 Market St., Auburn, N.Y.

AUBURN'S  "Too Late For Regular Order" SECTION
Received Too Late to be Classified in Regular Order.

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Aurelius Brutus Cato Conquest Fleming Genoa Ira
Ledyard Locke Mentz Montezuma Moravia Niles Owasco Scipio
Sempronius Sennett Springport Sterling Summerhill Throop Venice Victory

VOL. 30
FROM JULY, 1900, TO JULY, 1901.

For ab., read above; al., alley; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bel., below; bet., between; c. or cor., corner; ct., court; do., ditto or same place; E., east; h., house; A. H. S., Academic High School; N. Y. C. & H. R. R., New York Central Railroad; N., north; n., near; opp., opposite; pl., place; r., rear; res., residence; R. R., railroad; L. V. R. R., Lehigh Valley Railroad; W., west. The word street is implied.
Names in Bold Face Letters are Directory Patrons.

Received Too Late to be Classified in Regular Order.

      This list is given a prominent position and conspicuous color to attract attention.  It is important, 				
that before giving up either name or location desired, that they be here sought for.  It may save time,				
trouble, annoyance and perhaps money.				
Abrams Henry W, from 15 1/2 Wall to 100 Marvine ave				

ADAMS WILLIAM H., organist Cent Presb Ch   (correction)				

Albee E C, to 24 Water				

Annas Oakley J, from r 89 Clark to 253 Genesee				

Arnold Bertha F, married June 14				

Auburn Bell Bearing Co, over 77 Genesee				

Auburn Celery & Produce Co, see Harry T Dayton				

Baker Jerome B, 36 Elizabeth, died July 13th				

Baker Mary P, from 13 Washington to 3 Spring				

Balcome M J, prison pharmacist, res 29 1/2 Academy				

Barnett H S, from 52 Mary to 9 Hamilton ave				

Benn Damon, teamster, from 19 E Genesee to 7 Owasco				

Bennett Florence, res 3 Elizabeth				

Bessey Mrs Josephine A, from over 86 State to 18 Mary				

Biggar family, from 193 Clark to 167 do				

Blodgett Charles M, from 41 Garden to 34 Dill				

Blowiski Aaron, from 3 Division S to 102 Washington				

Bowden Eliza, widow George, died June 25th				

Boyd Charles and John, from 214 Genesee to 32 Seminary				

Bradbury M E, res 26 Dill				

Brennan Catherine, from 17 Washington to 110 1/2 Clark				

Brennan Michael, from 5 Underwood to 5 Willey				

Brown Charles W, res 317 Genesee				

Brown George W, from over 86 State to 18 Mary				

Brannick Frank L, from 18 Madison ave to 25 Elizabeth				

Brooks Mary E, stenographer, from 2 Hulbert to 7 Mc Master				

Bryan James S, law student, City Judge's Office, bds 43 Garden				

Bryne Nellie, from 144 Wall to 88 do				

Bucknam Mrs Francis, to 12 Hamilton ave				

Burgess Helen M, 6 Fort, married				

Burroughs Laura, married July 3				

Burton Merritt R, change from drug clerk to electrician				

Calderwood F S, from 51 Clark to 52 Genesee				

Cannon Thomas, res 317 Genesee				

Carmody Mary, widow James, from 1 School to 28 Seminary				

Carpenter Pinetta, bds 7 Garden				

Carson Margaret A, from 96 Owasco to 22 Barber				

Cartner Amos, emp water works, bds 24 North				

Chapman Harry, from 214 Genesee to 32 Seminary				

Clark family, from 36 Lansing to 34 Havens ave				

Clark Sarah, from 68 Lewis to 64 Frances				

Clark William S, removed to 62 North				

Colburn family, Loren and Ellis, from 84 1/2 Division N to 18 Mattie				

Collins Henry, from 31 Parker to 35 do				

Collis Hiram and family, from 2 Bailey to 94 Clark				

Cook Martha, from 5 Greene to 56 Mechanic				

Copper Kate, from 2 1/2 Dill to Jordan				

Cottrell Clark, res 232 North				

Cowan George R, from 171 State to 2 Garden				

Crawford George, from 185 state to 228 do				

CRUTHERS LEANDER F., U S Mail transfer, also baggage and freight express delivery, office and res				
	61 Van Anden			

Curtis Charles G, 55 Clark				

Curtis Cora, housekeeper, 4 Woodruff Place				

Cushman eugene, from 50 Franklin to 41 Mechanic				

Danahey Julia, married June 27th				

Daniels Fanny, seamstress, bds 161 State				

Davey Hattie, removed to 8 Steel				

Davis Mrs E H, from 5 Bellview Place to over 148 Genesee				

Denny Charles, from 74 Perrine to 24 North				

Dix Mrs John, from 49 Walnut to 80 Owasco				

Dobbins James H, from 103 Cottage to 5 Owasco				

Dobson Louise J, 1 Adams, married				

Dolan Clara, from 59 State to 37 Division N				

Dolan Mrs Josephine and family, to Rochester, N Y				

Dole Frank T, from 20 1/2 Seymour to 42 Seminary				

Dorsey Ellen, attendant, 12 Elizabeth				

Downs Frank B, from 180 Grant ave to 251 Genesee				

Drake Maria, widow Milton to 24 North				

Dudley Mrs J O, from 12 Lincoln to 147 Genesee				

Dunn Anna V, removed to Syracuse, N Y				

Dunnigan Anna M, married June 27th				

Dunnigan Thomas H, (Holmes & Dunnigan), h 18 Lansing				

Duplecy Edward, marble cutter, returned to 43 Walnut				

Duquette James, to 31 Chapel				

Eagles Mrs Nancy R, removed to 25 1/2 Court				

Early Clarence, from 8 Dill to over 13 Exchange				

Eldridge Henry, from 71 E Genesee to 13 Union				

Elger Emma K, married June 20th				

Elliott George J, from 29 Union to 5 Augustus				

Espenhain Kate, from 9 James to 600 Emerson St, Syracuse				

Fell Anna, from 36 E Genesee 20 Elm				

Flanagan Charles, mechanic, h 41 Lansing				

Flynn Edward J, from 8 Fort to 17 Havens ave				

Franklin Lewis Post, rector St John's Epis Ch, res 93 North				

Gavigan Rose, to 3 elizabeth				

Gaylord Thomas A, 123 Franklin, died June 25th				

Giffin Luke, from 115 State to 14 1/2 Canoga				

Goodlow Lizzie, from 26 Westlake ave to 177 Genesee				

GORHAM FRANK B., office over 102 and 104 Genesee, room 8 Smith B'd'g				

Graham Thomas, 36 Madison ave, died July 11th				

Hanna edward L and Jacob H, from 60 Bradford to 14 Fulton				

Hart Thomas H, machinist, from 43 Walnut to 7 Gibson Square  				

Heald Mrs Cynthia G, from 64 Mechanic, to Geneva, N Y				

Hearn Bridget, from 102 to 108 South				

Hines A J, from 69 E Genesee to 12 1/2 Florence				

Hollenbeck Mary E, married June 26				

Hollingsworth James, res 40 South				

Holmes Charles, from 5 Lewis to 253 1/2 Genesee				

Hoople Alice B, from 26 Genesee to 24 Seminary				

Hopper Sarah, from 68 Lewis to 64 Frances				

Hunt Mrs Thomas, from 43 Walnut to 7 Gibson Square				

Huntley Esther, attendant, 27 Easterly ave				

Hurd & Knox, stocks, etc, over 141 Genesee				

Hurd Samuel J, moulder, from 165 Perrine to 8 Capitol				

Husted Mrs William, from 23 Academy to 110 Clark				

Ide Stephen B, from 49 Market to 28 North				

Irving Rose I, married June 27th				

Jacobs George W, from 9 South to De Groff, N Y				

Jenkins Eva, from 49 Walnut to 80 Owasco				

Jensen Nels, from 2 Fulton to 21 Sherman				

Kelly William J, from 185 State to 24 Wallace ave				

Lane B J, removed to 20 State				

Laurin family, from 22 3/4 Jefferson to 72 West				

Lennox Archie, from 51 Fitch ave to 45 Elizabeth				

Leonard Mrs P P, removed to 32 Chapel				

Lucke Henry, from 37 Grover to 7 Chapel ave				

Lynch Helen B, married June 27th				

Martin Mrs Louie, from 36 E Genesee to 20 Elm				

Marts & Pike, saloon, 13 E Genesee (new)				

Mc Hale Helen, from 211 Genesee to 26 Van Anden				

Mendell Mrs H D, from 5 Gaylord to 107 E Genesee				

Miller Mrs Caroline, from 69 1/2 Fulton to 317 Manroe st, Syracuse				

Miller Frank, to 150 Mechanic				

Miller John, from 62 Orchard to 98 Clark				

Mohan Thomas J, electrician, from 11 Silver ave to 1 School				

Monaghan Lawrence, from 32 Madison ave to 118 Wall				

Monroe Mrs Mina, from 92 Mechanic to 87 Owasco				

Moore Maude B, from 50 Nelson to 3 Easterly Place				

Morgan Joseph R, from 42 Seminary to 4 Guilfoil ave				

Mosher Volney T, from 2 William to 7 Lincoln				

Murphy James L, over 4 E Genesee				

Neitzel Henry J, from 42 Seminary to 4 Guilfoil ave				

Nichols Mrs L, to 1 Benton				

NOAKES & LYTLE,(James G Noakes and A Eugene Lytle), m'f'rs Wood Mantels, Veneered	
	Doors, Stair Work, Church Seats and Furniture.  Also Scroll Sawing and Bracket Work.   All			
	kinds of Mouldings and Casings made to order, 10 Franklin   Designs made to suit Customers.			
	Screen Doors and Windows a Specialty			

NOLAN JAMES H., prop'r The New Osborne Hotel, 143 Clark				

Nye Clearman D, died July 7th				

Nye David B, from 18 Fulton to 33 Seymour				

Oatman Elmer, to 31 Chapel				

O'Brien Olive, widow Terrence, died July 5th				

Penny Ernest, from 15 Exchange to 11 Lewis				

Peyton J Frank, removed to 40 South				

Post Rachel D, widow John H, died July 1				

Rice family, from 113 Mechanic to 64 Elizabeth				

Riester Mrs William, from 144 Van Anden to 18 Grant				

Russell J E, from 6 Hulbert to 129 South				

Seibert Mr & Mrs Frank, from 1 Clark to Syracuse				

Shank Mrs Nancy J, from 7 Union ave to Cayuga, N Y				

Snyder May, married July 11th				

Stanford M Elizabeth, from 136 Genesee to over 2 William				

Steadman George W, from 49 Capitol to 16 1/2 Chapel				

Sweet Leroy J and Mrs Sarah L, from 11 Wall to 69 Holley				

Thompson Ida M, from 35 Genesee to over 91 State				

Tuttle Theo F and family, from 30 Dill to 47 Mechanic				

Upham George H, from 38 Water to 22 Perrine				

Van Alstyne Mrs Catherine, from 57 Perrine to 8 Ross Place				

Van Hoesen Mrs Alida, res 9 Grover				

Whalen family, from 28 Cross to 7 Madison ave				

Williams Perry, from 35 to 31 Parker				

Woodburn Mrs Fanny, res 23 Park ave				

Woodruff Charles R, from 99 Lansing to 11 Beach ave				

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